A ¥1,000,000,000,000,000 Ransom (2015) - full transcript

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In this country,
budget deficits and pension problems

and the intergenerational inequity formed by

a declining birthrate and aging population
have become a major concern.

However, the government

has taken no clear actions to absolve these issues.

As a result, one man has directed his anger at the nation.

[Mayu Cellphone]

What is it, Mayu?

This is Ms. Shinoda Yumi, correct?


I'm terribly sorry

but I have kidnapped your daughter, Miss Mayu.

What... what are you saying?

Don't panic.

If you adhere to my demands,
I will ensure the safety of your daughter.

Details will be sent to the media

and I will not be contacting you from this phone again.

Our name is

The Leaders of the Revolution.

[Public Department]

There's a declaration of crime at the inquiry window!

Every Morning Newspaper Company
There's a declaration of crime at the inquiry window!

Every Morning Newspaper Company


"To the news agencies:"

"Everyone in mass communication,
please pass this along to the police."

"Our name is The Leaders of the Revolution."

"On this day I have kidnapped and am safeguarding
Motoazabu Elementary School fifth grader Shinoda Mayu."

Metropolitan Police Department

The crime declaration has reached
every mass media company.
Metropolitan Police Department

The crime declaration has reached
every mass media company.

The possible victim of kidnapping

is Minato District Motoazabu Elementary School
fifth grader Shinoda Mayu.

That girl is Former Deputy Prime Minister Kunitake's


- Kataoka, for now, you take command of the site.
- Yes, sir.

First, visit the home of the victim.

- They don't seem to be answering the phone.
- Understood.

Everyone else,
enforce press restraints on the media.

And also, contact the father's workplace.

Yes, sir.

and the kidnapper's demand?

A ransom of 1,085 trillion yen!

"Mayu is in fact former Deputy Prime Minister
and active member of the House of Representatives"

"Kunitake Yoshikazu's granddaughter."

"As he was questioned for violating
Political Funds Control Law"

"the case was dropped under suspicious circumstances."

"It was that Kunitake Yoshikazu."

"We will guarantee the hostage's safety."

"We are keeping her somewhere she cannot escape,
but otherwise respecting her freedom"

"and of course providing meals"

"Respecting her freedom"?

Do they mean they won't tie her up or harm her?

So it seems.

"In the case that our demands are not met"

"we cannot guarantee her survival."

"As for our demands"

"a ransom of 1085 trillion yen"

"Within a week from now,
Wednesday, September 16, by 9 in the morning"

"have it prepared below the monument
at Kaze no Mori Park."

"1085 trillion yen.
Approximately one quadrillion yen."

"I assume you understand the significance of that."


Mr. Kataoka

Are you with the police?
I'm Mayu's father, Shinoda Yuichi.

- Special Investigations. I'm Kataoka.
- And I'm Imamura.

I've been contacting my home and my wife's cell

but I couldn't get through.

To be safe, we will be going in first.


Mr. Kataoka!


Should I call an ambulence?

No, there is no need.
I am a doctor.

It's anemia.
It's her constitution.

Yumi? Yumi.

Are you okay?


So then, regarding the phone call.

Did it have anything to do with your daughter?


Kidnapped... they said they took Mayu.

I got a call from Mayu's cellphone.

I picked it up thinking it was Mayu and was told that.

Was it a man's voice?
A woman's voice?

It was a man.

Perhaps in his 30s.

Did he give his name?

Uh, something about the Revolution or...

Must be the Leaders of the Revolution.

And? What else did he say?

He said he will not call here again.

You said he's not calling here again, right?

Yes, but just in case,we have to be ready.

So she was targeted because
she's Kunitake's grandchild!

I'm sorry.

It seems Mayu was absent from cram school today.

Did you hear anything about this?


Well, then, does she have any
friends she usually plays with after school?


Is she always in the house,
not even trying to make friends?

That's why I can't trust you with anything!

But she never talks to me about anything.


Yumi, what were you doing?

And you call yourself a politician's daughter!

I'm sorry.

You aren't the one's facing the full brunt of this.

I am!

I'm truly sorry.

- Um, right now, more than blaming...
- Who are you?

- Metropolitan Police Special Investigatio-
- Who is in charge here?

That would be me.

- Have we met...?
- Yes.

I had been assigned as your escort.

It has been a while.

Huh, so a non-career detective is in charge, then.

Excuse me, that was rude.

In any case, have the Metropolitan Police,
National Police Agency, and Public Safety

work together and investigate this case
until it is resolved.

Yes, sir.

More this way.


Look here.

Have you given any thought to the ransom's meaning?

1085 trillion yen...
Just about one quadrillion yen.

They aren't being very realistic.

It's Japan's total budget deficit
at the end of the last fiscal year.


Even the criminal has to know that there's no way
we can prepare one quadrillion yen.

In that case...

It wouldn't be strange if he is thinking politically.

Plus, he's calling himself "Leader of the Revolution"

Public Safety is gonna be all over this case.

No doubt.

Our priority is the hostage's safety.

As you are aware,

aside from his eldest daughter Yumi,
Former Deputy Prime Minister Kunitake

has a son, Mr. Kazuyuki, who followed in his footsteps
and became a member of the Diet.

He has two young children as well.

Which means the criminal
deliberately targeted Ms. Yumi's daughter.

The politican has strict security at his side
that would have prevented it.

What is the home situation of the Shinoda family?

Mr. Kataoka

Former Deputy Prime Minister Kunitake's
eldest daughter Yumi

married a doctor, Mr. Shinoda Yuichi
12 years ago.

The kidnapped Mayu is their only child.

Three times a week,
Mayu goes to the cram school by Azabudai Station.

That day, cram school was in session, but she was truent.

