A Better Tomorrow (1986) - full transcript

This story is the tale of two brothers: one a successful counterfeiter and the younger a fledgling graduate of the HK police academy. The plot revolves around the split when the younger brother learns the other is a criminal and the efforts of the criminal brother to reform. Along the way are plenty of heists, double-crosses, and shoot outs.

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-Two Hong Kong dollars?

-I'm coming.

You forgot the plate.



Tastes good?

Are you all right?

Take it and go to the doctor.


You can read it?


Stop pretending.


Your English has improved.

You know how to say, "Of course."

-Good morning, Mark.
-Good morning, Mr. Sung.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

-Good morning, Mr. Sung.
-Mr. Sung.

-Good morning.
-Good morning, Mr. Mark.

"Mr. Mark." I like that.

Mr. Yiu.

-Ho, you're back. Is everything okay?

-I did the counting already.

Those foreigners are easy-going.

Not all of them are as nice as they seem.

You believe in people too easily.


You are Shing? Have a seat.

Thanks, but I'll be fine standing.

Good morning, Linda.

What a waste.

Shing, you can learn a lot from Ho.

He's a good lad.

But I'll never be as good as him.

Mark might be flirtatious,

but he is loyal.

Yes, he takes good care of me.

-What were you talking about?
-Nothing. We were just talking about you.


Your brother, Kit, is graduating today.

Oh, right!

I forgot to buy him a present.

I've got to go now.


Take Shing with you to Taiwan tomorrow.

Give the kid a chance.

We're going to Taiwan.
You think it's Chai Wan?

I've been in this business for years,
but Taiwan still scares me shitless.

Let me tell you why.
The fighting is insane, the drinking too.

Don't fool with him.


Give Kit a hooker as a graduation present.

I'm no good,
but I want him to be a good citizen.

It's better than a booty call.

I want to be there when he gets his PhD,

when he gets married...

...and when he gets a baby.

You'll have to work hard then,
like a buffalo.

It's said that those with a big mouth

will step on shit
when they get in the elevator.


-No, you first!

Let's get in together.

Don't move! I'm a cop.

-Let me search you.


-That's not funny.
-Face the wall.

We both have guns.

If you don't respect me,
I won't respect you either.

Let's see who's got more respect, then...

You're so ticklish.



Are you sure?

I have some good news, Ho.

You'll be surprised.

I'm an inspector now.


You have to work hard, then.

You need to become a superintendent.


She's my girlfriend.
She takes care of Dad when she has time.

My brother.

She's taking care of Dad this way.

-Thank you.
-No problem.

I've got to go to an interview.

A new girlfriend again?

So you're serious this time?

Let's see how she performs at night...

You said you'll come with me.

Hurry up.

I really want to pick up Dad, but...

Oh, please. Stop it. Go.

-I'm really going, then.
-Go on.


-Let's go.



You should quit.

Your brother doesn't know
what you have been doing.

I still remember that

you used to play Cops and Robbers
where you were little.

Even if your brother lost the game,

he still begged you
to let him play as the cop.

I don't want you to play
that game with your brother.

I beg you, quit this game for him.



That's better.

I'm sorry for being late.
The traffic was so bad.

-Yes! The traffic was awful.
-I am Jackie.

-Sir, the traffic was bad.
-Please let me play.

Please let her play.

Are you okay? Be careful, you're pregnant.

-That's right.
-I'm fine.

Please believe me,
the traffic was terrible.

-Would you give her a chance, please?
-Fine, okay.

He said yes. Get on the stage!

How could they do that to you?
A pregnant woman?

Listen, judges.


You made me look like a fool on stage.

You are useless.

How can I help you
when you don't believe in yourself?

They didn't say you're out.
How do you know you're doomed?

-Give it back to me.
-Let go!

I am really doomed this time.

You've made up your mind?

This will be my last deal.

Because of Kit?

Don't come with me to Taiwan tomorrow.

I need you to take care of things
in Hong Kong, in case anything goes wrong.

You'll be responsible for our men
from now on.

I can't handle it.

Let Shing do it.

He looks just like Al Pacino.

Don't fool with me, Mr. Mark.

Mr. Ho, we are nothing without you.

I still have a lot to learn from you.

It's not about what we want.

Reading books about the underworld
doesn't make you a boss.

Have you had a gun pointed at your head?

I bet not.

Twelve years ago...

It's 12 years, right?

