A Breed Apart (1984) - full transcript

Jim Malden, a Vietnam veteran who has lost wife and child, lives as a recluse on an island full of rare birds. His only contacts with humanity are with Stella Clayton and her young son Adam, who have a small supply store on the mainland. One day, a mountain climber named Mike Walker brings a visit to the island to observe two very rare eagles; what he doesn't tell Malden is that he's hired by an egg collector to steal the eagles' eggs. In the end, after he's succeeded in bringing together Malden and Clayton, Walker gets a chance to lay hands on the eggs. He then decides to leave the eggs in the nest, influenced as he is by Malden.

(uneasy music)

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- Hewey, where are you boys going

at this hour with all that booze?

- [Hewey] Huntin'.

- Don't you work anymore, Charlie Payton?

- His wife's give 'im a few days off.

- Ah hell!

- That ol' Stella can really pack

a pair of Levis, can't she?

- I like it.

Hey Stella, just put it on my tab!

- I swear I think those boys were behind

the door when brains were passed out.

Come on.

You got time to help me before school.

You ready?

(singing wordlessly)

Long one!

(singing wordlessly)

- Yeah!
- And he makes it!

Under the leg!

Alright, boy are we good.

(bus honking)
- Mom, the bus!

The bus, it's the bus!

Okay, goodbye!

- Now don't be home too late.

- Okay.

- Alright, have a good day.

(peaceful music)

(birds squawking faintly)

- I worry about you.

(birds squawking)

Okay, let me explain this
to you so you understand.

Oil is a stain on top of the surface,

so just don't sit in that.

And tell your friends.

(birds squawking)

Yep, I know, I know, I know.

- [Charlie] Keep your eyeballs peeled

for that wild man, Hewey.

He caught a fella shootin' out here

and damn neared drowned him.

- [Hewey] Charlie, I ain't
scared of no army-type psycho.

That's why he's crazy, you know.

Pulled a pin on a grenade
and forgot to throw it!

- [Charlie] You wanna drown this cowboy

he better bring his lunch.

- [Hewey] Oh, for sure, Charlie.

(sinister music)

(guns booming)

(guns booming)

(guns booming)

(guns booming faintly)

(faint shouting)
(guns booming)

- Hey, good going, Charlie!

- Thanks, Hewey.

- Come on.

That's alright.

- This water's wet.

- Look it there, Charlie.

(gun booming)


(gun booming)

- Hewey, I wonder where
the damn duck warrior is,

I'd like to get a shot at him.

Well Hewey, is he dead?

- Yeah, I think so.


(guns booming)

(guns booming faintly)

- [Charlie] Damn fine shot there, cuz!


(faint speaking)

(gun booming)

(faint speaking)

(guns booming)

(guns booming)

(faint speaking)

- (laughing) Yeah, we're havin' fun now!

(bolt hissing)



(bolt hissing)

- Come on, Charlie, let's
get the hell outta here!

Come on.


Come on, Charlie, we
gotta get us to our boat.

(horse hooves thudding)

Come on, Charlie, you can make it boy.


(horse hooves thudding)


- Don't come back.

Don't come back here.

(horse snorting)

(horse hooves thudding)

(uneasy music)

(flies buzzing)

(dramatic music)

- Help me get that engine started.


(boat engine rumbling)

- Start, goddamn it!

(faint speaking)

Come on, goddamn it!

(rifle booming)

- [Hewey] He shot it!

(faint shouting)

Gotta get the gas.

(faint shouting)

Put some water on it, you dumb shit!

- You got the front?

- Yep.

- Grab her.

- Okay.

- Whoa.

- Got it.

- Yep.

- Did you find Charlie and Hewey?

- No.

You finish checking those boats?

- Why do I have do all the work?

Why don't you do it?

- Just do it, Adam, less talk.

- They go near Cherokee Island?

You know how Jim feels about hunters.

- They're old enough to
take care of themselves.

- Are ya gonna charge 'em extra

if they're not back by tonight?

- You bet.

(bird whistling)

(birds chirping)

- You alright, Charlie?

- I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch.

- Don't worry, we're gonna
take care of that rubberneck.

(uneasy music)

(flies buzzing)

(fire crackling)

(helicopter blades whirring)

(machine guns chattering)

(group applauding)

- This is Dustin Lecate
for the Six o'clock News.

I'm here with Michael
Walker, and adventurous guy,

that likes to do some
unusual and daring things.

First, let me ask you why are you here

to give classes in mountaineering?

- Helps to promote the sport,

but more importantly, I got you up here

to publicize my trip to China, didn't I?

- Yes, you did.

Okay, I'm here, why don't
you tell me about it?

- Not long ago the government in China

opened up the interior of
the country to foreigners.

There's a mountain range over there

that as far as we know
has never been climbed.

- And you're one of the
best climbers in the world

so you wanna take a shot at it, right?

