A Bennett Song Holiday (2020) - full transcript

The unique Bennett-Song family learns the true meaning of the holidays as they solve a community crisis and adapt to big changes. Everything you want in a holiday film: love, the power of belief, laughter, tears, and new music classics.

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Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome

the Pearl Song band!

♪ I'll never give up ♪

♪ Never ever give up ♪

♪ I'll never ever give up ♪

♪ Never ever oh no ♪

♪ I'll never give up ♪

♪ Never ever give up ♪

♪ I'll never ever give up ♪

♪ Never ever give up ♪

♪ I'm gonna stay down
even when I'm way down ♪

Thank you,
it means a lot to me.

♪ The odds are thin, fix is in ♪

♪ Nobody believes I can win ♪

♪ All of them
better think again ♪

♪ Never ever give up ♪

♪ I'll never ever give up ♪

♪ Never ever oh no ♪

♪ I'll never give up ♪

♪ I never ever give up ♪

♪ Never ever give up ♪

♪ Never ever give up ♪

Come on up, come on up.

You were my favorite.

Oh, love your hair.

Oh, thank you.

Oh yeah, so thanks
for coming out tonight.

Come on up folks,
come on up, step up.

Will you marry me?

♪ Never ever give up ♪

Uh, I don't know.

- Thank you so much.
- Nice job.

Nice job girls,
nice job, nice job.

Yeah really, really nice, Pearl.

Nice, buddy.

yeah I'm surprised.

God Pearl, what did you do?

I felt like a little change.

A little?

Oh, okay I got a
little carried away, but,

Emergency makeover
time, let's go, girls.

You good?

Oh yeah, yeah.

I'm always up for a little
conversation though.


You think they'll
notice the new hair?

Notice what?

Did you do something different?

Oh, you got a different shirt.

Okay, hahaha.

But no, just this past year,

with all the changes, you know,

new stepdad, siblings,
cool new grandpa.

I just felt very stuck.

Well, I love it.

I love it too.

You know, it's sophisticated.

Still says, I'm a rock star.

Well, nobody's gonna notice
anything till tomorrow.

With all that construction
back in Pennsylvania,

we'll make it in
about three a.m.

That sucks.

Now I'm so excited to
see Mom's new baby bump.

Like, tour has been amazing

and very, very surreal, but,

it's just funny how four
months ago I thought

I was going to lose my mind.

But all this time
away is really,

I've really been missing them.

Well the heart embraces
all kinds of love.

Please tell me that's
from your TV show.


But just because
something isn't real

doesn't mean it isn't true.

I like that one.


McCartney, wake up.

I need you to drive me.


Wake up.

Oh, we're home.


okay, oh, okay oh.


11 days is way too long.

Okay, Stefani, Stefani, dear,

I missed you, I did,
but we're in public

and it's late so
let's get you home.

Hello, Bob.

Bye guys!

Why does your friend
insist on calling me Bob?

Little Phil.

Pearl, hey, I'm
so glad you're here.


How was the tour?

I can't believe you
went with Dr. Bunsen.

I'm so shocked.

Yeah, it was amazing.

And you'll get to
see Sam again soon.

He really liked you.


I made a fool of
myself at the wedding.

He's used to
fools, Uncle Adam.

I mean he hangs out at
our house all of the time.

You remember Janis and Miles?

They came down to help,
and my friend Stef.

That's great.

I hear you had some
computers donated

that you need some work on?

Yes, and if I'm not mistaken

I believe you might
be able to help us out

with the kids, a
little bit of dance.

Looks like you
inspired these kids

to free weekend dancing

in dance, art, maybe
some STEM classes

and music lessons?


Yeah, yeah, no problem.

We can kind of give
them an overview

for the first six weeks

and then they can specialize
however they want.

My mom's meeting
with an arts group

about a supply of
used instruments.

I can help with drums if
I'm not to busy with ASL.

This is so awesome.

How about a tour, come on.


I think that should do it.

We have a well-oiled
back to school machine.

Everybody's getting
along with each other.

It is not.

My side is so pretty.

Your side of the room looks
like a chicken barfed in it.

Mine looks like a
unicorn decorated it

with its own two hands.

Do you know what's
funny about that?


Unicorns don't have hands.

They have hooves.

But they could just magic
themselves a pair of hands.

You make an excellent point.

I could help you
sparkle up your side.

All right, slow down.

I'll think about that.


I mean, nice job, ladies.

It's good to get help if
you aren't good at things.

Right, Dad?

Mom taught me that.

That's right.

She was super smart
just like you.

I know.

It's also important
to keep a good attitude.

Don't get down when you fail.

Yeah, I mean,

you only have one life to live

and you gotta give
it all you got.

Yeah, I learned that from you.

You don't give up even
when you fail really bad.

Well, yeah, but,

what do you mean?

Well you know how you're
really bad at making breakfast

but you still try anyway
and keep a good attitude?

I think that's cool.

Well, everybody else
really likes my breakfast.

Yeah, you're doing so great.

But my super duper
chocolate chip waffles?

Mhmm, they're the bomb, boom.

Sorry, dude, but, no.

Well, I wouldn't say that.

I mean they are better than
his cheesy corn chip potatoes.

Don't get
me started on those.


We're just
trying to help.

Poor baby.

Come to mama.

One second.


Can I help you?

No, I think we're good.

I'm Aiden Neville.

I believe you know
my brother Paul?

Yeah, I believe he's
one of our landlords

along with the Kings.

Yes, the Kings.

Well the Kings were actually
thinking about selling us

half this building,

and we're looking to
make a few improvements.

Good, we have lots of plans

and I'm really sorry
to see the Kings move.

The Kings have been so kind.

I'm sorry to see them move.

Yes, yes, I'm sure you are.

Anyway, I think we can
handle this by ourselves.

All right.

Hey, Miles, isn't
that Miss Anderson?

Oh man, I had her
for 10th in science.


That's weird.

Maybe she's here teaching
STEM classes after school.

I'm gonna say hi.

Miss Anderson?

Hi, it's me Miles.

Miles Bennett and
Stefani Spencer.

My, what a small world.

What brings you here?


This is my fiancee,
Paul Neville.

He owns this building.

He owns hundreds actually.

And his brother Aiden.

Not hundreds, dear,
but our company owns 87.

Well, congratulations
on getting engaged.

Thank you.


I've got myself quite the catch.

You could do better.

Are we ready?

Yeah, I think so.

Hi, I'm Stefani Spencer.

♪ Each one of us children
has so much to say ♪

♪ We weather the
sunshine and the rain ♪

♪ Seasons of heartache,
seasons of change ♪

♪ Somehow we still remain ♪

♪ We are not alone ♪

♪ Truth will mend the soul ♪

See you
next Wednesday.


Bye bye, bye bye.

Oh, my bad.

- See you next Wednesday.
- Bye.

Bye, kids.

The feedback that I'm getting
from parents is awesome.

Please tell me you
guys can stay on

for another six weeks?

Yeah, no, that
shouldn't be a problem.

But I'll need to take the
weekend off before finals

because I'm beyond hope.

I'm in.

Me too.

I think I'm enjoying
this more than the kids.



I'm not sure.

Robert's a senior
now and his family

is launching a new line.

He's gonna need me for
a lot of weekend events.

I can't really commit, but,

I can help whenever I can.


- Maybe Car or Haley can help.
- Yeah, sure.

You're never gonna
wanna touch me again.

I highly doubt that.

I don't get it.

How am I a woman
with the 14 children

and there are things
about pregnancy

that I didn't know about?

You know, I think you
could lay off the baby books.

No, no.

Seriously, like
three months from now

I'm going to be a
bloated, gassy sasquatch.

No, no, with bad breath

and literally splitting
apart at the seams.

Ooh, episiotomy chapter huh?

You knew about this
and never told me?

Well, I have been
patiently waiting 43 years

to exact my revenge.

You know, about that
three months thing,

I was thinking,

if there was a way that
we could just squeeze,

just a little bit extra,

maybe do some yoga poses,

and have the baby this year,

that would be tax deduction
for this whole year.


Oh, oh, yeah, yeah,

that's fine with me.

But you're gonna have
to talk to the guy.


Mom, you were right.

I should have done this
when I was younger.

Mother knows best.

- Sometimes.
- Grandma?

Yes dear?

Can I have a twick?

You do mean Twix,
don't you dear?

