A Barefoot Dream (2010) - full transcript

After a series of pipe dream ventures go belly up, retired pro soccer player Kim Won-kang happens to visit East Timor, where he finds children playing the game barefoot on rocky pitches. Sensing a new business opportunity on finding the country doesn't have a single sporting goods store, he embarks on a scheme to get rich quick by purveying athletic shoes to the unshod youngsters. Sadly, no one there can afford to pay $60 for a pair of shoes, even on a generous installment plan, and before he knows it, he is reduced to coaching a team of ragged 10-year-olds and prospects are looking grim.

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(Portugal colonized East Timor...)

(for 450 years.
Indonesia's armed forces...)

(caused the death of about
60,000 people. And during...)

(the 24 year occupation,
200,000 people died.)

(In 1999, Indonesia surrendered
and pulled out.)

(But due to pro-Indonesia militia
that opposed independence, )

(thousands died and tens
of thousands became displaced.)

(In 2002, East Timor
finally became independent.)

(But the conflict
in the east and west...)

(still remains a cause
for societal conflict.)

(This movie is based on children
from East Timor...)

(and a Korean soccer coach.)

(It is based on
a miracle-like true story.)

(2003 Sumatra, Indonesia)

This is crazy.

The hail is pounding down...

like crazy.

Korea can't even compare to this.

Jungles are like that.
They are very dangerous places.

Getting bitten by
a snake could kill you.

Getting bitten by a crocodile too.

We don't need to worry.
We have a gun.

Don't be so frightened.

Whatever you say,

the crocodiles are all mine.

Just go, go, go.

It's raining.
It's going to rain soon.

If you continue, this is the
express route to the afterlife.

I got it so just keep going, man.

To make money, you have to work
when others aren't working.

Go. Go, go.

Crocodile hunting, go, go.

You're jerk...

How could you run and
leave me here?

Come on, come out!

The money I lost from timber,

I'll make it back with crocodiles.

I must...

make ramen.


(A Barefoot Dream)

(Indonesia Medan Hospital)

I feel like death.

I got burned, I have malaria,

it's crazy.


But if I don't leave,
the debt collectors will kill me.

Who? Shin, what?

Shin Young-hoon?

Woo-seok should take
responsibility for that.

(Ko Chang-seok)

Yeah, but...

Come on.
I'm your little brother...

Hello? Sister?

Don't hang up. Hello...

(Shin Cheol-Jin,
Yong-go Do, Joseph)

I didn't,
didn't get to talk to her.

The call got disconnected...

(Guest appearance/lm Won-hee,
Kim Seo-hyung, Cho Jin-woong)

Go away, go away.

Go away.

Mr. Kim Won-gwang.


You know me?

It was around '83...

The Qatar youth?

You slipped during the
preliminaries so it didn't count.

There were a lot
of rising stars in that team.

You worked in soccer?

No, but...

I saw you a few times when I
was on the Hyundai Motor Co. team.

Although you don't
know me very well.

I'm Yoo Bo-hyun with Yonhap News.

Yes, I'm Kim Won-gwang...

I told you I know you.

You're quite famous.

I'm not famous...

- Soccer isn't really...
- The news about a Korean...

almost dying while in
the jungle in Sumatra.

All the Koreans in Indonesia
know about it.

You don't have anything
better to put on the news?

So I said, that money...

I quit so I could earn money.

There's nothing I haven't tried.

But it's all a failure.

So miss, I quit soccer.

But that's all I knew how to do.
How could I earn money?

How could I earn money?
Is money stupid?

- So what are you going to do?
- Just wait.

I'm not done talking yet.

So I got a loan.

- You got a loan.
- Yes.

And opened a factory in Indonesia.

But got conned and
lost everything.

How did you know?

You already told me earlier.


So what are you going to do now?

So what should I do?


What are they doing there?

Oh, have you...

heard about East Timor?

East Timor? What's that?

The first nation to become
independent in the 21st century.

They don't have anything,
so it's just the start.

That's not right...

It's just the start,
so they have nothing?

(Dili, East Timor)

But still, one thing remains.


Very hopeful.

Where's the car?

- I'm OK.
- Where's the car?

- I don't have a car.
- Where's the car?

Get out of the way.

Thanks but...

to a child...

That's a bit harsh...

Hey, are you OK?

Are you OK?

Hey, Mr. Kim.

- You...
- Yes, I'm James.

- James?
- Yes, I'm James.

Show me.

Show me.

- You?
- Yes, I'm James.

- James.
- Different.

Nice to meet you.

Welcome to East Timor.

Get in the car,
get in the car, OK?

Hey, hey, hey.

Get away from my car!

Get away from my car, OK?

- One dollar, one dollar.
- No, no.

One dollar mister, one dollar.

Get off, OK?

One dollar.

One dollar mister, one dollar.

Mister, one dollar.

One dollar mister.




The UN will give them money soon.

