A Beautiful Place to Die: A Martha's Vineyard Mystery (2020) - full transcript

A retired Boston PD detective and the acting medical examiner at Martha's Vineyard work together to solve the murder of a mysterious young man.

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Ah, great meal.

So how's sailing class going?

It's going really well, Dad.

Yeah. You'd...
you'd really enjoy it.

Yeah, yeah.

Well, I did it, you know, back in the day.

Oh, yeah?

How about jellyfish?

You ever been stung by one of those?

Yeah. It's...

What's wrong, Dad?


Must be hearing things.

Okay... here we go.

You know, crowding a man's fishing spot

is usually frowned upon around here.

Public beach.


looks like you're getting skunked anyway.

Nah. Got a 34-inch blue
in the back of the truck.

Besides, shouldn't you be out protecting

the fine people of the Vineyard
from dangerous criminals?

Well, that's why I'm here.

Got a call there was a 2-11 in progress,

some "tourist"

stealin' all the fish.

Why don't you try this one, Chief?

Sandstriker 750.

Just came out.

I'll stick with mine, thanks.

Suit yourself.

Hate to see you go home empty-handed.


Watch and learn, J.W.

Good luck.

I'm on duty,

but there's a fundraising gala

up at the yacht club tonight.

Might be worth cleaning up for.

Eh, you know that's not my cup of tea.

Besides, collared shirts make my neck itch.

Zee will be there.

I'll catch you later, Chief.


♪ The only road I've walked ♪

♪ The only path I've known ♪

♪ Well, it's still taking me nowhere ♪

♪ There's nowhere left to call home ♪

♪ Oh-oh... ♪

♪ And I feel the light is changing ♪

♪ Oh-oh... ♪

♪ And I wander on ♪

♪ Oh-oh... ♪

♪ And I feel the light is changing ♪

♪ Oh-oh... ♪


Good morning, Bob.

What's the good word?

The coffee's hot and the weather's fine.

You have a chance

to check out that big sailboat
at the end of the dock?

That Rhodes 77?
Fully restored?

Beautiful boat.

Arrived from the mainland on Thursday.

Haven't met the owners yet, somehow.

Hmm. One bluefish fillet.

Very nice.

Seems like a fair trade.

How's your dad's boat coming along?

Mm. Slowly.

Like father, like son, I guess.

Well, your dad never rushed a project.

He never seemed to finish one, either.

Well, as John Foster Dulles once said,

"A man's accomplishments in life
are the cumulative effect

of his attention to detail."

Secretary of State Eisenhower.
Smart man.

Sure, Bob.

Whatever you say.




What can I do for you today?

Well, is there any chance

you can you take a look at my outboard?

It turns over,
but I-it just keeps quitting.


So I called Ted over,

and Ted helped me put this up here,

but he couldn't get it running.

Well, let's take a look.

You know, if the engine's turning over,

you're probably getting a spark.


- Maybe just not enough fuel.
- Oh.

Thank you so much, Jeff.
It's really kind of you.

Just what I thought,
your fuel filter's clogged.


Beautiful boat.

Did you restore it yourself?


Who did the work?
It's, uh, it's impressive.

Uh, some guy in Boston.

Is that where you're sailing in from?

Yeah, Charlestown Marina.


Bradley! You made it.


- Great day for a sail.
- Oh, definitely.

- Good to see you.
- You too, man.

I told you this was beautiful.

It is that.

This must be your sister, Stacy.

How'd you guess?

Well... what do you guys
want to drink?

We got it all.

Come on in!

I still think this is weird.

You've known this guy, what?
Three days?

Oh, come on, Stacy.

I'm just saying...

Must be nice...

sailing around on your rich daddy's dime.

Wouldn't know.

Well, that should get you going...


You should probably change this filter.

And I'd check the fuel tank.

I think there's some dirt in there.



Oh! Oh, Jeff!
Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Oh, thank you!

Oh, you should probably
get that checked out, huh?

Yeah, yeah.
You have a good one, Judy.

Thank you!

Again, sorry for the mess,

we're doing some last-minute touch-ups,

but I wanted you to get
a first look at the new wing,

funded entirely by
Harriet's Hope Foundation.

Dr. Madieras.

Hi, Payton.

So, follow me, but please be careful.

With the construction,

I don't want anyone getting hurt.

Jeff Jackson.

Zee Madieras.

This is certainly a surprise.

So you're back from New York.

Uh, a few years ago.

What about you, what are you
doing on the island?

Moved here about a month ago.

My dad's old place.

"Doctor" Madieras.

Yeah, imagine that.

What about you?

I heard you were a detective
with the Boston PD?

I was.

Early retirement.

Why's that?

Missed fishing on the Vineyard.

Oh, yeah?
Is that how you hurt your back?

Fishing on the Vineyard?

No. Uh, it just goes out


My doctor back in Boston
would give me a cortisone shot

when it acted up like this.

Since you're a new patient here,

I can't give you a shot
until I've taken an x-ray.

Is that really necessary?

Yes. Stand up.
I'll take a look.


Recent surgery?

Six months ago.

And what'll I see on the x-ray here?

Some pins holding your vertebrae together?


A bullet.

I'm guessing this is the real reason

for your early retirement.

They tried to dig it out,

and then decided

it was too close to your spinal cord?

You know your way around an x-ray.

I also worked for seven months
in New York City

at the Coroner's office,

so I've done enough autopsies

to know what a bullet can do to a body.

You know, if this decides
to migrate closer to your spine,

it could damage nerves.

Possibly leave you disabled.

So I've been told.

What were you doing exactly
that aggravated it?

Just being neighborly.

You need to be careful with this.

Yeah, I know.

So how about that cortisone shot?

Let's give it a few days,
see how you're doing.

Listen, I'll book you for a follow-up soon,

to make sure that the inflammation

doesn't get any worse.

You're the doctor.

I am the doctor!

So no more friendly repairs.

Doctor's orders.

Hi. How did it go?

They love it.

Happy to see their donations
put to good use.

Great! Um, Jeff,
this is Payton Bartel.

This is Jeff Jackson.

She runs the foundation
that funded the new wing.

Nice to meet you.

You too. You know,
we have our annual gala

at the Yacht Club tonight.

Yeah. Yeah, I heard.

You should come.

Zee, you'll be there, right?

I wouldn't miss it.

I appreciate the offer.

It's for a great cause.

- I'm sure.
- See you tonight.


That was a very polite "no."

Nothing personal.

Well, it starts at 8:30,
if you change your mind.

