9 Ends 2 Out (2007) - full transcript

Hong Nan Hee, an unpublished writer working for a publishing agency, and Byun Hyung Tae, a successful advertising agent, have been friends their entire lives. Now that they are thirty, a set of circumstances forces them to live together. Though they've always confided in each other, living in close quarters brings some chaos into their relationship as they have to put up with each other's shortcomings and quirks on a daily basis, as well as getting way more involved in the other's life than they were ever comfortable with. All that starts sparking some unexpected feelings between them that could both strengthen or break their friendship forever.

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Jung Joo


I'm Sorry.

I'm Sorry.


Want to get married?

I actually wanted to tell you as soon as possible.

But she doesn?t look like a student.


I was also shocked. I don?t know where should I start asking.

I want to marry her.

I know it is a little early, but only this way,
I can concentrate on playing baseball.

When I don't feel assured, I can?t do anything. So it has to be done this way.


You're not going to US because of this lady?

Dad, it's not just because of this.

It's me.

I don?t wish to bet on it.

You said that you didn?t pass the test?

Oh heavens.

What is going on?

What exactly is going on?


Mom, you can talk to me.

Talk to me, dad.
I'll answer it.

- Noona.
- Go back.

- Noona.
- Don?t come near me.

- It can only be done that way.
- It's not like that.


You, how can you cause me such pain?

Don?t be like this.
It's not like that.

Go back.
Your parents are waiting.

How can I let you go back like this?

Go back.

Now, I? can?t face you.

Ok. Start.


I?ll do it myself.

You're not going to tell me?

Don?t say anything.

After I have cooled down,

then, ask me again.

Ok. Your turn.

My turn?

This time it is sticking in this one.

You are dead.

Hey!, come here, come here!

Hey, come here!

Come here.
Scrunch up your nose.

Not going to stick it in?

I?m not playing.

From when you started dating,
he has already put in a lot of effort.

I never thought that he will be so stubborn.

I have treated him very cruelly before.

When Jung Joo was in a lot of pain.

That time, he just had finished an operation on his shoulder and was recuperating.

That day, he gave me a ball.

He says now he can pitch.

Says it was all my effort.

The moment I took the ball,

my heart was suddenly on fire.

Then tears started to pour out.

I was able to feel Jung Joo?s warm hands.

I wanted to say, ?It was tiring on you.?

?It was hard on you.?

Wanted to give him a hug.

But can I do that?

Of course not.

He and I.

Although I wish so much to do so. I still went secretly to see Jung Joo?s school?s match.

Wanted to go there secretly,
but I still dress up.

Do you remember?

After meeting 2 or 3 times,
both side parents met up.

Not asking about my opinion, they already decided on the wedding date, that guy.

Ah, the bald intern that hung his mobile phone at his belt loop.

Come to think of it, that was the time when you started dating Jung Joo.

The publishing company went bankrupt.

My work was not selected.

My future looks pitch dark.

Am I really going to get married like this?

I start to have wild thoughts.

That is also normal.

When I was in a dilemma,
I went to watch the match.

Because it's the finals,
the crowd was quite large.

That day,

I feel as if I?m at the center of the world.

Jung Joo, he, has always been good to me.

Why am I always the one in his life that is dragging behind?

So you really did not just laze around, seriously practicing.


I have already told my parent?s clearly.

It?s alright.

Sign it.

Come on.. sign it.

Kim Jung Joo?s personally signed signature.

Next time, however expensive it is, I won?t sell it.

I am very grateful for your love.

The love you given me is all spilling out.

So the energy of love is enough for me to live out the rest of my life.

Until now, let?s ?

let?s break up, Jung Joo.


In the future, regardless of how you look when you see me,

no matter what happened,

I will not see you.

I? don't have the right to hold back your future.

Now, furthermore, I don't have the confidence to go on with a love that is not stable.

Sorry, all these times I keep thinking of leaving you.

Sorry, I didn't put in my whole heart to love you.

Just once.

Hold my hand, ok?

You must definitely become part of the Major League.

I believe you can do it.

I will become an old and lonely old woman soon.

During the festivals, I will have no place to go and no one will look for me.

Just order a bowl of black bean paste to settle a meal, that sorry of old granny.

