A Bag of Marbles (1975) - full transcript

Two young French Jewish boys and their family struggle to survive the WWII and the invasion of Germans.


When Dad was forced to put this sign in the window:

"Jewish Establishment" in German,...

Maurice and I were mad.

We could never get used to it.

And when the Germans came by,...

we'd stand in front of the poster to hide it.

The Germans were already rounding up the Jews.

No one was safe.

"Modern Barber."

Take a break, go have some fun.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

It was the first time a German had come into the salon.

~ Gentlemen.
~ Good morning, sir.

Haircut, please. A haircut, please.

Papa didn't quite understand since there was an edict...

prohibiting entry to local Jewish businesses.

Soon the entire neighborhood was laughing,

saying that Dad was now a barber to the Wehrmacht.

Look over here.

Hey, is that your brother?

He looks nice.

Try to smile, OK? Smile.

I'll show you something.

Tell those two kids not to stand there.

Take a hike.

"Jewish Establishment."

~ Lieutenant!
~ What?

~ This place is Jewish.
~ What? Really?

Yes, there's a placard that we missed.

The two kids were blocking the notice.

We're all Jews here.

~ They're just kids.
~ You should have told me.

Well, you know now...please.

They're teenagers. Come on.

Excuse me, sir.

My kids are busybodies...there's always something!

The next morning they raided the barber shop...

but only arrested a Jewish stranger who had wandered by.


~ Good morning.
~ Good morning.


~ It's for the star.
~ Just a moment.

~ And these are my children.
~ Thanks.

~ Take the two cards.
~ Quiet down.

It wasn't me, it's him.

Hey, buddy.

They wrote "Jew" in red in our documentation...

and then we were are forced to wear a star.

Later on, we had an 8 PM curfew.

My brothers wanted to flee to the Free Zone,...

because the Germans had not then occupied the south of France.

There life could continue...


as usual for Jews.

If you give in on this, what will happen tomorrow?

Are you ashamed to wear that star?

No --- I thinking about what German Jews have said.

Don't worry.

Papa, you'll see tomorrow.

Come with us and forget the hair salon.

~ We're staying here.
~ Dad.

~ Henri, listen...
~ Dad.

~ The salon ...
~ I hate this star.

Please sit down and shut up for a bit.

We live in the hair salon.

We'll manage. You can find work.

Remember how they said German Jews had their homes confiscated?


In France the same thing will happen.

There are still good Frenchmen in France.

You know you should leave.

French Jews or foreign, there's no future here.

We understand, we know what they do. We must leave.

But it is dangerous to cross the border into Free Zone.

Here you're at much greater risk!

People are betrayed and caught.

Many manage to make it through.

Here there are checks and raids.

You know there is no other solution.

~ You ARE ashamed of that star.
~ That has nothing to do with it.

~ We must leave.
~ If you have no other option,...

I ask you to go with dignity.

~ And with your head held high.
~ When can we go?

Well, until you leave we'll still go for walks together.


Kids in front.

Come on, baby. Move.

Come on.

Where are we going, Dad?

You can go for a ride to Barbados.

How are you, Aaron?


The pigs have arrived.

~ Jewish!
~ Hey, Jew.

Have you seen his nose?

What's with my nose? It's like it was yesterday.

~ No, it's changed.
~ You started the war, Jew.

We are at war because of the Jews.

It's your fault, Jew.

~ Hey, Jew.
~ I'm sick of Jews.

You should be kicked out of school!

~ What've you got against him?
~ Down with the Jews!

Down! Down!

Pound him good!

What happens outside of school,...

I don't know or care.

But some of you this morning...

with a certain distinctive look,

do not think we can forget
the usual discipline.

What I saw in the yard was out of order.

That will not happen again.

To this end, some things will not be changing much.

Zerrati, what do I hope to hear?

~ The flight of a fly.
~ Do you think that I can't hear

while you chat with your neighbor?

~ No, sir.
~ So?

When I say, and only then,...

Clément will replace Toledano,...

who will change with Joffo and Tounessus,...

and Blondo will switch with Gottlieb.

Move --- and in silence.

Usually it was good to be at the back of the class,...

but I did not like this.

Besides, Gottlieb was my neighbor and was no prize.

Clément, tell us what tenses can be used...

with the conjunction "so".

~ No one knows?
~ Sir!

The only ones which can be used with the conjunction...

since no one will answer...

are the past and the future perfect in
the indicative mood.


That I did not like.

I didn't mind the ruler.

Knees were not what hurt most.

You wouldn't say that if it was your punishment.

Your turn.

What? I see you're not wearing a star.

It's like, I couldn't stand it. Besides, I'm Italian.

Maybe someday I'll have to wear one, too.

There's no danger. Italians and Germans are allies.

So what have you decided?

Tell me what would you'd do with it.
Hey, weren't you given one?

Yeah, I was given one.

Tell me what you want to do with it.

It's for my collection, I think it's neat.


You're a bit silly. Who collects stars?

If you're a collector, you can collect anything,...

even badges.

All right. Don't trade it for the marbles,...

but say that's what happened.

No marbles, and I keep it.

No. We say that it's for marbles,...

even though I've got almost 2,000 at home.

What are 100 marbles, more or less?

After all, you don't face a beating with a stick at home.

Okay, I'll swap it, but only when no one's looking.

No one, come on.

It's not perfect, huh?


~ Do not worry.
~ You ripped my coverall!


~ You ripped my coverall!
~ It's the business deal of the year.

Well, does that lift a weight off your shoulders?

I made a good trade despite the beating they gave me.

Well, goodbye.

~ How pretty!
~ See you.

But for me school was over.

My brothers had crossed the border.

Now it was our turn.

What we liked best was traveling alone,...

especially Maurice.

You know, Maurice?

I'm tired of being Jewish.

You, tired --- why?

Aren't you proud to be Jewish? Would you rather be a Catholic?

No, but I wonder what I have done to the good God

that he made us Jews. It's not a matter of pride.

Oh, yes.

Today, it's not a question of pride.

Yes, because...

I don't get it. It seems that you want to become Catholic.

~ Maurice...
~ Do you want to become a Catholic?

What counts now is not appearing to be Jewish.

Don't you understand?

