A Bee in August (2007) - full transcript

Harris, his wife, his mistress and his half German sister arrive with a boat to a distant Aegean island, assessable only by boat. The boat man forgets them and they are stranded there. Harris gets stung by a bee, and he develops an allergy. He gets terribly swollen and his alter ego emerges. Suddenly all secrets, hidden truths and feelings come into the open.

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In August, Flies Are Fat.

That's how my brother Haris
named his book.

The book touches upon all matters:
9/11, Gandhi, global warming...

The accompanying DVD
includes scenes from our vacation.

I'll read you an extract.

"Did you ever wonder
what makes a novel a best seller?

"Maybe, a story based on real facts."

"Yet, Galileo got into trouble
proving the heliocentric theory..

..."because his society wasn't ready
for this kind of truth."

"Could it be that a book's success lies
in the consumer, and not the writer?"

I'm like all Nobel winners
before getting awarded.

They had nothing, just like me!

My brother is treated by
Dr. Maria Giannakoudakis.

She was with you at the beach.


Maria Giannakoudakis,
the psychiatrist.

However, there was also
some Petra Hiphelsbach.





Way to go!

Hildegard... Just a moment...

Your honor, she speaks Greek well.

It would make it easier for us,
if you don't mind...


Hildegard, will you speak in Greek?
You master the language, shall we try?

We zaII try.

Marvellous! So, at the beach,
there was also some Petra HiIesbach.

You can access
this beach only by boat.

Also, nobody goes to zis island.
Harry's the only one who knows it.

50, Maria had to come vith us
and ve told Haris's wife...

...she vas a friend of mine
from Germany.

Maria Giannakoudakis
is Petra Himmelsbach.

-Maria can speak German?

How could she then pass
for a German?

Ze pretended to be deaf-mute!

What language do you speak
with your brother?

Haris doesn't speak German.

How come?

We are half siblings.
Our father was Greek.

My mother is German,
Haris's is Greek.

Haris is Greek, I'm half Greek...

...but mostly German
'cause I grew up there.

Let's make a brief recap to
prevent misunderstandings, ok?


It was on an August morning...


Manolis, pick us up at around 5.

Tell you mom to have
the mackerels ready.

Vasso, it's been 4 days now,
we have been eating only mackerels!

We're like Captain Cousteau's crew!
-But they're fresh!

So were Cousteau's fish! But
they ate marinara for a change.

Even sailors get sick of fish,
I'm just a writer!

Mackerels are off!
-But I told the poor woman.

You should have asked me, too!

Hilda, mackerels again?

Petra, do you want to eat fish?

See? Nobody wants fish.

Petra doesn't count.
She is eating like a bird.

I can't believe that
deaf-mutes can actually live.

I mean, I get dizzy
when my ears get clogged.

Her ears are not clogged...
She was born this way.

Well, just forget it...

I'm going for a svim.

Me too...

Will you join me?

No, I'll come in a bit...

-Want me to wait for you?
-Go ahead and I'll follow...

Ok then, I'll wait for you.

-Why don't you go?
-Do you mind me waiting?

Why should I mind?

I'm getting into the water.

So, Haris,
are you having a good time?

No, I'm a little bit stressed out.

-I don't see why.

-You don't seem stressed out.
-Let me be the judge of that.


What are stressed out about?

Can we talk? When Vasso returns,
I have to become a deaf-mute again!

It was your idea
to be a deaf-mute.

Would you prefer me
to chitchat with your wife?

-Do you think it's better now?
-It's just great!

Yeah, right. Look at this...

Sunscreen, grass,
the" American Idol" CD...

...like a teen's holiday.
- Haris, quit it!

I quitted everything, dear.

I quitted drinking, smoking...
Like Kazantzakis' quote...

..."I fear nothing,
I hope for nothing, I am free".

Because he had confused
freedom with depression!

Why didn't you let me
go to Thassos?

Go where? To Thassos?

With Klapanaras?
Was I in your way?

I just asked
why you didn't let me go.

-Are you serious?
-You think it's better here?

Why? Don't you like it here?

-The beach is nice...
-Don't you like the village?

-It's just one nice village.
-Did I say there were two of them?

-And you've been coming 4 years now?
-Mano|is is from this village.

Vasso tutors him
during winter, for free...

...so we come here
in the summer, you know...

You really pissed me off...


About Thassos.
Why do you want to go there?

To visit the island!
I've never been there.

You didn't give a shit about Thassos
'til he invited you, right?

I can't understand
why you are crazy about him.

-Who, me?
-Seems like it...

Is it because he's got money?

Yeah, black money! I know
all about tax evasions myself.

They rip off state funds and
then they pose for the camera.

Mr. Klapanaras is now
a bright business man...

...a celebrity, as if!

Why are you stressed out?

-Because of my book.
-Why? It will be a success.

-You really think so?
-I think you're talented...

...but you must be worse
than what I think.

You have 2 conflicting ideas
of me at the same time?

I have idolized you
because I am in love.

When this is over,
I'll know what you're worth.

I see... Then, I won't care about
what you think.

If you do that,
you'll be a real prick!

Vasso's opinion
is more important?

-What's up with you now?
-No, you listen!

