9 (2019) - full transcript

When forces within and beyond this world conspire to snatch his son away, a father resolves to do whatever it takes to protect him.

It's too dark, Dad.
Nothing is visible.

Open your eyes.

Alby, we should see
only through this.

No, Dad.
This is really frightening.

Why do you feel so?

Trust your dad.

But Ms. Mercy told me
not to go out today.

I know that you will obey her

as she is your favourite.

But who teaches you science?
- You.

Isn't it?

Then, you must obey me when
it comes to matters like this.

Okay, Dad.

what if the moon doesn't move?

It will be dark, isn't it?

Such a dumb question,
isn't it, Dad?

There are no dumb questions
when it comes to science.

Science got its answers
to several complicated questions

because of such dumb questions.

You should never stop
asking questions.

You shouldn't stop
until you get an answer.

Do you get it?
- Yes.

Do you know how big
this universe is

and how tiny human beings are,
compared to it?

What's the name of the galaxy
of which Earth is a part of?

Milky way.
- Correct.

Earth is just a small planet
in the milky way.

It is said that there
are more than

twenty thousand crore
such galaxies in this universe.

Huh! Do human beings inhabit
all of them?

Albert Einstein
had said this once

that for human beings,
the universe

is just like a big library
is for a toddler.

Huge book shelves
full of tomes

written in strange languages
beyond his understanding.

The toddler doesn't know
how to read them.

So, he can't find out
the mystery behind all that.

Dad, when I grow up

I'll become a great scientist.

We need not become a scientist
to know more

about the things around us.

As I said,
you must keep asking questions.

After some time,
people around us will say

that not all questions
have an answer.

That's a lie.

Look up at the sky, Albert.

You'll get answers to all
your questions from there.

'Saint Antony's UP School,

Ms. Mercy.

Ma'am, can you please seal this
and post it?

I am not quite sure
about the address.

Please send it to ISRC.

Ma'am, please don't forget.

'Scientists have announced
that a super comet'

'capable of causing
massive destruction'

'is nearing the surface
of Earth.'

'Only few days are left'

'and everyone around the world
are bustling with anxiety.'

'In several countries,
the panic-stricken masses'

'have started organised riots.'

'There is chaos
across the globe.'

'Until Friday..'

'An aerospace is globally..'

'Was shut down for 24 hours.'

'All the metropolitan cities'

'are under tight security
and surveillance.'

'Under the impact
of its magnetic field'

'the world will be bereft
of electricity for nine days.'

I'm sorry to have
called you today.

This can't go on like this.

See this?

Last day, my son returned home
in this state.

Had the impact been
a little lower

he would've been blinded.

Your son hurled a stone at him.

I'm.. Sorry.

Father, please give him
one last chance.. - Albert!

I'm answerable to other parents
as well.

I'm expelling Adam
from this school.

I'm sorry.

Come, get in the car.

It's your mid-term.

Which school will admit you now?

Moreover, will any school be ready
to admit you?

What should I write
in your reference letter?

That you're good at pelting stones
at other kids!

Adam, why can't you just
be normal?

Do you at least have a friend?

Does anyone play with you?

I'm fed up.

I miss my mother.

How can you miss someone
whom you never met?

I've told you several times

that you've only me
as a parent.

Do you hear that?
I'm all you have!

You're not my mother..

Hey, Adam..

Do you feel any pain?

No. - Do you feel
a weight to your head?

Yes, maybe because
I cried the other day.

You're completely all right.

No problem at all.


You've grown up, Adam.

I'm not even able
to lift you up.

Okay, big boy.

Now, you must help your father.

Don't be mad at anyone.

Be friendly towards everyone.

And study well.

And become a great
astrophysicist like your dad.

Dad is angry at me.

For now, yes.
But that will change with time

as he is your dad.

You mean the world to him.

How is he?
- He is fine now.

He is a bit upset.

He is just a little kid.

Some kids who don't get
their mother's love

become a little problematic.

It's quite common.

Albert, you must handle him
more softly.

And moreover, try to spend
some time with him

no matter how busy you are.

That will put an end
to all his problems.

Rahul, I know, but sometimes
it's really tough to manage him.

I know..

'I'll have to interrupt you.'

'We'll have global blackouts
for nine days.'

Two more weeks, right?

So, what do you think?

Will the world end?

We don't need a comet
for that.

Human beings will bring
the world to an end one day.

- Sir.

You were right.
- Good morning, sir.

Readings are spot on.

As of now, any probability
for the debris to drop

is somewhere
over the Indo-Chinese border.

Didn't you two go home
last day? - No, sir.

See, in terms of space research

this comet is passing
too close to Earth.

But in terms of actual distance,
it is too much.

So, the debris might
make it through

but most probably, it will drop
in the ocean.

Right, sir. - This time
should be no different.

Sir, everything okay?
- Yes.

All fine. - We know
what tomorrow means to you.

Must be tough.
You could've taken a day off.

No, that won't work out.

Coming to the office is better

than sitting at home
and bothering.

My sister can babysit
your son if needed.

I'll talk to her.
- That's not needed.

I've a maid at home.
My son will be fine.

Sir, did you get the news

that our former chairman

Dr. Inyath Khan
has reached Delhi?

Yes, I got to know.

This year, it is him
who is going to lead

the government advisory panel,
right? - Yes.

There is a rumour that he
might be visiting our office.

Did he call you up?
As you're his favourite student.

No, usually, he never
gets in touch.

A surprise visit
is in the cards.

As he is a recluse
with no email or phone.

For the past five years,
he was off the radar

using the excuse of setting up
a research centre in Brazil.

