A Brixton Tale (2021) - full transcript

Benji is a nerdy boy from the Somerleyton Estate in Brixton. He spends his days keeping his stoner best friend Arch out of trouble. Leah is a wealthy young YouTuber, obsessed with street culture. They fall in love, but when they tempt each other into increasingly reckless behaviour for the sake of their documentary, they blur the lines between image and reality, between collaboration and exploitation, and their lives spiral out of control.

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Hey, guys.

How are you?


I-I-I want to talk about...

Don't forget to like and

Let's do this one more time.

Hey, guys.

How are you?

What are you a fucking loser?

Do you know where you are, cuz?

This is Brixton you know, fam.

You can't be acting like that
around here, cousin.

I'll fuck you up, fam.

Dickhead, fam.

Ay, what's wrong with
you man?
Fucking mug, bruv.

Those cost money, you can't go

wasting them on some
dickhead, bruv.

Man's gotta save face
cuz. You feel me?

Your mom's nail salon ain't
road is it?

Hey darling, you want a flyer?

Doesn't like you...

C'mon baby

He's coming.

Hey, skills cuz.
Wait, whoa whoa whoa

Hey, my G!

Alright, Benji bruv,

One on one, me and you,
Come on then.

One on one, fam. One on one.

Ahhh fam!

Well you broke my fucking
pancreas bruv.

Ay, you man.

- Fucking sick of this shit man.

Oi, Millz, Taz.

Where you men goin bruv?

Why are you always letting these
men run us out of here, man?

Hey, bruv!

Get to running, bruv.

Hey, Archie!

Hey, fuck off!

What's wrong with you
man, behave yourself.
Benji it's all cool man,

don't worry, brother.

In this world you can't be no
pussy'ole fam.

If you let people get gully
with you,

then they'll treat you like some
dickhead cuz.

- Trust me.
- Yeah, I feel you man.

Man, look at this dickhead fish
that man boned fam.

Lost my fucking lighter bruv.

Can't even light my spliff.

I'm gonna need to catch a fish

that's what I'm worried about.

Look at my dead fish
there fam.

Man I saw you brought
that fam here.

Shut up, man caught that..

You ain't catch nothing.

...don't worry bruv...

In this fucking world you can't
be no pussy, bruv.


Darius had it shipped
in from Amsterdam last weekend

That ting smells so dank fam.

Whatever man, just
hand out the flyers.

Hey, I had a dank ting like
that last week, ya get me cuz.

Lies fam.

I'm with you literally
one hundred percent of the time.

I swear you talk some shit man.

Bruv, I get more pussy
than you cuz.

Watch me.

You alright there darling?

I'm just gonna...

have a bit of your popcorn

Fam, just come away
from her man. Stop...fam.

Stop embarrassing
I've got a
couple more bars.

- Fam. Fam.
- Give me one second cuz,

I'ma show you how it's done.

Do you guys have a lighter?

Oh shit cuz, she's got a spliff.

Yeah, yeah.

I've got a lighter for you, B.

Right here.

Do you mind doing it?

You want some?

Nah man.

Not, not, not while I'm working.

I'm Archie.

This is Benji.

Your lighter says GV.

Yeah, it ain't mine.

I took it.

Ah, okay so you guys

are a couple of bad men then?

Family business.

Oi, Benji's cousin Darius is
serious man.

My man is the baddest roadman
for miles.

Tell me more.

Heh, nah man, no.

You could be a fed.

What? Is this your Mum's shop?

Ask for the Archie
special, you get me.

Go straight in there and say
"give me the Archie special"

There's no such thing as the
Archie special.

Is there a Benji special?

I mean, it-it's just my mom
shop, so I'm guessing

there must be a Benji special.

What? Benji, bruv. What
Benji do you know?

- You're a liar, bruv.
- Liar fam, I'm not.

You know I do my ting fam.

You know I do my ting.

Doesn't, I mean I don't

- I don't, like.
- You're a liar.

