A Banana? At This Time of Night? (2018) - full transcript

Hisashi Tanaka is a medical student in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan. He does volunteer work and gets to know Yasuaki Kano at the hospital. Yasuaki has suffered from muscular dystrophy since ...


Blow on it.


- Water.
- OK.

- Newspaper.
- OK.

- My back itches.
- OK.

- Lower. - OK.
- There! - OK.

You've got a harem today, Shikano!

- That's good.
- OK.

Your pillow.

Here you go.

- Ramen!
- OK.

Where are your eyes going?

Your boobs are marvelous!

Cut it out!

- Amazing.
- No!

Let's just wash him.

- Be careful.
- Okay.

His back hurts.

- Be gentle. - Okay.

Just don't hurt me.

A little more.

You're the new volunteer?


We're training now. Come here!

But I...

How's little John today?

Hey, your rash is better.

Darn! I wanted the new girl
to put ointment on it!

I'm back.


Tanaka, what took you so long?

Here's your hamburger.

Wrong! I told you Mos Burger!


You need to listen better!




You know her?

- Well... - Say...

Did Tanaka recruit you?

I'm glad a cutie is here.

Ow ow ow! Don't push the bone.


Yes, you!

Why are you here?

Checking on you.

I never get to see you.

I told you I'm volunteering
for med school.

Glad you're not cheating on me.

But put this before me?

I'll be done tonight.
Let's get dinner.

Some place good!

What, you're cancelling?!

I need someone
to spend the night.

I can't turn over by myself.


- Takako. - Yes.

Seto can't come tonight.


That jerk.

What will I do?

We'll find someone else.

How could he? I have MD!
(Muscular Dystrophy)


Tanaka, you heard that?


You can stay tonight, right?


An aspiring doctor can't
abandon a patient.

- OK. - Oh no...

Thank you! I'm relieved.


Your name is Misaki?
Why don't you stay too?

Tanaka might screw up.

Why'd you apply?

But I...

He likes you! You'll do great.

Tonight will be fun!

No no no no...

You study education?

Training to be a teacher?

Give me wine.

Come to my symposium?

Show her the flyer.


"Independent living
for people with disabilities"

Instead of depending
on family and facilities,

I want to make
a society that knows

people with disabilities
are all around.

If the disabled say my lifestyle
gives them hope,

I can't deny it.

- Misaki! - What?

You like movies?

Not really.

Then music?
Let's go to a jazz concert.

But I think she's busy...

I wasn't asking you.
I'm talking to her.

But it's after 2 a.m.

I'm totally fine.

I can't sleep anyway.

I'm hungry.

You should sleep...

I want a banana.

We have none.

Buy one somewhere.

I can't sleep without it.

A banana!

OK. I'll go look.

Thanks. Take my wallet.


I'll go!

You too?

One of you stay.

It's late.

Don't leave me alone
with that guy.

Shikano, I'll get your banana.


"Bananas 100 yen"



You think she likes me?

Well, but...maybe.

Why just "maybe"? Hype me up.



I found a banana.


I just felt something amazing!


So what's happening
with that med student?

C'mon, Misaki! You can't abandon
our group dates.

Have you done it with him?


His dad runs
Tanaka Hospital, right?


Sure he's not
just playing around?

He's not like that.
I'll be going to his house.

No way! To meet his parents?
For marriage?!

But he's still a student.

No fair! Set me up with
one of his friends.

I'll try.

I'll get it.

Miyataya Coffee.

May I speak with Misaki Ando?

Shut up! Are you Tanaka?

Could you volunteer again?

Why me?

Shikano signed
you up for a shift.

Why? Couldn't you say no?

You made him
a little too happy...

But I'll be there that day.
We can go out afterward.

Hold on.
Why do all this for him?

He doesn't want to
end up at a hospital.

They thought
he'd be dead by 20.

But he's been living at home,
and now he's 34.


He's amazing.

Sorry, I gotta go.
Please. I'm counting on you.

Hold on...


It tastes better
when you feed me.

It's the same.

Yotsumoto can stay Tuesday night.

Then I'll be going. See you.

- Thanks!
- Thanks!


