A Beloved Wife (2019) - full transcript

A comedic portrait of an unhappy marriage between an unemployed screenwriter and his wife who's supported him for 10 years, based on the writer/director's own autobiography.

It's been about two months
since I had sex with my wife last time.

As I haven't had sex
with other women than her, either,

I haven't had sex with anybody
for the whole two months.

As I'm not asexual
like many men are these days,

I want to have sex
once or twice a month at least.



I'm a scenario writer having almost
no job in years past.

"Awarding Honorable Mention to

"I wish to write scripts for a serial drama
and a popular film once a year!"

If I were a popular,
successful scenario writer,

I would want to take one or two mistresses.

But in reality, my annual income is
less than 500.000 yen.

I can't afford to take mistresses
nor to pick up a prostitute.

So, the only option I have is
to have sex with my wife.

However, it's meaninglessly hard
to accomplish it.

In order to have sex with her,
even though her body is not fresh for me,

I need to take the initiative
in doing housework and child-rearing.

In other words,
I try everything to please her.

Hey, what are you doing?


Stop it. Where is Aki?

Watching TV in the living room.

Go join her. I'm still sleepy
because I went to bed late last night.


How many episodes of "God Tongue"
have you watched?


Enough! You should really stop it now.

"Kiss Pressure Game" is
very exciting to watch.

If you were the one to flirt them,
two seconds would be enough to beat them.

Stop whispering like that.
Besides, something is touching my butt.

What? Tell me
what was touching your butt now.

Hey. I'm not going to have sex with you.

I'm exhausted for having worked
for the whole week.

That's why I'm massaging you.

Back off now. You are poor at it anyway.

I'm getting better at it.

Since I love you,
I can't stop myself massaging you.

I know you work hard every day.

It's your fault.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'll try harder.

Hey, why don't we try
playing "Kiss Pressure Game" together?

- I'll never do it with you.
- What? Then with whom?

Jeez, you're so annoying.

Who exactly do you want me to become?
Koichi Sato?

I don't care. Just leave me alone
and let me go back to sleep now.

You can go back to sleep
while I'm gently massaging you.

Wow, this part needs to be massaged more.

- I said back off!
- Ow!

We've been married for 10 years.

I had no idea how hard
it would become to have sex with my wife.

I didn't expect this situation at all.

Gaku Hamada

Asami Mizukawa


Turn off the TV now.
It's time to have a breakfast.

- Let me watch it a little longer, please.
- No, you can't.

Hey, you also should stop
touching your phone and turn off the TV.

Hey, listen! The news says
Yoshiya Sakamoto is having an affair.

Seriously? With whom?

With a bikini idol.

I can't believe this. I liked him.

He is getting involved
with helping the society,

such as building schools
in developing countries.

He may be just trying to sell his name.

I heard he sticks his nose
in script and production.

What an ugly face.

You always make me feel down.
Don't you dare opening your mouth.

Go take Aki outside with you after eating
so that I can clean the house.

I would never want to work with
such an arrogant man.

There is no chance for you to do that
in the first place.

Not again! Bean sprout?

What? Not again, you said?

It's OK, but I want to have sushi
once in a while.

How could you complain to me?

Aki, start eating now.
Daddy will take you to the park later.

Really? Then, I want to go to
the Elephant Park.

How about going to the library?

I prefer the Elephant Park!

It'll be hot outside.


Did you see what I just did?

I'm going to do that again!

- Be careful.
- I will!

Hey, did you see it?

Sure I did.


Ms. Azuma!

Why are you so surprised to see me?

It's been a while, huh?

Wait, why...

Why are you so upset?

No, I'm not upset, but...

- Did you gain some weight?
- No way! I lost some.

Anyway, why did you quit that job
all the sudden?

I know you ran away from me.
You deleted your SNS account, too.

No, it's not like that, but...

But what? Didn't you expect to
run into each other as we are neighbors?

You're so stupid.

No, I... Oh, that boy must be Ken, right?

Wow, he grew that tall already...
How old is he?


What are you looking at now?

Huh? Well, I just...

Oh, excuse me.


Oh, how have you been?

Well, doing good, but not so busy now.

Oh, sorry. Yes, I'm listening.

Ah... next week?

- Yes, I think next week would work.
- Who is on the phone?

- Tell me who.
- Sorry, can I call you back later?

- Hey, it was a business call.
- Exactly who? Store manager?

- No, it was not. Oh, how is he doing?
- Good, good.

Stop it, please!

It's so loud everybody can hear it!

All you do is watching porno videos
instead of hunting jobs?

Turn down the volume or Aki would wake up.

Put that dirty thing back into pants now.

It's because you don't let me
have sex with you.

By the way, Mr. Yoyogi called me.
He may give me a new job.

It won't happen after all.
I don't trust his words.

Hi there.

Hi, it's been a while.

Yeah. When was the last time?

- It was when I got this plot from you.
- Three years ago, I guess.

I've been worried about you as you haven't
posted anything on your Facebook.

Anyway, as I told you on the phone yesterday,

the president of Sweet Pea is willing to be a
sponsor for the debut of his actress.

I showed your plot to him and he liked it.
He wants you to write the script.

He says the story of a high school girl who makes
udon noodles at hyperspeed is funny and hanky.

Can you write it soon?

Yeah, but...

this is a story set in Kagawa prefecture,
so if I'm writing the script...

Why don't you go there then?

We'll cover the cost
once the script is ready.

How busy are you now?
Are you working on something?

Yeah, a little bit.

Oh, really?
Then, should I look for another writer?

Wait. I think I can manage
to set aside enough time for it.

Then, just do it, please.

Strike while the iron is hot, you know.

Oh, but I haven't got a driver's license.

Go take two or three of your pupils
who can drive with you.

By the way, another big news.

I didn't mention it on the phone,

but your "Curse in the Village"
seems to progress.

What? For real?

Yeah. They'll start taking the film
by the end of the year.

Here's for you.

Wow, have you printed it already?


"Written by Gota Yanagida"

We need to set the cast now.
The director is happy with the script.

This seems to be a sign
that your time is coming.

Oh, Usui. Have you already come?

I had a meeting with Mr. Uchibori
before seeing you.

Hi, how have you been?

- Did you get your hair cut?
- No, I didn't.

Are you working with Uchibori, too?
You are such a popular writer.

They don't pay me well though.
Well, talk to you later.

Mr. Yanagida,
let's have a drink again soon.

He's writing the script
for the new serial drama.

Wow, a serial drama?


See you soon.

I'm expecting you to be like him, too.

- So, please write the script ASAP.
- Got it.

- All right, then.
- Thank you for your time.

