A Beautiful Secret (2002) - full transcript

La amada leyenda de la pantalla, Katy Jurado, la ilumina una última vez en la historia de una amistad especial que se desarrolla entre una mujer solitaria de edad y Jorge, un adolescente rebelde en la ciudad de México en 1984. A través de la utilización de flashbacks, Jorge, ahora un adulto, recuerda las lecciones inolvidables y las conversaciones a cerca de la naturaleza humana y la sociedad en general. Esta película fascinante proporciona un hermoso tributo a la legendaria actriz en una historia de corazón que le hará reír y reflexionar.

A Film by Leopoldo Laborde



Time to get up!

Get up.

It's 6:50, time for your bath.

Good morning, Willy.

You got up early.

You woke me up.


Freaking mosquitoes.

They bit me all over,
sons of bitches.

Jorge, are you up yet?
You have to hurry up...

- Jorge!
- Mom!


Why is this so thick, Mom?

Don't act like that.
I made it with love.

I used 3 eggs, you need to
have your strength.


Why so many?

I told you I have a late meeting
and I want you to eat well.

Mom, I would've preferred
to make my own breakfast...

than to eat this sh...


Don't be rude.
Besides you and I need to talk...

about what you were doing
in front of the mirror.


Oh, hi.

I'm having breakfast.

And you?

That's good.



He's right here.

I'll call you later.




Take care, bye.


Who were you talking to so discreetly?


Discreet? You think?


Who was it?

It was the boss.

He wants me to make some photocopies,
so early in the morning.

It's always the same.

Do you know where I can make them?

What? You liked it?

No, I still suck my thumb, Mom.

Ma, aren't you leaving
earlier than usual?

Yes, honey.

And I won't be able
to take you to school.


I have to go ask Marcela
something about work.

Didn't you have to go make
some copies?

Well, yes. That and then I'm
going with Marcela.

Here comes a taxi.

I'm glad it's available.

OK, honey, take care.
And don't eat any junk food.

With what money?

Oh, yes. You're right.

I don't have a lot change but...

just so you know what a good
mother I am... here...

Take it all. There you are.

Be a good boy. Take care.

Mom, don't treat me like a baby.

Anyway, I'll call you in the afternoon
to make sure you're all right.

Mom, when have you ever called me?

Bye. Be a good boy, darling.

He' s got the ball...

he takes hold of it slowly.

Slowly, he fools everybody
and kicks it long.

It's half way there,
it crosses and...

Hey, you.

Asshole! You scared me!

- Leave my things alone.
- What's your problem?

- Why are you so scared?
- You scared me, asshole!

I didn't know you were going
to come by here.

Oh, look, crayons...

- Moron.
- What's your problem?

Why do you come this way
if it scares you?

- Don't fuck with me.
- I'm not. I only do that with your mother.

I've been following you.

And I saw how you almost
peed in your pants.

Why were you following me?

I know, you like my ass...

- I know it's tight.
- Yeah, right... tight ass, please.



Jorge del Pino.

Please stand up.

Yes, teacher.

Did you study your Spanish lesson
you had for homework?

Yes... yes.

Good, what was it about?

Well... we had to look up poems...

written by Alfonso Reyes.

Very good, very good.

And which poems did you study?

The poems that I studied...

were simple, short...

really short poems, one of them...


There's only one thing
I'd like you to tell me.


Did you study?
Yes or no?


That's all I needed to know.

"Persons" like you
don't get far in life.

Because of "persons" like you,
Mexico is how it is.

Because of "persons" like you...

crises and social injustices
are drowning us completely.

Because of "persons" like you,
we have clumsy and mediocre people...

damaging our country.

How can they not be mediocre...

if they don't even know
the kind of Mexico we had?

Anyway, it's unbelievable
that at your age...

you don't even know who the big
authors of our country are.

All this and you're repeating
the school year.

Or do you know?

- No.
- No, what?

No, Miss Conchita.

Do you know who
Gabriela Mistral was?


- Or Amado Nervo, perhaps?
- No.

Do you even know who
Jose Vasconcelos was?


Perhaps you know
what Sir Vasconcelos...

did for our culture
and the knowledge...

of the universal literature
in our country?


Do you even know who
Julio Cortazar was?

- No.
- Diego Rivera?

- No.
- Frida Kahlo?


Do you know who Emilio Carballido,
Jose Luis Cuevas...

Gabriel Garcia Marquez,
Agustin Lara, Gabilondo Soler?

Do you know who
Flat-Nose Linares is?


Who did you say?

Flat-Nose Linares?

So who is this
Flat-Nose Linares?

Flat-Nose Linares is the guy that
fucks your husband in the ass...

because your husband is a fag.

This time you really did it.

How could you have said that
the teacher's husband is gay?

You're going to flunk.

- Like I care.
- Don't be stupid.

If they expel you now, you might
have to repeat the school year.

Remember there's only 2 months
left for school to finish.

I don't care. Nobody talks to me
that way, not even my mother.

Why did you have to answer so badly?


But she really crossed the line.

Why did she start giving
names of people...

I don't give a damn about,

like Vasconcelos?