Don?t you think it is very suitable dad?

Your dad won?t be able to rest in peace.

Dad. I don?t have any other way.

I keep thinking that I have threw away the last ticket in my hand.

What sort of person is he?
She has already become like this.

She has always been like this.

What is it?

You'll find out later.

Hyung Tae.


The truth and the wrong intuition.

The reality and imaginary. And getting poisoned.

What is the meaning?

At times I, will get the wrong feeling and treat you as a guy.

You being a man.

You don?t have any points that lose out to others.

Of course I'm not worse that others.

But us, did we compare which is better?

Raise your cup.

Congrats on your 5th time out of love.

It?s the 6th.

Is there another fellow that I don?t know?

There was a love that was top secret.


When you reach 40, and there is no one else at your side, then marry me.

Be careful, I will tell Ji Sun.

I am saying, if I don?t have anyone by my side too.

This is another empty promise* you're making, isn't it?
(*This is another joke you're playing on me, right?)

If it becomes a empty promise, then just let it be.

Jung Joo?s smell.

Hyung Tae.


Can I fall in love again?

I'm very curious about that too.

Bring along a very huge bouquet of flowers over.

I say when I am 40.

Really, when that time comes,
if we are still like now.

If I hold it, it will be able to cover your face.

A huge and heavy bouquet of flowers.

Come and propose to me.

The thing that I need most in the world is you.

The type of bouquet of flowers that makes me feel that way.

Flowers are so expensive, still want those?

If you don?t have the ability then forget it.

Will I still able to meet others,

and fall in love over again?

So noisy, the fishes will swim off.

Hey fish!

Do you guys want to run off too?

Do you really want to leave my side?

Undisclosed No. 1, Byun Hyung Tae

His playing career, from the fall of 1995 to the spring of 1996.

Track record.

Neighbors since birth.

Entered puberty later then others.

He, In kindergarten, always bullied and shy.

High school second year,

with a handsome appearance,

and a dream like body.

He became a candidate in her life.

But, she thinks that she can?t get near to him if she uses the preface of being a girl.

From a lover field, immediately turned to a friendship field.

Disclosed No. 1, Lee Jun Mo

His playing career, from spring of 1996 to fall of 1999.

Playing history.

Enable her single sided, going crazy thinking and wasted world,

To be filled with bright sunshine.

A candidate that is worth thanking.

Disclosed No. 2, Ma Bong Chun.

His playing career, from fall of 1999 to winter of 1999.

Playing history.

Nan Hee?s first man.

Repeat student, a senior.

Someone with a slim body frame and who would faint from coughing up blood.

Pale skin.

A caring that will make anyone?s heart jump.

Able to discuss about literature,
talk about world affairs,

a high-class and peculiar type of person

But, that is a shitty wrong intuition.

After getting Nan Hee really drunk,

A despicable man who just left.

Player No. 3, Choi Bum Soo.

His playing career, fall of 2002.

Playing history.

A documentary PD whom I met during a holiday.

Maybe it is the loneliness that was felt at his village.

Or the difference country romance.

Madly in love for 3 months.

Disclosed No. 4, Ryu Ji Tae

His playing career, winter of 2005.

Playing history.

A surgeon met during a match-making session.

Unique point, likes to use women?s? cosmetics.

Feel very proud of his occupation and name.

Disclosed No. 5, Kim Jung Joo

His playing career, from winter of 2005 to 10 days ago.

Playing history.

A youth met in an English language school.

His crystal clear eyes that is nowhere to be found in this world.

An uncontainable youth.

Overcome the low intelligence and dangerous age gap.

Walking boldly into her field.

An honorable player who is enthusiastic on the baseball field.

Additional information.

Taking him as the last candidate,
her youth has come to an end.

Is Miss Hong Nan Hee in?

9th Inning - The return of a player that backed out.

You actually couldn?t even hit one.

Hey! Why are you here?

I came near-by for some matters.

I was about to contact you.
Didn?t think that you were slacking here.

That?s great.
Let?s go eat.

Hold on.

I am not convinced.

I have to hit one.

Heard that you were dumped.


You can do it right?

This time?s revenge is a little more.

The target is at the convenience stores advertisement products.

The importance is as huge as the actual advertisement.