Usui, let's go have a lunch.
How about grilled eel?

Eel? Again?

- That customer complained a lot.
- Yeah, for over two hours!

- Wish we could get extra money for it.
- Totally.

See you!

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Have a nice day.
- You, too.

Mom, you are slow!

- Oh, my shoe!
- Wait for me! Aki!

"Kijoyu udon,"

"zaru udon," oh, "kamaage udon,"
and "kamatama udon."

I want to try this.

"Kagawa Prefecture"

What's "yudame udon"?

We're home.

Hi, ladies.

How was your day?

If you're home,
why didn't you go pick Aki up?

Sorry, but I didn't expect the meeting
to end that soon.

Hey, why don't we go on a trip to Kagawa?


- Aki, don't turn on the TV so soon.
- Aki, don't!

It's YouTube.

You're getting in my way.

I mean, it's for writing the script.

Remember the plot about
a high school girl making udon?

Some people liked it.

Just go alone. Why should I go with you?

I need someone to drive a car
to go anywhere around there.

And why should it be me?
I'm busy working unlike you!

You're the only one I can ask.
I'm begging you.

They want me to write the script ASAP.
Once it's done, they'll pay me.

Besides, Yumi lives in Shodoshima, helping
her husband's family run a hotel, right?

Why don't you go see her?

And, the place to try some wine...

Here, the winery!

- Don't print in color, I said!
- Sorry.

But, you know,
we can't travel if not on business.

Food looks awesome in Kagawa, too.
So, please come with me.

All you think about is eating.

I could have udon for every meal.

My plot will surely be adopted
for the film this time.

How many times have you said
the same thing to me before?

How about taking Usui with you?

In fact, he seems to be writing a script
for a serial drama now.

- What? For real?
- Yeah, I bumped into him today.

You wasted your time being jealous again,
didn't you?

And you expected me to feel blue like you,
didn't you?

I did feel blue to think that
you involved me.

So, I need to work harder, too, right?

Oh, by the way, I've got a big news!

They seem to start shooting
"Curse in the Village" by the end of the year!

- Mom, can I have a tea?
- Come get it by yourself.

You're getting in my way, I said!

Like you always say,
I don't want to miss the chance.

Here, look!

What's this?

Don't bring it in front of my face suddenly.


Don't let Aki watch TV so much
and go play with her.

Are you mad again?

No, I'm not mad at all.

Mom is great at cooking, isn't she?

Of course, I am.

"Guri and Gura inflated the floating bag."

"Ready to go. Here we go."

"It's their first time to go to the sea."

Read it in more entertaining way.

What? All right...

"Now they're off to the sea."

"Don't rush, Guri and Gura."

"Take it easy, all the way to the end."

"Suddenly, a round head showed up
in the middle of the sea,"

"and said 'Hi there, kind friends.'"

"That was the sea monster.
Guri and Gura waved at him. "

"The sea monster approached to them
only with one stroke,"

"grabbed the floating bag and said
'Now, enjoy the sea monster swimming.'"

Sorry, did I wake you?

You should wake up early tomorrow for work.
Why don't you come to bed now?

Nobody would read the hand-written one.
Deadline is tomorrow, right?

It's hard for me to use the word processor.

You are not even trying
although I gave this to you.

Actually this is not the word processor.

I would fail again, anyway.

But I like this one.
Especially the title "Violent Hot Spring."

This piece would win the prize for sure.

Besides, I am wearing this.

Hey, scratch my back.


No, go lower.

- Then here?
- Yeah.

- Mom.
- What?

What's wrong?
Did your dad fall asleep before you do?

He is awake.

Dad says he will get the chance
this time no matter what.

- Did he tell you to tell it to me?
- Yes.

Your dad is such a loser.

Why? He said he would do his best.

Come to me.

Mom is fooled by his words a thousand times.

Oh, what should I do? I'm screwed up.

I know he is listening to us up there.

- He is?
- He is.

And now, he went back to the room.


"Gota Yanagida"
"Merry Home"

Hey, Aki. Hold on.

I'm so sleepy.

Taking local trains is tough for us now.

I woke up at 3 am and made rice balls
while you were still asleep.

Aren't you hungry yet?

Then just eat rice balls.
I won't buy a lunch box for you.

You said you could have udon for every meal.

But you also want to have a beer,
don't you?

No, I don't.
I've got my liquor in this bottle.

I'm trying so hard to save money,
and you should, too.

I even took days off for you.

Stand still, you idiot.

I've got new friends
in locale famous for watermelon

We're very good friends
in locale famous for watermelon

The locale famous for watermelon
is a wonderful place

That beautiful girl is in a pretty dress
in locale famous for watermelon



How could you do this to me?
I look terrible.

Don't take a photo!

- The train has gone.
- It's gone.

What could I do? I needed to pee.

- You drink too much.
- Yeah, you drink too much.

Hurry up!

Hey, wait! I'm carrying Aki!

- Where the hell is the train?
- Why?

Platform 2 is the other side.

Wow, it's so beautiful!

What a beautiful sea.

- I want to swim. Can I?
- Yes, you can.

Your mom is more beautiful than the sea,
isn't she?

Just zip up.

The sea is more beautiful.

"Takamatsu Station"

"Takamatsu Station"
Aki, we are in Shikoku now!

- Is here Shikoku? Is it?
- Yes, it is.

You must be hungry, too.
Let's enjoy good foods here.

Have you forgot that you said
you would have udon for every meal.

Let's go. It'll take about 30 minutes
to the hotel on foot.

- On foot?
- Of course!


I'm tired. Carry me.

You can walk, can't you?

- No, not anymore.
- Need to catch up with mom. Let's go.

Carry me.

All right.

Hey, wait up.

I'm hungry.

Tell it to mom.

You tell her.

Hey. Hey, Chika.

What now?

Aki is exhausted now.
Let's get something to eat.

Something? You are the one who said
having udon for every meal would be fine.

I hate how you take the advantage
of the confusion.

Why did you sigh?

You'd better thank me
for coming all the way to Shikoku.

I do.

You sighed because you don't.

I was not sighing but just breathing.

Don't breathe, either.

I would die if I don't.

Then just die.

She is mean, isn't she?

I didn't sigh, but just breathed.

Oh, how about that udon place?
Looks like a pig hut, but who cares?

I hate the way you say it! Wait!

- What?
- Huh?

You just smirked.

Because you had a terrible look on your face.

You did, not me. Asshole.

You call me asshole?
Any place would have worked for me.

Just order something now. I want to
go to hotel soon because I'm exhausted.

All right, then, I'll have "kake udon."

You are pretending to be miserable again.

