A Beautiful Now (2015) - full transcript

"Beautiful Now" tells the story of a passionate dancer , ROMY (Abigail Spencer), who finds herself contemplating extreme measures when she reaches a crossroads in her life. As she hangs on the razor's edge between reality and fantasy, her fractured group of friends (Cheyenne Jackson, Collette Wolfe, Elena Satine, Patrick Heusinger and Sonja Kinski) reunite and embark on a shared journey into vibrant and intense memories of their past, helping Romy answer the question: "if your life flashed before your eyes, would you like what you see?".

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are we ready?

5, 6, 7, 8.











Say it with me, ladies.
















I'm sorry, dear, mothers are
supposed to wait over there.


No, um, I'm here
for the audition.

All right, dancers, let's
take it from the top.

5, 6, 7.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.


1, 2.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.



We'll take the
next eight dancers please.

Come on.



Five down, abbreviated.


Isn't that weird it's such
a long word, abbreviated.

Oh, my god.

I know you.

Oh, oh, uh, I don't...

You did Scars at that
Silverlake church, didn't you?

Oh, yeah.

You were amazing.

Oh, thank you.

That's sweet, thanks.

Thank you.

I was like eight, and that show
made me want to be a dancer.


You're such a star!



Tomorrow is my birthday.

Happy birthday.

You might still be here
the way this is going.

Thank you.

Uh, you can go ahead
of me if you want.


David, You have always

asked me for the truth.

The truth is you're
still my best friend.

The truth is birthdays just
aren't the same without you.

Please come celebrate with me.

We will have your favorite
cake and this time

you can even wear
the purple hat.

But it's my last show tonight
and I need to leave by 5.

So get here in time, OK?

Funny how birthdays make
me think of you, David.

Then, again, everything does.

So here is another truth, the
truth is I miss us, David.

The truth is I was wrong.

Maybe I don't know what
the truth is anymore.

Maybe the truth just is.

Hey, honey, it's me.

Happy Birthday.

So I'm here at the
theater, you're not.

Multiple choice, what's
wrong with this picture?

Oh, my god, you guys actually
wear floss as a costume.

I wish my brain
could unknow this.

All right.

Well, call me back.


minutes to showtime.

Five minutes to showtime.


OK, I'm using my key.

Romy, I'm coming in.

I am traveling
through the house.

I know I'm late, but
I can't be that late.



God damn it.

Son of a... Hey, babe,
explain to me why at 36

I finally have my head
together but my body

is totally falling apart.


OK, well, this is
a little disturbing.

You're writing snail
mail instead of texting.

You have house plants that
are alive and can't be smoked.

I hope you still have
visiting pigeons.

Come on, what's going on?





If it all goes to
shit in the end anyway,

what makes this all worth it?

Honey, what happened?


Let me call Aaron.


Sure, call everyone.

Hey, this is Aaron.


I'll be there in
fifteen minutes.

I can't believe this
guy made it so far.

When I repped him he
would have meltdowns

over the weirdest things.

Like he would call
me at midnight

sobbing because
he needed his meds

but refused to go
to the drugstore.

Why might he even do that?

He was upset because
sick people had

to walk to the back of the
store but healthy people

could buy cigarettes up front.

Can you believe how
long ago that was?

When did we all meet?



What do we call
that decade anyway?

The aughts?


Seriously, that says
it all, doesn't it?

Thank you so much for coming.

It's not fair.

She take drug like
breath mint and she still

pure as driven slush.


Slush would be for fur.

I'm sorry it's been so long
since we've seen each other.

I missed you.

How's Robert?

He's great.

So when is fashion week?

Maybe we should all
go somewhere instead.

God, that Paris flight
kills me every single time.

I would like to
punch you in teeth.

Oh, what?

Is this one on your
Transylvanian pearls of wisdom

where jet lag is
just in your mind

and if you lick a
clove of garlic...

Aaron, Hello?

Is that your brother?

Maybe we can get him to come.

How is he?

What's wrong.

Wait a minute, what?

Is there drama?


What is the crisis?

I want to know.

If you die who
is going to remember me

when I was young and beautiful?

When did you first
realize you were getting old?

Oh, that's easy.

When I heard my favorite song,
the one that changed my life.

It meant so much to me that
I listened to it for years,

and years, and years.

And they were playing it as
easy listening in an elevator.

Or the supermarket.

That's the worst.

Teens sprayed on a
fricking pamphlet.


Yep, that's when you know
you're officially getting old.

And the hope that things are
going to change just kind of


It's the worst when
you take away hope.

Romy, who are you talking to?

I try to deal
with one day at a time.

It's just that lately several
days attack me at once.

Hey, did she say
what she wants?

No, she's just
talking to herself.

And she was just talking
about like Nirvana

being played in a
department store

and dropping her keys and shit.