Because I pretend to be mute,
it doesn't mean I am!

When will she stop?

Don't you love me?

Easy, honey,
she can see us.

So what? I am a deaf-mute
and I got dizzy.

Maria, please...
Love, I beg you to stop...

When I say please, I mean it!
What do you want?

Stop begging,
you're making a fool of yourself.

What's wrong now?

-Put some lotion on my back.
-How? What if she sees us?

You'll tell her you helped me
'cause I couldn't do it.

I see you have it
all planned out.

Move your hand.

You think Vasso is stupid.

She's nice, not stupid.
-What's the difference?

She'll go to heaven anyway,
but I'll go to hell.

That leaves no place
for me to go then.

Why you don't break up with me?

Because I love you.

I don't know how I do it.
I'm good at making relationships...

...but I just can't tell the other
that I want to break up.

If you really want it,
you can do it.

Yes, but I never wanted
to break up with nobody.

Unless they wanted to hurt me.
I can't divorce Vasso, either.

She really loves me.

Do you love her?

Yes, I really do.

Fine. Then, why
don't you break up with me?

Because I love you...

Is the deaf-mute hitting
on you or what?

-Are you serious, Vasso?
-Why is she still here then?

You think this means
she's hitting on me?

Of course! She'll follow you
into the water as we”, try her.

-Vasso, I'm not in the mood.
-Go into the water, I say!

-Why don't you get lost?
-You're chicken?

-Enough with that crap!
-You're chicken.

-Who's chicken?
-You, 'cause I'm right.

You say, if I go into the sea,
Petra will follow me.

Should I go straight in
or dive off the rocks?

I don't care!
If she won't follow....

...I'll let you do me!


Maria, have you lost it?

As if I would let you screw her!

Why are you laughing?

It seems funny, now.

What seems funny?

That we were pretending,
that I freaked out, all of it.

Picture Haris having sex
in sign language!

He would kill her!

Do you think Haris is capable
of killing somebody?

Everyone is capable of killing...

...everyone, but Haris.
-How can you be so sure?

It'd be like Maria Teressa
becoming a terrorist!

You had to see him
when he was stung by a bee.

He swells up terribly!

-God Damn!
-What's wrong, dear?

A bee is after me!

Why is it after you?

I forgot to ask!

I saw it and I dove to escape...

...but it was waiting for me.
-Why did you come out?

To smell the roses!
Even dolphins come out for air!

-Where's the cortisone?

You know that
if it stings me I'll swell up.

The doctor said to carry
cortisone always with me.

Come on, where is it?

-Ok, I'll look for it in a bit.
-You forgot where you put it?

I don't remember
if I took it with me.

-Stop shouting!

Are you serious? I'll die!

-I have many things on my mind.
-But you always bring toilet paper!

Mercy! I just forgot one thing!

See? She says
she is trying to kill me!

You can be such an ass sometimes.

It's official,
I forgot the cortisone.

Don't be scared, you wimp!

I'm not a wimp!

Don't move! It'll go avay.

No, it got tangled in the towel.

Haris, vhat's wrong?

This shitty bee stung me!
It was clear it didn't like me.

Is it five yet?
-Yes! It's twenty to eleven.

-I start to flare up.
-It's fine, relax.

It's 10:40, my name is Haris
and I'm allergic...

Guys, I'm transforming!

-We should pee on you.
-Or just shoot me.

Go into the water,
it'll do you good.

Sting's out!

What are we going to do?
He's going to swell up.

Where's my cell phone?

-Shit, no signal! Yours?
- I forgot it in the room.

Haris forgot his as well!
Does Petra have a cell phone?

Of course!
But, how can she use it?

She communicates
through text messages!

Great! What's her operator?

It's not Cosmote!

But zis phone
hasn't got signal either.

This means that
112 is not available.

-To dial 112...

...you must have access
to at least one operator...

...who's going to allow
only emergency calls.

Did we have to choose Robinson's
island for a fucking swim?

Sea's iodine and crap!

How can iodine
do me any good now?

I don't believe my eyes!

I was the black swan
and became swan's lake!

It's... nothing...
Nothing at all...

Manolis will come and
you'll get your cortisone...

By then, I will most
probably need only formaldehyde!

Petra is trying to say something?

How many words?

Right, she both mute and German.
I don't believe it!

Quit that slapping!

Seven words?
I won't find it, period!

Is there an article?

No article? We're screwed!

Sea weed. Sea weed?

She's describing the buoy!

The sea?

-All of us?
-Everybody in the water?

Front crawl!


- She'll go there on foot.
- Get serious!


Petra will swim...
back to the island...

...to visit the church!

An ass?
No, she's swimming to Myconos!


She'll quit taking drugs.
-Will you cut the crap?

Stop, I found it.

"The big blue"!
By Luc Besson.

Zink straight!

Why are the Germans attacking us?

Vasso, shut up!

Nize, very nize!

Petra will bring a doctor
to give you the shot.

Where from?
The village is 3 miles away!

Not even Johnny Weissmuller
could swim that far!

I got it! She'll swim
only with one hand...

...holding the cell phone
with her free hand...

...and call once it regains signal!
What a great plan!

Right, but how will
she talk on the phone?

Of course, mute people
can't talk, right?