Who gives a shit
who Vasconcelos was?

That's why they flunked you.
Nobody can talk to you.

I'm leaving, you really stink.

- You should smell yourself.
- Go to hell.

Anyway, I might pass by your house
later if we decide to play soccer.


See you.


Mom, I'm home.



I'm coming.

Hurry up.

Hold on, asshole.

Careful, don't speak that way
to your daddy.

I'm terrified.

- Goofing off?
- So?


Ready to play?

You're going to play?

Yes, hurry up.
David and Fran are waiting.

So, where are we playing?

What's up? Ready?


Why didn't you find
somewhere else to play?

Come on, don't be a baby.

Or are you scared of the house?

Didn't you say it was haunted?

Yes, but from the inside
not the outside.

Jorge, are you on Beto's team?

I'm with you.
Only bitches on that team.

Throw it.

Over here.

Here Jorge.

You're such an asshole.

How could you kick it in the house?

- You're crazy.
- Why don't you go get it.

- No way.
- You bunch of idiots.

Kick his ass, kick his ass,
kick his ass.

Now who's going to get the ball?

I don't know but I'm not going.

That house is haunted.
I'm not going.

- Fat-ass, should go.
- Then go for it!

No way. I'm not going.

Shut up!

Let's see who's it!

Even or odds, even or odds.

No, let's do it again!

Go up the wall
or are you a pussy?

Hurry up, man!


how do I get in?

Climb up the wall!

Hurry up!

Dumb ass!

What are you doing here?


Get out of here, you stupid kid!

Get out of my house!

And I never want to see you again!

Oh, shit.

Hurry up! Jump!


How irresponsible of you to play
soccer without a helmet or kneepads.

It's good you didn't get killed.

Stop it! Stop hassling me.

I'm fucked up enough as it is
and I don't need your lectures.

What kind of language is that?

You kiss your mother with that mouth?


And with the same mouth,
I puke and burp too!

The worst part was when he fell on us.

If I hadn't grabbed him,
he would have broken his neck.

How did he fall?

Your son is an idiot.

He flew about 30 feet. Look.

I swear on this...

He flew?

How can my son fly 30 feet?

Well, he really did.

He fell on David's feet,
on Fran's feet, on my feet...

since he flew,
he fell on our feet.

Mom, why don't you go get
us something to eat?

There's nothing,
but I understood you, baby.

I'll go to the store and get something.

What do you want?

A ham sandwich and a soda.

And please stop calling me baby.

- But I love calling you baby.
- No, Mom.

Beto, do you want to stay for supper?

OK, I'll just call my mother and
let her know I'll be with my "baby".

I won't take long. I'm leaving.

- OK, Mom.
- See you later.

- Baby...
- You idiot.

How can you say something
like that to my mother?

- What, "baby"?
- No.

That lie you just told my mother.

What did you want me to say...

I had to convince her that her son
hadn't fallen from the wall.

You looked as if you had seen a ghost.

No, no...

Inside I saw two strangers.

What? Two strangers?

Well two people...
do you understand?

There were two people.

One was old and really weird...

and as I walked back
I ran into an old lady.

She was so ugly.

She looked at me with her big eyes.

Her skin was so wrinkled.

She had mummy's hands.

Don't be stupid. She looked weird
because she's a corpse.

Yeah, sure. A corpse wouldn't say
or scream anything the way she did.

But I told you that house is haunted.

Everybody knows it.

The corpse of Norma's mother
is in that house.

Who knows.

All I know is...

what I saw was no corpse.

What are you doing here?

You're the kid
from yesterday, aren't you?

I thought I told you
I never wanted to see you again.

That's not true.

What, you imbecile?

Don't talk to me that way.

Who are you to tell
me how to talk to you?

So you don't care who I am either?

Well, I'll talk to you, however I want.

You brat!

Why are you talking to me like that?

I don't care.

I'll speak to you however I want.

"I don' t care."

You vulgar little boy!

Don't you know who I am?

Yes, you're the mother of
the person that used to kill women.

A murderer.

That's what they're saying
about me now?

I thought that time...

was enough for them to stop talking.

But now the rumors say that
I'm a witch and a murderer.

So, you're not?

If I were, what do you care?

What do you care if I care?

Aside from everything else,
you're also impudent.

That's how you must be in school, right?

No, school is total shit.

School is what?

School is shit.
I hate school.

Let's see, come.

Come on.
Come and sit down.

Come closer.

I'm not going to hurt you.

If I wanted to kill you
I would have done it by now.


Why do you hate school?

Well, it busts my balls.

It busts your what?

My balls.
It's a drag, boring.

So, why does it bust your balls?

I don't know.

I have to wake up early,

and the worst part is when
the teachers yell at you.

They're crazy.

Crazy idiots.

Yes. They're idiots.


The other day,
my teacher started yelling at me...

because I didn't know
who Jose Vasconcelos was.

Jose Vasconcelos...

was a lover and a visionary.


He was a dreamer...

giving the country books
like "The Iliad" or "The Odyssey".

Instead of feeding the poor.

That's nothing...

and what he did to Antonieta...

is unspeakable.

Anyway, tell me more about school.