She's talking crazy.

Hey, hi, I'm here.

What did I miss?

Aaron, I sent you an email
confirming my attendance

and asking you what we needed
but you didn't respond.

So I can go back out and get
more stuff if we need it.

She has a gun.

Holy shit.

Way to bury the lead, David.

Think we should call 911?

Let's talk to her first
and see what she needs.

Mm, here we go.

It's the Romy show.

I know you both care so
stop pretending you don't.

Am I invisible here?

What's going on?

Wait, is this for real?

What's happening?

Hey, honey,
everybody came.

Aaron's here, and Jessica,
and Ella, and Jaki, and we all

love you.

Why don't you come
out so we can talk.

Why don't I stay
in here and we talk.

Can't we just try and be
honest for a few hours?

Honest about what?




Well, I for one have
questions for all of you.

Don't you ever want
to make that tape loop

in your head stop?

I mean I can fake it
with the best of them.

Go out there, pretend
that I get it,

smile so much that
my cheeks hurt.

I don't want to go home.

Shove needles in my eyeballs.

You must have felt
that too, right?

At some point.

You know where you're
driving down Mall Hall

and you just have
this sudden urge

to keep going right
off the ridge.

Just so you can
feel something else.

Or not feel anything at all.

I just need you guys
to help me figure this out.



And I promise I'm not
going to do anything crazy.

Oh, my god.

Romy, sweetie!

Sweetie, are you OK?


Romy, think
about... think about a time

when things were good.

...Kiss the ground that you walk


You finally kiss me.

We're going to be late.

They're waiting
for us aren't they?

How long do we have?


Five minutes.

Five minutes.

So you're expecting some
sort of extended foreplay.

Is that what you're saying?

You need to stop.

I need to stop?


I'll stop.

That's totally fine, yeah.

There's... try to
find something in the kitchen

to open the door with.

Oh, my god.

There's a
window in the bathroom.

Try to find some way in.

Talk to her.

Talk to her.

Go say something.

What is wrong with you?

Romy, hey, it's Jessica.

Listen, if you come
out we can reminisce

about the good old day.


Thanks for coming.

Glad to be here.

All right so...
hey, mama, how are you?

Do you want gloves
or do you want...

You're in my way.

So I wanna
keep glass and I wanna

keep the plastic separate.


So once this day grab
from there to there.


Where is he?

Combine these.

Oh, yes.

Good job.

There's no trash over there.

Come back.

So what happened
with the lawyer?


Love is in the air.

Ooh, Loves in the air.


I'm crazy like a monkey.

Ee, Oh.

Happy like a new year.

Yeah, Yeah, woo hoo.

I'm crazy like a monkey.

Ee, Oh.

Happy like a new year.

Yeah, yeah, woo hoo.

Please come out.

We can't get to the
window from the outside.

Well, try to tell Aaron that.

I don't know what else to do.

Listen, we're going to
get her out of there.


She's going to be OK.

It's not just that.

It's... what happened
to all of us?

Romy, why
are you in there?

Beautiful Objects.


Sold their soul to
portray a perfection.

A beautiful object.


I hang them from the
walls and ceiling.

to technical support.

If you accept press
pound and your call

will be answered by
our team in India.

Thank you.

Now listen very carefully
because the menu has changed.

If you got here because
you're schizophrenic just

listen to the little voices
in your head to tell you

what number to press.

If you a co-dependant ask
somebody to press one for you.

If you're compulsive
just press two over,

and over, and over, and over,
and over, and over, and over,

and over.

If you're paranoid stay right
there while we trace the call.

And if you're bipolar
just do whatever

you want because who
cares about you anyway?

Hey, honey, it's me.

You know how grateful I am that
you are always there for me


Have you ever cried
so much that you have

tears rolling in your ears?


There we go.

Start talking.

Marcus... good booking,
non-committal, no condom,

never called me again.

And then Lance... made a
fortune inheriting money.

And um, he told me he's
looking for somebody younger

and hotter.

Jerry gave me herpes.

Ted cheated on me
with his sister.

I'm like, are you kidding?

Peter, Seth, Barry, Josh,
John, Tom, Thomas... and that's

in a year.

Sounds like a lot of
miscellaneous dicks.

That's a character
description not an appendage.

Thank you, Romy.

I always wanted what
you and Aaron had.

You hate me, don't you?


I don't know, I guess
I just always hoped

that somebody is going to come
along and make everything OK.

Nobody is going to
make everything OK.

You gotta do that for
yourself, you freak.

I know that.

And I don't really know it.

You know?




I don't know.

Come here, you.

It's going to be OK.

It's going to be OK.

When was the last time
you washed your hair?

11 days ago.

It smells.

I know.

Thank you for coming.

Of course.

I love you.

I love you too.