Joseph, come here.

Come on, baby.

Tell me, Joseph: You know that this trip...

will be a test?

Yes, but...

according to our brothers' letter, everything will be fine.

~ Do you think you stand firm?
~ Yes, Dad.

~ Tell me, Joseph, are you Jewish?
~ Yes, Papa.

~ Are you Jewish?
~ No, I'm not Jewish.

Our survival depends that question! Have you got that?

Tell me:...

Do you understand what it means?

~ Yes, Dad.
~ Very well, my boy.

Both of you must take your chance.

Don't even go near a synagogue.

Gentiles can't see that you are Jewish.

~ Aside from my blue eyes.
~ Yes, in your case it's debatable.

I salute you for your blue eyes.

Do you know that I, too,...

I had to leave Russia when I was seven years old?

Yes, I remember.

You've told us.

~ Do you remember?
~ Yes.

I hope everything goes well.

Yes, anyway...

As Joe said,...

no news is good news.

~ So, will it be?
~ Follow his path.

But you are aware that is very serious,...

crossing the Free Zone frontier.

Don't you trust us?

I never said that.

I simply say that
is not a trivial matter.

It's very serious.

Well, little one.

~ I hope you are brave.
~ Of course.

See you soon.

~ Good luck, Son.
~ Bye, Dad.

~ Take care of yourself, Papa.
~ Good luck, boys.

~ Come here, Joseph.
~ Yes?

Come, my boy.

Do not let your brother swipe a sandwich.


Bye, Daddy.

~ Said goodbye to Mom.
~ Yes.

And no tears, guys.

I have a stomach ache, it's weighing me down. I'm hungry.

And you still tell me to bring my backpack, right?

~ No...
~ I still have some sweets.

You've eaten all yours and now you want to share mine?

That's not what I meant, why did you say that?

It tempted me --- now give me some.

Can I have it?


If you won't share, split the cash.

We'll see how you spend it by yourself at the border.

See you in Menton, if you escape.

I can manage alone, but you --- I don't know.

If you don't want to share, that's fine,
I'm hefting a 38 kg...

I have 38 kilograms to handle,
and you only weigh 25.

I weigh 28 kílos.

Anyway, it weighs 10 kílos more than you, so you should give me something.

Well, you decide. If you don't, you're on your own.

~ No, I'm keeping them.
~ Okay, fuck it.

I'll give you one, but it's the last one.

~ The Father plays.
~ Spades.

Well, since it's spades.


~ Ah, no! This is mine.
~ No, no.

Do not cheat, Father.

You shouldn't be cheating, Father.

You're right, we shouldn't cheat.

15 minutes for the ID check. ID required.

Please do not get off the train.

Stop! You!

~ Stop right there.
~ No one leaves the train.

The train from Paris will be on the platform number two.

15 minutes for the ID check. ID required.

Prepare documentation.

Sir, my brother and I --- we have no documents.


~ Here come the Germans.
~ Aren't you documented?

Prepare documentation.

~ How can this be?
~ Come on, help us out.

Documentation? Let's see that.

~ Just say we're going with you.
~ And will that be enough?

Please, sir.

~ How are you traveling without documents?
~ We lost them.


~ I can see their documents?
~ Do not say anything.

~ What about the children?
~ They're with me.

Oh, OK.

~ You looking for the coffee shop?
~ Yes.

You should take that shortcut.

Go straight on and eventually turn right.

~ You're not pulling my leg?
~ No, of course not.

Hurry, if you want to arrive before the others.

Come on, Joe.

Push off.

Listen, don't pull stupid stunts, because...

Who's full of shit, then?

I warn you, this town's crawling with Germans.

Full of Germans.

It is difficult to pass through.

We'll see.

Old man Bédard takes people through for 5,000 francs.

I don't have that much loot.

We've failed.

We can't get through with our 6,000 francs.

What do we do?

~ Is your brother?
~ Yes.

We'll never get enough.

I can do it for 1,000 "marbles".

~ Okay.
~ How will we get out?

Now go to the coffee house.

~ Yes, we'll go for some coffee.
~ Come on.

Can I have a glass of soda, please?

~ That's nice!
~ Here you go.

~ It's pink.
~ Yes.

It's pink, like the roses in my garden.

Where can we find Mr. Bédard?

Mr. Bédard is over at the pool table.

~ There?
~ Yes.

We want to pass the line of demarcation.

It takes 5,000 francs.

Two months ago my brothers passed through...

and they paid 3,000.

I'll take you through for 5,000 francs --- no discounts.

When they paid only 3,000?

How should I know? My price is 5,000.

Not one Less.

They went with you.

~ Pardon?
~ They went with you.

I know nothing about that.

I don't know your brothers.

My price is 5,000 francs, no less.

But we're children. You could do it for 3,000.

No. The risk is the same for kids and grownups. 5,000 francs.

Beat it.

We don't have enough money. What do we do?

~ You'll work something out.
~ But we're children.

Get out! I've had enough.


Here we are.

First the money. Then you can hide in there.

A gift.

Is there no chocolate or something?

"Chocolate"? At the price it is?

20 francs.

And that's a friend's price.

~ And if not, how much?
~ Don't bitch about the price.

We were told that we should not haggle.

Scrunch into there.

Come on.

First you.

It's just a matter of crossing the street.

Then you're in the Free Zone.

Come on.

Don't gobble up all the chocolate.

You can eat it in the Free Zone.

~ Just across the street.
~ Do you think he'll do it right?

~ Yeah, you'll see.
~ Bend your head.

Put this bread here.

Don't eat it, right?

I pretend to fetch...

bread baskets...

of standard size.

Ready? Let's go.

~ Be careful, you idiot!
~ Here we go...

Shut up.

Total silence!

~ My hat.
~ Yes.

We haven't seen many Germans.


Through this garden then a patch of potatoes...

and you cross the road on the other side.

And no nonsense. Don't get caught...

in the potato patch, or you'll be brought back.

~ We've seen hardly any Germans.
~ There's lots of Jews over there.

The Germans aren't too tired to stop rogues.

A question: what about the Jews who are...

with Bédard in the coffee house?

Can't you do anything for them?

They've been there nearly a week.

I don't know how many are sleeping in the café.