Well... I think it's boring.

Waking up early, homework,

the worst is when they yell at you.

The teachers?

Yes, the teachers.

They treat us as
if we were stupid.

Like we don't deserve their patience.

Ignore them.

People who don't
feel sympathy are cowards.

But my mother
says that school is important.

Of course.

That's what she was told.

Then school is not important?

Yes, but other things
are important too.

Like what?

Like living,




Why did you break
into my property?

Don't you know it's forbidden?

- By whom?
- It's against the law.

They put kids like you in jail.

Why would they put me in jail?
What did I do?

Breaking into somebody's
property is nothing?

But I didn't steal or break anything.

So it doesn't matter that
you broke into my house?

Of course not.

I just wanted to see you.

Why do you keep on talking to me
as if we were equals?

You did the same thing.

But I'm older.

Older by age.

When you grow up, you'll learn that
elders should be respected.

Only because you're older?

You're right

I was forgetting for a moment
that greatness doesn't come with age.

How pathetic!

To become what you fought against.

I forgot that we lose the battle
when we stop being ourselves.

I used to fight to be able
to express myself.

And now that I find...

somebody fighting to be heard,
I suppress him.

I'm becoming that which
I fought against.

Anyway, you'll understand
when you're older.

You'll see one day,
when you reach my age...

how it feels to realize
what you have become.

Well, now leave.

Hey! Don't climb the wall!
You're going to ruin it.

How? It's already ruined.

You spoiled brat.
Why do you talk to me that way?

Anyway, I'm leaving this way
because this is the way I came in.

I hope you break your head.

I'm becoming so pathetic.

You went back? What happened?
What did you see?

Nothing much...

A garden, an old house...

and an old lady.

It must be Norma's aunt then.

No, man. Come on.

There's nothing like that inside.

But everybody says that it's scary.

Scared, I was.

But not because of any corpse
or exorcist.

Why don't you go back in there
and look for the exorcist inside?

Oh please, man.

Yes, I'd go back but not to look
for your exorcists...

or anything weird.


As soon as I can.

Honey, your son.

Hi, baby.

I didn't hear you come in.

Don't call me "baby".

This is my... my boss.
Well, a friend at work, Armando.

I wanted him to meet you...

so you could see how...

Did you make anything to eat?

I didn't have time,
but what do you say...

the three of us
go out for tacos?

He likes them. So do you.
I think it's a good idea.


No, thank you.


Listen, baby, where are you going?

To the store, to get myself
something to eat.

Do you have money?

You brat.

Didn't I tell you not
to climb up the wall?

Where do you want
me to come in from?

If I knocked, it would take you
months to answer the door.

You vulgar, idiot child.

- Talk to me with respect.
- I didn't mean to upset you.

Really? What did you expect?

I should be happy you called me old?

Don't pay attention to what
I say, only how I say it.

Unless you were an orphan,
or your mother were a whore,

you wouldn't be bothering
an old lady like me.

Don't ever say that again.
Do you hear me?

Again, you're talking
to me with no respect.

Don't ever call my mother
a slut. Got it?

And you, don't ever say
that I am old again.

What happened with your mother?

What do you mean?

Why don't you love her?

Of course I do.

So, why did you get angry
when I said she was a whore?

Because she isn't one.

If she weren't one you wouldn't
have gotten so angry.


Come back.

I can't chase after you.


I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

Your mother isn't what you think.


No, she's just a woman.

What are you trying to say?

That women are not only mothers,
they're also women.

Is your mother young?

Is she ugly?

Of course not.

She's beautiful, like a princess.

If her son thinks she's a princess...

how will the rest of
the world see her?

But she's no slut.

She's a woman.

But you said she was a slut.


I said she must be on the streets.
That's what I said.

Don't go changing it,
you said she was a slut.

And what do you care
what people think?

A lot. Don't you?

No. Locked up in here, you think
I care what happens out there?

- Wouldn't you like to know?
- No.

I decided long ago that what I
don't know, won't bother me.

You know, what the eye doesn't see...

So, rumors do bother you?

Why do you say that?

Because you prefer being
locked up in here...

than to listen to
what happens out there.

You may be right.

But there are a lot of people
who are more sensitive...

than they are strong.

And how does one become strong?

Very good question.

Do you know what a condom is?


A condom.

- How old are you?
- Twelve.

Then you know what it is.

Yes, the thing like a balloon, right?

Yes, that "balloon"...

is like a helmet.

You use it and it saves you
from a lot of problems.

What does that have to do
with being strong?

Well, you use it as a helmet
over your head...

and you don't hear what
people say about you.

What do you mean by "people"?


- Everybody?
- Everybody.

Your friends, your teachers,
even your mother.

I think the opinion
of others is important.

But I do care what people think
of me and my stuff.

My boy,

don't tell me that you need others
to know who you really are?

This is the last straw.
The last straw.

I'm fed up.

Why didn't you tell me?

Why didn't you tell me you got
suspended for a week from school?

Mom, it's only Saturday,
and it starts on Monday.

I don't care.

You should have told me yesterday.

What's going on with you?

How is being rude going to help you?

