A Belfast Story (2013) - full transcript

In a city left torn by war, when a series of murders awaken dormant memories, many fear the worst. Colm Meaney ("Hell On Wheels", "Layer Cake", "Con Air") and Malcolm Sinclair ("Casino Royale", "V for Vendetta") star in a film set between war and peace. Times are changing, car bombs are less common and terrorists find themselves out of work, but old habits die hard. And while most go quietly into the night, one man must find the few who won't comply. A greying assassin has stopped walking his son to school. With motives buried deep in the Irish conflict, everyone is about to discover that the past matters to someone...

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UFF? Easy going,
they only killed 50 people.

He was finished.
To do that in LVF territory...

You mean by a fecking...
You know I hate balmy wars.

Now he's attacked
by UDA men.

Heavens, EvF came for
them and that was that, sort of.

The ARB's dead and gone.

And then he was red hot
and on the run underground.

I don't know the provost.

- You have the whole story.
- Rid IRA?

You're nuts. They don't
know how to make a bomb.

A poet told a story

of a boy walking under ice,

shooting a man
as he ate his breakfast,

an ulster fry.

Then he turned to his wife
and said:

"Sorry, Mum."

To understand Northern Ireland,

you have to realize
a strange war was fought here.

There were no heroes,
no defining battles.

Only casualties.

People die defending
their daily lives,

not always their causes.

The trouble with The Troubles

is you can't put a border
between neighbors.

Then the story was told again.

This time better.

They flew in in jets,
talked up a ceasefire

and told us
that it was all over now.

The past is in the past.
Let it sleep.

This is Belfast,

and this is a Belfast story.

Lost years.

And it still echoes.

Right this way, sir.

Chief Constable wanted
to brief you personally,

about the scene.

Mistake dug this house
years ago.

So many cold rainy nights.

Always. Always raining.

This way, sir.

Ah, James.

- So glad you could make it.
- Mm.

Come inside.

- You too, um...
- Damien, sir.

What we have here
is a gruesome motiveless murder

of an old pensioner,
to make matters worse.

Pardon, sir,
but this address has history.

Well, yes, a connection
was never proven

so we'll have to leave that.

We wouldn't want
to start the press

on political bias again,
would we?

And the important thing

is you apply
all your undoubted skills

to find the killer
and dealing with any

of the intricacies
this case may present.

Now I see why I've been
plucked off the scrap heap.

The problem has raised
it's ugly head, eh?

And the motives go way back.

And that got said, you need
someone for damage control.

Someone is about
to disappear anyway.

Someone about to retire.
Someone like me.

You know what your problem is,

You have exactly the wrong kind
of intelligence.

You're too clever
just to take orders.

You have to look behind them.

But then you're not smart enough
to benefit from your knowledge.

No wonder you're the last
of your stubborn kind.

Still, I know you'll do
a splendid job.

Show us around then, Damien.

Body was found upstairs.

And neighbors reported
an explosion

at approximately 4 a.m.

It was in an empty room on
a chair surrounded by needles.


Very messy.

I'll find him.

Show James the lead, Damien.

In the unused bedroom,

a great deal of money
was found and a note.

And it read,
"Official receipt for expenses.

Two-hundred and fifty thousand
pounds removed

from known criminal revenue."

And scrawled below it
was the word justice.

Did you count the rest?

Five hundred thousand pounds

Well, you can add that
to your sob story then.

They took a third
of his pension.

I'm gonna leave you
to get on with your work, James.

I'm assigning Damien here
to assist you

with any leg work
or paper filing.

Any resources you need,
consider them yours.

I have to be away.

I have a small speech
to prepare.

There was two of them.

How do you know?

A lot of nails
to carry up the stairs

and one of them had to watch
your man

while the other dug
the money out.

Could that have
been done afterwards?

After the explosion?

You don't hang around
after a bang like that.

They crouched in the garden,

waiting for something.

My guess is

the old man got up bright
and early.

They were waiting for a light.

What makes you think
he was awake when they came?

The bed sheets weren't ruffled.

Nobody was dragged
out of that bed.