~ A week? That's awful.
~ They've got no money.

If they had some, your way would work.

I can't handle so many...

and I can't do it every day.

~ Well, head off, now you can ...
~ Do you know what Bédard's planning?

I'm not about to put my nose into Bédard's business.

~ It's those people, I don't want trouble.
~ Do not mess with me.

It would be me who would put my nose in.

It can work.

I don't know, I can escort two or three families.

You don't have the big picture, it's good business.

We split the money 50-50.

Yeah, you do it for money.

Get lost, dirty Jew.

You want to cross the line again? You're like a goat.

What's with you? We were lucky to find Raymond.

They'll also be happy to pay 1,000 "marbles" to make it happen.

Well, mount up.

And you, keep still. Not a peep, got that?.

Don't go, Maurice.

Yes, I will. Eat your bread with chocolate.

If anyone saw you, they'd laugh at you.

Listen, I ...

Listen to me.

I know how to make things happen.

I found a way. I'll charge 1,000 francs.

Another 200 meters and you'll have arrived.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.


Quick, no time to lose.

I escorted eight people so I've got 4,000 "marbles".

I also...

Come on.

It stinks.

What happened now?

I shit my pants.

~ Why did you do that?
~ I thought you weren't coming back.

And that's a good reason to crap yourself?

Okay, get naked.

~ You're a pig.
~ Don't push me so hard.

Raise your arms.

You could have taken your pants off.

Never mind. We have some loot and we crossed the line.

Here's your underpants.

My brother is a pig.

It's not a big show, you know.

To walk well we have to breathe.

With the blisters on my feet who can walk?

To breathe well you have to raise your elbows.

Where did you learn that crap?

I saw "Paris-Strasbourg" in the newsreel.

I don't care.

Do it like this:...

one, two, three, four...

While you breathe.

One, two, three, four...

One, two, three, four...See?

~ Look, you're weird.
~ The riders did well.

What do they do when their feet hurt?

My feet hurt, I have blisters.

Do you think I don't hurt?

I'm as tired as you, but I'm striding.

We've just walked three miles and you're broken down?

I'm younger than you but I don't say I'm bushed.

I keep walking.

~ You don't have blisters.
~ One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

~ One, two, three, four.
~ I'm sick of this. I'm resting.

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four...

What are you doing?

Shut up.

~ I have the right to scream.
~ And I have the right to sleep.

So sleep, I'm not stopping you. But I'd like to get warm.

And now...let's get moving.

~ Fuck off.
~ No, move it.

Anyone home?

Funny, this reminds me of a story about trappers.

~ Do you know that one?
~ No, I don't care.

I'm not even going to answer that.

You say that you read a lot but not enough, I guess.

But answer me or we don't talk any more, asshole.

I don't want to talk about something I don't know...

and in any case, it's not worth talking about.

If you always told the truth, there wouldn't be much to say.

Look at the wimp who still wears diapers.

Bite me.

~ And this, you like that?
~ Okay.

~ Now drop it.
~ Fuck off.

~ We have to find its butt.
~ Hang on.

~ Which one?
~ Well, how's that?


Look at this. We'll eat this one.

Here we go.

~ It's better there.
~ Yeah.

You have to know how to get by in life.

The bitch! There.

In five or ten minutes it'll be cooked on the inside...

and we'll eat it.

I have to pee --- come with me?

I don't need to. Go by yourself, if you like.

~ Why are you shoving me back?
~ What's wrong, boy?

~ What were you doing there?
~ I didn't hurt anybody, sir.

Why are you running around?

Where are your parents?

Did you swallow your tongue? Answer me!

~ I don't know.
~ Where are your parents?


~ That's your father?
~ He's the one standing there.

OK, go on.

And hurry, eh?

Sir, kiss me. I'll explain later.

~ What?
~ I'll explain in a minute.

~ Why?
~ Kiss me, talk to me.

~ But what's going on?
~ I'll tell you, but it's important.

Well, what do you want?

I'll tell you in a minute but now I can't.

What? Tell me. Hang on, wait.

¤ Hairdresser --- Ladies and Gentlemen ¤

Ladies and gentlemen,...

I present the only singer in the world...

with hair on his tonsils.

Interpreting for you a song from their repertoire.

~ Sing, walk.
~ No, no singing.

Serenade Indochina,...

sweet chorus full of ecstasy.

~ Let me alone.
~ With tenderness listen...

in the rice fields of China.

~ Now sing, shut up.
~ It's a sublime song.

~ Come, sing.
~ Come, Joe.

~ One, two, three...
~ It's a redneck.

~ Be careful, you'll hurt him.
~ He always pisses me off.

Why don't you sing, you idiot?

Where did you learn those bad words?

That trip toughened you up a bit.

Go on, you sing.

~ Okay, you'll see that voice.
~ Well, let's see.

~ Come!
~ I will sing the Fatmah.

The Fatmah?

A buddy taught me Fatmah are the Arabs.

~ Yes, they are Arab women.
~ Exactly.

~ You are the Fatmah of Menton.
~ Let's see...

Well, go.

Serenade Indochina.

~ In my bed you do not...
~ You don't even know it!

Shut up.

I'm remembering.

Watch the curtains.

~ You haven't budged?
~ No.

Even though it annoys you, I want to read.

We only ask you to cook...

and set the table --- at least that, you're capable of.

And you think you can do anything?

At least I can do more than you.

This afternoon you've only been walking around, so calm down.

I've been locked up at home, about to burst.

How do you make bread? Do you know?

With water, flour...

~ What else?
~ I can't remember.

This is how you make bread?

Who'll work at the bakery tomorrow?

~ You, maybe?
~ Yeah, maybe.

Yeah, now make me believe that you'll work in the bakery.

OK, I don't believe it.

But at least I found gigs. Try to find something yourself.

Sure. Have you looked in a mirror?

It was true.

Maurice had found work,...

but I could find some, too.

Is this Mr. Chaplin's farm?

It's up there.

~ Thanks.
~ It's not far.

~ I'm exhausted.
~ Yes.

~ It's hard.
~ This hurts.

~ Don't you hurt?
~ Yes, I feel an ache.

Be careful with that, because...

that makes it hurt...