Then I'll go.
Give me a cell phone.

No, I'll just take mine.

Hurry... It's spreading.
- Don't worry, I'll save you.

Save me! Call my name
and save me from the dark!

Hurry up!

What you want these for?
-I swim only with flippers on.

Go! Go! Good luck.

Don't be scared, you wimp!

I'm not a wimp!

Hilda, will you stop it
with the video-camera?

You're just like Michael Moore.
-Vhat's wrong, Haris?

Give me a break! I can't
be perfect all the time!

-Calm down, love.
-I am human, too!

She dared call me a wimp!
-Wimp is better that chicken.

Let him be. At first
he was afraid and petrified...

...now he grows strong
and learns how to carry on.

Stop scratzing,
you'll make it vorse!

-Can it get any worse?
-She's right, stop it.

Are you tripping?
I feel weedy and sick!

Look at her! I said weedy
and she remembered her weed!

- You think I don't give a shit?
- Go to hell!

Zis anxiety only
makes things vorse.

Right, keeping calm
is a life saver.

You're a doctor, don't you carry
vith you anything that could help him?

I wasn't prepared for an isle.
He should have known better.

I thought Vasso
would bring the cortisone.

Only Sissies care about that stuff.

But you're a real man
with a harem!

Sadly, I don't see
any good coming out of it.

-It's my fault that I came.
-You should have gone to Thassos.

You don't belong to the isle.
You should be with Klapanaras!

-Have you lost it?
-With Klapanaras, I say!

Just what I wanted to say!

-This tourist needs help?
-ViII you stop?

It's important to see
where we go from here.

Stop scratching!
-I can't help it.

-Should we tie him up?
-I prefer Chinese torture.

He feels itchy
because of the salt.

If we rinse it off,
he'll feel better.

But who's going to get the water?

You think that's enough?

- Is that all the water we've got?
- We'll have more at five o'clock!


I want to drink something first,
my mouth's dry.

We should save some
for Vasso, too.

She forgot the cortisone
so I'll have her share.

-No, she went to get help.
-Bring it back!

We'll save up some for her.

If she dehydrates,
2 sick people are really bad news.

You listen? This is
sober German thinking.

You're emotional and full of crap.
You should never see Vasso sick.

When she was admitted
at the clinic...

Why was she admitted
at the "climic"?

-She was a regular visitor.
-I didn't know.

-I've told you about the abortions.
-What did she do at the "climic"?

She had her hair done!
An abortion, of course!

Go on, laugh!
She had 5 abortions.

At 17, 19...
Then we broke up...

But we got back together
at her birthday...

She had her 3rd at 20, yes...
And the 4th at 28...

That's weird... He's all swollen up
but for his Johnny!

Dear, I love your little Johnny!
He's the man!

Then, she had
her symphysis operated.

Couldn't she see
you didn't want a child?

She didn't want one, not me!
I've always wanted a child...

...even now, that I'm 40.
-Now, stick to the symphysis.

I want a child from you.

You've never told me that.

-Will you let me speak?
-In front of Hilda?

It's ok,
we made peace with Germany.

Did you have to tell me now
that you're dying?

That way,
you'll always remember him.

Am I dying?
Guys, I'm not feeling really well.

No, I was joking, you wimp.

I'm not a wimp!

Haris, vhy don't you tell us
about Vasso and the "climic".

Give me a break.
"Climic" and crap!

The clinic echoed with her shouts.
She's really difficult.

She was cursing and hitting me.
I relaxed when they took her in.

I dare say that during the operation,
I thought that if she died...

...I would finally find peace
of mind. Can you believe it?

And I'm with her since
we were teenagers.

I thought she had
to die to be free.

I waited 20 days...
Take the cap...

...and I wanted to ask
for a divorce.

But then...

Then, nothing.

Nothing. Nothing, indeed.

How do you know?
-I am a psychic!

You know how many times
I said to myself 'Divorce her'?

-That's the problem.

That you're an introvert!
You don't open up to your wife.

See, she thinks you love her!
- You think I don't love her?

-Are you asking me?
-Why not?

Why don't you ask Hilda?

I'm emotional, I might say
something silly.

-Don't I love Vasso?
-Can't you see...

...that you are making
a fool of yourself?

Why don't you get lost? Bitches!

It's all my fault.
I shouldn't confide in you.

Confide in Vasso for a change.

Where the hell is she?

Did you wonder
if she loves you back?

Of course!
She forgot the cortisone.

How could she forget it?
She's really inconsiderate.

Then why doesn't she
divorce you?

She's afraid that I might
be happy without her.

-Aren't you afraid of that as well?
-Be afraid of my happiness?

I mean, you're afraid
she'll also be happy without you.

That she'll think she wasted her years
and should have divorced earlier.

All these can happen only
if she falls in love with someone.

A woman in love will do
whatever it takes.

-Don't be 20 sure of that.
-I am! Men are different.

They meet their responsibilities.
Stop laughing, stop it now!

Let me rephrase.

Say, I'm a ship-owner
and I love my yacht.

I won't wreck my other ships
because of that. It's a crime.

I would destroy so many people.
- Hail Captain Haris!

I'm glad he didn't shout "ahoy"
when we first screwed.

