8 Mile (2002) - full transcript

This is the inspiring captivating story of the legendary rapper Eminem. The troubled young aspiring rapper from a ghetto in Michigan must exert his last chances to become successful while dealing with his life in ruins. All is seemingly lost. He is now single, has only a few friends, an insane/alcoholic mother, and is dealt with poverty and living in a violent city on 8 mile. His only way out of the ghetto and torturous life he's living in is with his talent in rapping. Will B-Rabbit prevail and seize the shot he's given or will he let it slip?

Hold on a minute.
- What the fuck? - Hold on a fucking minute!
Yo, what the fuck?
Quit playing with your fucking self! Open the door!
Fuck, man. Who the fuck is you, nigga?
Where are you going?
Backstage. I'm in the battle.
You can't.
I got a stamp on my hand.
Go around front.
Man, you just seen me...
I didn't see nothing.
You just fucking seen me. I went to the bathroom.
He's got a problem with me.
Shut the fuck up.
He's straight, dawg.
He with you? Yeah.
Okay. Cool, Future. But your boy got an attitude problem.
Come on. You're crazy, trying to fight bouncers.
The guy's obviously got something against me. I go to the bathroom...
Rise above that bullshit.
Hold on, man.
You fucking threw up on yourself? Come here!
Hey, Rabbit. I know you're ready, Rabbit.
- Where you goin'? - He hurled on his shirt.
Let me see.
Get the fuck off me, Cheddar.
What are you doing, man?
Come on, it's deal time.
Our clica will be on the map after you whup some ass tonight.
Me and Janeane broke up.
What, again?
I left her the car.
Come on, Rabbit.
She said she's pregnant.
She's gonna need the car if she's pregnant.
I'll need a place to crash.
You going to stay at your mom's?
Can I get some fucking privacy here?
All right, come on.
My bad, man.
If something's gonna happen with this shit, it needs to happen now.
I feel you. I know exactly what you're talking about.
All right, come on, man. How you feeling?
I feel good. You feel good?
You sure? I'm ready.
Ready, baby. I want to see you rip that shit, all right?
Let these motherfuckers know, man. It's all you, baby. Three One Third.
Your lyrics are shitty like when I cop a squat
Who told you to fuck with the mighty Papa Doc?
For stepping onstage I should rock your knot
Don't get too close or you might get shot
You need to call your mama and tell her come get ya
If she knew him, she could bring your midget pops with her
I put a hole in your head Like a 12 gauge
Lookin' like Kris Kross Jiggity jump yo' ass offstage
I'm a grown man, son I'll slaughter you
Make your ma wish her fat-ass aborted you
A lot of hostility at the end of the 45 seconds. Let me get the mike.
Open up a little bit. Let everybody see Future.
How y'all feel about Shorty Mike?
Kind of mediocre love?
Just all right for Shorty Mike?
All right, what about Papa Doc?
All right, Papa, you go to the next round.
Next up is my man Bunny Rabbit
and Lil' Tic.
Come on, bring your asses onstage. We ain't got all day.
All right, enough of the fanfare.
Heads or tails? Heads.
Tails. Choose.
You first.
Lil' Tic, set it off. DJ, 45 seconds.
Spin that shit.
I'ma murder this man!
He's the type to lose a fight with a dyke
They don't laugh 'cause you wack
It's 'cause you white with a mic
You're a laughingstock When will this laughter stop?
When you and Everlast bitch-ass get popped
You a wigga that invented rhyme for money
Watch Lil' Tic spit kick the Energizer Bunny
Rip the Rabbit head off Toss it to Hugh Hefner
'Cause I don't play, boy Tell me who's fresher
LT, that's right Cock the heat and shoot ya
I'll punish Rabbit or obsolete Future
My paws love to maul an MC
'Cause he's faker than a psychic with caller ID
So that bullshit, save it for storage
'Cause this is hip-hop You don't belong, you're a tourist
Put your hockey sticks and baseball bat away
This here's Detroit 16 Mile Road is thataway
Whoa, whoa, okay, 45 seconds, very nice.
You did a good job, Lil' Bitch. I mean, Lil' Tic. My bad.
All right, next up is my boy Bunny Rabbit.
Hey, talk that shit if you want, but I vouch for this motherfucker.
He's a motherfuckin' genius.
Hit that shit. Forty-five seconds. DJ, kick it.
Hey, yo.
Where'd y'all find this nigga at?
Come on, Rabbit!
Come on, Rabbit! Come on!
Choke! Choke!