It'd be nice to catch up.

It's good to see you, Zee.

Hey, Jeff?

I was really sorry to hear about your dad.



Hey. Is my Dad in?

- Hi, Lisa.
- Hi!


- Hey.
- Brought you some strudel.


Hey, you know,

the county will pay
for speech-recognition software

so you don't have to torture
yourself with that keyboard.

What're you talking about?
I'm much faster

than I used to be.

Oh, yeah, you're lightning fast.


I'm not about to ask for special favors.

At least not until they renew my contract.

Dad, the board's gonna re-elect you.

Everyone loves you.

Hey, I saw Jeff Jackson today, finally.

He came into the clinic.

- Is that so?
- Yeah.

Why didn't you tell me the real
reason for his retirement?

Well, you doctors have
your patient confidentiality,

we cops have a code.


So I take it I'm not going
to see you at the gala tonight.

Oh, lots of paperwork.

All right.

Plus, at the speed you type,

we're gonna need to put a cot in here.

I'll talk to you tomorrow.

- Have fun.
- Thank you!

♪ The sun will set late in the day ♪

♪ Chase it across the open road ♪

♪ Only do it free Can't be another way ♪

♪ We won't stop until we hit the coast ♪

♪ 'Cause the tide may roll ♪

♪ And the wind may blow... ♪

What am I doing?

♪ ...But you've got to
take her easy to get along ♪

I'm sure the Percys know
all about the Pendray, Britt.

I just want them to think of us

the next time they plan
one of these functions.

...But I don't understand
why the I.R.S. is asking at all.

I'm gonna meet with Payton tomorrow,

and I'll get to the bottom
of it, I promise.

There's Helena Percy.


- Okay.
- Helena!

What a wonderful party you've put together.

Britt, how lovely to see you.

Dr. Madieras.

You know Gerald Martin?

His firm handles the accounts
for Harriet's Hope.

Doctor, you patched up my son
a couple years ago.

I remember. You sent me
a really lovely note.


I wanted to tell you

that we're now doing events at the Pendray.

Um, I'd...
I'd love to send you a...

What is she doing here?

Jackie Shawl.

That article about the foundation...

she wrote that.

I was wondering

if I can ask you a few questions.

Well, if you'll excuse us,
we need to go find my husband.

Of course.

Well, that went well.

Jeff, this is the second time
you've surprised me today.

Well, you said it was for a good cause.

Not sure I look the part, though.

Yeah, did you get dressed in the dark?

That bad?

No, it's not that bad.


Um, Jeff, this is my friend,

Britt Prajna, she runs the Pendray Hotel.

This is Jeff Jackson.

Nice to meet you.

And how do you two know each other?

Blame it our dads.
They were, uh, best friends.

Jeff used to spend

his summers out here during high school.

We used to hang out with
some of the same people.

Well, hey, I'm gonna do a livestream.

Let's all say hi.

How about I grab us some drinks?

What are you doing here?

I came here to talk to your Dad.

We told you, it's not a good time.


Who does this guy think he is?

I don't know.
This is just a joke.

And why haven't I met him before?

Because we haven't seen
each other since we were 18.


It's not like that.


It's not, I'm serious.

We were like oil and water.

Maybe there was a kiss, once.

Ms. Shawl, while
we appreciate your interest

in Harriet's Hope,

we believe it's inappropriate
for you to be here.

Sorry, I don't think I understand.

Oh, I believe you do,

and we'd appreciate it if you would leave

before we begin our program.

Are you kicking me out?


Not at all.

Jackie, we'd love you to stay.

Um, maybe some positive coverage
for Harriet's Hope

would be appreciated.

Stay and enjoy.

I have something to show the two of you.

Come with me.

- That was weird.
- Mm.


Mr. Martin?

Hi. I've been meaning
to speak to you about something.

Oh? And you are?

Dad, Helena says they're going onstage now.

- Oh!
- I, uh, I really just...

I'll catch you later.

You can see he's busy.

Yeah, I just need a second.

No. We need to talk.

No, we don't.
I came here to talk to your...

You show up here uninvited.

We need to talk.
We both know why you're here.

Just step outdoors, okay?
Step outdoors.

Kind of a weird vibe in here tonight.


...with my dad...

I didn't feel like I needed to.

I'm not gonna tell you...

- Hey! Get your hands off me!
- Don't touch me!

- Get your hands off me!
- No, no!

Hey! Hey, hey.

That's enough.

Take it outside.

Yeah, that's right, Ray.
Let's take it outside.

Ladies and gentlemen,

if I could have your attention, please?

I would like to welcome you

to the fifth annual Harriet's Hope Gala.

Thank you.

I'm Payton Bartel,

Executive Director of Harriet's Hope,

a foundation started by my father

after the death of my mother, Harriet,

to help families impacted by illness.

And while we helped many people
in those early days,

our reach was short,

until two very special people

joined our board of directors...

Mr. Thomas Percy,
our board president,

and his wonderful wife, Helena,

our fund development chair.

So please...

give a warm welcome
to Mr. Thomas Percy.

Payton has kindly given us the credit,

but the credit
really belongs to everyone here.

It's because of your generosity

that our success is even possible,

so eat, drink, be merry...

And dance!

Yes. Please dance.

As long as you don't have
two left feet, like me...

You know...

someone once said to me,

"To love and be loved

is everything."

So, thank you, everyone
for showing us your love...

and allowing us to spread it far and wide.

Enjoy the evening.

Okay, guys, let's get this picture.

Get a selfie.

So, Jeff, having a good time?

Sure. It's, uh,
it's nice to get out.

Well, we'll have more fun
on the dance floor.

Let's all go.

Thanks, but I'm not much of a dancer.

Did we just find the one thing
Jeff Jackson isn't good at?

You know, it's just

I don't think my doctor would approve.

She's very strict.

Okay! So...

just us girls then?

Guess so.

Come on, Zee.

Have fun.


What'd you do,

work on your dad's boat all night?

Feels like it.

As a local sage recently told me,

"A man's accomplishments in life

are the cumulative effect
of his attention to detail."

Sounds like my kinda guy.

- Thanks, Bob.
- My pleasure.




Okay, put him down here.

Will everyone move back, please?

O'Connor, I'm gonna need
some more help down here.

You know, you might want to reference

a tides map of Vineyard Sound
from the N.O.A.A.

The current must've brought him in

from somewhere nearby.

Uh, yeah.
Good idea. Thanks.

Is Chief Madieras coming down?

Oh, actually, there he is.


Probably not how
you wanted to start your day.