No, I only want one.

That makes sense.

But I
want the other one.

Do you think
that's wise, dear?

You are getting a little
thick around the middle.

I'm pregnant, mom.

Yes, dear.

Pregnant, at your age.

There should
seriously be some kind

of karmic law against
pregnancy, puberty, and dementia

in the same house.


Don't forget to get the
candy this time, okay?

Okay, I won't.

All right.

Why don't we get the day
after Halloween off school?

It's one of the most
important holidays for kids.

I hear you buddy.

But it's not really a holiday.

Jeez, how can I be expected
of playing volleyball

after eating 25 candies?

And I gotta roll
to school chubby!

What can I say,
life isn't fair.

B, your costume
is slowing us down.

To the next house.

Come on, ladies.

Excuse me, but we
need water refilled.

Oh I'm just heading over
to the table over here.

We've been waiting
for 10 minutes.

Chop-chop, Lucy Liu.

I don't,

What was that about?

I have no idea.

I swear they were about to
ask me about homework next.

Oh my god, and you're
terrible at math.

this is Cole, my dad.


- nice to meet you.
- Hi, call me Laura.

Hi, Laura.

And I want you guys to meet
the head of A&R, John Gresh.

Nice to meet you.

It's really cool that you're
coming through Michigan.

No, it's an honor to meet you.

We are huge fans

and can't wait to work
with you on your first EP.

Sorry that her mom
couldn't make it today but

well, we're excited to be here.

No worries.

You might even know the
reason why we're here.

You know our biggest artist
is playing the Star tonight.

Are you a fan of Logan French?

Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah.

He's got a really cool image.

Yeah, well, we've
got a surprise for you.

Logan is joining us.

He's heard your work and
he wants to meet you.

That's so flattering.

I mean, we have very
different sound.

No, no, no, see.

See that's why we
wanted you two to meet.

Logan does an amazing
job of adapting his style

to what's commercially

And you know, Laura
kind of told me

you're struggling a
little bit with that.

So we thought he could help.

Well that's
very generous of him.

he's here already.

Oh my god, you're
Logan French.

Yeah, how are you?

I listen to your
album every morning.

Thank you so much,
I appreciate that.

Can I get a picture with you?

Yeah, of course.

- Nice to meet you.
- Thank you so much.

You too.

Hey guys.

I'm probably one of
the only morning people

in the music industry.

I'm karmically punctual.

I see, tonally different.

Logan, this is Pearl Song.

Your songs are really dope.

- It's nice to meet you.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

And you're one bop Love Club,

it's really burning
up the charts.

And we thought you two
would spend a little time

talking music while we're
gonna go over timetables

and contract with Dad, okay?

Well there's a music
store across the street

and I have to get guitar
strings anyway if you wanna hang

and jam out a bit?

Yeah, I'd really like that.

Cole, is this cool?


Sure, as long as Logan knows

there's a MMA champ sitting
across the street, that's cool.

Don't worry, sir.

If I don't fear for my life,

you're sitting with the people

who have my career
in their hands.

Yeah, right.

So, lead the way.

Okay yeah.

Gotta go.

Okay so, this is
what I was told here.

Pearl just texted me.

OMG, I am hanging out
with Logan French.

Should I be worried?

Only if you don't
wanna be a grandmother.

Logan French is one of the
hottest new teen pop stars

of the year, mhmm.

Well, that's reassuring.

Mmm, she's a smart girl.

And Cole is with her, right?

- Yeah.
- Well.

She is, but,

teen hormones and pop
stars have been known

to be a toxic combo.

I'm sure Cole's flexing his
muscles menacingly nearby.

So are you ready
for the baby shower?

I'm not
ready for anything.

This morning I cried
for five minutes

because my favorite
shoes wouldn't fit.

Bless your heart.

I don't
cry over shoes.

Well, everything's
gonna be perfect

for the shower on Saturday.

Jules lands in 37 hours.

God, I miss her.

I can't believe I have
a daughter in college

and a son on the way.

having a boy, oh!

You didn't tell me!

I wasn't supposed to.


I'm a mess.

Cole told me he was going to
do Sam's fundraiser auction,

and I swear, I hated
him for an hour.

Why would you hate him

for going to a charity auction?

Because it's a
bachelor auction

and they're short on
desirable bachelors.

You're worried that
some rich heifer's

gonna snatch him up
while you're shopping

for adult diapers, hmm?


But my brain is melting.

Well, pull it together, Doc.

You have a root canal
on room two, eh?


I'm fine.

I'm fine.


I'm fine.

♪ There's so much
that doesn't show ♪

♪ So much we will never know ♪

♪ About each other ♪

♪ Unless we are brave enough ♪

♪ To face the undiscovered ♪

Logan, that's brilliant.

Why aren't you recording that?

Instead of selling out?

that's not what I'm-

- No, you're fine.

The thing people don't
understand is that

music and stuff's
still a part of me

that twists and turns,

but I know what I need to do

to build my fanbase
so they'll support me

when I do put out
the good stuff.


So you've come to recruit me
to the dark side.

No, I genuinely
wanna see you succeed.

I see a lot of potential in you.

But I know it's gonna
take a compromise.

You're not at all
what I expected.

I don't know
what that is, but,

No, in a good way, in a
good way, sorry.

We should probably get back

before your stepdad
keeps his promise

to rip me apart
with his bare hands.


It's getting late.

I need to be at the community
center in 20 to teach, so.

Community center?

Yeah, yeah,
I teach kids music.

It's a favor for
family, I love it.

You're not at all
what I expected either.

Thank you, yeah.

Hi, did you get my text?

What's wrong?

I have something I need
to talk with you about.

It's about,

Oh, for goodness
sakes, Stefani,

just go ahead and tell her.

It's about the music.

Oh, scheduling things?

I understand you're busy,

it's not that big of
a deal, we can work-

- It's not that.

I'm quitting, Pearl.


I'm sure the kiddos
will miss you.

If she's your friend,
she'll support your decision.

It's not just the teaching.


I'm quitting the band.

Music is just frivolous for me.

I don't need it like you do

and I'm graduating
early next December.

I really need to focus
on a serious future.

Stef, you do need
it and I need you.

She's not you.

She has her own goals.

Give us a moment, Bob.

It's Robert.

Anything you have to say to me

you can say in front of him.


Okay yeah, yeah.

We are different, but,

do you remember the day we met?

I think so.

First day of third grade, right?


Yeah I was eight,

and I wore a Led
Zeppelin shirt to school

and you remember how it
just did not go over well?


So why don't
you like Justin Bieber?

He's just not a
quality musician.

His chord progressions
are derivative

and the use of
auto-tune is obsessive.

You're crazy.

He's perfect.

He has the voice
and hair of an angel.

That hair, it's a distraction.

He's just another
formulaic pretty boy

served up by the music industry.

You're so mean.

Nobody will be your friend.

Ladies, ladies.

Why are you picking
on the new girl?

She said Justin Bieber
was deriva-something.

She said his music was bad.

Well his choices are
pedantic and immature.

He's carefully packaged
and lacks nuance

and emotion and structure.

But Stefani, you're the
president of his fan club!

Well, I am going
to marry him someday.

I mean he's gorgeous and rich

but our prenup will say
I never have to listen

to his ridiculous music.


I'm Stefani.

I like your shirt.

I'm Pearl.

You should come to my house.

I just got the new
Sufjan Stevens album.


We've been best
friends for eight years.

Pearl, we won't
stop being besties.


Stef, that's not my point.

My point is that we
are very different

but the thing that's always
united us is our music.

I don't understand how
you can't see that, Stef.

I just, I don't
need it like you do.

But you do, Stefani.

You need the voice
music gives you.

Well she's outgrown
this little hobby.

Stay out of this, Bob.

He's right.

I'm done.

Excuse me, young lady.

In America we try to
respect our elders,

probably doesn't
even speak English,

sponging off our tax dollars.


It means I am American,
and you actually ran into me.

Yeah, well, hey,

I would get your
paperwork in order

before you start mouthing off.

I'm here to see Adam Song.

Oh, he's my Uncle,

but he's in a class so you
can make an appointment.

Oh, an appointment, okay.

Well, could you please tell him-

Can I help you?

I'm Adam.

Thank you.


Your niece was just about to
throw me out of the building.

I'm sorry.

Can I got a moment?