When are you going to learn
not to answer back?

Mom, don't exaggerate.

Why shouldn't I?
What are you going to do now?

Do you know what a week
without school means?

Yes, an entire week to goof off.

My God, Jorge, don't be cynical.

Stop joking around.

Don't you understand
how serious this is?

Don't you get it?

Do you know what not going
to school means?

If you don't go to school,
you're not going to amount to anything.

You won't have a career and without it
how will you earn a living?

Mom, calm down.

No, Jorge, I won't calm down.
And listen to me.

Don't talk to me as if we were equals.

I'm not going to let you
treat me that way.

You know what, Mom?

You're the one with the problem.

You don't fool me.

- What did you say, you imbecile?
- Don't insult me.

The real reason you're angry is because
I caught you with your boyfriend.

That's how you fix your problems?

Go ahead...

hit me
like if I were a punching bag.

You can't?

Show me what you've got.

Come on.

Hey, kid.
Why are you cutting my roses?

They're for the Virgin Mary,
don't you understand?

What bad manners.

Wait until your mother gets home.
I'm going to tell her.

Just you wait. You little bastard.

Hey, I'm talking to you!

I won't let you forget this.
You'll remember me.

You little bastard!

Lady, are you there?


Come in.

You came early today.

Yes, I didn't go to school.


I got suspended for a week.

At least you'll be able to
sleep in for a week.

Who are those people?

My parents.

Why does your father have a cap on?

It's not a cap it's a kepi.

My father was a captain.

He commanded 5,000 soldiers
during the revolution.

What are you doing?

Writing, can't you see?

What are you writing?

What do you care?

Are you going to start?
And you say that I'm the brat.

And you're going to start
talking to me as an equal?

Yeah, so?

That's your problem.

Who's the old man that was outside
when I came the first time?


I thought you lived alone.

I'm glad you came,
I need you to go get me cigarettes.

- Cigarettes?
- Yes.


- Why don't you ask Melquiades to go?
- Because I don't feel like it.

They won't sell them to me.

Don't be ridiculous.

If you can climb the wall...

you can certainly find a way
to buy me cigarettes.

I'm 12, they won't sell them to me.

Have you ever bought any?


So, how do you know?

Why do you say things
you know nothing about?

What brand did you want?

Carmencitas or Faros.

What now?
Are you going to stab me?

Of course not.

You're wasting your time
if you think you can hurt me.

Nobody beats me.

Faros or Carmencitas.

No junk.

- What?
- I need money.


One pack will be plenty until Thursday.

I was wrong, again.

He does understand me.



Honey, what's wrong?

Why are you all wet?
What's wrong?

My God, are you OK?

Honey, what's wrong?

How inconsiderate.

- It's so late.
- Yes...

I'm sorry,
but what happened was...

What happened?

I had a problem.

- What? What happened to the book?
- The book is fine.

I've fixed the problem.

It's just that they
didn't have the copies ready.


Yes, he said he'd have
them on Monday.

What were they thinking?
We need them tonight.

Tell me about it.

- Why didn't they have them on time?
- I don't know, honey.

- It's not my fault.
- It can't be.

You can't trust anybody these days.

Was the teacher right, after all?

Mexico is how it is because
you can't trust anyone.

- I know, take it easy.
- I can't believe it.

Listen, I have a solution.
My friend Marco will...

- Who's Marco?
- A friend.

He will make us the copies
on his computer.

They won't be the best copies,
but they'll do.

So we're going to turn those in?

It's better than nothing.

I don't know, I still can't believe
they weren't ready.

Let's call Marco.

I don't want you to get sick.

Do you like roses?

It's not whether I like them or not.

It's what they remind me of.

- What do you mean?
- You see...

outside, there is a very dry rosebush.

Because Melquiades never
watered my garden.

I never took care of the roses.

And since they were given to me,
I never watered them, you see.

But I saw you trying to fix it
the other day.

I remembered my friend
who gave it to me.

Who was your friend?

Diego Rivera.

That name sounds familiar.

How can it not?
Aren't you Mexican?


Who was he?

He was a painter, muralist, a genius.

Look, he did that painting.

Why are you dressed like an Indian?

That was his style.

Where did you meet him?

In New York.

You've been to New York?

Yes, I lived there for 20 years.

You lived 20 years in New York?

What's so weird about that?

It's just a regular city.

But if you want to know
a beautiful city... Paris.

Now that's a beautiful city.

You've been to Paris?

Yes, but not vey well as I lived in
Montparnasse and I didn't go out much.

That kind of trip should
cost a lot of money.

What did you do for a living?

What do you care?

You're going to start again?

I don't like talking about that.

That's not fair.

I've told you everything about me.

Ah, yes.


Yes, I've told you everything.

- Yes. Everything... everything.
- Yes, everything.

You think you're so smart!

You know who you remind me of?
Alfonso Reyes.

You knew him also?

Oh, my child.

You never really know a person.

You didn't get along
with men, did you?

No, it's not that.
I never understood them.

Did you have any women friends?



Nahui, Antonieta, Gaby.
Gaby was very beautiful.


Yes, Gaby Mistral.

