90 Ml (2019) - full transcript

90 ML is a Tamil movie starring Oviya in a prominent role. It is a drama directed by Anita Udeep, with Arvind Krishna as the cinematographer, forming a part of the crew.


Tell me.

Since when you
got addicted to it?

It's not something you
remember as an occasion.

Look here!

I can only help,
if you co-operate.


I'm not aware of anything.

Ey! If you remember,
say something.

Now that your husband has left.

Please answer to my questions
without any fear.

Only then I could help you.

Does he drink alcohol every day?

He doesn't just drink.

He's so consistent, that
sets alarm to have them.

Oh! Since when he
was addicted to it?

Aaah! As far as I'm aware
since I've known him.

I can spot the day, with
his staggering walk.

Where does your husband work?

He's a decorated Rowdy.

He's popular on news too.

Haven't you seen it?

Not bad.

A good sense of humor,
even in such situations.

Off late, I even take the most
serious instances as a comedy.

I understand!

We have to run a few
tests on your husband.

Only then we'll know,
which stage he's at.

With those results we
can plan his treatment.

Don't worry, we'll cure him
as soon as possible. Ok!?

Ask him to come.

Ummm... Madam!

What is it?

We're here, not for him.


Thank you.

"It's the same for everyone"

"can't just lie to pacify."

"No one can feel sorry
for me being a girl"

"I'm neither below
or above a man"

"I'm a good soul who will
lend my shoulder as a friend."

"Good girls are a rarity, then
you haven't looked closely"

"no one is beyond the notion
of mother who gives birth"

"you came in alone, will
most definitely leave alone"

"who are you to
interfere 'n' advice?"

"not sure how I came in,
wonder how I will exit"

"people should remember
us, when we're gone"

"you came in alone, will
most definitely leave alone"

"who are you to
interfere 'n' advice?"

"not sure how I came in,
wonder how I will exit"

"people should remember
us, when we're gone."


- You're so pretty!
- Thank you.

- So sweet.
- Thank you.


Thank you!

Hi, I'm Suganya!

- Hi!
- Hello!

- Buddy, get here soon.
- I'm coming.

Come on, quick - What is it?


A hot chick has moved
in to our building.

Don't be kidding - What?

No one can beat Paru though.

You're hopeless!



Ey! Let me go.

Ey! Don't do it.

- Venky!
- Ey...!

- Buddy, she just grazed me.
- Yes!



- Hi.
- Hi.

- Hey Baby.
- Hi.



"You came in alone, will
most definitely leave alone"

"who are you to
interfere 'n' advice?"

"not sure how I came in,
wonder how I will exit"

"people should remember
us, when we're gone."

- She's all wet.
- Thanks a lot.

I love rain - Ah!?

Me too.

These two have bonded well.

- What is your name?
- Rita.

- Rita!? I'm Kajal.
- Hi.

I'm Thamarai - Hello.


Paru - Hi, I'm Rita.

I've been observing.

You've been doing
chores everyday.

Is this your routine or what?

Don't you take some rest at all?

Can't help it.
Chores has become my life.

Look over there, they don't
have any other business.

They're here always
to check out women.

If you keep gawking,
I'll pick your eyes.

Come on buddy, keep moving.

How low can they get.

If they're gawking,
let them be poor thing.

They can't help it though.

Moreover, you wear
these skimpy shorts.

They come over to check you out.

Even if I'm covered from head
till toe, still they'll gawk at me.

No matter what I do,
no one checks me out.

Who said so?

Sexy, lies in ones attitude.

Not how they dress.

We have a WhatsApp group,
do you want to join?

Ya, why not!

- Brindavan Beauties uh?
- Ya!

Didn't you guys
get a better name?

Hereafter, our group will
be called 'Hot Chicks'.

Ok, come let's take
a selfie together.

Look over here, say HI!

That's it. Bye!

- Hey!
- Hi.

- What happened?
- No idea, it doesn't start.

Let me try.

- There it started.
- Awesome dude.

Yes - Thank you.

So sweet of you to help me out.

Fine, what do you do?

I work in a beauty parlor.

Also I've been studying
Advanced Beautician course.

What about you?
Where is your office?

It's just 10 minutes from here.
Easy Software Systems.

Oh, Engineering is it.

Studious women
are never my forte.

Come on, I've been running
this on a fake certificate.

Ok, I'll see you outside.

- Ok, bye.
- Bye!

- Hi!
- How are you?

"Let's witness the world,
through the eyes of a bird"

"we're that God, who
isn't trapped in a idol"

"we've stepped over hurdles
and have come a long way"

"attained ecstasy
without compromises"

"vibrant colors are blooming,
beyond the borders of a saree"

"it's time to rest the heart, which
kept screaming all this while"

"pave a path for yourself,
don't be dependent"

"the path you choose
will bloom success"

"new phase of life blooms, at
every rotation of this earth."

Excuse me!

Your Rangoli was
amazing, have a look.

It's really beautiful.

If you give me your number, I'll
share this picture with you.

I hope you know,
that I'm married.

I really like you a lot.

What's it dear?
You're getting very romantic.

Nothing much though.

New place.

First rain.

And you here with me.

I Love You!


- One more shot, please.
- I'm high already

I'm done!

I'm not high at all.

Oh my dear, that's
enough for me.

I can never compete with you.

Then I'll be sloshed.

Then nothing will work for me

it should work though

I'll spare you.



Why are you crying?

What happened?

Crying won't solve your issues.

Tell me what is it?

My husband went back to
working for Pandi, Rita.

Here on, the streak of fights
and murders will continue.

Either they will kill him.

Or he will end up in a prison.

I let my parents
down, entrusting him.

I'll end up being an orphan.

When he's back tonight,
tear him apart.

How can you say such things?

I'm a local Tamizh girl.

There's no harm in speaking up.

I am a Tamizh girl too.

But I can't speak up like that.

Not an issue.

I'll teach you few cuss words.

Churn them exactly to him.

If I do that, he'll
kill me alive.

Ok, then I'll give
you another idea.

Better, you have wild
sex and seduce him.

After which, he'll
be your slave.

Why are you so coy about it?

He's your husband right?


But how can I go ahead with it?

Should I teach you that as well?

Once the night falls,
it'll kick in.

It's fine, thanks for your help.
I'll take it from here.

Ok bye, I'm leaving.

Hey wait, I'll go and
get sweets for you.

Sweets!? What's the occasion?

It's my birthday.

What!? Happy Birthday!

- Where's the party?
- Party-uh?

- Yes.
- My husband doesn't even remember.

Let him be, I'll
throw a party for you.

Tonight we're going to
celebrate your birthday.

Come to the terrace at 8pm.


Buddy, did anything
work out with that girl?

- Tell me buddy.
- Nothing worked out.

We're not that
lucky to have one.

- Hi guys!
- Hi!

Today is Thamarai's birthday,
we're going to party.

Can you guys help us with it?

Sure we will - Definitely!


Buddy, let's impress them today.

- Please hang these on that side.
- Sure, ok.

Will you be able to do it?

Hope you won't mess it up?

We will do it right.

Hang this blue thing over here.

- Sure we will do that.
- Thank you so much, thank you.

Buddy, all girls has come to the party.

We are invite it if this work done

I hope Paru will come
to the party as well.

- Sure she will come too.
- Great, then we'll rock this.

He's too lucky for
the sake of mankind.

We can't help it though, buddy.


Hey, what is all this?

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday dear Thamarai.

Happy Birthday to you.

- What is it?
- What is this for?

You can use this in future.

Hey, tell me the truth.

Isn't this Riya's gift?

Are you trying to re-cycle?

Hey, no no... I put a
lot of thought in to it.

Very nice!

Rita, where is your gift?

That's right,
where is your gift?

- Follow me!
- Where to?

- What is it?
- Just follow me.

- What happened?
- No idea.

Wow, that's awesome.

I've arranged for a nice party.

If you see we have chicken

there's soft drinks

three beers and...

- Buddy, Paru must've come.
- Only girls!

- We're going to rock the party.
- Sure, we will rock it.

Fine, open the door.

- It seems locked.
- Come on push it hard.