We estimate that the kidnapper acted

while she was going from
elementary school to cram school.

Any witnesses?

From the initial stage of inquiry,
there are no witnesses.

We reviewed the surveillance footage from around
the station, but we found no evidence.

But how is it that a 10-year-old child
was kidnapped without anyone seeing it happen?

What's wrong?

Why did the culprit bother to call the mother?

I wonder...

Since he announced his demands through the media...

Excuse me!

The media networks have received a second message!

Here is the attached image.

She is holding today's evening newspaper.

It's the second message from the criminal.
I will now read it.

"We the Leaders of the Revolution have prepared
two options for the Japanese government."

"Option One"

"To pay the previously requested 1085 trillion yen."

"This amount is our country's fiscal deficit
from the end of last year."

"The dawn that we receive it"

"we intend to use it to help reduce the deficit."

- That's so much!
- There's no way we can arrange that!

So it's a political crime after all.

"Option 2"

"Take responsibility for the financial crisis,
and for the sake of the nation,"

"present a formal apology
and a concrete economic recovery plan."

"By 9AM tomorrow, please announce
which option you will take on television."

"We hope for a response from the Prime Minister
or former Deputy Prime Minister Kunitake."

That's it.

They want us to respond within 12 hours.

Chief, do you want to make this an open investigation?

All we can do is wait for the Official Residence
to make a move.

[Former Deputy Prime Minister Kunitake]

Why so focused on Kunitake?
[Former Deputy Prime Minister Kunitake]

Why so focused on Kunitake?

The Next Morning

6 DAYS until the Deadline
The Next Morning


Is this not good enough for a little lady raised in luxury?

If you don't eat, you'll die.

If you die, it'd be a real problem for me.
So eat.

- These fur seals, are they eloping?
- I wonder!

But they seem to get along well.

- This is going to cause a commotion again.
- It's an idyllic sort of news, isn't it.

Yes, it's healing.

Uh, we have just received word

that the Metropolitan Police Department
will be holding an emergency press conference.

Yesterday morning

a student attending the metropolitan area
Motoazabu Private Elementary,

Shinoda Mayu,
was kidnapped while returning from school.

But the criminal appeared to be targeting
the Prime Minister or Kunitake.

It means they've left the decision for someone else.

Do you mean you've been contacted by the criminal?

Yes. To prevent intereference with the investigation
we unfortunately cannot provide details

But from the criminal's statement we can assume

the criminal is a man in his 30s
who is strongly discontented with society.

He has great Internet expertise
and there is a possibility of multiple offenders.

Can we please have some more information?

We cannot provide any more detail.

Are you saying you cannot present
the kidnapper's statement?

Wasn't there a demand for a ransom?

I cannot answer that question.

I am addressing the criminal.
If I do this now, we can still make it.

Please release the hostage as soon as possible.

We and the government,
we are lending our ears to your voices

and are preparing for this discussion.

That is all.

- Why won't you release the criminal's statement?
- What is the ransom?

- Answer us!
- Tell us why!

So, shall we start it from this end?

Woah, that's crazy! What is that?

A quadrillion yen?

The criminal's statement got leaked to the Internet?


It was posted to a bulletin board site
and it's being spread via social networks.

Did the media leak it?

No, the risk would be too great.

The culprit likely released it after seeing the interview.

So he's determined to be showy with this.

We just received one more message.

I'll display it on the monitor.

"Please make this the last time
you put off a client of the government."

"If you do not take action
and abide by the September 16th deadline"

"we cannot guarantee the survival of the hostage."

Can you trace the sender of this message?

They used multiple foreign servers to send it.

Meaning, our culprit has Internet expertise on his side.


It sounds like we've received instruction
from the Prime Minister.

Our country does not surrender to any kind of terrorism.

For the dignity of the nation, let us rescue Miss Mayu

and arrest the criminal before the deadline.

Extra! Extra!
News on the ransom case!

News on the kidnapping case!

Here! Extra!

Here. Here, extra!

Kidnapping is wrong,

but honesty, I'd like to hear
what the government has to say.

No matter how you look at it,
the money isn't the point, is it?

I mean, one quadrillion yen is definitely impossible!

If they just deal with the reconstruction

that hostage kid will be released, won't she?

So why won't they do it?
'S suspicious isn't it?

Now that you've heard the voices from the streets,

Mr. Yamashita, what do you think of the criminal's threat?

During his time in the Ministry

Mr. Kunitake funded public works recklessly
and was a typical profit-driven politician

the price of which was, undoubtedly,
our current financial problems.

To put it shortly, the criminal's point is not incorrect.

What do you think of the criminal's objective
not being the ransom

but former Deputy Prime Minister Kunitake?

I have entrusted the police with the investigation.

I will not be making any irresponsible statements.

Good bye.

[Was the statement calling out Kunitake posted by the criminal?]

Finally, it's begun.

"A ransom of 1,085 trillion yen"

[Petition Blog]
[For the sake of the future children]

[One quadrillion yen]
[Deputy Prime Minister Kunitake]
[Start a revolution]

[One quadrillion yen]
[Deputy Prime Minister Kunitake]
[Leaders of the Revolution]

Could this be...?

[This site has been deleted.]
[The blog manager has terminated their account.]

An album?

Sorry for asking at this difficult time.

But anything that could provide a clue will help.

Just a moment.

Oh, I'm sorry.
They haven't been organized.

Oh, no, thank you very much.

We will use these for reference.

Um, I may have more in the bedroom.

I'll go take a look.

Ah, excuse me.

Ms. Yumi!

Ms. Yumi! Ms. Yumi!

Pardon me.

This is concerning.
I'll take her to my university's hospital.

I will start the car.

There's a crowd of reporters out front!

Do you have a mask?
Oh, are you okay?