With genius, comes a spark
of madness as well.

But what a man!

He is a Noble Prize winner.

Honoured with Padma Vibhushan.

A leading cosmologist
in the world.

Sir, do give me a chance
to meet him someday.

I just want to take
a selfie with him.

After working for five years
as his assistant

I couldn't get photographed
with him.

And you need a selfie!

Right, can I get to work now?
- Yes, sir. - Yes, sure, sir.

Have a nice day, sir.
- You too.

Happy birthday, Adam.

Thank you, Dad.

"Oh, graceful God,
up in the skies."

"The gloom of death
looms large here.."

"Bless us to soar higher,
leaving all that behind.."

"On the judgement day"

"beaming with the pride
of victory.."



Do we really need to behave
like strangers?

My sister's death anniversary
is not something that I can avoid.

Usually, my family and I try
to avoid visiting places

where you and your son
are present.

He is just a kid, James.

Is such a punishment necessary?

Albert, it's my son who
is enduring the punishment.

Since last one year

he has been restricted
to that wheelchair.

His chances of walking again..

Do you know something?

I don't recall a night,
going to bed

without hearing Lissy's
muffled sobs.

Sometimes, I wish
for him to be dead!

It's okay.

Your son is totally fine.

That's more than enough.

That was an accident, James.
He didn't do that on purpose..

Shoving my son
off the terrace

for a petty argument,
you call that an accident?

We witnessed it, James.

When Alex was about to fall
off the parapet

Adam tried to save..
- Lie!

You don't know your son
that well, Albert.


We were really happy when Annie
told that she wanted to marry you.

Your financial background
or family status..

Nothing mattered to us.

I liked you, Albert.

Like my own brother.

But your son,
he killed my Annie first.

Then he shattered my son's life.

You've been suffering
ever since he was born.

Take it from me.

As long as he is alive

you won't live a life
of happiness and peace.


He is evil.


"Happy birthday to you."

"Happy birthday to you."

"Happy birthday, dear Adam."

"Happy birthday to you."

James has not changed at all,

His hatred and anger is
growing with time, it seems.

What about Adam?
How did he take it?

He didn't hear, it seems.

Or perhaps, he pretended
that he didn't hear anything.

Isn't it one of the most brutal
of God's silly pranks?

A mother's death
while delivering her baby.

The whole family is confused
whether to celebrate

or grieve on that day,
throughout their entire lives.

It has been seven years.

Seven years.

That's a long time.

I won't ask you to get married
for Adam's sake.

But you need a partner, right?

Shall we find another Annie?

Another Annie.

Isn't that the problem?

There is no one like her.

Please sit down.

When it was announced
that my lecture

was shifted from classroom
to auditorium

I wasn't expecting a sudden surge
of interest in astrophysics.

Anyway, I got to know
that students of other courses

are also present here.

So, I guess, there is no point
in taking today's class

based on the curriculum.

Shall we have a question
and answer session?

You may ask questions.

I'll answer your question
if I know the answer.

What do you say?


I will answer the first question
before you even ask.

This won't lead
to the end of the world.

Something we never experienced..

We are going to experience it.

That's about it.

As far as you all are concerned

it'll be nine days without internet
and social media platforms.

Sir, where is this comet's origin?

From the unknown.

From an unknown galaxy

which we haven't explored yet.

To put it in perspective

a comet bigger
than Mount Everest

is going to pass,
close to the surface of Earth.

And there will be a solar flare.

As the news channels reported

this comet has
a strong electromagnetic field.

I mean, it has
a strong electromagnetic pulse.

The comet's powerful EMP

will influence
Earth's electromagnetic field.

Everything that makes use
of electric energy

be it
huge hydrothermal plants

or our mobiles phones
and watches..

All of that will stop working.

This magnetic field, which is
more powerful than Earth's EMP

will gradually lose its strength
and after nine days

it will vanish completely.

Until then, all of us will
be under its influence.

The world will be
in an electromagnetic bubble.

Sir, there are many
conspiracy theories

about that in the Internet.

Sure, there are several theories.

It's up to our common sense
to find out

if any conspiracy
is involved or not.

One comet's debris is still
on the face of Earth

under the Bermuda Triangle,
according to a theory.

The theory says
that its EMP is still active.

According to some,
aircrafts and ships stop receiving

the satellite signals
and meet with an accident

because of that.

I've a question.

What do you've to say regarding
the most famous conspiracy theory?

Are comets actually messages
from the aliens?

Since ancient times,
human beings

have considered celestial bodies
with a sense of foreboding.

Especially comets.

They are messengers
of destruction

according to a popular conception.

Using prayers and other forms
of rituals

they tried to defend it.

We've always been afraid
of phenomena

that are beyond
our understanding.

If you ask me

you must not approach

the next nine days with fear.

Be proud of getting a chance
to witness something historical.

A similar phenomenon
will be repeated

only after millions of years
from now.

Before this, such a special comet
had passed so close to Earth

when Julius Caesar was still
building his Roman empire.

We, especially you guys

must consider this
as an opportunity.

An opportunity
to experience a phase of time

which you had heard
only as a fable.

Social media

movies, music,
cars, bikes..

Nothing will work.

All that you will be left with
are sunrise, sunset

wind, rain and nature.

Let these nine days
teach you how to socialise

without the help of social media.

For nine days..

At least, for these nine days

let's be human again.

'For your convenience,
we have an outdoor stall..'

It's 3 a.m.

Such a big crowd.

Nowadays, it's open
for 24 hours.

It's a lot more busier
during the day time.

'That stall is open
for your convenience.'

'So, after finishing
your purchase..'

Look, candles, match stick,
kerosene lamps..