They waited for a light
and they melted the bolt

and charged up the stairs.

Then what happened?

They tied him to the chair.



Why else would he have been
so close to the blast?

It also fits
the executionary style.

Near the nail bolt.

That was his weapon of choice
back in the day.

These boys were sending
a message.

After that, the money?


One of them
would have stood over him,

while the other
went to look for the money.

What kind of justice is that?

This is Belfast.


Are you coming?

I'm sorry, sir.

It's just that you need to know

there's been a murder.

I've just taken the call.

An elderly IRA veteran
was killed in his home.

It was a bomb.

Oh, not now.

The Chief Constable says
he'll sit on it

for as long as he can.

I just can't help him again.

We've suffered enough.

I thought you'd want to know
right away.

Of course.

We must reassure the people

that no matter what
the consequence,

we are not going backwards.

I'm building on a foundation
of peace.

But it will crumble quickly.

I'll begin drafting right away.

You want me to have Eammon
take a look?

Aye. You better.

I know this is a lot
of my own making.

- But I need time to change it.
- I know.

And we don't need old enemies
picking off old friends.

This could be worse.

This could be the start
of something new.

- I'm walking with the ghosts.
- Sir?

Every week, I come here

to face the ones
I failed to save.

Not your fault, sir.

It reminds me
of what's really important.

Not the battles,
not the politics.

The people.

You see, I count corpses,

not causes.

All I want

is a bright

new day in my city.

We're living in the shadows
of the past.

I know. Come on, sir,
we're not going back there.

And, sir, listen.

It wouldn't surprise me
if the IRA deal with us

before we get a chance to.

That's what I'm afraid of.

Another war.

Get in, will you?

Well, as you can see,

I stopped walking my son
to school.

It's a dangerous world
out there.

I saw him once.

He was coming out the court
out of the amnesty.

I was on the beat,

holding back
the victim's relatives.

Never seen such contempt
read large in someone's face.

So someone
is definitely hunting down

ex-IRA men.

Aye. Unh!

Someone with a grievance.

And a sense of irony.

You sound as if you think
something like this

could be justified.

Vigilantes can never
be justified.

You're a man of old principle.

Just a man of principle.

Not too many of them around,
that's all.

So it's been a while since
you've come looking for me.

Must be needing something done.

Aye. You've heard about
the killings?

Who hasn't?
Except those that don't matter.

What do you reckon?

Could be nothing,

could be a paramilitary shade.

One death in this city
is either unnoticed

or the start
of some shit storm.

Anyway, you didn't come here
for my political assessment.

- What do you want?
- I want you to look around.

Check out the usual agents.

Warn them off
or just tell youse all about it?

Just call in, Eammon.

We're in a different business
these days.

The end of the alley from
hereabouts, one of these houses.

They never would've ventured
further that way.

They knew someone in here.

Now, how could you
be knowing that?

It's just to see them
all the way along the street.

Remember the makeshift
barricades were just down there.

It took the army two years

to work up the nerve
to move them.

Mm. That side, nothing.

Three yards this way?

Eammon and his friends
are pelting you

with Molotov cocktails.

Shall we go house to house then,
question the residents?

Well, enjoy. You'll get there.

At least I know
what's already here.

Oh, they look after their own.
Or try.

They knew his escape route.

What does that tell you?

What does that tell me?

It tells me
that someone's cleaning house.

And are bloody good at it.

But they'll make a mistake.

Angry people always do.

Anything I can do for you, sir?

I thought we might have
a quick word.

Better handle them formally.

Oh, and I appreciate you
calling my office

about the unpleasantness.

It's always good to hear about
these things early in the day.

Of course, sir.

We mustn't let things
get out of hand.

We're sculpting hope from ashes.

It's a delicate process
that can bear no interruption.

I've chosen the best man
for the job.

He'll see it through.



You must explain to the world

that Northern Ireland will not
descend into violence again.

You won us this peace
and we'll maintain it.

These are your people.

They're hunting you, Colum.
They're gonna kill you.

Colleen, love,
we've discussed this.

Those people who died
have retired.

They had no protection.