Someone's coming out!

Has something happened?
Are there any developments on the case?

Is she alright?

Is everything alright?

Have you received any new demands from the kidnapper?

What is former Deputy Prime Minister Kunitake doing?

Please move aside!

Move aside! It's dangerous!

Where will you be going?

It's dangerous, so please move aside!

You too, please move aside!

[Beyond-Pretty Detective (Plainclothes)]

Where will you be going?

- It's dangerous, so please move aside!
- Is Mrs. Shinoda okay?

You too, please move aside!

It's dangerous, so mo-

5 DAYS until the deadline

[Aren't SIT not supposed to reveal their faces?]

Looks like we have a rather incompetent
detective on our hands.

That was an outrageous thing to do!

Why did you go outside without putting on a mask?

I... was in a hurry...

You know Special Investigations
can't show their faces to the media!

The consequence is an immediate transfer!

It was my lack of leadership.

They're saying Public Safety is using this
to take over the investigation.

The Kataoka team will have to back down.

Just wait a moment! This was my mistake!
The team has nothing to do wi-

This mistake doesn't put only your neck on the line!

The Kataoka Team is banned
from Investigation Headquarters.

Just continue checking in on the hospital and victim's home.
That is all.

- Please wait a minute!
- We're going.

- But...
- We are going!

There's a phone call for Miss Beyond Pretty Detective.

Please! Don't say that!

They say they have information.

They said, "I don't want to talk unless it's with her!"



Thank you.

- Do you have something to say?
- You sure are pretty.

Well, "Beyond Pretty" might be saying too much.

So about this blog.

Do you go to matchmaking parties?

Detectives don't have as much free time as you think.

On top of being strong-willed,
she's a black belt in judo and karate.

Even as her boss, there are times I can't stop her.

The title of the blog in question?

"Petition Blog"

"Petition" as in, an appeal?

That's right.
But it was deleted recently.

- Deleted?
- Ah!

I took a screenshot of it. Would you like to see?

Yes, please. Show us.

S... screen... screenshot?

I saved an image of the webpage.

Great job.

It was a pretty popular blog.

I saw the threat on the news
and thought it sounded similar.

When I went to confirm it, the page was already gone.

In what ways was it similar?

Well, the part about intergenerational equity,
and the opposition to Kunitake.

It's certainly similar.

Do you know anything about the writer of this blog?

It says his name is "Naoto"

but he never told me his real name.

Huh? Wait a minute.
You've actually met him?

Yeah. He seemed like a pretty nice guy.

Maybe around his mid-30s?

He ignored me for a long time

but after saying that I wanted to meet him so many times

we started talking about meeting offline.

Tell us in detail. What did you talk about?

Well, we didn't think it was worthwhile
with just the two of us

so we also met with a girl who was leaving
the same kind of comments.

Seriously, I think you're totally right, Naoto.

Half a Year Earlier
Seriously, I think you're totally right, Naoto.

Half a Year Earlier

The guy who designed Japan's pension plan
is criminal isn't he?
Half a Year Earlier

The guy who designed Japan's pension plan
is criminal isn't he?

I bet he was well aware it would collapse in the future!

As long as their own generation is fine, right?!

You've had too much to drink, Teppei.

If there are such incredible students as Teppei

I guess this country isn't at a complete loss.

Hey! Can't you take me seriously?

I want you and me to have a productive debate!

Don't get in a fight.

What is your problem?

But something felt off...

What was it?

That girl was completely uncommitted

and even our all-important Naoto just quietly nodded

and he didn't join the debate at all and...

Well it seemed only I was doing any talking.

Is there else anything about this "Naoto"
that left an impression on you?

Ah, come to think of it, there was this one time

that guy started to heat up.

Naoto, where are you from?

Hey, can you cut it out with the matchmaking questions?

It's fine isn't it?

Since we're finally able to meet.

Do you know of Tokachi, Hokkaido?

I do!

When you say Tokachi,
you're talking about the civil engineering capital, right?

Because a big name politician took the budget by force

the public works budget skyrocketed.

That again?


My friend's father was relying on
the public works projects...

Oh, was he in construction?

So he was affected by the structural reforms?

When the budget was cut,
the whole industry toppled at once.

My friend's place couldn't deal with it either

so one day at sunset, his father

tied a noose around his neck and hung himself.

Even now I think

is there anything I could have done?

I don't think he was lying.

Naoto is from Tokachi, Hokkaido.

This is a pretty good clue, isn't it?

We don't know that he's the criminal yet.

We just know the blog had similar statements.

Well, yes...

Thank you very much.

We may need to speak to you another time

and if so, we will be counting on you.

Send her the image of blog.

Oh, um...

I heard you can receive payment for
cooperating in an investigation...

Thank you!

What do you think?

The blog had a reference to Kunitake too

but more than anything,
the blog was just recently deleted.

It's hard to say that's a coincidence.

In that case,

why did Naoto agree to an offline meeting?

Maybe at that time, he hadn't planned the crime yet.

Either that or...


Maybe he was lonely.

[Confidential video]

You really are useless aren't you.

Not only did you refuse to marry
the Diet member I offered you to marry some doctor

but you could only give birth to a girl.

But Mayu does well in school and...

Even so, what can a girl amount to?

Are you going to continue to be a politician?

Of course I am!

You think I can quit such a rich business?

Do you see anything suspicious about this blog?

Hey, don't come here anymore.

This conversation stays here.

We just found someone who may be our suspect.

A suspect?

A teacher called Hayasaka at Mayu's elementary school

He has a history of causing problems
through political activity and has leftist views.

During class, he began a special lesson on the economic collapse.

- A special lesson?
- Yes.

Right now someone on-site is thoroughly investigating it

so we may come to a conclusion soon.

So, what about this guy?