Ey, I think they've
have locked it.

Don't you get it?

They could've let us in.

They ditched us, buddy.

What do you guys wanna drink?

What soft drink is that?

This is called 'Beer'.

Oh! Beeer-uh!

- Do you take alcohol?
- Yes.

Occasionally, but if it's
a party then definitely.


My husband too, drinks
the same everyday.

But I stick with Miranda.

- Is this enough?
- Mmmm.

Sugi, wait for me.

It's Miranda for you right?

I don't mind the Beeer though.

It's not Beeer,
it is called Beer!

Ok fine, give me
that 'Bear' though...

Hey, shall I try one too?

I never thought you
guys will be drinking too.

In fact, I got some only for me.

Mmmm, ok wait.

Who is she calling?

Venku, get us some alcohol
and quickly come upstairs.


I want one too...


Get the entire stash of
alcohol and come upstairs.

Also get Thamarai's pickle too.

- Hi!
- Hi!

Buddy, he's going
to open the door.

Come let's get
inside, come on quick.

- Hope, I'm looking good?
- You look great.

- How about me?
- Everything is good.

Hey, so sweet of you.

So sweet Thank you!

They are closed again.

What are you guys holding on to?

It's beer, bro.

Aren't you joining the party?

India-Pakistan match is quite
interesting, aren't you watching?

Fine, go and watch that match.

His hunger pangs are satisfied
at regular intervals.

It's us, who are always
left high and dry.

I'm so freaking jealous.

Paru, must've dressed well.

Too bad, I'm missing that.

Fine, come on let us at
least catch the match.


Beer and Thamarai's Pickle

is an awesome combination.

Be careful, don't
swallow your hand.

I don't feel anything though.

Give it to me.

- I'll give it a try.
- Oh!

Oh no!

My husband is calling.

My rant will begin,
'cause I'm high.

You haven't even started yet...

you're too much dear.

- Hello!
- What happened?

Why is your voice quivering?

- Nothing much, this beer...
- Beer-uh?

Hey, hey, hey... don't
say anything.

No, no... I meant to say
can't open the bureau.

Oh that, just give a couple
of nudges, it'll open.

Oh, I should nudge is it?

Is that so?

You were right, it's open now.

Fine, listen...

I have a gig, so
will be late tonight.

You go to sleep - Fine, ok.

Please take care dear.

I can handle myself.
I'm hanging up.

Hey, what happened?

Tell me what happened?

Sounds like he's
going to kill someone.

You did get married to him, in
spite of the fact that he's a rowdy.

You look so innocent, how
did you end up with a thug?

"My heart is tingling, and
confused at the same time."

"Not sure what's
happening, with me oh dear"

"legs are dancing automatically."

"Without my knowledge, it dances well."

"In my life which was an empty ground"

"desires are taking a
toll and bouncing a sixer"

"holding back will
be a foolishness."

"It's driving me crazy."

"My eyes are drawn to
you like a fish hook."

"Senses are straight,
will scheme sharper."

"We've heard and
have seen a lot."

"Let's get to a conclusion!"

"All I need is love,
nothing else matters."

"If I don't get it, that
will drive me insane."

"Sleepless nights have begun"

"caste doesn't make
sense, all I need is love."

"All I need is love,
nothing else matters."

"If I don't get it, that
will drive me insane."

"Sleepless nights have begun"

"caste doesn't make
sense, all I need is love."

What are you looking at?

Does it look like we're
playing, get lost.

Can't you hear me?
Aren't you scared?

Fear!? And that too me?

I really like you a lot.

I just want to keep
looking at you.

Enough as it is,
get lost from here.

One whack and you'll be done.

You do seem very short tempered.

But you're good soul.

Seems like you watch
a lot of cinema.

Churning out strong dialogues.

You seem too young,
better get home safe.

Were you talking about me?

I'm not too young though

I'm 18 years old now.

Oh, is it?

Then it's fine.

Shall we get married?

You can be beside me all
your life looking at me.

I've worked hard for my exams.

Once they're over,
we'll get married.

I was kidding,
continue with your studies.

I have to get married to you.

Just 2 months left for
the exams to get over.

Until then, bear with me.

"Whatever this is..."

"Whatever this is..."

"What is this?
What is this dear?"

"My heart is tingling, and
confused at the same time."

"Not sure what's
happening, with me oh dear."

"Thump it!"

"Is this truly love?"

"Thump it!"

"Is it truly...?"

"Have I gone crazy!"

You and your job, my foot!

What happened?
You have you come so early.


Are you drunk?

Tell me - Nothing.

- Listen...
- Get lost.

Stop the car.

Why are you driving like this?
You are almost hitting the bus.

What seems to be your problem?

Ah, can't you see I'm driving?

- Don't shout.
- I'll punch you hard.

I'll break your teeth.

How dare you raise your hand?

He won't continue the job
for at least one month.

He'll create fuss if he go to the job.

He resigned his job and
started to drink 24 hours daily.

That's enough.

Thamarai, get inside.

That's enough your drink.

Thamarai, please go away.

Hey, get inside
Leave that bottle here.

Off late he's not
affectionate to me.

Just 'cause he's
feeling up to it-

- don't I have my
own feelings too?

Damn with you guys.

All my high is
down the drain now.

If someone has an erotic
tale to narrate, please do.

If you guys don't,
then just shut up.

- Paru!
- Mmmm.

It's not even a year
since you're married.

Come on spit out
everything, come on dear.

- Tell us, Paru.
- Come on, say it.

Don't you talk much, do you?

You were all ears, when
I was telling my tale.

You better tell your story now.

May be I can tell you guys
about my wedding night.

Oh yeah, please go ahead.

Now she's hitting the target.

Keep going.

I went into my room
with a glass of milk.

I placed the milk on the table

then went ahead
and sat on the bed.

I looked at him...

he turned shy and started
looking at the floor.


After that he never moved

I kept looking everywhere though.

Then again, I slowly
turned towards him

he was still staring
at the floor.

I understood though...

that he's quite
inexperienced in these matters

I was inexperienced too.

Still I was ready for it.

Fine, now get to the point.

He suddenly turned towards me

and I smiled.

That's it!

Blink of an eye, he
was right next to me.


I tried to move away a bit...

but he held my hand.

Then, blink of an eye he
must've been on top of you?

That's awesome,
how did you know?

I'm aware of everything.

What are you looking for?

Ssshh! I'm turning
the lights off.




And HIM.

While we were headed to climax...

Why did you stop?

What is the noise?

Paru, what happened?

It was extremely embarrassing.

The worse part
about that bed was

it's been in the
family for generations.

- Mmmm!
- Yes.

All the relatives, made fun
of us stating it throughout.

I thought you were a mute on these
things, but you've rocked it.

Were you singing during
your wedding night?

Didn't you do anything at all
during your wedding night?

- Just wait!
- What is it?

I have to recall.

I was very tired on that day.

I went straight to sleep.

So how is it going now?

Since Ria was born,
I've lost interest.

My bungalow is now haunted.

When are you planning
to revive your bungalow?

Let that go, but you have
a shiny bungalow though.

How long it's been,
since you were married?

Marriage, not me.


Is it what they
say 'Get together'?

That's called 'Live-in together',
this is 'get together'.

Why didn't you get married?

I'm not cut out for the
concept of marriage.

I'm happy with my bungalow.

Just entry and exit.

My choice.

In simple terms.

My Life! My Rules!

You're like a free bird.
Isn't there anyone who questions you?

Who will ask though?

I've never seen the
face of my parents.

I grew up at a shelter.

Later, one guy adopted me.

But then he tried to molest me.

I've been through everything.

You guys believed it?

Is this back story necessary
to justify my behaviour?

I like doing these
things, so I do it.

That was a good one.

Damn it, I haven't
started to drink yet

and we're out of alcohol.

What do we do now?

Ey... show me your license?

Hey Police, we're drunk!

- Catch us if you can.
- We're drunk!

It's closed, shucks.

- HEY!
- Ask them to open it.

Open the door - Ey, open it.

You never shut it down,
when you were asked to.

Why is it closed now?