Once they get the money,

there's going to be a lot to do.

We got to build houses,

and new roads.

We have to build factories.

There's going to be
so much happening, OK?

I'm so glad to be working
with a fellow Korean.

- Take it.
- OK.

The quality of coffee
here is excellent.



We're going to be rich soon.

Rich soon?

Yes, very rich.

You really do have a vision.

- A vision?
- Yeah.

Is the coffee mountain near?


You just rest today, OK?

Tomorrow, your life
will change forever.

- Change.
- You, smell money.

Money smell, oh yeah, yeah.

Hey, James.

It's been a long time.

How are you doing, Mr. Park?

The UN is searching
high and low for you.

Get the heck out of here?

Want me to give them a call?

Who is it, James?

Why did you have to hit my head?

I'll go, I'll go.


- See you.
- See you!


Was he talking about coffee again?

His repertoire never changes.

I apologize.

My name is Park In-gi.
I work at the Korean consulate.

Did you arrive today?

The coffee construction...

There's not much you can do here.

The Koreans who come here
are one of two types.

People who get conned by
people like James.

Or people who come
here to con others.

You should just return.

There's really nothing here.

What a fuss.


You're checking out?

You can go in my car.

It's OK, there are
a lot of taxis around.

Come now,

I said it's fine.

I'll take you to the airport.

Let's go.

I can get there on my own,
you know.

Are you afraid I won't leave?

It's not that.

It may not seem like it,
but it's a bit dangerous here.

There are sometimes gunfights.

And bombs.

Protecting a fellow countryman,

in this dangerous place is...

our duty.



That little guy...


Where are you going?

Ramos! Ramos!

Not bad.

You don't even know
how to play soccer.

Do you want to die!
I'll kill Ramos.

You be careful.

What are you doing? Let's go!

I'm not leaving.

It doesn't matter what you do.
It won't work.

60 dollars? Crazy...

Mr. Kim, that's only
$6 in Dongdaemun Gate.

Hey, it's Nike.

And this is all fake.

- Fake?
- Fake?

All the tags are here.

How hard could it be to make them?

You saw that the kids play soccer
every chance they get, right?

The balls will deflate someday.

And their shoes will
get worn down, too.

This is really...

a business plan that can't fail.

So why doesn't East Timor
have a sports store?

That's why this is
called a monopoly.

Got it? Put it there.

Let's take a photo, Mr. Consul.

So I can hang it right here.

Let's see.

Yes, stand right there.

In-gi, stand there. Hey Major.

Please take a photo for us.

So that we can see the sign.

Korean Sports.



These shoes...

Great choice.

Sixty dollars.

Special sale, 35 dollars.

Excuse me.

35 dollars...

Come back again.

Come back, where?

They should wrestle,
not play soccer.

One pair in two months...

Name, telephone, and address, OK?

The last, you write
your signature here.


- Good.
- Installments of 300 dollars.

If you are late three months,

- Installments...
- I'll take it right back.

- OK?
- He's got a lot of sales.

- This is, your key.
- Great skill.

That's what you call
business, unlike...


- Go away.
- Bye.

- Drive safely.
- OK.


They only buy Jeep cars.


It looks good.

Thank you for the meal.

Mr. Park guarantees,
so I lend you money.

I did?

I don't give loans to people
with no money income.

Tastes good.

Spicy fish soup is always good.

OK, look here.

You all got the shoes, right?

So this is called
monthly installments.


Why were you late?


I'm in the middle of talking,
I'll get confused.

So this is...

An installment system of pay.

Meaning it's based on trust.

So in English that is...

Trust... Something.



It means I trust you.

So I'll give you
these soccer shoes.

And what do you need to do?

Take them.

That's right, take. OK.

Welcome, OK.


Hey, listen up.

I'm talking.

This is important.

One day, one time, one dollar.

That's what you need
to give to me.

What? What did I say?

One day, one time, one dollar.

That's what you need
to give to me.

Sounds good?

And it's not even that long.

Just two months.

Two months, OK?

It might be more expensive
than paying up front,

but since you're so poor,
it can't be helped.

This can be a good choice too, OK?

Good choice.

Listen and repeat. Good choice.

Good choice.

I say good, you say choice.

- Good.
- Choice.


Try them on.


Try them on.

That's right.

This way.



You can't even block that?

Good, Good Bagus.

Since you started
wearing soccer shoes,

your game has gotten better.

Bagus, Bagus.

Good, very good.

Alright then.

One day, one time, one dollar, OK?
You remember?

One dollar.

- Ricky.
- OK.

- Name?
- Ricky.

- And?
- Adda.

Adda, good looking guy. Adda.


- Abebi.
- OK, Abebi.

- Next?
- Abai.

Abai, good, Abai.

- Next?
- Shiku.

- Shiku?
- OK, good.

- Who are you?
- Ddinu.

Why does he keep looking at me?

Who's next?