Shikano, can Takako make it
on Sunday?


Then Saturday night...

- Is it here?
- I know you're busy, but...

We can't find someone

- for the weekend.
- See you!

- Thanks.
- Bye.


Oh good!

Glad we filled that slot.


The clock stopped.
Is it the battery?



We're out of batteries.

I'll go get some.

- Take his wallet.
- Ok.

- Bring the receipt.
- Ok.

Oh, and also...

Ground coffee, 200 grams.

A Dom Dom burger,
vanilla ice cream.

Town magazine, and...

You know...

Girlie magazine. Right?


Don't say it so loud!

The volunteers
always ask for it...

Taka, my butt hurts.



He gets bedsores
from sitting too long.


That's good.


You're good at this, Misaki.
Can you do it every day?

Your beard
doesn't grow every day.

Yes, it does!

Some people shave twice a day.

Wait! Don't wipe me.

I want her to.



his cardiotonic and diuretic.

Don't mix up his meds.

You've gotten good at training.

Oh, thanks.

- Posture change!
- Yes.

That means, help him turn over.

It's kinda hard.

But once you get it,
you can do it alone.

Learn it, Misaki.

- How's this?
- Ok.

What next...
Maybe the kitchen.

Ow ow ow!

Ow ow ow!


You trying to kill me?


My shoulder!

Just take it easy or
you'll never be good at it.

I got wine.


And your salami.

Jonouchi, you know what I like!

And I invited a friend
to next month's symposium.

That makes me happy.

"I push people around"

"because I want to show
timid young people"

"that asking others for favors
is part of being alive."

Your words moved me.

You get it!

By the way, about tonight...

A family thing came up.

What? Really...


I'm screwed.

Tsukada, can you stay tonight?

I have work.


You can stay, can't you?

He has a date tonight.

A date?

A date!

You can do that anytime!

How could a med student do this?

Jonouchi, cigarette.


You really should stop smoking.

Shut up! I do what I want.

Shikano, who do you think you are?


You think being disabled
makes you special?

So you can say anything?

Misaki, stop...

These volunteers are spending
their precious time to help you.

What do you mean by "their time"?

They learn from me.

They say it's equal.

Don't you realize
how kind they are?

Keep this up and
they'll stop coming.

No one quits.
They all love me.

They do. But I don't.

Oh, so now you think
you're special.

You're awful.
I'm never coming back.

Good. Don't come back!

Do I really have to
watch this with you?

It's embarrassing for me

to have you wait
in the other room.

Isn't it more embarrassing
to have me here?

Fast forward it.



It's no use. I can't concentrate.

Get a pen and stationery.


I'm writing a letter.

A letter?

- Do it!
- Ok.

"Dear Misaki Ando,"

"I'm terribly sorry about
the other day."

It's to Misaki?

Yeah. Just write it.


My handwriting's getting worse.

Just write.

"Dear Misaki Ando,"

"I'm terribly sorry about
the other day."

- "I made you angry..."
- Hold on. Just a moment.

"I'm terribly..."

"I'm terribly sorry about
the other day."

Write neatly!

"...the other day."

"I made you angry,"

"and I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry."


"please understand me."

"What can I say..."

"I've fallen in love with you."

You're writing that?

That's the most important part.

Skip a line there.

"I want the chance to apologize."

"I'd like to invite you to dinner."

"Simply put,
I'm asking you on a date."

"Please consider it."

Nice handwriting.

- Hey, I wrote it.
- What?

Volunteers can't
say no to anything.

These are also from him.

What is this volunteering, anyway?


Why do you do so much for him?

Just to feel good about yourself?

He needs help.

Can you go on a date with him?

Aren't we a couple?

Yeah. Of course.

Is offering your girlfriend
part of volunteering?

It's not that! I mean...

It'll really make him happy. Please!

Just this once, OK?


Then do something for me.

Of course.

- No way. Here?
- Yes.

You mean now?







He looks really happy.

Going out is his favorite thing.

Thanks for coming!

Isn't this great?

Sure is!

Don't grill it too much.
Keep it rare.

This is fun!
My first date in a long time.

You dated a lot before?