You must have "kake udon" only,
not anything else.

Excuse us, can we get middle-sized
"kake udon" and "kamatama udon,"

and beer, please?

We don't make "kamatama udon."
No liquor here.

- Then, "bukkake udon" please.
- Not available.

How about "zaru udon"?

We serve "kake udon" only.

Then, we'll have two "kake udon."

Don't smirk like that.

How about Aki?

It's all right.
I'll share with her to save money.

- Right, Aki?
- It costs only 200 yen.

- Do you drink it here?
- Shut up!

I'm hungry, mom.

Don't worry about me, you can just
have it all. We are a poor family.

You always say so, but eat a lot in the end.

That's not true.
You must be talking about dad.

Mom is always the one
to hold back my hunger.

- Udon in Kagawa is so great, isn't it?
- Yes, it is.

How can you enjoy eating while I'm not?

But you said you didn't need
to order another one.

Excuse me. One more "kake udon" please.

Don't smirk!

Stop right there.

You and Aki are going inside to check in.
I booked one single room only.

What do you mean?

Three of us will stay in a single room.

What? Why?

It works, right?

Isn't it going to be a problem?

That's why I'm telling you to go first.
I'll sneak into the hotel through the back door.

I know you can't do my part.

That's not the point.

Shut up. We do this today only.
We'll stay somewhere different.

For your info, it costs 4.500 yen per night.
For us, it feels like 450.000 yen.

- Hey, where is mom?
- What? Mom?

- Why isn't she coming with us?
- She is staying at home, not coming.

- There you go.
- Thank you.

- Here is the room key.
- Got it. Thanks.

Hello? Room number is 502.

Are we really doing this?

The front desk is so small
that they'll find out.

That's why I'm looking for the back door.

The walls are tall and it's too dark to see.


Be careful, then.

Who do you think you are, you idiot!

You are the one who booked this hotel.

- Is mom coming?
- Yeah, later.

Hey, let's take a bath as it's getting late.

- No, I don't want to.
- Listen to me. Come on.

Are you listening to me?
It's time to take a bath.

Aki, hot water is coming out.

I'm coming soon.

Come here now or
I'm going to be scolded by mom.

- Come here!
- Later, I will.

God, I'm going to die.

I've got to change my posture.


Shit! I've worn this only twice...

Ouch! God darn it!

Oh, excuse me.

Dad! Hey, dad!

What? Why are you still dressed?

- Somebody is banging the door!
- What? What time is it now?

Stay back.

Huh!? Why the hell are you taking a bath?

Sorry, but...

Do you fucking know what kind of hell
I went through to get here?

How... how did you get here?

Stop mumbling!
I climbed the fucking high wall!

I knew you would be taking a damn bath
or sleeping by now, you shithead!

Lower your voice or people could hear you.

I don't give a shit! Son of a bitch!

- Will you take a bath?
- Sure I will!

- Aki, you've taken a bath already, right?
- Yes, she did!

What's wrong with mom?

What? Oh, nothing.
You shouldn't talk the way she does.

Should I also take a bath now?

Let's go to bed now.
Go ahead, change your cloth.

I'm going to wear this.

All right, you can do that
and watch TV a little more.

In return, you need to tell mom
that you've already taken a bath. Got it?

- Sure.
- For real?

- Yes.
- OK, then change your cloth.

All right.

- Bring me an alcohol from the fridge.
- Got it.

Wow, it's large!

I'm coming now.

- Hurry up and change your cloth now.
- OK.

I'm coming in.

Here you are,
but the drink in the fridge is expensive.

I don't care because
I can't stand without drinking.

Aki is watching TV too much.
Put her in bed now.

I was about to do that
as she's already taken a bath.

Of course, she has!

First of all, you should wear something.

If you get a cold now, I'll kill you.
You fuck-off.


can I join you?

Why is it getting hard now? Get out of here.

But Aki would see this...

Whatever. Just go away!

Oh, it got soft.

- Here.
- Thank you.

- Have a safe trip.
- Thank you.

OK, let's go.


We're leaving now.


Where are you?

- I'm here.
- Don't play around in the parking lot.

I wasn't playing but hiding.

Please insert the ETC card.


What's going on?

Are you all right?

Shut up. Don't talk to me
as it's been three years to drive a car.

This should be the one, but why?

Wait... oh, this one.

- Oh, it's moving now.
- It's moving! You're the best.

- Have you buckled up?
- Yes!

- Set the destination if you know how.
- Of course, I can.

- This way?
- No, that way.

All right.

It's the sea! Look outside, mom!

- Just hold on.
- Don't talk to mom while she's driving.

- One, two, test, test. Mike test, one, two.
- Can I borrow it?

Sure. Aki, why don't you sing a song?

- Can I sing "Locale Famous for Watermelon"?
- Sure.

Oh, hold on.

- I've got new friends...
- It's not working.

Hey, don't break my recorder.

What? You gave this to me.

I'm taking it
because you don't use it at all.

Why? I'm using it.

Well, nobody is using
such an old-fashioned recorder these days.

- Then, don't use it!
- Wait. It hurts!

You look great today, too!

You're the best!

- Guests are watching, so stay back.
- I know, I know.

She is great, isn't she?

- Hey, honey.
- I know, I know!

- Did you take some good pictures?
- Yes, I did.

Surprised to know that
so many people have the same idea.

I can't believe a film and manga
about my daughter will be made.

They'll start shooting the film next month.
So-called media mix.

You learned that media something
just recently, and using it already?

It's a common word.
You know the word "media sex," right?

As you don't know anything,
you should stop talking.

Please join us for lunch.
Both of you can drink, right?

Oh, you need to drive today. I'm sorry!

Stop it now.

It's not a big feast,
but we hope you'll enjoy it.

We'll serve you the udon Nanami made.

My husband was looking forward to having you
so much that went to fishing this morning.

Dad, I saw a big fish jumping in the pond!

Oh, really? Good.

- Dig in, please!
- Thank you.

Go ahead. Do you like this?

How about another round?

Thank you.

Some more water for you.

It tastes better than the water in Tokyo,
doesn't it?

- It tastes the same anywhere.
- It tastes better here!

I envy you for doing a job with freedom.

It's also a family trip for you, right?


I'm just a normal landowner.
I've got a lot of money but no talent.

However, thanks to Nanami, we feel like
living in a dream to be on TV and films.


Yuki Amami is going to play her role.

- It's like a dream, indeed!
- Stop it now. It's embarrassing.

I think Yonekura looks more like me.

Yeah, I agree.

- Will you have another glass of water?
- No, thank you.

Are you sure that they're making
a film and manga about her?