Hey, open the shutter, you idiot.

Can't you hear us, open it.

- Open it.
- He's not opening though.

Move, I know the password.


"Open Sesame"

I want a beer - Kumaru!

I too want one.


- You too want it right?
- Yes I do.

It's raining!


Yayyy! Kumaru!

Awesome dude!

Sister Rita, what do you want?

Three Beers!

"It's a Girls Night-Out."

"Boys aren't allowed"

"I had a plan to
party all night."

"I'm stuck, 'cause I
failed to stock up, you idiot."

"Gonna shell out extra dough
to get booze in black market."

"We don't need Soda to mix."

"Water packets are our heroes."

"Get your hands on use and
throw and CHEERS to it."

"Nudge and open the bottle,
that's the beauty of it."

"If not you'll be in
duress spinning the cork."

"Get out of our way."

"Step away from us."

"Give way and let us breathe."

"We're on a trip to nirvana."

"Get out of our way."

"Step away from us."

"Give way and let us breathe."

wanna taste of it?"

"Dance all night and
have fun 'oh dear."

wanna taste of it?"

"Dance all night and
have fun 'oh dear."

"You have no right to advice us."

"Mind your own business."

"Women are gutsy
than men will be."

wanna taste of it?"

"Dance all night and
have fun 'oh dear."

wanna taste of it?"

"Dance all night and
have fun 'oh dear"

"shoplifting at a
petty shop is the best."

"ECR road is totally
empty during the night."

"You bought a beach house,
for weekend getaways."

"But your watchman seems
to love his sleep more."

"When we're thirsty we
run to 'More Thatha'"

"when we're hungry,
Sundari Akka feeds us with love."

"We'll have tea
under the bridge"

"also will smoke
if we're stressed."

"If questioned, we'll
whack that person."

"We'll check out the guys."

"Also will bunk the college."

"Booze and starters will
be our mixed affair."

"You have no right to advice us."

"Mind your own business."

"Women are gutsy
than men will be."

wanna taste of it?"

"Dance all night and
have fun 'oh dear."

wanna taste of it?"

"Dance all night and
have fun 'oh dear."

- Kattan will be for sure right?
- He will be here.

We shouldn't miss
the target this time

we will have to
kill him tonight.

- Check where is he now?
- Sure I will check.


Why are you calling so late?

Now, you've forgotten
my birthday too.

Do you remember once you said...

asking me to leave.

That's why...

I ventured on to a long journey.

You can be at peace now.

Have you gone nuts?

What have you been
up to, without sleeping?

What is he saying?

He's asking me, why
am I not asleep?

Where are you?

Does it really matter?

Ey... Ey... Ey... why
are you laughing?

Who are you with?

Give that to me.

I'll give you a clue

if you're successful
in finding us

I'll reward you 100 points.

Give the phone to Thamarai.

He's swearing at me.

We're at a Biriyani
shop at the moment.

Next to it, is a place where
you can enjoy serene breeze.

If you cut that word short, it will
turn into a cuss word in English.

What cuss word is that?

We all are here at the moment.

All the best!

Ey, if at all I get there...

Hey, what is that?

Have some food please.

- Can you please feed me?
- Mmmm.

I don't want - It's delicious

- I'm not hungry.
- Have some dear.

The Biriyani is amazing.

Do you want some?

How come you have a leg
piece in your Biriyani.


Why aren't you sleeping?

Look at her.

I love you soooo much.

Did she say I love you?

Did she just kiss now?


Are you in a relationship?

You never mentioned it?

All this while you
kept it hidden from us.

It's not mandatory though.

- What do you mean by that?
- Come on...!

Either ways nothing
is going to happen.


Our families won't agree to it.

Is caste the issue?


We'll have to just reminiscence

and continue living our lives.

Ey...- why don't you tell us
about your relationship to us.

Come on, say it.

Say it!

Shall I recite a poetry?

Yeah, please go ahead.

"Heart which knew only to beat,
thought of you taught it long too."


Wow, that was awesome dear.

You nailed it.

We're all touched.

You can leave.

Damn he found us.

Ey, Thamarai come on leave.

Come along.


Are you drunk?

Did you find out that I did?

I did, but just a little.
Shall I prove it?


How dare you guys
got my wife drunk?

Come on!

Wait, I'll come only
if they come along.

Look at her go.

Won't you look at me?

Don't piss me off.

Did you get worried about me?

Get lost!

Come on dear.

She's doing so cute.

Ey... can't you sit
still for a moment.

I'm not doing anything dear...

It's this car which
is rocking us both.

Just sit down.

Come on keep trying,
excite him a bit more.

Keep at it dear.

I have something
prepped for the night.

I'm sure they'll
make a baby tonight.

Ey... shut up, shut up.

Sir, these women are atrocious.

Hey, you better
focus on driving.

Sorry Sir!

Did you see that?
My husband is so gutsy.

Damn she's on fire.

- Hey...!
- Hey.

Could you guys shut up?

Ey... don't be scared.

My husband is a very good guy.

He'll only shoot, if
he's hired for it.

You're going overboard.

Arrogance is it?
I'm going to kill you.

That's a loaded gun.

Ey, give it back.

- Give it to me.
- Ey, let me handle it.

Give that to me.

Do you know, who I am?



The gun is fully
loaded, give it back.

Poor thing, give it back to him.

Fine, you can keep
the gun to yourself.


Don't get angry.

You can keep your
tool to yourself.

Boss, I ran into
few issues at home.

I'll be done with the job soon.

I'm sure, I won't
miss it the next time.

Why did you get back
to working for Pandi?

Are you really in love with me?

I'm asking you, isn't it?

Speak up!

How could you expect me to,
when you're in this state.

Go and sleep.

I won't sleep, until
you give me an answer.

Don't be annoying.


I'm in love ONLY with you,
is that enough?

If that's case, for my sake
can you say that with love.

Do you know, Suganya
recited a beautiful poetry.

Really a poetry?

I'm so outraged now.

Do you want a feel of it?

You look so handsome,
even when you're angry.


It's been ages, since you've
been affectionate towards me.


Happy Birthday!




Hi Baby!

I miss you so much.

Can't we be together?

I wanna see you.

I love you so much dear.

So you guys created a ruckus.

That's was the best
birthday of my life.

I laughed a lot, in long time.

Rita really touched our hearts.

It's 'cause of her,
we were all so happy.

She's such a fun character.


Then, what happened?

After that incident, my husband
forbid me to speak to them.

So I stopped talking to them.

Why did you Thamarai?

Just 'cause your husband said
so, you'll lose your friends?

Aren't friends important too?

Look here...

just like how your husband
is important in your life

friends are equally
important too.

Only then life will be interesting.

You're correct madam.

That's why 3 months later...

I resumed talking to them.


Oh! Ok!

Hi, come in.

Come inside, how are you?

- I'm good.
- Sit down.

What's up dude, how come
you got reminded of me?

What happened?

Shall we party tonight?

Beer or Wine?

Shall I go to Rita's house?

Come on you don't have
to ask, please go ahead.

Fine, I've kept
food on the table.

- I'll have it.
- Mmmm.

Hey Thamarai!

Hi Thamarai!


We all missed you
a lot Thamarai.

We weren't expecting
you, so started drinking.

We're just 2 bottles down.

Not an issue.

Ey... did Ria doze off?

Ya, just now.

Sugi, how are you?

I'm fine.

I don't think so, she looks dull.

Just 'cause your hubby
asked not to talk to us...

how can you stay
without talking to us?

- Ya!
- Huh!?

It's not that...

we went quite
overboard the other day.


She always has her hubby's back.

How can she though?

Am I right, Thamarai?

What? What's been cooking?

Your face is gleaming with glow.

Look like the ride is
quite smooth these days.

He's a rowdy right...

he works out, builds muscle.

Hey, what are you trying to say?


I thought you'll know,
'cause you broke a bed.


Oh... oh!

Oh... OH...!!!

Sugi, why are you so quiet?

Nothing, I just got back
from work so little tired.

- Cheer up!
- Ya.

Why aren't you
drinking your wine?

I don't want to, if not
I'll be on the entire night.

