A 2nd Chance (2011) - full transcript

A young girl and her coach overcome adversity to make their way into the National Australian Gymnastics Squad.

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Nice and tall. Smiling.


Now line up along the line.

Very good.

Now today, I want to see

your best cartwheel.

So I'm gonna spread out nice

and tall. Point my toes.

Just like that. Easy.

Alright. Your turn now.

Spread out.

Off you go.

Well, that was very good.

You still have exquisite control

despite not doing gym for years.

Bev. No my time is well and

truly past...

But I do love coaching.

- Well, that's what I wanted


talk to you about.

- Very good handstand Emma.

I was hoping

you could take over coaching

the level 6 gymnasts for me?

I couldn't possibly.

Why can't you continue?

Oh well, you know...

I've not been well and I have to

have a few tests done.

Plus the girls need someone

younger, they need someone


can devote more time and energy

to them than I can.

I would love to help.

But I just couldn't.

I understand. But you'll

have to deal with it one day.

Sorry Bev.

I'm sorry girls. She can't.

What's the matter with you?

Is it because of me

she won't coach?

- Oh, Maddy, no, it's nothing

like that, it's just... [Coughs]

...she has her reasons,

that's all.

Are you OK?

- Mmmm... Yeah, I'm fine.

That's it for tonight.

Time to pack up and go home.

I'm heading off Bev. You OK

to lock up?

Yeah, that's fine Kate.

- See you tomorrow.





Bev! What is it?

- I can't breathe!

[Labored breathing]

OK, don't panic.


- Oh, Kate.

Thanks for coming.

How are you?

I'm getting better.

I can breathe now. [laughing]

But... They've...

they've scheduled the

operation for tomorrow.


That's better sooner than

later, get you back to normal.

I'm sorry to ask again,

but could you please...

... look after and train

the level 6 girls for me?

Of course. How can I refuse now?


But only until you're better,



Thank you Kate.

Thank you.

OK. Erin? Kayla, Maddy?

Lets see what you

can do on the floor.

Really, really good girls.

Maddy...just focus on your own

moves and you'll be terrific.

How've have you been going

in the competitions?

Winning easily?


You must be joking!

We get caned by

Saints every time.

Saints huh?

They were never any

good in my day.

We'll have to see about that.

Come on. We've got work to do.

Guess what's first lesson

today for Kayla?

Hmm... Let me think.

You know exactly what it is.

Wild Guess... Dance?

I hate dance! I never

get the moves right.

At least it's your last

lesson today.

Yes! Fortunately. Did I tell you

that I hate dance?

Yes. Constantly!

So, What do you think of our new

coach Miss Kate Jones?

Really good girls...

She's alright I guess.

What about you Maddy?

I liked her. I reckon

she'll put in for us.

She's only doing it for Bev.

She'll drop us as soon as Bev's


Yeah, I guess.


Hi girls. Coming to the State

Championships on the weekend?

What's it to you?

You're going, aren't you Maddy?

Yeah, we all are.

Great! You girls are so hopeless

you make us look more fantastic!

If that's possible.

Right Girls?

One day I'm gonna show her.

- Show her what?

Just show her.

Nearly Maddy. Try it again.

You can do it!

It's no use.

I'm not good enough!

Maddy, try it again.

This time, when you get to here,

use the momentum to push.

Don't hold back.

Now push!

There see. You're nearly there.

OK. Now we're going to finish

off on your floor routines.

Erin, Maddy let's go.


Real good Erin. Real good.

That's it. Keep it tight.

OK Maddy. Your turn. Remember

don't hold back.

Just focus and go for it!



Great Maddy!

That's it! Believe in yourself.

Competition tomorrow, hey girls?

Should be interesting.

Never quite feel you're


Does anyone need a ride?

What, all three of you?

Don't your parents come?

My mum and dad

aren't really interested.

My mum and dad normally come

and we always take Erin...

... but tomorrow they're going

to my brother's sports day.

That's rides for 2 of you.

What about you Maddy?

My dad always comes

but he has to work.

He'll pop in later though.

OK. What about your mum?

My mum died when I was eight.

Sorry, Maddy.

Yeah. Me too.


Really stretch out.

Straight backs.

Straight backs.

Straight backs on the way down.

Good afternoon everyone.

Welcome to Round 1 of the

women's gymnastics competition.


Please welcome the judges

for today

with supervising head

judge Sally Peterson.


