A Bigger Splash (2015) - full transcript

In A BIGGER SPLASH, the lives of a high profile couple, a famous rock star (Tilda Swinton) and a filmmaker (Matthias Schoenaerts), vacationing and recovering on the idyllic sun-drenched and remote Italian island of Pantelleria, are disrupted by the unexpected visit of an old friend (Ralph Fiennes) and his daughter (Dakota Johnson) - creating a whirlwind of jealousy, passion and, ultimately, danger for everyone involved.

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Marianne! Marianne! Marianne!

I hate that sound.

It's unknown.

- Hello?
- Aha! I found you.

Guess who it is.
Marianne, I know you're resting,

but you have to be better.
When it happened to Adele,

- she was yodelling again in three weeks.
- Harry.

You think I didn't do my homework?

- I'm landing in Pantelleria in five minutes.
- Harry, listen, it's Paul.

Meet me there and boy!

- Do I have a surprise for you and Paul!
- We're at the lake. Harry.

I've got to go.
I'm landing in five minutes.

He's calling from the plane.
He said he's got a surprise for us.

I don't want that
to be the last great thing I ever do.

I mean,
maybe you're my swan song, love!

Jesus, does he ever stop?

My god.


Is it you? Is it you? Yes!

I am so fucking happy to see you!

Why didn't you let me know you were
here? You know I love this place.

I'm in Rome all summer.
You can talk, can't you?

Come on, tell me you're better.
Yes, you are. What?

Ah, what? Not at all?

Well, the doctor said two more weeks.

It's the kid. Hey!
Come here, you old bucket.

- You look fantastic!
- Oh, thanks.

You look sexy, kind of metro-sexy.

I'm sorry we didn't call,
but we're hiding out.

What? Hiding out? Well, not from me.
Come on! Not any more, anyway!

Come on,
when I'm finished with you,

you'll be singing
those gravelly Gs again.

Oh, Penny, Penny, come here!
Right, Pen, meet Marianne and Paul.

- Hi!
- Oh, you brought a protégée.

- Nice to meet you.
- I'm his daughter.

- Excuse me?
- The looks on your faces!

I'm sorry,
I should have warned you.

Everyone's making
the same mistake. Pen, say hello.

Hi! Yeah, he really loves it, though.

She seems shy, but she is
a lovely bitch, like her mother.

And underneath, she is
every inch my girl, aren't you?

- Yeah.
- I think so. We're kind of..

- Where are your wheels? Let's go.
- Uh, right in front.

- So you didn't get a room?
- Is that going to be a problem?

It's San Gaetano tomorrow.

Ah! Shit. Yes.
No, 'cause last year they did it late

because of the ferry strike.
Okay, anyway, doesn't matter.

Oh, I know where we should go.
We can go squatting at Fabrizio's.

He'll put us up.
But now, keep going, it's up here.

There's a restaurant in the hills here
and, Pen, you're going to love it.

It's amazing.
Fantastico! Pantelleria!


You didn't know this was here?

Don't tell me you've been eating
out of the fridge all this time.

They only serve dinner
and only until September.

Then it's fallow again until June.

Harry, come on, that's a grave.

Yeah, well,
Europe's a grave.

Oh, ah, fuck.

So when did this happen,
you and Harry?

Last year. I finally put some pieces
together and figured it out.

Mm. You're on your college break?

On your Grand Tour?

Yep. Normally I'd be spending the
summer in Connecticut with my mother,

but she gets sick of me. Annie!

She gets sick of me
and she just ships me off somewhere.

This year, it was to Harry.

So... you again?

Happy? Say yes.

- Yeah, I'm fine. How are you?
- Happy to see me?

Oh, fuck. It's full.
Shall we tell them who you are?

Oh, we don't do that anymore, Harry.

Well, I think we may have to
'cause it's absolutely choccer.

Good evening.

Good evening.

- A table for four.
- I'm booked, fully booked.

Maybe tomorrow.

- Marianne Lane. Do you know her?
- No.

She's famous.

- It's Marianne Lane!
- Who?

It's Marianne Lane, that's her!

The place is full.

Rosario! Give him this table.

A table just freed up.

Go take a seat.


Okay, guys, we're good I think.
Your name did it.


- Good evening.
- Thanks. Do you know Marianne Lane?

- Harry!
- Hi.

Unbelievable, my God!

Good evening...

Good evening, madam.

It's Harry. Did you arrive from where?

Oh, from Rome. Hello.


- You look great!
- Thanks!

Everyone, this is Harry!

It's the same group
of people wherever you go.

- So what are you going to have?
- No, she can't talk, all right?

I would love a daiquiri.

- Marianne!
- Have a daiquiri!

Hotels are booked solid. There's meant
to be one room left at the Yacht Marina

and Piero says there's a queen bed
we could use on the boat.

At any rate, we got to get out
and enjoy the weather tomorrow,

'cause the sirocco's on its way.
That's the warm wind from the Sahara

I was telling you about.

- With rain?
- No, it's dry, with sand.

