8 Times Up (2009) - full transcript

Elsa makes a living from little jobs, struggling to gain custody of his son. Mathieu, who lives next door, also keeps getting job interviews only to polish his art of failure. Their situation is increasingly precarious, but both are trying to bounce back in a world that seems not to fit them.

You say you speak English well?

It's essential for the job.


It's a bit rusty,
but it'll come back.


I don't care anyway.

If they're going to stick
on details like that....

It doesn't get any stupider.




This is it.

It's not very big,
but it's well laid out,

renovated just 2 years ago.

-Can I show them the bathroom?

-You like it?
-Yeah, it's not bad.

Yes? I'm listening.

Were you happy here?

Sure, it's not
the greatest either.

It's free
at the end of the month?

he's trying to kick me out.

But it's OK,
I'm not intimidated.

He's trying to evict you?

Yes, I'm several months late.

I see, you can't...

If I were alone, no problem...

But my little boy
visits me sometimes,

and it matters...

I want a place
that's OK for him.

He's entitled
to his money too...

Wait, don't let him
get away with it.

Anyway, you have rights.
He can't just evict you.

That's the problem.

-Nothing's signed.
-How so?

-There's no lease?
-No, there's no lease here.

-But that's not legal.
-No, but it's cheaper.

So? Do you like it?


-Who's that?
-It's Jesus.

And what's this?

His pecker.

Jesus didn't have a pecker.

He didn't have a pecker?


You can't know all that
goes on in the classroom.

The teacher observes,
but she can't see everything.

if she says it's going well...

So, C?me,
how's English with Elsa?

Can you say something
to Mommy in English, C?me?

He's not too gifted.


Actually, he's average.

They're our age, you see.

But they already think
like old fogies.

He drives Thomas crazy.

Here. For today
and twice last week.

Now he never wants to see them.

He's been pouting
for 2 days in anticipation,

a deadly boring dinner.

Well, good night.

Good night, Elsa.

You OK?

-You coming?
-Be right there.

-We can smoke here?
-If you want.

Elena found it.

-Want it for your son?
-I would, but...

I didn't find anything.

It's OK. Take it.

-How old's your son?

It's not too small for him?

I don't know.

No, I don't think so.

What are you looking at?

Nothing. It's my job to look.

Well, you're bothering me.

Why does it bother you?

It does.
I don't like being watched.

See you Thursday.

-You coming Thursday?

Shut up...

Shut up.

Shut up!


-Good evening.
-What are you doing there?

My bed broke while I was asleep.

Then sleep on the floor.
Fix it tomorrow. It's 3 AM.

I know, but I have an interview
tomorrow and wanted to sleep.

-An interview for what?
-A job,

in communications.


I was advised
to emphasize hobbies,

to put something unusual
to stand out.

Yes, like archery...

They asked me, I said archery.

I put kabuki and walking.

-It's Japanese theatre.
-Yes, I know that.

Did it work?

I'm waiting for two replies.

One's really important.

Kabuki's complicated,
but it sounds nice.

You think so?

Yeah, if you see kabuki on a CV,

you think
the person's interesting.

Archery's good too. It sounds
athletic but intelligent.

Reaching our goal,
we miss all the rest.

Excuse me?

It's a Zen proverb.

I'd try to work it in whenever
I was asked about archery

but I'm not sure I'd sound
like a guy who wants to succeed.

Reaching our goal...

...we miss all the rest.

-It's a bit ambiguous,

for an interview.

My cousin gave me
a proverb for interviews too.

7 times down, 8 times up.

7 times down, 8 times up.

That sounds like a girl
who wants to succeed.

It also sounds like a girl
who falls flat on her face.

The bathroom too
was renovated recently.

The water tank's big. Good.

It's a 200-liter tank.

It's unheated?

You have to contact
the rental board.

You could be evicted overnight.

Yes, I know. I have to call.

-How old's your son?

That can play in your favor.

So, what do you think?
Nice, isn't it?

Yes, but I find it a bit dark.


What have you done since 2004?
There's nothing on your CV.

I took a break.

To examine my life,
the working world,

and I read a lot,

about the working world,
a bit of philosophy too.

I had time to reflect.

I wanted to work
for the right reasons.

I think I needed to understand,

to convince myself
that work was...

...profoundly necessary.

It wasn't obvious to me.

It'd be pretentious of me
to say it became necessary.

But I'm now convinced

working's really beneficial.

In every aspect too,
not only economically,

but to exercise the miind,

the body too.