Enough, "Vasso I"
sails back to harbor.

I did my best, I reached
the yellow buoy we saw earlier.

-You managed to swim that far?
-Yes, I'm beat.

Well? Was there
any signal or just crap?

-Just crap...
-I knew it!

To make it worse,
I got so exhausted...

...that I plunged
the cell phone in the sea.

It's useless now...
-You think it matters?

My death is a minor detail?
- I'll remove the SIM card.

There's no signal, I said!

Sweet Mary Jesus!

Yes, of course... We may
have access to her operator.

Indeed... Although I doubt it.

Give-me-your-cell-phone. . .
To-have-a-go-with-it-as-well .

Vasso, you're spelling in Greek
to a German deaf-mute?

Vazo, I'll go.
You're tired.

-Vhy don't you let me?

I'll go just because...
it's got to be me.

Do you want to wreck
all of our cell phones?

I know how to do it now,
I thought about it as I swam back.

-You're just like your mother!
-Stop nagging, it's simple.

The band will hold the phone,
I'll swim with both hands...

...and I'll stop
to check for signal.

-Vhy can't I go then?
-I said no!

That's weird...
She left as soon as she came.

See, Haris? She's doing
everything to help you.

The itching's back?
-My future seems really dark.

-You stayed under the sun too long.
-Where are you taking me?

I don't believe it...

Come on... The sun'II
come out tomorrow!

Stop scratching.
-I can't help it!

Stop it, I said!

The ZIM card's not wet.
Maybe I can save the phone, too.

She saves the phone
from drowning...

...and I'm doomed
by a grouchy bee!

My cell phone had signal,
I saw it on our way here.

She's get help.
-You're sure ?

Yes! There was signal
even after the buoy.

Manolis will come to pick us up.
-Cross my fingers.

Look at this! I'm just like
the "Dude" Lebowski!

-Are you ok?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah...

-I'm going for a swim.
-Vait for me.

Vait up!

Inconsiderate cows!

Haris, are you stating
the real facts?

It's a bit difficult...
See, the facts cannot be altered.

People just experience
the truth from different aspects.

Someone can be two people.
Or, two people can be one...

Laurel and Hardy,
in the package of one!

-When did this begin?
-Many years ago...

But I didn't know it...

...because they never
both surfaced at the same time.

But during these critical moments
following the bee sting...

...the truth is that
we both shared the same stage.


-Are you still feeling itchy?
-Yes, but do enjoy yourselves!

I don't want
to spoil your vacation!

Don't get angry,
we needed to refresh a bit.

We must keep calm.

You shrouded me
and went for a swim.

Even nurses in morgues
are more sensitive.

Haris, relax.
The bee did you wrong, not us.

Next time you see me eat honey...

...don't show pity.
Isn't it unfair?

We were 4 and the bee stung
the only one who's allergic!

Nature cannot be unfair.
Don't take it personally.

A bee stung you,
that's it! The end!

And then I flared up
and died, the end!

Don't cry in my burial.
Don't take it personally.

-Haris, you von't die.
-You swear?

I swear to you,
my snicker doodle.

-You don't count.

-Because you have idolized me.
-Her medical skills don't count?

Not at all. Which doctor says,
"I swear, my snicker doodle"?

You fool, by now you'd be dead
from shock or suffocation.

What about the swelling?

Result of vascular dilation due to
histamine release in the blood.

You don't even
know the basics!

- You mean, I'll live?
- Yes!


-Why didn't you tell me?
-'Cause I was deaf-mute.

And now "she speaks"?

She's about to go on mute
again because Willy's back.

Well? Did you regain signal?

I did...

50? Will they pick up
the Little Drummer Boy?

I don't think so...

But why?
With whom did you talk to?

With no-one.

Then what about that damn signal?

-Vasso, what happened?
-Vhat's wrong?

I see...

I'll die here...

Serves you right!
For what you did to me.

You're dead for me.
-What did I do?

- Why do you have to die?
- Relax, I'm not dead yet.

I didn't mean it...
It happened by mistake...

What happened, what?

I dialled 112
to save you, my love.

I mistakenly dialled 122...

...the answering machine
was activated and I heard you...

...in her messages. You talked
to her like it was me.

I was so stupid to ask
if you were talking to me...

Vasso, I love you.
You're the only one I love.

You don't love me...
Why don't you love me anymore?

You don't love me...
Why don't you love me anymore?

Who told you I don't love you?
Who told you that?

Tell me you were pretending...
Right? Tell me!

You're not feeling well?

-Maria, now what?
-Her name is not Petra?

If his pressure drops, we loose him.

You're the Manson's family!

Stop it, you weasel!
"Psychiatrist for deaf-mutes".

Calm down. Now, the only thing
that matterz iz Haris.

Then, you can talk
everything through.

Maria is truly a doctor.

Anyway, she was a brilliant
Marlee Matlin!

"Co-smo-te" and crap! You
should be ashamed of yourselves.

That's a whole different story.
Now, Haris comes first.

-She dares to talk back!
-Shut up 'cause you'll regret it.

Will you punch me?
Should I be afraid of a pothead?

-Tell her to shut up.
-No, you shut it!