I've known since I was, what?

What? What like five?

- Since you were five.
- When we were cheating?

You know what? Let me,
let me go.

Let me let go of it, yea?

BENJI: You go for this,

Put F-64

Hey, hey! What you know
about that?


Ey, yea, yea, yea

Yeah. Yeah

- With bare Landrovers.
- Bare clubs. Bare girls.

Yeah, yeah


Say that again...

Bruv, she's on endz, son.

She's from endz, bruv.

Inez darling, I want a
big portion though.

Yes, but...
See, that's what
you need.

You can't even handle the
spice boy.
Of course I can cuz.

Shank him, ain't it yea? Shank a

Nobody's doin that.

I'd shank a man, fam.
I'd shank you fam.
Put it down.

Just put it down.

We don't shank a man in
my kitchen.

We can't give away all the
secrets because it's uh...

It's a family recipe, so...

so it-it's all over.

Keep it in the family.

Keep it in the family.

Mum, do you want to give away a
little something?

Little knowledge there.

Oh, yes, I saw that. You
gotta get that.

I'll give you a little knowledge
when it's cooked

- Okay, It's like that?
- It's like that Inez?

Wait til it cook.

End of the day there's no
there's no there's no book

or-or-or video that can detail
what-what Inez does.

What she does with this

this right here.

This keeps Brixton going, you
get me?

Trust me.

You fucker, you.

Serves you right, serves you
right, you bitch.

Don't come to my sink. You're
not drinking my water. No.

- Inez! Inez!
- No, no!

Benji, take him out of my
kitchen please.
I don't want him going,

You're sorry. Just take him out
my kitchen.

- Ey, you're sorry.
- Calm down, bruv. Be cool.

Let's go. Relax. Relax.
Everything is spicy,

I'm relaxed cuz. I'm
relaxed cuz.

Well, Inez though, I want a big
portion though.

- I want it.
- Yes, what.

It's good.


Listen, no promises,

but you keep going with this.

I'm be able to organize a

You know we're doing a showcase
in ten days.

Oh my God great. I've got a ton
of ideas.

You deaf?

You heard me when I said no
promises right?

There's not a lot of time.

And let's face it, you're
basically still a fucking

I promise I won't show you up.


Uh, you are you gonna use?

Hold on, I select your team man.

No fuck it, now I'm PSG, PSG.
I'll use PSG.

Pussy, oi.

Hey, man that's a foul,

Relax bruv. That's a foul man.

Now watch this.
C'mon defend bruv.

Boom motherfucker!

What the fuck? What kind
of shit defense was that?
I told you cuz.

Because of the pad
anyway, man.
Whatever, man.

You want to go?

Bruv, she don't wanna go fam.

She wants a spliff. You get me?

We're gonna go again?

- Hey, Arch man. Archie.
- What's good, yea?

Comin with the energy.

- Whats good, man?
- Good, yea?

Who's this?

Hey I'm Leah. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet ya, Leah. Still I
don't know ya.

Who you telling me?

Why are you acting so shy man?

Who-who's that though?

It's fine. She's with me.

What do you leave

I'm making a film.

- Archie what's she doing?
- See no face, no case.

- Archie. Chat to her man.
- Is she still recording?

Who's that bruv?

Why you even got her on hands.

Wha-what-what's she doing here,
where's she from?

You all right?

Hey cuz, tell her to dash.

Cuz you heard me, tell her to
bounce bruv.

Leah, let's go please.

What's the problem?

Hey fuck off, man!

Don't tell me a fuck off.
Get off my fucking camera.

Hey cuz tell her to

Hey Arch.

These are your friends?

Not all of them. Some of them.

Not those guys.

- Hey, are you doing?
- Hey

Hey you look well, eh?
Yes you too. This is

- Benji.
- This is Albie.

Albert. Nice to meet you
Nice to meet ya.

How are you man?

I'm-I'm good. I'm good.
- Good, yeah.