I believe he needs
an interpreter.

I think he's deaf.

Yes, I got the gist
of the exchange, Paul,

thank you very much.

This place is quite a
menagerie, isn't it?


Would you
like to come into my office?


No, that won't be necessary.

I'll be very brief.

The Kings have sold their
half of the building

to my brother and I,

and our plans unfortunately
do not include

a cute little get-together
space here, so,

we're going to have
to kindly ask you to

vacate the premises
in the next 30 days.

We have a
contract with your company

and the Kings for
another three years.

So even though you decided
to buy this building,

they wanna make sure
that we continue running

our place here.

And we pay the
first of the month.

You can't kick us out.

Yeah, excuse me.

You might wanna check clause
13F of your contract there.

It says if you're
delinquent in any way,

then the lease renewal is
subject to a provable solvency

for the following year.

have a monthly pledge,

we have annual grants.

And our money tends
to be variable

but we have never
been late on our rent.

Ooh, another mistake.

I think last December
they were late

and the December before that.

Okay, wait a minute.

The Kings covers one month
every year from their grants

and so their money getting
transferred to our account

takes a couple days.

Stop, look.

My hands are tied.

Your income is
inconsistent, hmm?

Grants, donations
and all of that,

they're not guaranteed.

But look, just look at
it from my point of view.

What if a tenant, a
reliable tenant comes to me

and says I want the place
for a year or more or 10,

who knows how many years?

And I don't give it to
them, I give it to you.

And the following month
you come to me and say

oh I'm sorry Mr. Neville,

but could you please,
could you just

give us a little extension?

That's not good business.

That just won't
work, correct Paul?


So I'm gonna have
to ask you to place

your very favorable
30,000 dollars annual rent

into an escrow account
before the end of this term

which is 30 days.

30 days?

That's impossible.

Look, Mr. Sing, Song,

I'm not a monster, hmm.

How about I give
you another 10 days?

Call it a gift.

That takes you to,

well that takes you to the 24th.

Now there's a day you should
be able to remember, hmm?

You either pay up
or you get out.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And the prize for pin a
sperm on the egg goes to,

Greg Rodriguez!

Somebody knows their way around
with a blindfold.

And the winner of baby bottle
bowling goes to Christopher.

Oh, hey.

And some people know
their way around a nipple,

that's all I'm saying.


I thought bowling was
more about powerful balls.


it's a family event,
boys, come on.

And the winner for the most
creative baby name goes to

Grandma Song for Vermouth
Compression Socks.

I though that
was the shopping list.

And the winner
of baby Song game

goes to our smarty pants
college girl Jules.



Stay here.



You're gonna need
to let go, mom.

I need you to stay here.

I miss you so much.


And now Susan and
Cole are gonna open

their baby gifts, okay?

Oh yeah.



It is so itty bitty.

It's so cute.


It is so cute.

Is mommy hurt?

No, Billie.

She's just very, very happy.

Then why is she crying?

Well, because she's
also very, very crazy.

Don't worry, kiddo.

It's not permanent.

At least I hope not.

Have you met my ex-wife?


Are you trash talking Mormor?

Just making conversation.

I hear that.

Oh, grandpa.

I never met the guy.


There's gotta be something.

You are so weak, Paul.

This is the sort of thing

that should have gone
through my lawyer.

I don't see
the problem, Aiden.

You found a clause that
can work in our favor.

That's right, I found it.

But that contract would have
been much more in our favor

if you had involved
me in the first place.

But you heard them.

There's no way they can come
up with that kind of money

in 40 days.

There are no new grants
this time of year.

Everyone is begging.

You do understand
that this is why

father left me in
complete control

of all company decisions.

But mother left
majority control

of the property to me, and,

I don't think she'd approve
of putting these kids out

on Christmas eve.

Yeah, because
she was soft like you.

Of course she knew that
you'd be helpless on your own

so she wanted to make
sure that her baby

had a safety net.

Don't insult mother.

She was a saint.

You'd better hope that
they do not figure this out.

This is a multi-million
dollar development deal

that depends on us
acquiring the entire block

that is 5,000 square feet
of prime retail space.

A lot more valuable than
these kids' little playground!

I'm telling you, if they do
raise the money, if they do,

you, big brother,

you are gonna have
to figure it out.

Not me!

You do realize,

that that clause gives
them an automatic renewal

for two years on the lease

if they raise the
money this year.

You put that together?

Look at me.

You're pathetic.

I just overheard something.

And you need to get that
contract looked over again.

We only need one year's rent.

Well that's something.

all yours, Grandpa.

Thanks, Dylan.

Is everybody here?

Yeah, everybody is
present and accounted for.


Uncle Adam's community center.

Now we all know how much good

Uncle Adam's done for
the last two years

with at-risk families.

Now they have until Christmas
to raise 30,000 dollars

or they are out on the streets.

Now I can make some calls but
we have got to get creative.

We're still getting a
little bit of ad revenue

from the talent show video.

You know, Grannies on the Go,

they're always looking
for new programs.

Maybe we could pair
up lonely seniors

with at-risk youth
and kill two birds

with one bullet.

I think you mean
stone, Grandma.

Well, that doesn't make sense.

I mean, how would you kill
two birds with one stone?

I mean, with a bullet
you just line them up

and it's a clean shot.

You know what, she's
got me there, yup.

You know, I love the idea.

Can you make some calls?

We can put up donation
cans at my office

and at the gym.


We can have a bake sale.

As long as you
don't eat the profits.

I can sell some of my toys.

very sweet, Billie.

You know what, maybe we
could sell Theo's trumpet.

I'm getting better.

I'm joining Pearl's
band when I get big.

That's right.

You know, Theo, I
like the sound of that.

Oh, don't say
it, Judy Garland.

Why not?

We have so much talent here,

we could put together a
show and broadcast it live.

There is that
stage at the center.

I mean, the sound
system needs some work.


And I can decorate it.

I could get my social
media class to help

with the marketing.

But we only have five weeks.

Whoah, whoah,
whoah, whoah, hold on.

What about school?

And how about songs
for a new label?

I've been pretty
stuck recently.

This could be the
inspiration I need.

I'm in.

You know what, me too.

I think we're all in.

We're crazy.

You guys, I hate to
break up this family moment

but I've gotta get
to the airport.

- Oh no.
- Why?

Safe travels.

- We'll miss you.
- Oh, Jules.

- Oh.
- Come here.

I need a group hug.

Group hug!

Okay I have to get
that flight now for real.

Hey Frank,
can I talk to you?

Yeah, what's up?

I have another idea.

A backup plan, but,

I'll need some help.

Does it involve
breaking any laws?

Ethical or judicial?


Then I'm in.

Hey, sweety.

How was band practice?


It was all right.

We can live without a sax

and Haley and Car are picking
up the harmonies, but,

we are really
feeling her absence.

I always knew I needed her but

this feels very different.

But you know, we're
working out the kinks.

It'll be all right.

Yeah, I get it.

Are you okay?


I'm just missing Jules.

The plane landed
an hour ago, but

I know there's 13 kids
running around, but,

it's like the shape of the
family changed when she left.

Yeah I miss her too, yeah.

I can go get Frank

and we can insult each
other for your amusement

if you'd like.

But you have this
little guy though.

Mmm, yeah.

Ah, my god.

You are not allowed
to leave me ever.






You're so silly.

You're so silly.

No, you're silly.

Silly meal so I got
schmutz on your shoulder.

Oh, there you are, darling.

I got off the phone, I
didn't know where you went.

I just thought I'd
help my poor baby

by bringing Aiden
your updated reports.

You two seem to
be getting along.

I'm making an
effort to get along

with my future brother for you.

All right, folks.

I believe that we are all
here so let's get to it.

Tessa's provided each of you

with a revised copy
of the blueprints

as well as an updated timeline
for the new city center.

If these projections
are accurate,

we should have a good
Christmas next year.

Quite right, Bitsy, I think

the Sloans are going
to be very pleased

with your decision.

I really like the
cabaret and cigar bar

on the ground floor of
the old King building.

Now there's months of renovation
left on that building.

How soon will it be vacant?

Well, there's a
small snag there, but,



They'll be out by Christmas.

Paul has been working on

these stage
renovations and decor.

I've already measured
and ordered the drapes.

Well Stevie and
I insist on sharing

the first bottle of Berlin
Croft from the new wine cellar.