Mr Peterson, the prognosis

is not good.

The concussion will pass

in a few days.

We still need to do some testing

but I have to tell you...

... it doesn't look good.


Hey, Sally. Kate's here.

Come on in, Kate.

[Crying] Get out! Get out!

I don't want to see her!

I never want to see her again.


[Crying] It's not fair!

Kate! We're Starting,

it's this way, C'mon!

Alright. C'mon. Go.

[60's surfie music]



music throughout competition]

Do your dismount.


It's OK. You've still have

the floor to do yet.


- That was so good!

- Unbelievable!

Everyone's like, Oh my god!

The dance was just perfect.

Just brilliant.


That was fantastic!

Really? Truly?

Oh yeah! Gold medal material!

12.8?... That's crap!


12.8?... 4th?...

What is this?


Hey, girls... congratulations.

You did it again.

Told you all that training

would pay off.

It's good to see you.

Well done congratulations!

Hey, Good job with your team.

Last girl was a little unlucky.


Sally's a damn cheat.

Whoa, whoa, Sally's

one of the top judges.

What would you know?

Bev! Are you OK?

Should you be here?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

I just wanted to get out for

a bit and Maddy's dad was

kind enough to pick me up

and bring me down here.


Did you see what Sally

did to Maddy?

After all these years!

Maybe she can't forgive me,

but to take it out on Maddy?

I'm determined

to find a way for Maddy to win.

Even with Sally's Bias.

I've got to train the girls

better than the other teams.

Does this mean you'll

keep coaching them?

Oh, the girls are OK,

and I don't mind coaching.

Now with Sally...

I'm not going

to let her beat me.

Well you'll need assistance

from a top coach.

You should ask Shane Fuller.

He is a strength

and technique coach.

Great idea!

Do you have his number?

No need. He's...

He's just over there.

Oh no!

Why? What happened?

Don't ask.

I'm too embarrassed.

Are you sure he's that good?

Probably no one better.

[Sigh] Alright... here goes.


[Background chatter]

Hey, great job on your

judging again, Sally.

Gee, you were lucky to get

the silver with that

seasick routine of yours,

Maddy's was really good!

Maddy's was good!

Better than Chelsea's.

Hey Maddy?

Gee, that was a

great floor routine.


Even with your best performance

all you could manage was 4th?

Why don't you just do yourself

a favor and quit?

The closest thing that you'll

get to a medal is that metal

in your mouth.

[knock at door]

[Door Opens]

You OK?

Yeah. Just the kids at school

are making fun of me again.

I wish I was more

like the other kids.

I know other kids

can be mean.

I'm so proud of you though.

And you know?

You're so like your mum.

If she was here

well I know she'd just

be beaming with pride.

I miss her so much dad.

Me too kiddo.

Me too.

Come on girls!

Stick with it, Maddy.

Kate, why won't you reconsider

getting Shane in?

It would really help

you and the girls!

Nope. I can do it on my own.

Why not take this

weekend off, come and

watch the boys competition?

I mean, if you won't

ask for help

you might as well pick

up some pointers by watching.

Maddy! Really!

Can't you stick

to your own area?

Actually, we could use a break.

The girls are really struggling.

Especially Maddy.

They told me how Chelsea

ripped into her.


OK. Take a break.

C'mon. Let's go for a drink.

[Music throughout competition]

See the strength?

And the technique?

Yeah, I see it!

Look, there's Shane.

You could still ask

him for help!

- No!

Bev, no!

- Shane? Smile! Shane?

Hello, Shane.

- Hi, Beverly.

Your boys are performing

very well.

Yeah, so far so good.

It's not over yet though.

This is Kate Jones.

- Nice to meet you.

Haven't we met before?

No. Well we sort of crossed

paths at the last competition.

Yes. Now I remember.

- Um Kate wanted to speak

to you.

Yeah I was...

I was wondering if, maybe...

Look, I'll help you.

-You will?

Yeah sure, look.

It's just a small thing.

It just happened.

Don't worry about it.

I accept your apology.

Apology? Apologize?

Well, that's what you we're

going to ask wasn't it?

Last time we met you were

insulting towards Sally

as I remember?

No. Sally?

Well, I think you're

the one who owes the apology.


I don't see what for?

Look, I've got to get back

to the competition.

Another time maybe.

That went well.

Conceited, arrogant, prat!