The chief hates using evidence from the Internet.

You can look into it if you want.
Just, if you do

make sure you get substantial evidence.

- Understood.
- Hey.

What's this outsider doing here?

Can you think of anything else?
Any features or?

Honestly, I don't remember anything beyond this.

I have work to do. Is it okay if I go back?

Yes, sorry.

How is it, Odagiri? Any developments?

Of course there aren't.
You know that, don't you?

Hey, lighten up.

Anyway, you said you were from Hokkaido, didn't you?

Yes, that's right.

The bright men raised in Tokachi,
what high school do they go to?

That would be Obihiro's Kashiwa and Nishi High Schools.

Contact the Hokkaido Prefectural Police
and ask them for those schools' graduation albums.

A change of clothes.

It can't be comfortable to stay in uniform.

Get changed 'cause this is gonna go on for a while.

I made it mild.

How many times do I have to say it?
It's gonna be a long battle.

I can at least make you dinner.

Thank you.

I'll show you something interesting.

Not only did you refuse to marry the Diet member
I offered you to marry some doctor

but you could only give birth to a girl.

But Mayu does well in school and...

Even so, what can a girl amount to?

Are you going to continue to be a politician?

Of course I am!

You think I can quit such a rich business?

This video was leaked onto the Internet

and whether it was the kidnapper or not is unclear

but Mr. Kunitake's controversial remarks
have garnered a big response-

Once you finish that, do some studying.

4 Days until the Deadline

Kunitake's wrecked, huh?

He's just a self-centered, self-serving politician, isn't he!

More importantly, this.

Sorry for calling you in again.
You will be paid for cooperation this time as well.

Am I supposed to find someone
who looks like Naoto in this?

I think this is him.

Without a doubt?

He's aged, but otherwise
his appearance hasn't changed at all.

No, I'm sure of it.

Should we tell headquarters?

Slow down.

We've only pinpointed who ran the blog.
Headquarters won't act on just that.

- Then...
- We just have to do it ourselves.

Kashiwa High School class of 1998's third year E-group.
The name is Ito Naoya.

Get the Hokkaido Prefectural Police to look up
his past and current addresses.

Is he the kidnapper?

We can't say anything for sure at this stage.

He's currently in his mid-30s, but does he look familiar?

I don't know.

It seems he is calling himself "Naoto."
Does that sound familiar?

You don't know anything do you?

Is there anything else you can recall?

It doesn't matter how trivial it seems.

Well, um...

What is it? Say it!

If you're looking for a woman who was
speaking to Mayu, I saw her.

A woman... what were they like?

She was a nurse at this hospital.

But she's quit already.

Where did you see her?

Near the station.

They were talking closely.

When it happened, did you say anything?

If it's someone you know,
you'd usually say something, right?

This nurse sounds suspicious.

I don't want to disclose too much about
our former employees' private lives.

Even if it's not directly related to solving this case

please let us know.


This person is the one who left.

Why did she leave?

It's only a rumor

but it's said that she was having an affair with Dr. Shinoda.

As I thought.

And, what is her name?

She's called Hashimoto Saori.

Are you Hashimoto Saori?

Did you say September 9th?

Yes. That afternoon.

You're looking for an alibi, right?

- This is a formal questio-
- Excuse me, but

We've received information that
you were having an affair with Dr. Shinoda.

I wouldn't threaten the government
over something like that.

I was just working as usual on that day.

You can confirm this easily.

I see.

I've received enough consolation money to be satisfied.

I knew he had a wife.

Plus, I bought a Benz.

I bear no grudges against him.

- Can I go now?
- Yes, thank you for your time.

Can I ask one last thing?


Have you met Mayu anywhere outside of the hospital?

No, I have not.

I see. Thank you very much.

[Hashimoto Saori]

[Are you the kidnapper?]

[Otani Teppei]

[At a cafe with the Pretty Detective]

[We got a bingo on the graduate album!]

I'll just have to do it.

"There are only four days left until the appointed day."

"Mr. Kunitake Yoshikazu,
are you not concerned about your granddaughter's safety?"

"Mrs. Shinoda Yumi"

"Miss Mayu's mother"

"What are you doing right now?"

"The government and the police, the country"

3 Days until the Deadline
"The government and the police, the country"

3 Days until the Deadline

"will they protect what you hold dear?"
3 Days until the Deadline

"will they protect what you hold dear?"

It's worded so strangely.

Why is he suddenly bringing the mother into it?

Excuse me! Mr. Kunitake!
What are your thoughts on the latest statement?

Do you believe it was the kidnapper
who exposed your verbal abuse?

Are you planning on just standing by
when your grandchild is killed?

Who said that just now?!

To put it in my own words,

have you ever thought you might be the cause of this?!

You bastard... this is slander!

Wait a moment!

With regards to Ito Naoya's upbringing

his father was ran a construction company in Tokachi.

As a result of the government's
haphazard public works spending

the once-successful company quickly went downhill.

When Ito Naoya was a high schooler

his father hung himself.

My friend's place couldn't deal with it either

so one day at sunset, his father

tied a noose around his neck and hung himself.

So he had been talking about himself.

Sorry, continue.

His misfortune doesn't end there.

He had an older brother he had become
estranged to since their father's death.

The brother, then, had started up a small factory

started a family, and had been living in Hokkaido.

When last year, their bankruptcy drove
the household of four to suicide.

His first reunion with his brother

was when he met his body.

During the wake, Ito Naoya

found out that his brother's young children,
his own niece and nephew

had become victims as well, and cried.

On top of the difficult management,
there was this year's tax increase, right?

8% was a big blow to the smaller companies.

But in the end, it's the same as his father, right?

See, because Kunitake's handout policy ended...

But this time Naoya will truly be all alone, won't he.