I think
the body needs regularity.


I looked for you everywhere.

What are you doing?

I saw a doe.

-Back by the truck.

Your owner called me.

He said if I wasn't gone
by tonight he'd kick me out.

What will you do?

I'll stay.

I won't let myself
be intimidated.

I've no choice, anyways.

He's threatened my neighbor
for 3 months, but done nothing.

You could
hold the fort together.

He's also an archer,
that's practical.

Reaching our goal,
we miss all the rest.

You know that one?

I found a new proverb site.
I like it, it makes me think.

I think she's hiding.

Too bad, we made too much noise.

Boni, if I jump,
will I get hurt?

You can try, but I think so.

-What if jump in your arms?
-You'll break both my arms.

You wouldn't break
both arms for your cousin?

I'll say yes
to seem nice, but...

Would you break
both arms for your cousin?

Both arms? No.

But I could break
one arm for you, yes.

-The left, right?
-Right, the left.

-You OK?

Did your interview go well?

I cancelled, I had insomnia.

I was in no condition.

I just wanted to say,

would you like to join me
for a dinner with friends?

-This evening?
-Yes, now. You're busy?

No, I was just
supposed to practice archery.

I'll go next week.

I can't talk much. I need
to concentrate on driving.

But you do have your license?

I had it, yes.

What are your friends like?

My ex and his wife. They're...

You're taking me to your ex's?
You've got some nerve.

-You'll see, they're nice.
-You needed someone...

It could be funny.

What? It could be.

-What if I don't come?
-You're here, you're coming.

You can't walk home.
It's going to rain.

-No, I'm not coming.
-You're staying.

Good evening.

-Good evening.
-Good evening.

-How are you?
-Very well.

They're two.

-Good evening.
-My friend, Mathieu.

Good evening.

?tienne! Your mother's here.

I'll take your things.

You remembered
the birthday cake?

Shit, I forgot.

-I forgot it in the fridge.
-It's OK,

the bakery must be open.
I'll go.

-Should I come?
-No, it's fine.


It's not the end of the world.

It's nothing.

?tienne's getting interested
in politics, go figure.

Is that so?

You could tell us about it.

-No, I don't feel like it.
-?tienne, please...

Tell Mom why
you're interested in politics.

Because Nicolas Sarkozy's
coming to our school.

That's wonderful.

Will you be able to talk to him?

I'll ask him how to become
a criminal investigator.

?tienne wants to become
a policeman, or a soccer star.

A criminal investigator.

It's not what we were
hoping for, but that's life.

We can't decide for him,

I totally agree, Elsa.

I wanted to be
a soccer star too.

-I was even pro for a bit.

-Which club?
-Not a great one,

I started with
the Girondins de Bordeaux.

That's still a major club.

I wasn't a starter,
just second string.

Then I tried my luck in Belgium,

for Mouscron.

But as soon as I got there,
I tore a ligament.

Then I tried to make a comeback,
but I'd started smoking.

I was in love with a girl
who was going to Texas,

so I followed her.

-And you didn't like Texas?

-There aren't 11.
-No, there are 8.

Why only 8?

There are 8 cakes, so 8 candles.

-You're not blowing them out?

If you don't blow them out,
you won't get your presents.

Then I won't get my presents.

Put it there.

-Your friend's charming.
-Stop it.

No, I mean it.

You don't regret coming?

I thought
we'd find one another again.

We're finding each other.

Anyway, I enjoyed it.

can't keep things simple.

He's uptight, but nice.

He's nice.

-Good night.
-Good night.

Are you nuts?

-Are you OK?
-Just fine.

You OK?


We can talk at the window.


I'm sorry...

It wasn't unpleasant
for me either, it's just that...

...I'm not ready.
I'm not either. No worries.

Really? Very well.

I just wanted to be sure that...

There's no problem,
I assure you.

Well, then...


And how far
did you get in literature?

I got to the end of the
19th century, the Symbolists.

No, I mean,
what was your degree, classics?

No, I...

I'd have
liked to continue, but...

It's not very clear
when we look at your career,

if you passed
your nursing degree

or if you were just starting?

I only studied one year.

Why did you stop?

The profession
didn't interest me.

What interests you?

Isn't that written on my CV?

Well, no, it isn't.

What interests me?

There are many things.


So, you don't have a degree?

It's good to have degrees,

it shows you're able
to see things through,

that you're persevering.

I don't mean to say
you're not persevering, but...

What did you do
when you left nursing school?



You don't feel well?