Twelve years ago, Ho and I went
to Indonesia for the first time.

We had dinner with them in a nightclub.

I said something wrong.

Before I knew it,
two guns were pointed at me

and I was demanded to drink
a whole bottle of whiskey.

I was so scared that I wet myself.

Ho had my back.

He drank the whole bottle for me.

But things took a sharp turn.

Four guns were pointed at me after that.

Do you know what they asked me to drink?


They asked me to drink urine in a club.

That's what I call learning from a pro.

That was our first deal.

What's past is past.
Don't talk about it anymore.

I must continue.

I have never cried since I was a kid.

That was the first time I cried.

I swore that I would never let anyone
point a gun at me again.

See? I can fight!

Be careful.

You need to hit the sandbag more often.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

Going somewhere again?

I'll be back soon.

Take care of Dad when I am away.

I will.

Take care.


They're coming.

Be careful. Something's wrong.

How do you know?


-Mr. Sung, we've been waiting for you.
-Where's Mr. Wang?

He's not feeling well. I'm his nephew.

He asked me to go for him.

It's nice to meet you.

How ill is he?

Mr. Sung, let's go in and talk.

It's nothing serious.

He's just hiding out for a while.

Have a seat. Come.


Mr. Sung, this way, please.

When you get old,
you'll be scared of everything.

Please, have a seat.

Let's get straight to business.

Attention, headquarters.

Please look up a car.
Plate number, Taipei 1086379.

It might be associated
with suspicious activities.

We know you're reliable,

I respected you when I was a kid.

Can you believe it?

Someone paid me double to kill you.

He's crazy. I would never do that.

I'll give you the money now.

The police are here.



Sung killed some of our men in Taiwan.

He is now wanted by the police.

The boss is worried that Ho
might expose our secret.

Please come with me.

I don't want to hurt you.

You son of a bitch.

If you hurt my son,

I won't let you off.




Don't push me.

-Hey, Ling...

Wrong number.

Let's run, Uncle!


Jackie, what's happening?

Be careful, Kit.

Dad, don't come out.

-Dad, stay where you are.
-I'll kill you.






Please forgive your brother...

Who betrayed me?

Is it you?

Ho, if I had betrayed you,

I wouldn't be here with you right now.

I might not make it out alive this time.

Ho, what are you doing?


-I need to turn myself in.
-Ho. Don't go.

Please don't.

Please don't go outside.

No, Ho. Please don't.

Stay away from me.


Go away.

I don't want to drag another person
into this.

-I heard gunshots in the cavern.



Run, it's an order!

Stand. Don't move.

Put down the gun.

Did you hear me? Put down your gun.


Loyalty is a thing of the past.

You can't trust anyone these days.

Even my nephew, Wang,

betrayed me.

He teamed up with a new gang
from Hong Kong

and tried to take over my business.

We sacrificed Ho.

We respect a faithful man,

but not a traitor.



He will be in the Fung Lim Restaurant

What are you going to do?

Do you need any help?

Do you need my men?

Take care.



-What's this?

-Chief. In here.

I'm not scared.

My boss will post bail for me.

If you have the guts,
fight with me without a gun.

Let's see who is stronger?


Sir, what's happening?


Sung, what's the charge?

Drug trafficking, attacking the police.

How dare you insult Inspector Sung!

Take down his statement.


Why is that?

This feels different.

Can I give you a lift?

No, thanks. We are not going the same way.

I admire you.

You kept quiet because of your friends.

That's ridiculous. You were behind bars.

The counterfeiting business
is still going strong.


I'm not involved anymore.

Tell your friends.

The case is still open.

I won't let him off.

A bad guy for a day

will never be a good guy again.


I'll never come back.




Kit, calm down.

Stop fighting.

Kit, stop.

Don't let me see you again.


Get to work.

There's no manager here.

I'm Ken. Are you looking for me?

Mr. Chung asked me to come see you.

-When I was doing business in Taiwan...
-Doing business? You were in jail.

Mr. Chung asked me
to give you this letter.

Chung, he never does anything good.

But we are friends.

It's so difficult
for an ex-con to get a job.

No one will hire an ex-con.

-Don't feel depressed.

All these guys were prisoners before.

Doing business? That's a piece of cake.

Some people like adopting orphans,

I like taking care of ex-cons.

It's because I was in prison, too.

Everybody, here's the new guy.

Take care of him.

He is... You are...