I've kept this in case this
sort of thing ever happened.

And I've contacts keeping
an eye out for us.

They won't get me.


I'm going in to work
with Kelly, love.

When I'm gone,
call the police.

Tell them you thought you heard
someone tampering with the car.

And then take Marian
and get a taxi to your sisters.

Kelly? Yeah, it's me.

I need a spin.

Right now, yeah?

They think they're so smart,
these boys.

Reckon that I would drive my car
without checking it proper?

It's not that easy.

You know, if it were me against
some sophisticated target,

I would've gone for a roadside.

If it was me,

I'll never go near a car again.

Then you never think
it will be you.

I can't have it.
The press are going wild.

I want this bloody mess
cleared up.

And I want an assurance
we are not going back there.

Not on my watch.

Sir, it's difficult to discern
a clear pattern.

Especially without laying
the blame on loyalists

because all the victims
were ex-IRA.

That isn't good enough.
I want these people caught.

Now I think you have a theory,

You tell me.

We're talking internment
conditions, remember them?

I will take anyone
off the street,

evidence to follow later.

That is not gonna work
and you know it.

Just find my man.

- Give me my peace back.
- Ugh.

I've spent half my life
cleaning up bloody messes.

Some coming in for causes,
some for revenge, some for fun.

I know these people.
I will find them.

All right, all right.

What have you got?

Well, the only pattern
we can see

is the victims are all IRA.

That would indicate
loyalist vengeance,

but they're not
even celebrating.

So that leaves us
with a highly motivated,

previously unknown force?

Uh, I still think
this is a private vendetta.

I just can't figure out

why they are targeting
the whole IRA.

Most people
have a specific grudge.

Well, if a specific grievance
cannot be found

then are we gonna assume
it's political?

I could be wrong.

Maybe somebody
is trying to restart the war.

- What then?
- God help us.

Where's your party?


Been a while.

What brings you back
to the E Street?

I'm thinking someone
might be crossing the water.

Can you see any young ones
making a move?

No. I still keep on watch.

Maybe a few years
since everyone went quiet

but I stand vigilant.

I didn't see anything.


No. They've been staying
their side of tracks.

Haven't been over in force
in a while.

I would have raised the alarm.

Not a soul? Are you sure?

No. We keep watch.

Night and day as we do.

Carry on.

Aren't those nice jacket, Mitt?

Aye, too nice
for an old shite like yourself.

Ah, bloody peace.

This city used to be too hard
for the likes of them.

It won't start again, sir.

Hmm, no chance.

You think not.

I will see.

No. If it's possible.

I don't know.

I'll, uh...

I'll talk to you later.

Hi, Sinead.

You're still the only woman
who could hold my eye.

Sure, now, Owen.

You've always known
what you want.

And I was a close second.


I have to think
of all the fun we had.

Oh, you've moved on,
and up I see.

But you're not going
to the politics game yourself.

Uh, the door is always open.

I have too much baggage.

And my life is better for it.

Why virus?

Why is it always our lot?

Revenge leads to revenge.

No one is ever happy
until they are grieving at you.

We need something new.

Not just the same
tired old thing.

Please, God...

Not always the same
tired old pattern.

For years, I chased
every agent with a bomb.

Orange or green?

Another force of the earth...

Sending me to deal with this.

A last whimper of The Troubles.

None of our arising stars
wanna be associated with that.

There's no change in the world

when what you want
is what you can't have.

But a piece would be nice.

No, that's not important.

I can't see beyond
the IRA connection.

So you bring in
the usual other suspects?


They were never capable
of something like this

even at their height.

We need reinforcements too.

You'll protect the IRA boys
who might become targets.

Oh, and that...

Look into those wiretaps
I was talking to you about, hmm?


I have to rush back
to the office, sir.

Somebody messed up
an application

for some case files.

I'm so sorry, sir.

I should be back,
won't take long.

How long have you got?

I said it was paperwork,
so not too long.

How is our old friend?

I'm keeping a close eye on him
as you said to.

Drop him off at night,

linger there just make sure
he doesn't go anywhere else.

He's with me from morning on.