Thanks a lot for that!

It's not my fault you can't

talk to a man.



So proud of you boys!

Good work today!

So, did you enjoy that?

I am glad we went.

Yes. It's good to see the way

they deal with things.

You're right as always.

- Oh no.

I've left my bag behind.

One of the girls will get it

for you.


- No! no... It's fine.

Are you sure?

Yes! Go ahead, get the car

and meet me back here.



Hey, Beverley.

How are you?

I meant to ask you before.

Oh, I'm getting better,

just one day at a time.

Hey, congratulations

on the win today.

Ah, the boys did it.

It wasn't me.


I think you're being

a little modest.

I was wondering if you could

help our girls team

with specialized training?

Well sure, but isn't Kate

in charge?

Oh, yes, yes she is.

and she's doing a terrific job,

It's just that.

the girls need some extra

strength and technique training.

And Kate was keen to ask you

but after her little

altercations with you.

now she feels she can't.

You mean today and

at the girls gym?


Ah, tell her it was nothing.

Tell her to forget about it.

Sure. I'll help.

Yeah! Look at that form!

One more for good luck.

That's beautiful!

This time I want to see your

full run up with a half

twist through the air, OK?

Yeah, Maddy, nice and strong.

Beautiful momentum through

that run up.

This time I want you to go

through your full run up

and then go into a full twist

while you're in the air, OK?

A layout backsault with

a full twist?

I could never do that!

- Oh, I reckon you could.

You've got everything.

Everything you've just

done alright?

So you've got your arms,

and then head.

C'mon, Maddy.

- C'mon.

Go for it girl.

- GFG!


Go for it girl. GFG!

- Oh yeah! Sweet!

C'mon, Maddy.

-C'mon. GFG!





Maddy, are you OK?

Maddy, that was a lay out

backsault with nearly

a full twist!

I haven't been able to get you

to do a 1/2 twist let alone

the full one!

How on earth?

Oh, now it all makes sense.

Let me guess.

Beverley asked you

here yesterday, right?


Can he help us?

- He wants to. Please?

- Please, Please, Please?

- He wants to help us.


- Yes!

I just hope Shane knows

what he's in for!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Thank you!

Alright. Careful, careful!

Alright. No more full twists OK?

Right, back to it. You're going

to have to rest that for a week!

Finish off with some

floor exercises.

That's good. Nice and strong.

Yeah, Maddy, you can sit out.

Nice and straight,

nice and strong. Beautiful.

OK, straight into dish. Quick!

One... Two...

- OK. That'll do for today.

Wow, look the girls are

really good.

Especially Maddy.

Yeah, they are good.

I think Maddy's exceptional.

She just lacks confidence.

Do you think I could bring my

boys around & combine training?

That way I'd get more time

with them.

That sounds really good!

I mean, whatever will help the

girls. I really want them

to win the next comp.

- Yeah.


Here they are.

[Inaudible whispering,

and laughing]

Alright, girls,

let me introduce my boys team.

This is Matthew. This is

Harrison. And this is Joshua.

Duh! They are our friends

on Facebook.

Erin, manners please.

Well sorry. But they are friends

and Josh goes to our school.

So we do know them.

- Of course! Facebook!

Starting out with warm-up


In a line facing each other.

And arm swings.

- Feet nice and close together.

C'mon Josh, you know this.

Nice and tight up

through the body.

Left arm... Good.



Shane. Hi.

- Kate. Hi, what time is it?

Oh, yeah, it is a bit late.

Yeah. What's up anyway?

Um. Well, there's only 2 weeks

to the next competition.

Can I met with you to discuss

the girls' progress?

Is that all you rang for? Yeah,

but only if it's over dinner.

Well, fine.

But I get

to pick the restaurant.

Deal! Tomorrow night at 6:00?

Great, I'll text you where

to meet me.


Ahh. This is not exactly

what I had in mind.

Yeah, I suspected

what you had in mind,

which is why I chose here.

Oh really?

What did I have in mind?

Here, I've ordered for you.

So. What can we do to give

the girls a real edge?

Well, to advance they need

strength development.


I know you can get it

out of the boys apparatus.

We could train them

on the boys equipment?

That's a bit radical.

Has it worked in the past?

- I don't know!

I've never done it before.


The boys equipment!?!

Yes. The boys equipment.

Now boys, this is all about

helping the girls.