Sung Tse Ho.

Mr. Ho.

-Just call me Ho.
-Mr. Ho.

A social gathering?

Back to work.

I'm not paying you to do nothing.

-Do you have a driver's license?

Whether you pass the exam or not,

you can stay.

Thanks, Ken.

Don't mention it.

There's no boss here.

-Take this for your lunch.


This isn't what you told me
in your letter.

Mark, even if I break my legs,

I won't be able to repay you.

It's not your fault.

I'm so glad to see you again.

I haven't seen you for so long.

You still look the same.


This isn't our world anymore.

Why are you still here?

I've waited for you for three years.

Let's start all over again.

Don't bother me.

Pay attention to your brother.

He's following Shing every day.
It's very dangerous.

You're brothers.

Kit, we all know you are good at your job.

I recommended your promotion,

but it was rejected.


This guy, you know him very well.

He disappeared three years ago.

He's back after being released
from prison in Taiwan.

He got back with his old partners.

It's none of my business.

We're investigating underworld activities

and none of their family members
have a connection.


Whenever I carried out the tasks,

I've never thought of my brother.


You're not on Shing's case anymore.

Or else you'll spoil everything.

Sung, Shing will meet the Thai tonight...


-Bottoms up.
-Men, let's all drink.

Mark. Tell us your stories.

Let Ho tell them.

My boss says it's 18 million
Hong Kong dollars, maximum.


Boss, Ho is outside.

Draught beer, please.

This way, please.


How come you didn't tell us you're back?

You shouldn't do that.

We were good brothers once.
Is that right, Mark?

Ho, if you didn't take care of me,

I would never have what I have now.

Oh, no.

You deserve it.

I don't have the ability.

Mark gave me the chance.

Mark, if you need my help in the future,

just say so.

Don't talk bullshit. Let's drink.

You have to take care of our brothers.


This is for my leg.

Come see me when you're free.

There's a lot we can talk about.

I'm not interested.

You will be.

I have to go.

Sung Tse Ho.

Follow me.

What are you doing?

What did Shing tell you?


Don't fool me!

Was it business or bullshit?

It was bullshit, really.

Is there something arriving the day after?

I don't know.

Where to load and when?

I don't know.

How can you be a boss and know nothing?


Don't call me Kit, call me inspector!

I'm not a boss anymore.

Where do you work?

United Taxi.

It's a decent business.

You rob people in a taxi?

Where do you live?

United Taxi.

So someone still accepted you, thief.

"Thief." Doesn't he have a name?

Don't think you are great
just because you have a gun.

I'll shoot you down, cripple.

Don't point your gun at my head.

If you have the guts,

shoot me!


Sir, I know I owe you too much.

Give me a chance.

Give you a chance?

I begged you to give me one.

Do you know that, because of you,

I lost my chance at a promotion?

It's because you are a member
of the triad.

Don't leave Hong Kong.

I'll be back to get you.

Do you need an invitation
for a cup of tea?


I will deduct it from your salary.

You are mean.

Otherwise, how can I support my family?

-You're right.
-That's mine.



There's a beautiful girl staring at you.

Please, come in.


I want your help.

Can you leave Hong Kong for a while?

I don't want to see Kit get mad.

He can't take this pressure,

and neither can I.

I think it's better for you
to be away for a while.

I won't leave.

I want Kit to see me living a new life.

Can you give me a chance

to show it to him?

Don't you see that I want to skate

and ride a bicycle with him, too?

I don't want to lose him.


Don't stay here, go in.

It's useless to stay here.

Ho can handle this. Go in.

Who are they?

Not good.

Ho, the boss wants to see you.

I'm busy.

Don't embarrass me.

Just come with us.

-Ho, Mark is with us.

Come over as well.

No, thanks. I am not interested.

You may not be interested in the business,

but what about your brother?
Doesn't he interest you?

I'll be waiting for you.


Ken, I want to go out for a while.

You have to have a principle.
Don't be afraid.

Be good.

Ho, please.

You'll never be clean
once you've belonged to the underworld.



Ho, I'm so glad you're back.

How are you, Mr. Yiu?

Fine, thanks.

Come, talk to Shing.

Not you?

It's the same as talking to Shing.

I'm too old to make decisions.

Ho, please sit.

We can make big money.

I really hope to work with you again.


You're still our boss.

Mark handles the trafficking of money.

I'll take care of the drugs
and make money for our company.