Oh, how the fuck would
she know how grateful

you are when every
single time you

meet some random dude
you forget you even

have friends until
that implodes.

And then you come
running back to us

to help put the pieces together.

Fuck you.

Fuck off.

You fuck off.

What is your problem with me?

How much time do you have?

Were you born a dickhead?

You know what,
don't answer that.

That was a rhetorical question
for someone with a brain.

Do you think anybody
is intelligent

who fakes rapt attention,
any bullshit that spouts out

of your stupid mouth.

Go plop on a shore
and start evolving.

Shut up, both of you.

Stop your bickering.

I don't see what
the point is now.


Whatever you're doing out there.

Just stop.


All right, fuck this.

I'm calling an ambulance.


Romy, where are your meds?

Please stop.

Yeah, how... unbelievable,
they put me on hold.


Please stop.

Whatever you're doing out there.

Just please stop.


OK, we'll stop.

Aaron, the
number is 1-800-suicide.

When you don't want to
live and you can't die.

That's the dark side.

I just
need to be in here

and I just need you guys
to be out there with me.

Hey, Rom, babes?

I don't
want to be alone.

Just until it's light again.


Yeah, we'll stay.


We'll stay as long as you need.

Why do I love dance?

Because, to me,
life is movement.

In real life you know
your eyes are glued

to the ground in front of you.

But when you dance,
you have to look up.

You can't think anymore.

Your body takes
over, transforms you.

And it only exists
for the second

that it's inside
your body and then it

lives forever in your memory.

Lets us know that we're
all a part of eternity.

I guess I just don't really
like reality that much.

I mean I don't know who
in their right mind does.

You know so when
I'm dancing I can

pretend that it doesn't exist.

And every time that I think that
I've closed the door on reality

it comes in through the window.

Didn't you ever wish
for something more?

Are you having panic fitella?

No, I'm so freaking dizzy.

What is this?

You know I think it's nice this
tradition you having birthday

just the two of you.

Yeah, I know.

Can you believe we've done this
every year for the last eight


Let me get this straight.

So you just add or
take one tiny letter

and it changes everything?

Yeah, like hepatitis
becomes hipatitis, which

describes terminal coolness.


Forploy is when someone
misrepresents themselves

in order to get laid.

The scarecrow.

Um, Sarchasm is a gulf between
an author's sarcastic wit

and the person that
doesn't quite get it.

I don't get it.

I know, but you will.

With your help.

With my help.

So the real reason we're here.

Tavalodet moba...
Tavalodet mobarak.




Tavalodet mobarak.

One year before year
2010th birthday.

You know Rage folded?

Mm hm.

And the world is missing yet
another angry underground

magazine where the editor
is passionately decrying

the injustices of our society.

I think the world
is missing it.

Well, I don't.

What's up with you, Ella?

I don't know.

I think it's the stress.

I'm just totally nauseous.

Just a sec.

It's bad reason but it's
nice to be all together again.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

How are things with Dad?

You know how's working with him?

He's fine.

It's fine.

It's called growing up.

Used to call that giving up.

I don't care.

Hey, if you're happy
I'm all for it.

I'm just surprised.

Is Terrence dead yet?

Well, he probably isn't
given that with the money

you've shuffled in based
on your warped genetics

he could afford the
best shit while you guys

were exploring your dark side.

Terrence died nine months ago.

Before I went to rehab.

I've been trying to tell you.

I finally did it.

I did it.

I guess for his big.

So we had the memorial.

It was time.



Hey, Romy, can we
talk about Steve?

Yes, I'd like to
know what happened.

I wanted him to love me.

I needed him to love me.

I would have done
anything for that.

Did you love him?

No, but that wasn't the point.

Welcome to the
inauguration of the Parker

Street bitch club.

Hi, Jessica, how was Washington?

Steve, this is Ella.

Ella, Steve.

He just shot our
"issues" issue cover.


You know what I realized
when you were gone?

I was so miserable it was
almost like you were still here.

Isn't that weird?

And there are more
reasons to bitch.

In the 2007 homeless count
there are more than 70,000

homeless people in LA County.

10,000 of which are children
under the age of 18.

The rents downtown
are exploding.

More and more people
need affordable housing.

And they're added on to people
who are escaping violent homes

and to the mentally ill,
who are being dumped.

I mean these people
they're desperate.

Yes, I'm still
living with Romy.

It's very nice.

She no kick out
after losing home.

Of course not.

You can stay with me as
long as you like, gorgeous.


So tomorrow we're going
to march on city hall

during their meeting to prove
even more unaffordable condos

in development.

I have leaflets in my car.

Get some before you leave.

This concludes my bitch, Thank
you very much for listening.

And to go along
with your bitch...

I guess that would be me.

Was that you?


I made T-shirts.