He holds a grudge against the government,
especially Kunitake.

Chief, he appears to have a substantial motive.


We found a Tokyo street address for Ito Naoya

but in April, he moved out without notifying anyone.

Thank you for waiting. Here you are.

Thank you very much.

- Here, thank you for waiting.
- Thanks.

You can't win a battle on an empty stomach.

The ginger pork is so good!

Isn't it? The tonkatsu is great too.
You should try it next time.

Oh, just give me one piece.

- What are you talking about?!
- Well why not?

- The heck are you saying?
- But you have so much!

Yeah, I have a lot, but you have a lot of your own!

- Can't you just try it next time!
- Oh, come on!

Do you think Ito Naoya

had anyone he could eat meals together with like this?

Talking and eating like this...

I wonder if he has a relationship like that.

Here, dinner's ready.

Thank you.

With no family...

There's no doubt that this crime started
with a political grudge.

But aside from that

there are hidden motives like family and loneliness.

Perhaps Mayu was lonely as well?

Maybe even kidnapping me won't change anything.

2 Days until the Deadline

You are Dr. Hayasaka Norio, correct?

Can you give me a break?

Since I've verified my alibi.

It's a great shame, but we in the police

are working to rescue Mayu as quickly as possible.

We only have two days left until the criminal's deadline.

As her homeroom teacher, we ask that you cooperate.

Go ahead.

What was Mayu like in school?

At first there was no problem at all.

- She was well-behaved and-
- At first?

We heard you had a special lesson on bankruptcy.


Alright everyone, today's lesson is going to be a little tough

Teacher, what's bankruptcy?

Good question. Bankruptcy is...

I started talking about the country's budget deficit.

What would happen if the economy continues to fail.

And I did a simulation with the students.

I thought I'd make Japan's current state
into a teaching game.

But I should have been more mindful
around Shinoda Mayu.

- Teacher?
- Yes?

My dad said that the ones who spent up the budget

was Shinoda's grandpa's era, right?

Oh, wasn't it Kunitake?

I've heard that before.

Me too!

Hey! Now, now,
Shinoda has nothing to do with this!

I thought that the taunting wouldn't go
beyond the lesson, when...

Hey, give me Kunitake's backpack!

- Give it! Give it!
- Cut it out!

Hey, stop it!

Stop it!

Stop! Stop it!

Please! Stop! Give it back!


Stop it! Stop!

This kind of bullying began to evolve.

With regards to Shinoda Mayu

I truly cannot apologize enough.


please do everything you can to save her.

Maybe even kidnapping me won't change anything.


You, write a letter.

A letter.

I'm sorry.

No, pardon me.

Oh, sorry.

- Thank you very much.
- Yeah.

I have kidnapped your daughter, Miss Mayu

She's the Former Deputy Prime Minister's granddaughter.

- And the kidnapper's demand?
- A ransom of 1,085 trillion yen!

- You've actually met him?
- Yeah.

He seemed like a pretty nice guy.

I think this is him.

Have you met with Mayu before?

No, I have not.

Maybe even kidnapping me won't change anything.

He appears to hold a grudge against the government,
especially Kunitake.

He has a substantial motive.


You, write a letter.

I'm coming in.

[From Mayu]

Huh? Is this...?

Ms. Yumi! Look.

I am doing well."

"I am eating well."

"So please do not worry."


I'm sorry.

What's wrong?

Are you alright?
Shall I call an ambulance?

No, I have medicine.

Wait right here!

Take it with this.

- Sorry. I'll pay...
- Oh no, it's fine

If it weighs on you then

just put 100 yen in a donation box for me.

But are you really alright?

Yes. Thank you very much.

Then take care!

We'll keep this for the time being.

I will visit again.
I'll be going now.

[From Mayu]

"To the mom I hate"

"Don't look for me."

"Even if you look, you won't find me."

"Because I am invisible."

"Hasn't it always been that way?"

"Good bye."

1 Day until the Deadline

The deadline given by the kidnapper
is coming up tomorrow.
1 Day until the Deadline

The deadline given by the kidnapper
is coming up tomorrow.

But as of now, the government
has not released any statements.

Mr. Kamijo

this time, instead of using e-mail, the criminal
delivered a letter directly.

Why do you think they are running such a risk?

Having seen the government's inaction

they may have become frustrated.

Perhaps they calculated that by appealing
to the direct family

they'd send a more effective message?

Since, for the mother

this is a matter worth more than money.

As for the content of the letter

it says that Mayu is safe and not to worry.

This may be intended to create pressure for the ransom...


Not now.
I have a headache.

[Kunitake virus]
[Handout kid]

Because I am invisible.

Hasn't it always been that way?

Good bye. Good bye.


You say Hashimoto Saori and Mr. Shinoda
didn't have a smooth break up?

By no means.

He killed infant inside her.

Huh? Killed?

The child Saori was pregnant with.

That man called Shinoda forced her to abort it.

She couldn't get over it for the longest time!

She's definitely lying about not holding a grudge.

You think Hashimoto Saori has a motive?

We're suspecting Ito Naoya right now, correct?

The chances that Hashimoto Saori
]is the culprit are slim...

Have you ever gone mountain climbing before?


There's more than one way
to climb a mountain, you know.

If you apply different rules,
you might unexpectedly find a breakthrough.

Different rules...

It looks delicious!

Actually, I just had this veggie soba the other day.

You've eaten it?

You really like your ramen, don't you, Mr. Yamashita?

["One Quadrillion Yen" Ransom Kidnapping Case
Who in the Government is to Blame?
Debate not Progressing.]
You really like your ramen, don't you, Mr. Yamashita?

["One Quadrillion Yen" Ransom Kidnapping Case
Who in the Government is to Blame?
Debate not Progressing.]