Come here.

What's your name?



You want this, don't you?

One dollar, good looking.



One dollar.

Great choice.

Shiku, that's right.

Kick it.

Shoot, shoot.

Don't be so slow...

You have to pass right away.

Don't hesitate?

Shoot, hey...

Just give it to the goalkeeper,
why don't you.

And you missed that?

Why would you play
soccer like that?

Hey, Marzo.

Stop spraying water and
come catch some flies.

I'm not Marzo. I'm Major.

So sensitive.

OK, and what about you?

That's right.

Pass right away like that.

Do it, do it.

Shoot, good.

Bagus, Bagus.

You have to pass.

Good, good.

Hey, are you blocking the dribble?

Pass, pass.

Go to the center, OK.

Good, Dinu.

Good, shoot.


That's how you do it,
Bagus, Bagus.

What's that?

What are they doing on
the soccer field?

You, Korean, leave.


Where the heck is this kid from.

Why are you bothering
the kids' game?

- Bother?
- That's right.

Don't take money from the kids.

You're misunderstanding...

The field...

So I'm not...

renting out the field...

It's soccer shoe money.

You've misunderstood.

Soccer shoe money?

Yeah, man.

Don't come back here again.


Those kinds of guys
are everywhere.

No manners at all.

Why are there so many
obstacles in my life...

It's so hot and humid today.

Looks tasty.

Thanks as always.

Mr. Kim.

I heard you made a big hit by
leasing soccer shoes to children.

My interest.

Where is my monthly interest?

Good sales, no income?

I'm OK.

But Mr. Park, you guaranteed.

It's OK, it's OK.

Mr. Kim.

Doing a sports business in Dili,
I don't think that's a good idea.


You have to have money even
with soccer and baseball.

You need money to play sports.

Here, everyone is poor.

They have to work.

But the kids here, only just play.

No work.

No money, no soccer,
and no future.

Look at this fish talking.

Who says?

Who says you can't
play soccer if you're poor.

Thank you for the loan.

He said he'll pay
the interest right away.

- Really?
- Yes.


But when is the stew coming?

Soon, it'll come out soon.

Here, one dollar. One dollar.

That's right, your name is Shi...

- Shiku.
- Right, Shiku.

Good, you haven't missed once.

You haven't missed one payment.
Learn from him, man.

- Next.
- Dinu.

Dinu also hasn't missed a payment.

You shouldn't default
on the payments.

You're bad kids.

- And you?
- Adda.

Yes, good looking.

You too...

What's this?

How could you return
what you've worn?

You guys really...

Mr. Kim.

Mr. Kim.

I grew this chicken.

And it's bigger than other ones.

There's a lot of meat
and it's strong.

Please don't take my shoes.

Put it down.

Put those shoes down,
gosh you guys.


It's fine.

If not today,

then, tomorrow.

If not then, the day after.

When you have money, it's OK.

It's OK, no problem.

When you have money...

Hey, Coach Poong.

This is all an investment.


What the heck are
you doing over there?

It's the last time, really.

It's cold here too.



I can't really hear.

That's fine.

Hang up.


Is it Sang-chul?

I started an amazing business...

What? Mid-term?

OK, then you should study.

OK, I'll hang up.

Sorry for bothering you.

Tell Mom that I...

Even if we wear shoes,
there's no field.

So we can't kick the ball.

And a dollar a day is too hard.


Mr. Kim, welcome.

You want to buy something?

I'll give you seven fish
for 15 dollars, OK?

OK my butt.

Whether it's OK or PK,

the kids I loaned out
the shoes to...

are playing soccer.

Who are you to bother them?


I never bothered them.

I just didn't want you
to trick them, you know.

Trick them?

When did I trick them?

Playing sports barefoot
is dangerous.

For sports, you need safe...

for technique...

so that more... jeez.

They'll level up.

So selling soccer shoes
isn't a trick.

Not a scheme to sell soccer shoes,
but to make them better?

That's right, you're smart.

Prove it, then.

- Proof?
- Show me.


Let's play a game, you and me.


My kids vs your kids.

If your kids win,
I'll give up on using the field.

But if my kids win,

stay out of my business, OK?

OK, Mr. Kim,
when do you want to do this?

About ten days?

OK, I'll need some time.

After ten days.

OK, one pig.

One pig or two pigs is fine too.

OK, one pig.

Are you really going to do it?

Are you really going to do it?

I don't know, I don't know.

So don't talk to me.

You don't think
before you act, do you?

So why would you sell...

soccer shoes in a country
that's hard to make a living in?

It's not going to work.

If you knew so well,
why didn't you tell me earlier?

I always do my best to tell you.

Shut up.

How much is a pig?

- A pig?
- Yeah.

About 300 dollars?

What? Freaking pig...

There are pigs everywhere.

Why is it so expensive?

Gosh, what the pig, really.

Hey, bring me two balls.

Good, next.