You know in support
of all of our efforts

and all of your efforts.

Extra large.

And that one's
definitely yours.

How big do you think I am?

And you...

Thank you.

The newcomer.

I like your variety and color.

And that one is
of course yours.

Oh, how fitting,
your inner bitch

is finally having
her coming out party.

Hm, at least one of us
is having one of those.

Oh my god!

OK, so who's turn
is it to bitch next?



I have a feeling it will
be mostly about you.

Hm, why does she
dislike me so much?

Oh, baby, she doesn't
dislike you, she hates you.

How's your mom?

Still dominating the
charts there is Belarus?



See you haven't lost your voice.

No, just found mind.

I don't know what
to do anymore.

I love you.

Is this a communication
problem we're having?

Because I'll learn
your fucking language.


It's Russian.

I don't care how many
languages you speak.

You're an asshole in every one.

OK, two most romantic words.

Killing Steve.

Smoking section.

Marry me.

OK, my turn.

7 most disturbing words... you
have no messages at this time.


It's per diem.

I think that we can
do better though.

Two sexiest
words a woman can say?

Save me.

What do I win?

I don't love you.

Shadow, take me down with
you for the last time.

For the last time.

I'm hoping I can
change your mind.

Who cares.

So why did you do it then?

Because he knew me.

He knew what I wanted.

He knew who I really am.

With that fuck, not some
Aristotelian proposition.

You don't have to
think about it.

You just do it.

Move, I got it.

OK, Romy, you can
either ask me to help me

or you can tell me how you
want it done, not both.

You can help me organize shit.

You know every time you
come home put your keys

in the same fucking spot.

Every fucking time.

So you wouldn't spend 10
minutes every single morning

running around the
house looking for shit.

You know?

I mean just put things in the
same spot every single time

and then you'd never
look for anything again.

Establish a routine
and stick to it.

Is it so hard?

Is it so fucking
hard to do that,

to have some follow through?

My god, you're stupid.

I mean just throw shit
out that you don't use.

Your never going
to need it again.

It's not fucking brain surgery.

Come on, this isn't about
me looking for my keys

every morning.

You hate me, don't you?

Why do you hate me so much?

Because you love me.

There must be something
so wrong with you.

We always thought you
guys were so happy.

I don't think she has any
clue what that really mean.

Why are you so angry with her?

I'm not.

But I was because she
took you away from me.

No, because... because I
knew she would hurt you.

Just like a record lady.

Just like a record lady.

Just like a record lady.

Just like a record lady.

Just like a record lady.

Just like a record lady.

I told you
I didn't love you

and you said you
were OK with that.

I lied.

What do you want from me, Romy?

I don't know.

A little while ago I would
have said a beautiful now.

And some time of full of
excitement and passion

and life.

But right this second,
I'd settle for some sugar.

Could you get it
for me from the bar?

What the fuck do
you want from me?

What do you want from me?

When did life stop
being beautiful.

No, no, no, no, no.

You see that's the problem.

You never understood.

There's more than
just beautiful.

Life just isn't like
that, Romy, there

are long, fast, stretches
which are just boring.

And that's normal.

Why didn't you do
anything about it?

Because I didn't care.

And you shouldn't either.

I was just so sick of
you moaning about LA winters.

You know it's just
not the same, Romy.

So I don't know.

Marry me.


Marry me.

Does it ever turn out
like we expect it to?

I though you got
what you wanted.


I didn't.

Steve said I'm the
only one he ever loved.


When you were working
together on our shoots?

How do I not know this?

You were too busy
changing worlds.

I was busy making
models look pretty.

And Steve was busy doing models.

And then he tell me
he want to be buddies.

And I tell him, no,
it's not how it work.

I suck your dick
you're not my buddy.

Oh, my god.

Now I'm in love with you too.

I think that is the most words
I've ever heard you say, Jaki.

Oh, and here's more.

You walk away from
magazine like it's nothing.

Whoa, OK.

I think I kind of
preferred the less words.

Jaki, I didn't have
anything to say anymore.

You know there was nothing
that I was passionate about.

I think I was depressed.

This is anger,
with no enthusiasm.

You want... how you say this?

Bypass of heart.

Bypass heart.

In my country you
do not give up.

Do you understand?

You cannot be tourist
in your own life.

She doesn't
understand it either.






Uh, hi.


I know I should have
called you, but, uh,

you know on the other hand...

You have the wrong fingers.


Uh, so you're getting married.



Thank you.

Is it someone that you know?



Very funny.

It's super funny.

We met a few months ago.

Her name is Molly.

Of course it is.

What's that supposed to mean?


She's safe.

You know it's easy, it's simple.

She worships me.

She doesn't know you.

That's true, but I
don't want her to.

It's easier that way.

Four most infuriating
words... I should have known.

I wonder how you can get
over it one more time.