Marianne, Paul's headaches,
are they a problem here?

Harry, stop this fucking shit,
all right? She can't talk.

- I'm not going to repeat it!
- Of course she can talk.

When Bjork had her operation,
after two weeks she was-

I don't give a fuck what Bjork said,
all right? Or Adele.

No. Nothing's a problem here.

Nothing a few Nurofen
can't take care of.

What is your name?

What is your favourite colour?

Seriously, you want me
to deck you? Fucking...

What is your quest?

To not end up like Julie Andrews.
Get it?

Excuse me, four daiquiris.

No, three...

- Not for me.
- Oh, fuck, shit, yeah, sorry.

What, what, what did she say?

- She says her feet hurt.
- No!

That's what she said.
She's getting a blister.

If you've got something to say,
say it to me.

She's asking you to stay.

Oh, Christ, that took forever.

- Is there a pool?
- Mm-hm.

Ah. Yeah, this place isn't bad, eh?
Where are they?

They're shooting
a commercial in Thailand.


Well, where am I?

No, it's down at the property.
It's a little dammuso.

It used to be a stable for the donkeys.

Oh, far away.
Safe distance, eh?


You can't talk or won't?


Oh, right.

Your career.


I'm 22, you know.



Woo! Woo!

Look! Woo!


Aha, okay. What have we got here?
How are the pots and pans?

What have we got in the frigo?

Oh! Scandalo. Orribile.

How are you guys living?

What we have here?
Your mum... huh?

It's cute.
You off to bed?

Thank you. Mm.

For having me to stay.

All right. Here you go darling.

Your pill.

Good night.

Good night.

She's got tour dates
this winter, doesn't she?

What's she planning to do?

Well, she's kicked everything into the long
grass and it was the right thing to do.

Jesus, man. It's hard to watch.
Is she like this when you fuck?

I mean, how does it work?

Does she write you a note
when she cums?

Come here.

You wish we were at a hotel.

- I didn't say that.
- You forget, I know how you speak.

- Oh yeah, that's right.
- Yeah.


I've been teaching myself
some Italian finally.

Oh! 101 useful phrases?

Well, no, I'm not reading Boccaccio
if that's what you mean.

Vaffanculo. Go fuck yourself.
Go take it up the arse, in fact.

Cacasentenze. Someone who pretends
to be very smart,

who won't stop talking,
one who shits sentences.

And my favourite is
vomitare I'anima.

To puke your guts up.
Literally, to vomit your soul.


I noticed you didn't drink
at dinner. Are you all right?

I mean, does it bother you
that I'm drinking?

Do you know what
vai a cagare means?

Ah, yeah.

You know, well, there,
you got it, just drop it, all right?

Yeah, but are you all right?

Hard part's over, yeah,
rehab and all that.


Good night.

Good night!
Good night, good night!

you've got to be fucking kidding me.

Are you happy?

The head
of the label told me to my face

that he considers those masters
"Done" with a capital fucking D.

If he's going to change his mind now...

You asked him to stay.
Why is that?

You feeling nostalgic?

Do you want to play that for me now?

Don't let him know we can talk like this.

You know we can't be naked
any more, right?

Marianne! Over here my swan.

Oh, there you are!

What have you got there?

Oh, I've been waiting for you.

- Have you? I was looking for you.
- Sweetie. Mm.

- Please, don't stop.
- Can I play your drum?

- My drum?
- Yeah.

We've got to leave at 11 o'clock.

- No! Later.
- The car's coming.

- Later. Later. Make it later.
- We can't move it.

They won't be happy.
They will not be happy.

- Make it later. I'll make it worth it.
- You will?


What are you doing? Quit splashing.

Look what a good job I'm doing, Clara!

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Hey, more surprises, huh?

Where'd you find this thundercat?
I can't get her off my elbow.

What is thundercat?

What is thundercat?
What is thundercat?

- Nonna I'd like to fuck.
- Hey!

Oh, yeah, you had nothing
and now you have everything you need.

Zucchini for Paul and a little heaven
for everyone else.

We're having for lunch orata al sale!

How gross! Chilli, no!
Just herbs.

Herbs only, yes. I'm your slave.


"I grew up in a Britain where racism
was woven into the fabric of society

"in a way that would be difficult
to imagine today.

"I was of a generation that challenged it
politically and physically.

"We confronted far-right thugs,
organised street patrols

"to protect black and Asian families
and stood up to police harassment.

"Patriots wish us to be equally unthinking
in our attachment to the nation in every..."


Ah. What the fuck's that?

Is that a snake? Euch!

It's just another whip snake.

Ew! Orribile! Get rid of it!

We have them every day.


- How's the room of the ass?
- A delight.

How's the room of the monk?

Oh, they made it! Great, great, great!

You'll love them. Salty and sweet.

Oh, you're fine. It's hot
and they're communists

and you're not speaking sweetheart,
so I had to make other plans.

- Hey!
- Hey!


I want to go in that car
one day, sweetheart!

- Tchuff!
- Tchuff!