Matthew, you're with Kayla.

Harry, you're with Erin.

And Josh, you're with Maddy.

Alright. Let's get into it.

Did I mention you are all teams?

Whoever does the most chin ups,

pull ups on the rings,

and dips on the bars will

win the prize.

What's the prize?

You are direct aren't you?

I want to know what the prize is

if I'm gonna have to work with


Rest assured, it will be good.

- It better be.


Prize? When did you come

up with that?

When none of them moved.

I've got no idea what to

use as a prize.


It shouldn't be hard, yeah?

Well, if you can do it it can't

be that hard.







Is... Is Maddy at home?


Who might you be?

I'm Joshua.

I'm helping Maddy at the gym.


May I please speak to Maddy?

Sure. Come on in.

I'll get Maddy for you.

Josh! What are you doing here?

I think that's pretty obvious!

He's come to see you kiddo.

Spruce yourself up!

Don't want to look like the cat

dragged you in.

Well, I've got some things to do

out in the out in the shed.

Nice to meet you Joshua.

I'll be out in the garage

if you need me, Maddy.

You done your homework yet?

Yeah, that was easy.

I love working out those

problems in my head.


- You?

I'm pretty hopeless.

I could sort of help you a bit.

- Oh cool...

I'll go get my books.



Well, I was gonna use my head.

But not quite like that!

[Inaudible chatter]

Well, what do you reckon Hunter?


Have we given them enough time?

C'mon. Let's go.

Could you really not work

this out?

I just got a bit confused


It's full reception.

Don't be mean.

How's it going guys, alright?

- Yep...

Fine dad.

Yeah, good, Mr Cornell.

So, what are you working on?

- It's actually very


Did you see Josh is with

that little cow Maddy?

Nuh. Who? What?

Maddy and Joshua Phelps.

Well, Joshua Phelps.

Like, who cares?

I do! I'm gonna teach her

a lesson.

Don't you sit next to him in IT?

- Yeah.

I want you to swap with me.

What are you doing?

Catherine sits there.

- Oh, I asked to swap.

I hoped you could help me

with the assignment.

You? As if you need help.

Well this web stuff's too hard

for me.

How do you get pictures in it?

That's easy. You just--

Thank you for your help, Josh.

- That's alright.

What are you doing?

Did she see?

- Oh, yeah, big time!

She ran off behind

the classroom.

Sucks to be her!

What's up with you today?

What's up with her?

She saw you with Chelsea!

That was nothing.

I just helped her!

Well getting her to kiss you

isn't nothing!

It's not my fault.

I didn't do anything!

You know Chelsea hates Maddy?

- Says who?

Don't you get it? She'll do any

thing to have a go at Maddy.

No she wouldn't,

she's not like that at all.

I don't care about Maddy.

I think Chelsea really likes me.

Yeah, Chelsea really likes


It's different now!

She knows me.

Yeah right, sure.

Nice, Harry. Nice and strong

through those shoulders sets.

Josh and Maddy didn't seem to be

getting on. Did you notice?

Can't say that I did.

Yeah, nice, Josh, that's it.

Keep that sustained.

Have you got the invite?

Yes, I have it.

- Mum? Dad?

You'll be coming down today

won't you?

Of course we will darling

but we have to go to your

father's business lunch first.

You'll come down straight after?

Yes, we'll try.

They're not coming are they?


C'mon, Kayla! GFG!


[Music throughout routine]

Well done, Kayla.

Go, Erin! GFG GFG.

- Go, Erin! GFG, Erin! GFG, GFG.

C'mon, Erin!

C'mon, Erin, keep it tight!

Show it off.

That was so good.

-Well done.

Alright, Maddy?

- C'mon, Maddy! GFG!

C'mon, Maddy! Keep it tight!

- GFG!


Well done, Maddy!

Congratulations gymnasts.

Well done!

[Audience applause]

Thank you, gymnasts.

We have with us today

a special guest.

Tom Johansson from the National

Selectors Committee.

Let's welcome Tom.


Thank you.

What a fantastic competition

that's been here today!

With some very talented


That brings me to the reason

why I'm here.

The national selectors

will be appointing

the winning gymnast

in the next competition straight

into the national squad.

Also, I have some good news

for the judges

and, in particular, your very

own Sally Peterson.

Come forward, Sally.

There's a vacancy on the

International judges panel.