Ooh, perhaps you can
save a taste or two for me

and Paul of course.

Of course.

Let's not pop our corks a
little too early here ladies.

We still have a lot
of work to do and

you and I have to get some
checks up to accounting

now that we have
begun phase two.

Yeah I've got Philip's funds.

He and Steve Stroe are
still in Dubai, so.

Great, there was an issue
with the wire transfer

but we're good.

All right, let's go.


How is our little problem?

Well, it's pretty
quiet so far.

I haven't seen any grand plans.

I want you to
stay on top of it.

Try not to disappoint mother.

Oh, and you left
out one of the bids

in this package.

Don't worry, Aiden.

Listen, Tess, you
wanna grab some lunch?

I'm gonna be working
late tonight.

I'm gonna
head to the ladies room

but I'll be back in
a couple of minutes.

All right, just
meet me in my office

when you're done.


How can you let that dog
slobber all over you like that?

Well I never really
knew what a real man was

until I met you.

That's right.

Besides, you need
me to keep my eye

on a few things.

That I do.

Go on.


Hey, hey.

You wanna pick up your
trash here, dearie?

Pretty soon, there
isn't gonna be room

for people like
you on this street

so just pick it up and

you might wanna
move out, all right?

Thank you, have a nice day.


Well, well, there is
still some kindness here.

We did what anyone would do.

Yeah and I've got some
paper in my backpack

if you wanna cut up some more.

Oh, no, no here, here.

You take this.

Now if you tape
that in your window,

you're gonna get a snow day.

you look familiar.

I mean I know I've seen
you out here before.

I just have one of
those kind of faces.

Um miss,
could we persuade you to

do a little favor for us?

Well, you are kind kids, but

I'm afraid I ain't got
nothing much to offer you.

Well, how would you like
a Thanksgiving makeover

to pull a little
prank on someone?

Oh, no, I don't
want any trouble.

Now what are you up to?

No good, but, it
involves a little trouble

for your friend
there in the suit.

Oh, I'm in.

All right, our next
bachelor up for auction is

Christopher, our
muscular gym manager.

Let's start the
bidding at 100 dollars,

what do you think, ladies?

100 dollars, can I start
the bidding at 100?

All right, let's start at 50,

let's start at 50 dollars.

50 dollars, I have 50 dollars.

So 50, get any more,
can I get more than 50?

Let's do 50 going
once, 50 going twice,

100 dollars from our
mystery bidder in the back,

100 going once, twice,

sold, thank you ma'am.

Thank you Christopher.

Nice job, ladies.

Our next bachelor is a
national MMA champion.

He's the owner of
Champion's gym.

You guys have seen him starring

in the Freeman
textiles commercials

and he's got a pretty
good Swedish accent.

Get your pals ready
ladies, for Cole Bennett!

All right, so here we go.

Let's start the
bidding at 100 dollars.

Can I get 100 dollars, 100.

Yes, I have 100.

100, looking for
two, can I get two,

yeah I get two.

Two and three, can I get three?

300 dollars, 300
looking for four.

300 dollars looking
for four, 400 dollars.

500 so fast, we're
doing great here, Cole.

500, looking for six.

Can I get six?

Six, now seven, 700 dollars?

Going once,

Say something in Swedish.

They want you to
say something in Swedish.

I've got 1000 dollars!

A thousand dollars?

That's a great bid,
a thousand dollars.

Can I get more than
a thousand dollars?

Is there anybody that'll
bid more than a thou?

1,500 dollars.

1500 dollars?

That would be a new record.

1500 going once.

1500 going twice.

And for a new record
for the charity,

sold for 1500 dollars!

Nice job.

He's asleep.

Ready for it?

I think so.

Gloria, this camera's
running through a program

to make you look like a hologram

so don't move too much.

And there's a hidden mic

so you can hear
him in your earbud.

And there's
a speaker in your wig

so he can hear you
through that little mic.


You know
the script, right?

You ready?

I don't know, boys.

I don't think he'll buy it.

Then we're no
worse off than before.

And remember,
you have to make sure

he's distracted or
his eyes are closed

before we shut you off

or else he might
notice the projector.

Okay, okay.


Paul Montgomery Neville.


Is someone?

Don't you recognize me?

Am I dreaming?

I appear to those in need

in the form of those
they love most.


I am the ghost
of holidays past.

Isn't that Christmas past?

We say holidays now.


What do you want with me?

I am disappointed,
my Monty bear.

Monty bear?

It is you!

Why are you sad, mommy?

Why are you trying to
shut down the center?

We have to make profits.

Aiden has a huge deal

and we need the whole block.

I'm trying to make
good decisions.

Good decisions
and most profits

are not always compatible.

Daddy always made
tough decisions.

Aiden always said that-

- Let me tell you
a story from 1961.

Are you gonna fly me back
to our house on Cornell?

Always the
flair for the dramatic.

No, there are special
effects everywhere now.

We prefer to keep
it simple, hmm.

Where was I?

Oh yes, back at
the little house.

We were so poor then,

why we only had one maid
who just came in weekly.


Now every Thanksgiving,

your father would bring
Mildred a huge turkey

and bags of groceries.

And when you were
six, he let you

give Mildred her gift.

I forgot the
bag with the pies.

Hmm, he made you ride downtown

to take them to that
patched up little house?

I'd never seen
a place like that.

Mildred was serving food
to a dozen people in rags.

She could have eaten for a week

but she gave most every
bit to the others.

And what did you
father tell you?

That she was a fool.

You have to take care of
yourself and your family.

Father confessed he was
trying to toughen you up

but that soon he would teach you

how important people
like Mildred were.

You see, in that room perhaps

there was a hungry child

who would find the
cure for cancer

if only someone gave him hope.

After that, he
brought Mildred food

for every holiday.


But father always said

that you have to take
care of yourself.

I guess he didn't
live long enough

to teach you and Aiden the
most important lessons.

Oh, he built strong spines

but he never got a
chance to show you

how the heart is most important.

Wish I would have known
this side of father.

And now I need
to go, my darling.

But I still have
so many questions.

Tell me.

Oooh, I hear the
angels calling me.

Now just lean back and close
your eyes for a moment.

What the heck
is happening in here?

Just a little project.

Are you projecting
this somewhere?

It's to
Paul Neville's office.

Well I just saw his
evil brother come in

through the lobby, so.


We gotta keep him away
from Paul's office

or we're gonna be
in big trouble.

I'm getting the
heck out of here.

Mr. Neville, hi, I am
so glad I caught you.

What are you doing in here?

I just wanted to apologize

for being so rude
to you last week.

Fine, then get
out of my building.

I realize you're
a very important man

and I was wondering if
maybe you could give me

some advice for an
aspiring musician?

Yeah sure, stay in
school, stay off drugs,

get yourself a real job.

Okay, I was thinking
maybe more you could like

listen to my music and
give me your opinion.

I really don't
have time for this.

What is wrong with you?

What are you doing?

I love doing that!

I mean I used to
when I was a kid.

Didn't you?

♪ Elevator fun's like
a Christmas tree ♪

♪ Brings back childhood to me ♪

♪ Elevator puns
parading around ♪

♪ You gotta love
that dinging sound ♪

♪ Pooom like Christmas bells ♪

♪ I can make a song
about anything ♪

You know, we do have
security in this building, hmm?

Out of my way.

Five, four, three, two, one.


Paul, what, what?

Aiden, Aiden!

Mommy was just here!

She sang to me.

We talked about Dad.

And she even talked about
the old house on Cornell.


So now you're talking
to dead people.

Hey mom, hey dad.

I'm right with you, brother.

Carry on.


Ah, hi Sam.

Hey, Sam.

Hey, Sam, what's up, man?

It's been a long time.

I'm just getting ready
for a show in New York.

In the Caymans getting
ready for a shoot.

They're doing
great work here.

The show's on December 22nd.

Oh dude, that's rad.

I just wanna know.

Can I count on you for an
appearance or a donation

to support these great kids?

Well that sounds great, yeah,

I'd love to take part.

Thanks, Mitch.

Thank you, Mr. Vice President.

Sure, I can help.

Oh, the Swish would love to
make an appearance, man, but,

the Swish and the minions
are about to hit the road

for a tour, I'm sorry.

Okay, thanks anyway.

Wait, I got an idea.

How about a signed
guitar by the Swish?