Plus, this restaurant has a lot of female customers.
["One Quadrillion Yen" Ransom Kidnapping Case
Who in the Government is to Blame?
Debate not Progressing.]

Plus, this restaurant has a lot of female customers.

[The Shinoda Mayu Kidnapping Case:
Ransom Deadline Approaching,
Government Avoiding Responsibility]
Plus, this restaurant has a lot of female customers.

[The Shinoda Mayu Kidnapping Case:
Ransom Deadline Approaching,
Government Avoiding Responsibility]

Well, that's true.
[The Shinoda Mayu Kidnapping Case:
Ransom Deadline Approaching,
Government Avoiding Responsibility]

[The Shinoda Mayu Kidnapping Case:
Ransom Deadline Approaching,
Government Avoiding Responsibility]

How did it taste?
[The Shinoda Mayu Kidnapping Case:
Ransom Deadline Approaching,
Government Avoiding Responsibility]

How did it taste?

Oh! It was delicious.

Why isn't anyone doing anything!

A transmission?

The kidnapping case. Got it.

There has been a development in the kidnapping case.

We are now switching to the
front of Shinoda Mayu's home.

Oh! They're coming! They're coming!

Mayu's mother has just returned!

It's Mayu's mother!

- Mayu's mother, what are your thoughts!
- Please say a few words!

How is your condition?

How do you feel?

Is your condition okay?

On the case, on the situation,
has there been any progress?

Please say a few words!

Please share your thoughts!
Look this way.

Over here, your thoughts please!

To the Leaders of the Revolution

I agree with your claims wholeheartedly.


What are you doing?
Go inside!

I believe the reason Japan fell into this financial crisis

was the politicians, including my father,
Kunitake Yoshikazu.

As the daughter of Kunitake Yoshikazu

I give my sincerest apologies
to the people of this nation.

So please.

The Leaders of the Revolution

please return my daughter, Mayu, to me!

Stop being ridiculous!

What's wrong with me
fighting for my own daughter?!

I'm begging you.

I can't be away from Mayu like this anymore.

I need to hold Mayu in my arms

and look into her eyes

and have a proper talk with her.

I'm sorry, Mayu.

Please... come back safely.

Let me be your mother once again!

To the kidnappers, I beg of you!

Please return my precious Mayu.

Prime Minister!
Please save my daughter!


Mayu, I want to see you again.

Let me hold you again.

Mayu... Mayu...

That's enough.


So the mother has made a move.

This may have been our culprit's goal.

His goal?

Starting with that first phone call

the kidnapper consistently sent messages to the mother.

If this is the result of that

he may start to act differently.


I'm modifying the plan.


I'm modifying the plan.


I'm changing what will happen
in our kidnapping incident.

What are you changing?

I've decided we aren't going
to flee the country together.


- Why?
- Only I'm leaving.

You go home.

Why are you saying that?

You promised that we'd leave together.

You said you'd listen to me.

Three Months Earlier

Kidnap me.

Kidnap me.

And then take me somewhere far away.

What are you talking about all of a sudden?

Overseas would be good.
Somewhere far away.

Somewhere where no one knows
about me, about my family.


You're right, I did promise you.
But our general predicament has changed.

Don't try to confuse me with big words.

Your mom has changed, hasn't she?

But Grandpa or Dad will get mad at her

and everything could go right back
to how it was before.

She'll stop caring about me again.

Did you not just see your mom on TV?!

Your mom isn't running from you anymore.

You aren't invisible to her anymore.

Go back to your mom.

That's what you really want, isn't it?


But I want to be with you!

Because you're my family, Naoto!

- Thanks, Mayu.
- See? We need to be together...

If you're with me, you'll end up alone again.


The cancer has spread throughout your body.

It's unfortunate, but we can no longer cure it.

You have maybe one year.

A year?

This disease is going to kill me soon.

That's why I can't stay with you.


I don't want you to die!

Everyone has to die eventually.

It's just that I'm going a little early.


It's thanks to that disease that I met you.

That I figured out what I wanted to do.

I was able to open that door.

I quit my job and started that blog.

I wanted to leave something behind

so I said what had been troubling me
deep within my heart.

I thought if I did that, someone might feel the same.

Maybe things would start changing,
even if it's just a little.


"I was put in a terrible position
by Kunitake Yoshikazu's son-in-law."

"His daughter, Kunitake's granddaughter,
is an acquaintance of mine."

That's how I met Saori

and came to know you.

- Want to try this too?
- Yes!

At first, I was wondering whether
I should kidnap you.

I wasn't kind or gentle, but you somehow liked me

and soon we were frequently
meeting each other in secret.

Hey, Mayu.

Are you being bullied?

No. It's nothing.

It doesn't look like nothing.

It doesn't look like nothing.

It doesn't look like nothing.

- Does your teacher or mom know about this?
- It's pointless!

No one is looking out for me.

That's when, in my mind,

you and my deceased brother's children connected.

Thanks to Kunitake, thanks to adults, children suffer.

I was fed up with that kind of world.

Kidnap me.

Kidnap me.

And then take me somewhere far away.

The truth is...

I was reading your Petition Blog.

I thought that you'd understand how I felt
so I tried to become your friend.

I thought so.

I'm sorry.

I wasn't doing it for you.

I was doing it for myself.

I thought, "The world can't stay like this."

"I can't die leaving it like this."

Are you really going to die?

Don't frown like that.

You knew from the beginning
you were going to run away by yourself?

I thought that if you were going to stay all alone
I'd take you with me.

But you aren't alone anymore.

You have a mom who will look after you.


I want to go abroad on my own

surround myself in beautiful scenery
and quietly live out my days.

Because that place would probably be
the closest to Heaven.

Let me go.