You stay straight, so...

~ Like this?
~ Yes.

There's almost no sun.

Some have died as well.

~ Who?
~ My grandfather.



Not like that --- look:

Back off.

Collect these.

Come here, pick them up.

And not so rough.

Not that one, it's damaged.

~ It's free from soil.
~ I tell you it's bad.

~ If he had treasures...
~ The treasure is these potatoes.

Treasures, now.

~ Do not be distracted.
~ Are you hungry? Well.

We roast these tonight.

~ Do you want bread, Mr. Charlot?
~ Yes.

Go ahead, but not too much. There's rationing, you know?

Not everybody eats bread.

Yes, but he has worked all day.

And in the city, what does he eat?

~ He ate well there.
~ Yes? What about eating?

Leaves of carrot?

I have to milk the cows.

Eat up, then we'll go to the barn.

~ Do you know how to milk a cow?
~ Yes.

How do you do it?

You just pull on them.

~ Then we get milk?
~ Yes.

~ I say don't be afraid.
~ It's not happening.

Do not be afraid.

~ There's no milk.
~ Of course there is.

~ Squeeze.
~ No, there's none left.

I say there is.

~ No sale.
~ With both hands.

This one should discharge, too.

Turn your other hand there.

What's that diddling?

~ There's no milk.
~ Yes there is, but you're no good.

Come on.

I've seen it done.

~ No.
~ Sure.

Come on, go on.

But I was 10 years old...

and children should not work.

Help me.

Mr. Charlot said my arms were of soup...

and ended up firing me.

Don't you realized that you swiped it?

What about money? You got money?

No, I didn't.

Why didn't he pay you?

I don't know, maybe I'll get paid some other day.


It is no use spitting.

~ Get moving, sleepyhead.
~ Get out of your shell now.

You are about to leave the shell.

Neither has moved out.

~ I win.
~ You haven't reached the goal yet.

Whenever you want to win.

Hey, Joe! Come play.

~ How was your trip?
~ Too long.

Well, well.

And the cost...

~ Is it still higher, Albert?
~ Here we are.

~ Just a little farther.
~ Are you OK?

~ Well...
~ Have you been good?

Well, are you OK?

Who's there?

~ Joe, open.
~ Wait a second, I'm coming.

~ Open up, we're your parents.
~ What are you doing? Open up!

~ I'll be there in a second.
~ What's going on?

~ Open the door.
~ Open up, Joe!

Open at once.

~ Do you want a slush?
~ Do not talk of slush.


~ Joe!
~ You never change.

We have made a journey full of dangers,...

and only you can think of is making us wait.

~ Are you okay?
~ Are you stupid?

We all made it.

If you're making a joke, tease everyone.

Why do you put up with him?

~ What?
~ I'll show you the house.

~ The kitchen has lots of light.
~ What's happening with Joe?

~ I wanted to welcome us.
~ Come here, Joe.

Come, look.

~ He's gotten strong.
~ You dropped this.

Now I'll show you upstairs.

Are there any more? This is huge.

~ Here, Maurice.
~ Yes, Mom.

~ Tired of stairs yet?
~ You go.

~ Better now?
~ Mom, have you seen...?

Mom, did you see your room?

We also have the sea, do you realize?

It's here. It was ours,...

but now Henri and Albert sleep here.

~ How did you get the flat?
~ Searching.

~ Dad, come see.
~ Let me, then we'll see.

I think Albert has taken my coat, go check.

You see, we've got the sea in Menton.

But you see what our children have found?

I'll show the rooms. This was ours.

Now it's yours.

You should put a cross there to make us look Christian.

~ They searched for us.
~ Yes, I see.

Come and see your room, here we are now.

~ We are well installed.
~ Is the children's?

No, it's ours. They are at the bottom. I'll show you.

~ It's fantastic.
~ That's it, fine.

~ Let's take a little walk.
~ No.

Do not you think you've done enough crap?

See here, see.

Make peace. After all this time without seeing you...

Give me some, Mom. Thank you.

Did you see how good our son looks? Look.

~ Well, do you like it?
~ I'll love you to death.

You've changed, eh? Idiot...

Lucky you're here, he keeps hitting me....

~ Dad.
~ Thanks, baby.

Come on, quit messing with him.

~ Your health.
~ Here we go.

~ Mom, please...
~ Yes?

Can you get this? I get dizzy.

~ Low.
~ Wait, I'm coming.

No, low right away.

Yes, yes. Coming.

When I have vertigo, I can't feel my feet.

Quick, close the window.

Also, I have something to say.


They forced my brothers to work in Germany.

We left immediately and settled in Nice.

Push off, Maurice, this isn't for you.

I want to be alone with Mom.

~ Maurice and I thought...
~ Yes?

We swore that if we were stopped, we'd say nothing.

So you're not running into danger.

Besides, I'd never betray you.

Don't say that even as a joke.

Things here are nice and quiet.

They'll never hurt us. Don't think about that.

What time is it, Mama? I have to go to someplace.

No idea. Why do you ask?

I have to go to the shoemaker to bring oil...

to fix the druggist's shoes.

If I don't, he won't give me shaving soap,...

and I need that for the Italians.

With all these stories, you've got to stop...

or you'll get us into trouble.

No, Joe and I know all the Italians.

Yes, but the Italians have occupied us.

Wait up.

~ Bye, Antonella.
~ Goodbye, my love.

"...return to breathe the air dear,...

"quiet taste..."

That's by Gabriele D'Annunzio.


Ah, my love. 'Til we meet...

~ Good morning.
~ What's up?

We brought three bottles.

How lovely. Let's see.

We struggled but we did it.

Here you go.

Come on, what more do you want?

I wanted to ask you something.

A friend told me...

That older women, when they pay kids...

show it to them.

But show you what?

I don't know, a friend told me.

~ What kind of stories...?
~ I would like that, but...

Even without pay, I don't mind.

Oh, I see.

After all, I'm 15 years old.

~ You're 15?
~ Yes, 15. Right, Joe?



Ah, no. Don't touch.

~ A caress.
~ No.

Just once. I have money.

Give me the money.

Well, go ahead.

Gee, who would have thought. Promise you won't tell.

And you, you want a go?