Did you say Gabriela Mistral?

Gabriela Mistral.

That's the name of my school.

They named your school after Gaby?

What's so funny?

Gaby was opposed to everything
that they teach in school.


You know what one of
her poems was called?


Something they don't
practice or teach in schools.

Now what are you laughing about?


You're so funny.

Hi, Mom.

Where were you?

At my friend's house.

Which friend?

The old lady that lives in the
big house on Morelia Street.

Why so late?

What's wrong?

What do you mean?
What about school?

Mom, I was suspended.

Yes, but that doesn't give you the right
to wander the streets with your friends.

Calm down.

Listen to me, Jorge.

No, no, no... don't treat me
like some crazy woman.

Like a crazy woman, Mom?

You're already crazy.

Foul mouthed.

It's not fair that I work like a dog
while you are on the streets.

Listen to me.

Where were you all morning?

I already told you.
I was with my friend.

Now an old lady is your friend?

She is. Not only is she fun
but she's very smart.

Now you go see
old people for charity?

You're such a hypocrite.

You don't even like
your grandmother.

Don't compare them.

My grandma is as crazy as you.
And you two do nothing but fight.

Honey, listen to me.

Can't you understand that
I'm worried about you?

I don't want you hanging around
with the wrong kind of people.

Please, Mom. If someone here
is doing that, it's you.

You don't get it. You don't get it!

When are you going to learn, Jorge?

When are you going to learn
to shut up.

Jorge, listen to me...

And you, Mom...

have you ever listened to me?

Jorge del Pino, stand up please.

What did you learn during your
little week of vacation?

Did you learn anything about
the famous authors of Mexico?

Yes, I did, I learned a lot.

Ah, yes?

Like what?

I learned that Diego Rivera was
a very thoughtful man...

he wouldn't hesitate for a moment...

to give a friend a beautiful
rosebush for her garden.

I learned that Jose
Vasconcelos was a naive man...

he didn't realize that his people...

preferred food to books like
"The Odyssey" or "The Iliad".

I also learned that Gabriela Mistral
knew how to be a friend.

That New York is as beautiful
as any other city.

But Paris... Paris is the
most beautiful city in the world.

And only one woman was able to...

meet and befriend this group of men...

women and artists.

But the most important thing I learned...

was that I don't need anybody
or anything to be happy...

and to know who I really am.

That's what I learned.

Is there anything else
you want to know?

Where did you get all that stuff
you told the teacher?

I didn't invent it.

I'm not like you.

Where did you get it from?

It's the lady from the big house,
she taught me everything.

You still see her?

Of course.
In fact, I'm going now.

Do you want to come?

No, no, thank you.

I have a lot of homework to do.

Homework, man?

We don't have any homework.

Well, I have to start studying
for tomorrow's lesson.

Yeah... right.

Fuck off.

Don't talk to your daddy that way.

I'm leaving.

How come you like to visit her?
Don't you get bored?


Why do you go?

I don't know.

She's like the grandmother
I never had.

Your grandmother?

I'd shoot myself first.


I never wanted children,
forget about grandchildren.

- You never got married?
- I didn't say that.

I said I never had children.

Why didn't you want to have kids?


some people are difficult.

Well, it's not that I wouldn't
have wanted kids.

It's just that I wouldn't
have made them happy.


Because I wasn't happy.


are you happy now?

In this moment, I am.

What did you do?

About what?


I used to write.


In a notebook, wherever.

I understand that.
What, for a newspaper, a magazine?

I don't want to talk about that.

How did you buy this house?

It's must have been pretty
when it was new.

Very pretty.

It was a gift.

From whom?

Let's leave it at that.

Who was it, a friend,
did you get along?

It was his way of telling me
he loved me.

Did you have friends that
were writers, like you?

They weren't writers.

They were artists.

One of them was Dali.
He was very funny.

He was a great man.


BuÒuel was written in capital letters.

He was an incredible man.

You never knew whether he was
joking or being serious.

And where are they now?

Dali is in Spain.

And BuÒuel unfortunately, is in heaven.

Why did you stop seeing them?

Ah, fame.

- Fame?
- Yes.

They became very famous.

Dali making portraits of himself
for the journalists.

Fame overwhelmed everybody,
some even believed in it.

And what happened to the others?

We grew apart.

It always happens.

The first time, it happened
to me here in Mexico.

Then I went to Spain looking for
a group of intellectuals...

and a few years later
the same thing happened.

Then, I went to France
and the same thing.

Everybody falls for fame.


That's why I ran away from it.

You... were you famous?

Dummy, didn't I just tell you that
I ran away from it?

Why do you say that
fame is dangerous?

Because you start believing in it.

People and the press
applaud the character.

Not the person.

They applaud the artist.

And the artist, my boy,
is only a character.

They only care if you're
important and famous.

They don't care who you really are.

They say they love and admire you.

But if ever you should
need anybody because you're ill...

or just need company
when you're alone...

they would never be there.

Because in the end
they don't care about you.

They only care what you represent.

That's why you can never
make a mistake...

because they would never
forgive you for it.

They will never treat you...

like a real person.

That was what my friends
never understood.