That, think about it.

Just take a high class restaurant.

The taste of the wine is almost the same,
the prices are also similar.

And, those with high alcohol content can?t advertise.

Then, what will the consumer interest be focused on?

That?s right.

Can you display the cooler wines?

Won?t choose directly.

Majority of them will let it to the bar counters to decide.

Hence, the wine that the bartender promotes will have direct influence on the customer.

Oh, that is a possibility too.

So, the alcohol business grounds strategy is also another type.

The alcohol content is high, therefore, you can?t use it as advertisement.

Looks like I have never seen a wine advertisement before.

Of course you can?t use such thing as the television, a media that has so strong an influence.

That's the reason why the alcohol content for soju was lowered.

That has something to do with advertisements?

Not because of health issues?

Any liquor that has an alcohol content below 17 can be used for TV commercials.

Using health as a reason.

The advertisement leads on the consumers.

Have a feeling that I am tricked.

Tricked by the advertisement, that sort of feeling.

It is only a natural combination.

Businesses would manufacture products that are needed for the society through observations.

When we promote it to the consumer,

we will bring out the deepest needs of the consumers to them.

A need towards health.

A need towards a loved one.

At times, we give them a chance to change their lives.

An even provoking their shallow pride.

At times being the world?s most difficult friend, to console the opposite party.


You are really still very friendly.

Ah.. That is why Hyung Tae is able to attract so many girls.

Isn?t it so?

After capturing the girls desires, then getting closer.

Your job.

He is a natural.



You are also very skilled in this area too.
Don?t you have a girlfriend?

Dated a few times.

Looks like I can see the woman?s desires too easily.

When I was dating with you, it was like that too.

What you really want.


You are always the first to know before me, what I want. And you did it for me.

Call back your glaze.

It's almost on fire.

Really didn?t say who sent it?

He said he didn?t know.

When did it come?

what hour, what minute, what second?

Do not have baseless hopes.

Jung Joo oppa is now in the US.

You don't have to remember me word for word.

Then who can it be?

Most probably it is sent wrongly.

Get to work.

I think that this is good.


I have no interest.

Really embarrassing.


I'm not interested in that.

But if Jung Joo is in the US now,
does it mean that he left?

Really left?

Why are you asking this?

Now it has nothing to do with you right?

I think that this's not bad?.

This, I said before.

Pick one?
Which is good?

End of this month.

He'll be formally going to the US.

What is this?

cigarette commercial.

What is the content?

the idea is the change in a person?s life.

But the other commercials use it too much already.

Oh gosh.

Really can?t think of anything special. So frustrating.

Broke up?


She must be so depressed.

So the date today is lunch?


A pretty girl, a lovable girl,
an intelligent girl, a sexy girl.

Placed beside one?s man,
which is more dangerous?

A sexy girl is too common,
so it's not the answer.

A girl that is out of love.


This few days I will let you go off home earlier.

Just these few days.

Can?t you just use normal methods to over come it?

You're back?

What is this?

Ji Sun gave it to you.

She says that sweet things are most effective for a person out of love.

She called.

Said she will introduce friends to me.

Ji Sun?

Shouldn?t have told her.

I am your friend hence she is worried for me.

How lovable.


I told her that I like someone who is like Son Suk Hee*. (*A Korean anchor)

I understand that it is that kid that has let you turn your attention to that area.

Think about it, living with a very elegant, perfect, intelligent person.

A lifeless soul like you.

Will be looked down on and be shredded into pieces with just one blow, you idiot!

Park Ji Sun is not bad too.


Just take it as you don?t want to know friends.

Next time I will not fall in love.


Do you want to drink.

I quit drinking.


If I let go, I will tend to do the wrong thing.

I found an ink stone while cleaning the house.

I feel a lot more relaxed.

But you? have you eaten?

Always so happy.

La la la, happily moving.

The cosmic youth.

Hey! Can you don?t start singing out of a sudden?

I will be frightened to death by you.

Strong and powerful being.

Iron people.

Hello, special delivery.

Waiting for that kid?


Even when he is back, how can we continue?



I dare not believe.


He calls, Noona, going to appear soon in front of me.


Miss him so much.

I?m not drinking.

Only drink when I?m next to you.

Drink up.