Like you did these past days.
Your mouth I mean...

...because you had
everything else wide open!

Will you stop? You heard
my messages "by mistake", you say.

It was truly a mistake.
I dialled 122 instead of 112.

-Why did you call 112?
-The indication was only for 112.

Then, you would
have called only 112!

You couldn't dial 122.
Save this shit for someone else.

You only cared about my messages!
Where's my phone?

I threw it away, of course...

Men are real suckers.
They fall for one tear.

We knew it all and lurked
for your performance.

And you dared call me
Marlee Matlin!

How nosey! Nosey Parker!

This man's dying
and you want to finish him.

Is he gets hurt,
I'll report you to the cops!

Are you talking to compensate
your 3 days of silence?

What will you be
for the cops, Petra or Maria?

Haris, how are you feeling?

I feel dizzy, you guys...

Really dizzy...
What time is it?

Is Manolis here yet?

He's not here yet but...
He's coming any minute now...

How are you feeling?

-Do you realise you fainted?


When did I faint?

Haris, what's up with you?

I don't feel all that good.

I don't feel all that good.

"Night had fallen..."

"and the moon had risen
and flooded with light the sea."

"We moved to the rock,
expecting Manolis."

"I was surrounded
by my most cherished ones."

"However, never before have
I felt so deep into my skin..."

"...the utmost loneliness."

Leave that part, it's nonsense.

True loneliness is
when no-one notices you.

But everybody was into me.

Vasso was involved and
she would find out about it.

But where was this fat dude
hiding all these years?

The truth is...

That I've never been well.
I met Maria for a reason.

I wanted to get therapy.
I could feel the fat guy coming.

I felt him ever
since I was little.

Maria says he represents
the suppressed anger for my father.

How silly! My father
was like all other dads.

My mother indeed
got angry at him...

...because he went to Germany
to "bring back our money".

As if he had forgotten it
somewhere in Dusseldorf...

...and went back to get it.

He stayed there 3 years.
I guess he worked for 'Siemens'...

...because he sent a refrigerator.
Cutting-edge technology.

Dad couldn't be
away from his family...

...so he started
a new one there.

Families became two
but the salary was still one.

Then, Siemens down sized...
Yet, my dad was optimistic...

...and told his German family
he'd bring their money from Greece.

We were so happy!
"Dad came back!"

In Germany, they were sad.
"Dad's gone".

His stress caused him asthma.

He was torn between
Germany and Greece.

He always felt
he was at the wrong place.

He found peace
only in Zagreb.

He stopped there every 2 years
and had 30 minutes to himself.

When did you meet Hildegard?

On August '83, in Korinthos...
During summer...

...dad wanted
to be around all of us.

So, he brought
the Germans to Loutraki.

His leave was 1 month,
but nobody knew.

He was a train driver.
Every second night...

...he slept away from home.
He had bought a motorbike...

...and commuted
from Loutraki to Athens.

Until the day
he had an accident.

At the hospital,
they notified both families.

That's how I met Hilda,
who cried for her dad...

...who was mine as well.
I had no time to grief his death.

In a flash, I became a guardian.

Besides my mother, I had
to protect my little sister...

...who came into my life
as a "latent love at first sight".

One year later, I took her
to Kithnos on a holiday.

I met Vasso there,
we hooked up...

...and there was real drama!

My little Hilda
turned into a woman.

She got drunk on beer
and sang German songs.

Ever since, we have spent
all our 20 summers together.

During winter,
Hilda lives in Dusseldorf.

That's how I became a writer.
20 years of corresponding!

We beat even Tolstoy's
volume of writing!

At first, she didn't speak Greek
and had my letters translated.

That was one deep love...

She picked my best letters and
published them under the title...

..."Meine Liebe Schwester",
dear little sister.

I became famous in Germany
before I knew it!

This is too much even
for someone down-to-earth.

After my 3rd discourse
as a writer...

...I concluded that
anyone can be an artist.

You just need to expose yourself
to the public with audacity.

-You need to be talented, however...
-No, just fearless.

Or really-really scared.

Fearless and scared people
have a common ground.

The same weird behaviour.

In your book, you say
you became two people.

It's not only you.
-The others saw just one person.

They saw one confused person.
But I knew I had company.

Maria says I want to complete
my dad's unfinished job.

To have it both ways.

I refuse to decide and
this keeps popping in front of me.

The man I'm seeing
represents my problem.

All men carry a burden...

...for me, it had to be
a fat guy! It's cool.

Is Manolis here?
Let's go on board!

I've got bad news.
It's 9:30 and still no sign of him.

Why did you let me sleep?

Me? You forgot
we both fainted?

Reason comes first
and then, panic prevails.

-You know we're dying?
-Yes, big loss for humanity.

I don't want to die,
I love my life.

Don't panic, but you must
start loving death, too.

It's decided, then?
I'm going to Hell?

Yeah! Life has been
a real Paradise, right?

You should pray to go to Hell.
In Heaven, girls are serious.

Good, I get wild
only with ass-shaking.

Did Maria do any ass-shaking?
You went to her for therapy.

She'll lose her job
if this comes out.

You went there
for therapy, not me!

You wanted to get rid of me.
You shouldn't lie to me.