Don't be ashamed.

He's too small.

~ Well, that's enough. Enough.
~ A little more.

~ It's over, ended.
~ A little bit more...

It's over.

So you spent the dough?

Fuck. And you owe me half.

You're paying me sweet fuck all.

Pay up or I'll tell Mom you have been playing with whores.

OK, if we tell her both of us did.

I know why you're angry: you're jealous of me.

But I touched them both.

The Italians left...

and that was fun.

The Germans occupied Nice two days later...

and began the raids.

~ Good morning, Mr. Roger.
~ I bring news.

~ Tonight there will be a raid.
~ Not possible.

I come to tell you not to forget the sheets.

The first thing checked is whether the sheets are hot.

You knows this as well as I do.

We can no longer sleep in our own bed?

~ I do what I can.
~ Every night the same, Mr. Roger.

~ Yes, I know.
~ Take charge.

The doorman always announced raids,...

so I never knew if it was true,...

or if he did it to swipe what little we had.

Father said that first thing the Germans did...

was to see if the beds were warm,...

or signs that someone was living on the floor.

Then they recorded everything and there was nowhere left to hide.

We live almost like animals.

Get used to living like an animal.

Someone stood guard every night.

If there was danger we hid in the maid's room...

which the porter rented us.

Don't blame me, I'm doing you a service.

If I turned you in to these barbarians I'd earn much more.

~ I'm doing you a favor.
~ You wouldn't do something...?

~ You know that...
~ Don't misunderstand me.

You do favors for people but they never appreciate it.

Do you understand?

I have nothing against you.

But understand that we are upset. Every night the same.

I understand that. Well, goodbye.

~ Good evening.
~ Thanks.

You have not been smart.

You insist on standing guard but can't stay awake.

The next time you won't get the chance...

and you'll be sent straight to bed.

This is NOT a game.

Do you understand?

It is not a game.

Well, that's enough.

This is not a cage.

~ Dad, where are you going?
~ We're not in a cage.

~ I'm going to my bed.
~ Ah, no.

~ Dad, you must stay here.
~ No, no.

~ No way.
~ No, no and no.

~ Do not go.
~ Stay.

~ Let me.
~ Dad, no.

~ I want to go to my bed.
~ You're crazy.

Stay with us, nothing's going to happen.

Stop, you stay here.

~ No, no.
~ Yes, with us.

~ Shut up.
~ It's impossible.

Shut up and sit down.

Sit down and stay with us.

Sit down, we'll stay a while longer...

and everyone'll sit down.

~ Come on, relax.
~ Go sit, Albert.

~ Mom, you sit down, too.
~ Wait a bit.

Nothing, I'm out of here. There's nothing for it.

~ There's no way out.
~ Okay, we'll go.

~ Shut up.
~ Well, listen. Keep still.

Leave him alone, OK? We can't go on like this.

~ Be quiet.
~ Quiet.

~ We can't do this.
~ There's no other way.

~ Slowly, slowly.
~ Look at your brothers.

~ I went out.
~ Look at your mother.

We can not continue living like this.

~ Do not make noise.
~ We condemn usury.

~ We condemn usury.
~ Shut up.

~ Anyway, whatever happens, will be.
~ I went down, come on.

Now all of us, come on. Calm down.

We'll pass the same as the others.

~ Hush now.
~ Just go to bed.

Come on down, this is stupid.

~ Wake up.
~ Do not make noise.

~ What?
~ How come you're not awake?

See if you can shut up.

~ Come to bed, kiddo.
~ It's stupid.

Well, what do we do?

If we stay here, he'll give us away.

We must make a decision. It's up to you, Dad.

Listen, Henri:

everyone loves me.

I am well regarded.

And I appreciate that.

They come to me for advice from all over.

But you think I'm an idiot.

I never said that.

~ Let it go.
~ Decide without me.

Get some rest.

You haven't answered.

Tomorrow we'll see.

At least Maurice decides where to place himself and Joe.

We were placed in a youth camp.


~ Attention.
~ Eyes...front!

Right, right, with the head straight.

Well, forward march.

One, two. Although I sound out today, keep the pace in your heads.

One, two, one, two.

One, two, one, two.

One, two, one, two.

One, two, one, two...Column left..

One, two, one, two...

Dig in your heels. One, two, one, two.

Column left: one, two, one, two.

Right...I mean, column left.

One, two, one, two, three points ...

"France to you is our tribute.

"France, we are children of thy seed,

"which will shine on the human race...

"the French homeland of tomorrow.

"This is what we feel,

"and proudly say,

"with enthusiastic spirit..."

"History of France."

It's long, huh?


~ "In the beginning" ...
~ "First Tableau."

You have to explain, they don't know.

"First Tableau: the origins."

"In the beginning God created
the beautiful land of France.

"When I looked at her, I loved her,...

"and in a burst of happiness felt this beautiful gift."

~ "The peasant."
~ "The peasant."

Not like that, look at me.

You have to do it like this.

Like this...and not like this.


It's not funny.

Got it? Well, now re-enter, quickly.

There are three tableaux like this.

"Dear public,

"bow to the greatest character of our history.

"He who will uplift the country."

Here there will be applause. Do it.

"He who will uplift the country."

Well, good enough. Continue.

"I am the first farmer."

Very good, that's the tone that should be used.

"Eighth Tableau: modern times.

"However, in the field,

"the once-vigorous peasant race has become soft.

"France slumbers, overcome by the spirit of pleasure.

~ "Contract of employment."
~ "Railway Strike."

~ "High salaries."
~ "Street fights."

~ "Eight-hour days."
~ "Wrong jobs."

"Every man for himself."

"France is sick, humiliated.

"You have to get through this.

"Here in France, wounded,...

"with knees and hands were bleeding.

"Hasn't it hit rock-bottom?"


"The land gives confidence."

"The earth still has value. To me, boys!"

~ "The house is in ruins."
~ "We have to rebuild it!"

~ "What does it take?"
~ "Righteousness."

~ "Service."
~ "Mutual Aid."

~ "Discipline."
~ "Work."

"France for the French!"

Well done.

At the entrance of Nice we'll stop for a moment.

I must see a friend.

Only five minutes, and then we go to the races.