This is the house
that Jonas has bought.

You can make a hell of a lot
more cash directing music videos

than record producing, apparently.

Oh, I shot a video with Jonas!

Here she is. Here's the lady.

Marianne, I'd like you to meet
some very old friends of mine

Mireille and Sylvie. Marianne Lane.

She can't talk I'm afraid.
That's rock 'n' roll for you.

It squeezes you like a lemon,
then it throws you out.

Oh, but you're going to sing again!
This is not forever.

- And this is Paul.
- Guess who I am.

Oh, my dear. I know who you are.

So lovely.

You're daddy's little rascal
we've been hearing about.

He told me once that he'd lost six grand's
worth of cocaine out in the parking lot.

I mean, I've only seen that much
cocaine in my life maybe twice.

When he told me. I nearly had
a fucking seizure in the green room.

I... I couldn't let it go,
the thought of it lying out there

under somebody's Dodge Caravan
or pick-up or whatever,

so I got a dozen roadies to come out

and shine their cell phones and torches
under the cars while he finished his set.

I mean, this is a stadium, remember,
so thousands and thousands of cars

and this group of roadies
going around going,

- "Where is it? Is it here?"
- And they found it?

No. They never found it.
Somebody else won that lotto.

He told me later that he had planned
to kamikaze the whole lot that night

and if he had,
then we would've found him

covered in shit and fizz the next day
on the bathroom floor.

Mm. But I think that losing that bag,
it saved his life... for a while.

To be a genius is to be unruled.

To be unruled is to be alone.

Well, er, yeah...
for the first part maybe.

- My sister has attempted suicide.
- Oh, I'm sorry.

- Twice. Pills both times.
- Oh.

It's the height of vanity, you know?

You can't imagine her embarrassment
when she discovered that she lived.

Yeah, well, you know,
no one should be ashamed.

No. No. I tell her to call me
if she feels it coming over her again.

Now, every time the phone rings
I resent her a little more

- and I think that...
- Oh!

Mind your feet.

- You can't live forever.
- Exactly. None of us can.

Oh, Marianne will.

Ah, we've bored her.

- Tchuff!
- Tchuff!

No, well,
it was something unbelievable

and that was when the Stones
came into their own, so to speak.

They killed their fathers, so to speak,
in front of millions of people

and the first real casualty
of that was Brian Jones.

Wait a second, I'm sorry.

Don't you think we should kill
the light in the booth?

Yes, brilliant! Just right!

- Good idea!
- All right. Make it black as you can.

Paint it black.

I'll buy you a beer for that.
What's your name?

- Paul. Pleased to meet you. Hello. Hi.
- Harry. Pleased to meet you.

She's the woman of the century
and I'm talking about her soul now.

Underneath all the shit, the shellac,
the noise, she's grounded.

She's a fucking empath.
When the spaceships come in,

she'll be right out in front
with her arms wide open,

"Come, come to me, beautiful aliens!"

You're an idiot, man, seriously.

You should meet her.

Why do you keep doing this?

- We're done.
- No, you're not.

- Your bed's not even cold. Come on!
- Paul, look at me. We're done.

Marianne and I have
different music to make,

different... different shit.

And on top of all of that, she's
a trumpets-of-Jericho, white-hot fuck.

- I don't want to hear it.
- She fucks and she fucks and she fucks.

Does she?

- Yeah.
- You don't want to do this, man.


Yeah, Tom. Tom, just, like, don't...

Don't lay off that kick drum,
all right?

Keep it going like a heartbeat.

That's it. Ba-pa-boom! Ba-pa-boom!
Ba-pa-boom! Ba-pa-boom!

- Are you happy Harry?
- Uh, nearly.

I'm not crazy about the sound
I'm getting off the hi-hat.

- Could we move the microphone?
- Can we fix it and then can we go?

- Can we fucking go?
- I got it, Harry.


- Hey, praise fuck, you made it. Yeah!
- Good to see you, man.

Come here.
We're just to go for a take, Paul.

- All right. Let's hear.
- Come, come, come.

Uh, Marianne, Paul.
Paul, Marianne.


Onward pagan soldiers.
Okay, let's go.

Go, Harry! Go, Harry!

Ah! Who won?

- Harry... maybe.
- Er, no, no, he won.

Just about, just... just... Woo!


See? I still got it.


Sylvie! Ah!

Three more boats have
sunk here coming from Tunisia.

I want you to send down
Laurent and a photographer

Check this out.

Why are we listening to this? You want
to end up in a padded room? Fuck.

- It was on the turntable.
- I know, but it's shit!

What have we got here?

No, no, no, Roxy Music, no. Uh-oh!

Some of this is good shit.

Ah, ah, ah, ah! Look what they have!
Wait, where's Pen?

Pen! Pen!


Pen! Come hear what Daddy made!
Come on!

Okay, I think Marianne's heard this.
Sylvie, do you know this album?

I can tell you a little story about
my contribution to Rolling Stones history.

Just after Darryl came in
and I was working with Don Smith,

who'd done
a lot of Keith's solo stuff with me

and we were at Windmill Lane in Dublin
and it was raining.