Could you reconsider it?
I think his script would be better.

Hey, wait. What are you talking about?

We heard they are going to start
shooting the film next month.

The director and the crew
were here yesterday, too.

Yeah, we heard so.

Film shooting can be canceled
right before the first day.

There are so many irresponsible companies in
this industry. My husband has experienced it.

- Right, honey?
- Ah, well...

It could happen, right?

It could happen sometimes, but...

if they have already prepared that much,
I think they wouldn't call it off.

Since he watched the news on Nanami, he's
tried so hard to propose his plot for years.

I like his plot a lot.

- You have a confidence, too, right?
- What?

What's that attitude?

It's time for you to sell you to them.
Why are you holding back?

- I'm not holding back.
- You are!

He is always like this and miss the chance.

I always tell him to be more aggressive,
but he can't.

He acts like a king at home,
but becomes soft outside.

I'm sorry to tell this to you,
but I can't help it.

He pretends to be a good man, while yells at
me and talks shit about others at home.

- I hate the way you are!
- Calm down now.

- Why are you telling this to them?
- Because it's true!

They don't know what to do to hear this.
It's a family matter.

- It's not about family, but you!
- I know, but that one, too.

OK, then...

In case the shooting gets postponed,
could you contact me?

What was that? Tell them more clearly.
Why should I always be a bad cop?

- I didn't ask you to.
- It's because you can't say anything.

That's why you can't get a chance.

Excuse me...

Udon is ready.

- Oh, yeah, let's have udon!
- Yes, let's.

- Here's the plates.
- Try some!

It looks great.

Aki, come this way.

- Thank you for everything.
- Have a safe trip.

- Thank you. Take care.
- It's all right.

- Good luck on the film.
- Thank you.

Be nice to each other.


- Take care.
- Thank you. You, too.

- Thank you for the lunch.
- Be careful on the road.

- Be nice to each other.
- Good luck on the film.

Gosh, it was so disappointing, wasn't it?
I wonder why Mr. Yoyogi said nothing about...

Shut the fuck up. I'm very mad right now.

There was nothing I could do.
I didn't expect this to happen, either.

I don't want to hear your excuse anymore.
You were born to be a loser.

Did we need to come this far?

I bet you just wanted to make a trip
to get away from the reality.

I can't write the script without
actually coming here and feel the air.

Can you tell the difference of the air?

You are just sitting next to me
and using me as your wallet and driver.

Gosh, I am such an idiot to come with you.

I can't believe how fool I am.
I can't stand with it.

Are you arguing with dad?

No, I'm not. I'm just asking him
why he couldn't get his work done.

I took days off to come this far,
and it's become a waste of time.

I don't know why we came here.
Your dad is such a loser.

Bitch, just shut...

Did you just call me a bitch?

You should shut the fuck up. It's irritating
to see you drinking and turning red.

How could I reject having such a big feast
after the interview?

You didn't have an interview with them!

I couldn't turn them down in that situation.
You were eating sashimi, too.

I wasn't!

- You were.
- No, I wasn't.

I saw you having sashimi such as bonitos.

I just wanted to drink, too!

Mom, I feel sick.

- What?
- Are you about to vomit?

- Yes.
- She's about to vomit.

Just do something!
We can't get the rental car dirty.

Get the sick bag there.

Aki, can you hold up a bit longer?
I'll park the car soon.

- No, I can't.
- Wait!

Hold on just a second!

Still feeling sick? Just get it all out.

It's not coming out.

"Yashima's Famous Pottery Throwing"

- Want to keep this?
- Yes.

- Here you are, the water.
- Why did it take so long?

- I feel better now.
- Really?


Hey, there is an observation deck over there.

- Huh?
- I want to go!

Let's go.

See? The sea looks awesome.

Why do you sound like it's yours?

Do you want to check out the art festival
and see some artworks?

No. I'm going to the hotel now.

I've been driving all day and feel depressed
to have a meaningless day.

Then, let's get some wine at the winery,

get some items for dinner
and have them at the hotel.

Of course, I'll drink.

Is she mad again?

She always is. Don't be like her.

"Welcome to Sanuki Winery"

Are you drinking again?

- I don't like wine though.
- You can't hold your liquor.

Hey, take that guy's attention away from me.

He looks me as if I'm a thief
and it irritates me.

- Why is he staring at you?
- Because I'm a driver, I guess.

Watch him while I pour wine in the bottle.

You should use this.

What am I supposed to do?

What? Are you stealing wine?

Shut up. It's just for tasting. Hurry up!

- What are you doing?
- Shush. Be quiet.

Don't move.

What's that? I want to try, too.

Carry me.

- Dad, please.
- Chika, can you carry her?

It's your job.

I've been carrying her all day.

Here we are.

It looks like a normal apartment
and not quaint.

How could you complain to me?

We are on a trip, remember?

- Wow, it's awesome! Can we live here?
- Wow, it's surprising.

- It costs only 3.500 yen to stay here?
- Yes.

I participated the trial and answered a long
questionnaire to get this offer.

- I tried so hard to find such a good offer.
- Oh, yeah?

I like the white wall, too.

- Let's play sumo.
- Yes, let's!

- Ready?
- Ready, set, fight!

Don't crush this room.

He was so useless today, too.

You won't believe what I'm going to tell you.

It's not that the thighs of my wife
turn me on,

but I was expecting to have sex with her
in this situation.

He was drinking alone and turning red.

You can imagine that, can't you?

Oh, my god. He's come to pour wine.

He is on to something. It's so disgusting.

- No way! I'm tired, too.
- Did you hear what he just said?

"No way! I'm tired, too."
You never do anything anyway.

What's he talking about?

Once I'm turned on,

I try everything to have sex with her.
I'll bring some liquor with me. See you.

So, I came up with a plan.
Good night

- I'll change the channel.
- Sure.

I can tell you and Yumi are good friends.
You sound very fun to talk with her.

It's good to have a friend like her.

You two are not so sticky and simple
yet have a deep root.

I feel so comfortable to be with Yumi.
She is the best.

I understand. I like her, too.

She was the only person
who agreed with our marriage.

She somehow appreciates you that much.
That's only thing I don't get.

She was a unique girl.

For instance, she liked watching films
directed by Peckinpah.

I'm looking forward to seeing her, too.

- Is her husband coming?
- No, he'll go to work.

Are you joining us tomorrow?
Why don't you go take Aki to the beach?

I want to enjoy the time with her alone.

I'll go to the beach, too, but I bet
she wants to see me, too.

That can't be true. We don't need you.

By the way, you are too close. Go back
to the sofa and stay away from the bed.