Ey... you can have two pegs here

later you can
continue at your place.



What is this? It tastes
like cough syrup.

This is a 4 year old wine.

Oh no, is this so old?

Hope it's not gone bad.


Wine gets tastier as it ages.

Oh, is that so.

Does that mean,
am I tastier too?

Exactly, yes!

A half-boil will be great.

- Baby.
- Ya, baby.

Can you please
make an half-boil?

- Of course, anything for you love.
- Thank you.

Hey, how did you manage
to score this gold mine?

He seems to be a very good man.

Why don't you better
get married to him.

- Ya...
- Exactly!

Now that you guys have said

he'll start ranting
about marriage.

Hey, he's really sweet.


You heard that right?

I did

I'll find you a good match sooner.

You're going to pay
for this tonight.

Hey, baby...!

I'll take care of her.

- Let me know if you need anything.
- Sure.


Come on let's go.

They're made for each other.


Hey Sugi, why are you crying?

What happened?

Just like them, Chris and
I were totally in love.

Chris is getting married
tomorrow at Pondicherry.

Hey, Chris's parents didn't agree?


Sugi, crying won't
fetch you anything.

Why don't you speak to
your parents about it?


I'm sure they won't agree to it.

Doesn't matter if
they agree or not

you don't give up on your love.

It's really hard
for me to do that.

There's only one option left.

I should find a way
to forget Chris.

If I drink a lot, I will
definitely forget Chris.

Ey, Sugi it's nonsense.

Hey, Sugi - Sugi!

- What are you doing?
- Rita!

Stop it, enough with the drinks.

Which genius stated alcohol
will make you forget?

There's nothing such,
you can't forget.

Be brave and bring him back

I'll handle it.

I don't have that courage.

I'm not courageous
like you, Rita.

Oh God!

It's all over now.

I have to drink a lot

and should forget Chris too.

Ey, Sugi!

Hey, Sugi!

Hey, stop it already.

That's enough.

Oh no!

Sugi, why do you have to
give up on your relationship?

Love is an eternal feeling.

True love just happens once.

You please don't give up on it.

- You're right.
- Yes.

Why should I give up?

I want my Chris back.

But I don't know what to do.

In my opinion...

you should better
let go off Chris.

- Shut up!
- Hey...!

Ya, obviously
that's your opinion.

You got lucky with your love.

So you'll lecture everyone.

It's not that.

I was stating my experience.

Better get married to a guy
who your parents choose.

Love is a mirage

it will disappear
as you get closer.

Then it's you who
will be in pain.

Please don't cry.

Don't cry, Sugi.

I have to drink a lot.

- Also will have to forget Chris.
- Stop it.

Hey Sugi, stop it.

Sugi please listen to
us, just stop this.

Wait, I'll speak to them.

It won't happen,
and it's impossible.

No one can make it happen.

I have no other choice
but to let go off Chris.

Ey... Ey, Sugi!

That's enough - Hey!

Hey, what's this nonsense Sugi.

- I said enough.
- You guys finished it.

- Hey... Ey... what?
- Be careful.

- What's wrong with her?
- Sugi!

Hey, I said it's enough.

Stop drinking, it's enough.

- Please listen to us.
- What's wrong with her?

- She's not listening.
- Keep a tab on my drinks.

Have you gone crazy,
what are you saying?

I have to drink,
please let me...

What's your problem now?

I have to forget Chris.

Enough of it Sugi, listen to us.

Sugi, I did say
will take you there.

We're going there,
what else do you need?

- Enough Sugi.
- We'll go there and nab him.

Sugi, we're here to help.

You guys can't help me.

- No one can help me with it.
- Who said so?

We will make sure
to get you your guy.

We're going there and will nab him.
That's it.

Don't worry, come.

I have to forget about Chris.

Come on, I did
promise you right.

Stop crying now.

Sugi, Sugi please don't cry.

It's ok, don't worry
nothing will go wrong.

- We're here for you.
- We'll go and talk to them.

There's will be no problem.

Hey Sugi, where are you going?

Hey Sugi!

Only this will help
me forget Chris.

Ey... take that
knife away from her.

- Rita!
- You've gone crazy.

Please don't cry Sugi!

It's ok, why are you crying now?

We'll go there.

It's going to be fine.

I thought it's been long and
she wanted to have drinks

she rocked the dejesus out of me.

My head is spinning now.

Oh no, I'm very scared.

I'm still shivering.

If we ask her not to forget
Chris, she wants to forget

but when we ask her to
forget, she denies it.

I don't understand this.

I was really scared.

What if she had slit her wrist?

Ah... what would have we done?

We'll make sure to get
Sugi and Chris together.


"Girlfriends, we're
the mighty Girlfriends."

"A friend in need, friend
indeed... girlfriends we're."

"Girlfriends, we're
the mighty Girlfriends."

"Friendship made our
lives trendy dear."

"Never share anything
with our parents"

"but we don't hide
anything from our friends."

"We lend our ears to
their sob stories."

"But will make sure to
make fun of it later"

"we always share our
drinks with each other"

"we don't mind introducing
them to new guys."

"No matter what it is,
girlfriends have my back."

"Girlfriends, we're
the mighty Girlfriends."

"A friend in need, friend
indeed... girlfriends we're."

"Girlfriends, we're
the mighty Girlfriends."

"Friendship made our
lives trendy dear."

"If you're blessed
with a friend"

"she can sense your
issues at the brink of it."

"She'll stand by you
during tough times"

"also she'll be the
shoulder to lean on."

"If true friendship
is your companion"

"even the sorrows will
not dare to come closer"

"your worries will vanish."

"If true friendship
is your companion"

"even the sorrows will
not dare to come closer"

"your worries will vanish."

"Friendship will
change your lives"

"you can't avoid the
brim at the shores"

"we can't live without
the notion of friendship."

"Only a women can
understand another woman"

"I too have someone who
can stand up for me"

"we're going to fight for it."

"Girlfriends, we're
the mighty Girlfriends."

"A friend in need, friend
indeed... girlfriends we're."

"Girlfriends, we're
the mighty Girlfriends."

"Friendship made our
lives trendy dear."

"Never share anything
with our parents"

"but we don't hide
anything from our friends."

"We lend our ears to
their sob stories."

"But will make sure to
make fun of it later."

"Love might lose its ground."

"But friendship
remains victorious."

"We'll celebrate friendship"

"no matter who our friend
is we'll celebrate them"

"separated by color,
caste and religion"

"we'll bond through friendship."



Stand back.

Get out, get out.

Stand back.

Stand back!

Let them go, let them go.


Who is she? And why
is she holding them?

Don't let her getaway.

Ey... move!

Ey, get inside the car.

Start the car. Go, go, go.

Ey, just shut up.

Go, go... faster!

Ey, just shut up.

Quiet, ok!?

Ey, drive faster. Faster!

Keep at it - Huh!?

Hey, someone is following us.

Oh my God!

Keep going idiot - Oh no!

Oh no, keep moving.

Come drive faster.

Faster - I'm driving faster.

Keep driving straight,
and take that service lane.


Oh my God, they're
getting closer.

Go faster - I'm going faster.

Kajal, drive faster.

Ok drive zig-zag.


Go faster - They're behind us.

They're getting closer,
come drive faster.

Go behind them.



Go, go, go faster!

Oh my God, they're getting closer.

Hey success!


- Hey!
- Awww.

Sugi, look over there.


- Look we got him.
- He's quite handsome.


Thank you!

Dude, they are beautiful.

You guys have been relieved
right, get out from here.

Sir, we'll just stay for 10
minutes and then will leave.

Don't you understand?

Hey, what's with 10 minutes, get lost.

Always here to annoy
us to the core.

Just get out from here.

Oh my God!

What happened?

I'm not able to even imagine it.

Both together, shucks.


Take this - Ah!

No, I don't.

Don't want?

- Rita!
- Mmmm.

What would 2 girls actually do?

You must have experience,
please tell me.

I don't have such
experience though.

Kajal is the most
experienced person here.

Ask her instead.

Their way is quite simple though.

Exactly how?


That's not even an issue, buddy.