I was a popular guy! But that
caused trouble with my wife.


You were married?

That was the happiest time of my life.

But then she cheated on you.

That was my low point.

But it's not like it killed me.
I decided to chase my dreams.

What are your dreams?

I have lots.
To eat Sapporo ramen.

To travel to Biei.

And to be on a talk show.

But your biggest
is to go to America.


There's an activist
named Eddie Young.

He inspired me
to live independently.

Shikano wants to meet him,
so he's learning English.

It was hard to study in junior high.

Took me forever to pass
the Level 3 exam.

Now he's going for Level 2.

Anyway, I eventually
wanna be famous.


So you can change
Japanese society?

That too.
But to get more volunteers.

I can't live without volunteers.

You just want to be adored
and get women!

No! It's for Japanese society!

Oh, there's that noise again.
Rock music...

I love this song!

Maybe rock's OK sometimes.


How far will we go tonight?

Will we stay here forever?

I'm gonna explode

Being alive is too wonderful

I want you to kiss me

So we can get closer to our dreams

I want you to kiss me

Look, he's having a blast.

I'm glad he's having fun.

What's wrong?

What is it?



I ate too much rare meat.


- I can't hold it.
- Ok.

Oh no.

Oh no, oh no.

This is awful.

Just a little more!

- Almost there.
- Can you go faster?


The wheelchair restroom
is over there!


Oh no! Here it comes!

I'm gonna lose it!

You just have to
squeeze your muscles.

But my disease
weakens my muscles!

Oh, right.

I'm sorry.

What happened?

It's fine. We brought clothes.

I'm totally fine.

I'm not depressed at all. I'm fine.

I don't care.

Ha! This is hilarious.

That really got to him.

It's painful to hear him say this!

It's OK. Everyone poops
their pants sometimes.


You too?

I took my university exam
in soiled pants.

No way!

It's true.

You rock!

Let's all go to karaoke sometime!

- Sounds fun!
- Doesn't it?

We should go, Shikano.

Are you sure?

But women lose their minds
when they hear me sing!


You rock.

Your pulse is irregular.

It's your cardiomyopathy dilation.

Your heart is getting weaker.

We're admitting you.

You know more than anyone
how much I hate hospitals!

You're impossible.

You encouraged me
to live independently.

I've lost patience.

That was a mistake.

I can't guarantee you'll live.

What do doctors know about life?

I was told I wouldn't live to be 20.

But I'm still here today.

I'll be responsible for my life.

Takako, turn the tape over.

Just a moment.

Misaki! You're here.

You're working hard.

I want to go to America.

I think I'll find a new me there.

What's your dream?


For now, just to
make a good meal.

Then I'll have curry.
Medium spicy.

And we're almost out of
toilet paper and detergent.

Oh, and dumplings.

Is that an order?

I can't go myself
so I have to ask someone.

You don't hold back, do you?

But this is my house!
Who holds back in their own home?

It's totally different
from a hospital.

Got it.

Good afternoon.


- Hi, Mrs. Shikano!
- Hi.

Thanks for always taking care
of my stupid son.

Nice to see you!

I've made inari sushi and croquettes.

Take them away!
You're bothering us.

They're not for you.
They're for the volunteers.

Just leave, you old hag!

I know I'm old, but
must you call me a hag?

So rude!

Stop thinking people will do
anything for you!

The guest may leave now!

Fine! Stupid son.

Don't come back!

You're really leaving?

Your son's no angel.

He's quite abusive.

Is it because he's shy?

What can I do? It's all my fault.

No, it's not!

I gave him that body.

Parents of disabled children
always work too hard.

I did everything for him.

But since he decided
to live on his own,

I couldn't help him
even if I wanted to.

He's really a kind boy at heart.

He used to love it
when I made inari sushi.

The elevators in train stations

were built after years
of efforts by the disabled.

Today, the elderly and
parents using strollers

can't do without them.

Our idea is that
by making society

more convenient for the disabled,

society will be more convenient
for everyone.

Are there any other questions?


Go ahead, young man.

Do you

have any dreams?

I do.

I want to pass the English exam
and go to America.

I want to see Eddie
who inspired me,

and tour independent living centers.