Believe it one more time.

Keep going one more time.

You have to keep going.

You have no choice.

I learned that growing up.

Oh, that's rich coming
from a girl who grew up

on the mean streets of Hawaii.

hi, la, la, la, la.

Hey, asshole, I
grew up in Detroit.

My mom only moved us
to Hawaii after my dad

left the five of us
to fend for ourselves

during the worst winter ever.

I think she figured that if
she had worked three jobs

to support four little girls
that maybe she should do it

in a better climate.

Is that OK with you?

OK but does that
explain why you

can't say one sentence without
the word I or me in it?

I don't.




Newsflash, it is not about you.

If I was her I would be out
here threatening to shoot

the both of you.

I mean I love you guys but
it's been what... seven years

of us hanging out?

And the entire time
I kept wondering

what's wrong with you.

No, let me rephrase that.

I kept wondering
what self-inflicted

psychological drama that
you're going through this time.

Has it ever occurred
to either one of you

that, contrary to
popular belief,

the world does not
revolve around you?

You could've just
told me to shut up.

I did.

You totally go down.

OK, this is now officially
one of the few moments

when I miss taking drugs.

They made me feel
good for no reason.

I mean before they
made me feel worse.

I'm just being honest.


How clear are you
on the concept, J?

Honest like when you stole
mom's bracelet and pawned it?

Aaron, I tried to get it
back but it was already gone.

Did you know that Dad
ripped the house apart

because he wanted to find it so
he could give it to you to make

you feel better after Mom died.

It is the only thing
that he has left over

and he wanted to give it to you.

He still can't see what his
little golden princesses

is capable of.

Golden princess?

Yes, J, in his
eyes you are still

his gorgeous little
perfect girl.

The pretty one, made people
stop on the street in awe.

What a talent that is.

God, you are such a cheap date.

No wonder even my shy
brother could pick you up.

Hey, are you listening
to me at all?


So check it out.

First I thought, I should
write a travel book.

You know because I'm a model.

But then I realized it
had to be a cook book.

You know I love cooking.

You know I do, right?



But you're a model.

What would your recipe be like?

It would be like stick two
fingers down your throat

and spew up everything
that you've ever

eaten in your entire life.

And then chop up
little bits of speed

and put them in
little nice piles.

And then sort them.

And then wash them down
with more champagne.

Ha ha.

No, seriously, would that be it?

Fuck you.

It's amazing how
quickly you can

go from fuck you to fuck me.



Put down, Romy.

It's plastic.

This place isn't that nice.

You know what they say, when
you run out of champagne

you gotta order more cocktail.

Oh, look, you have champagne.

Romy, put that down.


Put it down or
you're going to start

french kissing the bar again.

I'd rather kiss you.

That's not funny.

Why is that not funny?

Come here.

What are you doing?

I'm going to give you a kiss.

Fuck me.

I stared out stained
glass windows

but I didn't see anything.

I lived just like a shadow.

I didn't feel anything.

If there's a god in
heaven, won't you

tell him to let me in.

I promise I'll be a good girl.

I promise I won't give in.

And you tell me, baby, I know
that love can get so hard.

Look out that window.

You could be
dancing in the yard.

And I know it's crazy, but
we've got to find a spark.

Keep on burning and we'll
be dancing in the dark.

What's wrong?

I'm Sorry, I can't do this.

Oh, fuck you.

You say that god's in heaven.

He wants to let me in.

I'll promise I'll
be a good girl.

I'll promise I wont give in.

You tell me, baby, I know
that life can get so hard.

From fuck you to fuck me.

We're back again.

What were you thinking, J?

I know I screwed up
on so many levels.

I'm sure I don't
deserve a second chance.

I'm not sure
you do either.

It's funny how
alike you two are.

Me and Ella?

You and Romy.

It's really why you
didn't trust her.

I'm sorry, Aaron.

I'm so sorry.


And mothers and fathers.


Fathers and mothers.

And fathers and daughters.

You will have such
a good time, my dear.

Romy June, they will love you.

Look at them.

I'm nervous.

Oh, you have nothing
to be nervous about.

All of these people have been
doing this a really long time.

I just started, Dad.

I'm not going to be that good.

How could they not love you?

That's it, go.

I will be here when
you come out, OK?


Promise, I will be right here.

I won't go anywhere.


Love you.

Love you too, June.

That's where I
fell in love with dance.

It never changes.

It has clear rules
and the judgment

is non-negotiable and fair.

That's why it's
better than life.

It's beautiful.

Fathers and
daughters and mothers.


Romy, what are you doing here?

Nothing, don't worry.

I just want to walk you home.

Uh, OK.

Can we go visit Daddy?

And fathers and daughters.




No, no, no.

It's for you.

It's the hospital.

I can't.