What is she even saying?


What? Be silence.

Look here, you can't
be giggling out here.

Let's go, inspector
is calling you guys.

I'm sorry!

- My whole body is aching.
- Ya right!

They're not available at the
place in Bangalore you guys said.

Where did you guys send them?

It's better you
guys tell us now.

There's no way you guys
aren't aware where they're.

We swear, have no
idea where they are.

We just helped our
friend to get her love.

There's no harm in it.

Even we were under the impression
that she's in love with a guy.

But in the end we
were surprised too.

My daughter was a fine woman

it was their daughter
who confused mine.

Please don't blame my daughter.

Obviously I'll blame her.
You didn't raise her well.

If you raise her like a boy,
this is bound to happen.

I let her inside my house
thinking of her as my own.

You don't teach me how
to raise my daughter.

Your daughter too has
eloped with my daughter.


Didn't you find any
symptoms before they eloped?

- Symptoms uh?
- It's not a disease.

Nothing of that sort
was obvious to us.

Even they used to hug each other

I thought it was just friendship.

Madam, enough with
those questions.

Ranting nonsense.

Can't you stay put?

Sir, I'll revert my case

either ways they have eloped.

Family's dignity
has been tarnished.

You don't have to
look for them anymore.

I'll manage with some
excuse with my relatives.

You just shut up.

Even if you ask us, we
can't find them for you.

If they return and state
that they're just friends

we can't take any
legal action on them.

We don't have the right
to knock on their bedroom.

Fine Sir, they've desired for it.

It's better, if
they come to terms.

They will be happy, no
matter where they are aunty.

Don't worry!

Only a woman can
understand another woman.

They will stay together forever.

Oh no!

Can't you just shut up?

Who do you think
would've first proposed?

Guys shut up.

Oh God! They've
embarrassed my family.

Why am I even alive to
see all this nonsense.

Seriously, can't you
guys shut for a while.

This is Police station
not a funeral house.

Please get out
from here, please.

Sorry, Sir!

Get out from here.

Come let's leave.


- Oh God no...!
- What happened?

My husband is here, I'm screwed.

Don't worry, I'm here.

Your boyfriend is quite cool,
you don't have to worry.

It's ok, I'm here
right, don't worry.

Thamarai, Kajal
and I are leaving.

- Ey!
- Ok, bye!

All the best Thamarai.

Come, it's ok.
I'll take care of it.

What was it? Are you ok?



I've never been to a Police
station even during my case.

- Everything is fine right?
- But you made me.

No issue.

- Get home, I'll take care of you.
- Get me one Tea.

The worst of the times are here.

Sir, it's not a rule
that only boys can smoke?

Can't women smoke too, huh?

Fine, do as per your will.

- Ey...!
- Don't please

I'm telling you
this one last time.

Please don't do it

I don't have any issues
with the way you live

if at all I see your
girlfriend around my wife.

- What will you do?
- I'll kill her.

Come - Dear...

Let it go, he's just angry.

Unlike a regular man...

he seems to understand a woman.

Mmmm - He respects them

I really like this
Venkat character.

Even we used to like him a lot.



Will you marry me?


I asked, 'will you marry me?'


Why don't have
to spoil the mood now?

Why don't want to
get married to me?


Finding it hard to get
another pretty girl?

I'm not in love with
you, for your looks.

I've met girls, way
prettier than you.

But I just love you
for, who you are.

You don't get it,
how much I love you.

We can very well be in
love, but can't get married.

But I want to be married.

That doesn't mean,
I want to get married.

Don't you understand
my love for you?

You don't have respect
for my feelings.

Well, you don't respect
my feelings too.

I'm persistent on
not getting married.

But you don't seem
to understand.

But I need a commitment.

Does marriage
confirms commitment?

Not necessary we have to
follow the usual path.

It's not like that.

If we're married, I will be
pacified that you're mine.

I'm not a property to own.

And I don't want to get married.

If so, then we're done.

Your wish.

So, that's it - Ya!

Don't forget to
leave the house keys.

Damn it!

A nice couple broke up. So sad.

- Ah... thanks!
- Madam, I want tea too.

Hey, do you drink tea too?


Please give her one too.

You can leave.

So what happened next?

After that...

my husband moved
us out of that flat.

He was constantly
keeping an eye on me.

He even took away my phone,
'cause I used to speak to them.

As time went by,
I lost touch with them.

You guys had so much fun.

If you're upset listening
to it, imagine my plight.

That's why, we all met again.

So once again you
guys got drunk?

No madam, we just went
there to have juice.

- Uh!?
- Mmmm.

I believe you...!

They're there.

- Hey!
- Hi...!


- Hello, how are you?
- I'm good!


Guys, this is Christina.


- How are you?
- Ya, good.


One orange juice - Okay.

One pista ice-cream

- I will take the same.
- Ok, ma'am.

- For you?
- Strawberry...

That's it!

Ok, thank you ma'am.

So, are you guys happy right?


It's all 'cause of you.

I want to thank you girls.

- Oh...!
- It's ok.

It's you, who gave
me such courage.

Hey, I didn't do anything.

You're living your
life on your terms.

That's about it.

- Ey!
- Uh!

Is everything
normal at home now?

- Huh?
- Not yet...

They haven't agreed
to it whole heartedly.

Don't worry, they
will come to terms.

You're right.

'Cause of us you guys had
to go to Police station.

Sorry - Hey... it's ok.

No problem!

Thank you!

Shall we ask them, how
they exactly do it?

Hey, just shut up.

Mmmm ok.

Hey, just look at them.

She's cute though...

Still how did you fall
in love with a girl?

Whether it's a boy and a girl

or it's between two girls.

- Love is love!
- Exactly!

Love... is... Love!

- Love you baby.
- Love you too baby.

You're guys are
so cute together.

I'm planning to switch
sides and fall in love.

- So Kajal, are you ready?
- Oh God, she's on now.

Why not?

What's wrong with me, huh?

Hey, Rita!

You're killing me.

You guys are funny.

Chris - Mmmm.

If you weren't here, I would've
definitely fallen in love with Paru.

Do you think, you will
love Suganya as I do?

Are you that beautiful? Tell me.

No one can come in between us.


She was just kidding.

Paru, didn't wanna ask something.

- Ask them now.
- I don't want to risk it.

Was it love at first sight?

We're friends since school.

Then we became best friends.

Then we realized we had feelings
for each other in college.

Who proposed first?

We never proposed each other.

Just an understanding.

Just love!

Do you know where we
made out first time?

College bathroom.

So... as Sugi and
Chris are here...

we're going to party.

- Yes!
- Ya.

We can party, not an issue

but If I drink, my
husband will find out.

He'll kill me.

Oh God!

No drinking!

I'm not able to wake early
to send Ria to school.

- No drinks.
- It's not suiting me too

I get a chronic
headache in the morning.

That's right, let's not.

So after that, you
guys never had drinks.

We never did - Good!

Very Good!

Then why did your husband
brought you here today?

Oh that...

as drinks were
not agreeing with us

we went on to

try weed for a change.


Hey, why kind of sketchy
place he brought us to.

- What place is this?
- Let's see.

- Guys!
- Yes.

This is where we get pure weed.


What do you mean by pure weed?

Other places, they tend to mix rat
poison, but that's not the case out here.

- Nice!
- Oh!

- Come on, let's try.
- You'll feel it, when you have it.

It's awesome.

Come on.

Hey buddy...

they've come along to buy weed

tonight we're going to
party with the girls.

- Okay?
- Double okay.

He will get his girl today

I'll remain as single.

Look over there,
romance is at peak.

Why is this lady staring at us?

- Hi Buddy!
- Hi.

Looks like you workout everyday.


- Do you workout daily?
- Yes!

See him.

Hey be careful.

- Hey!
- Buddy do you have a match?


Buddy, why are you
giving me cold stares?

It's fine if you don't have it

why do you have to be so rude?

We're close, it's this way.

Hey, I think we've reached.

It's through this.

- Here is it?
- Yes.


You guys don't come beyond this.


It gets worse as
we move further.

What's this buddy?

Come on buddy, let's go.