Non-stop Irish rain,
it wouldn't fucking stop

and I was quitting smoking,
so it was coffee, coffee, coffee

and this song,
which you are going to hear,

it just wasn't fucking working.

Keith is insisting no drums, you know?

We're working away and I think,
no, no, I go to Keith and I say,

"Okay, so can Ronnie do
a track on pedal steel?"

He goes, "Yeah, but no drums."

So I'm thinking "What the fuck!"
So I give Mick castanets.

So you've got Chuck Leavell
on the harmonium

and everyone is folding in
all this beautiful shit,

but this song is not taking off,
so I say to Keith, "Do you trust me?"

He goes yeah. "If I promise no drums,
can we do a percussion track?"

He says,
"What's Charlie going to play?"

And I'm thinking,
"What is Charlie going to play?"

But I'm asking myself what's
the sound, something, not too crisp

and I look over
and I see in the corner...

- Wait, what is it?
- What is it?

Wait, listen, what is it?
It's not a drum.

- What is it?
- Listen, listen!

What's that? She knows.


- It's a trash can.
- No!

It's an aluminium fucking trash can.

So I put Charlie out in the stairwell,
we put a mic three floors up

and Keith's shaking his head
'cause he knows I'm right.

As soon as Charlie starts
banging on it, we're off.

A can for trash.

Human evolution in the key of C.

Yeah, all that and you still can't
fucking move to it, you know.

Okay, what else have we got?

Aha! Okay, this is tops.

- You produced this?
- Christ, no. I was 16!

This is tops.
I didn't know it then, but I do now.


Did he not cook for you
when you were together?

Marianne did, or it didn't happen.
Her mother was mad for cooking.

It runs in her family.
Did you ever meet her finally, Paul?

Yeah, last year in the hospital.

Pen, she was a woman
to know. I loved everything about her.

I can't believe that the clock can
just run out on a woman like that.

Who is coming to the festival tonight?

- What?
- San Gaetano!

Well, I can't, I, uh...

- Why?
- Why?

It's one of the best nights
in the year! Everybody will be out.

Music horrible! Dancing horrible!

Food horrible! You can't stay away!

- And the police band is playing.
- The police band? Fuck!

They're not so bad you know.

At least come for the fireworks.

Mais no, mais no!
There is no fireworks, cherie.

I got to test some lenses
before the weather breaks.

- Come for the no fireworks!
- Come!

Will you come?
Paul's got to score lenses. You go free!

We can lend you the Mehari,
so you can join us later.

Oh, very kind of you!

Hey, I just spoke to Robin.

I'm on Kossakowski's shortlist
for his documentary.


You want to choose a dress for me?

It's a bit plain.

Very charming.

Now, promise me, no talking tonight.

Some are
on the island now, hiding.

Last year, one of the boats was spotted

and the smugglers just threw
everybody overboard to try to flee,

whilst the coastguards
did the rescues.

But the goal, of course, is
France. A lot of them have family there.

- There you go, Tunisia.
- Tunisia.

You can smell the jasmine from here.

Oh, guys it has already started.

Try to behave, my angel!


I was talking to my daughter,
but you can be an angel, too.

I'll be your angel.

A drink without guilt.

Now, frankly,
it's sentimental to think

you can help Paul
by not drinking in front of him,

or not talking about it for that matter.
Come on, it was a year ago.

I mean, if he can't even hear
the subject mentioned,

you don't have to go kicking over glasses
and it's just ridiculous.

And people talk about addiction,
they talk about suicide. It happens.

You know, I doubt
he wanted to kill himself anyway.

If you ask me, he wanted
to kill the whole world, Marianne.

Yeah, come on.

I mean, we both know him.
It's misdirection.

That's what they call it.
A case of psychic misdirection.

Anyway, sorry.

You both look great together.

He takes very good care of you. No,
I mean it. He does. You look fantastic.

You both look amazing.

Wonderful, wonderful to see you.

And you know,
this invalid thing, it suits you.

Yeah, no it does,
'cause the roles are reversed

and Paul can nurse you for a change.

Oh, come on, I didn't mean it like that.

Fuck. Okay! Okay!

All right, all right, all right.
Nice dress, nice dress!

Of course. Yeah.
I'll see you, yes?

Bye, see you.

You were my hero until just now.

Yeah, I'm sorry I couldn't stay away.
You all right?

She was just boring
the life out of me is all.

- You didn't look bored.
- Yes, I know. Thank you.

My trouble is that I fall in love
with every pretty thing.

That sounds paralysing.

Try not to frighten the horses.
I always loved you saying that.

It was always funny to me, 'cause you
always frightened the fucking horses.

You, whereas with Paul...

What's the point of Paul
in your life now?

I was angry with you.
Yeah, I know I was slutting around,

but you took everything so hard

and now look what I've done.

thrown you this square.

Yeah, he's square, Marianne.
He's a square bear.

He's all cuddly and built
for hibernating with and he stuck.