And I'm pleased to announce

Sally has been nominated

to be our representative.

So, congratulations Sally,

and thank you everyone.


See you in round 3.

Sally, can I speak to you

afterwards if that's OK?


That little witch Maddy.

She isn't that good at all.

Yeah. That little witch Maddy,

she isn't even that good at all.


- What?

Makes me so mad! Maddy won that

medal fair and square!

Saints? As if!

You know? They do look like

winners though.

I think it's time we had

an extreme make over.


C'mon, let's go find Beverley!

So, to get endorsement

into the national committee

three members will

assess your judging

They judge you and gymnasts

and compare scores.

Yes and I have to be within .2

of their score to be nominated.

Correct. But there is one

other problem.

Problem? What's that?

Someone's lodged a complaint

against you.

A complaint? What about?

Bias judging.


I can't believe it!

We can't endorse your nomination

whilst this complaint is lodged.

Who lodged it?

You know I can't say

until the hearings been set.

I can't imagine who

would do this?

Can you tell me who?

- You know I can't tell you.

You know those are

the procedures.

However, it would be better

if it just went away.

Tom, this is my whole future.

There's Beverley and

who's the other coach?

Kate Jones isn't it?

Didn't Kate and you used to be

good friends?

You could say that.

Pity you're not all good friends

now isn't it?

Kate Jones!

I want to speak to you!


You made a complaint against

me of my judging

of your precious little

protege Maddy Cornell?

Sally. I didn't.

But I should.

Kate. Don't lie to me now.

You lied when I had the

accident in the gym.

Don't lie to me again.

I didn't.

It wasn't my fault.

Yes it was.

You pushed me.

The pit's been emptied so be

careful not to go near it, OK?

I had my hand on your shoulder.

You were holding on to me.

We were having such good fun.

No you won't.

Then you fell.

You slipped.

I don't know.

I just can't remember.

You may not remember

but I sure do.

Because I live with it

every day.

If you try and destroy my future

I'll make sure your little

protege's future is

destroyed too!


You wouldn't.

Not to Maddy?

- Just try me!


What was that all about?

It's the accident.

She still blames me.

I think I pushed her.

Shh. You said you couldn't

remember what happened.

I know. I can't but Sally does.

She said I pushed her.

Oh, Kate. Shh.

I'm sure if you had,

you would have remembered.

I don't know. I just...

I don't know!

Blow. That's a good girl.

- [Crying Giggle]

Try not to think about Sally.

You should be thrilled with

how the girls went today.

Especially Maddy.

Two silvers, not bad, hey?

- Yeah and the winner

goes straight into the

national team! Woo-hoo!

I think that's reserved

for Chelsea.

I don't know, if you take

Sally's bias out of it.

It's a very close thing.

Do you think?

- Aha.

Don't give up on her now.

Anything could happen.

Yeah, I guess.

Something troubling Maddy


I don't know.

I can't quite pinpoint it.

Good, Kayla.

OK. That's it for today girls.

Really good today girls.

Really, really good.

Now, home and relax,

you deserve it.

Hey, Maddy?

I think it's time we shared

the joy of Maddy's puppy love

with the whole school.

Maddy has a puppy?

I love puppies!

No. Catherine. Beccy.

Same as last time,

we'll get all the year 7's

to watch Maddy's face

when I kiss Josh.

But? Haven't we done enough

to her?

Beccy. The next comp winner will

get into the national squad

do you think I'm gonna give

her a chance at that?


- Now!

What about the puppy?

Maddy wait up. Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You've been acting so funny


I thought winning the silver

would snap you out of it.

I've just had other things

on my mind.

If you don't want me around

I'll go hang with Chelsea.

Fine. You do that.

[Inaudible chatter]

[Student laughter]

What are you trying to do?

Nothing that concerns you but

you played your part well!

I didn't do anything!

I thought we were friends?

You and me? I don't think so.

I'm not desperate!

You just used me to hurt Maddy?

- You're the sucker!

I bet you set this up as well.

All just to get at Maddy?

What has she ever done to you?

- That's not the point.

You are so up yourself Chelsea!

Who'd wanna be with you?

I don't and no one else

would either!

It's no wonder your parents

never want to be with you.


Mum? Dad?


Mum? Dad?

I'm quitting!

You can't do that.

I've worked so hard.

I mean we have done too much

work for you to quit!

The final competition

and the National Squad?

Not now!