That'll work, that'll
make you some money.


Man, you always come through.

Thank you very much.

All right, rad, man.

I'll talk to you soon.


Hey, son.

Hey dad.

I need a favor.

Can you keep an
eye on the house?

The little ones
are already asleep.

Sure, yeah, I gotta make
some calls to the west coast

since it's after nine,
just leave the door open.

Where you heading?

Promised Svenska
I was gonna help her

with something at
the house, so yeah.


Yeah, you know,
the benefactor.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Well, we hit it off,
we had a great time

and I told her I'd
pop by this week.

All right.

Thanks, you're the man.



Do you have the file with the
kids' social security numbers?

Yeah, I'm hopping
in the shower though.

But hey, I emptied my pockets
in the kitchen somewhere.

It should be on my phone.

I don't know my own password.

How do you expect me to?

Obviously I don't know yours.

Okay, any little ears around?


Okay, all caps.



Got it.

What's wrong, dear?

Cole is apparently
having an affair with

someone named Svenska.

Well, dear.

You can't keep them
locked in your embrace

their whole lives, you know.

Mom, what?

Well, men need the
freedom to explore

what is out there in the world

and he's not a child anymore.

I say, cest la vie.

Wow, cool, thanks, Mom.

Hey, Grandma.


Saul, Cole.

No, I'm Dylan, Grandma.

Of course.

Well if you see
your brother Cole,

tell him that your
mother is very concerned

that he's dating.

Oh, this tooth.

Definitely need Valium.

I don't think you're allowed
to have Valium, Grandma.

Oh, crap, that's right.

I never asked, okay, Duncan?


Okay, Grandma.

Hey Grandma?


Saul, Cole, Cole.

No, Cole is my,

never mind.

Duncan is dating

Thank you for coming.

Lauren and I met backstage

at the talent show thing last
year and we connected online.

I remember you.

You were awesome and beautiful.

Aw, thank you.

I'm so excited by what
you guys are trying to do.

It's a great cause.


And she's also a
dope choreographer,

so I was thinking she
could have some cool input

on our finale.

But as far as your
solo piece, you're in.


As for a group finale,
I have a few ideas

and wanna know more.

Thank you.

Weren't you the stage
manager at the state show?

You perform?

Yeah, I'm actually
a singer and a dancer.


I volunteered to
stage manage last year

when I missed the
deadline to compete.

Well, we're really excited
to see what you can do.

♪ Silent night ♪

♪ Holy night ♪

♪ All is calm ♪

You do realize
you'll have to be

on a stage with an audience?

Is it a requirement
to face the audience?

I got this, I'm just
a little nervous, sorry.

Well let's think about that.

Thank you, Mr. Kavanaugh.

Well thank you.

So sorry guys,
I feel like I got this.

Here we go.

Hey neighbors.

Oh, Winnifred Hawkins-White,

I didn't expect to see you here.

I've actually been
writing and playing music

with my cousin for years.

I had no idea.

This just didn't seem
like my kind of thing.

Look, whatever my mom says,

you guys were actually
really kind neighbors.

A little loud
sometimes, but nice.

I love your dress.

Thank you.

I saw your fundraiser posted

and I really admire
what you're doing.

I'm glad you share a
passion for the community.

To be honest, I'm driven
way more by the fact

that this is really, really
gonna piss off my mom.


Let's see what you got.

Why is Aiden
having you assemble these?

I mean shouldn't an
assistant be doing this?

Information's too proprietary.

We can't risk having
anyone else's eyes on this.

Now when I'm done
with this last number

they will get printed
and locked up.

Thanks for helping.

Of course, darling.

Hey, hey, hey.

Did you replace the
pages, fix all the totals?

Yeah, yeah, of course.

You are a rock star.

I can't believe
this time next month

all this will be mine.

You mean ours, Aiden.

Yes, yes, of course yes, ours.

Paul Montgomery
Neville, wake up!


Who are you?


I'm the ghost of
holidays present.

Shouldn't you look
kinda like Santa?

Fool, where have you been?

Haven't your mama
explained last week?

Hello, holidays.

I'm the Kwanza Queen.

Who are they?

Look closer.

Ugh, peasants.

I hate poor people.

And puppies, I kick puppies!

Please sir, can't we
have just a crust of bread?

Does that crutch work?

It's a good prop
for the suckers.

I want all the

Why is he so mean?

You know Billie,
because he is a monster.

I don't know, maybe
his shoes are too tight.

Oh, I see.

My brother.

any puppies I can kick?

No, he's not that bad.

He's a bit greedy and critical

but he works hard to
make the Neville name.

Oh, Aiden darling, you're
so smart and powerful.

Here's a puppy for you to kick.

Oh no, poor puppy.

Let's kick all the puppies

and children off the street.

And your weak brother too.

Let's take all the money.


No, that's not my Tessa.

I mean Aiden is a bit cold, but,

Tessa's an angel.

Dude, are you sure?

We brought a visual
aid this time.

Are you sure?

Yeah, he deserves to know.

Besides, they're his
security cameras anyway.

This way he finds out
before it's too late.

Ah, Tessa dear, with your help

we are gonna fix my
mother's little problem

and flip controlling
interest of Neville

to where my father
always intended it.

You're right.

So pathetic.

A few more years of him
controlling this company and

we would be reduced
to strip malls.

Well, he sure doesn't have
your vision and fortitude.

You know, you are 10
times the man Paul Neville

will ever be.

So, how was your Thanksgiving?

It was fine.

Mine was delicious.

Wait, fine?

What do you mean fine?

Cole is having an
affair with some heifer

- from the bachelor auction.
- No.

No way, not Cole.

You know I would
know if he were-

- Why would you know?

Well, don't be mad.

I didn't tell you yet

but I've been
dating Christopher.


Girl, he is fine.

A few fixable qualities, but,

but a good man.

Oh I'm sorry girl.

You know, I'm
sorry for going on.

Are you okay?

Does it look like I'm okay?

I can't believe this.

Mm-mmm, not Cole.

And Chris is his best friend.

Oh you should hear the
way he talks about you.

I took a picture of
his texts with Svenska.

Oh, girl.

Her name, her name even,

even sounds like, Svenska.

You know, I'm too
much of a lady to say.

Do you think I should
follow him after work?

In what disguise, huh?

Maybe as Santa Claus right now?

Oh, wait, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry girl, listen.

That wasn't very,


Bless your heart.

Bless your heart.

Listen, I'm gonna talk to Chris,

see what I can find out, okay?

Mira, I'm gonna get
to the bottom of this.


Just go ahead and sign in, okay?

Forgot my purse.

- Okay?
- It's fine.

Put Theo
on stage a lot.

Because last time, the
audience freaking loved Theo.

He's refined like a star.

No, I don't know.

I know he said this
as kind of a joke

but what if we just
let Theo do his thing?

With no
choreography, but like-

Can we help you?


Ah, yes.

I'm not sure what
you're working on here

but I wouldn't bet on
it getting very far.

Oh, we were just
gonna do a small show

to raise some rent money,

but you're probably right.

What can some little kids do

against a big businessman?


Don't you be
patronizing with me.

My connections run very deep.

In fact I wouldn't be surprised

if you're paid a visit from
the government very soon.

You see, the problem is
with people like you,

you and your families,

you start running
out of places to hide

wherever you're from,

so what do you do, you come
into this country, my country,

you come in, more often
than not, illegally

and you start looking
for handouts, freebies.

Well I can tell you this.

They're not coming out
of this pocket, mmm-mmm.

You will be out of this
building by Christmas.

speaking, immigrants

are half as likely to commit
a crime as regular citizens.

So you can live in your
little privileged bubble,

but the world doesn't
belong to you.

Yeah, yeah, bravo.

Bravo, bravo.

You are well trained
little puppets, aren't you?

Good luck with your little play

and you know what, I might
even get myself a ticket.

Could prove to be
very interesting.

Thank you.

But you should hurry up because
they're almost sold out.

It's empty.

Toss it for me, sweety.

You know how to
clean a house, right?


Are we actually almost sold out?


No, no, no.

But we might be.

You're actually
calling Logan French right now?

Wait, she knows Logan French?

Where have I been?

Where do
you usually go, Car?


Hi, hi Logan.

I was just calling to see
if you were gonna come down

to Michigan to see your Grandma.

Oh, I think we are.

How's it going finding
the perfect hit song?