No. I'd rather
be pulling bluefins

out of the water right now.

Want to tell us where you found him?

Yeah, I found a jacket over
down on the rocks, by Bob's.

Started to look around,

and found him stuck
up against those pilings.

Any I.D. on him?

No, sir.

I'm pretty sure his name's Ray.

He was staying on that Rhodes 77
down near the end of the dock.

You talked to him?

A bit.
I also saw him last night.

Ah, here she is.

She's my acting M.E.

Zee is your acting M.E.?

What are you, moonlighting?

I'm the only doctor on the island

who has autopsy experience.

What about you?
I thought you were retired.

He found the body.


Okay, let's see here.

He looks familiar.

Yeah, he was at the gala last night.

Arguing with those two other kids.

Oh, yeah, I saw that.

That was Bradley and Stacy Martin.

This guy was arguing
with Gerald Martin's kids?


Might want to talk to them
before they lawyer up.

You don't think it might've
been a simple drowning?

Had too much to drink at the party,

went for a walk?

"Long walk off a short pier"?

I don't think so, Chief.

Oh, wait a minute.

There's a laceration
on the back of his head.

Maybe he smacked it against the dock

on his way down?

That way, it could be the blow
and not the water

that killed him.

It's possible.

He's wearing a ring.

It's a graduation ring.

"Class of '85."

He had boat keys in his pocket.

I can show you the boat.

All right, let's go.

It's just over here.

No obvious signs of foul play.

And if he'd gone over the side here,

the current would've taken him
in the other direction.

Came in alone, big boat like this?

I didn't see anyone else with him,

except when he took the Martin kids out.

Anyone here?

Martha's Vineyard Police!

Open up!

Hey, Chief.

Take a look at this.

Looks like a yearbook.

I'll call a judge and get a search warrant,

and I'll get Jenkins busy
looking up the hull number.

Sounds like you got it handled.
Good luck.

Hey, we're gonna need you
to come down to the station

this afternoon

so we can get
an official statement from you.

All right.

Hey! Jeff?


What's going on?
Everything okay over there?

Listen, do me a favor, Judy.

You see anyone else taking
an interest in this boat,

you give me a call.

Sorry, just one second.

Dr. Madieras, where's Mae?

I'm acting M.E. this week.

I don't suppose you could at least tell me

if the victim drowned or...

No comment for now.

Come on, Zee.
You gotta give me something.




Let's see.
What do we got here?

"Vineyard Haven 25-year
high-school reunion..."

"Popular Vineyard Haven
teacher retires..."

"Vineyard Haven alum
donate 50 new computers."

"The donation was spearheaded
by Gerald Martin,

Vineyard Haven
class of '85."




To what do I owe the pleasure?

I wanted to have a chat

with Brad and Stacy, if they're home.

No, I don't think so.

They took the ferry to the mainland today

to see a concert in Boston.

I don't expect them till tomorrow.

Mm, kids these days, huh?

Aw, you know.

Yeah, come on in.

Can I, uh, ask what this is about?

A friend of theirs
was found dead this morning.


I'm real sorry to hear that.

You know who it was?

We haven't positively identified him yet,

that's why I need to talk to your kids.

We know they went sailing
with him yesterday,

and they talked to him

at the Harriet's Hope Gala last night.

You're not suggesting
my kids had anything to do

with his death?

I'm not suggesting anything.

I just need to speak to them.

How about I come by again
tomorrow afternoon?

I'll tell 'em to expect you.

Great. Thanks, Gerald.


Yeah, sure.

What is that?


Okay, so you saw the body in the water,

and then you called 9-1-1,
and then what did you do?

I waited.

Look, have you looked up

the hull number of that boat yet?

Uh, yeah, but it isn't
registered to anyone named Ray.

Well, who's it registered to?

Um... I don't think
I'm allowed to tell you that.

I'm guessing this is the printout

of the registration.

And now I can see

that the owner of the boat's
name is Donovan Fletcher.

I've heard that name before.

Excuse me.

- Hey, Sara.
- Oh, hey, Zee.

- Is my Dad in his office?
- Uh-huh.

Dad, I found something you have to see.

It's a small splinter of glass

that I found in the laceration wound

on the victim's head.

You know what this means?

It sounds like he was murdered.

So this Ray kid didn't drown?

He was murdered.

That's what your official
report's gonna say?

It's going to say that the cause of death

was blunt-force trauma to the head,

likely from something made of glass,

or with a glass component.

And you're sure he didn't fall
onto or through

something made of glass?

No, the angle of impact
makes that unlikely.

Then whoever killed him

must have dumped his body
in the ocean after the fact.

So you got a graduation ring,

and the Vineyard Haven
yearbook on the boat...

both from the class of 1985.

I got curious...

so I looked up the class of '85...

and I found this online.

And Gerald Martin

was in the Vineyard Haven class of 1985.

And last night, when I was at the bar,

Ray came up to introduce himself
to Gerald Martin,

and the Martin kids were right there,

doing their best
to literally drag him away.

But wait...

if they were trying to protect
their father from Ray,

why would they get on a sailboat with him?

Sir? Uh...

Detective... Jeff,
he thought I should run priors

on the sailboat owner Donovan Fletcher?

Oh, he did?

- What'd you find?
- A lot of arrests.

Mainly in Boston.

Grand larceny, fraud, extortion,

I've got his mug shot.

He was there last night, too.

Right next to me, at the bar.

Run a search for his known associates.

Yes, sir.

So Ray's sailing around on a boat

owned by this guy Fletcher.

H-He's hunting down Gerald Martin,

using his kids to get to him,

and somehow he gets bashed in the head.

You got your work cut out for you.

Well, I'll let you get to it then.

Jeff, wait. Um...

This investigation looks like

it's gonna be a lot more complex
than usual.

What do you mean, usual?

We've had one homicide
on the island in 12 years.


We're not exactly swimming
in experience here,

and you've worked how many homicides?

Too many.

Yeah, we could really use your help.

You could lend us

your expertise, maybe help steer the case?

That's a really good idea.

No, it's-it's not.

I'm-I'm retired.

Not by choice.
You're still a detective.

Otherwise, you never would've
brought us this.

Okay, yeah, you know, my mind goes there,

but I can't work this case.

I'm not a cop anymore.

And besides...

I'm done with all that.

Oh, what, you don't care about
catching the bad guy anymore?


You don't even know what you're asking me.

You think I don't know
what I'm asking, but I do.

I know where you got that bullet
you're carrying around.