I will always be
grateful to you for Paul.

How are you dealing with this? Mm?

What if it doesn't come back?

You know, it might not come back.
Have you thought about that?

It's your fucking life!

Your voice is your fucking life!

Bet that you'll just reinvent
yourself again, won't you?

Is wearing your mother's clothes,
is that reinvention?

I don't think so. Anyway, I suppose
you'll have your mummy phase

and I have my daddy phase.

But one way or another we're just going
to grow old together, aren't we?

I'm happy, Harry.

Can't you stand that?

Would you think I was being ingratiating
if I said I wanted to make documentaries?

Just pick up a camera and go film
the kids in Mansoura or something.

Oh, have you been there?

- I wouldn't let that stop me.
- Well, you want some advice?

- Why? Because I'm a girl?
- No.

No, you should definitely go to Mansoura,
or Detroit, whatever moves you.

Just don't do it the Harry way.
Just lay low, keep your mouth shut.

You know, don't take a camera.
Go empty-handed, seriously.

You'll humiliate yourself any other way,
trust me. I know everything about it.

All right. I'm not afraid of that.

Do you want some?

- No. I don't smoke.
- Doesn't mean you don't want some.

Yes, it does.

You must have been really desperate
to crash your car like that.

Excuse me?

He said you were shot out of it,
really far...

and you didn't leave a note or anything.

That's what he said?

He thinks it's the most
interesting thing you've done.

He thinks you're too conceited
to stand being addicted to anything.

I'm guessing he's talking about drinking.

Are you waiting for
a reaction or something?

Don't waste your time.

...And now let's play Pi?ata!

Go right, go right...


Well done, Francesco!
Well done!

And next up is...

Good evening!

- Thanks for the table.
- You're welcome!

That's the guy who gave us the table.
Come on! Let's perch over here.

When did we last do this?

How many years ago?

When we were innocent babes.

Come on! Come on!

Oh, fuck, there's nobody here.

Good evening.

We don't have available tables.

- What do you have?
- Karaoke.


Oh, no, he says the screen is broken.
Oh, fuck.

Can I have a glass of sparkling water?

Find something we'd be
embarrassed to sing anywhere else.


Come here. Okay!

Mm. Okay.

Marianne! Marianne!
Marianne! Marianne!

Marianne! Marianne! Marianne!

Marianne! Marianne!


My daughter...

Come on!

Can I have her after
you're finished with her, Daddy?


You're the best thing
that ever happened to me.

Marianne! Marianne!

Marianne! Marianne!

Marianne! Marianne! Marianne!

- That was fantastic.
- Oh.

- Oh!
- Good night, girls.

Mireille! Good night.

I told you I was going
to drive the car. Now I'm going to.

I'll keep my hand on the stick shift!

Mm. Was it Mireille?


Hold on, give it to me. Let me...

Mm. By the way, what's...

Remember that woman he was with?

She was teaching at NYU.
What's her name again?

Yeah, Christie.

They were swinging right?

- What did you say? Dusty Christie?
- Busty Christie.

Yeah, she had huge melons!

You remember?
You remember they were swinging, right?

Yeah. Now, what was it?
Groups, men, college...

Boys, college girls.

He'd fuck everything.

That's what I'm saying.

if you're talking about Penelope,

I'll tell you that
whatever's going on there,

it's mutual and it's a great couple.

Come on, look at them.

Really! Come on.



So, that makes all of us.

He must just not know
how it looks with Penelope.

I think I should say something.

Trust me.
She can handle herself just fine.

Which one of these do you prefer?

Me, too.

Well, that woman drives
like a lunatic. You know that.

But I was driving
and she, she distracted me.

- Are you hurt?
- No, I'm fine.

Listen, I think if it's both of us,
then we can push it together.

You need a tow truck.
That's what you need.

- Oh, Christ. Will you come or not?
- A tow truck.

They both tell me yes,
but I don't think he really is.

I mean, we don't even really look,
or act very much alike at all.

I'm going to ask him to take the test.

There are reasons I'd like to know.

Private reasons.

- What the fuck happened?
- I was going and coming at the same time.

- Where's Mireille?
- She went home to wash her mouth.

How the hell
do you want us to move that?

Oh, well, let's hope
it won't roll forward.

I think, if we release the handbrake,
we can put it back on to the road.

All right, let's push it.

- Careful.
- Yeah.

One, two, three.

All right.

Okay and again.

All right, yeah, let's go.

One, two, three.


This is not going to work.
Forget about it.

Jesus Christ!

Too hot for white people. Fuck!

You're pretty domesticated
for a rock star.

You were with Harry
for what, six years?

And you've been
with Paul for how long?


I heard that there used to be six songs
on either side of a record album.

You'd hear six and then you'd have
to flip the thing over to hear more.

You know what?

I bet they put one really good song
on each side,

so you just keep flipping it over.

By the way, have you seen my iPod?

Because that sneaky Harry is
always trying to get into it

to see what I've been listening to.

So you're working again.