You from around here?

- Yeah, Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Who's here tonight?
- Playing?


Hey, do you want anything?

Yeah, sure. Yeah. In a bit.

DJ George and MC Harry?

Yeah they're my favorite.

Ohh, hey little buddy.

Leah delete that. Give me it.

Oh, oh Benji, this is Charles.

Ah, your bit of rough. Hey mate.

You're alright Benji?

Nice to meet you.

Um...I'll tell you to watch out
for this one.

She's got about 15 different

I hope you like schizophrenia.

That's-that's-that's not what
schizophrenia is.

Maybe you should uh...pick up a
book fam.

Good one, mate. I'll see you at
Cambridge I suppose?

Um...anyway, bottom line is she
could be a real cunt.


She can be a real cunt.
Watch your fucking

Calm down boy. It's
alright, you're at a party.
Hey, get off me man.

Are you a bit drunk, huh? A bit
fucked up?

Say that again.

Say it to my face bro.

Say it again!

What. No I...
Yeah that's what I

Get the fuck out of this
party, bruv.




I'm not sure about
this man.
Bruv, I know it fam.

She stalked you.

She even admitted it fam.

This is totally legit.


Holy shit Benjamin.

This girl's a proper rich girl.

Man's hit the jackpot cuz.

No wonder she didn't say nothing
to you.

In case you're the gold digger


She's got a piano cuz.


- Go go go go go go!
- I'm goin fam.

What did you think?

- Yes, good.
- Good?

- Yeah.

So, what do you think

we can do now?

Maybe we can just...

- Chill...
- No...

Leah put that camera away

What's your name?
Please put the camera

Where were you born?

Seriously, put the camera away.

What's your favorite
Leah, put the camera away

You go for this.

Put F-64. Go on.

Go on, go on Leah.

- Can you rap yeah?
- Go on Leah.

Give us a quick F-F6...

How do you work this thing.

- Yeah, yeah.
- My name is Leah.

- Yeah. Yeah!
- It's my first time here.

- Yeah! Yes!
- I have no fear.

Oh, oh, oh!

- So don't come near.
- Ahhhh!

You sick! Ay, she's sick!

Ay, what? What, hey. She's sick.

Let's hey...She's the
future ting.


- Quick video...
- Hey!

Quick video of me and the
future ting. Can you just...
Future stars and that.
Future stars and that.

Okay, okay. What are we going to
do with this?


Fuck off is it that bad?

Listen, this ain't working.

I mean, shooting yourself

makes you look inauthentic here.

I mean, it's about the boys in
the estate, right?

It's just...leave yourself out
of it.

- But I'm like hardly in it.
- What else is there?

What else is there? All
right. Yeah.

Before, there was more edge.

You've made it soft.

Don't do that.

You look really good on camera.
You should be an actor.

We're all actors.

Really? No wonder the economy's

No. I mean

we learn by imitating, right?

Adapting and whatever.

So, we're all actors.

Wow, someone's philosophical

Why don't we ever go to yours?

What the fuck's going on here?

We're building a sandcastle,

- Do you want to help?
- Leah.

Just leave it. This guy's crazy.

Ha, it's alright Stewart man.

Sorry, we-we'll cut.

No you won't.

There's been an incident
in the area.


One male, one female, matching
your description.

Oh really?

Yes really.

Well I've heard there are two
fat white men in the area.

I think you fit that description
pretty well.

Your cousin Darius.

Now, I'm going to ask you some
questions about him.

You're going to answer them,
aren't you?


I'm going to ask you some
questions now.

You didn't get that from us.

Okay, Benji,

last chance.


Pull over here.

Well, where are we?

This is Loughborough
Estate. I'm from Somerleyton.

We can't be here. C'mon Leah.

Where you going bruv?

Ehh, Look at his shoes cuz.

What are those fam?

Oh shit, look at them trousers.

- Yo cuz.
- Oh my God.