Now, what kind of conversation should I have
with her to have sex with her?

It's very hard to figure that out.

By the way, do you remember the weird news?

Which one?
I hear so many weird news every day.

The news about a construction worker
who had been living in the mountain...

and saved a couple who got lost.

Do you know that construction worker
was arrested?

No, I don't and not interested at all.

I don't check the internet all day long
like you do.

Well, what I heard is this.

That old guy couldn't stop himself...

but to fuck her
while he was taking care of her.

- So?
- What?

What's the point?

Well, I wonder what her boyfriend was doing
at that time.

What do you mean?

I mean...

while the old man was fucking her.

What's your point? You're so disgusting.

Do you think he was listening to them
and enjoying it?

You watch porno too much.
I can imagine you would do so.

Anyway, it's boring
to hear the story like that. What a waste.

I'm going to bed.

Shall I massage you? I still owe you some
for losing the UNO match.

Forget about it. It's been over 10 years.

Let me massage you for 30 minutes, please.
I know you're exhausted to drive all day.

You are poor at massaging.

Besides, you owe me much more,
like 30 hours. You're such a liar.

I know. I'm going to do it better.

Leave me alone. I'm telling you,
I'm not going to have sex with you.

Who said anything about having sex?

But why don't we do it? We are on a trip.

- No.
- Why?

Because I don't want to.

Why not? Let's make love.
It's a special occasion.

No. I want to sleep because I'm tired.

Then, let me lie next to you like this.

You're so annoying.


You're the worst man. You became
violent if not getting to have sex.

It's August 6th.

I've come all the way to Kagawa prefecture
to do research for writing the script.

I couldn't have an interview nor
have sex with my wife.

So, I'm feeling lost,
wandering the city in Takamatsu.

I thought about picking up a prostitute,

but didn't have a courage to steal money
from my wife's money.

That bitch. Pig!

Pig! Bitch! Pig!

Forgive me for texting you.

When I saw you last time after a long time,

I think I felt excited a little bit.

Sorry. You don't need to reply to me.

Because it's going to hurt.

Oh, well. Whatever. I sent it already.

Excuse me?

Are you all right?

What are you doing?

Oh, I just dropped some coins.

- How much?
- Well, ah...

- She looks very sick.
- Yeah.

Wow, she must have drunk a lot.
Are you all right?

- Do you know her?
- What?

I said "Do you know her?"

No, I don't, but...

Can I see your ID, please?

- Huh?
- Your ID.

I don't have my ID because I'm on a trip.

- From where?
- What?

From Tokyo.

Then, come with me to the police station.
I want to talk with you.

- What?
- Now, wake up.

It's dangerous to sleep in a place
like here. Wake up.

- Hey, you.
- Me?

Take that bicycle and follow me.

- What?
- Come one, hurry up.

Hey! I said hurry up!

Are you out of your mind to call me
such early in the morning?

I've got a small child to take care of.

Besides, what were you doing outside?
Go to hell!

Tell me your name so that
I can file a claim about you!

Sorry, but we're just doing our jobs.

Your husband was taking care of a drunk lady.

- I don't give a shit!
- I'm so sorry.

Here is your driver's license.

You can go now.

I'm sorry to bother you.

Hey, I'm sorry.

Did you hear me? I'm sorry.

I was just taking care of her,
and he misunderstood me. What a bad luck.

I'll carry Aki.

By the way, what were you doing out there?

As I came up with the idea for the script,
I went out for a walk...

I knew you were feeling stressed
not to have sex.

Carry her now.

- Besides, I remembered something terrible.
- What?

- When I saw you at the police station...
- Huh?

When I noticed that I was pregnant
and told you about it,

you turned blue
as if it was the end of the world.


That's the face I'm talking about!

Oh, my god.

You made me pregnant because you wanted
the excuse to give up on films.

- I know that.
- What? Why are you telling me this now?

Because the look on your face
brought me back old memories!

Having a baby is a good excuse
for giving up on your dream.

But you were the one who wanted a baby.

It didn't need to be your baby.

When I asked you to break up,
you started to be willing to have a baby.

I remember how upset you were.

But you didn't change a big
even after Aki was born.

You stayed the same:
self-centered, childish idiot.

Wait, calm down.

I wonder why I didn't break up with you
at that time.

But I worked part-time
while you were on maternal leave.

It's nothing to brag about.

I asked you to keep that job, but you quitted
anyway for some mysterious reason.

I had some issue in relationships.

Issues in relationships exist in any jobs.

It may be true, but...

Look! "Curse on the..."

"Curse in the Village" would become a film!

It's going to be a game changer.

How many times have you told
such thing to me?

It's not going to be real.

I should have broken up with you
at that time.

I knew you were a loser.

Stop acting like that now.
You've been displeased since you got here.

That's wrong. I've been like that
ever since you came into my life.

You don't make money
but complains and eat a lot.

- You loser.
- Hey, don't talk like that in front of Aki.

I might have become a real loser
because you kept saying so to me.

Don't blame me for being a loser
having no talent.

Then, since you chose to be with a loser,
you are a loser, too!

That's right. I'm a loser, too.
But I'm better than you.

You are almost a garbage: a spitbox!

Don't spit at me. Disgusting.

Is that all you got to say?

You deserve to be spat at.
Just go away and never come back!

Shut up! Shall I start recording
to show you how ugly your voice is?

Go do it. Then what?
You can't even have an interview.

Nobody is using such an old recorder
these days. You loser.

Th... this is your recorder!

Why are you mumbling? You're so uncool.

Besides, in fact, you have nothing
that you want to write about.

All you want is to be famous and popular.

That's why you stay being a loser.

That's enough.

Did you kick me? How scary.

You chopped me earlier, too.
You kick me because you can't use your hands?

How scary.

A loser like you will
start to get more violent.

So uncool.
Nobody in the universe can be more uncool.

I don't want you around any longer.
Go to hell!

I'll get a drink and go see Yumi.
Give me back my wallet, you thief!

Why are you losing your temper?
So uncool.

Go to hell, you pig!

Shut up! Pick up all the coins!

Hey, dad. Wake up. Dad!

- Dad.
- Huh? What?

Mom isn't home yet.

- What time is it now?
- I don't know. Where is mom?

Ow. Just wait.

- When will she come back?
- I'm going to the bathroom.

Where is mom?

Dad, your pee is off the toilet bowl.

It's all right because it's not ours.

- I'll tell it to mom!
- Don't.

You sounded like a mean girl. Just stop.

- Will you call mom?
- Well...

She is busy doing something today.

So, how about going to the beach with me?

Are we going to island? Taking a ship?

- I don't know about island.
- Let's go to island by a ship! Yay!