Could you do that?

Well, I was told
I'd never survive

without family or hospitals,

but now I'm living independently.

If your will is strong,

you can do anything.

And eventually I want
to appear on a talk show.

Why did you decide
to live independently?

I made an amazing friend
named Kuwajima.

He goes to theaters and discos
in a wheelchair.

I was jealous about
how many girls he got.

So I wanted to go out, too.

You just wanted girls?


But wasn't it hard
to find volunteers

and teach them care?

Well, I can't do anything
unless I ask someone for help.

It takes courage to ask
other people to help you.

Thank you!

You made all this?

I can't guarantee it's good.

I'm so happy!

Shall we?


Let's dig in.

- OK, the blue one.
- Ok.

Let's eat.


- It's no good?
- No!

It's too good!


Hey, are you free Sunday?


We talked about
meeting my parents.

Oh. Sure, if it's OK.

- I'll come over.
- Good!

My mom's really set on Sunday.

She'll ask about
future plans, too.


Like what kind of school
you want to teach at.

If you can keep teaching
after we marry.

How many kids we want.
That stuff.


- Actually...
- It's OK!

We haven't talked about marriage.

No, not that.


I lied.


I'm not studying education.



But it's true that I wanted
to be a teacher.

I had this really nice teacher...

You lied to go to mixers
with med students?

It's not that
I wasn't interested...

But I'm with you
because I love you.

And remember at the restaurant,
that one waiter was terrible?

But you helped him.

What will my parents say?

They'll think I lied to them!

Then I'll apologize.

Is that OK?


I understand it was
hard to admit it.

I want to be generous
and forgive you.

But why did you wait
until now to tell me?

What if I hadn't said anything?

I can't help but get angry.

You're mad?
You forgive me? Which is it?

You're the one who lied.


Then Sunday's cancelled.


You have a boyfriend?

What's he like?

- Actually...
- No, stop.

If you tell me then
I can't ask you out.

But I think it's over.
I shouldn't have lied to him.

- You lied?
- Yes.

About being in school.


In high school I thought about
becoming a teacher.

But I failed, and now
I work part-time.

Pathetic, huh?

I see.

But you wanted him
to like you, right?

My mouth is my only weapon,
so I lie all the time!

So why don't you
turn it into the truth?


Go to school and
become a teacher.

That's easier than taking
the English exam at my age!

We've switched positions.
You're encouraging me.

Our positions are equal.
We're both human.

I'm happy to help you.

And this is my chance.


If he dumps you, then I'm next!


what have you lied about?

I've exaggerated about pain,
pretended to be sad.

I put on an act
to keep my volunteers!

And you really want
your mom's help, right?

I wanted my mom.

She was busy with work.

If I relied on my mother,

she'd spend all her time on me.

I want my parents
to live their lives.

And it's hard to hear them say
my disease is their fault

and to keep apologizing.


people think caring for
the disabled is the family's job.

I'm pushing back
against that idea.

Sorry I'm late.

You're really late! Being on
time is your only good point.

My time's up. See you.


What did you wish for?

It's a secret.
Of course I'm not telling!

Come on!

- And you?
- Yes?

To get into university.


I'll take the test next year.
I've started studying.

Wow! Great.

We should study together.

You going out?

On a date with Misaki?


Oh, hello dear.


Where are you going?

Volunteering again?

I won't tell you not to,

but you really need to study

so you can take over the hospital.

I know.

I'll see you later.

Wow! Thanks so much.

Learn all this and you'll
get into the best university.

Oh, Tanaka's staying!

We can play Othello until morning.

Let him sleep!

After you insert
the tracheal tube...



I'm sorry.

Give me the bag valve.

How can you quit
with a phone call?

You said you'd always help!

I want to help people
who need it.

But you're enjoying your life.

You're carefree and happy.

What are you saying?

I shouldn't enjoy my life?

Don't act like you know me!


Hello? Hello?!

He hung up.

That jerk!

You knocked that one!

Doing that makes him feel better.


half of our student volunteers
will graduate in March.

They should all repeat a year!

We'll look for new volunteers.

Let's pass out flyers
at the university.