Yo, Jimmy.
Hold up.
Don't worry about it, dawg. I'll call you tomorrow.
I got to go back inside.
Stay strong, my brother.
You'll rip 'em next time.
Yep. Yeah. Next time.
Peace out, Rabbit!
What the fuck?
Oh, shit, Rabbit.
Oh, God.
You okay, baby?
Don't you think you should have called or knocked first or something?
Phone's disconnected.
I know that, Rabbit.
I gotta get down to the phone place tomorrow.
I've been busy, you know.
Rabbit, what are you doing here?
How about knocking?
Me and Janeane just broke up.
I'm sorry, honey.
I thought you had a good thing going with her.
She sleeping with someone else?
I got work in the morning, so...
You and Future still at that Little Caesars in Warren?
No. I'm at New Detroit Stamping now. Oh!
That's good. What?
He got fired from a pizza place.
At least I got a fucking job.
Okay, stop it.
Only ex-cons and welfare moms work at that plant.
are you staying here for a while or what?
Just for a couple weeks, till I can save enough to get my own place.
Just like Bob Zurowsky.
All your friends still living at home, aren't they?
What a bunch of fucking losers.
Fuck you!
What's your problem?
What's your problem, bitch? Don't kick my clothes!
Don't fucking judge me!
Why don't you grow up!
Stop it! It's him, not me!
I've fought guys bigger than you.
- Fucking punk. - Stop it!
Hey, Lily.
Hey, baby. What are you still doing up?
You woke me up.
Yeah, I'm sorry, baby.
What'd I do?
Go back to bed.
Will you sing to me?
Yeah. Of course I will. Come on.
I know this girl
Her name is Lily
And it's past her bed
She goes to sleep
And she can just dream
And not have to be
In a stinky trailer with me
So when I feel blue
Don't know what to do
I look at you
And I just say
Good night, baby. Go to sleep.
If you're going to live here, you have to get along with Greg.
He started it.
You can't fuck this up for me, baby.
You just can't.
No milk.
Can I get a ride to work in the morning?
Where's your car?
I left it for Janeane.
You're going to let me borrow your car?
It's your birthday present.
My birthday's not for two weeks.
I know.
But you're still my little Rabbit, right?
I need to get to sleep.
Bunny! What up, doe?
Heard about you and Janeane.
I thought you might be back home.
This ain't my home.
Why you up so early?
Up, man? I ain't even been to bed. I came to talk to you...
I don't got time to talk right now. I'm late for work.
Can you give me a ride?
My ma's got the car.
Don't tell nobody I'm living back here, man.
What happened last night? I heard you got caught out.
People are saying fucked up shit.
Yeah? Yeah.
Why are you still going to The Shelter?
There's nobody there but clowns who ain't got deals and never will.
You need to stay at home. You know Wink's got you.
Whatever, man. I'm telling you, I'm on my way.
I'm taking you with me. You're the franchise, baby.
The franchise? Yeah.
I'm taking a fucking bus to work.
Look, I was just on the horn with my man Roy Darucher.
The promo guy? Yeah.
Roy's all hooked up at 98.
So what's he need you for?
What's he need me for? Talent, dawg. You know that's my specialty.
I'm the one that tipped him on Big O,
and got that fat man out of flipping burgers at Mickey D's.
Roy liked what he heard, paid for the nigga's demo,
and boom, just like that, Big O got a deal, all because of me.
Roy paid for Big O's demo?
Every penny.
If they thought Big O was hot, wait till they hear B-Rabbit.
I'm building an empire and I'm taking you with me.
You're next.
All right. All right.
I'll talk to you later.
Call me later, dawg. Okay.
What up, Manny?
You was late today, Smith.
Yeah, it wasn't my fault. My car wouldn't start...
It ain't never your fault. I don't want to hear it.
I guess this isn't the best timing, but I need some extra shifts.
Are you shittin' me?
You just started working here. Hey, Dutton.
Is he shittin' me? What?
You late again and you're fired.
I'm looking for John Latourno.
I can take you.
I don't think so, Smith. Right this way.
Thank you.
Big wheels keep on turnin'
Who the fuck is that?
Greg Buehl.
That dude is practically living with my fucking mom.
They met at bingo.
Greg Buehl?
He went to our school, right?
I got to save up some money and get the hell out of here.
This shit is ridiculous.
Well, Jimmy moved in with his mother
'Cause he ain't got no place to go
Now I'm right back in the gutter
With a garbage bag that's full of clothes
Bust it.