Want a glass of water?

I'll get you one.

You don't have a crowbar,
do you?

A crowbar? But?

I'd like to get in,
but I need to open the door.

You got kicked out?

No, I'm just
taking stock of duplicates.

I don't have a crowbar,
but I have a screwdriver.

No, go inside then,
you're no use.

-Like a drink?
-No, thanks, I'm fine.

You gave up on forcing the door?

If you want, you can stay
at my place. If you need to.

No, that's nice,
but I'll stay at my cousin's.

Want it?

I'll sell it to you. EUR 50, OK?


-I've only got 20. No, 40.
-That'll do.

-Well, goodbye.

-Take care of yourself.
-You too.


-This is a bad time?
-Not at all.

We're role-playing.
Come on in.

-My cousin, Elsa.

Your blaster shot
KO's an imperial soldier.

He dies with a pathetic groan.

However, your knee
keeps bleeding profusely.

Boni, what do you say?

I'll throw 5 dice
and swap a character point.

-Well played.

It was hard, but you tossed
a grenade in the window.

All the base's windows blow out.

Elsa, what do you do?

I'll shoot.

There are no soldiers
aiming at you.

Well, I'll shoot
at the crowd in the street.

At passers-by?

You're a Jedi.

That means
you have a code of honor.

I've gone to the dark side.

Can I?


They're looking
for cashiers at work.

I know the interviewer,
Fauconnier. He's a good guy.

Want me to ask for you?

Yeah, that'd be great.

Why not?


What's wrong?

Don't worry.

You'll pull through.

How are you?


Elsa's here.


How was your day?

Great. We sold a pool.

-So, I brought champagne.
-Great, let's open it.

We continued the game
with Philippe

and attacked a secret base.

-Can I talk to you?

Can you excuse us a sec?

What are we going to do
with her?

I like her, but...

She's my cousin...

I'm sure some of my buddies
would have you for a night or 2.

-I'd rather not.
-When will I see you again?

I don't know.

I'm singing at St-Jean church
Monday. Will you come?

I'll have news
about the cashier job.

We'll see.
I don't much like churches.

Right, you told me.


Is there anyone
who can help you?

No, it'll be fine. Don't worry.

Why not ask Jean-Baptiste?

With no apartment,
he won't let me see ?tienne.

The social worker told me.
He can say no.

Have you seen ?tienne recently?

I went to his birthday,
that's all.

Why don't you take him
on your weekends?

I can't.

The psychologist told me I have
to learn to take care of myself.

I'm trying to find work
and not spread myself too thin.

And I'm ashamed of myself.

Don't worry. It'll work out.


-How much for a room?
-For just you? EUR 25.

Do you know
anywhere less expensive?

A less expensive hotel?

-Who's that?

Very good.

Now draw the other apostles.


You coming?

I can't ask for more sessions
from the ANPE if I'm not ready?

Normally, it's over.

Today we'll review your therapy.

I don't feel ready.

Still, you've progressed.

Sending out CVs and doing
job interviews is a big step.

-I still don't know what to do.
-Go into management.


Still doing odd jobs?

You know
you're worth more than that?

Elsa? Are you aware of that?

I brought you a little gift.

-It's a...?
-A papyrus.


I'd like you to have it because
I know you'll take care of it.


It was my mother's.

I inherited all her plants,
but I drowned them.

A papyrus is usually
very fragile. But...

This one seems to want to live.


I can't, Elsa.

If it was your mother's...

You should keep it with you, no?

But with me it'll die.



Can you hear me?


-What happened?
-Are you alright?

She fell.

I know her.

I just tripped.

-What're you doing here?

I'm doing surveys
for ad campaigns.

Nothing super interesting.

-Are you OK? Can we leave you?
-Yes, I'm fine.

It's to find out
if people prefer a lion

in front of a reinforced door,

or a bear in front
of the reinforced door,

or the reinforced door
by itself.

So far,
people tend to prefer the bear

in front of the reinforced door.

That's good. You found work.

I'm on trial today and tomorrow,

then if I'm satisfactory
they'll hire me again.

What's happening?
Already on break?

-No, she fainted, so I helped...
-Get back to work, Mathieu.

Well, see you soon.

-Excuse me.
-No, it was...

I'm a bit lost right now, so...

...don't mind me.

-Coming back tomorrow?

Coming tomorrow?

I forgot my cap.

Well, go get it.

See you tomorrow.

What is it?


-What are you doing here?
-I've nowhere to sleep.