- Kate!

Why don't you want her to quit?

Is it for her benefit or yours?


[Knock at door]

Maddy, may I come in?


A gold medal?

Look at the inscription.

Equal first place,

Kate Jones Under 12,

National Championships?

Who'd you come equal with?

Sally Peterson.

Is she the judge

in the wheelchair?

Yeah, that's right.

We were both heading towards

representing our country.

Then Sally had her accident

and could never compete again.

Out of sympathy to her

I decided never

to compete again either.

The girls and I always wondered.

Is that why you didn't want

to coach us?

Yeah. Sort of.

Now. It's your choice

whether you quit or not.

And I have to admit coaching

you has given me

a second chance to see

a dream fulfilled.

But I don't want you to be like

me and make a wrong decision.

Quit for the right reasons.

You know I see you look at


I see you feel like you're

not like the other kids.

I'm telling you Maddy.

Your talent, your physique,

most of all your heart

means that you are 10 times

more talented than Chelsea

and all her friends

put together.

Quit if you want to.

But don't be like me and

waste your talent because

of what others think.

What about the medal?

Keep it.

That's right.

Swapping over.

Good. And shoulder stretch.

I think we both should have

a second chance.

Go on then!


Maddy! Maddy, wait up.

I realize I was wrong!

I shouldn't have made fun of you

like that.

What are you doing now, Chelsea?

Still trying to milk more fun

out of it?

No, I was trying to apologize.

Maddy? Sorry about yesterday.

I didn't know!

Spare me the details.

I saw what happened.

But I didn't mean to hurt you.

- Well, you did!

And I don't want you

around anymore.

I told Kate and Shane I don't

want you at training either.

But it wasn't my fault!


Maddy? Maddy?


What you doing, buddy?

Ahhh, glutton for more

punishment, eh?

I heard what you said to Chelsea

after her stunt. Good for you!

Doesn't do me any good,

Maddy won't even talk to me.

Come back after training

tonight. I'll talk to her.


You'd help?

Sure. I'll be back.



Even if you're right you still

have to forgive and move on.


Did you know he gave Chelsea

a serve after you left?

No. Erin and Kayla said

something, but I didn't listen.

Well, from what they told me

that boy deserves a gold medal.

Um. Do you want to walk me home?

- Sure!

Forgive and move on,

or you just hurt yourself.

Let me guess.

Good advice for me and Sally.

It would be good for the

both of you.

I mean, for what it's worth.

Well, whatever happens next

comp, I'll try and patch things


It won't solve this complaint

against her though.

What do you mean?

She blames me for a complaint

lodged against her.

That's what our

argument was about.

I thought you said it was

about the accident.

Well yeah that too.

But it was the complaint

that started it off.

Oh dear.

Don't you worry about it.

I'll just have to sort it out

with her anyway.

I think I could do with a dose

of that advice myself.

You lodged the complaint?

- Shh! I saw what she was

doing to Maddy

and it wasn't fair.

And I couldn't stand by

and do nothing.

Oh Beverley! This whole time

she's been blaming me

and it was you!

Oh, I'm sorry Kate.

I thought

I was doing the right thing.

It's fine.

- Really?

I sort of didn't mind her harsh

judging of Maddy.

I mean, I hated it and it made

me really angry but

it was actually very


Pushed me & Maddy beyond what

I thought we were capable of.

A silver lining to a dark cloud.

Yeah, you're lucky.

- [Chuckle]

What are we gonna do?

I'll make things right.

One... two... three...

and turn.


One... two...

And turn back. Yes...

[Phone ringing]

- Hello.

- Shane, it's me.

- Kate.

- I've been doing some

thinking about the girls.

And there's only 3 weeks until

the next comp.

And I want to talk to you

about them but not in front of


- OK... Where?

I don't mind.

Hmm. OK but only

if I pick the place!


This is cozy.

- I take it you approve?

Well, I'm not adverse to

intimacy and class.

I can see that.

You look fantastic!

Thank you.

How can we improve the girls

chances at the next comp?

I thought that's what we

were training for?

Well, yeah of course it is,

but now

I can actually

see them winning.

OK. Um.

Are they all doing extra

skills on the apparatus?

Well yeah, as many as they

can but

Maddy's struggling with

her kips move.

Erin with her run up

for vault.

Kayla with footwork on beam.