He seemed OK, why?


Are you choosing
a basketball team or something?


Are you a guy, or a girl?

This is a men's soccer team.



Starting now...

you're my team.

We're one team.

I'm the coach.

And you're the players.

- OK?
- OK.

Starting now,
you listen to what I say.

You must.

If you don't,

no uniform.

And no soccer shoes.

- OK?
- OK!


Do you think you'll get
your soccer field back like this?

Field, field.

Think of the field. Field.

How long are you going
to play soccer in the dust?

It seems really hard.

Good thing you didn't
have to do it, right?


That's right, run.

Shiku, run.

OK? Run.


Run, Moddabio!

- Rest, drink some water.
- Yes.

What the heck, we aren't
kicking balls. We only run.

I don't want to do
this starting tomorrow.

- You?
- I don't know,

I feel like I'm dying.


You were so happy
that he gave you...

those ugly shoes and uniform.

But look now?

Forget it, I don't even want
to fight with a jerk like you.


(Day of Pig Bet)

Hey, what do you
think you're doing?

- The kids on my team.
- My team?

They're all on my team.

These big guys are adults.

Why? Is something wrong?

It's my team.

It's different from what you said.

It's a match between
your team and my team?

Why? You scared?

How dare he blow wind in my ear...

Shameless coward...


Listen well.

Ricky, run.

Look far and pass the ball.

- OK.
- OK.

- OK?
- OK.

Hey, hey kid.

Geunapa Ddagut, Ddagut.

Hey, Ddagut.


Nangis, you?

Don't be so scared.


Ready, Persia, start.

Persia, Persia, Persia,
we can do it!

Good. We can do it!

Defense, defense.

Pass, pass.

Defense, defense.

Good job.

He could be a pro player
in Indonesia.

Does Indonesia have
a pro soccer team?

You didn't know?

Some of the better ones
dream to be on that team.

If they get on the team,
their life is set.

- In-gi.
- Yeah?

Please give me
200 dollars to buy a pig.

Thanks for the meal.

- Mr. Kim.
- Yes?

I heard you folded your business,
is that true?

How did you, so soon...



I work.

- Work?
- Yes.

My pig lost, until it returns,
two jobs.

- Two jobs?
- Two jobs.

You work two jobs too.

Sell cars and give loans.

You're going to do it again?

I didn't work hard
enough last time.

As long as I get them
in top shape,

even an adult team can't win.

The Hyundai soccer team
has skills and teamwork.

Anyhow, I'm going to keep at it
until I have a pig farm.

Just looking at you
makes me feel sad.

It's not enough to be
good at kicking a ball.

You have to be big and strong.

You're too short and skinny.


Do it right, kid.


Right away, right away.

You aren't choosing
national players.

Can't you just let him play?

They kick balls around
when young for fun.

But if they don't get in
because of their proportions,

do you know how
upsetting that is?

So now you're worried
about their futures?

You need to worry
about a pig first.

Don't look down on my brother.

Silly Korean.

Excuse me.

How do I go there?

Go this way.

Thank you.


Anyone home?


Hi, Ramos.

Do you want to try playing soccer?

Leave, I don't want to
play soccer with you.

Listen 'til the end.

Korean, what are you doing here?

Excuse me...

I was just...

Calm down.

What do you want?

He was looking around our house.

What are you doing here?

I'm not here to see you.

I have business with Ramos.

He seemed good,
so I wanted to teach him.

You want to train Ramos?

- You?
- Yeah.

You train Ramos?


Stop dreaming.

I train Ramos, not you.

Next year,
I will take him to Indonesia.


Gosh you...

Do you even know what that is?

You don't even know
a thing about soccer.

Stop being cocky and move.


I'll give you soccer shoes
if you come to my team.

I'll give you a nice pair.

Even if you're good at soccer,
your brother won't buy you shoes.

I'm giving you shoes
to make you on my team.


I'm scouting your brother.

This is a pro.

That's how the pro world works.

It's a cold place out there.

Hey, Korean.

I'm warning you.

You said you won't sell soccer
shoes to the kids, remember?

Even 'til the end, you...

Ramos, you decide for yourself.

This is a bit worrisome.

It's hot.

A lot of Koreans returned.

There probably aren't
even ten Koreans left.

Something might happen soon.

What riches are you looking for
in a place like this?

Where's the red pepper flakes?

Such a waste...

What? Where is it?

- What?
- Red pepper flakes.

Look around,
it'll be there somewhere.

Your loss if I can't find it.

(Shiku, 12 years old, stable,
striker, mid-field)

(Good manners and good looking,
240 size shoes?)

If I play soccer with you,

can I really get on
the Indonesia Pro Team?

If you work hard.

Can you promise me?

How can I promise that?



Ramos, good.

It hasn't been long since
you've joined, but good.

Moddabio, hey.

Do it right.

Ramos is good as soon as he came.

Pig bet. One more time.