Let go off my hand,
I'm a girl too.

I'm serious, you guys
don't have to come.

- We'll handle it.
- Please listen

I'm right here, you guys don't
have to worry. Follow me.

Fine, let's go.

That's the house.


Who is that?

Granny, it's me.

They're our friends - Yes.

Oh is it. Fine,
get inside quick.

Granny, take out your stash.

Give me that basket.


Does she sell weed, is it?

Why does she need the basket?

Why does she need it?

- How many?
- 4 is enough.

She has packed it
well and hid it.

Give it to me.

I don't use plastic bags.

- Oh!
- How much is it?

It's 1000 rupees.

Buddy, I don't any money on me.

I swear I don't
have money on me.

I don't have it.

Fine, I'll pay for it.

Thank you.

Who is inside?

What happened?

Open the door.


It's Police.

- Police, huh?
- Oh my God!

You guys leave
from the back door.

Come on, go... go... go.

Run faster.

It's ok.

Come on, quick.

Come on, Sugi.

Keep running.

Please stop right there.

Come on, catch hold of them.

Keep chasing them,
don't let them getaway.

Catch them!

Hey, I say you stop there.

Come on, coast is clear.

Come on quick.

Come start the vehicle, quick.

- Get inside quick.
- Get inside faster.

I'm very much tired.

Get something soon.

That was awesome.

It was great.

Awesome it seems, idiot.

Again, if I had gone
to the Police station.

My husband would've killed me.

That Police is way
better than your husband.

Right!? This prison is
better than the other.

Buddy, come on help me with it.

- Look at him.
- Please understand.

Get lost.

Just this once.

Hey, hope they don't
come looking for us.

We'll handle it.

If I was wearing a saree,
I would've rolled up and ran.

There's not much
difference though.

You could've rolled
up your skirt as well.

Of course.

You're right about it.

This is only for us.

Hey, I don't drink juice.

So will you drink only liquor?

- So will you get me booze?
- You can get one too.

- Do you want this?
- No.

Without knowing the matter
he's wooing her.

He'll also get disappointed soon.

Come on, finish up quickly.


We're going to party.

There's beer at home,
you guys are welcome.

No, this is girls only party.

Only the beer is welcome.

You're not welcome though.

Ta Ta!

- Hey!
- She's looking hot.

Who is this Sexy lady?

Does this look good?

- I'm kind of nervous.
- You look super nice.

Is this really good?

God has been really
generous with you

but with me he's
been quite stingy.

If you itself complaint about it

imagine my plight, God has
been a real miser with me.

Oh God, poor thing.

Chris has been totally
neglected by the God.

Damn you woman.

Hold on, I'll give you an idea.


Is this where Ria's
socks are kept?

Ya it's inside that.

Come on, stuff them.


Come on, stuff them.

Come on, get on with it.

Oh no!

Are you done with it?



are you ready girls?

Give it to me.

"Shiva Bhanam clawed into
me, twisting all my senses"

"I'm totally not in my senses."

"My head is spinning like
a staggering whirlwind."

"Still there's a force within
which is paving its way out."

"World seems to be smoking
up spinning like a ball."

"Also it's questions
where I am headed to"

"I've been running haywire
looking for answers"

"I'm stranded clueless
at crossroads."

"I saw the heaven blissfully"

"I am in cloud nine
Enjoyed a lot."

"Sambo Siva Sambo-Sambo,
Siva... Siva Sambo."

"Sambo Siva Sambo-Sambo,
Siva... Siva Sambo."

"Sky faded away, so
did our sorrows vanish."

"Laughter is dominating
us at the moment."

"Clueless on what is
happening to our bodies"

"we've been drifting away."

"Hey... Hey"

"I'm seeing God
standing in front of me."

"Feels flying with wings
and floating over the sky."

"My heart is running like a deer."

"Sambo Siva Sambo-Sambo,
Siva... Siva Sambo"

"I saw the heaven blissfully"

"I saw the heaven delighted."

"I am in cloud nine
Enjoyed a lot."

"Sambo Siva Sambo-Sambo,
Siva... Siva Sambo."

"Timid... shyness
A feeling of embarrassment."

"Fear of emotion."

"Wake up... come out."

"Let's rise up and win to reach hights."


Are you crying?

I feel like crying though.

But I'm not able to cry.

Didn't we shift to weed, 'cause
you guys start weeping after drinks.

Please don't cry dear.

Here, drink your tea.

Aahh, come on dear.

Wait for a second

I'm so riled up, and
it's so hot in here.

Hey no, I have work to do

2 minutes, please.

Mind our child is inside.

Don't worry.

Please let me kiss you.

Let go of me.

Our child started crying
Let me go inside.

Drink your milk
I am coming child.


Hey, come on.

No, no, no Ria might come in.

- Listen... listen.
- Just come dear.

Come on, just one.

Come on dear...

She might walk in.


Pee... Pee - I'm coming dear

I'm coming my dear.

You wanted to pee is it?

Why didn't call me earlier?

Come on now, get inside.




Hey, I'll come over there.


Move her to the corner.

Hey, come on help me with it.

Listen me Go that side


My husband is having
an affair with another girl.

Off late, he hasn't
been coming home.


He stays here right,
with his girlfriend.

Don't you have anyone?


Don't you have anyone?

Will anyone even love me?

What are you guys doing here?

- Kajal.
- Kajal.

- Kajal...
- Where you going?

- Kajal-uh?
- Kajal.

- Ey...!
- Kajal.

Where is kitchen?
I'm feeling hungry.

Look Kajal has
been sleeping here.

She's in deep sleep,
unaware that we're here.

Ey, wake up.

Kajal - Wake up.

Who are you people?


She's not able to
even recognize us.

Where is fridge?

Where are you headed Kajal?

Look here.

- Abhi!
- Isn't this Kajal?

Kajal is not here.

Don't you understand,
please get out.

Abhi, what's happening?

What are you guys doing?
Better get out from here.

I've been telling you guys to leave.

Get lost.

Come on, you come on damn it.

Let go off me, idiot.

I'm hungry!

Sit down let's talk.

Don't touch me.

At least give us
something to drink.

- Her face doesn't looks like Kajal though.
- Yes, your right.

Who are you guys?

Why her nose like this?

Abhishek, call the Police.

You've barged in like
a dog inside the house.

- She's definitely not Kajal.
- Paru!

- Paru, Paru... come over here.
- Come on dear.

Does she even look like Kajal?

Can't you hear what I am saying?

- Who sent you guys over here?
- Is it Kajal?

If you guys don't leave,
I'll call the police.

I will...!

Ey... how dare you?

We've been so nice to Kajal.

Why have been barging
in like a smart cookie?

I'm being a gentlemen
not raising my hand

if not, what will you do, idiot?

Ey... don't harm him.

Look at him.

She's worried as
if she's your wife.


- I should...
- Rita, don't.


If at all I see you
around that house


I'll kill you - Hey!

Come on, let's leave.
I'm hungry.

Shucks - Come on.

You don't have anything
in the house, useless.

- Squatter!
- Abhishek.

Come on.

Are you sure Kattan
will be here?

He will come for sure

I Vengaiyan's Son...

Am standing alone.

Come on, if you have the guts!


That's your husband.

Come on, come on.


Oh no - Keep moving.

Come on, take cover.

Come on...

Get inside the car.

Your sense of style is
not giving me good vibes.

And that too the
make-up is tad bit much.

The make-up was good though.

Has it worn out?

Baby has it worn out?

Come on patch up your make-up.

You're being spoiled
by these women.


How did you find that out?

Just now we made such a ruckus.

Yay, Yay, Yay, Yay!

If I find you again with
these drunk wretches.

Don't call my friends like that

they'll be ready to give
up their life for me.

You're such a sweet baby.

Why are you embarrassing
me like this?

I swear, I didn't drink.

I know you get angry, If I do

I truly didn't.

Thamarai is telling the truth.

What are you guys blabbering?

What is that smell?


That's nothing but bug poison.

It's the work of the booze.

Bug Poison!?

Like how we mangled Abhishek

do you think your
husband can take that?