You know, your Dad used to tell me

that people rarely do
what they're great at,

what they love.

They do what's easiest...

...And spent the rest
of their lives regretting it.

Oh, I remember.

You really gonna play the "Dad" card?

There's a killer
running around this island...

Then hire a real detective.

I can give you a few names.


You're right.

I'm sorry I put you on the spot.

This case is mine.

Not yours.

Uh, Chief?

Gerald Martin is on hold for you.

He wants to know if you want

to come back out to the house
and speak to his kids?

Thanks, Jeff.

Jackie Shawl?

Your office told me I could find you here.

Something about a board meeting?

Yes, well, they barred me from sitting in.

And you are...?

Jeff Jackson.

Doing some research for Chief Madieras.

I wanted to ask you
about an article you wrote.

What can you tell me about Gerald Martin?

Well, it's interesting you ask.

Why should I answer?

Found a body this morning.

At the pier.

You're the one who found the body?

And I recognized him as someone

who was trying pretty hard
to talk to Gerald Martin

at the gala last night.

Gerald Martin.
I see.

Well, then we definitely should talk.

But if you can just hold on one minute...

Helena! I know
you don't want to talk to me,

but you and your husband cannot
dodge my questions forever!


this is not a good time
for Helena right now.

Her car was stolen at the gala last night.

She's very upset.

Isn't that the least of her problems?

If you have questions,
you're welcome to ask me.

It seems to me

that you'd be more angry
about the allegations

by the I.R.S.
than anyone.

Well, if I thought they were true,

I would be, but I don't believe it.

How could I?

I'll tell you what...
I will talk to Thomas,

and have him back to you at
the end of the afternoon, okay?

When you came by earlier, Chief,

I had no idea

that Brad and Stacy had
ditched their trip to Boston.

It's true.

We didn't tell him we changed our minds.

So, why don't you tell me how you met Ray,

if that's his name.

That's the name he told us...

Did he give you a last name?


Where'd you meet him?

At the bar in the yacht club

on Tuesday.

He came up to me,

we started talking, he bought me a beer,

and said I had to go see his boat,

and so we went down there,

saw the boat, it was pretty cool,

then he said to come back next time

with my sister.

Why do you think he wanted you
to bring your sister?

I don't know, she came up
in the conversation,

and I thought he was being polite,

so I-I asked her.

And I had nothing better to do,

so I went, too,

although if I'd known
it was gonna be so weird,

- I wouldn't...
- "Weird," how?

He was just...

kind of nervous,

like smiling too much or something,

but I guess it was fine at first.

But then he starts talking about our dad,

and he's asking all these nosy questions...


and we were thinking,
"This is not cool."

And we bring up the gala,

and he's, like,
"I want to go meet your Dad."

And we told him no,

because now we're thinking,
okay, this guy really is weird,

and then he shows up there anyway.

I thought I'd led
a complete stalker to my dad,

so we-we got him out of there
as fast as we could.

So you got him to leave?

Yeah, I...

We got him out of there,

and we sort of stood guard
outside for a little while,

and he left, yeah.

Did he tell you

why he was so interested
in meeting your father?

Any idea why this kid

was so determined to talk to you?

Well, people always want something from me.

They want me to give them a job,
or invest in their company.

Who knows?


Okay. Thanks.

My friend at the Globe knows you,

she says you're one of the good ones.

So I tell you my story,

and you tell me about the body you found?

That's the deal.

A month ago, I got an anonymous
tip about Harriet's Hope.

This person had been
working there a long time,

and said that she believed

someone was skimming money
from the foundation.

A lotof money.

She said

over a million dollars had gone missing

in the time that she was working there.


I know.

So I began asking questions

and, of course, got nothing but denial,

so... and you can't
tell anyone this...

I took it to the I.R.S.,

and they actually started looking into it.

Did they find proof?

Well, the I.R.S. can't comment
on an ongoing investigation.

But it seems to me that to be able

to skim money over the long term,

you have to have access to their books.

And guess who owns the accounting firm

that keeps their books?

Gerald Martin.


Well, best of luck finding out
who that kid was.

I have one more question for you.

Sure. Go ahead.

You ever hear of a guy
by the name of Donovan Fletcher?

No. No.
Can't say that I have.

Well, thanks for your time, Gerald.


A three.

Well, you're looking very doctor-y.

Thank you.

Uh, can you give me a sec?



- Hey.
- Hey.


I owe you an apology
for pushing you so hard.

No, you don't.

Don't ever apologize
for doing everything you can

to catch the bad guy.

So you do still care.

Of course I do.
I mean, it was my whole life.

- For a long time.
- I know.

I'm sorry.

It's just that you've been
through a lot, and...

Zee, stop.

I'm not a wounded bird.

And this isn't gonna work

if you're gonna treat me like one.

What's not gonna work?

I'm in.

I'm gonna help
you and your dad work the case.

Tch. Oh.

Where do we start?

First thing tomorrow,

we start where the victim
was last seen alive.

The yacht club.

Okay. I'll see you there.


I got you, buddy.

So Jenkins found a legitimate
company owned by Fletcher,

employing one Ray Norris...

Oh, so we finally have a last name.

Any idea what Ray did for him?

No, but maybe we'll find
an answer on that boat.

Judge signed a search warrant this morning.

Mm. So our working theory

is that Fletcher had
something on Gerald Martin.

And you're thinking that
Fletcher was blackmailing him?

Well, he's been arrested
for extortion before.

I mean, it would explain
why Martin might skim money

from Harriet's Hope,
if that's what he was doing.

Yeah, let's say

he was using the foundation
as his personal ATM.

He would've stopped
the minute the I.R.S. showed up.

And if he missed some payment to Fletcher,

someone like Ray
would show up to lean on him.

But Martin fights back,

kills Ray, dumps him in the ocean.

So we might actually
have the "why."

If we can figure out
what Fletcher had on him.

Although I'm thinking

it might have something
to do with the class of '85.

You know, I'd really like to take a look

at the yearbook we saw on that boat.

I'll bring it back with me.
Now, uh...

the search warrant for the security footage

at the yacht club.

- We're on it.
- Good.

There. 920.

That's when Bradley
pushed Ray out the door.

Wait. He's going back in.

Let's see when he comes back out.

There's Stacy.


- Who's that?
- Helena Percy.

Is she crying?

Well, Payton Bartel did say

that her car was stolen that night.


She just went out of frame.

She's back...

seven minutes later.

Maybe she went to look for her car?


A lot of people came out
the front door that night,

but there's no Ray.