You want to lose again, Mr. Kim?

This time, three pigs.

My kids eat a lot.


You just put the time and date.

Don't worry.

You had better practice so
you don't embarrass yourself.

Why are you laughing?

Steal it. Steal it.

Steal it. Steal it.

Hey, are you OK?


There isn't a big problem...

But it's his eyes.

His eyes?

A lack of nutrition is causing
a short-term sight loss.




There are a lot of kids like this.

Because they
don't get enough to eat.

If he's left like this,
he'll go blind.

What? Blind?

Poong, write this down.

Sian Soft Cap.

Soft, Soft.


ENG Soft Cap.

Nutrition for eyes.

And vitamins.

Please send it as soon as you can.


OK, thanks.





I told you things
might get dangerous.

- Behind you.
- What? What are they.

Be careful.

Korean diplomats!

Korean diplomats!

Thank you.

Do they really
shoot guns and stuff?

Does it seem like a joke?

What about my kids?

You're concerned about them?

- Brother, I want to go too.
- Don't come out.

I want to go and fight, too.

- I want to go and fight, too.
- Stay in there.

Brother, I want to go too!

Let's wait a bit here,
before we go.

It's going to be like a beehive.


That's my Ramos, Ramos.

What? Why would he be here?

- Ramos.
- Kim! Kim!


Gosh, Kim.




This way, this way.

I want to live.

What are you doing!

What are you doing!

A Korean person.

- What are you talking about?
- I...

I think a Korean person was shot.

I'd know if there
was a Korean person!

No, I heard it.

I heard Korean!

My gosh, this guy.

Open, hurry.

Wait, wait.

A person is dying.

Hurry, hurry.

Please, I want to live...

- Shin Young-hoon.
- I want to live...

- You know him?
- Yeah, he came yesterday.

- Are you OK, sir?
- Piggyback.

I want to live...

- I want to live.
- Wait, my hair...

My hair...

- I want to live.
- Wait...

I want to live...

You'll have to let
go for me to help.


Hey, man.

You didn't go home?

Boss, I protected the store.

Hey, man.


Is it good?

Is it good?

It's good.

Where do you live?

In the Catholic Church.

Catholic Church?

You don't have a home?

You don't have parents?

They died.

Is that so?

My brother is good at running.

How much is it?

Five dollars.

Are you joking, right now?

It's expensive.

Is it here?

Moddabio's house?

Who is it?

Moddabio, you scared me.

Where were you?



Aren't we going to play soccer?

None of the kids are there.


How are your eyes?


We need to get the pigs back.

And the field.

You kid...

Mr. Kim.

Let's go play soccer.

Mr. Kim, let's go play soccer.

You kids...

Hey, Ramos.

Where's your brother?

Korean! What are you doing here?

Let's play that game of soccer.

Of course, three pigs.


Next week, 2 PM.

You laugh now?

Don't forget.


You're coming out right?

You're a pro.

Moddabio, pass.

Up high.

Moddabio, run.

Moddabio, you're late. Again.

Ricky, center.

- Good, Bagus.
- You can't even do that?

Ramos, you were late
so run ten laps.


In position.

Bring the ball.

Go get the ball,
do you expect me to get it?



Do you want to kick the ball
with your friends?

Do you really want to do it?


If you want to do it that much,


You're smaller than others
so you have to run faster.



(Speaking in East Timor language)


Goodness, in front of your sister.


The start is slow.

Moddabio, run faster.

Ramos, imagine
the location in your head.

- OK?
- OK.

Good job.

Good, one more time.

(Second Pig Bet Game)

Hey, this way.

Run, run.


Mr. Kim.

Mr. Kim, I've brought the pigs.

I'll give it to you cheap,
buy this one.

Gosh, it'll jinx the game.

My team is going to win,
go over there.

Hey, Ramos.

Good, run.

Moddabio, Moddabio.

OK, pass.

Pass, pass.

Pass, pass.

Ddua, pass.


What have you done to the kids?

Wow, we might win. We might win.

Good job, kids.


Moddabio, pass, pass.

Ramos, Ramos.


Hey, kid.

Oh my, how complicated.

Ramos's brother was hurt...

because of the people
on Moddabio's side.

And in the previous independence
movement, Moddabio's dad died...

after being shot by Ramos's uncle.

The problem just
doesn't end there.

The kids remember everything.

And they will seek revenge.

They finally got independence
from Portugal and Indonesia...

but everything got complicated,

and it's hard to tell who's
a friend and who's an enemy.

In a country where they're
still fighting about sides,

what the heck am I doing here?

How upsetting.

Mr. Kim.

How about a match with
the Indonesian kids in West Timor?

If you find a common enemy...

outside the country,
I'm sure they'll stick together.

What? An international match?

What shima?


What do you think?
Great idea, right?

- Gosh, you have big dreams.
- That's right, dreams!

That's what the kids need,

Like a dream!