Ferdinand's been five minutes by now, right?

If you can't tell the difference between five minutes and half an hour...

then there's no hope for you.

Shall we go see?

Look at that.

"Legs of Paris."

We said that we'd look for Ferdinand,...

not stop to read.

~ Halt! Stop!
~ Joe, don't follow me.

~ Are you alone?
~ I think so.

~ Stand.
~ Stop! Stop right there!

Quiet, Joe. Joe!

Hold on.

Be strong, Joe.

~ Just these two?
~ That's right.

Come here.

~ Is that the lieutenant?
~ Yes.

You go, Lieutenant.

~ You, stand still there.
~ Already have.

Quick, go up.

Let's go back.

Israel, Esther.

~ Ben Moha.
~ Come on, move.

David Seridan.

When your name's called, leave the row.

~ David Esue Jesse.
~ Keep moving.

Karoubi, Reiner.

Move it, move it.

Bram Levy, Esther.

Salzer, Guillaume.

Yurkewics, Georges.

Modara, Albert.

You, get up.

Pachulski, Margaritte.

Hamawi, Victor.

Tanzi Werner.

Klaerner, Elie.

Keep moving.

Pachulski, Max.

Keep moving.

Kanar, Michel.

~ Are you Jewish?
~ Are you a Jew?

No, I'm not Jewish.

And do you think the lady's Jewish?

Do you think the lady is Jewish?

Swipe your finger...

along the nose of the lady.

Swipe your finger over the nose of the lady.


Don't stop, until you tell me whether or not it's a Jewish nose.


Do not stop until you've said whether or not...

it's the typical vulture nose of the Jews.

I'm Jewish.

Well, young lady.

And you still claim...

that you're not Jewish?

I'm not Jewish.

Or have you suddenly become Jewish?


you two.

Are you Jewish brothers?

You are brothers and Jews?

We are not Jews. We come from Algeria.

They're are not Jews. They come from Algeria.

Why were you in that village?

What you were doing at that farm?

We were with Ferdinand.

They were with the other.

We're in the camp, "New Crop"...

and we went with Ferdinand.

They're in a camp...

and left with this Ferdinand.

He was going to see a friend.

He didn't come back but we wanted to go back to camp.

When he did not return, they went to fetch him.

What did you do?

What did you do?

Where did you go?

We went to find him.

Where are you from?


We came to France on holiday,...

but since the Americans have landed...

in Algeria, we're stuck here.

They were on vacation, but the Americans...

landed in their country and they can't return.

That does not interest me.

We'll see if they are circumcised.

What is "circumcised"?

Down with your pants and underpants.

~ Are you Jewish?
~ Are you Jewish?

I am not.

Where are you from?

~ Look into my face.
~ Look to the officer.

Drop your pants.

I am from Warsaw.

Lower your underpants.

~ Are you a Jew?
~ No, I'm not Jewish.

You say you're not Jewish?

You say you're not Jewish?

We're Algerians --- you have to believe us.

I swear. We were operated on because we had adhesions.

Get dressed.

~ Where are you from?
~ I am English.

Let her go.

~ Are you Jewish?
~ No, I'm not Jewish.

Why give us this test? We are not Jews, I swear.

We're Catholic, we aren't Jews.

Take them away.

~ Are you Jewish?
~ No.

Ready to sleep.

Get off the mattresses.

It is time to put down the mattresses --- listen to me.

Do not make noise.

~ It's better than sleeping, ma'am.
~ They weigh a lot to me.

It is better than sleep.

You could ask for more mattresses.

It's better this way.

The children are very tired.

Even if we have tickets, we're not going to Germany.

Easy to say.

Why should we?

I've only done the usual song-and-dance.

Yes, but it didn't go over well.

It won't with the Germans, don't you think?

You're always whining.

Anyway, we can't go to Germany.

We're not going.

Hop off the train even if we break something. But we're not going to Germany.

I promise.

Do not go to Germany.

Do not go to Germany.

Do not go to Germany.

I won't go to Germany. I'm not Jewish.

It's no use telling that to me, I'm Jewish.

I'm not Jewish, I am Catholic.

I am Algerian.

I do not believe you. I know you're Jewish.

~ How can you know?
~ I sense it.

Do you have a boyfriend?


Well, we are almost engaged.

How old are you?


Have you kissed?


~ How many times?
~ Heaps.

And you, do you have a girlfriend?

Why don't you let us go?

We're not Jews.

I promise, we are not Jews.


I swear, we were baptized in the Church of the Buffa.

We are Catholic, sir.

We are Catholic.

I swear that we were baptized in the church of the Buffa.

~ Aren't you Jewish?
~ I promise, we're not Jews.

~ You're Jewish.
~ No, I'm not.

Get up.

Come here.

~ We were baptized in the Buffa.
~ What?

I promise you, sir.

But Buffa is not in Algeria, it's in Nice.

I know,...

we were baptized in the Buffa and then taken to Algeria.

Be still and be quiet.

~ When we were kids...
~ You've got 24 hours.

You bring me your birth certificate.

Look at me!

If you don't come back, all the worse for him.

Let him leave the building for 24 hours.

You stay with me.

We have yet to speak of many things, you and me.

~ You say you come from Algiers?
~ Yes, Sir, in Algeria.

~ Where do you live in Algiers?
~ In the street of Jean Jaurès.

~ What number?
~ The number 10.

What is Algiers like? Describe the city.

Algiers is a big city.

The houses are all white.

It has a large port,...

with many ships.

Ships colored the old red and black.

It's right by a beach.

Our Dad takes us there every Sunday.

And the port, what's its name?

It has no name, we just call it "the harbor". It has no name.

Hang him by his feet.

~ You say you were operated on?
~ Yes, sir.

We had adhesions.

~ Where were you operated on?
~ In Algiers.

~ In a hospital?
~ Yes, sir.

What hospital?

What hospital?

I don't remember, I was just a kid.

~ Sir, we're waiting.
~ Please, sir.

Yes, I'm coming.


Each week, 2,000 Jews went to the Hotel Excelsior.

I feared being sent with them before Maurice came back.

I spent the time working, even though no one was watching me.

This way.

~ Take him to the kitchen.
~ Yes, sir.