Well, Maddy could do a layout

backsault with a full twist.

for an extra .5 on her

floor routine?

True, but she sprained her ankle

and was out for a week.

the last time

she attempted that.

- Hmm.

- Maddy's kips.

Erin's vault and

Kayla's footwork?

I've got an idea.

[Clears throat]

Hey, yeah, it's Shane, yeah,

long time.

I know this is short notice

but I was wondering if...

Alright. It's set.

What's set?

- Uh, no, no, no, no, no...

That's a surprise!

Be at the

athletic stadium at 7:00 am.

with the girls, if you dare.

Now, let's talk about you

for a change.


The beam?

- Excuse me! The beam is--

Is that right?

- Yes!

And men don't do it because--

- I bet you I could!

Come on. You'll fall off!

- Let me show you.

Oh my god,

this is so embarrassing.

There's people watching!

No. Lengthen.


Very nice.

- Dismount?

Ohh, very good--and extend.

Well done.

They liked you.

- Yeah? What'd you think?

Um. I'd give you another

six years!


What are we doing here?

[Phone rings]

I'm about to find out.

- Kate, are you there?

- Yes. We're here.

What's happening?

- OK. If you look around

there should be an athlete

waving toward you?

I see her.

- Put me on speaker.

Girls, this is Tamsyn Lewis.

Australian champion runner

who's been to the Olympics

and World Championships!

This is especially for you,


Fantastic! That's great!

- Hi, girls!

You must be Kate?


I've spoken to Shane.

And he wants me to help you

with speed and acceleration.

Let's go and work on

some technique.

Now sprinters focus on using

their arms to generate speed.

They pump their arms up and down

and they focus on driving out.

On your marks.

Set. Go!

Let's go again, remembering

what I've taught you.

Erin, that's really good.

We're gonna have to move your

cone back, you're much faster!


Kate, they're doing very well.

I reckon there's one more

thing that would help.

Resistance training.

[Phone ringing]

- Shane?


Now for Maddy's kip. Tomorrow

meet me at my mate's warehouse.

What are we doing here?

Aww. Box off, box on.

Who does he think he is?

Mr. Miyagi I think?


Mr Ho to you!


[Sigh] Girls.

This is Dean Lukin!

Australia's only Gold medalist

in the Olympics

for weight lifting!

Cool! Do we get to do some

weight lifting?

Shane's explained we need to do

a little bit of weight training.

So, what we're gonna do,

is lift some of these cartons.

No! Straight arms.

This is gonna be hard.

After a week?

More than you know.

Oh, Maddy?

Straight arms. GFG!

OK, girls, that should

about do it!

Alright. To the gym.

Let's put it to the test.

What? Now?

- No time like the present.

OK, Maddy.

Let's see your kip.


My arms are dropping off.

Yes. Now!


You heard the man.

Let's go.

Maddy, I'm serious.

One swing, then into kip, ok?


- Did you see that. [Laughter].

Great, Maddy!

This time, try again and connect

your handstand.

Wow! That was amazing!

- That was so amazing!

Nice one, Shane!

OK. Now for my next miracle,

Kayla's footwork. [Whispers]

Where? Where tell us! C'mon!

It's a secret. Not telling!

[Waltz Music]

Now, these are for you.

These are boots.

They have solid toes too?

They're called steel caps,

and trust me, you'll need them.

So, this is Kayla our troubled

footwork gymnast.

Work your magic! Hopefully

not too many injuries.

I'm sure we'll be fine.


He's got boots on as well?

- Yes. For his protection!

Good luck, Chris.

Sorry... oh...

- It's OK.

Sorry! Oops! Ahh.

- Over this way. And....

And again.

That's OK start again. Sorry!

Wait! Can you like, slow down?

Well, that's the best I can do

with them in 3 weeks.

I think you are a regular little

miracle worker.

I... I...

I do have one more surprise.

I thought Maddy needed something

that stood out music wise

for her floor routine.

So I had this made for you.

Oh Maddy really.

[Floor routine music]

Wow! What's fantastic!

Can you play that again?

[Music is restarted]

This goes perfectly with her


I'll get her used

to it in the morning.

Just a few little changes.

She's gonna love this!

Did I say only 1 more surprise?

I was really hoping for two.


don't get your hopes up.

They're really busy today.


The warm up has started. C'mon!

Off with the tops!

Get into it!

We'll take them off for the

march on, but not before!