There's just the two of me!

I admit it.
I wanted to get rid of you.

I won't ask you why. But
I never wished the same for you.

I must say that you did
really good work with Maria.

At first, I couldn't even
come through the door.

When you had
the perfect stage set...

...I'm sure you performed
the "snicker doodle show".

What? I "performed
the snicker doodle"?

-Don't deny it.
-Why was it me?

It couldn't be me.
I was not there.

The only time I came,
I saw you kissing.

I heard her saying, "I want us
to marry, snicker doodle".

And then you freaked out
and left me to finish the job.

You think I've forgotten?

-I do love Maria.
-Then you should marry her.

Of course I would,
if I could get rid of you.

What's your problem with me?

Why do you want me to die?

Don't cry!

I'm tired of feeling
sorry for myself!

You're obsolete and
you drag me down, understand?

Vasso knows everything,
happy now? Look at her.

She's sleeping
for the past 2 hours.

You think she's dead?

Dead and crap.
How can she sleep?

She's escaping reality that way.

She's sleeping because
nothing is going to change.

But she's not the one
who tries to escape reality.

I wonder what you see
in that pothead...

When I met her, she didn't smoke
or drink, she had her patients...

By the way, the world's
full of crazy people.

-Things are worse.

In the old days,
there was "the village idiot".

Now, it's "the apartment idiot".

-How do you know all this?
-The whole building visited Maria.

They went
with their slippers on...

Had I not known
she were a psychiatrist...

...I'd take her
for the janitor!

That's why
she fell in love with me.

'Cause I lived in another building.
I was like an exotic beauty.

Why did we fall in love with her?

Because she's like a baby.

Right, Rosemary's baby.

She thought
she had all the answers.

She was really good
with her patients.

But she knew nothing
about herself.

She was vulnerable
from day one.

And 1, instead of saving myself,
I found a partner in crime.

That's why I love her, you see...

-Love of my life, you're up?
-Yes, for some time now.

-What are you doing all alone?
-I'm thinking.

I talk to myself.

What you two talk about?
You want me to join you?

- She's joking with us!
- Well, snicker doodle?

Hello, snicker doodle!

Why isn't Manolis here yet?

-Why isn't Manolis here yet?
-I don't know...

I'm thirsty.

-I'm thirsty.
-Me too. Has the itching stopped?

Shit! Did she have to remind me?

Yes, it stopped completely.

-Did you get some sleep?
-No, only Vasso slept.

Me and Hilda stayed up.

-What is she doing?
-She's making wishes for 2 hours now.

She sees shooting stars
and goes...

Did you make a wish?

-I did.
-What did you wish for?

-If I tell you, it won't come true.
-Right, don't push our luck.

Wishing's all we got.

- What did you wish for?
- I'll tell you when it comes true.

-If it doesn't, you won't tell me?
-No, 'cause you'll be dead!

If it doesn't come true...

...I'll wait 'til it comes true.

I'm thirsty.

-We've run out of water?
-There is some left.

It's for Vasso, she vomited
and she'll dehydrate.

What did I do
to that poor woman?

-Why did she throw up?
-I don't know. Who knows?

-What's up?
-Same old...

We're watching the fireworks
of my closure ceremony.

-How are you feeling?
-Like a zeppelin ready for take off.

-You seem fine.
-That swelling's just muscle tone!

-Feel like joking?
-Why not, everybody's great!

-Vazo, how do you feel?
-How can she feel...

-I feel sick.
-We noticed that.

-Something made you sick.
-What did you eat?

Mackerels! Both yesterday
and the day before!

Will you shut up, you dick?

-Excuse me?
-She's right.

-Do you want me to recap?

When she swam to get help,
she understood you have an affair.

Then, the mute talked back to her.
Vasso is not that stupid.

-I try to play it down, ok?
-What, the affair you mean?

She came back
to different people!

-What should I do, then?
-Shut up.

You can have the mute's part.

A mute is a must at this beach!

Do you want some water?
Mafia saved some for you.

Drink up, it will do you good.

I don't know
what's wrong with me.

I want to sleep.

On the other hand,
I'll sleep forever!

Let her sleep...

Here, sit! Sit!

-We could make a fire.
-With our sunscreens?

-Yes, we got no wood.
-It's getting serious.

It's strange Manolis
didn't show up.

Remind me
to give him a beating.

Something must have happened.

Even if he forgot, his mum vouId
notice us missing at the taverna.

Even so, everybody
knows we came here.

They would have sent
someone for us.

-I can't breath.
-You're stressed, forget it.

-I don't think it's Manolis' fault.
-Oh, really?

If only we had some water...
Are you hungry?

Yes, but we don't make a fuss
because we're thirsty.

Damn South wind...

No, the wind comes
from the North.

As I vatched Ursa Minor...

...a cloud of smoke
from the North covered it.

-Was it really Ursa Minor?
-Of course, Ursa Major is right here!

-How about the wind?
-The North star was my guide.

-You didn't say that before.
-At least, I think so.

Anyway, we're near
The Etesian winds season.

And these come
from the North?

Etesian winds refresh
Zahara desert!

I'll kill myself, before I die,
I'll kill myself.

Marlene Dietrich revive!

Hey, hey!