- No, I don't wanna take a
shot at it, I wanna do it.

I wanna plant the American flag

on the highest peak in China.

I mean, who the he" wouldn't?

- I also understand you're
having some problems.

Do you wanna tell me about that?

- We're having some
trouble getting the money.

This trip I figure will
cost $150,000 minimum,

but it's been a little tough.

But I'll get the money.

I mean, I'd really like to see

America get there first, wouldn't you?

There's no glory in coming in second.

- What about you?

What's your personal
motivation in all this?

- A paycheck.

- Why, you short of money?

- Always short of money.

(uneasy music)

- The nest can only be
reached from the base.

As you see the face is
vertical and almost sheer.

Those pictures were taken a month ago,

the eggs should all be laid by now.

You have three weeks to obtain
one before they're hatched.

Can you climb it?

- Yeah.

- Will you for $150,000?

- Now let me get this straight.

You're willing to pay
$150,000 for a bird's egg.

- For this species, yes.

- (laughing) You are crazy.

- I'm also what you
might call well fixed up.

- (laughing) Yeah.

Listen, what's so important
about this egg, for Christ sake?

- Come with me.

You are looking at the most comprehensive

bird's egg collection in the world.

- No shit.

- What you see is the result
of a lifetime's obsession.

- Well when I was a kid
it was baseball cards.

- Sir, let me explain something to you.

I am a collector.

A collector is a person
seized by an obsession,

be it paintings, rare books,
postage stamps, or these.

He will not rest until his
collection is complete.

Just as you, sir, will not be content

until you have scaled
those mountains in China.

I understand your compulsion

even less than you understand mine.

Climbing has always seemed to me

to be an occupation of
mind-boggling banality.

But as the saying goes,

I will defend to the
death your right to do it.

- Well this collection certainly

seems complete enough to me.

- It was until this rare breed appeared.

A bird half as large again
as the normal species

we call Haliaeetus eucocephalus,
the bald eagle to you.

One egg from that creature will seem to me

like those distant peaks
you're thinking of.

I want it, and I must have it.

I shall have it.

- How many eggs do you want?

- All of them.

I should, in all fairness, remind you

that egg collecting is illegal.

- And by taking these eggs

this rare breed will become extinct.

- Yes.

Does that so bother you, sir.

- It bothers me.

But I could live with it for $200,000.


- Right!

Well there is, however, one other problem.

(ducks quacking faintly)

- Hi, Sam.

- Hi.

- Hi.

- How ya doin'?

- Fine.

- [Stella] Good.

- How are you?

- Oh, I'm fine.

- Adam?

- [Stella] He's at school.

- Oh, you're out of three inch nails.

- Oh, yeah, I know, but I
should get some any day now.

- Tomorrow maybe?

- Oh, I can't promise tomorrow, but maybe.

- What's wrong with your eye?

- Oh, it's, uh--

- Why don't you let me
take a look at that.

- No, that's okay.

- Come on, just let me look at it.

What in God's name is this?

- That's tea bags and coffee, herbs.

Should heal it.

- Ridiculous.

Let me take a look here.

Come here.

Now hold real still.

- It's a piece of fly.

- It's a piece of wood.

I'll throw these away.

You need someone to look after you.

- You smell good.

I got you some eggs and goat cheese.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

- I'll see ya.


- [Sam] Yeah?

- You like goat cheese?

- I sure do.

- Help yourself.


- [Stella] And there
was nothin' in his eye.

(peaceful music)

(tuba music)

(rifle lever clicking)

- Somethin' troublin' ya, Stella?

- Oh, it's just Malden.

He always comes in
today for his groceries.

Can't think where he is.

- I don't see what you see in him.

He's a funny feller.

- Sam, you gonna buy that rifle or not?

- It's a nice weapon, too
steep a price, though.

- I can throw in a box of
shells, that's about it.

You know, my grandmother used

to have a saying for most things.

I think she'd be tellin' you
to piss or get off the pot.

- Hey.

- Oops.

I don't know, Stella,
I'll think about it, okay?

- Alright Sam, you think about it.

- Hi mom.

- Oh hi, where you been?

- School bus was late.

- Oh good, I need you
to run an errand for me.

- I can't, I gotta go to
Steve's, it's real important!

- No, now!

- I'll do it later.

- Adam, I want you back here right now!

- See ya!

Come on, Steve, let's go.

- Well?

- Well I'm fine, how are you?

- Can I do something for you?

- Yeah, I'd like a boat.

- Alright.

Why don't you step outside,
I'll show you what I have.

Will that one do?

- It's fine.

- Fill this in.

$50 deposit, $20 a day, you pay the gas.

- Where's Cherokee Island?

- It's about mile that way.

You don't wanna go there.

- Yeah I do

- Cherokee Island is private property.