As if an old era is on sale..

They're afraid they will run out
of food and essentials.

Hence, this sense of panic.

Sir, will we face issues
in getting the supplies?

Won't there be a way to transport
essentials to the market?


For that, we need vehicles

with thermal
or mechanical engines.

Engines with spark plugs
or compression

won't even start.

How do we get those old vehicles?

Even trains
that use steam engines

can be found only
in the museums.

We got rid of our old toys
when we got new ones.

Everyone is so busy,
collecting the essentials.

The problems that people
are about to face

during the next nine days..

People living in the cities
are panicking more.

Their lives have been turned
upside down.

Can we even imagine
spending a day

without electricity
and internet?

We can't even return
to the villages

as they don't exist

Not just us.

The entire world
is facing this.

Humanity will be tested
in these nine days.

Sir, how will we shop
as it's such a huge crowd?

Leave it.

The owner of this hypermarket
is my friend.

Send me a list
of items you need.

I'll try to get it delivered
to your houses.

Thank you, sir.
- 'Candles, lamps'

'oil, etc. are available.'

'We request all of you..
- It's the end of the world..'

'This comet symbolises
the end of the world.'

'Join us.
- Join us..'

Oh, no!

I didn't see that.

Adam, come..

Let me have a look at you.

You were a baby
when I saw you last time.

You're a big man now.

Even you look old.

You got it right.

Come, let's go meet your dad.

Look, I won't tell him
about the flower vase.



Adam, enough.
Come inside.

You might be celebrating
your rustication..

Doctor Khan.

Hi, Albert.

You haven't changed at all.

You look still the same.

Nothing changes much
after a certain age.

Even you've got some grey hair.

You haven't forgotten
Malayalam yet, right?'

That's the benefit
of learning languages.

Once we get used
to talking in a language

how do I put it..
It gets hold of you.

I was here for ten..

I was here for 15 years.

I haven't seen you
since a long time.

Six years.

We last met on
Annie's first death anniversary.


She was a gem.


To Annie.




This is not a courtesy visit.

I came here to give you
a task.


Have you ever been
to the mountains?

Two years back,
for a convention in Munnar..

Not those mountains.

The big daddy.



Heaven on Earth.

I've a holiday home there.

It was an old heritage hotel.

Four years back

I bought it
out of a crazy impulse.

I'd promised Time magazine
to write an article for them.

About the comet and
its socio-cultural implications.

But then, I got
an official invite

from the Chinese government.

A seminar involving

renowned cosmologists
and astronomers..

And most of them
are very close friends of mine.

And the plan is..

We'll observe the comet live
from the seminar location.

I can't afford to miss that.

So, I came here to tell you
that on my behalf

you'll do the data collection
and research for that article.

On the cover of Time Magazine

your name will be featured
as the co-author.

Come on.

How long are you planning
to be in this job?

People should know you.

Time will put you
on the map.

Sir, but do I need
to go there for that?

I can do the same
from here as well, right?

This is why I like you so much.

You always ask
the right question. Sit.

Albert, don't consider it
just as a place.

It's one of the ancient corners
of this world.

And those mountains
have such tales to tell you.

A village full of rituals
and all kinds of superstitions..

There are two tribal groups
and their perennial battle

inside the forest.

We've an ancient Buddhist monastery
which maintains peace.

Both the tribal groups
have united now.

There is only one emotion
behind it.


Fear instilled by the comet.

But they are not the only ones
who fear that comet.

In a way,
everybody is scared of it.

They knew about this comet
millions of years

before the scientific world.

On the walls of their caves
are written the ancient scriptures

stating the passing
of another red comet ages ago

and its imminent return.

And you know what.

Their prediction was spot on.

And now, the red comet
is going to come again

on the very day
that they predicted

millions of years back.

That is one
of the very few places

from where we can witness
that comet.

You can see her there.

Once the comet passes

the sky will turn red,
owing to the comet's glow

for the whole nine days.

Exactly how the paintings
inside those caves depicted.

And that's why they are scared.

What do you say?

Of course, I'll do it, sir.


It will be a change
for Adam as well.

There is a lot of space
for him to play football.

You'll have a caretaker.

His name is Hakka.

He is a native.

He will take care of everything
including cooking.

I'll arrange everything
that you want.

Form a team

and plan the travel
as soon as possible.

I'll be there
on the eighth day.

But how will you travel
during this span?

I've my ways, my son.

I've my ways.

Doctor Inyath Khan.


Yes, the one and only.

He told me to assemble
a team for research.

I need two of you, only
if you guys are interested.

I'm ready.
- So am I, sir.


Two employees
of ISA Delhi will join us.

That makes a team of four.

I suppose that is enough
for this assignment.

Do you guys have jackets
and woollen sweaters?

If not, you've to but it

because we'll leave
in two days.

Greetings. - Hakka.
- Yes.

I've kept your belongings
in your room, sir.

Thank you.

Is this hotel still operating?
- No, sir.

For now, it's nothing
but Mr. Khan's guest house.

Once in a blue moon, his friends
or his guests comes here.


So, guys, this is..
- Ibrahim Naaz, IIT Kanpur.

Hi, I'm Sandeep.
- Divya.

Neerav Vatekar, IIT Guwahati.
- Hello, I'm Sandeep.

It was tough, sir.

But I managed
to get the rooms.

Almost all places
must be brimming

with people who are here
to see the comet.

I'm insisting once again.
You guys can stay with me.

There is a lot of room
over there.

Okay, if that's the case..
- No need, sir.

If we come there,
you'll transform it into an office.

Adam needs some leisure time
with you, in the evenings.