- Yeah, I'm shooting for hire nowadays.
- Yeah?

For a Russian master,
Kossakovsky. You know him?

- No.
- Six-country shoot.

- Uh-huh.
- It keeps me busy for a while.

When are you finishing yours?

- Oh, you remember that?
- Yeah of course.

Lost Dog, American Journalism
in the 21st Century.

You showed me
that amazing Cronkite interview.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, what?

You're not giving that up too,
are you?

You shot all that footage. What is it,
just lying in a drawer somewhere?

No, actually it's in a closet.
Five hard drives, but that can wait.

Yeah, well,
adjust your goals, not the world.

Is that the same advice you'd give Pen?

No! She's young. She should change
the world any chance she gets.

I think the women should change things
now anyway. We've had our chance.

you will find your way back to it.

You just got to get your finance,
good editor, some guts.

Just shut the fuck up, all right?

Just stop talking and we'll be fine.
Can you do that?

Thanks a lot.

I thought it was a good observation.

It's the way you give it.
It's not very careful.

Well, it's how I care, isn't it?

Honesty is the greatest fidelity.

Yeah, well, the world is not
ready for your honesty.

I don't believe in half truths.

Oh, you used to.

Yeah, well,
I learned my lesson then, didn't I?

Not in time, but I learned it.

I think going bust with Marianne was the
great dumb tragedy of my great dumb life.

It feels good to say it to you.

You learned your lesson in time,
though, didn't you?

I mean, that's the important thing.

Thank god for emergency rooms, eh?

Hey! How did my beauties sleep?

- My adorable ones!
- Did you get the car out?

No, we couldn't move it.
We need Clara to tell us what to do I think.

Whoa! Oh!

Can I borrow the wheels?
I want to see people.

Pen, you want to come?

What? Groceries?
Okay, we'll go together.

I need more treasure.
Throw your watch in.

- I'm reading.
- Well, I need a shipwreck.

Throw in a chair.

I'm not going to throw in a chair.
I'm sorry.

Mister Paul! I'm finished.
I'm going to the village.

Okay, Clara.

Shouldn't you be going
round the island?

Go check it out.
It's pretty beautiful out here.

I wouldn't know where to go.

There's a lake pretty close by.

A lot of kids come out,
bring guitars, play music.

It's fun. You should check it out.

Show me.

It's half day, market day
and this wind is not sirocco!

Fast first and then slow,
one doesn't understand what it wants.

It's weird... go while it isn't there.

It's two miles from here.
It's not so far.

- Walking?
- Yeah, it's a proper hike.

You should be up for it.


You want to see me do a handstand?

Yeah, go ahead.

The Allies bombed
the hell out of this island.

Maybe the market's up here, no?
I think it is.

Bit of a beaten up old town.

I think it's down here. Yeah.

It can look
a bit full-on, a bit, you know, it could...

In a situation like last night,
it could be misconstrued.

What do you mean?
What do you mean, Marianne?

What shit!
I'm too brash. I'm too impulsive.

I'm too a lot of things,
but Christ, I'm sound.

I mean, look, if you asked me,
do I find my daughter sexy?

Have I caught myself
enjoying the sight of her?

Yeah, I have.

I didn't know her until a year ago,
so yeah, it's a little odd.

I acknowledge and I deal with
the shit that goes on in my head.

Coming from Paul,
this would be outrageous.

Paul is Paul,
but coming from you, it's...

I mean, what is the impulse here?
To humiliate me or...

What is it, really?

Harry! This is not about us!

Isn't it? We've been testing each other
ever since I got off the plane.

Well, I've never stopped, but...
I mean, come on, it's me!

Stop this lying to yourself.


I am not going
to leave Paul for you!

Oh, what? You don't...

What, you thought
I was here for the capers?

They used to process slaves
on this island. Did you know that?

I hate this fucking island.

Look, let's not get things confused!

I'm not fucking my daughter!


So fucking predictable!
Big enough audience?

Are you kidding?

We just made their vacation.

Haven't we?

I did leave a note.

But anyway we tore it apart
when I, uh...

when I got out of the hospital.

You and Marianne?


What did it say?

Uh, just her name.

I wanted to write it down one last time.

I want you to see this!



Good morning.

- She's my friend, Marianne.
- Come in.

- Morning, Rosa.
- Hello, how are you?

My friend, Marianne.

- Do you recognise her?
- Yes.

Please show us how you make ricotta.

Civil Protection volunteers are ready
to assist arriving migrants.

First reception procedures
have commenced...

Come here.

The ricotta will be coming up.

Coming up, coming up.

Within a few hours,
a reception centre was set up.

At 11:00 PM
the fishing boat docks at the port.

The migrants wave
and thank rescue workers,

thankful they've arrived safely.

Even the children,
held by their parents, wave hello.

People who were desperate
in their homeland...

- Come and see the ricotta.
- Taste it while it's warm.

Marked by horrors of war,
they hope for a better future...

Medical exams confirm

that only a few migrants
need to be hospitalised...

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.


- Good?
- Very good!




No, you...