They need to consider
their situations too.

It's hard to even eat and
make a living here.

Soccer is just a hobby.

Hey, man!

What the heck...

If they're poor,
their dreams have to be poor too?

I didn't know you were
that kind of person, really...

That's not what I meant...

Yeah, Hiroshima.
So how are you doing to get there?

That's why, In-gi.

That's why I came looking for you.


- Why?
- Why do you think?

Why would I come looking for you?

Why do you think?

- Your muscles are tense here.
- You, really.

This isn't a soccer league?
It's a consulate.

Do you think I'm the minister
of sports here or something?

Yes, you can meet
the minister of sports.

Wow, you're amazing.

Shut up!

Am I talking to a kid or...

Come out!

I'm so busy.

Stop talking nonsense.


In-gi, I'm going to go.

I'll go, jeez.

By plane?

Want me to swim? Stupid.


You have to work harder,
starting now.

And don't fight.


If you behave like that overseas,
it'll be an embarrassment, OK?

- Got that?
- Yes, sir.

One team!

- East Timor.
- Yes, sir.

If you do well over there,

you'll be scouted, OK?


Are you crazy?

You should say, "Yes, sir."

Maybe I didn't teach you?

- Anyhow, got it?
- Yes, sir.

It's so hard.


You should do something like this.

It's impossible.

Stop wasting your time and
give up then, OK?

I can't.

Wait a bit, I have a plan.

This English, Jinglish...

Whatever it is,
can't you do it for me?

How do I spell your name?

Is it ki? Or gi?

I'll just go with gi.

And you're a "man?"

What's this?

Coach Park In-gi?

What are you doing!

Do you think I just play around?

I'm a Korean diplomat.

But we need two coaches.

Just take a vacation,
you need some rest too.

That's why you look so old.

I said, no!

During this vacation...

my parents set me up...

I need to get married too.


Mr. Shin.

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

And I brought
the person you wanted to see.

It's Kim Won-gwang

- Kim Won-gwang?
- Yes.

You're Kim Won-gwang?


I saved him after being shot...

How could he do that to me?

You borrowed money here
and there...

to start a timber business
in Indonesia, right?

One of the loaners was
Shin Young-hoon.

I didn't borrow that money.

I didn't even know who he was.

You know it. You saw!

So you should go
inside and explain.

Nothing will
be resolved like this.

Of course our consulate...

doesn't have the power
to send you to Korea...

or anything like that.

But the work you're doing now...

is related to children
so it's a bit sensitive.

Honestly, for us,

the only thing we can do
is advise that you return.

Gosh, bunch of red tape officials.

Whether in Korea, or here, jeez.

But he really tried to
let you off easy.

Let me off easy!

He was telling me to get
the heck out of here.

Hey, I was scammed too.

If I knew how to con someone,

why would I be bad
at this one too?


In my opinion...

instead of being chased out,

it's to go quietly.

I try to do something and
it all gets messed up.

Pass, OK.


Hey, Shiku!

When I become an adult,
I'm going to kill you.

Yeah right, I'll kill you first.

Hey, kids!

What are you doing right now?


How could I think you'd
be able to play soccer?

I must have been crazy.


Whether you fight or shoot guns...

Do what you want.

Do whatever you want.

Hey, Coach Poong. Do you remember?

When we used to kick balls behind
Oscar Theater in the alleyway.

Of course I remember.

Hey, come to think of it,

we were really happy then.

Just kicking the ball around
made us so happy.


Forget the sentimentalism.


If things haven't worked out
for you there, just come back.

I found a place for you, OK?

It's a middle school soccer team.
The pay isn't bad, either.

This is how we have to
make a living, don't you think?

Think this over.

Another chance like this
is hard to come by.



Hey, you listening?


Did he fall asleep?

(ROK Consulate)

In-gi, I'm pitiful right?

No, not pitiful...

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have said
that in front of the consul.

We can try harder from now on.

Do you know what my nickname
was when I played soccer?

Every time I kicked a ball,
I missed.

They called me
the Frightening Miss.

What are you talking about?

Don't be like that...

Let's go have a drink.


I'm going to go back to Korea.

He said he'll really help you
get on the pro team?

I'm preparing for a match.

He's just a con artist.

He got found out,
so he's running away to Korea.

It was all a show to
sell some soccer shoes.

Ramos, I always tell you.

We just need to trust each other.

There's no need to
trust foreigners.

Let's eat.


Be well.

Give the remaining shoes
and stuff to the kids.

Thanks for everything, Marzo.

You aren't going to
say bye to the kids?

I won't be able to leave
if I see them.

And nothing could make
you leave before.

I said let's not talk so much, OK?

Come see me if you stop by Seoul.


Mr. Kim!

Ramos is at the police station.


Hey, Ramos.

Wait, wait.

Why would you put
handcuffs on him?

I mean how much is that
car audio anyway?