I can't, I can't.

Yes, I, um, I understand.

Thank you for calling.

Maybe it's ironic
that mama call me Mimi,

like mi, mi, mi.

But then she forgot
to pick me up

at grandparents'
house for 15 years.

Yeah, kind of.

Or is it ironic
that for a month

she call every day
saying she want

to come to America
for first fashion show

because she is a
lonely and broke.

And then, forget
to get on plane I

pay for because she
has new boyfriend.

Elle, what would you say?

Screw you.

What she is trying to
express so eloquently,

Jaki, is that a lot
of women do that.

They try so hard to be
in a new relationship

that they forget the ones
that they're already in.

And then they
forget themselves.

They give away their freedom.

What's going on, Elle?

What's wrong.

There's nothing wrong
with being married.

And there is nothing wrong
with living in Newport Beach.

And there's nothing
wrong with me.

Then, well, why are you crying?

Because when we
all used to hang out

I used to think that
when I get to my future,

like when I get out of
LA or out of the job

that I thought I
hated, I thought

that I would have a
present that I liked.

I just find myself
missing my past.

Oh, I find that there's
parts of my past I

just... I don't want to miss.

So Romy, Romina Saudi.

You don't look Iranian.

Anyway, you're here
for the cleaning job.


And when can you start?

How much do you pay?

A cleaning job,
flipping burgers,

selling lace at that
department store...

all these jobs taught
me something invaluable.

That hard work pays off?

That beauty gives you power.

So if I paid you $200 to take
some pictures would you do it?

Just pictures, nothing else.

You are so beautiful.

You're such a beautiful girl.

Just pictures?

Just pictures.

Suddenly, I understand.

Even at 12 years
old, you can discover

that you have power
when you thought

you were completely powerless.

I finally felt powerful.

Baby, I'm
so sorry I can't help you.

I'm not feeling so good.

I'm going to go lay down.

I know.

Could you take a
look at these for me?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

It's OK.

How did I miss that?

Well, you weren't
around anymore.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because she didn't
want you to know.

I know but I not understand.


I hate this.

No, we need custom invitation.

Tell me, who has love
best represented by kitten

coming out of shoe?

What is going on?

I don't know,
it's Beverly Hills.

They probably found out there
was carbs in the water supply

and there was a mass exodus.

I just feel so totally weird.

You know?

Like... it's like I'm
drowning and I just, I can't.

I don't know what I'm doing.

I don't know what
the fuck I'm doing.

Romy, you love Aaron, no?


And Aaron loves you.


Yes, and we will
make beautiful party.

There's hair on chin.


Young lady!

Get it.

Get it.

It's like plucking
stray eyebrow.


That is not like
plucking a stray eyebrow.

I think I'm a shape-shifter.

I become whoever
you want me to be.

You are far from
what I want you to be.

Now, stop.

Stop drinking.

I can't take it.

Otherwise you'll be french
kissing the tiles again.

Why does everyone
always think that I

am into heavy petting
with inanimate objects?


I actually hate those tiles.

Do you know how long
we've been together now?

I don't know.

Five years, nine months,
29 days, and 10 minutes.

Just so we are clear, I know.

And it doesn't matter.


It doesn't matter.

None of it mattered
to you and I'm still

here planning a wedding.

So how do you know
that you matter?

I do because I can
see past your bullshit.

You make me crazy, you make
me happy, and I love you.

Just don't do it again, Romy, or
I'm going to have to kill you.

I met you.

You should tell them
that you fucked the guy I

loved with me in the next room.

Oh, yeah, that.


He's here.

Romy, he's here.

He's here.

He is walking up the
driveway right now.

He is walking up the driveway.

He looks so good.

OK, OK, honey, breathe.

Hey, what's up?


How's it going?


How are you?


You look good.


You too.

David, can you hear me?

Are you there?

Oh, I'm sorry.

What did you say?

I got to go so
just call me later.


All right, bye.



So who's this guy?

What's happening?

Why am I here?

Because I need you to tell
me what you think about him


I have not felt
this way in like 10 years.

Not since that asshole who
shall remain nameless, James.

And I thought I liked it
like that, but I don't.

I don't.

And I don't know,
it's like ever since I

met Chris I just feel again.

And I love it.

I feel like I'm waking up
to life again or something.

Do you know what I mean?

Do you know what I mean?


Oh, my god.

I just... I want him
to be my best friend.

He inspires me.

I want him to... I just
want to be in his life.

I want him to be in my life.

I want him to be my life.

And can you please stop
giving me one word answers?

Is that possible?


OK, you can come out now.

You've made your point.

Does that count
that it goes up?

I guess so.

Yes, that's three
sevens in a row.

Two, three, four, five,
six, seven, seven, seven.

You're so good at this.

I know.

You're so good at this.

I gotta go.