Yo cuz.

Hey, I was talking to
you cuz.
Hey, it's cool man,

we were just leaving man.

- What do you mean?
- Leaving where?

C'mon guys.
You're walking through
with your bag.

Getting dropped off by
feds and that lad.

Come on. Are you some
kinda informer and that?
Where are you going?

No it's not like that

What d'you mean it's
not like that?

We're just leaving.
You're just leaving
where though?

Jus-jus-just passing through

Cuz, you can't just pass through
fam. There's something in
your den.

What's-what's in
that bag?
Nothing man.

There must be, you're clenching
that bag fam. What's going on

Nothing. Nothing.
It's just...

What do you mean, nothing?

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Come on man you don't have to do
this to me.

Don't have to do what?
...don't have to do

- Are you okay?
- What're we doing cuz?

Cuz you're in the
wrong zone.
You're in
the wrong place, you know that.

Not around this.

You don't know that.

This is our block.

You been around there
What are you doing here?

You look lost bruv.

Your lost.
How you getting dropped
off by feds?

Who? Who? Who is this?
Are you a snitch fam?

Sure you're not a
Are you sure?

No... Yes...
Cuz, look at man when
he's talking to you bruv.

- What's in that bag?
- Nothing.

- Hey bruv.
- Come on, man.

Oi, get off him.
You don't have to do

Hey shut up Snow White!

Oh, God! No!

Oi help.

I swear they went easy on me.

No way they knew I was from

You know you can get those pigs
with that video.

Or maybe you just drop about it

Trust me Benji.

You have to learn how to stick
up for yourself.

Otherwise people are just gonna
keep grinding you down.

Yo, it's Benji.

Obviously can't pick up your

Bruv, battyman at the fishing
shop said this was the best.

Arch man, this is buff fam.

I know, right?

Fuck it, fishing day innit.

Me and you, old school, G.

- Another day yeah?
- Fam.

I even got us some treats cuz.

You know, since baby's growing
up a bit and that.

Come on bruv.

Fam, I said not today man.

All right, cool innit.

Try it. Huh? Get fucked up.

Say that again.

Come on say it to my face bruv.

- Say it again!
- Are you joking?

You're taking this out right

- Really?
- Yes, really,

my mum's gonna be there.

What you want to see man get
stabbed by his own marge?

Okay, well, that just leaves us
with 3 minutes then.

Where have you been Arch?

Down posh endz cuz.

What? And take this at your
mouth bruv.


Them man there yeah, they got
some proper sick shit fam,

Man's never felt anything like
this cuz my head's

spinning and that cuz you get
me, I need some water.

Do you know what time is?

Are you alright?

Nah bruv. I need to sit down
right now fam.

Fam, we've got somewhere to be,

Fam we need to go!

Fuck you then.


So, this is what Tom meant about
introducing new talent here at

I'm really proud to introduce
Leah Penham.

Okay everyone, enjoy
your evening

and enjoy the free

I asked you nicely to delete it.
Do you remember that?

Benji I'm really sorry, I wanted
to talk to you beforehand

but I couldn't find you...

Tilda she told me that I should
make a--

You made some tweaks.


Ophelia! Really gritty stuff.
Quite a star.

See you came across really

Yeah, funny that, innit?

That you don't come across at
all. Or was I by myself that
whole time?

What do you want? I
mean...people don't want to see

us fucking playing video games
in your bedroom Benji.

Yeah, I get it.

Hey, you're the one with the
bling laptop, and the...

the connections, and the media

Look it's me up there.


While it's you holding
the camera.

Yeah that's typical innit.

You didn't want anyone to think
you're a pussy anyways,

so there you go.

Congratulations Ophelia.

Are you gonna eat that, fam?

I feel kinda sick bruv.

I think I'm getting the flu or

Hey did-did you hear about Raf?



Man got 'cuffed right outside
his yard fam,

in front of his mumsy and dad,
and that Stewart nicked him.