We need you to contact the old clients.

You haven't gotten to the point yet.

And with your brother's assistance,
it will be perfect.

What's better than having
your own man in the police?

Come, I have something to tell you.

How about I don't accept?


I kept Mark because of you.

Your brother is following everything.

If it wasn't for you,
he'd be dead already.


one is my brother, the other is my friend.

How could I walk out this door
if I said yes?

I don't care if you insult me,

but don't insult my friend.

If you hurt my brother,

you won't live for long.

We've wanted Mark Lee

for three years,

but we can't take him back legally.


we can control the syndicate.

We've gotten some information recently.

In two days, there will be
counterfeit money

and 500kg of heroin shipped to Taiwan.

Though I can't do this case myself,

I hope to see
Mark and his men charged with it.

Boss, Ho is too much.

Let's kill him.

That's not necessary.

Just do as we've planned.

I gave you the money already.

Where do we load the thing?

I'll give you the address.

-Get in.
-We'll continue inside.

Welcome back.

Did you have dinner yet?

What are you doing?

Mr. Mok, it's Kit.
I've got some information.

The Thai will deal with Shing tomorrow.

The time and location should be...

Okay, hand in the information tomorrow
and don't concern yourself with this.


You are not involved.

I'm afraid that
you'll spoil the whole thing.

Give me a chance.

I have told you
that there is no hero in the police.

What are you doing now?

Do you know that today is my birthday?

Can you look at me?

You'll look at the vase.

This is your home,
not the police barracks.

You even forgot my birthday.


I didn't forget.

Blow out the candles.

What wish did you make?

You really want to know?

What is it?

Promise not to get angry.

Say it.

A reunion between the two of you.

Don't be angry.

I won't.

Don't get angry on my birthday.

I won't let you get angry.

Otherwise, I will get angry.


I'll get it.

Did something happen?

I want to speak to Kit.

Who is it?

Don't be mad.

Keep your promise.



Today is your birthday?


Have some cake.

Why do you treat him that well?

Don't do that.

I don't care how you treat me.

I'm here to tell you something.

Shing is trying to trap you.

Be careful.

Thank you.

Don't trust those scum.

It's always going to be a trap

if you have it too easy.

Do you think I am as dumb as before?

I only want to help you.

Help me or trick me?

Do you know that I'm burdened
because of you?

Can't you trust me for one last time?

-Trust you? That's how I lost Dad.



His impression of me didn't change a bit.

Don't give up.

Don't let him look down on you.

Why can't you forgive him?

Let him start a new life?

Because he killed Dad indirectly!

Why are you forcing me to accept him?

He can't blame anyone
for choosing the wrong way.

I'm the cop. He's the thief.

We're going in opposite directions.

I'm a cop.

What's happening? Ken!

Your brother is having an operation.

He's now at Queen Margaret's. Hurry up!


What happened to my brother?

He was trapped by Shing.

He did it on purpose.

How is he?

You can't get in.

I tried to stop him,

but he insisted.

I hope you can cooperate with the police

and inform us of your location.

It's easy to be a hero.


It's not the same.
Now, you don't have any choice.

Cooperate with us.

Don't tell the police.

We know each other well.

What are you doing?


What's happening?

Don't use Sung ever again.


Beat them up!

Stop it!

Let's talk it over.

Stop fighting!

It's not worth it to break the law again.

Stop fighting!



You idiot. Don't go!

Stay if you have the guts!

You son of a bitch!

Ken. This is my fault.

I don't want you to be involved.

You have no principle.

They fight because they are scared.

If you fight back, they win.

Why do you want to change?


Who is he?

Ken! Ho!

Come and have a look.

Come over here.


-He's hurt.


The first aid kit.

-Get me the first aid kit!

Ken, what are we going to do?

Let's go!


Police. Stop. We're going to search you.

That's too much.

I'll send the quotation to the station.



I didn't notice that Hong Kong
is so beautiful at night.

But it doesn't last.

It's not worthwhile.


Let's start all over again.

After this,

let's leave Hong Kong gloriously.


We've never been scared before.

Why are we scared of Shing?

Don't push me.
I'll never get involved again.

That was the past.

I'm still alive.

Even if you do this ten times,
a hundred times...

What then?

Even if you kill Shing?

I lost my brother already.

I don't want to lose you, too.

Mark, why don't you wake up?

I don't want any sympathy.

You didn't owe me anything?