The owner doesn't like visitors.

- Well I can always ask
his permission, can't I?

- It's your funeral.

- Listen, where does a man
find a decent meal around here

and maybe some friendly company.

- There's the Flying Duck Inn up the road.

Has good food.

- And the company?

- That's your problem.

- I know, but I'm workin' on it.

- $50 deposit, $20 a day,
and you pay for the gas.

- (laughing) You know, you
shouldn't let your boy get to ya.

- Oh, Dr. Spock?

Well what would you do?

- I'd relax.

- Would you?

- [Mike] Uh-huh.

- How would I do that?

- Well you could start by
having dinner with me tonight.

Who knows, I might even get you to laugh.


- Damn it.

There is, ah, to everything there is

a season and a time to every purpose.

A time to kill, a time to heal.

A time to break down, a time to build up.

A time to love, a time to hate.

A time for war, a time for peace.

Slim, you had your food
today, come back here.

(parrot squawking)


Shut up!

Eat your...

Slim, come back here.

(parrot hissing)

- This guy, um, who owns the island, uh...

- Jim Malden?

- Yeah.

Why is he so antisocial anyway?

- He just likes his privacy.

- Is that why he's not allowing
any visitors these days?

- No, he's got a pair of
nesting eagles out there.

I think he wants to protect
them till the eggs hatch.

- Ah.

Excuse me.

- Woo.

(slow country music)

- Let's dance.

- Are you crazy?

- Yeah, but I still wanna dance with ya.

- (laughing) Here?

- Yeah, here, come on!

- No, I can't.

- You'll start a new fashion, come on.

- I do not dance well.

Are you married?

- Not recently.

- Oh.

Free as a bird, huh?

- Yeah, just like you.

With one big difference,
you got a family and a son.

- Are you having a nesting impulse?

- Well yeah, I always wanted to

settle down and have some kids.

But I just never met the
right woman, I guess.

You know someone, well
like you for instance.

- My grandmother used to have a saying

for just about everything.

I think she'd tell you
that you're full of shit!


I feel ridiculous.

- I feel nice.

- Well this is it.

- Well this is nice.

- I can't get the door open.

- Let me help you.

- Oh yeah, that's what
men are for, isn't it?

- Yeah, we do manly things in manly ways.

(moaning softly)

- Oh my God.

I think maybe the pace here is a little

slower here than what you're used to.

- Okay, I just didn't want you to think

that I didn't find you
attractive, sexually.

- Where are you gonna sleep tonight?

- I dunno, my car I guess.

- Oh come on, you can't sleep in your car.

- Your move.

- Here you go.

- Well thanks a lot.

- No, thank you.

I had a wonderful evening.

- So did I.

- And you did make me laugh.

- Well tomorrow I'll give you

my bird impressions, how's that?

- Good night.



(cuckoo clock cooing)

Good night.

(uneasy music)

(pistol hammer clicking)

- Wake up or I'll blow your head off!

Who the heck are you?

- Uh, my name is Mike, what's yours?

- Adam (laughing).

- Good morning.

- Good morning.
- How'd you sleep?

— Oh terrific.

- I think you're in trouble.

Come on, I need your
help in the store today.

- Aw.

- Great kid.

- Want some coffee?

- Yeah.

- Why didn't Jim come yesterday.

- I don't know.

- But he always comes on Friday though.

- I guess he was busy yesterday.

- Okay.

- Here you go.

- Thanks.


- Jim Malden, he usually
buys his groceries from us.

- Seems to have made a
big hit with the kid.

- Adam thinks he's god.

- (chuckling) The way he looked at me,

he must think I'm the devil.

- Nah, he's just not used to
having men around the place.

- Oh?

You mean Jim doesn't get to use the couch?

- No, he's organized.

- Oh.

- Adam, come on, we gotta go!

- [Adam] Aw Mom, I'm tying my shoe!

- It's time!

Come on.

- Watch it, pal (imitating gun booming).

(boat engine rumbling)

Hey Jim!

How's Cherokee Island?

- Cherokee Island is fine.

- How are the animals?

- They're good.

- It take you a long time to get here?

- Yeah.

Take that and you grab me a new paddle.

- How'd you do this?

- I won't tell ya.

- Hey, hey, that was an uncool move!

- Looks like you're just
about out of everything.

Ammo, matches, paper.

You wanna wait while I fill this?

- Yeah, sure.

- Jim, Jim, my friend Steve and me,

we made this camp outta
leaves and branches,

just like you told me!

- Adam, we need some firewood.

- Will you come and look at
it and tell us what you think?

- Did you hear what I said?

- Aw Mom, this is his
only chance to see it.

- Where is it?

- It's back in the woods.

- Okay, tell ya what we do.

Why don't we go and see it
and maybe pick up some wood?

- Okay, it's a deal.

- You'll need the truck.

- Come on!