Shit man, I never heard.


It's getting mad.

I'm gonna go toilet real quick

What's the bag for, man?

Bruv, you need to fucking knock
bruv, what're you doin'?

Are you fucking serious,
on john?
Bruv, bruv, what're you
doing fam?

Hey, c'mere man, c'mere bruv.

So uh, how about
Coalville Abby?

Where's that?

Well, it's a little out of the
way, but that's no bad thing.

I've talked to Will about this,
and he's got a choice of about

five schools that all do
media studies,

which obviously is very, very

I've done my research.

I know how you like making

Uhh, you might not like them. I
love them,

And that's the most important
thing. It a...


So I don't see you in a while.

Yeah. And...

I made a mistake.

You made a mistake

Archie tell me, he say you come
from a good family.

Yeah, I guess.

Benji's a good youth you know.

No he isn't, he's an adult Inez.

Benji is a good youth.

I don't want to hear Benji
running up and down

and doing any of your madness of
foolishness no more.

It's like you're not listening
to me little girl.

It was ages ago Benji,

it, it was before I ever met

Fucking Charles.

He's gonna post it everywhere as
well. I know he is.

And my Dad is gonna see it.

Everyone's going to see...

ev-everyone is gonna see me.



I'm not a fucking pussy.

Do you have anything else?

That depends.

Have you been drinking?


Well, in that case.

I have this here.

Cheers Albert.

Fuck there he is.

The fuck you looking at?

I mean it Charles. It was a
really fucked up thing to do.

That's sad.

No the saddest thing is no one
even cared.


This is fucking boring. What do
you want, Ophelia?

You consented.

Not to being fucking filmed

What the fuck are you talking
about? Of course you did.

You love getting yourself
filmed, don' t you?

You know, I'm going to tell you
a little secret.

You're not powerful or a victim
of some brutal injustice.

You are just, my darling, a
crazy fucking bitch.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. Okay?

To be honest, I've.

I don't really know why I did
any of it.

I just wanted to....

Do want to get your
fucking brains blown out fam?

Huh? Answer me, yes or no?

Yes or no.

And take out your phone and
delete the ting fam.

What do you mean?


the video on your fucking
phone bro.

Fucking take it! What do you

I ain't no fucking thief fam!

What do you want?

Ophelia? What the fuck is this?

That's not my name.


I want to go

Hah, I blacked out last night

I can't remember nothing for
hours. Still?

Yeah, same.

Alright, I have a question for

If you could change anything
about yourself, what would it

My feet.

It's way too big.

What would you change about

No, it's personal.


Nah. I can't.

You can't do that.

I'd like to be less observant.

Yeah, I like to be less sexy.

I'm serious.


I have this thing when,

I can't have a conversation...

with anyone without noticing
all these

micro-expressions in their face.

So, like, I'd be mid-sentence,
and...I can see

this flash of something in their
eyes, or in their mouth...

and...and I could tell what they
are thinking.

and like, she's dickhead

or I don't want to be here


I don't know, just

Fuck, does he want man.


It's Arch.

I can make movies too
cuz, you get me?

Is he done?

Where are you cuz?

What's he saying?

Hey Arch?


Fam, listen to me bruv I'm

I see you cuz. Living the rich
life yeah?

Fam, I'm going in cuz.



What you doing bruv?





Archie? Archie?


Arch! Arch?

Swear this mans good.

Just stoned!

Aye, take a photo.

I'm gonna rub this in his face

Aye, Leah you alright?


God you've heard.

Okay. Um.

So he's still in intensive care.

I can't take any visitors.

Still critical.

They'll let us know if anything

It's all right.

It's going to be all right.

You wanna chill? You wanna chill
for a little while?

Ah, go, go, go. Here, here,
here, here, here.

Okay, here.

Come on man, you should drink
something bruv.

Well I ain't buying man.



Benji ain't no pussy bruv,

Benji ain't no dickhead anymore

A bagman now, ain't it fam.