He needs it.

That is an observation post,
abandoned by the army

after the war of 1962.
We can set up the tents.

Don't get used to it, guys.

Only for the next nine days
do we have this office space.

After that, it is again going to be
glass houses in concrete jungles.

Step down.

The headlights won't work.

So, in order to light a fire..


I am keeping the Landcruiser
for myself.

This one was converted
into a right-hand drive

at a local workshop.

An old 43-model Willys
was restored to make this.

I've jotted down the instructions
to install a manual crank-shaft.

- Will you guys be able to manage

or should I help?
- Sir, well..

We'll manage, sir.


Sleep well tonight.

Because tomorrow, she comes.

After that, we won't have time
to rest.

Away from all..

A haven, away from everyone.

You would've loved
this place, Annie.

"Like a glimmering star,
won't you come to me, my dear?"

"With your gorgeous smile,
light up my days and nights.."

"After a long wait
that spanned ages"

"I met you at the crossroads."

"Though you defined my life"

"why did you fade away
in an instant?"

"Like a glimmering star,
won't you come to me, my dear?"

"With your gorgeous smile,
light up my days and nights.."

"I've fallen for you, dear."

"All my dreams revolve
around you now."

"I don't want to spend
a moment away from you."

"Never apart from you, dear.."

"I've fallen for you, dear."

"All my dreams revolve
around you now."

"I don't want to spend
a moment away from you."

"Never apart from you, dear.."

"Never shall we be apart,
so you whispered in my ears.."

"Forgetting all that,
you're drifting away from me.."

"Like an ephemeral rainbow,
you were gone.."

"As my eyes well up,
I yearn for you.."

"Life seems to be too long."

"Am I searching for you
in vain?"

"The pain of your separation
scorches me"

"tears just trickle down
to form a river."

"After a long wait
that spanned ages"

"I met you at the crossroads."

"Though you defined my life"

"why did you fade away
in an instant?"

"Like a glimmering star.."

Just the two of us hanging out
won't last for long, Albert.


I'm pregnant.

Good night, Annie.

I'm not a man for words.

But today, we're about to witness
a historic event!

We're at the right place,
at the right time.

Keep your eyes on the sky, guys.

It only happens once.

We've three optical telescopes
to watch the passing comet.

You may use this watch tower.
- What about you, sir?

I've a spot in my mind.



She is quite sick.

If she doesn't wake up
by tomorrow morning

we would've to call the doctor.

Hakka, you may leave.
We're good.

I'll come tomorrow morning
and prepare breakfast.

The comet's trail.

Don't be afraid, Hakka.

It won't bother us a bit.

It's a bad omen, sir.

Extremely ominous.

Adam, why are you here?

Go on, go to bed.

Adam, when did you wake up?

Go brush your teeth, come on.

Who are you?

Where am I?

Who are you?
Where am I?

Don't worry.
You're safe here.

I saw you in the woods
near Baruva last night.

You ran into me.

It was too cold and snowing.

I couldn't just abandon you
in such a state, could I?

I've a bad headache.

I'm surprised that it's
only a headache.

So, how did you get here?
What's your story?

Ava, that's my name.

I'm coming from Delhi.

I had few friends with me.

I thought I'd get a good view
of the comet from the valley.

A huge crowd had assembled there.

Few of us, stepped aside
from the crowd

and went into the woods.

While we were searching
for a good view point

I lost my way.

I was so scared!

All of a sudden, I felt an object
hitting the ground!

That's all I remember.

What actually hit the ground
was a piece of the comet.

That hitting the surface of Earth,
happens once in several eons.

But what is even more surprising
is that you survived the accident.

At that instant..

I don't know if you
were fully conscious

but you deposited a piece
of comet in your bag.

As it was too hot

your bag and the items in it
were burned.

Why did I deposit it in my bag?
- Exactly.


You've a fever.

You may rest here
until you recover.

I've to go to a place.

My caretaker, Hakka, is here.

If you need anything,
let him know. Okay?

My son, Adam..

He is bit naughty.

I'll tell him. But in case,
he comes this way

just ignore him.
- Thank you.

Take rest.

Please go to the base camp

and tell my assistants
that I won't be coming today.

Ask them to get started
with the work

and I'll be there tomorrow.


I'm going somewhere.

That girl is not well,
she is taking rest.

So, don't go into her room and
disturb her when I'm not around.



Who are you?


Adam.. I know.

Your dad told me about you.

It's rude to stare at someone.

What's that in your hand?

My flipbook.
- Let me take a look.

Show me.

Who all are in this?

Me and my mom.

But I didn't see your mom.

I don't have a mom.
- Oh, I'm sorry.

Where is your dad in this?
- I don't draw him.

- We don't get along much.

He is always busy.

Don't you have any friends
out here, Adam?


Can I be your friend?

Will you be my friend?
- Yes!


Your dad is out of your mind.


How did this happen?

Pass it. - He doesn't make friends
that quickly.

It's good.

That he found some company.

It'll last only till
the red contour fades away.

Everything will be back
to how it was once it is gone.


All of it.


Isn't it time for you to leave?

Your family must be waiting
for you.

My God is my family.

Then, you should go home
and pray to your God.

God is always by my side,
he resides in my heart.

I know, but please leave soon..

You work so hard in here.
- No.

It's okay.

See, I'm telling you,
please leave.


Don't you feel cold?

Isn't your dad a scientist?

Just imagine his workload.

Still, he takes you along

Yes, but I like my mom.

How can you be so sure?

You haven't seen your mom.

You're just imagining things.

Some people in our lives
disappoints us, at times.

Shut up!
My mom is perfect.