Don't ask.

I've been a little distracted.

Do you know when
you might be in?

Well my tour doesn't
end for another 10 days.

I don't have to be back in
New York until the 30th.

Is there a reason for
me to come back sooner?

We could write some
tunes together?

Yeah, I'd like that.

But look, I have a
huge favor to ask.

And I promise, I'll
write all weekend.

A favor?

Okay, shoot.

Hey J-Pug, can you
help me with song ideas?


How about a song
about net neutrality?

Everybody's got an
opinion about it

but nobody's written
a hit song about it.


Writing down net neutrality.

Not sure how to
make that personal.


Dire Straits wrote a song

about a bunch of factory
workers complaining,

and it became a hit song.

Hey, guess what?

- What's up, little beastie?
- What?

I wanna sing at school.

We all wrote a list to Santa

and mine got picked to
read at the whole school

at our party next week.


That's pretty cool, buddy.

Only, I'm
kind of nervous.

Well, would you like to
practice in front of us?


Dear Santa, I hope you are
having a good Christmas

or Hanukkah if you're Jewish,

or Kwanzaa if you're African.

Or whatever that T thing
is about if you're Chinese.

My birth mom is Muslim

so I get to hug everyone three
times and give them a date.

Not like the kissing
kind of date, yuck.

This kind is a fruit.

Maybe I will leave you
one instead of cookies.

I'm from a place called Syria

but you probably knew that.

I hope you go there a
lot on Christmas Eve

because there are lots of sad
children there with no toys.

Plus I don't want any
toys for Christmas

or Eid, or whatever.

I just want other kids to
get mommies, that's all.

Can you please bring
all the kids in Syria

and wherever they don't
have the mommies and daddies

because they are the best thing.

No offense to the elves

but mommies are better
than any other crap,

sorry, they make.

I got Kwanzaa, Eid,
Christmas, Hanukkah, T-time.

Your friend, Theo.


Oh Theo, that's
just beautiful.

Thanks, Grandma.

Only, is there a Santa?

'Cause Andrea said there wasn't.

Or why didn't those kids
in Syria already get toys?

Well, Theo.

Someone very wise once told me

that just because
something isn't real

doesn't mean it's not true.

As long as you believe.

Thanks, Pearl.

I'm gonna go read to mommy.

I hope she doesn't crazy cry.

You want some help moving
that keyboard upstairs?

Yeah, sure.

I think I'm ready to
go write that song.



Did you get it?

Yeah, I did.

Hi, Pearl.

I hope you are well.

Hi, Robert.

I just came by to talk
to Stef for a sec.

Well she certainly
doesn't need my permission

to talk with an old friend.

How progressive of you.


I really did like it, Pearl.

Thank you.

But you're my sounding board

and I am not quite
finished with it yet.

I need a Stef breakdown.

Well that, that
was a nice catchup,

but she's not in the
music game anymore.

Robert, it's
just a conversation.

What, you get sucked
into things like this

because they're fun, easy,
intellectual bubble gum

and then you lose focus.

It's not bubble gum.

Stefani, I'm
trying to help you.

I mean, you're a beautiful girl.

But if you persist
in wasting your time

on frivolous pursuits,

you'll never develop
any functional skills.

So you're just saying
I have nothing else

to offer the world
besides being pretty?

Sweetheart, you know nothing
about politics or history.

Technology, business, sports.

I mean you're not unintelligent.

You have tremendous potential.

But you insist on filling
your pretty little head

with things that don't matter.

And then, there's
no more room left

for the things that do.

To you.


Things that don't
matter to you.

Stef is an encyclopedia of
pop culture, art, fashion.

Things that inspire people
and make them feel things.

That is so incredibly important.

And if you cared about her

half as much as you
care about yourself,

you would see how
freaking brilliant she is.


I'm sorry.

I just have one
problem with the song.


I don't see any place for
a killer saxophone solo.


This is ridiculous,
you kidding me?

Listen, here's what
I'm gonna tell you.

You are not Gucci
material, okay?


And also one more thing,

No, freaking Bob.

I've missed you.

I'm finally giving up on men.

We're gonna go all golden girls

and live together as old maids.

No, seriously, a boy, who?


And maybe Logan French.

Shut up, seriously?

To heck with the song.

You're gonna need
professional advice

and maybe a tweezer, come on.

Thank you all
for coming so soon.

Please, pass them down.

Is everything okay, Aiden?

Uh, yes, no, well,

we had a problem
and then a solution

albeit a difficult
one for me personally.

The first document there
is the initial report

that we handed out to investors.

It includes expenses to date

as well as all the accepted bids

for phase two of the
St. Matthews project.

Now the second document, the
one that you've just received,

I just discovered in
a second set of books

being kept by my brother.

You'll notice that in
the initial report,

all the figures, the
expenses, the bids

are all much higher than
in the second report

which indicates to me that

my misguided brother,

has been cooking the books.

Why, I don't know.

I suppose to tap into the
margins that he created,

I don't know.

But my fastidious oversight
caught this in time.

And I do not think that this
is an insurmountable problem.

I don't understand, Aiden.

These numbers seem
to be identical

and include notarized copies
of the bids and receipts.

Please hold.

Yes, it appears that Tessa

has copied the same report.

No, the numbers match

but the reports have
different dates and fonts

and only one has
the backup data.

What's going on, Aiden?

Should we be concerned?

No, no, no no.

I've just been handed
incorrect information

but rest assured, I will
get to the bottom of this.

In the meantime, know
that all accounts

have been locked.

Nobody can touch
them, money is safe.

You don't need to be concerned.


Mrs. Green, I'm Selena.

And I'm Babbette, but
my friends call me Babe.

So excited to get started.

This is our first.

Both, not together.

We both have baby daddies.

AKA husbands.

I'm sorry, I'm
not the instructor.

This is kind of my first too.

Oh, I thought,

I mean we just assumed
you were the instructor.

I'm just as new to all this.

Oh, but you're,

Oh wow, you go,
girl, look at you,

I mean, my mom is
49 and she's like

I am too old to be
changing any diapers.


I'm gonna go find my husband.


So awkward.

Hi everyone, sorry I'm
running a little bit late.

So we're just gonna
get right to it.

Actually it looks
like some of us

are still missing our partners

so let's just wait
another minute.

- Hi.
- Oh, hey.

How are you?

I'm good, how are you?

Oh come here.

This is Selena and this is,

Babe, yeah, I know, we met.

Class is starting.

All right.

Hey, tell Ted and
Gary to stop by

the new gym, okay?

- Yeah.
- Good.

Bye, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett.

See you next week.

Oh, hey, Susan.

Are you in a hurry or
you got a little time?


Yeah, Mom has the littles,

your dad is with her
too, so yeah, why?

If you're not
too super exhausted

I wanna take you
to meet someone.

We're gonna leave your car here,

it'll be 10, 15 minutes.


- Come on.
- Fine.

Come on, come on,
come on, come on.

So this is my friend
Svenska's house.

♪ Please don't be
wasting my time ♪

♪ With that business ♪

♪ Who you kidding man ♪

♪ Yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪

♪ Wow yeah swear to
god I'm with it ♪

♪ I don't see
nobody in my lane ♪

Ah Cole,

I make you some

Hi, Mormor.

Lana, my sweet granddaughter.

I hoped you would meet.

And this must be
your beautiful bride.

You have such a sweet husband.

You're lucky to have
a sweet husband.

You're Svenska?


And you are the beautiful
and brilliant Susan.

You must be Lana.

And you're responsible
for our new friendship.


I heard you speak
Swedish at the auction.

Mormor always goes
on about how much

she misses her husband, and,

how much she misses
her language.

Dolph and I came here
when we were just married.

The children resisted
learning Swedish.

I went to this event
to help orphans

and I left with a dear friend

who I can speak with.

Mormor told me what you did

and got that horrible
raccoon out of her attic.

He was all scratched up.

But I make it up to you.

I baked his favorite
Swedish dish,




Claw marks.

Best ever.

- Best ever.
- Oh, no no.

You know what?

You are wonderful
and I love you.


Baby you are
completely bonkers.

I love you and I love you.

I love all of you.

I love you guys so much.

I love you too, honey.

She's completely bonkers.

Oh my god!

You scared me.

Oh, but I guess that's
the point, right?

Ghost of holidays future?

What are these?

Your past,
present and future.