He's assigned here until further notice.

Yes, sir.

Come on, boy, I've got some work for you.

Polish this pot.

~ Can I see my brother?
~ No way.

You're here to work.

A very kind priest will come looking for us soon.

Do you think he'll swing it? Do we get let go?

Of course, I handed over all the papers.

What did they say?

They don't want to believe it, but it worked.

Did you see our parents?

Yeah --- their morale's low, they can hardly go out.

~ Everything will be fixed?
~ I hope so.

Dad gave me a message for you.

He told me to kiss "little".

What have you been doing these days?

I've been in the kitchen, working.

You know, Maurice? Thank goodness you're back.

We won't leave, I tell you. We will not leave!

Even though the priest came, they do not want to believe us, or even see the priest.

Don't push us around, not us.

Before it's all over the world.

~ But if ...
~ Tomorrow or next day.

But not today. And the priest ?

He comes to see the Germans, and then...

he hands over the Christening stuff,...

but since we're are circumcised, they don't want to believe us...

and they think we're Jews.

Where's your confidence?

Don't be silly.

~ We'll see how things'll work out soon.
~ We'll never leave.

We'll leave tomorrow or the next day.

If things were right we'd leave this afternoon.

All right, calm down a bit.

Stop telling me to calm down.

Come, come out.

You, over here.

~ Come, come.
~ Hurry, come on.

Hurry, go.

Guard, to your post.

We're almost done with you.


Spread your legs.

Alain, Bernard, Pierre: clear out.

You Joffos sit down.

I have bad news: they've arrested your father.

On the street, at a documents checkpoint, and...

~ No...
~ He's in the hotel where...

The net's tightening. You've got to run for it.

Get your stuff together.

Come on, Maurice.

I'll get Dad, Joe.

It can't be done. Listen.

Come on, no...

I've got something for you, you'll go to the Alps.

We don't want to go to the Alps.

Get it through your head that you can't go the Hotel Excelsior. It's impossible.

They'd grab us for sure. You're right.

You know how it is.

Are you crazy or what?

You want to leave Dad to die?

It's not letting him die. No, drop it.

Not only that, but you can't go to the Excelsior. I won't let you.

Come on, listen ...

Come on.

Let's go.

Maurice found a job in the village café

and I found one in a bookstore.

Good morning, I come from Mr. Subinagui.

~ You know I'm looking for a guy?
~ Yes, sir.

If you work with me, you belong to my house...

and here there's no place for wimps.

~ How old are you?
~ 10 years and a half.

You're not very tall for 10.

I know, I haven't grown for six months,
but I'm strong.

Any serious illness? Were you ever operated on?

I've had nothing, sir.

~ What's your name?
~ Joseph.

Today you will go with me to make the rounds.

Pay close attention.

Tomorrow you'll be on your own...

~ and I won't be there to teach you anything.
~ OK.

~ Do you agree?
~ Yes.

Let's go.

Joseph. Joseph.

~ Do you see those hills?
~ Yes.

I often walk there with my daughter.

~ What's her name?
~ Françoise.

One Sunday we could all go to the top of a hill.

~ I would like that very much.
~ If you want, sure.

I'm happy when I'm with her, but...

I'm afraid for her at the same time.

Why are you afraid?

A gang of terrorists hangs out there...

to take away all these beauties.

But they won't bother us.

The new France will be poor, Joseph.

And it won't be in my house where you can stuff yourself.

This is my father's room. Don't tell that we've been in here.

I sleep there.

That's me, last year.

Dad took it.

That, too.

Do you like to read?

Do you like romantic books?

I do not know which books are fictional.

They're stories...

about people with good feelings,...

who dream of things, and then work to achieve them.

I'm writing a novel --- would you like to see it?


It's a secret, I haven't told anyone.

It's hidden and I don't want you to see where.

Don't look.


When you know better, say you're a romantic.

No. Do not look.

Maybe someday I'll tell you. Wait in the hallway.

What cheek, to talk of duty, when you live behind your books.

Have you forgotten that we have shed blood?

Do you think in my store...

I'm safe from the rabble of the Résistance?

Well, you're wrong.

In Paris there have been slogans...

for the Party to go into hiding. Is that true?

Of course not. The Party has not decided anything.

~ Are they up to date?
~ I'm here as his representative.

But we want to know.

Hear the words of our leader.

Don't forget what he wrote in his latest editorial:

"I get to the front of Normandy full of confidence.

"The day I set up headquarters,...

"German troops liberate the territory."

"They hugged each other.

"She was trying to keep her voice from trembling.

"'I have to round up cattle with Dad,...

"'but tomorrow, at seven, I'll wait by the river.

"'Don't tell anyone, is a secret.

"'Sure,' she murmured, 'until tomorrow.'

"The day passed without incident.

"Catherine was so excited, though,...

and did several foolish things."

Did you like it?

Do you know, I was thinking: we could write together.

I don't have any talent.

I'll write it,...

and when I mess up an idea, you'll help me out.

I won't be able to.

If you want to do it for me,
you should be able to.

"Emotional climax: something that moves,...

"that causes excitement. A moving scene. "

"Ottoman: a large backless seat...

"which sits in an oriental manner."

"He wanted not to get involved, not to kiss."

~ You haven't emoted.
~ Yes, he's moved...

when you have an emotion.

It's not complicated.

"He did not want to be more deeply involved...

"so he kissed her on the eyes,...

"figuring how far he could pursue...

"this abandonment of Emma. "

Now can I kiss you?

More --- then we'll see.

It's curious that you wrote like that.

It's good, it shines.

"Seeing him so calm, she harbored no suspicion...

"and sat beside him on the ottoman.

"He was upset...

"because she had sat where there was no support."

What's the back? Where is this leading?

That's not important, you can change things.

"He hugged her tightly, tilting her back...

"but she defended herself,...

"But she defended herself,...

"and since he did not expect her to resist,

"he was angry."

~ Okay?
~ Yes, it's good.

Just a small kiss.

I didn't know you knew how to kiss.

You know I don't kiss well.

Do you know how?

No more kissing any more. It's very ugly.

Do you want to teach me?

It's better with my friend, you know?

With Antoinette.

Maybe, but it's not right for two girls to kiss.