You don't need to apologise... ever.

You never have.

they got to be here somewhere.

They must've gone off
for a hike or something.

You do the ricotta?

Here, be careful.

Do it like this

Turn it around... like that.

Come on.

This is you. It's in you.
Let it out for me. Come on.

Come on, this is happening.
It's happening.

Darling, no.

He put a bell on your neck, right?

I'm glad he did.

- I can love you now.
- No.

Don't be angry.

I love you.

Then we shouldn't see
each other anymore.

In sixth grade,
they offered an opera class at my school

and I was hooked.

La Momma Morta.
"I'm love. I'm love."

I had to conquer
all things Italian after that.

Ah. We were going to start without you.

I'm sorry. We got kind of lost.


Parmigiano please, Pen.


So you two must be starving.
You went swimming as well, no?

- We did.
- Where? At the lake?

Um, no, actually, uh,
Paul took us to the cliffs.


We dived and dived and dived.

How was the wind?

I'll need a spoon to scrape the sand
out of my eyes, that's for sure.


Well, you got your beach, then,
more or less.

It was better than a beach.

there are a couple of beaches here,

like micro beaches or something.
I don't know what they call them.

But really tiny, just for three
or four people. It's beautiful.

You can do anything
you like out there really.

If the wind dies down,
that's what we do next.

You'd love it.

By the way, did Marianne make this?

- Yeah.
- This is so good, I can tell.

Cilantro. That's her signature.
She'll put it in anything.

What? Will she?


By the way, they always say in
Pantelleria, people eat a lot of capers,

but so far we haven't eaten any, right?

Oh, I have.

Fucking gecko, shit!

I think I'm going to go watch
a movie or something.

- Are you good?
- Yeah, are you?

Yeah, I'm just beat from the day.

Pretty beat.


Good night, Pen.

Good night.

I hope she didn't catch cold.

She's just tired. It was a long day.



Swimming can take it out of you.

How was your day? Any good?

Pen? It's Harry.

Come in.

Sorry, um, it's just...

You asked me to tell you when
I was ready to go back and I'm ready.


I've had my vacation.

Did what you wanted to do?

It was fantastic.

I'll remember it always.

Yeah, well, maybe go tomorrow.
Good night.


I got your pills.

I'm done with him. Aren't you?

All the little snakes are sleeping.


Oh, fuck!

Are you waiting for me?


That's a nice surprise.

If you have something
to say to me, say it.

- Keep your voice down.
- What, you think I'm plastered?

Tonight's not the night for it.

No, tonight is definitely
the night for it.

Paul, fuck! Seems you agree, eh?

Why don't you do me a favour?
Go to bed.

Harry, listen. We need to talk.

No, I need to pack.
I need to wake Pen up.

I need to be out of here by dawn.

I don't particularly want
to see you in the light of day.


I'll take a cab for the morning, so, uh,
thanks for the use of your car, sir.

Oh. Are we fighting?

I'm sorry.

- You're too much. Fuck.
- Harry, come on.

Why don't you go wake
my daughter up, eh?

You can tell her to pack and we'll
get the fuck out of here right now.

Did you fuck her or not?

- Did you fuck her or not?
- Did you fuck Marianne?

It's not the same, man.

- You know what the problem is?
- You know what the problem is...

is I gave you too much credit.
We were friends.

Better than brothers.

Better than all those shits in their lofts
talking about who the fuck cares what

And now you just...
you just tolerate me.

Do you know
how offensive that is to me?

Think what you want, judge the hell out
of me, but don't fucking tolerate me.

- You don't deserve either of them.
- Neither do you.

You have no idea of the shit
that I got her out of... off of.

Well, I got her off you.

What? I gave her to you.

You're obscene.

We're all obscene.

Everyone's obscene.
That's the whole fucking point.

We see it
and we love each other anyway.

Love? I was wondering how long
it would take you to pull that...

You hit me.

You hit me!

All right, Paul.

I don't know what I'm doing either.

Here, help me out, will you?

Yeah, come on, I'm sorr... Oh!

What is this?

Let go!

Ah! Argh!

Come on!

Look at me. Look at me. Look at me!

Harry, come on, come on, come on!

Madam, madam...

Mr Harry in the pool.

Dead. Dead!

Ah! No! Argh!

Don't scream!

Your voice, madam,
you'll ruin your voice!

Don't scream!

Calm down...

- Morning, Marshal.
- Good morning.

What are you doing?
Don't touch it.


Good morning, Marshal La Mattina.

Hello, sir.

What is that? Do you know?
That thing...

It's... It's an album.

Emotional Rescue
by the Rolling Stones.

- What'd he say?
- I didn't hear.

It's music.

Oh... vinyl?

May I?

Can I have some water please?

There you go, sir.

Are you OK, madam?

So, Clara...

first I need to know at what time
Mr. Hawkes went swimming in the pool.

What time Mr Harry...

in the water?

The bath. Splash, in the water.

Well, he went out after dinner,
around ten o'clock

and we were asleep
before he came back, so...