- I was worried about you
yesterday when you didn't show up.

- Why?

- No reason.

- Thanks anyway.

The saw is fine, the paddle is too small.

- Jim, come on!

Come on!

- Okay?

- Wow.

- Just don't tell Stella, okay?

- Yeah.

(uneasy music)

(chainsaw buzzing)




Someone shot it.

- He's in shock.

I need your knife.


Get the knife out and the (mumbling).


- Here you go.

- Here.

- What is this?

- It's moonshine.

- What should I do?

- Tell him a story.

- Okay, let's see.

Got it, great.

There was once this deer warrior.

And he and the deers
were having this fight

with the antelopes, a great war.

A long long time ago,
before you were born.

And one day during a
really really big battle

a hunter came and shot lots of them.

And the warrior said, if
I see those hunters again

I'll be very mad at them and
I'll gore them with my antlers.

When I gore them I'll get
the antelopes to help us,

because the antelopes were shot too.

The next day they found the hunters.

All the antelopes and
the deers got together

and they beat the hunters.

And so always remember that the antelopes

are your friends and the hunters aren't.

(soft music)

- He's gonna be fine.

Laced up like a shoe.

Now weren't ya gonna
show me something else?

- The lean to!

- Okay, where do we go?

- Let's go!

- Okay, you want the apple or the beer?

- The beer.


- What?

- When can I come to the island?

- Soon.

- You always say that!

When soon?

- Soon, soon.

Keep a secret?

- Yeah.

- I'm building a guest
room for you and Stella.

- Wow, when is it finished?

- When's your birthday?

- You know when it is.

- Yeah.

- Is that a good day?

- Yeah.

- You really mean it?

- Yeah.

(beer can tab clicking)

If you're gonna drink that
beer, you can't drive.

- Yeah, I guess that'd be drunk driving.

- Well hi there!

- Hi mom!

Guess what?

- What?

- Jim and I, we found
this deer, it was hurt!

I helped him fix it.

He sewed it up with a
shoelace, it was fantastic!

And then guess what I did on the way home?

- What?

- I got to--

(Jim clearing throat)

- Um, forget it.
- Hmm.

Why don't you go get the rest of the wood.

- Alright, do I have to?

(ducks quacking faintly)

(uneasy music)

- What did he do the rest of the way home?

- Heh, I let him drive the truck.

- You let him drive the truck?

Are you outta your mind?

- Stella.

Looky here, Charlie.

OI' lizard dick ain't
got no weapons this time.

No rifle, no crossbow.

Hell, he ain't even got no chain.

- Oh shit.

- Real stupid for an asshole like you

to be caught without protection.

- Hewey, Charlie, I don't
want any trouble in my store.

- Sorry, Stella, this has got to be done!

- I want you outta here now!

Charlie Payton, you!

Charlie Payton!

(door rattling)

- You son of a bitch, we
nearly died out there!

- Let me in in there!



- Now you're gonna get your time!

(yelling wordlessly)
(dramatic music)

(thumping and grunting)

- God dammit, stop it!




- I'll get the son of a bitch!

(paint cans crashing)

- Hey quick, Michael!

They're killin' him!

- Grab him! (grunting)

(grunting and thumping)

(glass shattering)


(pistol booming)

(fists thumping)

(shouting wordlessly)

(shelf crashing)

(shouting wordlessly)

(shotgun thumping)

(heavy breathing)

(helicopter blades whirring)

- No, no!

- Don't Jim, don't!

He saved your life!

- Jim!

- Who are you?

- The man who just kept you

from gettin' your head blown off.

- He stayed overnight
at our house last night.

(helicopter blades whirring)

(machine gun chattering)

- Mind your own business.

- Well don't thank me.

I can't stand gratitude.

- I'll pay for the damage, okay?

- But why?

They did start it, not you!


- Listen, I'm sorry if I spoiled
anything between you two.

- There's nothin' to spoil.

Jesus Christ, what a mess.

- I just love little towns, don't you?

- This is one of the hunters that

went out to the island last week.

You still wanna go?

- I sure do.

(uneasy music)

(birds chirping)

(eagle chirping)

(camera clicking)

(eagle crying)

(camera clicking)

(eagle crying)

- Well well, good mornin'.

- How did you get here?

- Stella brought me over last night.

- I don't think so.

- Well why don't you ask her
the next time you see her?

- This island is private.

- Look, I don't have any
guns, I don't have any traps.

All I brought was this.

You mind?

(camera clicking)

- No.

What's that?

- Oh, I check the water for pollution.

If it's bad I report it.

Yours is alright, though.

- What are you looking for?

- Birds.

Orioles, red-tailed hawks,
left-footed wankers.

- Keep away from the mountains.

- You're the boss.

- There some Carolina Creek out there.

- Oh yeah?

I thought Carolina Creek
stayed up north until May?