I don't think Ray
comes out this door at all.

Bradley and Stacy lied.


Looks like someone disconnected
the camera for construction.

If Ray didn't go out the front,

he had to have come out the back.

And so could any number of other people.

We saw Bradley heading back here.

You see what I see?

Those glass blocks.

The head wound
and that splinter of glass...

One of these glass blocks
could be the murder weapon.

That means...

That means this could be our crime scene.

- I'll call my dad.
- Yeah.

That one's missing a tarp.

Dad, you need to send a Forensics team

behind the yacht club.

Okay, my dad's got a team on the way.

What is it?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Drag marks.
Through here.

There's no blood trail.

And don't scalp lacerations
like the one you found on Ray

bleed a lot?

- Copiously.
- Well, that could

explain the missing tarp.

You know, his killer
could've wrapped him in it

and dragged him...

...to the parking lot,
to a vehicle.

Right, 'cause he's got to get
to the ocean somehow.

You grew up here.

If you had a body in your car

and you needed to dump it fast...?

Seems like a pretty public
place to dump a body.

No, it's really desolate at night

and this is the easiest place
to get a body into deep water.

The yacht club's, like, half a mile away,

so this is the first place I thought of.

Looks like someone's driven
up here recently.

We might be able to pick up these tracks.

You know, the way the current flows,

it could carry a body
to where you found Ray.

We need to get a team
down here for a search,

see if anything's washed up on this beach.

- Hello?
- Jeff?

Oh, hi. It's Judy.

Remember, you asked me
to call you if anybody

got on that sailboat in
the slip across from mine...

Well, if you're talking
about the police searching it,

they have a warrant.

No, no, no, they came and went a while ago.

No, I'm talking about

a guy on the deck right now.

I've never seen him before.

He's very suspicious.

Be right there.
We gotta go.

There's nobody here.

Where's Judy?


- Judy!
- Hey, Dad.

We're on the boat right now.

No, if someone was here,
they aren't here anymore.



Did you see him?

See who?

I don't know. Yeah.

Zee! Call the police!


You hurt?

I'm okay.
Oh! Behind you!

I don't think so.

Oh! He's getting away!

As far as I know,

it's not against the law

for a man to take possession
of his own boat.

There was no sign saying
it was impounded or off-limits.

Your bodyguard tries
to toss my daughter overboard,

and you swung a boat hook at him.

Assault with a deadly weapon

can get you put away for a good long while.

My client saw

what he believed to be
intruders on his property

while searching for spare keys.

He and his security personnel

acted within their legal right
to remove said intruders.

"Security personnel."

Let's talk about other personnel.

Ray Norris worked for you.

Not as of a week ago.
I fired him.

You typically dismiss employees

with a glass block over the head?

I don't know what you mean.

He was an unreliable deckhand,

neglected to obey orders
in a timely manner.

So I told him to get lost.

Which he did.

In my boat.

You expect us to believe
he stole your boat?

It's not what I expected, I assure you.

Why didn't you report it stolen?

I have a reputation, and I prefer...

You prefer to dish out
retribution yourself?

I prefernot to involve
the police in private matters.

And I'm guessing you consider
your business with Gerald Martin

"a private matter"?

Who's Gerald Martin?


Still no sign of Fletcher's bodyguard?

No. Fletcher keeps telling us
he can't reach him,

but we'll round him up soon
if he's still on the island.

And I'll hold Fletcher
on that assault charge for now.

You believe what he said?

Ray Norris stole his boat?

Well, if it's true,

it just made this case a whole lot simpler.

The kid makes off with the boat,

Fletcher chases him down,

and then lives up to his reputation

by killing him.

Okay, if Ray did steal his boat,

he'd know that Fletcher
would come after him hard.


What's the first rule of larceny?

"Don't get caught
with the merchandise."

So you're saying what,

Ray got himself a room while he was here?

Well, it'd be stupid to stay
on that boat, wouldn't it?

I come bearing evidence.

Oh, yeah?

I found this in Ray Norris's pocket.

The water was trying to turn it to pulp,

but I was able to salvage
some of the larger pieces

and put it together.


It's not a complete number,
but it's better than nothing.

And I've been trying
to figure out what it is.

I thought it was a phone number,

but there's
no "211" U.S. area code.

Maybe it's an international number?

You might want to try
a bank routing number.

I've been doing my dad's probate stuff,

filling out a lot of financial documents.

The routing number for his bank

starts with "21137".

Maybe there's another bank
with a similar routing number?

Help yourself there.

Okay, let's see here.



So Ray was walking around

with a bank account number in his pocket?

Maybe it's Fletcher's?

Or Gerald Martin's.

Ray had his high school class yearbook.

Where is that, by the way?

It's right here.

Sir? I just spoke
to a hotel manager

who said that Ray Norris
checked in five days ago.

What hotel?

The Pendray.

Anyone talk to him during his stay?

Um, I haven't had the chance
to ask around yet.

And what about housekeeping?

Have they serviced the room
at all this week?

Well, no, because... this.


Well, Ray definitely
wasn't sleeping on that boat.

Ugh. Or eating anything close
to a healthy diet.

Remind me never to let you
look in my fridge, Doctor.

Should I go talk to my staff,

see if anyone remembers
talking to this guy?

Good idea.


Look at this.

Helena Percy?


I really couldn't tell you

how that young man
got a hold of my business card.

You're saying you didn't get
any calls from him?

Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.

You do know

that his cell phone records
will show if he called you.

Well, I could check my voicemail

and see if he left any messages.

That'd be great, Helena.

Only now is not the best time.


What's going on, Helena?

It seems the young man that
we read about in the newspaper,

you know, the one that was
killed the night of our gala...

Ray Norris was killed atyour gala,

behind the venue.

Well, it seems
that he had my business card.

Well, my wife's business cards
are all over the island.

She's in charge of fund development.

We want donors to be able to find her.

I was just about to check my voicemail

to see if he'd contacted me.

Payton checks your messages every day,

you'd have known if he'd called.

Helena's only in the office twice a week.

Ah, well, there you go.

Is there anything else
that I can help you with?

Yes, actually.

Can you explain why you were crying

outside the doors of the yacht club,

less than five minutes after
you were smiling up onstage?

I thought it was because of your car,

but you didn't report it stolen
until after midnight.

Well, it's because of all of that.

Dealing with the I.R.S.

We'd just been onstage
bragging about our success,

and in the meantime,

we're dealing with them.

Questions, suspicions...

having to defend our integrity.

Can you blame her
for being a little emotional?