If we'd put a message in a bottle
and throw it in the sea...

...it would reach the village, right?
-It would, yes.

But it would reach it
after our funeral...

What we'd write in it?
-We'd write...

"Manolakis, this isn't
what we arranged, is it?"

Could there be something
we are forgetting?

I'm thinking about going
to the yellow buoy.

Did you get an idea,
or are you just warming up?

I saved Vazo's cell phone,
it may just work!

But she told us
that it had no signal.

Well, that's true,
but it's worth trying.

Don't forget the hat.

-I've never swum in the moonlight.
-Thanks, but no.

It looks nice,
but in there it's dark...

...there are seaweed
and sharks!

God no! I can't even imagine
getting a cramp in there.

You've never let me
do all the things I like.

So what? You're just as well!

The mothers of cowards
never mourn.

To fly by aeroplane
and see the world from above...

As the song goes,
"people look like ants".

People were always so close,
suffocating me.

-You suffocated them!
-No, you did!

You never say what you think
in fear of losing them!

Now, you're here with them
and they're stuck in your own mess.

What are you
thinking about, darling?

I'm considering
all aspects of the situation.

-And what's your conclusion?
-There's no conclusion.

The fat guy is here again?

No, no.


Since morning,
he's never stayed that long.

-Let him be, it's ok.
-See? She likes me!

-He thinks you like him.

I like him alright!

Up yours, asshole!

Who said he wanted
to have a baby with me?

He did!

Good! Let him come
so we can have it!

-Up yours now, asshole!
-Promises are made to be broken.

-The wimp takes it back.

-I'm not a wimp!
-His promise was just a reaction.

You asked me
what did I wish for, right?

Come closer
so that I can tell you.

Your parents and teachers
did a brilliant job!

Come on, guys!

You, morons!

That's more like it!

Find us a way out, we're gonna die,
don't you see?

Guys, you're driving me
nuts here!

I will wake Vasso up.
-He will wake Vasso up!

-He's too wimpy to do it.
-I'm not a wimp!

I did find myself
when I thought my end was near.

The following day,
I wouldn't be alive.

All I could do,
was to propagate the species.

Not out of respect.
Just for Maria.

She seemed to know something
I couldn't grasp.

Something she craved
with all her female nature.

A child.

-They sleep hugging each other now?
-Why, does it bother you?

At this point, I don't know
what bothers me anymore.

How are you feeling?

Be a little patient.

There was a fire at the village,
that's why Manolis didn't come.

A fire?

You're a liar!

-It must have been bad.
-How do you know that?

I fixed your cell phone,
I talked to Manolis.

He's alright, don't worry.

Stupid Manolis!
What fire, what did it burn?

I don't know,
he apologised for not showing up.

I told him Haris needs a doctor
and he said he's on his way.

-Good. Did you regain signal?

At the buoy.

Where you regained
signal as well.

I didn't!

"At the same time, 2 miles away
from the isle, at the village..."

"...another story was unfolding,
at the side of our adventure."

"However, only later did I find out
about these following events."

"I cite them because
it is interesting to approach..."

"..the secret, parallel universe
of the female psyche."

How are you feeling?

Here we go again...
As if you care about me.

You might already know
that you're pregnant.

The vomiting, the drowsiness,
your breasts are swollen.

-You told her about me!
-No, I swear!

-You knew?
-You've plotted the two of you!

I told you, I said nothing!
But now, you should talk.

I have nothing to say!

It's a miracle to have a baby
after all you've been through.

I'm talking to you as a doctor.

As a woman, I hate you're having
Haris' baby, but that's another issue.

Talk to her now
or I'll do it myself.

I won't answer for what
I do with my husband to her!

- With whom?
- Hilda, shut up!

You, shut up!

I guess you don't want
to wake Haris up.

So, it's gonna be you
or it's gonna be me?

Do whatever you please!

What was this all about?

She's not having Haris' baby...


It's Manolis'...

Manolis who?

Who brought us here...

-He's only a child!
-He's a man now.

He was a child
when they hooked up.

Hilda, what are you saying?

Before you started seeing Haris,
Vasso had an affair with Manolis.

-How do you know that?
-Vazo told me.

-"Vhy" did she tell you?

...if I knew, I wouldn't be
a threat anymore, see?

A threat?

Yes... For what she thought...

I don't understand a thing.

She thought I might
hook up with Manolis.

Yeah, right!
He's only a child!

Will you stop
calling him a child?

What fool is a 18 year old man!
-Why do you call him a fool?

Because he won't
give in to you?

-You're hitting on him as well?
-Don't listen to her!

She lost her mind over that boy.

I lost my mind? You're dying
to teach him German!

You taught him algebra,
she'll teach him German...

He'll become Einstein!
- He asked, I couldn't refuse.

And I pretended to be mute...

What's done, is done. My affair
doesn't redeem your sins.

But your affair
makes you a murderer.

It makes me a murderer?

When you first went for help,
you regained the signal.

You called Manolis
and told him not to come!

-Who told you that, Manolis?
-I saw your calls.

You dared tell us
there was no signal.

Manolis also left you a message
you haven't taken.

You listen to other
people's messages now?

That makes two of you.

So, what did he say?