- Please move.
- Huh? Wait.

Wait, wait.

Wait, wait.

This guy fixed up his car.

How much is it?

It's not just any sound system.
It's called a Van Allen Woodson.

So how much is it?

Four thousand, it broke
when he tried to take it out.

Why did you do it!

- Hey, stop.
- It's none of your business!


- Are you a thief?
- Stop it!

It's none of your business!

Ramos, why did you do it?

I wanted to go take the test
for the Indonesia Pro Team.

I could have showed
my skills in Hiroshima,

but now we can't go...

Please forgive him.

I'll work until
I can pay you back.

Please forgive him.


Working with that kind of money...

Take this.

This is all I have.

He's only 11 years old.

Please pardon him.

It's none of your business.

It's not time to be prideful,
you idiot.


I'm really sorry.

That I couldn't do it
until the end.

Mr. Kim, don't go.

We'll try our best.

Mr. Kim...

Don't just leave us here.

Mr. Kim...

Don't go.

Mr. Kim, don't go.

Mr. Kim, don't go.

Mr. Kim, don't go.

Mr. Kim, don't go.

Mr. Kim, don't go.

Kim Won-gwang...

I'm so embarrassed.

I was so embarrassed,
I couldn't hold my head up.

They're such good kids.

What could they like
about a guy like you?

I know.

But what a waste?

What about your
coaching position in Seoul?


I'm not some neighborhood coach.

I don't coach unless
it's a national team.

That is...


I wasn't conning you.

If I was that kind of guy...

when the bullets
were raining down,

would I go to save a person?

Is that so...

Did I ask you to save me?

Well, you were
bleeding like a pig,

and grabbed my hair
asking me to save you.

And I lost all that hair,

and it's pretty empty
in that area.

People call you a con
because you're so nosey.

And what?


- Goodness.
- How did you know?

So now you're investigating me
behind my back?

I called Consul Oh.
So go find him.

Sorry? Why?

Aren't you going to meet
the Minister of Sports?

Oh my...

Oh, Oswaldo.
Thank you for your help.

See you.

Thankfully we got
the minister's permission.

What's the use?
And what's the use of passports?

We don't have any money.

Kim Won-gwang, you've gotten soft.

Look at you.

Who makes a v-sign
when taking passport photos?

That idiot.


(Ddua, Moddabio)


(Antonio, Abai)

(Marido, Jon, Nelson)

(Ricardo, Adda, Marco, Dinu)

(Paulo, Pendi, Shiku, Ricky)


Yes, 17 people.

Dili to Hiroshima.




No problem, I understand.

Yes, thank you.

Excuse me.

- Mr. Big?
- Yes.

Hello. I'm Kim Won-gwang.

Nice to meet you.

This is a paper for East Timor,
the children...

have no money to pay for a ticket
to go to Hiroshima for soccer.

The children's dreams...

Gosh, what will I do?

They said they'll look over it,
so we can wait.


So what!

Why did you bring this?

Mr. Kim.

Thank you.


And Dinu.


Thank you very much.

Mr. Kim, will you be able to
get the ticket money like this?

I'm just doing what I can.

I'm doing my best.

What if we can sell
broadcasting rights?

- Broadcasting rights?
- Yes.

Are you kidding?

This is medicine for your eyes.

These are vitamins.


How are we going to sell anything?

Make a sound, make some noise.

Fish, two dollars, two dollars.

It's a letter that the tickets
will be cancelled...

if you don't pay by Friday.

You won't be able to win anyway,
so push it back.

Prepare hard and go next time.

It's raining. Let's go.

Hurry, get in.

What are you doing?


It's raining.

You'll catch a cold.


Do you know why
I'm trying so hard...

to enter an international game
we can't win?


To see it until the end.

Until the end?

I always start something...

but haven't been able
to see it until the end.

I thought I'd be able
to see it to the end...

with those kids.


I don't think it'll
work out this time, either.

My life is always like that.

I'm not sure how we can do this.


The newly independent country
in the 21st century, East Timor.

What the heck am I doing?

This is giving me a headache.

Wow, writing isn't for everyone.

The newly independent country
in the 21st century, East Timor.

A Korean coach is coaching...

a youth soccer team in East Timor.

They were invited to
the international playing field,

but they do not
have funds for tickets.

They may be unable to attend.

Hello? Sang-chul!

Can you hear me?

Gosh this boy.

It's alright if
you didn't do well.

And if you don't do
well the next time,

you can do well
the time after that.

And after that, and after that.

There are so many chances,

You know Don Quixote?

That's right,
try like Don Quixote.

As long as you try,

you'll succeed.


Keep your chin up in the East
Timor language is bbulsha.

Sang-chul, bbulsha!

Sang-chul, bbulsha!

Sang-chul, bbulsha!

(Yonhap News)

Kim Won-gwang?

(East Timor Consulate)

He's still there?





What's wrong with him?