It's contemptible to be accused
of something with no proof.


They're asking about the donations

earmarked for the new hospital wing.


If you'll excuse us.

- We have to resolve this matter.
- Sure.

She's lying.

How can you be sure?

Well, Ray's cell phone records will tell us

one way or the other.

That's my dad.

He wants us meet him at the South Pier.

Let's go.

All right, boys.
Pull it out.

A tarp was missing

from one of the glass block pallets

behind the yacht club,

and Jeff thought
that it might have been used

to wrap around Ray, to transport the body.

Your murder weapon.

So... I hear you've been
hanging at the police station,

donating your detective skills
to the Chief.

You hear about everything, don't you, Bob?

I must have one of those faces.

People just love to tell me things.

Yeah, well, my, uh, "skills"

haven't been able to crack the case yet,

and I was hoping I'd find
some answers in here,

but it's a lot of wishing
someone named "Donna"

a good summer.

Ah, I knew a Donna in high school.

No, wait.

Someone named "Goose" said

he loved dancing with her at prom.

Hey, Chief.
Whatcha got?

Just reading the report from Forensics.

They got traces of blood on
that glass block from the tarp.

So no doubt it's the murder weapon?

Yeah, but no prints.

That's too bad.

You know,

if it was freshwater instead of saltwater,

we might've had a shot.

Yeah, they did manage to lift
a couple of partials

off one of those other blocks
that fell off the pallet.

I'm guessing they're gonna be Fletcher's,

or maybe that so-called
"security personnel" of his.

I'm not so sure that's your best bet.

The simplest story

is always the best bet.

Oh, and listen, uh,

the lab also sent us the model of tires

that made those tracks down at the pier.

If they match the tires on Fletcher's car,

then I think we have our guy.

Would you mind texting me the model?

There's another angle
I want to work on that.

- You got it.
- Thanks.


If I was gonna unload a stolen car,

where would I go?

I do know a guy.

You Gus?

You got a sec?

22,075,000, according
to the average life span.

I guess I could spare a few.


Well, it looks like Vineyard
salvaging is really paying off.

Yeah, metal

is worth its weight in gold these days.

It's a good little side business.

I'm, uh, looking for some parts
for my mother-in-law's car.

She's got high-end tastes
with a low-end budget.

You know what I mean.

What kind of parts are you looking for?

Something that would fit a BMW 7-series.

You got anything like that?

Now, there's a coincidence.

I had one of those come in yesterday.

It's not a coincidence?


You want to tell me where you got it?

I got a lot to do today.

Oh, that's fine.

I get it.

I can just call my cop buddy

and have him come down here with a warrant.

Well, now, now, you don't need to do that.

Okay, then.

You tell me where you got it,

and we can forget we ever
had this conversation.




After you.

Local guy brought it in.

He found it out in the state forest,

thought it was abandoned.

You know... fair salvage.

It wasn't hotwired.

Why are you following me?

You still holding a grudge about that swim?

No. I just wanted
to ask you some questions,

and didn't want the cops involved.

Too late.

Good thing you got a bead
on him when you did.

I've been shadowed by better.

He was trying to stop you finding evidence

that pointed to him and his boss

from Helena Percy's stolen car.

Yeah, well, there's something else

bothering me about that car right now.

It wasn't hotwired.

Whoever stole it had a key.

Aw, man.

Sounds like a party.

Oh, excuse me.

Zee, hi.

Hi, Payton.
What's the occasion?

The I.R.S. just informed us

they finished their investigation,

and found no wrongdoing with our books,

which I always said they would.

Well, that's great.

And we're about to make
Helena's day even better.

Jeff found her car.

Oh, my goodness.

I... I'll go get her.

Helena, Jeff and Zee...

We are very happy to hear
about the car, of course.

It was a minor headache

compared to what we were
dealing with here, though.

Well, you can pick it up tomorrow.

But, unfortunately, we don't
have any keys to give you.

We assume you have a spare set?

Ah, more than one.

She's always misplacing her keys,

so I made several sets for her...

one for her desk, one for her purse,

one for home,

just in case.

So any number of people could
have had access to those keys.

Technically, yes.

See you two on the boat!

All right, Goose.
See you out there.


Did you just call him "Goose"?

Nickname from high school.

Everyone thinks it's from Top Gun,

but it was from before that,

wasn't it, Tom, because of his laugh?

Right, our Goose is the original.

They should pay him a licensing fee.


Well, we'll let you get back to your party.

Let's go, Zee.

Um, thank you.




Did you find it?

Pulled it up

and printed it out right after you called.

Birth certificate
for "Raymond Joseph Norris."

Donna Marie Norris,



Hmm. Unknown.

Okay, so if Gerald Martin

was the "Goose" who took Donna to prom...

Ray wanted to meet Gerald Martin

because he believed Martin was his father.



I got some news for you.

We got a match on the prints

we got off the glass block
from the yacht club.

It's not Donovan Fletcher.

Gerald Martin?

No, it's another Martin.


No. It's his sister. Stacy.

Stacy Martin's print
was on one of the glass blocks?

Why would her prints even be in the system?

Little shoplifting incident
a few years ago.

But now we've got her
at the scene of the crime,

handling a block identical
to the murder weapon.

If we're right about Ray's mom,
we have a motive.

Yeah, I'm gonna need you
to explain that one to me.

I didn't put it together at first, either,

but, in high school, the Donna
who owned this yearbook

was named Donna Lawson.

And she has a note in here
from someone named "Goose"...

That's Gerald Martin's nickname.

Here they are together.

Back up a little bit.

Ray Norris was born in, what, '96?

March 1996, in Concord, New Hampshire.

I know that Martin married
Bradley and Stacey's mom

long before '96.

T-The math just doesn't add up.

Well, when I looked up the class of '85,

I saw an article about a class reunion.

This class's 10-year reunion
would have been in '95.

I'm thinking Martin and Donna
reconnected at the reunion.

She got pregnant, but he was married.

And that's why she put "father unknown"

on the birth certificate.

But she still his class ring
and, at some point,

she gives it to Ray, tells him the truth.

So he came here to meet his father,

except his other kids
did not like that at all.



let's go talk to them.

Chief. What can I do for you?

We need to speak with Stacy.
Bradley, too.

Well, they're not here.
I'm not sure where they went.

Well, you either need to round them up

and bring them down to the station

with your attorney,

or I'll have to put out an APB on them.

This is about
our murder victim, Ray Norris,

the one I saw you
shaking hands with at the gala?

Okay. And?