Around 10:00.

- No, no.
- No, no, no!

No dieci. After dieci.

- After 10:00.
- After 10:00... I see.

And them?
When did they go to sleep?

Ask them.

What time, uh, you...

In the bed.

12:00. And...?

You too?

And the gentleman?

Um, around 1:30.

And then I took a sleeping pill.

- He took drugs.
- You took drugs?!

Drugs? No, of course not. It...

Jesus, it's a medicine,
all right, to go to sleep.


- Pills to sleep.
- To sleep, OK.

Listen, I'm wasting too much time!
I have 30 people to question.

What can we do?
It's not their fault, poor things.

Tell them to come
to the police station at 2:00.

And I will find a suitable translator.

Oh! He says, uh,
station carabinieri, two!

At 2:00. All three of them.

And wear shoes!

Let's go, guys.

IDs please?


Thank you.

We put them all here in an enclosure,
but it's inhumane, it's shameful.

School isn't in session,
can't we put them there?

There's 12 of them, got it?
They're human beings, theoretically.


Here we are.

Paul De Smedt.


You can speak English or French.

Take a seat.

Are you hurt?

Of course.

I'll be sad forever.

No, I'm...


Paul, he has a wound.

Did you see it?


Here. On the side.

Do you understand me? Don't talk!

Maybe you didn't understand,
I'm not asking for a favour,

the fridge in Kamma is broken.

Tell Giuppy to take out all the meat,
the corpse will go bad in this heat.

Show some respect.
You're talking about my father.

Is it too much to ask?

You're right miss, sorry.

I'll call you back.

10 more minutes.

Madam, would you follow me, please?

Have a seat.

We know you recovering from surgery
and it's not easy for you to talk.

Turn off this phone,
it's been ringing for an hour!

How long you
and Mr De Smedt friend?

You were awake...
You were awake last night?

Mario, give me a hand
looking for the IDs,

or the Marshal will be pissed!

Will he?

Does he know where to look
in this mess here?

The sand at the bottom of the pool...

...showed movement.

As if several people were in the water...

Or maybe only two.

Two moving around a lot.

Or maybe fighting.


If you are talking about charging
Paul De Smedt,

I need to call my lawyers.

No, no, don't worry.

What a beautiful bag... Beautiful...

Maresciallo will found out
what happened.

He must take care of other drownings.

seven immigrants died in the sea.

Survivors are deported to
detention centres in the mainland.

Immigrants in Lampedusa
are more than locals now.

It's a tragedy.

It start here, but go far.

When did you find them?

12:00, yesterday.

And seven drowned in sea.

There is a path.

To the house.

It comes up behind the pool.

You saw it.

And anybody could...

...come up there,

when Mr Hawkes was swimming and...

...we would never have heard them.

She's thinking of the refugees.

He will ask them.

They cannot be more offended
more than they already are.

Poor things...

Ah, the girl.

You and Mr De Smedt
have to stay here now,

but the girl,
she can travel if she want.

But she need
her mother to sign the letter,

because minors cannot travel
without consent of the parents.

She's underage, madam.

She's 17.

Paul! Paul!

I tried to save him.
I tried, I tried, I tried.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.


Hi, It's me.

Huge fucking crowd out of there.

They're turning people away.

So, Derrick tells me that
Worried About You is off the set list.

- Is that true?
- Mm-hm.

Oh, for Christ's sake.

- Harry, don't ask me to do...
- I'm not asking.

...sentimental things for you,

It's not fair on Paul.

Stop that, would you? Just stop it.

- Yeah.
- Marianne, it's time.


It's not about fucking Paul.
You know that.

Come on.
Why are you resisting me?

It's done.

Don't let it upset you.

Marianne! Marianne!

Well, do you want me
to let you know

if there's some kind of service
for friends or something?

Why did you lie to us?

I didn't lie.

You're not 22, you're 17.

Christ, you're still in high school.

You speak Italian.

Yeah, yeah.

And you sat there
over and over with people...

struggling to communicate
with one another.

You like to watch people
having a hard time.

Is that it? Is that the kind
of woman you want to be?

I would just rather be left alone.
It's different.

No! That's not different.

I wasn't your enemy.

None of us was.

Don't let it upset you, okay?


Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking.

On behalf of our Alitalia crew,
we'd like to welcome you aboard

this flight to Rome Fiumicino.

Loading operations are being completed
and we'll be ready to leave shortly.

The flying time will be approximately
one hour and ten minutes.

whilst it's raining here in Pantelleria,

the forecast for Rome is
bright and sunny

with a temperature
of about 30 degrees Celsius.

We thank you for flying with us.



Ms. Lane, excuse me!

I need to tell you something.


Go away!


Can you write your name, madam?

My name?

Your name, there? Write it?


Your name.


Carmelo, madam.

Thanks, madam!
You are fantastic.

You are fantastic.

This is mine alone.
From you... to me.

Mine alone, madam.

Okay, I got to go.

Yes, yes...


You very nice people.

You go home now.

He's a fan.

A fan.