Send me a letter.


Last winter, Ito Naoya
suddenly quit working here, correct?

Did he give a reason?

He was an extremely serious person.

Why would such a serious person quit his job?

The reason Ito Naoya retired...

was for health purposes.

At the hospital

he was diagnosed as having only a short time to live.


Tomorrow morning, you're going to attend school.

Say, "I didn't see the kidnapper's face,"
and during the confusion, I'll get away.

You can do that, can't you?

I can do it.

I'll say, "I was blindfolded the whole time,
so I don't know his face."

Make sure they let you take that test.

I will.


I promise.

- Illness?
- I even got the doctor to confirm.

It's certain.

What did you find?

Regarding the participant in
the offline meeting, Nakagawa Haruka...

I heard it was gainless.

I thought there might be something
so I tried her again.

And then...

Come to think of it, on the way back

he recieved a phone call from a woman.

Did you say a woman?

He seemed very familiar with her

I think he was calling her "Saori".

Is that Hashimoto Saori?

I believe that's possible.

A man against the government, Ito Naoya,

knowing his own death was imminent,

and fighting his loneliness, began a blog.

Through this, Hashimoto Saori introduced him to Mayu,

and the kidnapping was planned and executed.

Hmm, it's frustrating.
It's still just conjectures.

Should we further question Hashimoto Saori?

We need to investigate her thoroughly.

That, and do a full investigation of Ito Naoya.

- We're going to headquarters.
- Yes sir.

"To the news media:"

"Finally, it's tomorrow."

"The arranged time."

"Please decide whether you will hand over the ransom"

"or Kunitake will apologize."

Tomorrow morning at 9

as our sovereign nation's dignity rests on
saving my granddaughter from her kidnapper

we have decided to confront the perpetrator.

If there's anything to my being,

I will put my life on the line to rescue
my granddaughter Mayu. That is all.

Please save Mayu!


The Day of the Deadline

Here is where the former Deputy Prime Minister
and the criminal will make contact
The Day of the Deadline

Here is where the former Deputy Prime Minister
and the criminal will make contact

in front of the monument at Kaze no Mori Park.

As this quadrillion yen ransom
cannot possibly be prepared

Mr. Kunitake, in apology to the criminal

is expected to present his reconstruction plan.

Your lunch.

You made it for me?

It's just a sandwich.

Thank you.

You sure you haven't left anything behind?


You know...

It's for you.

A lucky four-leaf clover.

I want you to have it.

It'll bring you happiness.

It'll protect you so you can run away.

See? So keep it.

You promise?

It's a very important promise.


Don't cry.

Off you go.

Just recently

this one police officer gave me water.

He ran all the way to the vending machine to buy it.

Take it with this.

- Sorry. I'll pay...
- Oh no, it's fine.

If it weighs on you,
then just put 100 yen in a donation box for me.

But are you really alright?

Police and politicians

all the people who make up this country

if they had kind hearts like that one officer

maybe this country would become a better place.

Maybe it would.


Run away, okay?

Somewhere far.

Run somewhere really far
and super pretty, okay?

Good bye.

Good bye.

Got it?

If the enemy makes any suspicious moves,
make a shoot-to-kill order.

Got it?!

We've just arrived.

Got it.

When we reviewed the surveillance on Hashimoto Saori,
if you could please...

You did it!

That proves it.

Tension is building here on-site.

Although the arranged time is quickly approaching

Mr. Furuichi, what are your estimates
on the chances of the criminal appearing?

Well, the chances of that one quadrillion yen
being exchanged are, first off, none

but I have trouble believing
the kidnapper will make an appearance.

You can't talk your way out of this one.

You were meeting Mayu in private.

Furthermore, our suspect, Ito Naoya, is with you.

You too are a member of
The Leaders of the Revolution

You're wrong!

That man did it all on his own.

I never thought...

I never thought he'd actually kidnap her...

Please explain.

We were just joking around.

I found a blog run by someone
with a grudge against Kunitake

and said, "I know his granddaughter."

"Why don't you kidnap her as a threat?"

- As we thought...
- Who would think he'd actually do it?!

Meeting Mayu behind her father's back

and bad-mouthing her family...

That was enough for me.

But then... then that girl!

That girl? You mean Mayu?

That girl said she wanted to meet him again...

Beyond that, I know nothing.

I was not involved!

This is Kataoka.

We've pinpointed Ito Naoya's hideout.

He rented out a closed shop
on the black market using cash.

Mr. Odagiri, these...

Mr. Kataoka, he's fleeing the country!

Head toward the airport.

From the Metropolitan Police Department

The hostage, Shinoda Mayu, has arrived at school.

The hostage has been released
before the arranged time.

What could be the meaning of this?

It's curious.
But this may mean that

the criminal's plan is drawing to an end.

Well, perhaps the criminal was afraid of arrest

and ended the crime in the middle?

In that case, the criminal should be
making their escape now.

We're going back.
Turn the car around.


My granddaughter is in custody now!
There's no need for me to go out!

- Quickly, turn the car around!
- Just wait a minute!

The people would not be satisfied.
Are you trying to deceive the nation again?

What are you saying?

I will ask her about what happened.

- Mayu...
- I was blindfolded the whole time

so I do not know where I was.

Did you see the kidnapper's face?

I was blindfolded the whole time,
so I did not see them.

But you were eating meals, weren't you?

I ate alone, so I did not see them.

Excuse me.

Mayu! Mayu!

I'm so glad. I'm so glad.


Mayu is saying that she did not
see the kidnapper's face.

That's a lie.

Shinoda Mayu is covering for Ito Naoya.

I think so too.

It's common for criminals and victims to form a bond.


Shinoda Mayu is Naoya's accomplice.


The Leaders of the Revolution are
Ito Naoya and Shinoda Mayu.