You never wanted to be famous?

No, I was never interested.

Now go home.

I don't want you getting in trouble
with your mother.

No. Don't worry.

Tell me more about... Doli?
What was it?

About BuÒuelos...
Tell me about him. Yes, yes...

Is it true that New York
is full of skyscrapers?

Tell me more... I won't have
problems with my mother.

Yes, come on...

Are you all right?

Are you all right?

Are you in pain?

I wouldn't have acted
like that if I weren't.

Tell me what's wrong.

Only a few bruises
I have from last week.



Don't worry.

Don't start with me.


Easter week is not possible.

Mother, I haven't had time
to go to Queretaro.

We're both very upset and I don't
want to say anything we'll both regret.

Call you later, bye.

Where were you?

Why were you fighting
with grandma?

She wants us to go
to Queretaro for the holidays.

As if I were at her beck and call.

She's crazy.

I already made plans.

With whom?

Your boyfriend?

Don't be so rude.

I'm your mother.

Please, Mom.

Did you notice the way
you were talking to yours?

Actually I was thinking that
you should go alone.



What am I going to do there?

Don't be a bad grandson.
My mother wants to see you.

What for?

So she can give me rotten candy
and walk me like a dog?

Don't be like that.

She really wants to see you.

You don't think you have
obligations with your family?

Only when you need
money or toys.

But of your own free will never.
How selfish!





Hold on.

Go to your room!

Yes, at what time?

Which one? Where?

- And why don't you want to go?
- What for?

I'll only get bored.

My grandmother is the weirdest,
most boring, most hateful person I know.

And she also smells funny.

But she's your grandmother.

I know, but I can't stand her.

What's so funny?

You look funny when you're angry.

Not more than you.

Look, boy.

I'm going to give you some advice.

Something I never do.

Do you want to go?

No, no.

Then don't go.


That's right, don't go.

Why not?

If you decided it, go through with it.


By not going.

That easy?

It's simple.

It would be another world if
we all did what we really thought.

But we always think something
and do something else.

That's why the world is the way it is.

But not everything we want is correct.

How do I know if what
I want to do is the right thing?


Follow your instinct.
That's all.


I'm going to tell you something.

What do you do first?

Take a shit or eat?

Well, first I eat and
then I take a dump.


That sounds logical.

But some people take
a shit and then they eat.

You have to follow your instinct.
That's all.

How did you come up
with all these ideas?

How do you make them up?

I don't make them up.

It's just life.

I give myself time to think.


Doesn't everybody think?

People have to give
themselves time to love...

to eat, time for everything.

How do you know
when you're in love?

You like someone, don't you?

Yeah, a girl I saw
the other day in the park.

Has she said anything to you?


Have you?

Have you kissed her
or given her a flower?

No. I only think she's cute.

I think the only thing
you like is her butt.

Do you think that people
think when they're in love?


People in love...

only love.

Have you ever been in love?

Yes, a long time ago.

Who was he?

The man of my life.

He was smart, educated.

He learned a lot about life.

He was fabulous.

What was his name?

What do you care?

I'm sorry.

My child.

I've told you that names
are not important.

Memories are important.

How was he?


He painted, he wrote.

He was a poet.

He spoiled me.

Brought me flowers.

He'd serenade me.

But the jerk never worked.

And where is he now?


Do you miss him?


How do you... how do you go on?

How do you make
the pain go away?

I write.

That's right.

I saw you writing the other day.

I can still do it, but...

I don't like writing much anymore.

Tell me more.

Did you guys get married?

No, he got married.

He left you?

No, we split up.


Who was he?

How many times do I have
to tell you that...

names are not important.

What's important are
the memories, what we did.

When was the last time you saw him?

Thirty years ago.

What were your last words?

Good bye.

We're going to Queretaro?

Yes, honey, we're leaving
after tomorrow.

But why?
You didn't want to go.

You got me thinking.

It's been a while since
we've seen my mother...

and I didn't want
you to go alone.

Please, give me a break, Mom.

I think you got in a fight with your
boyfriend and that's why we're going.

Don't start.

You never tell me the truth.

You are always lying to me.

Always coming up with excuses.

Mom, I always find out
what you're up to.

Tell me the truth.

You want the truth?

OK. You are my son.

You're my baby and I love you.

I know you don't care.

I've loved you since
I got pregnant with you.

But what you don't know is that my mother
beat me when she knew I was pregnant...

She thought I was crazy
and told me not to have you.

But I fought for you and I had you.

And that's why we're together now.

I work only to give you the best.

It's not that I don't
want to be with you.

I'm not a bad mother.
I'd never do anything to hurt you.

I just want to provide for you.

School, clothes, toys.

Everything I do is for you.

Let's go to Queretaro.


Do it.
Do it for me.

You're leaving tomorrow?

You're leaving tomorrow?

My mother asked me to go
and I couldn't say no.

I thought you hated your grandmother.
What, now you like her?

But, I'm going for my mother.

And, besides, she's right.

We haven't gone on vacation
in a long time.

But the only thing that bothers me is
not seeing my friend, the old lady.

Did you tell her yet?