You have to go what?

Number two?

I'm gonna go.

I got to go.

You don't have to go.

Yeah, I gotta go.

What, why?

Why do you have to go?

Because it's time to go.

Oh, just, hang on.

No, no, no.

Please stay.

Please, please, will
you talk to him?

He's so nice to me but I
need to know more about him.


And he'll tell you
He'll talk to you.

Everybody talks to you.

I love you.

Man, you really
tore my heart out

and stomped that sucker flat.

Why isn't Chris calling me?

Do you think... you
know what I think?

I think I came... I
come on too strong.

I did.

You know I think
you should call him.

Yes, definitely.

You should call him for me.

Answer it.

Answer it.

Answer it, answer it.

Please, please,
please, please, please.

Answer it and tell
him to come see you.

Tell him to see you.

Answer it.

Answer it.

How could you not know that
she was in love with you?

Look at you.

What is this fuzz?

When are you going
to learn to shave?

I would like to say its
fashion but it's laziness.

Look at you.


This is our friend Chris.


Could you be any cuter?

Oh, gosh, look at you.

Come on.

Leave those.

Leave those.

It's OK.

It is so nice to
finally meet you, Romy.

David has talked
so much about you

and he never mentions
any of his girlfriends.

Oh, really?

I mean his father and I
had almost given up hope.

Wow, so you're still
not out to your parents?

I had no idea.

That explains so much about you.

Oh, yeah?

Like what?

Like why you don't have a life.

I mean it would take a lot
to clear that up for you.

Well, the night is young.

Yes, but you're not.

That's good.

What are you saying?

I'm not saying anything.

Do you have something
in your nose?

In my nose?

Oh, come on.


But it was good.

I loved Chris.

He had really clear
eyes, like a baby.

Aw, yes.

Like baby cow that lost mama.

Like Bambi.

Yeah, there was just
no malice in them.

Wait, were you guys
all just sitting around

staring into Chris's eyes?

That's not creepy
to anybody but me?

What was he like 12,
15, 18, one of those?

He was sweet.

I think, I mean I only
met him the one time.

I don't know how
I'm hungry again.

You do not understand.

Just everything was starting
to fall apart, David.

No, you just
found a good excuse

to do whatever you wanted
without any consideration

for me, for us.

You know I will never
trust you again.

You can't ever get that back.

Oh, maybe I should just teach.

No, you love doing it too much.

Yeah, well, there's that.

Mm hm.

OK, he likes you, you like him.

Do whatever you want.

It's cool, I'm fine.



I know it's getting
a little damp in here.

Why do you think they call
it happy hour when not one

person here looks happy?

Hey, look at this
girl right here.

Are you looking?

She looks happy though.

No, she looks pretty happy.

Yeah, but I'm
pretty sure there are

clowns out there thinking maybe
a little too much face paint.

I don't know.

Maybe she was thinking better
well made-up then marked

for life.

Are you marked for life, Romy?


Aren't we all?

it could last so long.

Every day that passes by, our
love it still stays strong.

How could I have known that
I would sing you this song?

Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary.

You know I think you had
every right to be angry,

but you had no
right to be cruel.


Six hours to think of something
to say and all you can think of

is hey.


David, what the fuck?

You said, you said that
this is what you wanted.

Yeah, right.

This is what you wanted.

It is not the same
thing that I want.

You said that I should do this.

You said thing you were fine.

Yeah, OK.

Maybe I just thought you'd
have heart enough to care.


So you say one thing,
expect me to understand

that it means something
else, and then

you want me to do a third?

What are you, like, the
fucking oracle of Delphi?

Now what?

So I don't know what's
going on with you guys

but I want you to know that I
love you both very, very much.

These have, uh... these
has been the best

four months of my life.

Basically, I don't know what
to do right now so I'm just

going to go.

Don't fuck this up.


Just go.

Please, just go away.

I was talking to you, Romy.

You're going to miss me.

How can I miss you if
you won't ever go away?

Could somebody
get me some water?

I feel like I'm
going to throw up.

Congratulations, sweetheart.

You know you're pregnant, right?





Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

What am I going to do?

Well, you put
everything on hold

and make little person priority.


Find out that he thinks you
completely ruined his life.

And then wonder what
happened to yours?

Oh, David can be fun uncle who
take little person on protest


Oh, yeah.

I could take him
to football games

and teach him how
to play baseball.

Man, you really
failed homo 101.

No fashion sense, hates interior
decorating, loves football.

I'm going to be a mom.

I gotta go.


I hope
you won't forget us.

And I hope you feel that
despite everything we

taught you something.

Important things.

Like the reasons Prince is sexy.

That there is a difference
between cream, off-white,

and ivory.

That a salad with no
dressing, a diet coke,

and a hot fudge sundae
make a nutritious lunch.