- You like fish?

- Yeah.


Listen, what the hell is that smell?

- Oh, it's me.

It should keep the bugs away,
but it doesn't always work.


- Okay.

(peaceful music)

(thunder rumbling)

(camera clicking)

(horse nickering)

(birds chirping)

(uneasy music)

(camera clicking)

Well well, you are very predictable.

- Walker.

- You picked a hell of
a night to go jogging.

- How are you doing?

- Cold.

- How long do you think
this experiment will last?

- I don't know, depends on how
long you wanna let me stay.

- You can stay another
day, stay at my house.

- Okay.

You make that?

- Yeah.

- Haliaeetus leucocephalus.

- What?

- Bald eagle to you.

- [Jim] Oh, yeah.

- Terrific bird.

- Yeah.

I have two of 'em here.

- I heard something about that,

kind of a new breed or somethin'?

It was on TV.

- The eagle is almost extinct.

People can't wait to wipe them out.

If they wanna wipe out each
other, it's fine with me.

(uneasy music)

(eagle crying)

- What is this stuff we're
drinking now, anyway?

- It's homemade.

I drink it on special occasions.

Four years ago, exactly
today, I lost my wife and son.

- I'm sorry.

Well we were talkin' the other night.

- Huh, who?

- Me and Stella.

- Oh, when you stayed over, you mean?

- Yeah (laughing).

- You had a good time?

- Yeah.

That's one hell of a sexy
lady, know what I mean?

- (laughing) Yeah, I know what you mean.

- By the way, my name is Mike.

- Well...


- I think your friend is in
real bad shape here, bear.

(bear cub growling)

Well, come on, let's go to bed.

Come on, come on.

Here we go.


Easy does it.


There you go.

(uneasy music)

(eagle crying)

(camera clicking)

(camera clicking)

- Where the hell do you get off

talking about Michael Walker?

You have never shown me that
you even give a shit about me.

I feel like I know more
about Michael Walker

from one night than I know
from you in two years.

- Listen, I'm not accusing you, I'm not.

- Accusing me?

You want me to tell you about that night?

- Yes.

- I had a lovely dinner with a nice man,

and I had a wonderful time.

And for one night I didn't feel like

some store keeper or somebody's mother.

I just felt like an attractive woman.

- I think I have to go now.

- I don't want you to go.

- Stella, don't kneel.

- Listen, why don't you give me a chance?

I want to be with you.

I think you need me.

(soft music)

You never even touch me.

- No.

- Well why?

Is it so hard to touch me?

Is it?

Just touch me.

- Stella, I feel awkward.

I feel your heart beat in my hand.

Stella, I like you.

I'd like to go now, please.

I never had any doubts
about you being a woman.

There's nothing wrong with you.

(birds chirping)

(uneasy music)

(bird cawing)

- You gotta get outta here.

- Why?

- Remember those two guys you

had the fight with at the store?

Well they just landed at the dock

and they got four friends with 'em.

They got guns and explosives,
dynamite, I think.

- You better get back to the mainland.

- Listen goddammit, they're
comin' here to kill you!

Aren't ya gonna leave?

- Nope.

- Want any help?

- Yeah.

(helicopter blades whirring)

- [Hewey] What do you think, Charlie?

It's about time, ain't it?

- [Charlie] Yeah.

- [Hewey] Homer, you got them explosives?

- [Homer] I got 'em all.

- [Hewey] Hand 'em over.

- Anybody see that bird
man, just blow him up,

and take this whole
goddamn island with him.

I don't want nothin' left standin'.

- Don't worry about nothin', Charlie.

When I set that charge under the house,

their ain't gonna be nothin' but feathers

and fl yin' assholes.


- [Charlie] Let's go.

- [Hewey] Let's do it.

(uneasy music)

(flare hissing)

(machine guns chattering)
(helicopter blades whirring)

- Hey Charlie, let's see
what that fucking hero

thinks of our kind of fireworks.

(pistol slide clicking)

- Split up, Hewey, you go that way.

- Okay Charlie.

- We're here.

- Shut up.

(owl hooting)


(explosion booming)

(birds crying)
(horse whinnying)

(explosions booming)

- [Man] Get him!

(explosions booming)

- [Man] Get the tower!

(men shouting)

(explosions booming)

(explosions booming)

(blowgun hissing)

(man grunting)

- [Man] What's the matter?

(explosion booming)

(chickens clucking)

(pistol thumping)

(pistol thumping)

(blowgun hissing)

(man grunting)

(gun booming)

(horse whinnying)

(fire crackling)

(uneasy music)

- Charlie?


(gun booming)

(Hewey screaming)


(fuse hissing)

Goddamn, Jesus!

Jesus help!

- Hewey?

(Hewey screaming)


- Help Charlie!

- Hewey!
(explosion booming)


Hewey, where are you?