I don't understand.

This is my father's
old accounting journal,

some photo albums and,

what's on the flash drive?

These old buildings
are filled with surprises

including a 25 year old
hidden security system.

Who are you?

Once the tapes are full,

they're taped over
until replaced.

Surprisingly they still work

with four hidden cameras.

The flash is a highlight reel

that might help you
with your future.

Okay, okay.

What about the rest?

We thought they
might help you.

Paul, Paul, Paul!

Come on man, I heard you
screaming from down the hall.

Did you fall asleep again?

Have another nightmare?

What is that?


Security, get in here!

Wait, wait, wait, where'd it go?

Where did what go?

Wait, is that safe?

The thing, the thing, the thing,

it was just right there.

This demon, you saw
it, it was floating.

No I think you've been working
too hard, little brother.

Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to the St. Matthews
Holiday Extravaganza Fundraiser!

Tonight is a night
of holiday joy,

music, dancing,
magic and comedy.

But mostly it's a night
to help the children.

I hope you are all inspired
by the spirit of the holidays

and our show, to open up
your hearts and your wallets.

And now, without
any further ado,

I'm excited to
introduce our host

and my childhood
hero, Dr. Bunsen.

Mr. Sam Bennett!

Thank you.

There you go, high
five, thanks kids.

Happy holidays, everyone.

And thank you for taking a break

from your holiday
festivities of shopping,

baking, and parties

to join us for this great cause.

So without further ado,

I give you the Stony
Creek Chamber Choir!

Well, is he here yet?


Did you call him?

Yeah, but, he's not
responding to anything.

He'll be here.

Next up, 13 year old
Winnifred Hawkins-White

will perform an original
song titled Free.

♪ I got independence
running through my veins ♪

♪ Gonna take this life of mine ♪

♪ And grab it by the reins ♪

♪ Oooh ♪

♪ I make mistakes
every day of my life ♪

♪ I make mistakes way
too many to count ♪

♪ But every mistake
that I made in my life ♪

♪ It made me better
'cause I made it count ♪

♪ Not taking Ls but
I'm taking lessons ♪

♪ Gaining knowledge,
coming back for seconds ♪

♪ A part of wisdom, now
I'm saying the seconds ♪

♪ You know I'm saving time
because I got the message ♪

♪ I work from cartwheels
to doing backflips ♪

♪ But on the way there
there was some crack ♪

You guys.

Did you just see Miles
and Dad's dance moves?

Oh my god.

No way.

♪ Then you see my path
and they conversating ♪

♪ But when I level up
in the conversation ♪

♪ In the conversation ♪

Oh my god, Pearl,
I'm so sorry.

My Grandma fell with this thing

and it had sauce and then
she fell in the sauce.

And then we thought
she broke her hip

and then when I tried to
go help her with the sauce

my phone fell.

Grandma's fine.

Oh, okay.

My phone isn't.

Oh, well, I'm
sorry to hear that

but look, you're
on like right now.

Do you need water, tea?

No, I'm good, I have my own.

And don't apologize,
it's for a good cause.


So what are you performing?

Probably gonna start out
with some sellout music

to get the crowd hyped.


I'm so sorry about that.

I didn't mean to say that
you're a sellout artist.

It's just, you're
so talented and

all they see is this
attractive piece of clay

that they can mold into money.

So you think I'm attractive?

I think the universe,

and it's like a known thing
that you're attractive

in the universe.

So you don't think
that I'm attractive?

Well I never said that

I disagree with them.

Like I see what they see in you.

So does the fact that
I think you're funny,

amazing and very, very,
very, very attractive

make you feel any sort of way?

I'm saying that,

wait, you do?

I don't...

We are so blessed to have
a very special guest here

to support our great cause.

He signed a record deal in
high school just recently

for Abstruse Records

and his hit song Love Club

has recently been surpassed
by his new hit song.

I'm sorry if I was
reading into this

and made this awkward.

Oh, no it's okay.

I'm always kind of a

moderate level of awkward, so.

Okay, well I should
probably get up there.

Yeah your fans.



Go be true.

What, what?

Ladies and gentlemen,

please make him feel
welcome, Logan French!

Hey Detroit!

How you guys doing?

I'm going to be bringing
out the band in a little bit

to sing a few songs that
you guys already know.

But I wanted to start off
tonight with something new.

Hope you like it.

♪ When the music
is fading away ♪

♪ And you can't find
the right words to say ♪

♪ You don't know
where to start ♪

♪ Look for the song
inside your heart ♪

♪ And be strong, never give up ♪

♪ Hold on, you are the one ♪

♪ I could take you higher ♪

♪ Let me feel your fire ♪

♪ Look into my eyes,
you can't deny it baby ♪

♪ You ought to meet
me at the love club ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ See you ought to meet
me at the love club ♪

♪ Peace between
and surge of love ♪

♪ People singing from the loft ♪

♪ Peace on earth
and happy hearts ♪

♪ Don't stop believing
just because ♪

♪ Just because they
say it's not real ♪

♪ Doesn't mean it's not true ♪

♪ You gotta show him
all the love you feel ♪

♪ So they can feel it too ♪

♪ Give them a reason to
believe in a season of love ♪

♪ It's a season of
love, love, love ♪

♪ A season of love ♪

♪ I believe in
love, love, love ♪

♪ A season of love ♪

♪ My Muslim friends
celebrate the end of sorrow ♪

♪ On the holiday of Eid ♪

♪ They get dressed up ♪

♪ Dance and sing ♪

♪ That sure sounds fun to me ♪

♪ My Jewish cousin
brought me to a party ♪

♪ For the festival of lights ♪

♪ People let me tell you ♪

♪ I have never had a better
time in all my life ♪

♪ So many ways we holiday ♪

♪ But it all comes back
to just one thing ♪

♪ That's love, love, love ♪

♪ A season of love ♪

♪ I believe in
love, love, love ♪

♪ A season of love ♪

♪ So tell your father, your
mother, and your sister too ♪

♪ Your uncle, your brother,
and your best friend's boo ♪

♪ Gather all the neighbors ♪

♪ Tell them what
we're gonna do ♪

♪ We're gonna celebrate the
holidays with you sugar ♪

♪ Love, love, love ♪

♪ The season of love ♪

♪ I believe in
love, love, love ♪

♪ The season of love ♪

♪ Love, love, love ♪

♪ The season of love ♪

♪ I believe in
love, love, love ♪

♪ The season of love ♪

♪ I believe in
love, love, love ♪

♪ The season of love ♪

♪ Love, love, love ♪

♪ The season of love ♪

♪ I believe in
love, love, love ♪

♪ The season of love ♪


That was a modeling
display, huh.

Let's just pray that the masses
don't pony up enough funds.

I think you would
have rather enjoyed it

if you had taken the
stick out of your ass.

I'm sorry, what did you say?

Let's not forget who the brains

of this operation is, brother.

You might wanna
take an extra look

at father and mother's papers.

Although I expect
you already know

that my 51 percent gives
me a few more options

than you'd care for.

Paul, what has
gotten into you?

It might have something
to do with the fact

that my devoted fiancee,

the lovely Tessa Anderson is

having an affair
with my brother.

What are you going-

- Who is committing
fraud to help wrest

control of the company

while putting these poor
kids out on the street.


What are you doing?

What's wrong with you?

I am glad that
there's a witness here

to finally see that my
brother has gone insane.

Delusions of ghosts and demons,

speaking to our dead mother.

Really, Aiden?

Wasn't it you who saw
the kabuki grim reaper?

Do you not cross the line!

You don't scare me.

You do not cross the line.

Heavens, Martha.

You know, we were about
to give up on you.

Susan finished her patients.

Now she's leaving her
notes for Dr. Schlesinger

for her maternity leave.

Perhaps she hasn't noticed
that the arctic has descended.

Sam drove two hours
through the tundra

just to get me here.

If I don't have tooth pain,

I'll be buried in the
snow bank on the way home.

Someone is
uncharacteristically surly.

Maybe you've
encountered people

with severe tooth pain in
your line of work before?

Oh, mom.

I just looked outside.

I had no idea it
had gotten that bad.

Oh, I'm so glad you're safe.


Well, let's get that cracked
tooth out right away.

Time to gas up Grandma Grumpy.

I can't feel a
thing, Miss Susan.


I just want a normal squid.

Is that too much to ask?