This is not a regular political crime.

It was a revolution that two lonely people
put their lives toward.

So Ito brought the message to the mother for Mayu?

He wanted to put an end to her lonliness.

But he doesn't have much life left.

So he wanted to appeal to the mother's conscience.

Because the mother responded to that

Mayu's revolution came to an end.

That's why she went back to school.

In that case Mr. Kataoka

where is Ito's revolution,
his own revolution, headed?

With so little of his life left...

From the Metropolitan Police Department:
The criminal has appeared at the site.

Get back!
Everyone get back!

Don't push!

Alright, get back!

Get back!

I am The Leaders of the Revolution!

It's dangerous, please move away!

Stay back!

Don't move!

Mr. Kunitake, please wait!

Mr. Kunitake!

Mr. Kunitake!


Don't you run away!

Can you confidently say that you've ever given
a single thought to this country?!

Can you say it wasn't for your own profit
or self-preservation?!

We are endlessly taking measures
toward fiscal reconstruction.

Then why is it that you can't make
one granddaughter happy?!

That you can't give her hope?!

It's not just her!

There are so many children
who can't imagine a bright future!

And among them children who lose their lives!

Mayu, the person who kidnapped you,
that's definitely him, right?

Run away, okay?

Run far away, okay?

You liar...



This man is a liar.

I don't know him.


Everything he says is a lie!

Because I wasn't even kidnapped.

What do you mean by that?

I was never kidnapped.

I just went on a vacation by myself!

So don't believe anything this person says!

Shinoda Mayu is Ito's accomplice.

It was a revolution that two lonely people
put their lives toward.

I understand.

I understand, Mayu.

Mom, I want to take the test.

I came back so I could take the test.

Teacher, please let me take the test.

Don't come any closer!

Your voice has sufficiently reached the nation!

All of Japan has had their eyes on you!

Isn't that enough?

If nothing changes,
what does it matter if my voice is heard?

Why did this country become such economic hell?

Why are you sacrificing the next generations?

The children who grow up watching us adults

can't we give them hope?!

Stop caring only for older generations!

Stop piling this pressure on us!


That's to all of you!

Don't fall for adults' standards!

The future has to be created by the young!

Raise your voices.

Unless there is change, don't you ever give up.

Of course I'm to blame too.

I don't expect things to change just because
I've expressed my discontent.

But that's not good enough!

In order to change this country

we first need to change ourselves!

If we run away from this

what will happen to even younger children?!

That's what I've finally realized.

The children's future

can only be saved by us!

Don't you die!

Ito Naoya!
Don't you dare die!

If you die, won't that girl will be sad?

Drop the knife.

You're not alone anymore.

But I want to be with you!

Because you're my family, Naoto!

Thanks, Mayu.

You still have a future.

Even if this short time feels like sand slipping away

you still have time to share the future with Mayu!

And with that

the world isn't that much of a lost cause.

I know.

I met this one police officer

and I thought just that.

You see!

As long as you live, there is hope!


use your hearts and words to fight!

If you fear your challenges, you've been defeated!

If adults can all go to hell

then it's you who need to break open that door!

Show that spirit to your own children.

Don't make that same mistake!

Don't forget your pride as people!

And in your heart...

have pride!

Don't do it!



Ito, stay with me!



Hey! Ito!


Ito! Stay with me, Ito!

[Autopsy Room C]

Headquarters believes it was pancreatic cancer.
Or at least, it had metastasized around there.

In that state, it's surprising he had
enough strength to do what he did yesterday.

Tell you what.

You don't have to write about the cancer.


If it's thought that he did it because
he was going to die anyway, it would be regretful.

Half a year later

You have looked after me for all this time.

Thank you very much.

So Josai Station, Community Safety Division.
That's a shame.

Isn't it?

I thought it would at least be the Criminal Division!

I meant that it's a shame for them
to have to take on the likes of you.

- Pretty Detective.

Really, can you please cut that out.

Come back someday, alright.


Excuse me.

As of today, I am assigned to
Investigation Section One of the Metropolitan Police.

Ishizaki Manabu, right?


For the basics, talk to those young folks.

Got it.

Um... I'd like to apologize...

I encountered that past kidnapper,
Ito Naoya, on the street

and let him get away.

I am deeply sorry.

Did you lose him?

Oh, no.

He looked pained, so I bought him some water
so he could take his medicine

and we parted.


It's people like you

who may be the ones to change the world.

Be sure to make up for that one loss.

Yes, sir!

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

- Good luck.
- Thanks.

You scared me, wearing that thing.

But my face could've been seen if I didn't wear it.

Look here.

You're overdoing it.

Well, I've been kidnapped, haven't I?

It looks too fake!

One more.

Don't rattle it so much.

Don't worry.
No one's coming in.


- I'll be going.
- Come back soon.

A change of clothes.

It can't be comfortable to stay in uniform.

But these are so ugly!

Don't complain.
I had a hard time too, y'know.

They kept saying things like,
"Is this for your daughter?"

I forgot to buy your underwear.

That much I brought myself.

Hey, don't call me a pervert...

I will be changing, so please do not look!

I'm glad you brought them.

Underwear would've been impossible after all.

Are you going to continue to be a politician?

Of course I am!

You think I can quit such a rich business?

I'm good, aren't I?

I guess so.

For a kid.

I'm good at cooking, aren't I?

I guess so.

For a guy.

You, write a letter.

Two versions.

One letter that can be seen by the police

and one to be read only by your mom.

Just my mom?

Write about your real feelings.

You have a test on the 16th?

It doesn't matter to me.

'Cause that's the day you and I set off.

You're admirable.

You don't have to take the test,
and yet you're studying hard.

Don't forget that.

It'll become your power to live.