Right, Tsukada.

Hey, what about my birthday?

We're looking for volunteers!

An MD patient needs help.

Please help.

You'll get good meals!

Here you are.

Thank you!

It's gotten chilly.

This warms me to my heart.

"Volunteers needed"

Hey, didn't you recruit
by yourself at first?

Yeah. I could move
a lot more then.

You're amazing.

You just realized?

I'm always working like crazy.

The ramen here is good.

- I wanna try!
- Let's go!


What a surprise!

Well, this is my school...

Misaki just asked me out
on a lunch date.

Want to join us?

No, I'll pass.

Why not?

It's spicy!


You went from a med student
to a guy in a wheelchair?

It's not like that.

But things with Tanaka
came to an end.

But you can't break up!
I wanna meet his friends!

I want a kind, rich, educated,

perfect boyfriend.

But it wasn't working out.


I can be myself around Shikano.

Are you sure it's not sympathy?

Can he go out for meals
or trips in a wheelchair?

And how can you do it with him?

If he has a muscle disease,
can he get it up?

It's not about that.

Can I use your dictionary?


Change the tape.

You found that?

The volunteers
leave those things...


What do you do
when you watch this?


You gonna make me say?

So that's not affected by MD?

That's a bold question, Misaki!

The little guy works with tissue,
so my disease doesn't affect him.


Mitani is running late.

Could you stay
until he gets here?

- Sure.
- Thanks.

Thanks! See you tomorrow.

- Have a good time at work!
- Thanks.

See you.


Sorry for the strange question.


Hey. Why did you ask?


I'll change the tape.

If I were a normal guy,
I'd be holding you now, right?

It's pouring! I'm soaked.

I'll go now.


probably isn't coming back.

What happened?

If no one had come,

she would have
gotten in bed with me.

- See you.
- Bye.

Misaki said she can't come.


Oh well.

Go pick up your kid.

But I can't leave you alone.

I'm fine. It'll just be a moment.

Your darling daughter is waiting.

Go ahead.

Alright. I'll hurry.


- Hey!
- We're back...


- Are you OK?
- I fell.

Shikano! Shikano!

Shikano! Shikano!



I'm sorry.

It's my fault.




not gonna make it.

I have...

one last request.



Your boobs.

Let me touch them.


This is the first time something
good happened in a hospital!

Misaki came back!

Come on!

I was really worried!

Don't joke around like that!

No point in worrying.

Three years ago
we thought it was over.

Heart failure
caused fluid retention.

If he didn't pee by morning,
he was done.

We even talked about his funeral.

Then suddenly he peed like crazy!

He's an immortal legend!

- Tsukada, get my glasses.
- Ok.

Hey, after I get out,
let's go to karaoke.

I'm not going!

Let's go!

You're awful!

She's angry.


Doctor, I'm fine.
I want to go home.

I'm sorry, but you can't.


Your CO2 levels are too high.

Your lung muscles are weak.

Isn't breathing hard now?

We'll need to put you on a ventilator.

A ventilator?

He needs a tracheotomy?

What will happen then?

It'll take the load off his heart
and make breathing easier.

You'll be connected
to a big machine,

so your movement will be limited.

Like a dog on a leash?

Won't that close his vocal cords?

So he can't talk?

He'll have to accept that.


No ventilator!

Can't we choose the treatment
the patient wants?

We can do NPPV, right?

That way he just puts on a mask

to help him breathe.

We can't admit him.


His primary doctor knows best.

If we treat differently,
it's not fair to Dr. Nohara.

Then I'll explain it
to her carefully.

Hisashi, listen to me.

Doctors must take all factors
into consideration.

Is it proper to do everything
the patient wants?

But what he wants is his life!

His voice is the only weapon
he has to live.

Please don't take his freedom.



It's a long road ahead.

Was everything OK?

With your dad?

You were worried
things weren't going well.

But this was the first time
he accepted my opinion.


Thanks to me!


I'm putting the mask on.

It's ready.

- Let's start.
- Yes.

Take it off.

- Take it off.
- Yes.


It hurts.

It'll take time to get used to
the airflow from the machine.

Everyone's different.
Let's keep trying.