(men shouting)

- [Judge] This court will determine who

should be punished and who should not!

- Charlie!

- What do you want, Sheriff?

- I've got a warrant for
your arrest, Charlie.

- For what?

- I'm sorry Charlie, it's manslaughter.

- Don't say anything, Charlie.

- How much this gonna cost me?

- [Lawyer] Charlie, take it easy.

- Uh, Mr. Whittier?

We had a little problem down here.

A man's been killed.

No, I didn't kill him.

It's like the eyes of the world
are focused on this place.

Got TV cameras, reporters,
the whole enchilada.

- Mr. Walker, you struck me as a man

with drive and initiative.

However, if you're going to forsake

your ambition because of
one unexpected incident,

then quite clearly I was wrong.

But to anticipate your next request,

yes, I will raise the price to $250,000.

But I shall expect positive results

from you within the next few days.

- Uh, you guys wait over there

for just a minute would you please?

- Hi.

- Hi.

- I'm Amy Rollings, TV News,
Charlotte's number one.


- I just bet you are.

- Could I talk to you for a minute?

- Yeah sure, step into my office.

Yeah, I know Malden.

- He intrigues me.

- Oh, is that right?

- Yeah, what is he doin'
out there on that island

runnin' around like Robinson Crusoe?

Oh, come on, mack, I bet you know.

I just bet you know.

- You know I've seen you on TV.

- Oh, which was it, was it the eagles

or unmarried women in the menopause?

- Uh, what?

- Well look, I'm new at the local station,

I've only done two pieces.

It had to be one or the other.

- It was eagles.

- Listen, if I could just
get this little story

about Malden, you know, the
why's and the wherefores

and all that, now my stock is
gonna go way up with my boss.

- You're not drinkin'.

- Now what do I have to
do to get you to talk?

(upbeat music)

Now you gotta talk about Malden.


- Can I catch my breath first?

- What's the angle on Malden?

- You really wanna know, don't you?

- Yeah, I do.

- Alright, you ready?

- I'm ready.

- He's in trouble with his
taxes and I'm from the IRS.


- Seriously.

- Serious as a heart attack baby.

- You bastard.

- Now you learned something
real important today.

You never mix business
and pleasure with me.

- Jesus Christ.

- Now what's the matter?

- Let go of me you goddamn
jerk, son of a bitch!

- Ah, don't be a sore loser!

- Up yours, pal.

- You gotta learn to laugh at yourself

if you're gonna survive.

- Spare me your cracker barrel philosophy.

- Ah, come on, come on, come on!

- You know I've met some
shit-heads in my time,

but you, pal, are top of the list.


- Well, birds of a feather
flock together don't they?

- Yeah.


(door slamming)

(peaceful music)

(goat bleating)

- It's not a capital
crime to want privacy.

Not yet.

- Arthur, people are beating this guy up.

They're trying to blow him apart.

- So what?

- So what?

Arthur, sweetheart, there's a story here!

- I don't see one.

- Jesus Christ.

- What do you want, Amy?

- A couple of days.

Come on, two or three days,
I'll go to some people.

I'll talk to the cops.

I'm offering you the
opportunity to write your name

in the hall of fame and
you can do is sit there

with your finger up your ass.

- Three days, Amy, that's all.

- Thank you.

- Amy, you know all my life
I have admired Will Rogers

when he said, I've never
met a man I didn't like.

He never mentioned a woman.

(uneasy music)

- This island's about 10
miles in diameter, huh?

- Yeah.

- Where'd you get the money to buy it?

Family rich?

They're not rich.

- They're dead.

- They were rich?

- Yeah.

- Don't you think you're taking

this noble savage bit a little too far?

- No.

- Well aren't you ever
gonna get off this island?

- Check.

Check again.

- I can't beat you, Fast Eddie.

- You played the last five
moves like an asshole.

- It's only a game.

- Yeah, I won.


- Hell of a game.

- Mom?

- Yeah?

- Do you like Jim?

- I like Jim, yeah.

- Do you really like him?

- I really like him, why?

- You know, I like him too.

But I'd really like a dad like Jim.

- Oh you would, would you?

- Yes.

- Well you!

- Hey, hey stop!

- Get going!


- You're gonna ruin the cake!

(goat bleating)



- Adam, you!

Adam, goddamn boy, when I get you, oh!

- Hey boy.

- What you doin' up there?

- Mr. Walker.

- Yeah?

- So he's puttin' you to hard labor?

- Yeah, surprise, surprise.

- Well, give a hand.

- What have we got in here?

- I thought it was time y'all
had something decent to eat.

- (laughing) Good thinkin'.

- I know.

- [Adam] Freeze!

- Look out.

- Besides, it's Adam's birthday.

- Oh yeah, happy birthday!

- Let's get the chicken out.

- Gonna get that?