Yeah, she knows. But I haven't said
good-bye yet. I'm going there right now.

Hey, Melquiades.



Lady, it's me, Jorge!


Are you here?


It's me, Jorge!


Your name is Jorge?

Do you know what
you've done for me?

Do you know what you
brought back to my life?


Please, put it on the table.

Thank you.

I know you're scared.

A little startled, I would be too.

In fact,

I would've run by now.

What's inside the chest?

A gift.

A gift?


For you.

For me?


What's inside?

That's what I wanted to tell you.

You can not take it until you
promise me something.


Swear on your life...

promise me you won't open it...

until you are twenty.

Twenty years old?

And why until twenty?

Because that's how old I was...

when I was discovered.


I came to tell you something.

I came to tell you that I'm leaving...

to Queretaro, you remember?

My mother is going.

Do you know what a memory is?

You know, a memory...

a caress...

a smile?

A memory is a lifetime.

When you grow up,
your heart will understand.

Ah, my child...

I'm sorry, I'm not being clear
with you now.

But I can't.
I just freed up my intuition.

I was finally able to live.

I haven't been this alive
for the past twenty-five years.

Are you feeling OK?
You're not sick or anything?

No, I'm fine.

OK, then, I have to go because...

Because my mother is waiting for me.
I have to pack.

Are you scared?

Scared, me? No...

It's just that my mother asked me
to get home early.

So I can finish packing.

You won't be the same.

Your mother has learned
to dominate you.

And you gave in.

You won't be the same.

Today, you stopped
believing in yourself.

But it doesn't matter.

I understand you.

Take it, it's yours.

Thank you.

Don't thank me.

Thank you.

I have to go.

Bye, Jorge.

How do you know my name?

You told me.

You said, "Lady, it's me, Jorge!"

And what's your name?




- I'll be right back, Mom.
- Where are you going?

To see my friend.

- I won't be long.
- You have to help me.

- Mom.
- You can't leave me like this.

- Yeah.
- You have to help me unpack.

Don't leave me like this, Jorge.
You have to help me.

- See you later.
- Where are you going?

We want it to look
good enough to sell.

So we need to keep up
the maintenance on the house.

We're checking all the electrical...

checking all the plumbing...

Trimming the shrubs.

Then we will start installing
all new plumbing.

All new electrical...

Check all the plumbing, water.
I don't want any problems.

Sir, what's going on?

I don't want any problems leaks.

Good afternoon, sir.

Check all the breakers, the switches,
the hardware...

Hey, mister, what's going on?

Excuse me, the lady of the house?
What's happening?

Hey, mister.

I don't know.

What's happening?

I don't know.

I don't know.

Gaby, are you done?

Hey, boy,
what are you doing here?

Hi, Melquiades.

- It's me, Jorge.
- Jorge? The lady...

She died on Thursday.

We buried her on Friday.


That can't be.

Yes, she died.

She had pulmonary emphysema.

She also had liver problems.

For many years, people thought
she was already dead.

It can't be.
I saw her on Wednesday.

I just saw her.

Are you OK boy?

Are you OK?

Can I help you?

I can't believe you didn't help me.

What's wrong?
What happened?


Open the door.

What's wrong?

Did they do something to you?
Tell me.

Answer me!


Jorge, it's an earthquake.


Take it easy.

Calm down.

Everything is going to be OK.
Calm down.

Here you go, honey.

This is disgusting!
Why didn't you use more eggs?

You should have used three eggs.

We're eating eggs.

But it's very late.

What does that
have to do with the eggs?

I hope they'll reschedule
our meeting until Wednesday.

You know what assholes
the council can be.

Did my mother call?

No, I think you should
call her tonight.

I seriously think my mother is crazy.

Don't say that.

She's been really nice.

She gave us this apartment.

Yes, because she was scared.

Her and grandma always argued, but
she moved in with her after the earthquake.

They used to fight like dogs
and ended up living together.

I have to go, it's getting late.

My love.

Before you leave, we should talk.


About the wedding?

Lety, it's really... getting late,
you know how work can be.

My love.


Then, when?

I really want to marry you.

Let's meet this afternoon in the
coffee shop across the street?

Come on, honey.
We'll set the date and everything.

- Yes?
- That's fine.


I love you.

- Take care.
- OK.

- Bye.
- OK. Bye.

Take a fruit.

- Here.
- Thanks.

You should hurry up too,
you're going to be late.

- Bye, honey.
- I love you.

- Bye.
- Bye.


Go, you're going to be late.

Did you see?

Yes, I've already seen your PDA.

Twenty minutes.

Don't start, traffic was a killer.

You should buy yourself a car.

What for?

I'll go crazy with a car.

How did the meeting go?

It didn't happen.

I told you. Those assholes
order me around like a dog.

Are you going to start complaining?

I'm not complaining.

I'm just fed up.

They treat me bad,
they boss me about, they use me.

Don't think about it.

I'm serious, Leticia...

Calm down.

Why don't we talk about the wedding?

Wedding? What for?
To make me more nervous?

No, honey, forgive me.
I'm sorry.

I'm really, really sorry.

You know how I get.

Traffic, the bus...