Here we go.

Which one do you want?

This one? OK!

I'll ask the doctor.

Thank you.

"English test"

I'm sorry. They said
you can't leave this weekend.

What do you mean?

Just one day!

You mean I can't take the test?

Every day is vital for me.

Next time

who knows how I'll be?

Look. I can't knock the cup over.


I won't be able to hold a pencil.

If you're telling me
to give up on taking the test

and going to America...

- Takamura?
- I never said that!

- Tanaka.
- Why did you let him leave?

He wanted to take it!

Why didn't you tell me?!

What's wrong?

His condition worsened.

Back to the hospital!

We contacted Nishiku Hospital.

Why Dr. Nohara
and not my father?!

He says he can't go back there.


I'm here.

What is it?




What are you gonna do?


I can't lose my voice.

You're gonna die!


Help me!

"Surgery in progress"

After all this,
I couldn't help him.

What happens next
is what matters.

I'm so sorry.

- Mrs. Shikano!
- Mr. Shikano.

I'm his father. Thank you
all for taking care of him.


Have a seat.

Please have a seat.


Yasuaki will be fine.

This isn't enough
to make him give in.


He was a great runner as a kid.

But from age 6,

he started tripping and falling.

- Stand up!
- Stupid!


Be a man and
give it back to them!


let's die together.

Shut up!

The doctor said I'd get better!

I'm not dying!

I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Well, at least he survived this.

I'll be going now.

You're leaving?

If I stay we'll just fight.

But you should stay,
at least for today.


Yasuaki, how do you feel?

You OK?

I get it. You want us to leave.


Mother? Mother!


Yasuaki? What is it?

When using a ventilator,

phlegm builds up
in the trachea and lungs.

If we don't suck it out,
he'll suffocate.

I'm putting it in now.

Air will come through the cuff.

We put air through the cuff to
keep saliva out of the trachea.

24 hours for suctioning.

I'm leaving now.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

"I want to go to karaoke"


Feel better now?

Oh my!

This must be hard.

No, it's not so bad.

What is it?

It's upside down!



This is soy sauce ramen.

I wanted miso ramen.

They were out of miso.

Too bad.

Can't you let me sleep?!
I haven't slept at all!


I'm sorry.

Shikano! Look!

There's a patient
with a ventilator

who adjusted
the airflow in the cuff

and was able to talk!

What's this?

Where'd you get this?

The girls at the cafe set up

a mixer with doctors.

I see!

- You adjust the airflow.
- That's it.

But this person just happened
to make it work.

Will it work for everyone?

What if something happens?


You want to try?

Then we won't tell the nurses.

No way! We can't do that.

We'll take it
from the first marker.

Here we go.

Does it hurt?

Stop! The nurse is coming.

I'll restore the airflow.




Is something wrong?

Now we'll try it
from the second marker.

What's that?

We heard that removing air
will let him talk.

Here we go.

Shikano, are you OK?
Don't take any risks.

What are you thinking?

Shikano is amazing.


I think he's getting stronger.

Stronger than I am.

I couldn't live like that.

Me neither.


I may quit med school.


Someone as unsure as I am
shouldn't be a doctor.




I just don't have the confidence.

This isn't for me.


I've been thinking I wish I had
a doctor as kind as you.

But really...

I'm not kind.

- Just pretending.
- You are kind!

No, I'm not.

- Yes, you are.
- But...

All I think is bad things.

I'm a hypocrite.

Hey, Shikano told me.

About what?


You almost slept with him?


He told me. What does that mean?

Oh...It wasn't that...

You'll do anything out of pity?

Is that it?



But maybe it's not pity.

I may really love him.

You don't get it.



Good morning.

Good morning?


Good morning.


No way!

I did it.

You can talk!

Yay! You did it!

That hurts!


It's a good hurt.

I'm happy too. So happy.

My boobs. You wanted to
touch them, right?

You're amazing!

This is wonderful!


He gets his way.

But at least
nothing bad happened.

Doctor. I want to go home.

No! If phlegm
builds up, you'll die.

I have volunteers.

That's right. We can do it.

Suctioning is a procedure
only doctors and nurses can do.