Why a call between David and me
never lasts under 30 minutes.

That crying can be fun.

And that we will miss you.

It's weird.

I've been looking for something
my whole life that makes sense

and now it's finally here.


Do I have something on my face?

You look happy.

I don't think I've
ever seen that before.

You didn't ever,
you know, love me?

Before Romy, of course.

Even a teeny tiny bit?

Not really.

It's funny, I always thought
that you were the answer

I wasn't even the question.


on to that feeling.

Hang on to that feeling.

Don't you ever let it slip away.

Hang on to that feeling.

Hang on to that feeling.

Don't you ever let it slip away.






What do we do?

Where's it at?

Right there.

I see it.

I see it.

I see it.

Oh, god.

Did you get it.

Oh, my god.

Look at this.

Is it Romy's old shit?

Look at this.

It's you.

It's me,
my first cover.

Can I look at it?

Roach killer.

Look at that,
your wedding announcement.

Yeah, she's a
borderline hoarder.


Aw, look, when
Bernie had dignity.

David Hamm.

Oh, my god.

You can't make this up, can you?

I think I'm going
to write about this.

What, her armpits?

Yes, Jessica, her armpits.


I mean this, tonight, all of us.

You, me, getting older, saving
a friend, saving the world.

Hm, you're very
pretty, Jessica.

Thank you.

It's been mentioned.

Ella, how come
you've never asked

me one question about
myself in seven years?

Not one.

Not how many brothers
and sisters I have.

Where do I...

Brother... Drew.

Assistant manager,
works at Geek Squad.

Your brother, Steve, he works
a DMV in North Carolina.

Your sister, Eleanor, she
started a pet nanny service

to the stars in Atlanta
and then it went national.

Well, it's Andrew and Steven.

Not Drew and Steve.

What's the first
thing I said when

I walked in Robert's house?

Hi, money, I'm home.

I was joking.

I know.


Do you remember
the text that

sent me after I left
you like 900 messages

begging you to call me back?

Yep, it said if your phone
doesn't ring, that's me.

Next time I saw you
was at the memorial.

You know that?

I found one of those words
where you change one letter

and it changes everything.


Ignoranus... someone who is
stupid and also an asshole.


What kills me is that the kid
loved us both and I told him

I didn't want to
be friends anymore.

And he forgave me.

He's a better person
than either you or me.

Yeah, but that's easy.

Where are
you running, sweetheart?

I see you trying
to get there fast.

What are you hoping
for, sweetheart?

Where are you
running, sweetheart?

What are running?

There fast.

Was just lonely without
you guys, wasn't it?

It's nice to have family back
together again, isn't it?

Hey, honey, it's me.

Happy birthday.

So I'm here at the
theater, you're not.

Multiple choice, what's
wrong with this picture?

Oh, my god, you guys actually
wear floss as a costume.

Damn, I wish my brain
could unknow this.

OK, well, call me back.

Hey, you got anything?



Wanna smoke?

I don't smoke.

Wait a minute,
aren't you David?

Closeted writer, human chimney?

No, David, teacher,
out and proud,

and militant nonsmoker for
actually four months now.

That's weird.

How come she doesn't
know about this?

I mean she talks about
you all the fricking time.

You know what?

You annoyed me before
I ever met you.

Yeah, it's a gift I have.


minutes to showtime.

Five minutes to showtime.


I want to hold you in my hand.

White light, sing
your love to me.

I am a stranger in your world.

White light, do you
still dream of me?

I am so lonely in this world.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Come here.

I want to hold you in my hand.

I knew you could figure it out.

The truth
is, I was mad at her at first.

But then I realized
life is so brief.

You know?

We're here, we're gone.

It won't ever be perfect.

We all believe that we
will live a million years

and it doesn't matter
how much time we waste.

But we're like plants,
we flourish and we die.

It's not that complicated.


Do you remember when you
dressed up as a UPS man

and delivered a package
to Aaron just so you

could see what he looked like?

And do you remember
when you signed me up

to be a pet nanny
to the stars so I'd

stop trying to be a dancer?

Do you remember when you made me
crash my car outside that guy's

house so he'd come out and save
us, and he wasn't even home?


I love that about you.

It was worth it.

Every second of it.

7:05, Romy, showtime.

Everybody's got
a secret to hide.

Everyone is slipping backwards.

I can't remember if
I like what I said.

I can't remember it went
straight to my head.

I kept a bottle by
the foot of the bed.

I put a pillow on top of my
head but I killed for love.

I killed for love.

Killed for love.

Everybody's got
a secret to hide.

Everyone is slipping backwards.

You say you see it
almost every time.

A little number
counting back to nine.

I can't remember if
I like what I said.

I can't remember it went
straight to my head.

But I killed for love.

I killed for love.

Killed for love.