Just like me cuz.

When you see me fam,

any man tries to fuck with me,

straight away cuz.




I think...I th-think someth-

I think I've done something.

I'm sorry to keep you

So come on, what you got for

I told...

Look, I'm sorry I've been really
intense of you last couple

of times. I forget how young you
are sometimes.

I don't know what to do.

What you talking about?

Have you shown this to anyone?


Not your boyfriend?


Have you uploaded it to
your computer?




Okay, everything's going to be

Wait here.

I'll drive you home.

No. That makes no sense.

Ophelia, your friend
will have his own counsel

and his own defense. Let me
focus on yours.

And if you can't remember
anything, then who knows

what happens? I-is that right?

Well, whatever Benji did, I did.

She can't talk like this
in court.

Leah? Leah?

think of the consequences.

We're all trying to help
you here, Ophelia.

This is really it.

And if you don't let us help
you, we have all had it.

But you especially--
I'm not fucking him
over Dad!

Leah, please.


Cuz you better not fuck
up in court ya know.

I'm sorry about losing...

...about the gun.

Bruv the gun was a fucking test.

He was not supposed to take it,

let alone be fucking around and
walking the road of.

What the fuck was he thinking?

I'm sorry.

Bruv, the gun's even the issue
right now.

It's the fucking girl, bruv.

What are you talking
You know what I'm taking
about bruv.

It's your girl, bruv.

If you didn't meet this
dumb bitch,

bruv you wouldn't be in a
situation at all.

Think about it bruv.

Were you in this situation

Only fing your nose is gonna
do is use you,

to get her off the case.

She wouldn't do that.

How do you know that?

How do you even know if she even
snitched on you already?

Shut the fuck up bruv.

Oh you're a badman now, yeah?

You're a badman now, yeah?

Make sure you're a badman in
jail, you know.

So when someone comes to cut
your face, bruv,

this fake shit ain't gonna work

And ten mans gonna rush you in
the shower, bruv.

This fake shit ain't gonna work.

What I'm trying to say bruv, you
not a badman fam.

Like you're not making no sense

if you just listen to me, I
wouldn't be in a situation now.

I don't want to go to jail, D.

I don't want to go
to jail.

I don't remember anything.

The jury has found the defendant

of one charge of grievous bodily

one charge of possession of

Alright, shitface?


I'm taking lunch orders.

Yeah, I think we're all
good in here.

How're you doing?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

I'm getting the hang of it,
still. Yeah.

Your friend gets out today,

Look, why don't you take the
rest of the day off?

Oh, no, it's fine.

He doesn't want to see me

Hey, look, Leah,

Look, Leah...

you're doing really good here.


I'm proud of you.


He didn't sleep very well last
night, okay?

Um, Archie.

You've got a visitor.

How it goin', fam?

Where you been, B?

Fam, you know this my man's been
in jail, cuz.

Yeah, 'course you have.

It was crazy in there though,
fam. Not often.

So wait 'til I tell you, eh?


Fuck, sorry.

Hey, you'd be proud of me
though, cuz.

I stepped up to the plate, fam.

Ain't no pussyolin' about no

But, look at me.

When you get out,

nobody's going to fuck with you.

I swear that.

I ain't gettin' out, cuz.

They found out about me.

They know.

You get me?

That's why they got me on this

What show, bruv?

Actors, bruv.

All. Actors.

Except me.

Oh you'll be alright man.

You'll get out.

And then, we'll go...

head fishin' or something, just
me and you.


You even know about that shit,


Why won't you let me go.

Arch, man...


I know you ain't B!

The fuck are you...

No, don't argue with me.

It's cool innit.

Friends gotta pay the price

But can you tell Benji?

Though it no batty man ting
either bruv, but I beg you.

Tell B I love him, yeah?

I fucking miss him.

Yeah, sure thing.

I think he knows.

I think he's sorry.

Me too bruv. Me too.