If you go crazy, I?ll beat you so that you don?t make a mistake.

It?s good.

This came for you.

What is it? Open it up.

It?s an album.


My album!

- You saw?
- I didn?t see it.

- Please forget it.
- I?m serious.

- Erase it completely from your mind.
- What is it anyway?

- You know!
- I?m telling you I didn?t see.

- Erase it from your head, quick!
- Alright.

You saw!

Are you crazy?
What were you doing?

I don?t like you~

Let?s split up~

Don?t sing.

Then how should I deal with this atmosphere?

Take off the mask, at least.

In my head, the pictures and the mask?


Do jokes come out in a situation like this?

If I don?t joke?

I?m about to go crazy.

What is your goal?

You?re doing this on purpose, aren?t you?

Why are you like this?
what are you doing?

What do you mean what are you doing?

What kind of act is this?

Chun Hee said to take it with her with Mi Kyung.


Three bravo~.

Don?t imagine things!

It hurts, girl!

So you should?ve been careful!

No matter how close we are,
we are completely different in form.

How can you not be careful?

After I listen to you, you?re a really strange guy!

Why are you disgusting someone by leading the conversation a different way?

Do you know why two hamsters get babies if they?re in the same cage?

Do you think it?s because they love each other?

Why do hamsters come out here?
Are you crazy?

Then why did you move into the apartment in the first place?

It?s all because of you, you bad bastard.


I?m going to sleep.

Let?s sleep.


I?ll sleep. Sleep.

Don?t overdo it.

What do you want me to do?

Hey! Why are you locking your door?

Shut up!

Good morning.

It?s so awkward.

Don't mind me and sit down.

The screaming man disappeared and returned as a turd.

Why? Did someone come yesterday?

You were acting so weird.

I thought i wouldn't be able to see you on my sixtieth birthday.

We are out of coffee. Buy some.




I'm attending my first conference presentation.

You must be nervous.

Tell me how I can be of help.

In the corner, quietly at the most.

Open up your parachute and sit down.

Prepare quickly, and don?t forget your resources.

The vice president came!

Hey, I called out Ji Sun's name. Why are you answering to me?

Yes, I?ll call you back after I see the situation.

It?s kind of hectic after Lee Young Jae?s scandal.

You have all your resources?


I?ll call you back.

-Don?t forget them.
-I?ll be back, Vice President.

Yeah, do well and come back.

Yes, sir.

What is it?

The agency kept calling to know how the shoot?s going.


You drank all of this yourself?

That isn?t impressive.

You should?ve dissuaded him.
You just left him like that?

He said that he?ll send you on a vacation.

Are you alright?

Why does an athlete go and do that?
What if your body breaks down?

Why are you like this?
It makes my heart ache.

I want to go on a vacation with you.

Why wouldn?t you?
3 nights and 4 days.

I?m not going if even if I get picked.

What are you doing?

You should?ve thrown it away.
You drank all of it?

Are you stupid?

When you get picked, buy me dinner.

I?m taking all of this Cola.

It?s you that made him drink all of it, right?

Are you alright?

Let?s go and throw it all out.

He sure drank it well.

Are you alright?

Why did you drink all of it?

There was one left.

Hey! You just leave him to drink all of that, you bastard?

It?s good enough to drink.

If I knew it?d turn out like this,

I should?ve went on a vacation with you at least once, Jung Joo.

If I knew it?d turn out like this,

I should?ve done everything you wanted to do.

Jung Joo?

Don cry, Nan Hee.

Don?t cry.

Not yet?


I came to look at the files.

By looking at you it looks like it will come out today.

Your makeup and outfit makes it look like its ready to come out.

If you pick cigarettes you go to hell but,

if you choose non-smoking your life?s a rainbow. Right?

Yea that?s right.

For example.

How is this?

There is a girl and a guy and they?re really closely related.

To date, there?s something missing,

but some sparks fly because they knew each other so long.

If it doesn?t relate, then I?m going to kill you.

Like the chances of a lighter without gas lighting up a fire.

You know those sparks that come and go?

But are these sparks accidental?

For example, they kiss because of a sudden emotion.

Or go across and date.

But the guy has a girlfriend who?s
10 times prettier than the girl.

So what happens?