I've never forced my friends
to do things unwillingly.

I have my principles.

I don't want to be a loser
for my entire life.

Do you think I like begging?

I've waited for a chance for three years.

I have to show them that,
though I may not be the best,

I will take back whatever I've lost!

What do you think you look like?

We were scared when we were bad.

Now, we feel as if we are being followed
when we are good.

Did you fight for a chance?

You didn't.

You didn't!

I don't want to be like you.


What happened to you?

I just want to take something back.

Stand on that side.

Go and get the plate.

You'll be in big trouble.

-Think twice before you do it.

Stop for a moment.


Open the door.

Thanks, Mr. Chan.

Go after them!

You idiot!

I told you, that's too much.


If Ho hands the plate to the police,

not only will you die,

but the syndicate will also collapse.

That's enough. Don't call me an idiot.

What did you call me
when I made money for you?

I regret having you.

I'll kill you if you don't
bring me back the plate.

Kill me, then.

I betrayed Ho three years ago.

Would I be scared of him now?

You have to pay him back.

We have to share this problem together.


Ho, why did you give me such a problem?

Mr. Yiu, I want to speak to Shing.

Shing? Wait a minute.

Beg him to give us back the plate.

Ho, don't fool me.

We can make a compromise.

At 10 p.m. tonight, go to the temple
with two million US dollars.

Exchange it for the plate.

And have a boat ready for you at The Bay.

It's that simple?

I want cash.

Bring it yourself.

I will be there.

What did Ho say?

What did he say?


He said he wants to have dinner with you.

Okay, I'll wait for him.



Come in.

Mr. Mok, I have some information.

Ho, Mark, and Shing had a quarrel.

They blackmailed Shing.

They have a deal tonight.

Do you know the time and place?


Hello. I'm...


Two minutes ago,

Shing withdrew two million US dollars
from the bank.

Everyone, get ready for your orders.

Mr. Mok. Let me join in.

You should be in the hospital.

What are you doing here?

I'm fine.

You're on paid leave for a few days.

See, I can lift the chair easily.

You're not on the case.

My brother is the thief, not me.

Why do you pressure me?

If you still remember the rules,
you shouldn't get involved.

-My dad died three years ago.
-Your brother is the mastermind.

-But you two are brothers.
-I know this case

-very well.
-Don't pressure me.

I want to lock him up myself!

I'll lock him up.

I'll lock him up!

Kit. Be practical.


I'm leaving Hong Kong tonight.

You are giving up.

Can you give

this packet to Kit tonight at nine?

It's very important to him.

Will you come back?

Kit, your brother is leaving tonight.

He asked me to give this packet to you.

Kit. The plate I gave you

is evidence to charge Shing.

We have a deal tonight at The Bay.

You can put me in prison if you want.

I decided not to stay in Hong Kong.

What are you doing?

I have to get him.

No. You can't.

-Let go.

Go away!



Ho. They are late.

Do you know what to say?

Do you believe in the gods?

I'm a god.

God is human.

Anyone can be a god
if he can control his fate.

But sometimes you can't.

You'll either win or lose.

Hold it.

The money?

The plate?

It was handed to the police.


There's a bomb.

I'm not dumb.

Are you scared?

How will you take me on, then?


After Ho arrived,
he had a quarrel with Master.

He asked for two million US dollars.

He'll be at sea tonight.

Then I heard a gunshot.

That's him.

Are you sure?


Do you want to be a witness?


I know you would do that already.

You'll lose.

Get out!

Get out!

Get out!

You'll let him go if you're smart.

Come over here.


Ho, on board.

You go first.

You said we'll go together.

I've got something to do.

I'll meet up with you.



I'll wait for you.

Release him.
Otherwise, I'll kill your brother.

Don't do it.

It's one for one.



I won't let you off.

I know.


Come over here!


Look at your brother.


No matter how he has wronged you before,

he has paid you back now.

He has the guts to change.

What can't you forgive him?


For a brother...


You can't go over there, miss.


Ho, you're being surrounded.

You have three minutes.

Come out unarmed.

No more bullets.

I'm going to surrender.

I'll be all right.

But you won't.

I will have money three days later.

I'll be released.

I have money.
I can change from black to white.

I learned that from you.

But your brother,

because of you,
he's turned from white to black.

You've dragged him down.


You were not wrong.

We just chose different paths.

You went the right way.

I was wrong before.

I want to be back on the right path now.