"Love, I hope you know
what you're doing..."

"...but you must find me
an excuse for my delay."

What you and Manolis are up to?
Killing Haris? Are you nuts?

As if! Nothing can hurt Haris!

Last year, he took
his cortisone and was fine.

I just needed some time
and I asked Manolis to be late.

I wanted to put an end
to this circus today.

-You knew about me and Haris?
-I said nothing, cross my heart!

I could tell he had an affair.
Then, I saw how he looked at you.

That's why I took your cell phone.
I needed evidence to finish it.

Won't you tell him
about Manolis?

I want him to think we separated
'cause he fell in love.

Haris wouldn't stand rejection
for a 18 year old boy!

My Haris is like a child...

And Manolis, a real man!

I was like a mother
to him, like a sister...

Hilda and Haris, the two orphans...
That's why I didn't have a child.

Want me to believe it's my fault
you're cheating on Haris?

Nobody can stand guilt.
That's why you did all that today.

Haris thought you'd die
if you found out about us.

Your truth will set him free.

If he finds out, he'll go crazy.
When I'll be at the delivery room...

...he'll visit me
from the psychiatric ward.

I think...

...you must call Manolis
to come and pick us up.

I've already called him.
If it was up to Vazo...

...she would have
the baby right here!

Manolis! Over here!
Here, boy!

Manolis, you won't believe it!

Girls, hurry! Manolis is here!

Don't laugh! Stop it, you cows!

Manolis, don't be scared, it's me.

I got stung by a bee
and swelled up.

I look like Marlon Brando.
Soon, I'd be also dead like he is!

-We should take the umbrellas.
-Umbrellas my foot! Tomorrow.

I won't die here. Move!

You won't believe
what we've been through.

Look at Manolis.
He's a real man now.

Girls, sit down.

See for yourselves,
he's a true pro.

Let's go...

Guys, we're saved!

"Before setting foot
on the village..."

"...the smell of fire that by then
was under control..."

"...justified instantly
Manolis' delay."

"The fire had started
from his father's taverna..."

"...and spread
to the esplanade shops."

"It was a great disaster."

"Manolis fell into contradictions
which showed he was still a child."

"However, I owe him to say that
Manolis was equal to his deed."

"He took full responsibility
and Vasso wasn't charged..."

"...with accessory before the fact
of a capital offence."

"He never mentioned
his fatal passion..."

"....nor sought excuse by blaming
the woman who had trapped him!"

The end.

Your honor, I wish you
to allow me call to the stand...

...the most important witness
for Manolis Zambakos, my client.

She's important
to this case because...

...she encouraged Haris
to write the truth!

Had Haris not known
what happened...

...this case would have closed
as another mistrial.

I call Maria Giannakoudakis!

What we learned today
is it fiction or plain reality?

It's the whole truth.

Why did you tell Haris
what had happened?

It did him good, you think?

Depends on how you see it.

Your client
burned down a village...

...I pretended to be mute,
Hilda to be blind, for what?

To sustain Vasso and Haris' lie.

You sound irritated.

I sound tired.

I want Manolis out of prison.
And Vasso just became a mother...

...and I'm next in line!

She wasn't the arsonist
nor told him to set the fire.

Manolis's act was free of malice.
-So you mean...

...there should be
more people in prison...

...or none at all.

Since your client
took full responsibility...

...he wouldn't be pleased
with more imprisonments.

He could have done it without you!
We need to lighten his position.

You have a better way than this?

I can only speak to you
as I soon will to my son.

I'll tell him, "For you to be born,
a bee had to sting your dad..."

"...he had to be really scared
and a village to burn down."

"All that, because of you."

Chaos theory.
A bee burns down a village.

This surely will set Manolis free.
Are you serious?

And the peoples' fortune
that were lost?

Nobody had to pay for it?

I would tell my son that the bee
after completing its duty....

...died living behind its sting.

The little boatman,
after burning down the village...

...went to prison
to serve his penalty.

And your dad, after being scared,
got free with your coming.

-You are optimistic.

You think Haris will come around
regarding your baby.

That's only up to him.
And Haris will do it!

As he did it that night.
He will do it once more.

Why are we here?
It's February.

You don't like it?

It's nice but perhaps
we could go skiing...

-I feel warm.
-Me, I'm really cold.

- I'm sweaty.
- Incompatibility of temper!

Great incompatibility, indeed.
Can't get any worse.

You're overreacting.
Just because I'm cold?

I am starting to feel warm now.

-Let's swim, then.
-No way.

You promised we wouldn't swim.

Promises are made to be broken.

When will they come
to pick us up?


...at the crack of dawn.

What do you mean "normally"?

It means, unless we swim back...

Why are you acting like an ass?

Great, he's brought butter, too!

Look... I'll try to swim
in the moonlight.

If you want to...

...you can stay here.
- You'll freeze! Or drown!

But if I do it?

You'll be decorated?

Where are you going?

I'm going back to Maria.

You'll never make it back alive.

Dead or alive...

...I'm going back to Maria.

Haris, please, don't go...

If they see you, they'll think
I came with you and won't pick me up.

Haris, you can't leave me behind.

Behind me!
That's where you belong.

Behind me!

Haris, help me!