Get that and the plates?

- So what is this here, a birthday cake?

- Chicken and a cake.
- You know it.

- Yep.

- A little salad.

- Some salad.

- A little potato salad.

- Good.
- How's that?

- You gotta come around more often.

- My God, you know if I hadn't seen this

I would never believe it.

- You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Come on.

- Oh my god, he's got a snake, come on.


- Cool!

(imitating pistol booming)

- Who is this?

- I don't know.

- Is this the eagle that
lives on the island?

- Where?

- Well, it's supposed to be.

- Neato.

- Why don't you take a look in there.

- Oh, watch out.

Fall over everything, here.

Look at all these things.

Oh, this is beautiful.

Look at the flowers, Adam.

- [Adam] Cool, this is nice!

He built it for us, Ma.

- Hey.

♪ The windmill is ready
but the wind is not ♪

- (laughing) We've got visitors in there.

- What?

- We have visitors.

- What's going on?

- Ah come on, take it easy.

- Jim it is just beautiful, I...

- You bring 'em over?

- What do you mean, them?

You mean Adam and me?

- I'm letting you stay a couple days

and pretty soon you're selling tickets!

- Oh now just a minute, he didn't have

anything to do with our coming over.

- Jim, why are you so mad?

- Stay out of this!

- Hey, come on, what's the big deal?

The kid wants to see the
island, it's his birthday!

- What are you talkin'
about, it's not his birthday!

- Jim, you said I could come!

- Shut up, you're a day early!

- Come on, Adam, we're just gonna go.

- It's not his birthday, is it?

Stella, you can stay.


You can look around.


- Well I gotta hand it to you, big fella,

you got a real delicate touch.

- Why did you have to let 'em in the room?

- Look, goddamn it, don't you
blame me for your mistakes!

- I wasn't, I wasn't ready.

- She left you lunch, enjoy yourself!

- [Jim] And where do
you think you're going?

- Wait a minute.

Stella, sorry about all that.

- Why, it's not your fault.

- You do love him, don't ya?

(boat engine rumbling)

(horse whinnying)

- Going?

- Yeah, I'm doin' you a favor.

I'm going back to my tent.

- What's wrong with you?


- What's wrong with me?

You're a loner, you can't
stand people, remember?

- Oh yeah, and you know all about people?

- I know all about you.

You're a pretentious son of a bitch.

You claim you know everything
about nature, all about life.

You don't know nothin'!

That boy worships the ground you walk on,

Stella loves ya, and you could care less.

- Yeah, and you know all
about Stella, I forgot.

- Well I will say this for
you, you are consistent.

Most consistent bastard I've ever met.

- Are you finished?

Do you still wanna see the eagles?

- Yeah, sure.

(peaceful music)

(ducks quacking)

- Adam!

- Thanks for lettin' me see it.

I know it means a lot to you.

By the way, welcome
back to the human race.

- Well, I shut myself off.

I couldn't really help it.

I trusted you and the sky didn't fall in.

- I think you oughta go back
and explain to Stella and Adam.

- Oh yeah?

- [Mike] Yeah.

I think you oughta go see 'em right now.

- What do I do?

- Well you could start
by takin' off this crap,

takin' a bath, and puttin'
on a suit or something maybe.

- I don't know what to say.

- How 'bout, I'm sorry?

- What do you mean, I'm
sorry, I'm sorry for?

- It means, I'm sorry.

Two words, I'm sorry.

Why don't you go ahead?

I'll just finish up this roll of film.

- You take care of the animals?

- No problem.

- Wish me luck.

- Good luck.

(sinister music)

- Adam?

- Hi.

- Listen, I'm sorry about
yesterday, I really am.

I was wrong.

I brought you your birthday present.

I made it.

It flies.

(peaceful music)

Friends again?

- Forever.

- Are you sure?

- Positive.

- Think your mom is still mad at me?

- Yes.

- You know where she is?

- Yeah, she's up by the old barn.

- Can you wait for me here
and I'll see ya later?

- Okay.

(uneasy music)

(birds chirping)

- Stella?


I wanna talk to you for a minute.

- Stay away from me!

And you stay away from the store,

and I don't want you near my son!

- You see, I'm an animal.

I'm a fool.

I had a family once.

That's what I wanted to tell you.

And I'm not very smart.

I tried to say things in a different way.

Stella, my memory is full of clouds.

I can make up lies, I can!

I don't know how to relate to people.

I don't mind loneliness,
silence doesn't bother me.

I'm kinda used to it.

Stella, I've been
thinking a lot about you.

It's because you're always
so nice to me, that's why.

- I don't care anymore, do you hear me?

- That's too bad.

Ever since I met you, the
first time in the store,

I hear your voice.

I carry it in my pack around the island.

- Oh, your island, where you
play God to all the animals.

- And I talk to it, I know what to say.