The giant ones
are just too much,

it's so hard to find a
leash big enough for them.

I hear ya.

You gotta stick with the
small squids, you know.





Okay, we're gonna
need an elevator.

Where are we going?

An elevator's a dental tool.

I'm gonna start loosening
that cracked tooth.

Oh, be careful Susan.

I am venomous.

My spit can kill you.

Okay, I'll be careful.

So Mom.




Oh no.

Do you need assist?

No, I think my
water just broke.

No, no, no, no, excuse me.

You're not due for
another four weeks, so no.

- No, no, no.
- I'm pretty sure.

Oh my god.

Bless your heart.

Well, can you finish?

My back has been hurting

and I had to pee like
every five minutes, but,



No, no, no, no.

I don't wanna die,
I'm calling 911, no.

No, no, no, no, no.

I'm pretty sure
that's a contraction.

Oh my god.

I can help you with the rats.

Yes, hello?

I have a woman in labor.

She's 37 weeks.

Now first thing we need is
to keep mom calm and hydrated.

Sugar, I need you to keep an eye

on her contractions
and dilation.

Now when we get to
be about the width

of a cocktail shaker,

that's when we're going to
need to get ready to push.

Until then, just
breathe slow and steady.

I'm gonna need a
cocktail after this.

A few of them in therapy.

Does my medical cover therapy,

does it cover that?

Let me go and check your
benefits package right now.

- Oh!
- Oh, oh!


Oh my god, this hotel!

I have good news.

We have a unit on the way.

Oh, praise Jesus.


Is this thing on?

I can't tell.

Can you check this for me?

Do you see hippos?

- No.
- Well then it's on.

Oh, thanks.

Halfway done.

All right.

Merry Christmas.

All right.


Brr, okay, all right,
all right, here we go.


No I just,

I gotta go check on
Susan's vajayjays

to see if it's getting
to be cocktail time.

Oh, back here, back here!

How far in are we?

About seven
centimeters dilated

and her contractions
are seven minutes apart.

Oh thanks, the
exterminators are here,

they won't let me bring my cat.

Do you validate?

I brought my camel in but
the camel parking here

is just so expensive
on this planet.

Is she okay?

Oh, she's as fine as the
dew on a butterfly's whiskers,

okay, bless her heart.

Come on, Susan, okay.






You're doing great.

You're doing great.

Okay, okay, all
right, it's okay.

Just till the next contraction.

A little bit, okay.

Deep breathing,
nice deep breath.

Nice deep breath.

Good job.

Good job, Susan.

Oh, you got here just in time.


Are you making a crack
about my age now?

No, no, no, no, no.

You're about two
pushes away, good job,

excellent, excellent, excellent.

Susan, good job, good job.

Good job, Susan.

Breathe, breathe,
honey, breathe, breathe.

Oh my god baby, I got
here as soon as I could,

I'm so sorry.

He's here.


Hey baby.

Oh baby,

- help me.
- It's okay.

All right, all right.

Here he comes, here he comes.


Excellent, Susan.

You'd think he was
the baby Jesus himself.

You drew a crowd.


Now that crowd up there,

that's this little guy's family.

Oh my.


You know it's just
like the first Noel.

A gathering from the
four corners of the earth

to welcome a great miracle.

He's greeting his family, ooh.

I see that.

Mr. Song.

It's 10 p.m.

Unless you're ready
to wire 30,000 dollars

by five p.m. tomorrow,

I think you look like
you're a little behind

on your packing.

I think that you'll
find everything in order

when the bank opens tomorrow.

But that's impossible.

According to the statement
that you issued to the press

not more than an hour ago

you were still, what was it,

about 5,000 dollars behind today

despite all your
valiant efforts.

Kings just released
their annual grant funding

of 2500 dollars

and I just got an
11th hour benefactor

to fulfill the difference,

and I was able to deposit
it before the bank closed.

Mr. Song.

This is not over.

Not by a long shot.

I have lawyers who are
willing to work on Christmas.

I have building contractors

who belong to my country club.

I suggest, Aiden,
that you start packing.

I have security
waiting to escort you

out of your office.


Let me guess.

The soft-hearted, soft-headed

11th hour benefactor.

Brother, are you telling
me you're willing

to give up millions of dollars

so the poor and the broken

can just muddy up streets
that we have ready

to pave with gold?

And don't you forget, I
have the board on my side

and they are well aware of all
your little eccentricities.

You'll find a flash
drive on your desk

that contains security footage

from hidden cameras
throughout these buildings.

An identical drive was
delivered this evening

to every board member.

There's enough evidence on there

to send you to prison
for a long time.

Oh come on, big brother, what,

you're gonna send
me to prison now?

Oh, I'm not a monster, Aiden.

You'll also find a
contract on your desk

giving 100 percent control
of Neville Brothers to me,

with you receiving a
very generous allowance

of 10 percent of all profits.

Just for staying away
and not interfering

with our operations

or the operations of the
Emilia Langford Neville

Memorial Community Center.


Looks like my big brother
finally grew a backbone.

Only I'm gonna call his bluff.

Do you really
expect me to believe

that you installed
security cameras

throughout two of our buildings

without me knowing it?

I didn't do that.

Well then who did?

That was mother.



Paul, darling.


I was only doing this
so I could protect you.

I'm really only just trying-

- Save it, darling.

I have a sleigh to catch.


Paul, Paul, wait please.

One more.


We were just talking about

how we have too many
big ones on this side.

So we either need to
like move these ones.

- Did the kids decorate this?
- A household.

We have too many big ones

- on this side.
- Wait, do you see this?

Thanks for
letting me join you.

I was going to Chicago
with Robert's family and

I couldn't get a
ticket until tomorrow

to my Grandma's.

What's one more?

And another.

Ho, ho, ho.

Oh, come on in, holy.


Ah thanks.

Look who I
found wandering outside.

I seem to find
myself without a family

to celebrate the
holidays with and

I come bearing a catered
gourmet holiday feast.

We heard what you
did for the center.

You're more than welcome here.

Oh, thank you.

Happy holidays, everyone.

Uh, kitchen?


I'll help
you with that, sir.


Oh, come
on in, come on in.

Well, if it isn't
our mystery bidder.

Happy holidays, Bennett-Songs!

Hey, what's up?

My heart is just
so full of blessings

of this family and,

that little one.

How about you, how was
your Christmas morning?

Oh, I think our Christmas
morning was great.

I mean, gifts were
well-received, right?

What is going on?

After all the
trauma to my hands

and in my eyes,

I had to go and get
a fresh manicure.

Oh my god!

- Congratulations.
- Thank you, thank you.


You guys were dating?

Uh, yeah.

How did I
not know about this?

You were busy with
a few things around here, bro,

it's all good.


Hi, Merry Christmas.

Can we say that?

Of course.

And happy holidays
and happy Hanukkah.

What's up?

Well, I have a
holiday surprise.

I like surprises.

Are you
free on New Year's?

I should be yeah, but

don't you have to be in New York

doing what you do?

Well, I begged to
be the one to tell you

that the label booked
us to perform our duet

when I appear on New
Year's Ball Spectacular.

Like in New York?


What duet?

The one I thought
I'd work on tomorrow

and finish writing with you.

By the way, the label
loves your songs.

They wanna put the
duet on your album.

That's amazing.

Hey, rock star.


I'll see you tomorrow

Happy holidays.

Happy holidays.

Who wants to chaperone
me to New York

for the ball drop?

♪ Joy to the world
the Lord has come ♪

♪ Here we go ♪

♪ Let earth receive our king ♪

♪ The king, the king ♪

♪ Let every heart
prepare him room ♪

♪ And heaven and
nature sing, and sing ♪

♪ And heaven and nature
sing, they sing ♪

♪ And heaven and heaven
and nature sing ♪

♪ When the music
is fading away ♪

♪ And you can't find
the right words to say ♪

♪ You don't know
where to start ♪

♪ Look for the song
inside your heart ♪

♪ And be strong never give up ♪

♪ Hold on, you are the one ♪

♪ To sing now, sing a new song ♪

♪ Sing a new song ♪

♪ And raise your
voice and be heard ♪

♪ Make the choice you deserve ♪

♪ And now the deal
was here all along ♪

♪ So sing a new song ♪

♪ Sing a new song ♪

♪ Come on, come on, come on ♪

♪ Sing a new song ♪