And you're keeping a list
of everyone he talks to?

Every file he looks into?
Every piece of paper he signs?

Aye, sir.

He doesn't seem much interested
in paperwork, sir.

- I do most of it anyway.
- Good.

You understand, um,

this may all have
to go away very quickly?


It will be easy done.

Stick terribly close to him.

I'm afraid he may find
those responsible

and then be so
overcome with morality,

he won't hand them
over to their, um, fate.

You'll have to step in
very quickly

if he shows any sign
of going native.

Why did you choose him, sir?

All of my connections are
generally with the other side.

He knows
the loyalist militias.

He's around when their informers
were managed.

He's in the same communities
as these avengers.

Not many left in the force,
that that can be said of.

And my sympathies
lie entirely with the new order.

No sense in mixing worlds.
It, um, complicates things.

Aye. What about himself?

Don't put him
through that again.

He'll be back in a minute.

Your man
is a million miles away.

Murders, past or present,
what do you reckon?

Makes no difference to James.

He knows
what all those lads did.

Or he thinks he does.

Don't knock the man.
He has a heart of gold.

Ah, he certainly has, but
what does he got to show for it?

You didn't know him
when he was young and fierce.

I remember one time,
the whole street exploded

and he still managed to clip
the heels of the guilty lad.

Aye, and inconclusive evidence.

They got their man off,

and he still got house bond
for his troubles.

The world is strange...

And to other news,

three elderly men from
different Belfast addresses

have all been reported missing.

All three had been tried
for offenses during The Troubles

but not convicted.

Among them is a prominent
Republican spokesman...

Ah, that's me away, lads.

I wonder whether he gets
his man this time.

- Well, here's to "this time."
- Here's to "this time."

It's a long way to come
looking for missing Belfast.

Aye, well...

We're looking for his spokesman.

This is where he did
his speaking.

Huh, shit.

Imagine being lectured on your
moral failings by a terrorist.

I'm sorry, Kevin.

Some people just don't know
when the war is over.

They will when I get hold
of them, yes, they will.

I'm haunted, Owen.

The past is too strong for me.

We need to come clean.
Be rid of it.

Past is the past. Let it sleep.

It's not sleeping,
it's consuming me.

Calm yourself.
You're safe with me.

You can't defend me
against my conscience.

You have a duty
to your former comrades as well.

They're here.

I think they're all dead.


Of course they're here.
Of course they're dead.

Oh, these boys
know their history.

We have their message.

So this is where
they made the old farm?

Them and the Brits'
shoot-to-kill policy.


You have a point.

Shoot to kill should never
have been the policy

of any civilized government.

Three more bodies.

It's an epidemic.

If it wasn't for the remoteness
of this godforsaken place,

we have the press here
all over us.

I know. I know.

There's something I'm missing.

- Unh.
- But I will find them.

You miss the point, James.

You speak as if we're operating
in a vacuum.

The fact that only
some sort of miracle

is preventing a general panic
has obviously alluded you.

That is not happening

because this time,
everybody knows

that those being killed
have blood in their hands.

Are they less entitled
to our protection then?


But they maybe facing more

than we're able
to protect them from.

Fancy supper, please.

- Salt and vinegar?
- Yeah.

- Fish and chips.
- Salt and vinegar?


- Fish and chips.
- Salt and vinegar?

I'll have all.

Come on.

Where? Where was it?

Paddy. Paddy.

Paddy? I'm sorry.


It's just supposed to be

God help me.

I know you're so important
with your son.

But I'm glad
you met an early grave.

I will never forget
that little girl.

You remember
when they let you out of jail?

Thinking to myself...

If there's any justice
in the world...

...you will meet some fate.

It's too glamorous. Too obvious.

This is a decoy. Just a decoy.

These boys are building a forest
to hide a tree.

Come on.

About freaking time.

Listen, Owen,

the detective boys
are on to something.

Now I need to know
what it is

if you still want me
to find these lads.

Pardon me?

Sorry, love. Wrong number.

Tell your boss I called.


It brings out the flavor,

which is essential
in a dish like this.

One of the things
people often ask me

is how they can obtain more
variety within the confines...