The first driver arrives at 6.

You'll have to be gone by then.

But, Sunday you can sleep in.

So, there's water there.


Let me know
if you need anything.

-I'm here.

Well, good night.

Are you
a friend of the gentleman?


You know he doesn't live
here anymore. He was evicted.

Apparently, he wasn't paying.

-Do you know where he went?


Damn, what are they doing?

I could die here.

It's not true
people can't do anything.

That's just what we're told,
so we'll shut up.

Polls say people are racist,

they don't care if you die,

but all that's bullshit.

They're just not like you and me
who want to go for a drink

on a Saturday night
and hang out.

Everybody sticks to themselves.

At work, it's the same.
Everyone for himself.

How can we do things together?

We're scattered.

That's the problem,
they scattered us.

Or we scattered ourselves.


I don't know.


Elsa, what are you doing?


It'd be good
if you had a cell phone, Elsa.

Because if you're
unreachable it'll become...

My schedule keeps changing,

and they're inexpensive now,
EUR 20-25.

They'll soon
reconnect my landline.

What about ?tienne,
is it working out?

-I don't want to talk about it.
-Excuse me, I didn't mean to...

We see each other a bit.

That's good.

It's important
for the kids, too.



What's wrong with her?


What happened?

She fell.

We'll take her inside,
she must've fainted.

What are you doing?

-You have to call an ambulance.
-Not here, don't be crazy.

-Help me carry her.
-You can't move her, call.

-Help me carry her.

What if she doesn't revive?

She will.

We can say I saw her on the road
and brought her to call help.

Are you crazy?

She might be dying!

-Are you coming with us?

How is she?

I don't know. They didn't say.

They took her away.

I informed the boss.
He sounded furious.

Why did you do that?
You had to warn him?

It's normal
to tell him what happened.

Especially since
it could cause problems.

What problems?

What'll she tell them
at the hospital?

She'll say she works here.

Do you think the boss
will like being investigated?

Should we have left her there?

I just hope
we won't have problems.

Now, you calm down
and get back to work. You too.

I'm not going back to work.

We won't pay your night
if you persist.

Then don't.

C'mon. I'm going, we can't stay.

Go if you want,
but leave the employees alone.

You coming?

I don't know.

As you wish.

I'm taking him
to see street theatre.

Otherwise, I'll be
with Laurence's family.

Anyway, it's not your weekend.

You were supposed to come
last weekend, but didn't.

You'll see him next weekend.


But I don't know if I can.

I might move.

Where to?

To Caen. I've a job offer there.

In Caen?

-That's not next-door.
-Let me talk to ?tienne.

He's in bed, asleep.

Then wake him up.

No, Elsa.

Let me talk to him.

I'm sure he doesn't
care about the street theatre.

-I have the right to see him.
-Yes, every second weekend.

But when it's your turn,
you never come.

What do you want me to say?

That I'll come Saturday.
So put him on.

Where are you right now?
Where are you calling from?

A phone booth.

Is something wrong?

No, I just want to see my son.

You know
I'll say no for Saturday.

So you just want us to argue.
Is that it?

What's Olga's last name?

I don't know.

It'll be hard to find her.

Do you know what ward
she was admitted into?

Maybe reanimation.

Smoking's not allowed here.

It's forbidden.

You're waiting for someone?

Are you mute?

Good. Very good.

In the rooms,
you can smoke at the window.

You coming?

How can we live here?

You're my first visitor.

I refuse to see the others.
I refuse.

Do you want to sleep there
in the next bed?

The night nurse
doesn't visit on Sundays.

Not convalescents.


Mr. Monroe,
it's time for your treatment.

You must be happy,
you say no one ever visits.

Not everyone's lucky to have
a beautiful young woman visit.

Are you a family member?

Then, please go out
for a moment.


I'll be going.


Hello, it's Elsa, I'm sorry,

I won't be able to sit for
C?me today. I caught the flu.

I hope
you'll find another solution.


I'd say doubt.

It's never easy to say
what your main quality is,

but I think yes,

for me
it's the ability to doubt,

to ask questions.

I like doubting.

It's time-consuming
and requires real discipline.

But I think
in the business world,

it can be very useful
to have someone,

in a team,

who's there to question
the meaning of things.

It can create a dynamic.

Excuse me.

It was good.
You were really good.

-I was pretending at times.
-No, it was good.

I didn't think you'd come.
How are you?

Well, I'm not too sure.

You don't know?

And you?

It's doing well.