I always feel sick on the ship though.

- Are you texting mom?
- Don't look!

Go pack your stuff now.

- What?
- Hurry up. Now.

All right.

What should I pack?

You want to have sex with me again,
don't you?

It's so obvious. So irritating.

But I may want to do the same, too.
So irritating.

Any man would want to have sex with
a hot lady like you.

You should forgive me.

You should forgive me.
Hey, dad! Look!

I might fall! If I fall, I could die!

It's dangerous. Don't fall.

Dad, is that the island? Shodoshima?

That's right. Mom is there, too.

But Aki and I can't join her.

It's so unfair, isn't it?
She is doing something fun alone.

You should tell this to your grandma.


- Are you texting mom?
- It's my client.

Aki! Don't run out into the street!

Wait for me, Aki!

Excuse me, but how far is
this Healthy Beach from here?

It'll take about 10 minutes by bus.

Since the previous one just left,
you need to wait for an hour.

Then, can we go there by that rental bicycle?

I don't know, but I think you'd get there
sooner than the next bus.

There is a slope on the way though.

Dad, I've got better at riding a bicycle.

Yes, indeed. You've got better.

Dad, wait for me.

If I stop, I wouldn't be able to ride again.

Come on.

Hey, dad.

I'm tired.

Dad, are you listening to me?

I'm tired.

I'm tired, too!

You said you wanted to go to the beach.

Stop crying. I want to cry, too.

Let's go now.

It's not funny at all! He is a real loser.

He hasn't changed at all. I bet he was
trying to do something to the drunk lady.

I should have let them arrest him.

Getting caught as a groper
is perfect for him.

He is a real loser.

- You are so harsh as always.
- No, I'm not!

Dad, look! I made a mountain.



Dad, look!

"To Ms. Azuma
I want to touch your marshmallow..."

"Incoming Call From Ms. Azuma"
I made a mountain.


Yeah, it's easier to talk on the phone.

- Dad, look!
- I was really surprised to bump into you.


No, no. I didn't run away from you.

Dad, I made a mountain!

I couldn't get to work as often
as I used to do, so...

It's true.

He was such a promising writer
in the college.

He used to be a star of the cinema club,
winning a prize for his script.

That was the highlight of his life.

The club was so silly, anyway.

I wanted to see Gota, too.

Why don't you call him now
and make it up with him?

No way. He'll start complaining you about me.

I don't care. I want to see Aki, too.

Taking a day off is so rare
for a landlady like me.

- I'll call him.
- No, please don't. Yumi!

Yeah, I was so excited to see you.

I thought you might be able to
hear my heart racing.

Yeah. It is racing now, too.

Do you want to hear?

What? Yeah, it's fine for me.

Tomorrow? Ah...

I won't be in Tokyo tomorrow.

Yes, on a business trip.


Next Wednesday?

It works for me.

Then, as always,
shall we go there afterwards?


Well, to be honest with you,
mine is getting so hard right now.

Ms. Azuma! Somebody might see us.

Nobody would.

Go ahead, take off your shirt!

I know you like a play like this.

- I'm feeling embarrassed.
- Are you?

Why's that? Tell me.

Talk to me.

- I'm embarrassed.
- Louder!

- I'm embarrassed!
- Tell me more.

I'm embarrassed to be like this at the dump!

I can feel precum is already coming out.

I'm about to come.

It's your fault, Ms. Azuma.

You are responsible for this.
Yes, you are.

You should get ready for this.

I won't stop even if you cry.

I want to be infatuated with your body.


OK, see you on Wednesday.




- I can hear the call at last.
- Just hang up now.

But he doesn't answer.

He must be sleeping at the hotel,
letting Aki watch TV all day long.

Aki! Aki!

Aki, where are you?

Aki, where did you go?



There you are. Where have you been?

- Are you her father?
- Yes, I am. Sorry.

- Keep your eye on her. It's dangerous.
- I'm sorry.

At the beach,
children often get involved in accidents.

These days, I see many parents
who don't keep their eye on their kids.

The beach is full of danger.

Got it.

Glad to find your father.

Hey, Aki. You should stay with me
at the beach. It's very dangerous.

I'm sorry.

Do you want to have shaved ice?

All right, then.

In return, you should promise me
not to go away from me.

- You should be more careful.
- OK.

Oh, watch out.

I don't want to be scolded again, OK?

What's going on?

He must be a bad father.

"Incoming Call From Chika"


Sit down to eat.

Who is this?

Oh, Yumi! It's been a while.

I wanted to see you, too,
but I'm on the beach with my daughter.


In fact, we are in Shodoshima now.
Do you know Healthy Beach?

By a rental bicycle?
Wow, it must have been a lot of work.

Why don't you join us?

Don't call him over.
He'll get too excited to be invited.

It's all right.

I'll pay for the cab, so please come over.

Really? Then, we'll be coming.

Yes, all right.

I'll call you. Bye.

Are we going to see mom?

Yeah, so, I'll buy you another shaved ice.

In return, can you keep that you got lost
at the beach a secret?

Sure. I'll have a strawberry flavor.

- OK. Can you really promise?
- Yes.

- Then, I'll get it.
- Yay!

She is so cute.
I should get my husband checked, too.

Yeah, you should. Just get his sperm
at home and take it to the hospital.

Gota's one was said to be so weak.
It was almost dead.

I can imagine that.

Will you have another child?

No way. We can't afford it.

I would like another one though.

How can we afford it?
You are not thinking about anything.

Director Kuroiwa says having one and
two children are the same thing.

He is a rich man unlike you.

Don't get influenced by others
on a topic like this.

But he does all the housework, right?

All he can do is to take Aki to and from
the day-care center.

I prepare meals, too.

You do?

Yeah. I'm good at cooking, right?

He relies on the recipe online.
He is good at imitating people's work.

I don't imitate people's script!

I know you imitated someone's script and
worried about being found out.

You kept asking me what I thought.

So, I told you that it's almost the same,
you were so upset.

You lost your temper and yelled
"Can't you see it's an homage?"

Do you remember yelling at me like that?

It's fun to watch them, isn't it?

Why don't you also write scripts
for TV dramas to earn some money?

Most of them are silly.

Yeah, if I had a chance.

He says he doesn't want to write for TV
although he doesn't get any offer.

- I don't say that.
- Yes, you do.

Except for Taichi Yamada and So Kuramoto,
all the writers are shit, you said.

I give credit to Kankuro Kudo, too.

Who do you think you are?
You are the lowest shit.

No, lower than shit.
I'm getting irritated again.

Calm down, Chika.

Gota, will you take a nap?