Did he eat something funny?

- We did it!
- Huh?

We're going!

Look at this!

(East Timor Youth Soccer Funding)

(After the story about
Coach Kim Won-gwang...)

(and the East Timor
Youth Soccer Team...)

(was reported,
people began to donate money)

(people began to donate after
hearing about the story...)

Our ticket funds are covered!

We're going to Hiroshima!

We did it!

Are you about to cry?

He's about to cry.

Why are you crying?

We're going.

We're going!

We're going!

(March, 2003, Hiroshima, Japan)

Let's cheer them on!

Timor! Timor!

It was just two goals, OK?

Don't give up!

Even if we don't win,

we have to put at
least one goal in?

It's cold.


It's so cold? Are the kids OK?

It's fine.


Thank you.

- I'm sorry.
- Ricky!

- Ricky.
- Hello?

Yes, yes.

Mr. David, please.

Hello? Dojo?

We're ready,
we're connected to Hiroshima.

Pendi, out!

Help, help.

Timor! Timor!


Other side! Other side!

Is he OK?

I don't think we can wait
until the second half.

Let's just switch Ramos out, OK?


How are your eyes?

They're OK.

They're OK.

Japan! Japan!


It's ready.











You tried your best.

That's enough.

Good job.


We don't have to win.

All we have to do is do our best,

so we don't regret it.

We're not done yet, are we?


We're not done yet?


Come on!

Let's go out there.

Let's try our best.

Pendi, do your best.

Pendi, it's OK.


Let me run too.

Please let me go out there too.

I can do it.

So now, we'll connect to...

Hiroshima as mentioned earlier.

The second half is about to begin.

East Timor is behind two points.
The score is 2:0.

It seems their hearts and
bodies have stiffened up...

from playing in a cold and
unfamiliar land.

But our young athletes...

we believe they can do well
in the second half.

Please cheer them on.

You can do it!


You can do it, right?

Can you change
the athlete like that?

He came all the way here.
He should run as much as he can.

Look at the score and talk.

Have you given up already?

Why do you keep following me...

Who's the one who wrote me
down as coach?

Ramos, dribble.


From the left,
Ramos breaks through.

We see Moddabio nearby.

Ramos, Moddabio.


Ramos misses his chance
to pass and runs again.

Oh, how sad.

It was great timing to pass.

They lose the centering timing.

Let's take one person out and
keep going as planned, yeah?

First game, Moddabio.
Second game, Ramos.

If they happen to fight...

it'll be
an international embarrassment.

What are you doing?

Look at him, that kid.

Let's take one guy out.

According to Dojo,
who is at the match,

our athletes are very skilled...

but the international game
is quite difficult.

Ddua, pass to Ramos!


Here, here.

Good, good.

Ramos got the ball again.

Ramos is running quickly
into the line.

Pass, man!

Ramos tripped from a tackle
by the opposite team.

It's a tough competition.

Good job, good job.

Looking good.

(Speaking in East Timor language)

You can do it!

Ramos, pass.

Moddabio goes in deep
near the goal.

They'll get a chance
if they can pass.

Pass! Pass, pass.

Pass, Moddabio.


Team Timor, goal!


Their first goal in
the international match.

- They got their first goal.
- It was a great goal.

(President Gusmao)

Ddua passes to Ramos.

Moddabio runs together too.

Ramos and Moddabio
pass to each other.

Great, great.

Keep on, keep on.



Shiku, go in!

Ddua, Ddua.

- Turn, turn.
- Moddabio.

Ramos, Moddabio.


Not nervous?

Think we can win?

It'll be great if we win...

But if we lose,
we can win next time.



I'm so thankful that
this isn't the last.

And that there's...

a next time.


Remember I said that
I thought I could go...

to the end with these guys?

You said you weren't sure?

I think I'm sure.

Even if I don't,
they believe in me.

That's enough.

2:2, tied score.

Everyone, it's finally a tie.

Our young Timor athletes...

are having a great game.

If they just get one more goal,
it'll be our win.

Ddua runs quickly.

And runs toward the goal.



A penalty kick. There was a foul.

Dduda gets a penalty kick chance.

Penalty kick!

There's one minute
until the end of the game.

You can do it Ramos.

Ramos! Ramos!

No goal.

It was a failed kick.

It's OK. It's OK.

Keep on!

There's not much time.

This is the last chance.

They have a corner kick chance.

They have to hurry,
there's not much time.

We hope you'll cheer
them on as much as you can.

Shoot, shoot!

Ramos, Ramos.

The game is over.

East Timor has won.

We are so proud of our athletes.

(March 2004,
the East Timor soccer team...)

(entered the 30th international
youth soccer games...)

(taking place in Hiroshima,
the Rivelino Cup.)

(Going beyond
everyone's expectations, )

(they won the cup
with six straight wins.)











(President Gusmao)

(2010, movie by
Director Kim Tae-kyun)