Of course, she is.
I'm sorry.

Have you drawn other pictures
like this?

Yes, but I don't like drawing
in a book.


I like to sketch on the wall.
- Really?

Yes. But dad won't allow me.
He'll scold me, right?

A 7 year old can do anything
that makes him happy.

Nobody should ever forbid kids
from sketching on the wall.

Go ahead and draw.
- No.

Trust me, I'm telling you.
Nobody will scold you, go.

Don't worry.
- He won't shout at me?

- Promise me.

I promise.

Is this a bad time?

Hey, come.

So, you're a scientist?

Astrophysicist, actually.

Beautiful, isn't it?
- Yes.

A kind of terrifying beauty.

Like a door to another realm

What all secrets will be hidden
behind that red contour?

So, where are you from?

Your home and native..

Far away from here.

You wouldn't happen
to know that place.

What about your parents?

Over there.


I'm sorry.

Your friends would still be
in the valley, right?

I think so,
we'll find out tomorrow.

I'll go in the morning.

Thank you so much
for having me.

Adam will miss you for sure.

He doesn't have
any other friends here.

Me too.

The gramophone won't work.

Modern vinyl record players
work on electricity.

But not this one.

Adam is asleep.

I didn't feel like
waking him up.

Tell him that I bid goodbye
to him.



The piece of the comet..

You may keep it.

What will I do with that?

Scientists must have a lot
to learn from it.

Well.. Thanks.

Thank you so much
for everything.

Pleasure. And who knows
whether we meet once again?

Yes. Small world, right?

Bye, take care.
- Bye.

All of you are quite lucky

to see this red sky
for nine days.

What do you think about it?

We don't like it.
The red colour is inauspicious.

It's the symbol of destruction.

Excuse me.
Shall I ask a question?


Do you feel bad
when you see this?

It spells danger, no matter
when you see it.

When moon comes out,
we are afraid.

How much is it?

Why are you here?
Get lost!

Don't ever come back.

You do know, right?

If I wish, then this ring
won't be able to save you.


Hi, didn't you leave yet?

Did you see your friends?

Yes, I did.

They were waiting for me.
- Where are they now?

Well.. They left to Kaza.

Since I don't have
any spare clothes

I thought of shopping around.

Everything in the bag
was burned, right?

I came to know that there
are shops ahead. So..

I'll be leaving soon.

They must be waiting
for me there.

You would've to cross the bridge
to get to the valley.

It is more than 10 kilometres
away from here.

How will you go?
- I'll manage.

Some horse cart will come by.

No need of that,
I'll drop you.

Well.. Okay, superb.
- Come.

Sir, what happened here?

You can't go this way.

The road is all ruined.

It'll be tough to cross,
there is no other way.

You will have to return.
- How?

I don't know.

It'll be better for you
to return.

It's getting dark.

This happened last night.

There is no way to get
to the other side.

Any boats available?

Even if you get one,
you won't reach your destination.

The water is too turbulent.

This is the only road that
can take you to that side.

Until the power is restored,
the bridge can't be repaired.

Once it is done, emergency cases
can be airlifted.

Now, what will you do
to get to your friends?

It's okay.

They'll find out
about the bridge.

Shall we go back to the cottage?

Why don't you stay with us?

No, drop me at the village.

I'll stay there.

Trust me, all the lodges
in the valley are full.

Also, if you return,
Adam will be very happy.


I am so scared, Dad.

You do know to scribble
on the walls, right?

It's high time for you
to sleep alone now!

He is scared, it seems!

Zip your mouth
and go to sleep.

I've a lot of work.
Don't disturb me for anything!

Didn't your dad warn you
not to disturb him?

You should listen to dad.

I-I am afraid..

You should be!

Who are you?

What are you?

Little kids should avoid
asking such questions.

Kids should remain
what they are.


No.. Leave me.


Please leave me.
Let go!


I want to see my dad.

If you utter another word

I'll come back again
and I'll hurt you.


It's me, dear.

- Come.

What happened?

It's okay.

Good morning.
What is the matter?

It's nothing.

This happens, at times.

Some bad dream while asleep
and he's wide awake.

Sir, the breakfast is ready.
- Okay.

Come on, get ready,
we'll have breakfast downstairs.


You may go.
I'll bring him.

What you saw last night
wasn't a dream.

That was real.

Wake up and see this world, Adam.

You've got very little time left
in this world.

The curry is scrumptious, Hakka.

I don't deserve the praise
for it.

I thought I'd help Hakka.

I made it.
- Wow.

This is amazing, I mean..

It's salty and spicy
as per my liking.

It's like..
Like you know me.

Who are you?
Why did you come with my dad?

Adam, she is our guest.
- I want to know.

Who are you?
Why did you come here?

Adam, quiet!

I'm.. I'm sorry.
He is..

You won't understand, Dad!
Never ever!


At times, he is..

Hey, it's okay.
He is a child.

I rebuked him a lot yesterday.

Hence, the antics.

I'm sorry, Dad..

I'm sorry too.

Will you leave me
once again, Dad?

When did I ever leave you, Adam?


At times, I get angry.

And I shout at you.

But that doesn't mean
that I'll leave you.

Promise me.

I promise.

We'll do one thing.

Come with me to the base camp.

Over there, Divya and Sandeep
are waiting to meet you.

What say?
- Okay.

Go and get your bag.

Adam, good morning.

He was too bored
of sitting there idly.

So, I thought
of taking him along.

Hey, are you okay?
- Yes.

He is not in a good mood.

It will improve if he sees you.
I know that.

You will take care of him, right?

Come, let's take a walk.

Nobody will harm you
as long as I'm here.