I heard you couldn't sleep last night.
You can use the guest room.

- Really? Then, can I?
- Sure.

Once she starts complaining, it never ends.

- Come this way.
- You always run away.

- Let's go.
- Yes.

He'll start thinking about something naughty
if you are too kind to him.

I don't care if it's him.

Sorry for forcing you to come over.

Chika is harsh on you as always, isn't she?

No, no. She is harsher at home.

All right, then, enjoy fantasizing
as much as you want.

What? Yumi...

- See you later.
- Thank you.

That little devil, jeez.

Oh, Yumi!

I'm always the one to seduce him.

I want a baby for sure,
but sometimes, I just want to get laid.

I know he's been busy working all day long,
but it takes a courage to seduce him, too.

Really? Are you still interested
in having sex?

You are not anymore?

Not at all. Especially since Aki was born.

Isn't it sad to be sexless
after having a baby?

It's nothing to do with Aki.

He is simply not attractive as a male.

Although he doesn't make any money,
he has a big mouth,

quibbles, kowtows and yells at me.

I can't stand with him anymore.

But it'll work out as long as
he wants to have sex with you.

- Once it starts, it ends soon anyway.
- Well, yeah. That's true.

But he says something unnecessary
with a grin on his face.

What does he say?

Such as "It's been a while." and
"You're sensitive today."

It's so disgusting that I get turned off.

He always wants me on top and do nothing
but asks me to do a lot.

It doesn't last a minute once it starts.

- Well, but sooner is better.
- That's for sure.

Besides, he sometimes loses his temper.

He says "Nobody would want
to have sex with you besides me!"

"I'll never fuck you again!"

"Our relationship is working because
I still want to have sex."

In the end, he says
"I'll go fuck someone else."

He just likes it.

But you don't break up with him
because you trust him, don't you?

No, I don't.

I expect nothing from him. He is so hopeless.

Then, are you interested in having sex with
somebody else than him?

I've seen a cool father
at the day-care center,

but I've forgotten how to gasp.

Don't worry, you'll remember.

I remembered it right away.

What do you mean?

- Tell me what's going on.
- Well...

- Tell me.
- Promise me to keep this a secret.

I will. So, tell me.

What's going on?

In fact,

I have a boyfriend.

For real? Hush, I could wake Aki.

Who is it?

He is a part-time worker at our hotel.

He is a college student and very cute.

What? How did it start?

I don't know, but it just happened.

Wow. You haven't changed.

When I was working, he suddenly kissed me.
He was so aggressive.

I bet you flirt with him first.

I'm not good at hiding my true feelings.


Wait, does it mean
he is your friend with benefits?

No, he is not. He is my boyfriend.

It's so awesome to hear naughty things
from a young boy like him.

He makes me feel like I'm falling
and it really turns me on.

You are actually falling.

But I know you want to try it, too.

Huh? No way! I'm shocked!

I doubt that because you are overreacting.

- I'm not!
- You are.

- I agree with Yumi.
- No, I'm not!

She is overreacting and it stinks.

It looks like Chika is excited.

Yumi's stimulus confession
must have turned her on

and her vagina must be so wet now.

Perhaps, tonight,

I may be able to have sex with her.


Nothing. Did you have fun seeing Yumi
for the first time in years?

Yes, I did.


What were you talking about
while I was asleep?

Nothing special.

I think Yumi has become beautiful.

She was born to be beautiful.

In order to make Chika remember
the story of Yumi and her boyfriend,

I brought this up.

But she's become more beautiful than before.

Do you think it's because she consumes
the essence of Seto Inland Sea?

I don't know. I think it's thanks to
her awesome husband.

I'm sorry.

For what?

For not being an awesome husband.

Besides, I couldn't do anything
although you came with me all the way.

It's all right now.

Not everything is your fault.


It's working! It's working well.

I... I'll do my best to be awesome.

What's wrong?

I'll really do my best.

I've thought that I want to be a good husband
for you since I met you.

You'd better be so that
I don't need to get irritated.

It's up to men whether women will become
more beautiful or not.

She sounds turned on.

You're right. I'll do my best to be awesome.

Please do so.

Hey, Chika.

I want to make love with you tonight.

Oh, well...

Fine. Tonight is exceptional.

- I knew it!
- What do you mean?


Then, I'll try being Benicio Del Toro tonight.

You don't have to. I know you can't.

How about Koichi Sato?

I prefer Koji Yakusho tonight.

That's a good choice.

But you can stay just as you are.

You don't need to imitate Jennifer Lawrence.

Of course, I don't.

By the way, stop smirking like that.
It turns me off.

Just in case, I brought this.

Are you an idiot? Aki may wake up.

Well... I feel shy because it's been a while.

Don't say that. It turns me off, too.

I'll make you feel so good.

Shut up now.

- I can gasp, can't I?
- Shut up.

- You make me gasp.
- I said, shut up.

Hey, it's tickling.

- What? You're using it too soon.
- Don't worry, I got this.

No, you don't. It's too soon.

- Don’t be lazy.
- Oh, come on. You're all ready.

After having good sex, everything goes well
between us, doesn't it?

Stop saying such things. It turns me off.

So, let's make love once a week at least.

For building a better relationship.

Once a week is too much.

I am infatuated with your body.

I've got some fat around my stomach though.

I love it this way. I'm a maniac.

It's unnecessary for you to say so.

Ow! It's hot!

- It's not hot. Don't overreact.
- It is hot.

- One, two...
- I'll watch you do it here.

What? Wait!

- Look at the camera.
- Yay!



That's unique.

Aki, wait for us.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

Now, say cheese.

- Here you go.
- Thank you very much.

We appreciate it. Thanks.

- Have a safe trip.
- Thanks, you too. Bye.

I'm Chika Yanagida from Nerima Ward, Tokyo.

I wish my husband will succeed in his career.

I'm counting on you.
Please make my wish come true.


There she is.

- Take a photo of us.
- I am taking it!

Did you see how dad did?

Yes, he hurt his hip.

Ready, set, go!

Mom is slower than dad!

I wish I could earn enough money
to let Aki have sushi once a month.

What about me?
You should think about me first.

Needless to say,
I want to let you have sushi every day.

Then, try harder.
I'm tired of being worried about money.

I know. I'll try harder.

- Can I have another medium-fatty tuna?
- All right, medium-fatty tuna!

Medium-fatty tuna!

Again? How many of them
have you ordered today?

It's all right. Just for today.

- Oh, hey.
- What?

Once the film of "Curse in the Village" is out,
let's make another trip.

- How about going abroad?
- Sounds great.

I knew "Curse in the Village"
would be successful.