You live at home in a trailer
What the hell you gonna do?
'Cause I live at home in a trailer
Mom, I'm coming home to you
Break it down.
My name is Jimmy, his name's Greg Buehl
Me, him and you we went to the same school
This ain't cool I'm in a rage
He's tappin' my mom We're almost the same age
On the microphone, I drop bombs
Look at this car! Thanks a lot, Mom
"Here, happy birthday, Rabbit"
"Here's a brand new car, you can have it!"
A 1928 Delta
This shit won't even get me to The Shelter
And I can't even say I'm from Motown
'Cause I'm back in the 810 now
'Cause I live at home in a trailer
Mom, I'm coming home to you
You know there's another battle next week?
I don't want to hear shit about it. I'm signing you up.
Man, don't.
Come on, man. You got to battle!
Future, I'm not you, dawg.
Look at me. Listen.
Once they hear you, it won't matter what color you are.
You win some battles,
Three One Third will have the street credit we need.
With you and me as the anchors.
Did you hear that Wink has been talking to that promo guy?
Yeah, I heard that bullshit. Wink is scandalous, dawg.
Could be a shot.
You know I'm trying to get straight with the Lord,
so I don't like bringing too much negative into my positive world,
but Wink is just talking shit. There'll be no action, just talk.
Sweet home Alabama
Got a cigarette?
The dude mentally ill?
Car accident, man.
He's supposed to get some big settlement check soon or some shit.
Will you hurry up with that thing?
Try it now.
Give it some gas.
That's what I'm talking about, baby. We're going out tonight.
Tonight? Yeah...
Fuck last night. Okay? Forget it.
What about being straight with the Lord?
Come on man, it's Saturday. I can get straight with him on Sunday.
Hey, B, I got these new beats, man.
You know how much I like your mom...
Shit, I really, really like your mama, Rabbit.
But she did you no favor when she left you this car.
Fuck you. Get out and walk.
Hey, man, at least the radio plays.
What's up with this whole East Coast/West Coast thing?
We got to put Mo on the map.
Yeah. Talking about the 313.
Man, nobody even knows Detroit is the 313.
You're from 810, fathead.
We gotta make our own sound. Fuck everybody else.
Yeah, then we get a deal, go platinum, get cheesed out,
and get all the bitches!
All the hoes.
Do you think I have a big head?
Why'd you bring that damn thing, man?
Oh, man!
Shoot it.
Pinkeye, bitch!
Let me see.
Let me show you motherfuckers how to shoot something.
Do it, do it.
Okay. Here we go. Here it is, here it is.
Take the wheel, man.
The gas, too. I got the gas.
Hey, Rabbit, get back in the car, man.
- Hit the bus! - Hit the bus!
Man, give me my fucking gun.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Oh, shit.
Toss the weed, Cheddar!
Toss the fucking weed!
What the fuck are you doing?
The fucking car just died.
Oh, come on, man.
I told you stupid-ass niggas not to be doing this shit.
That rifle ain't mine. I don't want to go to jail.
Shut the fuck up!
I'm fucking serious. I get claustrophobic.
You were scared! You were scared!
No, you were scared, motherfucker!
Do you know how many abandoned buildings we have in Detroit?
How can you have pride in your neighborhood
with shit like that next door?
Does the city tear them down?
They're too busy building casinos and taking money from people.
Shut your preaching ass up. Nobody care about that shit.
Did you care when the crackhead raped that girl?
You think it would've happened without an abandoned house?
They caught him, didn't they?
Dumb motherfucker went back to the house.
How stupid could a nigga be.
What's happening under that hood?
It's a just a short. Chill out.
I ain't getting back in that piece of shit. It's a death-trap.
I think Jimmy's mom's trying to kill him.
Yeah, she's so goddamn fine, she could kill me.
Don't be saying shit about my mom or my fucking car, man.
I hear everything.
He a ninja now.
Okay, it's about time.
Money under the hood Money on the mic
Freaky girls, here we come
Yo, let me get a light, DJ.
Oh, shit. What the fuck's going on out here?
What's up, man? You all right? I'm cool.
You sure? Yeah.
You the man, Rabbit.
My voice spits the fiery reign
Try and refrain
Come on, baby, it's redemption time. Come on, man.
I be the nigga in The Shelter Eyein' your chain
313 area Bomb and bury you with vengeance
My rhyme sentences will end your resistance with a rigorousness
Niggas, I'm serious, delirious 'Cause a curious
Pause the fury 'cause
Throw my jaws from devouring y'all raw
Three One Third, we in the house. Mac Mitten's finest.