Well, Ray Norris is the son
of Donna Norris.

Formerly Donna Lawson.

Name ring a bell...


I went to prom with Donna.
And that was her son?

We were wondering

if it might also have been your son.

You're serious?

Look, I don't think that's possible.

I mean, the last time I saw Donna

was in '89, '90, '91.

You don't seem too sure.

Just find your kids,

call your lawyer,

and meet us at the station, all right?

Zee? What's up?

Um, I came to The Duke

for an early lunch,

and guess who's here?

Bradley and Stacy Martin.


Hey, I'm so sorry.

Stacy left

and I just didn't feel
like I could tackle her

on her way out the door.

- Where is he at?
- Over there.

Well, let's see what old Brad has to say.

Not good.

Bradley, wait.
We want to help you.

Look, if you think I'm gonna
tell you where Stacy is,

you can forget it.

Hey. You want to protect her.

I respect that.

Whatever, man.

Look, I think you should know what we know,

at least then

you can make an informed
decision about what to do.


What do you know?

Why don't you sit down?

We know Ray believed
he was your father's son.

He thought you were his brother,

and Stacy his sister.

That's why he took you on that boat ride.

It was so ridiculous.

He brought us out
into the middle of the ocean,

he starts telling us

this crazy story about how my dad

got together with his mom
at the high-school reunion.

Did you believe him?

Well, we didn't want to,

but then he shows us this yearbook,

and a ring

he says that my dad gave his mom and...

He had a...
He had a bank account number.

Okay? He called this
his "real proof."

He said, that most of his life,

his mom got monthly payments
from our father.

When his mother died,
he found that account number.

And he wanted more money from your dad?

I shouldn't be telling you this...

Ray went to the gala to confront your Dad.

You and Stacy tried to stop him,

but you couldn't get him to leave.

No. Yes, we did.
We did make him leave.

Bradley, there are security
cameras outside the yacht club.

We know he went out with you,
but then he went back in.

And we know Stacy followed him back in,

and went out the back door.

We know this because we found her prints

on one of the glass blocks behind the club.

That is because he pushed her into them.

So you found them together behind the club?

Did you feel like you had to protect her?

I have to go.

Was he about to confess?

What do we do?

We follow him.

Come on.


Those are boat keys.

They must have a boat in that garage.

Stay here.

It's gonna be fine.

Brad, no, don't run!


He didn't do anything!


That's not the way out of this, kid.

First of all,

running down my clients like that?

Not the way to win their cooperation.

This is all ridiculous anyways.

Ray Norris is not my son.

I mean, he told my kids that I supposedly

got together with his mother
at our 10-year reunion?

Well, I didn't even go
to my high-school reunion.

I was working in London.

You can check with my boss.

It's not true.

Doesn't matter if it's true or not.

Of course it matters!

I think it kind of matters.

No, what matters

is that these two thought it was true.

You believed him, didn't you?

You believed

he was gonna force his way
into your family.

You believed he was gonna
demand your father's time,

his money...

Things you two were used
to getting all to yourselves.

- It's not true.
- Dut-dut.

Do not answer that.

Not that it matters.

Motive without evidence
is useless in a court of law.

We have Stacy's prints on a glass block.

Not the actual murder weapon.

But that puts her at the scene

the time the murder took place.

And then what?

At 9:53, Bradley Martin
was seen on security footage

from the yacht club,

entering the front door,

and then eyewitness said

that he then
went straight to the coat room.

Where Helena Percy
stated she left her coat,

with the car keys in the pocket.

How would I know that?
I went in there for...

Shh, shh, shh!

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

First, you say Stacy's prints
prove she was there,

then Brad going into a coat closet means...

A jury would probably think it means

he helped her get rid of the body.

Maybe even more than that.

Or maybe

he was just defending his sister

during an altercation with Ray.

Is that possible?

If that's the truth of it,

then you could claim self-defense.

But if you want that to fly,

you've got to tell us what happened.

Speculation is not evidence.

You don't have enough

to arrest these two,

let alone convict them.

I think we're done here.

Let's go.

We didn't kill him.

He was alive the last time we saw him.

Okay, Stacy. Let's go.

My dad said

your interview with Brad and Stacy

didn't go so great.

Lawyers are always good at minimizing,


she wasn't wrong.

I mean, we still got
a lot of dots to connect.

I was thinking maybe these kids

wrapped something else in that tarp.

You know, something that could've

washed up somewhere here on this stretch.

Yeah, maybe they slipped
their I.D.s in there.

Or, like, a phone
with the crime recorded on it.

I was thinking a note that said,

"We did it."


Of course, it would have to be

in tiny little pieces,

so you could have fun
putting it back together.

I don't want to laugh,

it might give you the idea that
I like your sense of humor.

Oh, I wouldn't dare think that.

Not after what you said to me that night

after Wazzy's party out there on the pier.

You told me I was


I had to go home
and look up what that meant.

I mean, of all the things to remember,

you had to remember that.

I can remember other things, too.

Yeah, it was a fun night.

Yeah, it was.



I can do that. Yeah.

I'll see you then.

Jackie Shawl?

She wants to meet in the morning.


Well, I've got go check in on a patient,

so good luck

with your needle-in-a-haystack operation.

I'm not saying the I.R.S.
didn't do their due diligence,

but I was certain that the tip I got

about money-skimming
and Harriet's Hope was legit.

How so?

I think Gerald Martin, or someone,

cooked their books
and covered their tracks.

Or your source was wrong.

Could be, but I believed it for a reason.

I think the tip came from Payton Bartel.

The executive director?

What makes you think it was her?

The attention to detail.

I think she tried to get
to the bottom of it herself,

and when she couldn't,
she did a little whistleblowing.

On her own organization?

Well, her father started it,

and she had to hand it over to the Percys.

And the Percys are the ones
who got the big donations...

the office,

the boat they take other donors out on.

And Thomas handed

the financial reins over
to his buddy, Gerald Martin.


It seems like Payton would be
shooting herself in the foot

to bring attention to the problem.

Not if she got her foundation back.


I know the Percys seem nice,

but I also think that you know
better than anybody

that people are not always what they seem.

Did O'Connor finish

going through Ray's cell phone records?

Did he make any calls to Helena Percy?


We found her business card
in his hotel room.

You know, maybe he called from his room.

Could you check on that and get back to me?

Yes, uh...

"Local doctor Zee Madieras,

daughter of Martha's Vineyard
Chief of Police,

enjoys an afternoon
at the luxurious Pendray Inn."


Why would you post that?