Ohh. OK.

We'll wait for the march on.

But we still have to

do warm up.

Arm swings, c'mon!

Please leave the competition

area, to commence the march on.

and team presentations.

What was all that about?

Well, together with your music.

Let's just say, it's going to be

a very interesting day.

Welcome everyone to the deciding

competition for the

State Championships.

[Marching Music]

Teams competing today are--







And Coreega.

Gymnasts to your first

apparatus please.

These two seats free?

- Ah yeah, I think they are.

It looks like Maddy and Chelsea

are going to be the last

to compete on the floor.

The best I can work out is

whoever wins the floor

is gonna win the comp.


Wow! That's the highest score

for a level 6 on the floor!

That's gonna be hard to beat!

Oh no. This is not good.

- What's the matter, Shane?

Hold on a minute.

- Shane?!

Kate! Kate! Kate! Kate!

Maddy's base score won't

give her enough points

to beat Chelsea.

She needs a bonus skill.

What's the score difference?

She needs at least a .5 bonus.

There's not much we can do

about it now.

Do the layout backsault,

with a full twist.

That would give her

the extra point.

That's too hard for her,


Chelsea can't even do that!

Kate? I want to do it.

I reckon I can.

I was so close last time.

And I am so much stronger now.

Maddy, are you sure?

You can do it, Maddy.


Maddy, Maddy.

GFG! GFG, Maddy!



Yes! Brilliant Maddy Brilliant!

[Audience cheer]

Is she equal with Chelsea?

- Yep!

It all comes down to Sally's

score now.

Here's Sally's.



What does that X mean?

I haven't seen that before?

It's some sort of error.


Congratulations gymnasts.

Well done. Great competition.

Tom Johansson is here to do

the presentations. Tom?

Thank you. Get straight into

it shall we?

In 3rd place, actually we've got

two equal 3rd's today!

From Saints, Catherine Sims.

And from Coreega, Erin Bishop!

Well done girls.


And in overall 2nd place, plus

gold medal for beam and vault.

Chelsea Smith. [Applause]

Well done.

1st place, with the highest

score ever achieved for floor

in level 6, plus two gold

medals for floor and bar...

Maddy Cornell.

Well done, girls.

As promised,

the winner of today has

automatic inclusion

onto the national squad.

So congratulations Maddy

on winning that place.

Now I also announce that your

very own Sally Peterson

has been accepted onto the

international gymnastic

judging panel!

Well done, Sally.


Your attention please.

Tom the chairman of national


has a very special

announcement. Tom?

Thank you. As I mentioned

before Maddy Cornell

has won her place

onto the squad. I also have

the discretion of adding

an extra gymnast

to the squad as well.

I'm pleased to announce with

an outstanding performance.

all year round.

We would like to add Chelsea

Smith to the squad as well.


- Congratulations, Chelsea!

And thank you everyone.

Chels. Chelsea! Chelsea!

Thank you judges, gymnasts,

parents and friends.

That concludes today's



They saw my 8 as a 3!

Oh dear!

Now girls, enough of this

between you two.

You're going to become team

mates and you're going to

behave like it,

or I'll make sure you're both

kicked off the team.

I don't think she has

the authority to do that.

You and I both know that.

But they don't.

I'm sorry for being mean to

you and Joshua and all that.

Sorry for being rude to you.


The national squad!

Both of us!

Hey kiddo.

Yeah, here she is. Give it up.

It was my fault.

- It was my fault.

No, it was mine.

- It was mine.

Kate, let me speak first.

I was the one that made up

that game on the beam.

And how we were pushing

each other off.

And I didn't even remember

until the other day that

my foot slipped.

I think it has just been easier

to blame somebody else

than myself and of course that

someone was gonna be you.

Oh, Sally.

- I'm sorry.

I won't be needing this.

Got my own.


My little champion!

C'mon girls, yeah!

Beautiful girls.

Keep going.

Keep the routine going.

Maddy's on the tele.

Come here you.

C'mon! Maddy's on the T.V!

We move to the final rotation.

I can see Maddy Cornell

just waiting to be introduced.

Representing Australia,

Maddy Cornell!

Maddy has an amazing story.

After her first regional

state championships

a short time ago,

she's now at the world

junior championships

and this performance

for the gold medal.

Maddy presents and takes up her

start position on the floor.


She started with a triple

twist and landed it!

No one will beat her now!