9 Lives of a Wet Pussy (1976) - full transcript

Pauline is a wealthy and married New York heiress who embarks on a series of sexual encounters with various people. She keeps in close contact with Gypsy, a tarot reader whom Pauline writes letters describing in minute detail about her conquests from seducing a French stable boy, to having sex with a gas station attendant, to a visiting Nigerian princess with a past, and to a fantasy lover, which apparently stems from her past involving a flashback sequence showing Pauline's young grand mother and younger sister taking a verse from the bible a little too far and seducing their own father.

Dear gypsy, I woke
up very early this morning.

David was still asleep and
the house was very quiet.

I dressed and went
to the stables.

As you know, I'm having an
affair with the new stableboy,

David brought back from France.

He's so young
and beautiful and quiet.

When he touches
me, I lose my mind.

I want to grab at him
and pull him to me,

to scratch at him.

Gypsy, I can't understand
anything when we're fucking

and god, when he
puts it into me,

and keeps pushing
deeper and deeper.

I feel I could come forever.

And the hay on my back and
him reaching inside me,

it's all I can bear not to
scream out and wake everyone.

And then when he comes,

when he comes, oh god,

how I love it when
he comes and comes.

Oh gypsy, you must really
learn to love men again.

Gypsy, you must really
learn to love men again.

Learn to love men again.

That's pauline.

She does nothing but have
intercourse all day long.

Then she writes me
letters about it

as if I might be interested.

Those are all hers,
faithfully written,

telling me about her
private afternoons

and her greasy paramours,

bragging about her incest,
her lechery and her violence,

but I know all that already.

You see, she's
really just a child.

I haven't seen her in a while,

but she keeps in close contact.

This is her way of
saying, I'm there by you.

And it's good, very good,

but I miss her and
sometimes I hate her

for not being here
when I need her.

What can I do?

All I have is the
letters and the opium

to explain why she's away.

Dearest pauline, have
you ever imagined

that your men have had
me as they've had you?

Have you guessed yet why
I know your lovers so well?


You could never guess, my
simple, passionate pauline.

My present is your present.

But yours is not mine.

I share my moments with you,
I live my loves with you,

but not with your consent,
not with your knowledge.

But time will come

when you will know it
and you will want it.

But the time is not yet here.

Dear gypsy, it
began raining again today

as we left the house.

As usual, David and
I weren't talking,

but by now it doesn't
matter that much to me.

He wouldn't tell richio
or me where we were going

and so we all sat in silence,
staring out the windows.

Oh, we still make love together

when he's not snorting
coke with richio

or balling his mistresses
and boyfriends.

He's the only man I've ever
had who can fuck and fuck

and never lose his hard on
and I can come 100 times

and he keeps balling as
if nothing were happening,

but this cool detachment of his

which drives me so
wild when we're in bed,

makes the rest of my
life with him unbearable.

Which raised the humidity 93%.

The wind.

Fill it up please.

Do you have your key?


Darling, I have to
go to the restroom.

Sir, you got a restroom here?

Yeah, I'll get you a key.

Here's the key.

Bathroom's in the back.

Thank you.

I'm laying out three
cards, Hungarian fashion,

representing pauline's past.

The empress, eternal symbol
of the female and fertility.

The emperor.

Symbol of paternity
and masculinity.

And the devil.

Symbol of the domination
of matter over spirit,

of revolution and incest.

But I knew this would read so.

I know pauline.

She has her grandmother's soul.

They even say she has her face.

You see, pauline's
great grandfather

and his two daughters came to
America in 1903 from Poland.

Pauline's great grandfather
was a very strict Christian.

He was really overprotective
with the two girls.

When the old man
would go out to work,

he would lock them
up in the apartment.

The only time they
could leave the house

was under his chaperone.

Life was pretty lonely.

And the older they got, the
more curious they became.

And he dwelt in a cave,

he and his two daughters.

And the first born said unto
the younger, our father is old.

There is not a man in the
earth to come in unto us

after the manner
of all the earth.

Come, let us give our
father wine to drink.

Let us lie with him and preserve
offspring for our father.

What are you looking at?


Why don't you help your
sister clear the table?

Don't just sit there.

Don't you think that's enough?