Okay, if word gets out

that a murder investigation
came through here,

I wanted folks checking us out

to see that important people
still flock here.

Come on!

First of all, this is weeks old,

and, secondly, nobody says I'm important.

And third...
you should have asked.

Okay, you're right.
You're right, I-I should have.


if the number
of social media "likes" count,

you are important.


Okay, look.

Look how many "likes" on
this picture of us at the gala.

Well, yeah, we look fabulous.

Mm-hmm. Ooh...

Did you see this one?

You and the handsome detective.

Wait a second...

That looks like Ray Norris.

Yeah, it is.
That's... That's our victim.

Yeah, I remember seeing him at the gala.

He was talking to Helena Percy.

Right after she came off the stage.



I'm so sorry, I have to go.

So, look, this is...

right after the speeches,

and there's Ray.

- And Britt posted this?
- Mm-hmm.

What's that hashtag she's using?

Um, "Harriet's Hope Gala."

Well, see if there's any other
photos using that same hashtag.



Look who Ray's walking towards,
when he comes back in...

that's Thomas Percy.

And Britt told me she saw him
talking to Helena.

Keep going.

Wait. Right... Right there.

Play that video.

...Be merry.

And dance!

Yes, please dance.

As long as you don't have
two left feet like me.

You know, someone once said to me...

"To love

and be loved

is everything."

So thank you, everyone,
for showing us your love

and allowing us to spread it
far and wide...

- Where are you going?
- Come on.

You know how, in yearbooks,

they had everyone pick a quote

and print it under their photo?

Look at Donna Lawson's.

"To love and be loved is everything."

Thomas Percy used Donna's
favorite quote in his speech.

That's what turned Ray around.

H-He was probably thinking

the same thing I'm thinking right now...

that Thomas, not Gerald, was his father.

So he's the one who reconnected with Donna

at the 10-year reunion
for some one-night fling?

Well, he was quoting her about love.

He was sending money,
even after the kid was grown...

I'd say it was more than one night,

which makes it even more difficult to hide.

You mean from Helena.

He called her.

Ray, that is,

three hours before
he showed up at the gala,

from his hotel room.

She said he didn't,

but the Pendray has a PBX phone system

that tracks calls.

Helena lied.

And Ray was talking to her.

Right before he got killed.

Come on.

Where is everybody?


You scared me.

You're back.

We're here to talk to Helena Percy.

Or Thomas,

if either of them are available.

No, I'm sorry,

they gave the staff the day off.

I'm just here putting
some files back in storage.

Is there something I can help you with?

Actually, there is.

Um, my dad hasn't made any arrests

in the murder of Ray Norris...

Oh, I thought your dad
had someone in custody.

Someone named Fletcher?

Well, we haven't ruled him out,

but we've come across
some photos of the victim

attempting to talk to Thomas
the night of the gala.

Talk to Thomas?

Why would he do that?

That's a good question.

You have any guesses?

He also called Helena just before the gala.

Did she happen to mention that to you?



No, I don't think so.

Well, Percy told us

that you pick up
Helena's messages sometimes.

Did you pick up her messages
the day of the gala?

Yeah, I may have.

There was someone who called,

wanting to know if he needed
a ticket to get into the gala.

Was it Ray Norris?

I really don't remember.

And did you pass that message on to Helena?

Or did you delete it?



you know exactly
who Ray Norris is, don't you?

I don't know what you mean.

And you know that Thomas
was having an affair

with Ray's mother.

And that he was supporting a child.

You know what?

I think I hear someone right now.

Maybe it's them.
I'll go check.

Why are you talking to her like that?

Because she's in it up to her neck.


Her office is down this way.


Payton, wait!

You just need to answer a few questions.

- Whoa!
- Stop right there

or I'll shoot her, I swear.

- Payton...
- You should've just

let me walk out.

Payton, you don't need to do this!

Zee, look at me.

It's gonna be okay.

She doesn't want to hurt you.
Do you, Payton?

- I never wanted to hurt anyone.
- I know.

You were just trying to protect

the foundation
that bears your mother's name.

Get back.

Get back to the conference room!

And that's why you made a pact
with Thomas Percy, isn't it?

He raised money for you,

and you turned a blind eye while he...

What? Set up
a phony vendor number

so he could send money to Ray's mother?

Get back!

But you had it under control.

You and Percy figured out
a way to cover your tracks.

It was all gonna blow over.

Until Ray showed up at that gala.

Ray Norris,

who was there to demand
his father pony up more money.

I'm sorry.

This is a private party.

Oh, really?
My name's Ray Norris.

That man, Tom Percy,

is my biological father.

Maybe he told you what he wanted.

Maybe you convinced him you wanted to help.


Told him, if he stayed out back,

you'd send Percy out to meet him.

And that's when Stacy Martin found him.

You are embarrassing your...

They argued,

and then her brother showed up...


...And tried
to make Ray leave.

Hey! Hey, no. Forget it!
It's fine, let's go.

This isn't over, Ray.

And that's when you confronted him.

Mr. Norris?

I spoke to Mr. Percy.

He has no clue what you're talking about.

What if I told you I had proof?

But we know

he had an account number in his pocket.




Does that account number
ring any bells to you?

It was a Harriet's Hope

account number, wasn't it?

It was a number

that would have destroyed everything

that you and your family
worked so hard to build.

What choice did you have...

...But to kill him?







Get on board.
Move it!

Okay, just don't shoot.

Sit down and don't move.

Get up the stairs. Now!


Take it easy!




Jeff! Watch out!

Drop it!

You okay?

Are you all right?


Any news on the board re-electing you?

None yet.

But if they do, it'll be thanks to you.

Well, if you're passing around credit...

You should probably pass some
to your daughter.

Oh! He always makes me
feel appreciated.

You ready?


Just so you know,

this house call's a one-time deal.

Cortisone is not the best
solution to your problem.

You have a better solution
you want to offer?

How about not trying to make
a long jump record onto a boat?

Even if it was pretty dazzling.

You know, you're allowed
to tell me you were impressed.


You gonna tell me
how this bullet got there?



And, yes, you do
have to catch your own dinner.

Uh, I'm from the Vineyard.

I'll catch mine and I'll catch yours.

- Oh!
- Yeah!

You're something else, you know that?

Let's see what you got.

How do you think it's going to go?

How I'm going to do?

I think you're gonna get skunked.

You think you're gonna catch something?

Are you kidding me?
It's all in the wrist.

- Look at these style points.
- What style points?

Side-arm, one-handed...