He gets slapped and loses his best friend
and his girlfriend leaves him.

He was living a perfect life?

Why are you like that?

I was just joking.

I did that.

While being drunk...with a friend.

Vice President?

Is he my friend?

He?s my boyfriend.

The thing is, Hyung Tae.
You see, what happened is?

Listen to me.

I?m not listening!

Listen to me!

I think we need more image resources.

Ji Sun, I think you?ll have to find more image resources.


Blind date?

I think he?ll match well with Nan Hee.

He?s a senior of mine who is an accountant.

Rather than that, I have a friend that I thought of.

Your friend? Who?

I have a friend from the army.

Let?s meet at the Seoul Hotel Bar at 7 o?clock.


And tell Nan Hee.

I have to go into an advertising meeting.

I will.

I?ll see you later.


I love you.

Vice President.

I'll get off work right after I stop by G-Motors.

You do that.

I?ll see you at the Seoul Hotel Bar at 7 o?clock. I have something to say.

No, that?s not it.

Alright, I?ll see you at the Seoul Hotel Bar at 7 o?clock.


Why is She so stubborn?
I was going to get a hold of myself and get some work done.


I know that you?re Hyung Tae?s girlfriend.

I really have no interest in that arrangement.

She says it so cute and innocent
that I can?t just refuse bluntly.

Should I remove that?


It?s still alive.

Where would you have come from?

It hasn't been confirmed yet.

The director at the SP headquarters has started
to contact agencies to set plans for public performances.

good I think it?s getting big.

They're going to create a team for the Asia market launching.

A show?

A show and an advertisement?

You could see it as an Asian agency.

She's quite famous and this fellow runs
one of the best business organizations.

This girl really?

Your determination to sell me off is stronger than I expected.

It?d be nice if you got along well with oppa?s friend,
so that we could hang around together.

It?s done.

Do you have something to be happy about?

Did he give you money?

Unni, oppa said that he loved me.

It makes me giggle.

You two got caught square in the face.

I felt that it was suspicious.

You said that it wasn?t like that.

Shut up.

In return for keeping my mouth shut,
treat me and this woman through the full course.

Why did you come out to do what?

Look at your face.

You planned to meet a guy when you came out.

I should be the one who's most shocked right now.

I was taken back for a while too.

I can go, right?

Where are you going?

How can you do that?

Ji Sun.

What? You did something bad enough to get hit for.

Sit down.

I?m so shocked and ashamed.

Why are you crying over something like that?

Why are you overdoing it?

That rascal?

Hey, you were the ones that got your weaknesses caught.

Isn?t it so stupid?

What is this??

I was really curious.

This woman?s voice over the phone was just killer.



Yeah, this.

Can you do it one more time?


So I asked him to let me meet you A LOT,

but he says that he can?t ever do that.

Why did you do that?

Because I thought I would get flustered if I saw you in person.

You were probably flustered because it was more then you expected.

How could you make such serious misunderstanding?

Your taste is very...



Can you whisper it to me this time?

You want me to press 060 for you?


Is there anyone there?

The darkness,

has already overspread into the night.

Knocking on the window and answering to the moonlight.

He?s not good news.

It's probably your company's motto.

I?m telling you to be careful,
since you seemed to be enjoying it.

Stop drinking.

You said that I could drink as much
as I want as long as I?m next to you.

Go in.

What are you doing?

Oh, you came?

Why did you ride the taxi by yourself? It?s dangerous.

Why should I go on the road that you drop off Ji Sun?

So what?

I?m coming home anyways.

Please, play by yourselves.

Ji Sun?s taking care of you because you catch her eye.

I know. And that?s why I went along up till now.

But don?t do it anymore.

It?s tiring.

Yes, I've returned home safely.

Hey, let?s go to the bath.

- Is it okay?
- Yeah.

You changed your ring tone.

Ji Sun changed it.

Go just the two of you to fish in the weekend.


She's very excited about going fishing with you only, idiot!

Let?s change a bit.

About me splitting me with Jun Mo.

If it wasn?t back when I was 20 and it was now,

don?t you think I would?ve made a different decision?

You think so?


When I see my married friends,

well, I don?t mind Sang Hoon and Mi Kyung
because they?re both our friends,

but, there aren?t any other friends
that I keep in touch with often.