I'm sorry. What do you
want to talk about?

When do you want to get married?

Well, I've really thought it over.

That's what I wanted to talk about.

- What about Chimalistac?
- Yes, sure.

Where's Chimalistac?

It's the church where
my parents got married.

Do you prefer day or night?

I would prefer at night.

April 17th is the
anniversary of the death...

- of Miss Esperanza Malagon Prieto.
- Do you prefer a big wedding or...

a tribute will be held in her honor.

She was recognized internationally
as a brilliant artist...

this tribute will be held
next Friday at 22:30...

in the Casa Lamm in Mexico City.

Near where the artist lived...

for nearly thirty years.

In 1939, Miss Esperanza Malagon Prieto,

became the first Latin American woman...

to receive an International
prize for literature.

She also created the women's
writers movement in Latin-America.

Miss Esperanza received all kinds
of recognition during her lifetime.

But, we know that Miss Esperanza
was a woman...

who rejected all kinds
of awards and tributes...

which is why we...

are finally paying homage to her
on the anniversary of her death...

This well deserved tribute
will be held on Friday.

There were many rumors among...

certain circles of the existence
of an unpublished book...

that she wrote during the 70's entitled
"The Hypocrite's Conduct".

It was never found
among her belongings...

after her death in 1984.

This well deserved tribute
to this artist who was...

internationally renowned and brought
recognition to her native Mexico...

Honey, don't leave me hanging like this.


I don't know who you are.

I don't even know your name.

This is the third time I've seen you
and I've decided to leave this to you.

Would you believe me if I said
that I don't need this anymore...

I don't want any of this anymore...

and, would you believe if I said,
I never wanted it...

because, my boy, awards are
not only to humiliate the loser...

but also the winner...

because when somebody wins
in front of others...

he is only humiliating himself.

That bunch of hypocrites
who applaud me...

and pretend to like me,
don't even know who I am.

They don't truly know me.

They don't know what
makes me happy or sad.

They only know that
I am successful,

and that's why they award me.

You don't need anyone to be happy...

you don't need anything to be happy.

You only have to feel it...

feel that you're happy...

feel the pleasure of living...

My boy,

don't become what I've become today.

For the past years...

I failed to follow my instinct
and I ended up betraying myself.

Never betray your childhood...

live your life as though
you were two years old...

and didn't know anything about
fear, repression...

or what people thought of you.

Enjoy life the same way you enjoyed
your first touch of water...

like you enjoyed
your mother's first caress.

Enjoy it and live it.

Don't believe me
if you don't want to...

just try it.

By the way...

I give you my book to publish...

and may this letter bear witness so
nobody can take it from you.

And with this letter, I leave you...

my boy...

whoever you may be...

and I hope this money will help you,
even if briefly...

your friend, Esperanza.

Honey, good news.

Marco is coming with the copies
of Miss Esperanza's book.

Please, don't overreact.

He's on his way,
don't worry, he won't be late.

Honey, what's wrong?

That was it, Lety.

What happened to me
the past seventeen years?

If I had it all? Why...
why did I let it all go?

But, why?

I... I had everything to succeed.

Why did I stop being myself?


Here comes Marco.

- How are you, Lety?
- Good, you?

- What have you been up to?
- Waiting for you.

- Something happened.
- What?

- I couldn't get the fifty copies.
- What do you mean?

- I only have sixteen.
- That's OK.

- It doesn't matter?
- No, no, no.

I should have printed one...

and photocopied the rest.

But you pressured me so much...

- Don't worry about it, thank you.
- You're sure?

No problem.

Listen, I want you to meet Jorge.

- OK.
- OK.

Honey, this is Marco.

- Hi, Jorge. How are you?
- Hi.

He helped us with the copies.

- You're Marco?
- Yes. How are you?

Thank you. Thanks.

- I could only make sixteen copies.
- That's fine, great.

- How much do we owe you?
- Please, don't even think about it.


I think we should start going in.

Good evening.

Are you looking for someone?


Not really.

Is the tribute for Miss Esperanza
Malagon Prieto being held here?

Are you a writer?
A poet? Or something?

Poet? No.

What? Do I have to be
a poet to be here?

Hello, Jorge.

So, what do you think?

How do you see them?


What do you mean who?

What, don't you understand
what I'm saying?

They're a bunch of dumb asses.

They think they're intellectuals,
they think they're artists, geniuses...

but they're nothing.

That's what I ran away from.

And now, what's wrong with you?

I've missed you so much.

And now you talk to me with respect.

Have you stopped
being who you were?

You think so?

Look at yourself.

You don't answer back anymore,
you don't know what to say.

What can I say?

Tell me...

What the hell have you
done with yourself?

Why are you wearing a suit?

Don't you see?

You've become mediocre.

Your mother convinced you.

And now you are not who you were...

But I swear...

If I had known you as a boy...

to be as mediocre as you are now...

I would never have left you my book.

What can I do?

Be yourself...

don't make the same mistakes I made.

Don't be like them.

They pretend to be something they're not.

Be yourself...

and not what they want you to be.

Who am I?


You are the one who
reminded me who I was.


What are you doing?