Family is the only exception.


My volunteers are my family.

Even if I died in their care,

I'd have no complaints.

No matter what you say,
you can't leave.

If I'm stuck in this hospital,

I'm not myself!

I won't die counting holes
in the ceiling!

You go home after work.

So I want to go home too.

It's not that simple.

Suctioning requires training.

Yes, we can.

Don't talk down to us.

We need volunteers!

Looking for home help volunteers!

We need as many as we can get.

Could you help?

Just give us a little time.

Today's guest is Mr. Tsukada,

an independent
living support volunteer.

The rockin' MD patient
Shikano needs your help!

Thank you.

Please sit anywhere.

Volunteer trainees,
enter this way.

Please come in.


- We're here!
- Thank you!

Where should we sit?

- In front.
- Really?

- Let's go!
- No.

Slowly insert...

the tube.

The most important thing is

to have a strong awareness that
you're responsible for his life.

That concludes the explanation.
Now let's try suctioning.

Thanks, Shikano.

It's scary!

- Oh no!
- It's OK.

You're fine.

Here we go.

Oh! I'm so sorry!

- Go!
- Do it slowly.

Here I go.

- It's OK.
- Now.


Turn it.

Turn and go slowly.

Like that.

Come anytime
if something happens.

I won't come back.

I've finally broken free.

You have quite a family.

Thank you.

I was able to live
independently again,

thanks to my "Shikano family".

I see. Thank you.

Make me look good in the article.

Take a good picture.

Here we go.

One more.



Tanaka? Where have you been?

I was worried about you.


Thank you. We'll let you know
the publication date.

Come again.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Goodbye.
- Thank you.

Make the photo big!


Tanaka is quitting.


Tanaka. Long time no see.


I'm having a recovery party.

I can't go. I quit volunteering.

Misaki told me.

You're quitting med school too?

Remember when you
started volunteering?

You proudly told me,

"I'm here because"

"I want to be a doctor
who can face patients."

"I want to be a doctor"

"who can care for every patient."

I knew nothing then.

I thought I could do more.

But I was wrong.

Life is also hard
for healthy people.

What do you want to do?

What's important to you?

I don't know...

You can talk to me
about anything.

After all, we're friends.

Are we?

I think so.

Say anything.

I have nothing to say.

Speak your mind.

Are you being honest with yourself?

Is being honest

such a good thing?

You're proud of your honesty.
But what does it mean?

You try being pushed around.

Thanks for everything.

"Yasuaki Shikano
Recovery Party!"

Thanks to the ventilator,
I'm breathing splendidly.

The ventilator has become
a part of my body.

Ventilators rock!

That's how I feel.

You should try one sometime!

Now my goal is to tell the world

that you can still
have a bright future

even with a ventilator.

He hated it at first.

He's unpredictable.

when I started
living independently,

every day with my volunteers

was a battle.

We butted heads.
We fought many times.

We hurt each other.

But because we were

so honest with each other,

I came to understand you

and you have come
to understand me.

The fact that I'm alive today

is because,

through wind, rain and snow,

every day.

every second,

you were by my side.

I'm so glad

I met

all of you.



Thank you.

Wonderful, Shikano!

And so that from here on,
Shikano will continue

to be healthy and
incredibly selfish towards us all!

Let's toast!


we thank you.


What's this?




It's a cheap ring,
but my heart is in it.

Will you accept?

What? In front of everyone?

It's because every day

I'm living in everyone's view.

It's impossible to propose alone.

My wish at New Year's was you.

I love you.

I want to

be with you forever.

I'm sorry.

Shikano, you're...

important to me
and a big part of my life.

But I can't accept this.



I like someone.

He's been through a lot.

He gave up on his dreams.

There's nothing between us now.


I'm still attracted to him. And...

I'm frustrated.


I'm sorry.

But thank you.

Have you changed your mind
about quitting school?

That's a shame.

Help me up, please.


I'll take this off.

3, 2, 1.



Thank you for your help.

"Getting help
to do what he can't"

"Don't give up on dreams"

What do you want to do?

What's important to you?

Stretch out the wrinkles.
They hurt his skin.