No, we have to get him drunk.

But sis.

What are you saying?

You whispering behind my back?

No, no.

Clean the table.

I told you to clean the table?

Come and bring me
some more wine.




He's sound asleep.

Yeah, come on.

Papa, papa.

He's asleep

After they got
the old man into bed,

the two girls knew by
instinct what they had to do.

Their father was so
drunk from all the wine

that he would never
wake up and so the girls

felt free to do with
him as they pleased.

It wasn't until paulines
grandmother had completely

satisfied herself

that the younger got her chance

Until sunup, the girls
continued to satisfy themselves

without regard for their father.

The old man never woke
and the whole night

remained a secret only
between the girls.

But the past appears
again in the future

and strange affairs seem
to run in the family.

Pauline has a lover,
a Nigerian Princess.

She came to this country
to celebrate her beauty.

She was black magic, darkness
of soul come to life,

a midnight flower.

Pauline befriended
her immediately.

She loved her purity
and her virginity,

but the evil forces had
other things planned,

violent things that made both
pauline and her lover suffer.

It was jealousy and
magic that brought it on,

but I had nothing to do with it.

Lovely mish, I was afraid
of that black bitch.

She knew pauline had
a spiritual tracker

and she would have stopped it,

but she didn't.

Now she doesn't want to.

She's forgotten it all.

In my own way, I love her
just as much as pauline does.

I tell her so while she
sleeps, only she can't hear it,

not with the bad dreams and all.

You want some more pear?

No thank you.

Do you know I still have
nightmares from that first time?

Not so much as in the beginning,

but it still
bothers me a little.

I know.

I could picture
myself all over again

I had only been here a few weeks

and it was late, very late.

You know what I'm saying, man?

Uh, young lady, uh,
young lady, got a minute?

Miss firefox, you got a minute?

Uh, young lady, miss firefox.

Damn girl, you should
be glad to speak to me.

Young lady, wait a minute.

Hold it, you got a minute?

Wait a minute, miss
firefox, ma'am,

you should be glad to
say something to me.

Get that fucking thing off her,

get that fucking thing off her.

Shit, get that fucking
thing off her, man,

get that fucking thing off her.

Get down, get down, man.

Get that goddamn dress off.

Oh shit!

Be cool...

Be cool...



There used to be times

when I'd be so
jealous with pauline.

I wouldn't accept her
letters or answer her calls.

She couldn't understand that.

Whey should she?

She's never known a
jealous moment in her life.

You see, being her lover
today would never mean

you will be her lover tomorrow.

It's as if she
didn't have a memory.

Only the one in her arms
is the one she desires

and because of this,
our love was impossible.

I wanted to own her and
she couldn't be owned.

Gypsy, last night
I had a dream about you.

We were in bed, making love.

We'd been fucking for
what seemed like hours

and I was on the
verge of an orgasm.

I opened my eyes to look at you

and then the strangest
thing happened,

you became a man.

It wasn't like it used to be.

You weren't worried anymore
about who I'd been with

the night before or where
I was going to go later on.

You didn't ask me
to stop seeing ocalo

or to give up the stableboy.

You just took me and we
fucked without saying a word.

Then I came.

I asked you to stop
and you laughed.

We kept going on and on,
and we were so beautiful

with the moonlight on our back.

You were kneeling above me,

driving your body into mine.

You pressed so closely
I could feel the blood

rushing through your veins

and I kept wishing over and
over that it would never stop,

that the first time
you knew what I wanted

and you didn't let
anyone come between us.

It was just me and you.

I gave myself to you and
you took me and kissed me

and kissed me

and kissed me

and kissed me

and kissed me

and kissed me.

Then you started to
bite and your teeth

kept sinking into me.

The pain was so beautiful,
I wanted you to keep biting,

to keep biting.

Oh gypsy, it felt so good,

oh so good.

I tried to fight the desire.

I tried to acknowledge
its sinister nature,

but without coercion, she
never would have returned.

Now I must succumb to it.

She must succumb to it.

There's no need
for these anymore.

Goodnight, sweet.

The universe needs Patience.

False unity is no unity.

There is no reality
except human reality.

Sister, I've been waiting.

It's been lonely and dark
for me here since you left.