It was fun to read the script.
I was impressed.

- I preferred it to the original book.
- Really?

You were telling me
"It's not going to be real." earlier.

Why do you bring it up now?

- That's why you are an idiot.
- I didn't mean to upset you.

Imagine how hard it was to write it
based on the boring book.

It took three years to see
the printed script.

Yeah. You did a great job.

Why don't you write a novel?
I think you can do better than others.

Yeah, I've been thinking about it, too.

Go ahead and write it. If it becomes a film,
you could write the script.

It'll work better. If you become popular,
I will be your manager.

I want to direct the film by myself, too.

Most of the directors and producers
are fools, you know.

They can't even read the script
and drive me nuts.

Yeah, you should do everything by yourself.

I've been telling you so, haven't I?

It's Mr. Yoyogi!

Here it comes!
He would offer you a new job.

Hello? How are you?

Dad said he would try harder
to let Aki have salmon roe more often.

Here medium-fat tuna is.

Yes, I heard
they will start shooting next month.


Well, I'll come up with another plot soon.
Something funny and hanky.


No, no. I'm not disappointed at all.

Well, there's nothing we can do about it.

All right, I'm looking forward to
your new plot.

Thank you! I'll do my best.

By the way, I have one more news to break.

Your script is turned down. What was it?
Oh, "Curse in the Village."


The original author complained
about your script.

So, I got upset and gave up
arguing with him.

You'll be surprised to know
what your dad is capable of.

Can I have another one
at room temperature, please?

You can hold your drink!
How attractive you are.

Stop it.

I really like this one.
It's fruity and has a good flavor.

- I'm so happy to be here.
- I bet you are.

- Bring another Koshi no Kaiten to the counter.
- OK!

What's that look on your face?

He said "Curse in the Village" has....


My... my script has...

Hold on!

What? Will Fukuyama be on the film?

My script has been turned down.

Are you kidding?

Why? I'm not following you.

I'm not sure, either.

Why don't you get it?

Please... don't yell at me.

I'm not yelling! What exactly did he say?


The original author didn't like my script.

I don't know why, but...

What happened?

I feel so hopeless now.

He said there was no problem with my script
and the director liked it, too.

If so, why doesn't he try harder
to persuade the original author?

I'd been telling Mr. Yoyogi...

that he should show my script
to the original author in advance.

But he said "Don't worry. I'll persuade
the author if he complains about it."

- He always...
- Stop talking.

I don't want to hear it anymore.


Why do things never work out?

Here is Koshi no Kaiten.

Let me take these away.

Mom, are you all right?

Hey, Chika. Don't cry.

Even in this situation
you are self-conscious?

Thank you. I'm all right.

I feel better now because you stroke my back.

- Excuse us. Check, please.
- Certainly.

- Bring a check to the counter!
- All right!

- Are we leaving now?
- I don't feel like drinking anymore.

Aki, come with me.


Chika, wait.

Don't touch me!

Break up with me.


I can't do this anymore.

Wait, calm down. It's so sudden...

No, it's not!

I've asked you so many times!

Yeah, but hold on. Why...

This is it.

I can't take it anymore.

I really can't.

I don't know what to do.

Just hold on and calm down.

I am calm now.

You'll never try hard
as long as I'm with you.

You are making both me and Aki unhappy.

I don't want to keep on doing this anymore.

I really have no idea what to do.


I've tried so hard for such a long time.

Hey, mom. Are you all right?

But you...


I was expecting the script to be used
for the film and it would change something.

I thought you might not be a loser.

But you...

You are just scared to be alone!

Mom. Please stop crying.

Sorry, Aki.

I don't want to cry, either, but...

But I want to cry now.

Stop crying.

Please don't cry.

- Please don't cry.
- I'm sorry. Sorry, Aki.

I... I'm trying hard, too!

But... it doesn't work out at all!

I don't know what to do!

I want to cry, too!

Shut up!

Shut up and don't cry.

You don't deserve to cry! Don't cry!

Because I... I'm trying hard, too...

Shut up and don't cry!

Why do you sound so pathetic?

I'm done with your stupid act!

Don't yell at dad anymore!


he is such a stupid dad!

Stay away from us!

Don't cry nor laugh!

You don't deserve to cry nor laugh!

Don't laugh!

Go to hell!

Eat shit and die!

Why are you crying and laughing
at the same time?

Why, mom?

I'm so tired now.

Don't laugh! Stop it, you idiot!

I'm so tired of this.

Why are you laughing?

"Good-Luck Red Pants"

"Good-Luck Red Pants"
Let's get some.

What? I don't need it.

You are trying harder than anybody else.
All you need is a good luck.

Let's do whatever we can do.
I'll wear this, too.

Will you, too?

Good luck won't come to you
if I don't wear it, right?

Yeah, but... I'm not sure about this.

I don't like
"praying to the gods" kind of stuff.

I'll take this one. How do I look?

- You look like Giant Baba.
- Really?

Look how high-waisted it is.

This piece would win the prize for sure.

Besides, I am wearing this.

I'll do my best.

I'll do my best for sure.

I promise you.

I'll do my best for sure.

I... ah...

I love you.

"Gota Yanagida"
"Merry Home"

- I can't read your hand-writing.
- What?

- Which one?
- This one.

This one is...

Oh, it's "jack ass."

How's it going?

- Here you are.
- I don't need tea but beer, you idiot!

You need beer?

- It's funny, isn't it?
- No. It's normal.


What? Which part was funny for you?

Hold on. What's this?

Ow, it hurts.

"I'm not going to take it..."
What did you write here?

Give me a second.

"I'm not going to take it..."

- "because I won't use it."
- What?

Oh, "because I won't use it at all."

Why don't you write "at all"
in Chinese characters?

Sorry, but...

you sounded like a young punk.

Yeah, I know.

"Because I..."

- "won't use it..."
- "at all."

Why did you sigh?

I was not sighing but just breathing.

Don't breathe, either.

I would die if I don't.

Then just die.

Wow, really?

I'm going to live!

- I'm going to live!
- Enough!

Don't put them here.

Leave me alone now.
Don't interfere with my work.

There should be at least one part
that you liked.

Something normal can't be sold to them.

So, tell me which part you liked.

Who do you think you are?

Because you just say it's normal.

I'm not saying it's bad.

So, you should appreciate it.

Nobody would buy a normal book.

Do you really need to tell it to me now?
I'm busy.

Oh, sorry. I can't thank you enough.

- Who do you think you are?
- Go back to work.

Can you type it if I don't?

No, I can't, and I'm grateful to have you.

Based on the novel by Shin Adachi

Written and Directed by Shin Adachi