Now, you see...

What do you want?

Some of your old friends
are being killed.

And what's that
got to do with me?

I'm investigating the case.

I'm here to offer you
police protection.

Oh, with your consent,
of course.

Why would I take protection

off a lawless policeman
like yourself?

Truth be told,

your sympathies probably lie
with these lads killing people.

Go on celebrate
your last hurrah.

I am here to enforce
the law of the land.

Even if that means
protecting scum like you

from a fate you deserve.

You take your moral high ground,

years spent suppressing us
to preserve your way of life.

I went after anyone
who broke the law.

Both sides, yours and mine.

Let's talk about
one of yours for a minute, eh?

Murder expert.

Big man, killed a lot
of policemen in the barracks.

One day,
he needed some gelignite.

So he sent three young boys
to collect it for him.

Gelignite is not too stable.

Took half the building
with them.

All that was left
to show one poor father

was a tongue.

So we're both hard men.

I can drink to that.

It's easy to set a bomb.

It takes a hard man
to clean up afterwards.

The lights are lit.

Your monitor in the radio
says it will be over in 5.

Aye, he's not worth
missing something over.

All units, we have a shooting.
It appears fatal.

They're gonna kill me, Owen.
They know.

That's not gonna happen.

It's not life I fear for,
it's truth.

Oh, it's tragic, isn't it?

So senseless violence.

That was a world ago.

On a different time.

And the innocents?

Sometimes sacrifices
have to be made.

There's not a day goes by
I don't think

of those who lost their lives
in the cause or because of it.

And it's their memory

and legacy

that these modern day killers
directly attack.

Of course.

And to survive
such terrible things...

It's no wonder
you're so desperate

to lead us away from them.


The irony is they only put up
those barriers

after his mortar attacks.

They spent years trying
to put a stop to his violence.

These boys come
and do it in a few seconds.

At great cost though, sir.

And also, if you can check...

This is not a good time.

Use the normal line.

haven't been answering yourself.

Have you gotten your squeeze?

It's tough at the top.

I'll call you later.

I have wanted to do this
for years.

I have been terrified that
someone would seek to harm me.

Now I...

I'm only scared that I might die

before I would get
to tell the truth.

I have bombed and killed.

And not a day goes by that
I do not pray for forgiveness.

I'm not sure anymore that you're
even trying to solve this thing.


An old shopkeeper
has been killed.

And just because
he was an IRA bomber,

you don't care.

Your politics are preventing you
from keeping the peace.

I lost everything I value.

My politics and my opinion
are the least of my sacrifices.


My daughter.
She was everything to me.

I'm sorry. I didn't me...

I'll go for a little stroll.
I'll see you later.

You're home early, dear.

Aye. I needed a spot of lunch
and some time to think.

Is everything all right?

I don't know.

I always thought I knew
but maybe I never did.

You're tired, love.
You've been working too hard.


I'll keep at it. Uh...

Sorry. I'll eat out after all.

You better get on.

Another pensioner and suspected
IRA pipe bomber killed.

Cause of death?

Heart attack.

Clever boys. Clever boys.

Oh, yeah.

They knew that he had built
so many of these in his day.

Just the sound of a detonator
would be enough to kill him.

What sort of sick person
would kill a man

due to die in days anyway?

I considered it myself
many times.

He took my daughter
and 12 others.

Rest in peace.

How are you holding up, big man?

I wanted to kill him.
So help me, I wanted to.

Yeah, but you didn't.


A lot of good it did.
He's dead anyway.

- He's dead.
- I heard.

It's still not
bringing her back.


She's been at peace for too long
to be troubled.

Why send me?

That was 20 years ago.

I must look to the future,

not always
to the tragedies of the past.

You represent Sarah Aaron
in my place.

Who invited her?

What are you doing here?

I'm representing Sarah Aaron,

trying to show respect
for your loss.

Feck off, will you?

Away with you!

You work for a murderer, fine.

But don't bring his flowers
to our loved one's graves.

Where the hell have you been?

Around. Same as you.

- Well?
- Not a thing.

Checking all the usuals.