Thanks for teaching me.

Something's strange lately.

He naps a lot. He's more mellow.

It's like he's achieved enlightenment.


Dr. Nohara said,

"While he can,"

"let him do everything he wants."

Those were her words.

I love to travel!

Isn't this great!

We're not here for fun, OK?

That sheep looks delicious.

It does.

This feels great.


Isn't this beautiful?



This is lavender ice cream.

And this is milk.

This is the ultimate mix!

There's craft beer, too.

I want some!

He was so happy as soon as
we planned this trip.

His tests were good too.

Yeah. It's all in the mind.

I wish Misaki could have come.




- Phone call.
- Ok.


Thank you.

I'm glad you could both come.

What is this?!
I thought you were dying!

Stop screwing around!

This isn't a joke!

Tanaka, are you crying?

No, I'm not!

I'm just angry.


I'm so sorry! Really.

He fooled us all too!
He's awful.

I fell over with
the intention of dying.

That was some great acting!
I really thought you were gone.

He really wanted you two
to get back together. Forgive him!


Don't touch me!


I'm so happy
you both are here.

You're gonna
volunteer again, right?

- What?
- What?

Anyway, let's drink!

- Right.
- Let's!

Let's drink!

OK, let's do it!

Tanaka, will you make a toast?

You make the best toasts.


To the revived Shikano.


Why didn't you tell me?

"Misaki is my girlfriend."

Don't carry that
tough-guy act too far!

There are more things people
can't do than things they can.

I hate it when you do that.

I hate it!

Don't say it twice.


I'd hate myself
if I had to meet me.

Misaki hates me too.

You don't get it.


Wake up and realize
her feelings for you!


Looks like fun.

What are you talking about?

- It's secrets between men.
- Yes!

That's not fair.

By the way...

That newspaper article
got us new volunteers.

Lots of cute university students.

Don't be jealous.

I may be.


I too

will try being true to myself.

I'm going back to med school.


I don't want to
disappoint myself.

And I can't fail you.


I'll let you examine me.

Give me a break!
You never listen to doctors.

Are you running away
from your patient?

You run away from hospitals!

You're right.

Misaki, do your best on the exam.


You'll be a wonderful teacher.


And, Tanaka, you're the one
who brought Misaki to me.

Thanks to you,

I had fun.


A lot happened

in this year.

Thank you.

Thank you.

- Amazing.
- Beautiful.

Look at me! I'm getting better!

I bet I could run!

"Seven years later"

"To mother"

"Dear mother,"

"I want you to"

"live your life."

"Don't work too hard."

"You loved me so much it hurt."

"I'm sorry I turned you away."

"But that was how I wanted to live."

Your stupid son."

I'm so sorry.
My old man hates hospitals.

It's OK. Some patients
prefer to be at home.

Do you have more patients
after this?

I have to work hard
or I'll be scolded.

By whom?

Above the clouds,
someone annoying is watching.

Teacher's here!

How are you?

We're great!

What will we sing today?


a song from my past.

What is it?

"Ms. Misaki
Congratulations on your marriage"

"How far will we go tonight?"

"Will we stay here forever?"

"I'm gonna explode"

"Being alive is too wonderful"

"I want you to kiss me"

"So we can get closer to our dreams"

"I want you to kiss me"

"In 2002, Yasuaki Shikano
died at age 42."

"More than 500 volunteers
supported him."

"He didn't make it to America"

"but he never lost sight of his dreams."

Yo Oizumi

Mitsuki Takahata

Haruma Miura

Masato Hagiwara

Makiko Watanabe

Shohei Uno


Raita Ryu

Chie Ayado

Koichi Sato

Mieko Harada

Based on

"A Banana? At This Time of Night?"

written by Kazufumi Watanabe
(Bungeishunju Ltd.)

Screenplay: Hiroshi Hashimoto

Music: Harumi Fuuki

Director: Tetsu Maeda

Even after his death,

his volunteers still

gather with his mother
and share their memories.

This film has attempted
to recreate the care

of the time as faithfully as possible.

Advancements in medicine
and changes in laws

have made things different today.

2018 "A Banana? At This
Time of Night?" Film Partners