Philippe and I are finishing
a new board game.

Then we'll approach editors,
it's exciting.

I might have good news for you,

I got you an interview
for the cashier job.

I didn't know how to
reach you, so I set a time.

-Is Friday at 11 OK?
-Yes, that's great.

-It's super.
-It's confirmed, then.

So what have you been up to?

I'm resting.

What's wrong with you?

Are you crazy?

-There's usually no one here.
-Now there is.

You're totally irresponsible.

Do you realize, if you'd shot
a little more left?

Exactly, I pay attention.

I warn you, I'll report you.

A nutcase who practices
archery in the municipal wood,

it's worrisome.


Shooting at kids now?

Yeah, I suck.

Nice spot.

-Nobody must bother you.
-That's for sure.

Apparently, they give tents
like that at the food bank.

If you're interested,
you could set up over there.

If you want.
The forest is big enough.

We'd be neighbors.
I wouldn't bother you.

No, but I don't want
to stay here long, anyways.

Me neither.

Have you any plans?

Plans? No, but I have...

I have...

I hope to find a solution,
all the same.

And you?

Still looking for work?

A bit. You?

Living here, it's not easy.

I called back the surveying firm
and they said

they'd call if need be.

If they didn't keep you the
first time, they'll never call.

I don't know.

But I don't let it worry me.

I know I'll get through it.

Still, it's not bad here.

It looks nice.
You don't seem to lack anything.

I was wondering
what'd become of you.

You bee the judge.

I gotta go.

Well, goodbye.

I won't be able to come
tomorrow, or next week either.

You'll have to find
someone else. I'm quitting.

This job isn't for.

Wait, you're telling me
at the last minute?

How can I
get organized for tomorrow?

-Couldn't you just...?
-You'll work it out.

People like you work things out.

Anybody there?

Is that you, Elsa?

I'm sure it's you.

There you are.

Did you want
to tell me something?

Want to come to my place later?

I'll make you lunch.

My treat.

Will you catch me if I fall?


If I jump,
can you try to catch me?

It's not very high.

Yes, I can try.

Damn... I think I hurt myself.

-I'm really sorry.
-It's fine.

It's just a big bruise,
it'll go away.

-Is it true you played soccer?

Why don't you go back to it?

Now I'm too old.

I guess I could be a trainer,
but I'm not sure I'm into it.

Would you teach me
how to shoot a bow?

Yes, of course.


Tomorrow's not too good.

A friend will put me up for
a bit, but I have to help him.

It's my last night here.

But I can
the day after tomorrow.

-Do you have a cell phone?

No problem.

We can agree to meet somewhere.

Like a bar? I'm not sure.

Meetings are complicated.
They never work.


-It looks good.

It'll go well with the jacket.

My jacket's all wrinkled.

That doesn't matter. He won't
be looking at your jacket.

He doesn't dress that well

I think
I'm taking ?tienne this weekend.

That's great.

Where will you take him?

I don't know.

Hotels are expensive.

-I'd like to take him far away.

-How far, Elsa?
-I don't know. To Mars.

Anyway, here it's polluted.

I've seen pics of Mars.
It doesn't look great either.

It'll be fine.

It'll be fine.

Call me Sunday
and I'll let you know.

I'm seeing
Fauconnier Saturday night.

OK, Sunday.

Go for it.

And do you have
any cashier experience?

Not exactly.

But I was a waitress and worked
in a supermarket warehouse.

Just asking,
it doesn't take long to learn.

Nothing to worry about.

I'll still have to be careful.

For sure.

Where money's concerned, we have
to make sure it's in good hands.

-Good hands.

Charming hands, too.

But it's not an easy job.

With people complaining,
rush hours,

we want motivated girls.
Without that, it's...

And morally,
we need to know if you'll stay.

Some girls come and go.

It's sure,
if I can keep the job, I...

And you don't regret
quitting nursing?

As I said, we can
always have regrets, but...

...I want to look ahead,
and I like the region.

So I can't say I regret it.



And where were you before?

In the Basque Country.

-And do you speak Basque?
-Two or three words.

No, I...

It's a Mountain Vulture.

I'm not sure I said it,
interview's aren't my strength,

but I'm very motivated
for this job,

-I really...
-No, I got that.

-Don't worry.
-Do you think I have a chance?

I have to meet some others,

and the manager
has a say, but...

...yes, you have a chance.

OK. Anyway, you'll choose
the most motivated...

That's what matters, motivation.

The end was good.

Yeah, it was good.