It's best with one boy and girl.

Yes, but we just did it for practice.

But I messed up, I really liked it.

No, I really think it's wrong for two girls to do it.

I told you we did it for practice.

She said that if she ever went out with André,...

without knowing how to kiss, it would be awful.

Who's André?

The boy who's secretly in love with her.

But if you want to do it with someone,...

it should be a boy, not with another girl.

That doesn't sound right.

It does not keep me from what I like,
and she at least knows how to kiss.

Knows how to kiss, but with another girl.

With a guy, maybe not.

So you're in love with the bookseller's daughter.


~ What's the point?
~ I get the books I want.

You can't even read. Do you know what "love" means?

~ Yes.
~ Tell me.

Things of the heart.

To roll on the grass.

You think she wants to roll in the grass with you?

I don't know, we haven't tried that yet.

And what about running? If you don't like grass, that is.

You may not feel like getting wet.

Why do you think the grass is always wet?

Enough talk about grass.

You're like this because you're jealous.

Me? Jealous of you?

Pull the other one.

Over that brat? Maybe when she grows up.

~ Have you seen her face?
~ She has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Blonde and blue eyes? She has brown eyes.

Brown eyes? Buy some glasses.

Check out all the chicks here for...

a girl better than this and call me if you find her.

The first one passing by is prettier than her.

That remains to be seen.

Anyway, she's ugly and taller than you by three heads.

You need a ladder to reach her.

In bed we're at the same height.

In bed...You're already thinking of that?

That would put us in deep shit and Mom would have a stroke.

With your pinprick you couldn't even tickle her.

Do you think she is in love with you?


Has she said so?

¤ Frenchmen: if you want to shorten the war,...

¤ if you do not want our cities targeted by the liberators,...

¤ ask, claim, demand,...

¤ that Jews in France...

¤ be detained in concentration camps,...

¤ near the most threatened areas.

¤ Time is running out in the patience of the Catholics.

¤ Jews who insult our religion,...

¤ who kill nuns and priests,...

¤ who bombard our cities,...

¤ supporting the rebels in the maquis,...

¤ should be dealt with blow for blow.

¤ The fear of reprisals will make them see reason. ¤

They should kill all Jews.

They could keep some specimens in a zoo.

That reminds me of a story about the year 2100 or 2200.

~ All Jews had died.
~ Every one of them?

There were only some selected specimens...

in a zoo.

This way, their natural physical handicaps would be clear for all to see.

People would come from everywhere, near and far.

There was a brief speech...

explaining all the evil they caused in the past.

At the end of the story, the radio announced...

that the last individual had died in its cage.

You would not like living in a cage.

I'm not Jewish. Why do you want me in a cage?

Then they'd have to do it to the Jews again.

Why would they do it again?

To kill a second time.

Once would be enough.

I don't see why you're interested.

In addition, there would be less unemployment.

~ Want a cigarette, Joe?
~ No.

Why not ask me if I want one?

Do you smoke?

What are you laughing at?

If you were five years older,...

I could take you out.

But if I were five years older, you'd be 18.

I do not like guys my age,
other than Joseph.



With girls, I go to bed.

~ Really, they're just for that.
~ You haven't done a single one.

What the fuck, Joe?

What did you do with that whore? Just gave her the money,...

touched her tits, and lay on the bed.

She said: "Well, that's enough." And we left. That was it.

So tell me what you did.

Do you want me to believe that you slept with her?

You didn't watch, right?

I'm sorry, but I looked.

In any case, I like romantic guys.

Romantic...the romance is gone.

Guys just think about sleeping with girls.

They're only good for that, and for cooking.

~ Not true.
~ Yes.

The proof is that some are still romantic.

Those who are crazy.

They're not crazy.

~ Do you think you're romantic?
~ I'm just saying they're not crazy.

They might say you're crazy.

~ I'm not like that.
~ Shut up.

~ We have no choice.
~ They're here.

You give me another whiskey.

~ Come with us.
~ Why?

My God.

~ Can I come in?
~ Sure.

~ What's up?
~ I have something to say.


~ I must go away.
~ Why?

Dad's decided, because there's so much going on...

and his friends have said it will now be dangerous.

His friends are dangerous, because if you were right,

everyone would believe them.

~ All his friends would be a threat.
~ The villagers don't understand.

If you kill people like they did,...

it's not going to end well.

Hey, it's not worth discussing.

I came to say goodbye. Am I stupid?

We're not discussing. And you don't need to go.

I don't want to leave, but Dad insists.

He may be right.

He's not.

Do not be sad.

We know that we love each other, even if we're apart.

We have to keep loving each other.

~ You think so?
~ Yes!

Which do you prefer? You want the window open or closed?

It's all the same.

I'll leave it open, OK?

You'll be better there. It's cooler.

Everyone knows that you don't like to sleep alone.

Why not tell me where Françoise is?

In a safe place --- don't worry about it.

They say you're to blame for Jean being killed.

Who said that?

The baker's son.

~ What will you do now?
~ Enough, Joseph.

The baker has a rope behind his counter.

He says it's to hang old man Mancelier.

He told me other gossip but I won't comment.

You're dying to tell me, so let's hear it.

He asked me: "That old bastard Mancelier,...

"Does he shit in his pants, yes or no?"

Mr. Mancelier, I'll confess something:...

I'm Jewish.

Don't believe me? So I'm not Jewish?

Leave me alone! No!

I'm innocent!

He sold out!

~ Traitor!
~ Corrupt!



Traitor, traitor!

Mancelier wrote of France,...

of honor, and I don't know what else.

Soon, Paris was liberated.

Maurice managed to trade the Americans...

fake cognac for gasoline.

This got us a seat in a car.

Go get her, Albert.

Madame Joffo.

~ No, no.
~ Yes, come. Come on.

Come on, you can do this.

We were so happy to meet up again,...

for photographs in front of our hairdressers...

only we missed Dad.

In a row, please.

Soon we found out that Dad was not coming back.

When he reached the camp, the loudspeaker announced...

that everyone should go through the showers.

Mr. Albert, a minute.

They handed out soap and towels.

He did go into the showers.

What came out of the shower heads was gas.

Our father was killed in Auschwitz.