Adam, relax.

I'll tell your dad everything
that happened.


No need to be scared.

Sir, I've some great news.

A message from Ki Monastery.

La Rumpa has allotted some time
to meet with you.

Tomorrow morning.
- That's good.

I wasn't expecting this
to happen so soon.

They've specially mentioned

that this meeting shouldn't
be missed by any means.

It's a rare occasion.
- Yes, I know.

Should I come along with you?

It's okay.
I'll go on my own.

- You carry on.

Sir, the readings.
- Yes, thanks.

You'll drop Divya, right?
- What?

Divya said that you'll drop her.


Sure, I'll drop her.
- Have a good day, sir.

- Bye.

Go home with Hakka now, dear.

I'll see you soon, okay?

Dad, I'm afraid.

Since when did this start?

Who are you afraid of?

Stay with him
till I return, Hakka.

Sure, sir.

Go on.

What happened?

Why aren't you leaving
with the team?

Adam told me that a visitor
is there at your house.

You didn't tell us about it,
I'm just curious.

If you want to see her

you're free to come by
any time.

You know what, sir?
Sounds like a good idea.

Why don't we just go
and meet her at once?

What is it, Divya?

What's the problem?

Have you ever spent
some time with Adam?

Have you ever cared for him

or tried to understand
his feelings?

Behaving like an adult..
- Wait.


I haven't given you the freedom

to impart advice
on my personal life.

You're my research assistant
and that's it.

I know how to raise my son.

I don't need any help
from others.

I'm sorry, sir, I'm not prying
into your personal matters

but there is a fact
that you should know.

I'm trying to help you.

That girl..
- Divya.

If there is anything
regarding this research

we may discuss about it.

If not, get in the jeep.

I'll drop you.

Also, the log that contains
today's readings is upstairs.

Can you please note it down?

- Hi.

I walked a lot today.

I was on the way to home.

The sight of this
helped me recall.

We shall go together, right?
- Yes, sure.

I'm glad that you came by.

My assistant was eager
to meet you.

Is that Divya?

How do you know her?

Adam must've told you, right?

I know her
and that too, very well.

Hey, you okay?

You look too disturbed.

It has been a tiring day.

There is a remedy
to cure stress.

Close your eyes.
- What?

Close your eyes.

Whenever I was tensed,
my father used to sing

this song for me.

It's magic.

Trust me.


She is alive,
breathing normally.

But critical.
- Doctor..

Taking her to another hospital,
is it going to be helpful?

This is a small clinic.

The town is too far
and the bridge is gone.

No other means of transportation
as well.

So, you understand, right?

Okay, Doctor.

Thank you.
- Okay.

Is Adam asleep?

Does he know?
- Yes, sir.

Hakka, go to the lodge
and ask Sandeep and team

to stay back here for the night.


Why are you standing here
all alone?

Go to your bed now.

Dad, I want
to tell you something.

What is it? Tell me.

In private,
just you and me.

Tell me, Adam.

Dad, no one else but us
should be here.


Who else is here?

Ava will find out
whatever I tell you.

Adam, what are you blabbering?

Ava is not what you think
she is, Dad.

Why did you bring her here

on the night
when the comet passed?

Why won't she leave despite
her wanting to leave?

No, Dad.

We don't need Ava between us.

What happened to you, dear?

I'm worried about you.

I can't sleep, Dad.

Ava is not what you see
on the outside!

And Divya..

That was not an accident.

She was pushed off the tower.

Adam, I witnessed Divya slipping
and falling off the watch tower.

Ava was next to me
at that time.

Exactly my point.

What you're seeing
is not the truth.

Ava is not what you think she is.

That comet..

It is Ava.

Ava is the comet, Dad.

Dear.. Who is telling you
all this?

Dad, please, listen to me..
- No.

And I thought..
Ava was your friend.

She loves you so much.

Dad, let's get out of here
right away.

Right now, let's go.

I need to stay here
for another week.

What about me then?

Don't you need me?

You're all I have.

As long as I'm around,
nobody will harm you.

I know, I'll be safe
as long as you're there but..

Adam, get some sleep.

Everything will be all right.

I am afraid, Dad.

Until recently, you were afraid
of the watchmen at our apartment.

You weren't afraid of him
after a few days.

This too is something similar.

Be a good boy
and go to sleep.


Good night.

You clever boy!

I came down here
to take you with me.

You can't do anything about it.

If you divulge anything
to anyone, I'll kill you.

Not just you, even your dad!

I'll leave on the ninth night,
taking you along.

Breathe, little boy..

What happened?
Aren't you coming?

Don't you want to see
the monastery?


But I'll have a good look
at it from here.

I like admiring things
from a distance.

Besides, they don't have
a view like this where I'm from.

Okay. See you then.
- Okay.

Are you afraid of this comet?

Not at all.

It's just a glimmer
of that great power.

Tell me something, dear.

Do you believe in that force?

You mean God?


I am a man of science.

And still, you're standing here.

Seeking answers to the questions
that you don't understand.

The things that are beyond
our understanding..

The attempt to understand them
is called science, right, sir?

I can see fear in your eyes.

What would someone who believes
in science be afraid of?

I'm afraid of both
those possibilities.

That's the question
that scares me.

You're engulfed in darkness.

The kind of darkness
that can destroy you.

What do you mean?

He is your son

and it's your duty
to protect him.

This is your destiny.

You have to face the darkness

and defeat it.

Only you can do it.

Protect your son

or the darkness will destroy
both of you.

I shall pray for you to see
the light, my son.

It can't enter here, Dad.


Prayers. As everyone
is praying here

it can't enter here.