I say things like, I missed you yesterday,

and I love the smell of your skin.

It's like a garden, almost.

Or I watch the stars at night

because they remind of your eyes.

Stella, I have to be honest.

I want you, I need you.

I do.

Get down.

Come down here.

(peaceful music)

Got you now.



(eagle chirping)

(birds chirping)

(uneasy music)

Adam isn't coming back, is he?

I don't want him to find us here.

- Adam, oh I don't know what time it is.

(eagle crying)

(rock grinding)

(dramatic music)

(eagle crying)

(bird squawking)

(eagle crying)

(eagle crying)

(uneasy music)

(horse nickering)

- What's wrong, Spec?

Slim, you're an asshole.

(snake hissing)

No guns.

No traps.

(dramatic music)

(rifle clicking)

(eagle crying)

(eagle crying)

(camera clicking)

(eagle chirping)

- [Mike Voiceover] And
by taking these eggs,

this rare breed will become extinct.

- Does that bother you so?

- I trusted you.

- [Whittier] $250,000.

- It's your funeral.

- Who are you?

- You have three weeks to
obtain one before they hatch.

(eagle screaming)

(eagle crying)

(uneasy music)

(rifle booming)

(rifle booming)


- You asshole!

I didn't touch your fucking eggs!

I didn't touch your fucking eggs!

Oh shit.

(rifle booming)

(Mike shouting wordlessly)

(water splashing)


(eagle crying)

- You ugly piece of human shit!

I told you stay away from the mountain!

(birds chirping)

What the hell were you doin' up there?


Mr. Walker, aren't you lucky.

- I didn't touch the eggs.

Either shoot me or help me outta here.

Look, I needed the money!

I coulda made a fortune.

- Two eggs.

- Yeah.

Well whatta we do now?

- Get out of here.

- Good idea.

Good idea.

- Adam, I want you back inside.

- Watch out for my plane.

- I'm telling ya, you're
wasting your time.

I'd appreciate it if y'all would leave.

- Wait a minute, that might be them.

(peaceful music)

Here they come.

- You're not gonna do this, Amy.

- Get out of here, Mike.

- Good mornin' Mr. Malden, or
should I say, Sergeant Malden?

We know you won a Silver Star in Vietnam.

Isn't the war still goin'
on out there on your island?

We know that men have been killed,

but the public is entitled to know why.

Look, look, here's the
scar, they mentioned it

in the police report,
it is him, it is him!

Look, why don't you just show us

your Vietnam scar, Mr. Malden?

- Vietnam, 1972.

You're right.

- You were once in a psychopathic ward

of a veteran's hospital
and weren't you responsible

for the death of your wife
and son in a car accident?

- [Stella] Woman, I can't
believe I listened to you.


- Son of a bitch!

Come on!

- Come on, I got a home cooked
meal and a special dessert.

- Shit.


What the hell?

(tire squealing)

- You wanna story, right?

- Right.

- I've got one for ya.

About a mountain climber and an egg man.

- How much is it gonna cost me this time?


- Well the terms are always negotiable.

Get in.

(peaceful music)

- [Amy] Egg man?

(water splashing)

(water splashing)

(water splashing)

(eagle chirping)

Good mornin', I have an
environmental story for you today.

Bird watchers have recently spotted

a pair of eagles much larger than average

which appears to fit none
of the recognized breeds.

What's more, these birds have built

a nest on Cherokee Island.

- Good morning, sir.

- A few miles west of here, and excitement

among bird lovers is becoming tense

because this is mating season.

Unfortunately though,
we can't get any closer

to the island since it privately owned

and the owner has made it very clear

that until those eggs are hatched

he will allow no visitors.

But we certainly do wish
that couple every success.

This is Amy Rollings, Eyewitness News,

Charlotte's number one.

- [Announcer] Next week,
Charlotte's number one,

Amy Rollings, does a special report

on a millionaire recluse
who will even break

the law to complete his
rare egg collection.

(dramatic music)

♪ You got to walk a little
slower when you're with her ♪

♪ Take the time to be
tender, that's the plan ♪

♪ You got to stand a little taller ♪

♪ While her world falls to pieces ♪

♪ Only then can you
hold her in your hand ♪

♪ You got to five for every
moment that she gives you ♪

♪ Make the one in a million understand ♪

♪ You got to stand a little taller ♪

♪ While her world falls to pieces ♪

♪ Only then can you
hold her in your hand ♪

♪ Now too many faces have
come down between us ♪

♪ And I was the fool to be ♪

♪ And I can't deny you
the wide open spaces ♪

♪ As long as she stops loving me ♪

♪ You got to stand a little
closer when you hold her ♪

♪ Make her feel like a woman, understand ♪

♪ You got to stand a little taller ♪

♪ While her world falls to pieces ♪

♪ Only then can you
hold her in your hand ♪

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