Yes, it was good.

You should've shaken his hand.

Like this.

I'll come for him
tomorrow morning around 9.


-This is my weekend, right?
-Yes, Elsa.

Can you say it?

It's your weekend, you can
do what you want. C'mon, say it.

I'd like to, but won't you
be in Caen Saturday?

I thought you had to move?

-I found a better job here.
-That's good.

Doing what?

A supermarket cashier.
Not so hot, is it?

Wait, don't sell yourself short.

It's good for you,
and for ?tienne.


I hate your pity.

He's my son. I'm his mother.

Quit talking to me that way.

And I wouldn't be too smug
if I were you.

Because when you
won't have ?tienne anymore...

When you
won't have ?tienne with you...

...then you'll have to call me.

You'll have to call me!

Sooner or later,
it happens to all of us.




You don't want to go for a ride
with your mom like a big boy?

-Get in front, son.
-I'm not allowed.

If I say you can, you can.
Get in.

Get in!

We're going on a trip together.

We'll make a weekend of it.
Put your seatbelt on.

Why don't we go to your place?

There's no more "my place."

It's only temporary,
meanwhile that's the way it is.

Are they renovating?


Take me back to Dad's. OK?


Does the smoke bother you?

No, it's fine.

I might have found a job.

Through Boni.
He knows a guy at Intermarch?.

They might offer me
a cashier's job.

How does it pay?

The pay's not great,
but it's something.

Is it sure you'll get the job?

For now, I met a fellow,
but I think it went well.

Boni will see him tonight
and find out.

I'll call him tomorrow,
he'll tell me.

Where were you?

Don't run off
without telling me.

That comes to EUR 7.18.
Thank you.


-Please. Come with me.
-What is it?

Your son stole an item.

My son didn't do anything.

We saw it
on the security camera.

Look in his jacket.

-I'd be surprised.
-Want us to search him?

That's unbelievable!

You say you want to be
a policeman and you rob a store.

Will you tell Dad?

I don't know, but I should.

C'mon, ?tienne. Let's go.

You coming?

C'mon. Time to go.

-Otherwise, I'll go without you.
-I don't care.

-What'd you say?
-Go ahead, leave me.

Want me to leave you here alone?

I don't want
to see you anymore.


You can take care of yourself.

That's enough!

It's really good.

-Is that so?

It's not where I'd have
liked to take you, but...

That's the way it is.

Yeah, the way it is.


I'm going to make a call.
Be good.

That's what I thought.

I have to go now.
So, I'll call back later, OK?

No, don't worry about it.


Can I go swimming?

Can I go for a swim now?

Go ahead.

You don't want to swim?

I don't feel like it.

Want to play ball with me?


You're lousy!

Try harder this time!

You're lousy!

-You're too far.
-Go get it!

I'm tired. You go!

I told you I'm not going in.

I can't reach it!





So I'll see you in two weeks?


When will you find out
about the supermarket job?

I called earlier,
and it won't pan out.

They chose someone else.

Why didn't they choose you?

They chose someone
with more experience.

Anyway, there are lots of
supermarkets. You'll find one.

You're right.

I'll talk to her.


Elsa, where will I be
if you argue with the customers?

We didn't argue.
You got that impression?

A bit, no?


Not at all.

She left insulting you.

-She was upset when she came in.
-No thanks.

She got upset by herself.

She was screaming so much
we couldn't understand her.

It depends how you look at it.

Elsa, I'm not sure
you're suited...


-...for this kind of work.
-I assure you, we didn't argue.

I think we better leave it
at that. I'm sorry.

Give me 5 minutes,
and we'll discuss it further,

later, calmly.

How are you?


So, still doing surveys?

It's not great, but...

I'm stagnating a bit.

And you?

-I'm doing fine.
-You found a job?

Yes, in that store over there.

I just started.

-That's great.

I'm a lousy salesperson.

I might even be
the worst salesperson ever.

-You'll improve.
-I'm not so sure.


Come here, please.

-Can you wait 3 minutes?
-I won't move.

-You'll stay there?
-You'll come back?

I'll be back.


Translation: James Rae


Well, I've met someone.

Well, tell us...

It was in a very intimate, hip,

crowded bar.
I don't know why,

but I went
right over to him.

Excuse me,
are you McFly31?

So you must be


Ta-da, that's me.

It was crazy,
we got right to the point.

- Well, my name is Sophie.
- Ah.

Well, my name is Enzo.

After a bit, we didn't even
need words anymore.