Whenever we meet, we say, ?I?m envious of you?,

your husband?s and your child is this and that,

And those friends look at me and say that
they?re envious of my independent life.

But when we go back to our own ways,

we don?t remember what we said to each other.

The conversation?s hung up in thin air,

like how the stomach gets full from drinking a lot of water.

and it seems like something?s missing.

Then something feels uncomfortable.

Then we grow further apart.

We?re not to that extent,

The start?s good,

but on the second, it?s about money,

then the third it?s about women.

When we depart, we say don?t get caught and be safe.

Fighting! And we encourage each other.

I thought a lot starting from the strange meeting yesterday

all the way the time before I fell asleep,

but even among girlfriends it?s like that,
so what would it be like for us?

Seeing how you talk,

I don?t think you?d even say hi when
we passed each other in the streets.

I heard some people do that to avoid misunderstandings.

So if there?s even just once 1% chance that that
women will become part of your family,

concentrate more on her than me.

I will do the same.

How disappointing.

How disappointing.

I felt the same way.

If I go fishing the first time Hong Nan isn?t there?

Enjoy this world as much as you can.

I feel like I?ve been dumped while I?ve been dating.

I?m not to that extent.

Actually, my heart ached.

I hated the girl that made me think like this,

and now that I imagine that, that
girl?s beside Hyung Tae, and not me,

a 30 year old jealousy aroused.

I was sad that what seemed like a heavy
30 years could fly away like ear hair.

Let?s think about it to see if that?s the answer.


You should?ve called before you came.

This is enough.

Why do you cook up a grand feast,
when it?s no one important?

There?s nothing to eat.

The sesame leaf is ripped very well, want to try it?

Want to have a glass of soju?


Let?s do it.

It?s actually ok to live apart.

You become my alcohol buddy.

Be quiet.


You seem like you?ve been starving.

How many times have you dated?

You ask such things.

Just for the heck of it.

Tell me honestly. When was the last time you loved?

Just eat your food.

When will you grow up?

I don?t know what maturity is,

so I?m not going to love anymore.

If you don?t, are you going to live alone?

I?ll go on blind dates and marry.

It?d be better if I marry and love.

Dating is really hard.

Back then, I?d be alright after a few days.

But this time is just too hard.

I feel like tears are coming up from the pain around my belly button.

I feel like it?s coming up from the inside of my hot chest.

I sit down in the middle of the streets, too.

I?m getting scolded for not listening to you.

If you pass by, I thought it?d be good luck.

You really did pass by.



Can you hug me once?

Don?t be uncomfortable.

I came to say goodbye.

I'll leave tomorrow.

I heard that you made him dinner
on the day he last visited here.

He was starving, so what could I have done?

Thank you, Mom.

If you?re a baseball fan,
you?d remember this scene.

Baseball player Kim Joo Wan who was severely injured
with 2 broken anklebones and 3 different ligament ruptures.

He was called the baseball genius.
It was a painful moment of his professional baseball career.

But after three years, Kim Joo Wan broke the KBO record,

and he became the prince of the ground field.

But right when he was about to enter into the Major Leagues in the year 2000,

he was diagnosed with a ruptured shoulder
which led him to quit his baseball career.

In the year 2003, hand and bones fracture

In the year 2004, ruptured thigh tendon.

Resting for one season, he had a ruptured knee in 2005.

An unfortunate incident that led the baseball genius
Kim Joo Wan with no other choice but to retire.

At the age of thirty, he is becoming the target of his fans.

After you catch them, do you eat them as sashimi?

You don?t eat fish here as sashimi.

Then spicy fish soup?

Do you know how to cook it?




What? Did you get bitten by mosquitoes?

Since a while ago, big mosquitoes kept attacking me.

You were bitten a lot.

Hold on.

I guess when we go fishing I shouldn't wear shorts.

I should have told you beforehand.



It doesn?t turn on.

I should go buy one.

Oh...it works!

Ji Sun.


I think I shouldn?t have come here.

I? think I like Nan Hee.

You?re asking me to date?

Seeing that you love me,

as I kept watching you,

I wanted to accept more,

and I wanted to do more.

and I wanted to do more.

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