DJ Iz, let me get that beat, baby. Give me that beat.
Hip-Hop Shop, baby. - Come on.
You forced to listen to the individual, the metaphysical
The Mac Mitten rhyme ritual Heterosexual
Syllables sound complex to you Lines perplexing you
With words that put a hex on you Snap that neck on you
Murder you, boil you We keep a white boy or two
Let my man grab the mic See how Bunny Rabbit do
Come on, man.
Come on, man. Kick that shit, baby. Come on.
Come on.
Watch that nigga kick this shit.
Speed it up a little bit, Iz.
Come on, baby.
All right, look. Yo. Yo.
Your style's generic Mine's authentic made
I roll like a renegade You need clinic aid
My technique's bizarre and ill I scar and kill
You were a star until I served you like a bar and grill
As I cook and grill ya That's all it took to kill ya
You better recognize me like I look familiar
Want to battle? You beat around the bush
Like you're scared to lick pussy so you eat around the tush
I need a clown to push Someone I can bully
Wait, I don't think you understand fully
Me without style Is like mustard without Heinz
I lead the new school You're a Busta without the Rhymes
I'll crush the shit out your lines
I'm the Da Sheki Smokin' da leaky leaky
Ten freaky girls inside the Chin Tiki
Girl, when you see me, You better believe me
This ain't a game And pimpin' ain't easy
Anything goes when it comes to hoes
I'm the kingpin when it comes to flows
You better ask someone if you don't know
When you see me, girl say "What up, Doe?"
Ten freaky girls
Ten, ten, ten freaky girls
Shit. Look, man.
Listen up now.
Leadaz Of Tha Free World in the motherfuckin' house.
Me and Papa Doc will battle any motherfuckers here.
Told you they were talkin' shit.
Fuck Tha Free World.
Fuck Tha Free World!
Fuck Tha Free World?
You Three One Third bitches is wack.
Yo, fat-ass!
Talking about your man Sol
I kick you in the chest Pork chops fall out your asshole
You cats is pussy Soft like wet flowers
Leadaz Of Tha Free World Here to smash you cowards
Look at Future... Don't start, nigga.
What are you going to do, faggot?
Who you calling a faggot?
Don't play yourself, bitch.
Hold on. Yo, Elvis. You don't want to step to this.
You need to take that white ass rap back across 8 Mile.
Caught your choke act at The Shelter last night.
Oh, shit!
What are you doing? Put the shit down.
Come on.
Pull out!
Be cool. Chill, chill. Come on.
Yo, Iz, it's cool. It's cool.
Yo, come on, man. Let's go.
Come on. I should fuck you up, Cheddar.
What the fuck were you thinking? "Fuck Tha Free World?"
Future said it!
It's at the Hip-Hop Shop. Leadaz Of Tha Free World.
Hip-Hop Shop, Wednesday night. Come on down.
It'll be your only opportunity to blow both of us.
After we go platinum, you won't be able to get to me and Future.
Why do they call you Future?
I had a lot of names, the most conceited kind.
I was Maximum, Brimstone, Godfather D, Devastatin' D.
Big D, that has a double meaning.
But none of them worked,
till I started hosting the battles at The Shelter.
One day somebody said, "You know what? You are the future of hip-hop in Detroit."
So you see, baby,
sometimes you got to find your name and other times,
your name finds you.
Want to smoke some ganja?
That's our problem. If we don't respect our sisters, who will?
We're doing it to ourselves.
He's my brother. He don't like pussy.
Rabbit, teach me to write rhymes. That's how to get the ladies, right?
Let me out.
Hold on. Yo, I'm sorry, dawg.
I didn't know Papa and LC were on their bullshit until tonight.
I wouldn't be with them,
except I'm promoting a show with them at Hip-Hop Shop.
Those Free World bitches?
See what I'm talking about?
Look, they're just one of the acts.
If you want, I'll step out.
You're my friend. I don't want you mad.
Man, do what you want to do.
Yeah, do what you want to do.
Respect yourself, sister.
God damn. Don't you ever shut up?
Why you got to push me?
Damn, Future.
What the hell is his problem?
Future? Yeah.
He thinks sometimes you talk shit.
Who's he to say what's real? 'Cause he hosts the battles?
Ain't that Janeane?
I thought she was pregnant.
I'm out. I'll be outside.
By myself.
Here's your chance, girl. Go ahead.
You're Jimmy Smith, Jr.