If only he had gun with him,
he might have nailed it.

As if he was
capable of doing it.

All he had in his
house was stale chips.

Come over to my place

we all shall have
the bug poison.

You are right.


You should just like
this, always smiling.

Hey, stop pissing me off.

If you keep laughing,
I'll shoot you guys.

Please don't dear...

you're a reputed rowdy

don't degrade yourself
by shooting us down.

She's absolutely right.

Don't get angry.

You alone come home
and shoot me only.

I smell something weird.

Oh that...

we just had a wee bit of weed.

Did you say weed?

Why have you been
annoying me lately?

Please forgive me.

Hereafter, I won't
have beer, wine or weed

I'll let go off
it, for your sake.

Just like how I let
go off my parents.

She got emotional.

Please don't be angry, dear.

I love you so much.

Hey stop the car right now.

Stop the car, car, car, car...

Ey... have this.

- You know, Pandi right?
- Yes.

He hangs out with
him all the time.

Is that so?

It'll be great if he quits
that and find another job.

Kattan was not there, boss.

I'll be done with it soon.

- Please eat well.
- All you guys have a partner.

But me...

I'll finish him.

Brother, get me a egg parotta.

- One for me too.
- She's incorrigible.

Do whatever you feel like...

but for God sake don't cry.

You guys are so loving

I'll give up my life for you.

No one has been so
affectionate to me.

That doesn't mean, you
have to go back to him.

Better not.

Please stop crying.

These are not sad tears

but the happy ones.

My poor haunted bungalow...

I wonder who will befriend it.

We'll get you a guy,
who'll befriend it.

You don't worry about it?

My bungalow has
never been christened.

What did you say?

- What!?
- Mmmm.

I think I'm running
a temperature.

You got fever?

Nothing to worry about.

You please go and sleep.


Come on, that's a good strike.

Yayy... Kohli just scored a six.

Come on, keep at it.
That's a good shot.

Why are straining yourself,
here have some chips.

I'm feeling cold.

You're cold?

Shall I switch off the AC?

That was a good drive,
he's playing a good game.

That's a good game.

- When will you be done?
- It'll be late in the night

I'll switch off the
lights, you sleep.


What is it? What happened?

I thought it was a cockroach.

- Is this how you startle a person?
- Mmmm.

Fine, go to sleep. Goodnight.

Damn it!

Sleep dear!

Sleep dear!

Sleep dear!

Sleep dear!

He has an excuse
everyday for it.

Every time, he is
just about the sleep.

When I hear that...

I have no clue, why
he's avoiding me.

On top of it, his mother...

she's torturing asking
me, when I'll have kids.

May he has a faulty remote.

If you put a battery,
it should work.

First, we need to check if
there's a remote in place

then we'll worry about
putting a battery in it.

- Oh poor thing.
- Why have you been mum about it

I have a younger sister...

that's why I'm
being quiet about it.

I will...!

How long will you
bear this nonsense?

Damn it, why don't you
confront that asshole.

Hey, what's with the language?

Enough of food, leave from here.

Enough of being patient.

It's time, you open up
your locked bungalow.

Ey... wake up.

What is your problem?

Why are you not
intimate with me?

Don't you find me sexy?

Don't you have any
feelings for me?

I too have feelings.

Why don't you understand that?

Come on, do something.

If not, say that
you don't like me.

Don't you like me?

Tell me, tell me.

Tell me, tell me.

- Don't you like me?
- It's not that.

Don't you like me?

Paru, you're very beautiful.

You're very desirable.

I was in love with another girl.

But my family
didn't agree to it.

They forced me
into this marriage.

I'm not able to get over her.

But, we still love each other.

Everyone gets just
one life to live.

You can live with the
girl, who you love.

- What about our marriage?
- I care nothing about it.

Just a formal
arrangement won't cut it.

We'll be together, until my
younger sister gets married.

After that let's get a divorce.

I don't care about your
intentions with that girl.

I don't care.

Come on get back to sleep.

You can sleep well now.

Do you truly love me?

You started your rant again.

Tell me!

That's right
you're my only love.

Will you do something for me?

Tell me!

Quit working for Pandi.

I'll think about it.


Just 'cause there's a design set by
the society, the way women should live

it's utter foolishness to live
a life which you don't favour.

You should always live
life on your terms.

You're not obligated to
let go off your happiness.

You sound just like Rita.

Ey... how long will
keep chatting up?

Madam, not sure if
she mentioned it.

She's been smoking up and
drinking along with those girls

please get her out of
that puddle of mess.

Don't you smoke or drink?

I was doing it...

but when she started
with these habits.

Since then, I feel
disgusted looking at it.

I can concur stating if wives start to get
a taste of it, you guys will stop it too.

Am I right?

Let that go, ma'am.

Please advice her not to
hang out with those girls.

Firstly, ask him to
quit working for Pandi.

Then I'll think about
leaving my friends.

Look here...

it's better if you
behave well with your wife

if you do, then she'll
definitely listen to you.

Ok, did you understand?

Please wait outside
for 5 minutes...

I'll send Thamarai too.

He's portraying as if
I'm a chronic addict.

We just tried once
on a occasion.

Then poured out our hearts
to each other, that's it.

It's ok, I understand.

You met your friends without
your husband's knowledge.

But please keep away
from this fixation.


Ok Madam.

Hey Thamarai, you guys must've
definitely a plan in place

when are you meeting
your friends next?

New Year is around the corner.


we've planned to go clubbing.

Oh my God!



Ey...! Stop it, Stop it, Stop it.

Stop it!

We're tired of the same
song every New Year!

I need a new song.

It's New Year Eve!

Let's get sloshed!

My dear lovelies from
another mother, worldwide.

Wish you a Happy New Year!

Let's get Dead-Sloshed!

"New Year's Eve,
let's get sloshed."

"Tonight, everything is viable."

"Hit it!"

"New Year's Eve,
let's get sloshed."

"Tonight, everything is viable."

"Dispose your
antics on the rocks."

"Tamizhan's song always rocks!"




"haven't moved on from my Ex."

"Income hasn't
seen a hike a bit."

"Looking at the bottle,
we forget our past."

"This year is gonna be
ours, let's take a break."

"No clue in what's
happening around."

"New Year is around
the corner in a jiffy."

"We'll preach not to love, so
will quit drinking and smoking"

"finally we'll end up
doing the same crap."

















That's all you got!?






That dance was slick!

Paru, now that you're divorced,
what's your next move?

I'm going to travel
and hook up with guys.

- Ey...!
- She's spot on

I too need to hook up.

Even I want to experience
this 'Get together'

Ah... get together-uh!?

That's called Live-in together.

- Ya, that's what I meant to say.
- So what about you too?

We are getting married.

- Aahhh!
- Wow!


Getting married is fine
though but what about kids?

She's right though,
what about it?

Don't look at me

I can't wear my jeans then.
Sugi will have a baby.

- What!?
- Ya!

Nice try, I'm not doing it.

I'm serious...

if you wish to have kid,
then you get pregnant.

Ey... is this like Vicky Donor?

- Ey!
- That would be great, send him.

Hey, let us all stay the same.

You're right, come here.
Let's stay the same forever.

What happened Thamarai?

Ey... Ey! Stop the bike.

- Uh!?
- Where's Pandi?

Oh, you're look
for brother Pandi.

Come with me.

- Ey!
- Come on.

Don't you lay hands on me.



Come on!



Come on!


Ey... Sathish, where are you?

Why is it taking so long?

- Come sooner.
- I'll be there soon

I'm almost there boss, almost...

Ey... Thamarai!

What are you doing here?


Your wife is drunk
with these girls...

entered my den

and pointing a gun to my head.

It's not that, boss.

Hope you remember who I am.

I thought Pandi was
a big freaking Co...


Look at him sitting
like a school kid.

School kid is it?

Just untie me, then
you'll know my thrust

what were you up to, when
we were tying you up?

Hey! Thamarai.

Please give that gun to me.

Don't come closer,
I'll shoot him.

- Hey...!
- Come on shoot him Thamarai.

I just learned how to use
a gun, give it to me.

Please don't.

Please listen to me.