The doctor said her condition
is still critical.

The condition has improved
a bit.

She has broken her bones,
her ribs.. But there is still hope.

But how will
she come out of the coma..

Yes, l-let's hope for the best.

What exactly happened?

I don't know. I was right there.

She might have slipped.

No way.
The railing is tall enough.

It's highly unlikely
for her to trip and fall.

Sir, she was very upset
yesterday evening.

Who told you so, Sandeep?

Don't assume things
that we don't know.

I'm sorry, sir.
I'm just tired.

You may go home if you want.
I will be here.

I will see you.
- Yes.

Are you leaving tonight, Hakka?

Please don't go.
I will be left alone.

Keep this with you.

You won't have
to fear anything now.

Thank you, Hakka.

You may go home now.
It is too late into the night.

You might lose your way
in this darkness.

The Lord will show me the way.

Let's see.




How many times had I warned you
not to tell anyone?

But you divulged everything
to your dad.

You told him that I can't enter
the monastery, right?

I know everything.


Why are you looking at me

like you are seeing me
for the first time, sir?

Don't believe everything
that you see, Albert.

Your eyes can lie.

You are left alone, right, Albert?

I miss you, Annie, all the time.

Me too.

I know.

Ever since I left,
you've never been happy.

Your anger, agony

frustration, hate..

I can see all of it.

I feel every moment of it.

This is a dream.

You are not real.

Have you ever thought

how our lives would've been
had it changed a bit..

If the decisions we had made
were a bit different..

How different things
would have been?

I would still have been
with you.

He ruined everything, didn't he?

He took it all away.

Annie, what are you saying?

Isn't it true, Albert?

He first separated me from you.

He then shattered your happiness
and peace of mind.

Every time you saw him

you were full of grief,
thinking about me, right?

Should I believe the lie

that you've been telling yourself
all these years, Albert?

Do you really love him?

How many times have you thought
if he hadn't been with you?

He was a mistake, Albert.

He was a mistake we made.

We need to correct that mistake.

Give him to me.

You don't need him anymore.

I am his mother

and I will take him far away.

He will never ever bother you.


Come on.
Let's go, Dad.

Dad.. Let's go.. Come on.

You may sleep.
I am with you.

No one will hurt you anymore.

Is that a promise?

I promise.

Don't leave me alone, Dad.

You are all I've got.

I will be a good child from now.

How can I leave you, dear?

You are all I have got, right?

Sandeep, who is at the hospital?
- Ibrahim.

Okay. Stay here with Adam until
I come back.

Dad, where are you going?

I have some things to do.

Mr. Sandeep will be with you.
I will be back soon.

Will you?
- I will.

Hey. Be with him.
- Yes, sir.

Sir, is everything okay?


This comet is toying
with people's brains.

What you just said
can never happen.

Listen. The whole world
is after it.

Sir, my assistant is fighting
against death at the hospital.

My caretaker is missing. I feel,
something has happened to him.

We have the report
from the hospital, sir.

She slipped and fell
as per your report.

And your caretaker
is a tribal man.

He might have gone
in to the forest to his people.

So, there isn't anything you can
do for me now, right?

No. Not for the next four days.

You are young and healthy.

Protect yourself and listen..

Try everything you can
to stay alive.

What if she tries to kill you?


Your dad hasn't come yet, Adam.

Shall we go to the lodge?

No, he said that he'd
take me to a place.

He wanted you to take me there
if he is late.

Shall we write a note to let him
know we've gone to the lodge?

No! He asked me to go there
in case he is late.

Dad will not come here and so,
he won't find the note.

All right..

Neerav, won't you walk
to the lodge? - Yes.

I have to take him somewhere.
- Okay. - Okay.

Adam, where did he want me
to take you? - Ki Monastery.

Neerav, where is Adam?
He isn't at the base camp.

Sir, he went with Sandeep.
- Where?

Ki Monastery.

Adam asked Sandeep
to take him there.

Adam said you'd come there.

Didn't you say that?

The monastery..
Well done, Adam.

Can't you drive faster?

No.. The road is narrow.
It's very dangerous.

It will be even more dangerous
if we don't go faster. - What?

What are you talking about?


We can't pass through.

Let me move it.
- No. Let's go.

W-What if it's alive, Adam?

Please, sir. Let's go.
- Adam. - I beg you.

Why are you acting this way?

The monastery is near, isn't it?

We will be there soon.
Please don't worry.



Dear.. Adam..



What happened to you?


Adam.. It's me, your dad.
- No..

Hey! Adam..




Dr. Khan.

W-When did you..

Adam.. Where is he?

Some villagers brought you here

last night and you were
almost unconscious.

I met with Divya, Sandeep
and Hakka.

The only information

I have is what you'd
told me in the last 10 hours.

Albert, listen carefully
to what I'm going to tell you.


Sir, what are you..


Where is she?


She doesn't exist, Albert.

There was never an Ava.


Albert, the greatest darkness
in the universe

is not within a black hole, Albert.

It's inside the human mind.

Every human
has that dark side in him.

That darkness

is the hatred you harboured
against your son

which grew inside you
without your knowledge.

In all his acts of mischief..

Every rebuke that James
aimed at him..

Every moment
in which you missed Annie..

The darkness grew.

When it reached a tipping point

you needed a form for the hatred
that you harboured against him

and a reason to justify it.

Ava is that reason, Albert.

She was the darker side of you.

She was you.

You are suffering
from bipolar schizophrenia.

You are the only one
who has seen Ava.


I don't understand.

Just retrace your memory.

Day one.

The day that comet passed..

Witnessing a spectacle
like that all alone..