You've never let me down before.
Why now?

Too much easy living?

You sound a little nervous,
big man.

Don't you worry.
These are still nice streets.

For old time's sake.

I'll find these clever wee lads
and finish them.

Fair winds, old friend.

Hello, sir.

How long do we know each other?

Uh, a long time, sir.

I can't believe we're here.

Do you know how many cases
that piss our ass like this one?

Aye, he always had a lawyer
and a gun handy.

It would be wanted here
this time. You mark my words.

We have here a warrant
to search Mr. Sullivan's home

in relation
to an ongoing investigation

about the deaths of several
prominent Republicans.

The Northern Ireland Police
Service has noted publicly

that your client is not
under suspicion in any way,

but rather we are acting

out of concern for his safety.

My client welcomes your concern

but unfortunately,
he's across the border

in business at the moment.

- All right, just up there.
- Aye.

- Aye. Okay.
- One over here.

- All okay?
- It's fine.

What do you stand for?

What's upsetting you?

Seeing the pain you caused.

I always believed you,
your ideals.

The rest was just the past.

In war, things happen.

Terrible things.

I don't know what sad soul
told you there was.

But I stand before you
willing to make it right.

How can you?

When you won't accept
the consequences

of your own actions?


You're the problem.

That's true.
I've seen some terrible things.

But I am unique.

I connect the evilest of those
on our side with the means...

I built the consensus
that brought us peace.

And your continuing presence
destroys it.

You don't understand.
You're too young.

You don't remember the causes.

That's true.

So I don't have to let them mold
the future.



I got you, you bastards.

The past is the past.

Let it sleep.

- We're at peace, Damien.
- What kept you, sir?

I had some business
to attend to.

I thought I'd catch you for
a quiet word at the same time.

I just heard from the Big Man.

- Owen?
- Yeah.

He's concerned.

He says that South Ireland
doesn't have the resources

for taking action
on this sort of thing anymore.

He wants us to throw our weight
behind our Unionist detectives.

And, by any means possible,
put a stop to these killings.

But that's just
what we've been on.

It's worse.

He's admitting the UIR
can't handle these lads.

They've met their match
in the rough stuff department.

And are appealing to friends
they made in the police force.

He's made it clear he expects
these friends to deliver.

So, what's the problem?

We keep doing
what we've been doing, except...

No. Not exactly.

I didn't haul myself
out of the same gutter

Owen did before I played
into the hands of others.

It's a new dawn.

I should have smelled
it earlier.

So, what are we to do?

The IRA had become old men.

Cringing politicians
turned so legitimate

they can't defend
their own lies.

We mailed them.

But they're in no position
to call in a favor.

And, may never be again.

We help James.

Make it seem
we're pushing him through.

When he finds
this new force of his,

ha, ha, and he will,

we let them finish the job
that they started.

They get their revenge
and go home happy.

And as we embrace a new Belfast
without an IRA,

we shall be left
with those left standing.

Sacrament most holy,
sacrament divine,

all praise and all thanksgiving

be every moment thine.

Through him, with him, in him,

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

all praise and honor are yours,
Almighty Father.

Forever and ever.

Sorry, lads, we're a bit lost.

Is there a petrol station
near here?

I knew you'd come.

But what does it matter now?

You've lost.

You're the last
of the loyalist scum.

And no one wants you.

You flatter yourselves like you
came up like innocent victims.

But you didn't.

You came
because you've lost your colony.

And now it's time for you
to go home.

But home
doesn't want you either.

You're the bastard sons
of a fallen empire.

With so much blood
on your hands,

you're just looking
for someone to blame.

Someone who resisted.

I'm one.

Do whatever you want to me,
you fuckers.

More will rise in my place,

we'll drive them to the sea.

You fucking Protestant loyalist.

Rapers of Irish sovereignty.

I'm a Catholic Irishman

from Newry.

I came about my family.

My father was
a good Nationalist.

He believed
in the United Irish Republic.

He was never a rich man.

He ran a small petrol station
near the border.

Then one day,

your folks came by to buy it
at a knocked down price.