First you got to load bullets.

Give me the gun - Then lock it.

Finally you press the
trigger and shoot.

Give that to me, let
me give it a shot.

You take a shot sweety.

Did you just say a trial.

First take the
gun away from them.

Hey Sugi, please
be a little careful.

It's better if you
give the gun to me.

That's awesome, let
me give it a shot too.

They're playing with the gun
and you're just staring at them.

It's not that, boss.

Please do something, Sathish.



Now, let me give it a try.

Shall I point and shoot it?

What's wrong with you women?

Sathish, you dumbo do something.

You aren't quitting
'cause of him right

I'll kill him
myself, give me that.

Hey, don't do it Thamarai.

Hey, Sathish...

how do you manage
to live with her?

You're better off
working for me.

Hey, Thamarai

I beg of you, please
give me the gun

I won't!

Everything will be
alright, if I kill him.

- Ey... Ey, Thamarai.
- What are you doing?

Hey, you might shoot him.

If I take a shot here,
you'll die right?

Ey... shoot his brains out.

Does he have a brain though?

Is it here, or at least here?

He doesn't have
any brains though.

Then how will he die?

You're right!

Then shoot his nose.

Thamarai, don't... don't.

- They're playing with me.
- You'll kill him, careful.

- Thamarai listen to me.
- She's fixated on killing me.

Sathish, please do something
don't just stand still.

Please Thamarai, I beg of you.

Give me that gun.

Ey... stop begging her.

Take the gun away from her.

Thamarai, why are
you doing this?

If something goes wrong
with you, I can't take it.

Do you know how much I love?

You're lying to me.

I swear

I do love you.

Is that so?

Then tell me how
much you love me?

What do you mean by that?

A lot!

Fine, recite a poem.


There are so many
stars in the sky.

That much.

Just like the extent
of sand at the beach.

Damn it!

Instead of listening to this
crap it's better I shoot myself.

I never heard such
a lame poetry.

Hey, don't be so rude.

It is good though.


Oh... Oh!

I swear, will quit
working for Pandi.

Are you sure about it?

I am sure!

Don't listen to him. He's lying!

Don't trust him, he's lying.

- Ey!
- Yes...

My husband is an honest rowdy.

He will never go
back on his word.

Hey, Thamarai
don't go over there.

He's trying to
trick you into this.


Enough of romantic antics
first cut me loose.

Boss, I'm really sorry.
It was not her intention though.

Don't untie him.

- Sorry, Boss!
- Don't untie him.

- Boss, boss, boss...
- Move away.

- Hey...!
- Boss, please don't.

Boss, please don't harm her
It was unintentional.

She was high, please
forgive her...

Just 'cause I'm bald, you
pecked me for a queer...

Not like that boss.

Five women will point
a gun to my head.

Do you expect me to keep calm?

Boss, I've always
obeyed your orders.

I've done a lot for you
Please listen to me, boss.

Let her go, and forgive her.

Why the heck should
I listen to you?

Your wife is the first
one to bite the bullet.

Just watch - Boss, don't shoot.

Just watch - Hey... don't.

Ey... Ey!

Ey... let go off me.


Just kill him.

Shall I shoot you down?


Shall I?

Rita, kill him.

- Shall I shoot?
- Do you know I'm a big gangster?


Freakin' I've handled Bigg Boss.

- Buddy!
- Tell me buddy.

Did you see what happened?

We're invited for Thamarai's
birthday this year.


If we're persistent
with something

we'll succeed for sure.
That's great buddy.

We're going to party with them.

We're going to party
with Paru today

that's right buddy,
come on high-five.

Brother, brother...

Sorry, did I just graze you?

Brother, give us 12 beers.

Did I just graze you too?

Brother, come on
give us 12 beers.

Brother, come on brother...

make it quick.

As usual, I've lied to
my husband to get out.

Hey, you're still
lying to your husband?

No other option, he doesn't seem
to understand our friendship.

Are you happy?

I'm very happy.

- Great!
- He's very caring

regular to his work,
what else do I need?

Oh... Ok!

What about other stuff?

That doesn't seem important now.


Hey, I swear!

- But Rita...
- Huh!

It's all 'cause of you.

She's right, only after
you spoke to our parents

they've begun
slowly to accept us.

That's right.

It's 'cause of you, I've
got a clarity in my life.

Oh, come on!

Thanks a lot for getting
me a job at your salon.

That's enough guys wrap
up the sentiments.

Hey, let's start the party.

Hey Rita, you open
the first bottle.

I stopped drinking and smoking

I've become very
health conscious.


Girls, come on let's start then.

When Rita isn't drinking,
then I'm not going to

we don't want too.

Buddy, let's get high on life.

What's happening?

So we can't have drinks
with them anymore.

It's all done.

Why don't you get
me a green tea?

- Did you say green tea?
- Yes!

- Hey!
- Please, please.

Order juice for us.

That's right juice will do.

Ah... please!


Hey, poor thing.

They look so sad.

Fine, we all are happy now.

When are you going to be happy?

Why!? I'm like forever happy?

I choose to be happy.

Hey don't lie to us.

Don't you miss Venky?

I miss him a lot.

I was heartbroken,
but I've moved on.

I can't be moping over this.

Rita, why don't you marry Venky?

That's right!

If I get married,
I won't be myself.

I love myself
I don't want to change.

And moreover, Venky is married.

Ah! What are you saying?

You guys don't get
sentimental over this.

One day, I'll meet
someone like me.

Hey, what's that noise?

So, you won't marry me?

How do you explain being
together for all these days?

It's all a ruse, right?

You've thrown away
our relationship.

But I've been
loving you like mad.

Please understand,
I love you so much.

And I need a commitment from you.

Does marriage
certify commitment?

That's when, we'll
belong to each other.

Look, marriage... commitment
it never works out for me.

Hey, he speaks your lingo.


Then we're done, let's break-up.

Are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure.

Ok cool.

Hope you wake up.

Buddy, that was a mess.

We're drinking alone now.

Excuse me!
Do you guys have cigarettes?

Yes we do, take this bro.

Hi bro, would you
like have a beer?

Do I look like your bro?

Being like a crow though...

But you think, I'm your bro.

Trusting women has given
us a lot of stuff

I too have received
a lot trusting women.

Bro, inside you spoke well.

You can only speak out, what's inside
of you what can I do, if it's good.

Awesome, bro!

Bro, how to really
impress a girl?

I've tried every
trick in the book.

But none seem to be impressed.

What will exactly impress women?

Speak the truth, women
will be impressed.

That's awesome!

That doesn't mean, you got to speak
the truth once she's impressed.

Then she'll move
on to someone else.

You're right.

Boss, I'm your fan now.

Me too - Then follow me.

Can I ask you one thing?

Why did you reject that girl?

Do you believe you'll find
someone just like you?

But one thing is for sure...

I swear I don't think you
can find a girl like that.

Hey, if you don't
believe in yourself

then how do you expect
a girl to trust you?

First you believe in yourself.

Then you'll find the one

come looking for you.

Excuse me!

You loved her right?
Why don't you marry her?

I did say I love her, but
never said will marry her.

So if you love someone, you
won't get married is it?

Is it mandatory to get
married if you're in love?

Then why did you love her?

I loved her, 'cause
I really liked her.

I can't get married to
confirm my integrity.

Are you sure?

You won't change
your mind, right?

My heart has been never
confused in these matters.

But the hearts of my loved
ones did change though.

I'm just like you.

Where were you all this while?

Where were you all this while?

- Won't you tell me before you do this?
- Look at them...

I'm really confused
and my head is spinning

you won't change
your mind right?

Definitely not!

Then come on, we'll manage.

"Let's witness the world,
through the eyes of a bird"

"we're that God, who
isn't trapped in a idol"

"we've stepped over hurdles
and have come a long way"

"attained ecstasy
without compromises."

"Vibrant colors are blooming,
beyond the borders of a saree"

"it's time to rest the heart, which
kept screaming all this while."

"Pave a path for yourself,
don't be dependent."

"The path you choose
will bloom success."

"New phase of life blooms, at
every rotation of this earth"