That tipping point
which unbalanced you..

That could have been it.

You didn't realise
that you are the only one

who came back that night.

Day two.

You didn't go to the base camp.
- No.

I went back into the woods
that day.

Then, I..
- Correct.

You were really worried
when you got back.

That day

unlike all days, you were asleep
in the poolside cottage

and Adam came to see you there.

He was happy when you showed him

the affection that you had
never shown him before.

The joy of his dad being his friend
for the first time.

'Can I be your friend?'

'Will you be my friend?
- Yes.'


'Your dad is out of his mind!'

'But dad won't agree to it.
Won't he rebuke me?'

'Trust me. I am telling you.'

That day, he realised

that something
is wrong with his dad.

'Didn't your dad warn you
not to disturb him?'

'You should really listen to him.
- I am scared.'

'You should be.
- Who are you?'

'Kids shouldn't ask
too many questions.'

'D-Dad, please leave me..'

When he got scared after seeing
you next morning

you thought he had a nightmare.

- Dad.'

'What you saw last night
wasn't a dream.'

'That was real.'

He tried talking
to Ava after that

hoping that you'd understand
the reality.

'I mean, it's salty and spicy
as per my liking.'

'It's like..
Like you know me.'

'Who are you? Why did
you come here with my dad?'

'Adam, she is a guest.'

'Dad, you won't understand.
Never ever. - Hey!'

Amongst your team members,
he was close to Divya.

And he told her everything.

'Sir, I am trying to help you.'

'That girl..
- Divya.'

When Ava realised that Divya
would be a threat

to her very existence
as she'd realised the truth..

That is, you..

Got rid of her.


Your son is way too brilliant
for a seven-year-old.

In one of those moments,
he realised that you were Albert

and told you everything
that he knew about Ava.

'Ava will know everything
that I tell you, Dad.'


'No, Dad. We don't need Ava
between us.'

But unfortunately

Ava processed everything
that Albert had heard

and you hurt him again.

'How many times
had I warned you..'

'Not to tell anyone..'

'I know everything.'

The moment La Rumpa saw you
at the monastery

he realised the darkness
within you.

'Protect your son or this darkness
will consume both of you.'

Every moment that Adam spent
with you in fear

wondering whether you
were Albert or Ava

he tried to help you realise

the changes
that were happening inside you.

'Dad, I want
to speak with you alone.'

'Just the two of us, Dad.'

He kept on giving you clues
but you couldn't realise it.

Everything that happened later..

Hakka, Sandeep..

It was you, Albert.

Sandeep is all right.
He sustained a minor head injury.

Hakka will be bedridden
for another two months.

Divya is still in a coma.

Adam.. My son..

- What did he do to him, Albert?

Only Ava knows the answer.

But as I said

Ava is inside you.

So, ask yourself.

What did you do to your son?

You are wrong, Dr. Khan.

I could never hurt my son.

I love my son.

And Ava..

She.. The things
that she said to me..

All of it is real.

I know.

I saw her.

I heard her.

One person can prove
that what I said is true.

Only that person can do it.

Adam, your son.

It's the eighth night today.

You have one more day left.

On the tenth morning

I will call the police.

I will give you the ninth day.

To find out your son
if he is alive.

Go, Albert.
Find him before it's too late.

I know she is real.

Can you give me an answer?

I can't answer your question.

You are writing
your own story.

It is up to you to decide
how it ends.

If you feel she is real,
find her.

If she is inside you,
identify the darkness.

Go to her world and she will
show you your biggest fear.

You just have a few hours left.

Find her. Find Adam.

Where is the child?

He is my son
and even I am looking for him.

Please move out of my way.

We know that it's you
who took him.

And we also know
about what you did to Hakka.

Tell us. Where is the child?

Listen. I don't have much time

and I have to find my son.



Hey! Don't you touch me!

Don't you lay your hands on me!


Only I can find my son.

If I lose him, I will
definitely come back

for you.

Go and find your son.

If you don't find him or if
something happens to Hakka

don't you dare come
to this forest again.




Where is Adam? Tell me.

You know where he is.

- Ava..

Did you forget me so soon, Albert?

Ms. Mercy.

I needed a face that
you'd forgotten.

I found it in Ms. Mercy,
your favourite teacher.

He was a mistake you made.

There are a lot of things
you can accomplish in your life.

You are meant for greater things.

Why have a son
who hinders your progress?

Just forget him.

I will take him.

You will be free then, Albert.

Do you think

I can live after handing him
over to you?

Irrespective of who
and what you are

I promise you

if I don't get my son back

I will kill myself.

Why, Albert?

Why should you die
for your son?

Because I love him.

Because I am his father.

Ancient humans were like us.

And gradually, they changed.

The world changed them

protected them
and handed them weapons.

A weapon that was strong
and beyond our understanding.

Love, affection.


Earth's biggest weapon.

The only weapon that you have
against me.

And you have used that.

I want to know

whether your love is true.

Look to the sky.

When the red colour fades away,
I will go.

And Adam will come along
with me.

You just have a few minutes
to save your son.


How could I.. Where?

I-I don't remember.

Just tell me.


No. Don't go.


Our son..

I couldn't save him.

I killed him.

I killed our son.












Dear.. Adam..

I am so sorry.

I am so sorry.


- Dad.

Are you okay?

I love you so much.

I love you!

I love you so much.
- I love you too, Dad.

My dad had told me

that we'd get the answers to
all our questions from there.

But the question
that I've in my mind now..

Only you can answer it.


Was she real?

'On the walls of their caves
are written the ancient scriptures'

'stating the passing
of another red comet ages ago'

'and its imminent return.'