They explained it was needed
for fund raising

as part of your IRA
smuggling empire.

My father replied
that it was his living.

And he couldn't support
my family without it.

Your lads were a little
more heavy-handed then

than they are today.

At the end of the month,

his mutilated body
was found in the river

on your farm.

The property
somehow got re-deeded.

My mother was never the same.

A month later,
she died of grief.

Leaving me and my brothers
and sisters orphaned.

And at the time, the IRA
had a heavy disciplinary hand,

so no one would take us in.

In the end,
they put us all up for adoption.


I was sent to Belfast.

All my siblings went to England.

I've been trying
to trace them ever since.

But the documentation
was all lost,

or obscured during The Troubles.

I lost my whole family.

Not surprisingly,

I sat out
the rest of The Troubles.

I wanted an Ireland
free for all men.

Neither of yous wanted that.

So I'm gonna give you a chance
to defend yourself

with your favorite weapon.

Of course,

they won't hold me down
the way they did my father.

And I'll have one as well.

He's dead. Enough.

You could still tell who he is.

No one knew my father.

Mm-hm, okay.


So sorry
not to have caught you earlier

and saved you a trip.

Wonderful news.

I managed to fast track
your retirement payment.

You'll be clear of all this rot.

- Sir, about the case...
- Don't worry about that at all.

I've had Damien here
pick up all your files.

You won't have to think about

any of these dreadful things

You'll... You'll be at peace.

But, sir, I found the killers.
I know who they are.

Leave it, James.

You can do no more good here.

Take care now, sir.

You can keep the rest.

Lucky aim, man.

Aggravating, isn't it?

Running from one
fret into another.

Reminds me of the night you
and our heroic first minister

dropped car bombs
all over the city.

Don't worry,
I'll get him myself.

Clean sweep.

Who the hell are you?

The question is,
who I should have been.

I should have been free
to raise my wee boy

without your legacy of violence
and lies.

I want him to grow up

and not know your version
of right and wrong.

Someone always has
to buy the last round.

Ahead of this
evening's Saor √Čire Nordash.

Rioting has broken out
in several areas

where loyalist communities
have bumped the police cordon.

Soon Ireland's president

and the first minister
of Northern Ireland,

who will be delivering
the main speech tonight

has called for...

Let him through.

He's harmless.

Not so long ago,

I believed...

Owen, they're going to kill you.

Don't go out there.

For once, listen.



This is my city.

A world of my own making.


We interrupt
the scheduled broadcast

to bring you
very important breaking news.

We can now confirm
that while addressing tonight's

Saor √Čire Nordash in Belfast,

the first minister
of Northern Ireland,

Owen McKenna, has been shot.

Don't you want
to hear what happened, love?

I already know.

- Hi, inspector.
- Hi.

How's the retirement going?

It's been two months already,
isn't it?

Yes, seems to have flown by.

- Here you go, sir.
- Thanks.

All right. Take care.

Is violence ever justified?

You seen enough
to know that it's not.

You've heard my story.

And I'm grateful
for your silence,

which I'll take as sympathy.

But maybe
there's a better explanation

of why we did what we did.

My friend once
explained to me

that he'd had a wee boy
and it changed his life.

All he wanted was
a peaceful world for his son.

He will pay any price for that.

One day, a politician was being
driven through their street.

His wee son asked:

Who's that, Dad?

Somebody who used
to kill people.

But he doesn't anymore.

- Did he go to jail?
- No.

We wanted it all to end,

so wee ones like you
could grow up safe.


And his reply shocked himself.

He told me afterwards,
that at that moment,

he realized he would rather live
in a world

where every misfiring car
would send him diving

to cover his son
from a bomb blast,

than in a world of peace

where his son
couldn't distinguish

between right and wrong.

I happen to agree with him

from more bitter
personal experience.

So with an eye on the future,
we decided to bury the past.

Not in silence,

but in justice.

To let it sleep.

So won't you?

I'm going for a walk, dear.

See a new day born.

And on this historic day,
as Ulster take their seats,

we can all welcome
in a new world,

a united Ireland.

Whole and at peace.

A dream that...