My name's Alex.
You find the guy you was looking for?
What guy?
At the plant.
That was my brother. I was borrowing a car.
I hear you're a real dope rapper.
A "dope" rapper? Yeah.
Who told you that?
You know, it's around.
If you're so dope, why are you at Dead End Stamping?
Your brother works there.
My brother's a loser.
And you?
I work at intermezzo, saving enough to get out of here.
Bussin' dishes is much better than pressing bumpers.
I won't be there long.
Where are you going? New York.
I won a modeling contest.
A judge said he'd help me out. I just have to get a book together.
What if he ain't for real?
All I'm looking for is a ticket.
Rabbit! You and your friend want to bounce to an after-hours spot?
Let me ask my friends.
Where are we going?
My house.
What about your mom?
Working nights.
That's the after-hours spot?
Heck, yeah.
Can some of us ride with you?
Why do they call you Rabbit?
He's fast and likes to fuck a lot.
Get your hand off my balls!
Why are you being so ignorant?
What's wrong with you?
My bad, you guys.
Are you signed?
Not yet, but I'm working on something for him.
He'll record a demo at MCA.
Yeah, but I was...
if you want to see Jimmy flow, come to the battle at The Shelter.
He's the best!
Shut up.
When is it? Friday night.
Can I come?
I'm not battling next Friday, dawg.
You will if she's there.
You want to be the man.
All right. Just don't push.
We all need to be pushed sometimes.
My bad. I'm sorry.
You gonna let him push you?
You can't catch me and you never will!
Out of my way, freaky girl!
- Wipe your feet. - Hey, wipe your feet!
You like?
She's getting out of the D, though.
Negro, please. That's what they all say.
No, I think she's different.
That chick really blew both you guys?
I'm a sinner, James.
Come to church with me in the morning.
I saw you talking to Papa Doc in the Chin Tiki.
How do you know him?
You mean Clarence?
He went to Cranbrook with Christine's brother.
You want to dance?
Not right now.
Fucking Wink.
Trying to keep us in division with that fake-ass Big Willie wannabe talk.
Nothing wrong with a free demo.
Free comes with a dick up your ass.
Three One Third is real. What Wink is talking about is wack.
Another example of people's needs being denied by the city.
The media should be all over this.
It'll happen again. The city don't give a fuck.
What is he talking about?
The abandoned house where the girl got raped.
It's called an "attractive nuisance."
It wouldn't still be standing if it were on the other side of 8 Mile.
It could have been Lily.
Burn this shit down to the ground.
That's what I mean.
Fuck, yeah, man!
Burn this fucking thing down!
This is the definition of an attractive nuisance.
Come on, let's burn this bitch.
Right behind you.
That's what I mean.
I thought I had matches.
You got my lighter?
- I gave it back to you. - I got one.
Wait, what are you doing?
What the fuck, you guys!
I'm gonna fuck you up, Cheddar!
Hey! I burned the house down!
The roof, the roof
The roof is on fire
We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn
Burn, motherfucker, burn!
It's almost beautiful.
When I was little, I wanted to live in a house like this.
You know, how it used to be.
You live with your family?
I got out of there as quick as I could.
I left home when I was 17.
What about you?
Sort of the same.
When you record your demo,
I'd really love to be there.
Hey, girl! ls it hot enough for you?
You're going to be great.
I got a feeling about you.
Let's go, Alex.
I'll see you.
See you.
Cheddar, bring your ass on! Come on!
Pesky mosquito!
Let's see.
Oh, yeah. "And the mirror said, 'Not you, Queenie."'
What's wrong?
We're being evicted. God damn it!
Come on, Mom. Not in front of Lily.
I can't let Greg find out.
Fuck Greg.
I'm three months late.
We got 30 days to get the money.
if you want to live here, you got to start chipping in.
Where's Greg's settlement check? Get the money from him.
I can't.
He's going to ask me and Lily to move away with him.
Some place nice real soon. I can't freak him out...
Mom, stop living your life like this!
If you cared about Lily, you'd get a job and quit fucking around.
I got to go. I'll be late for work.
What are you doing with your life that's so great, Rabbit?
Wink's working on a deal
where I can get free studio time
to record my demo.
Bye, baby.
Alex Latourno Hotter than an inferno
Hotter than a crack house
Burn internal
Why does Manny give me so much shit all the time?
Maybe because you give him reason to.
Stick to the plan, man.
Just do your work and shut the fuck up.
Why haven't you called?
Janeane, I can't talk here. You'll get me fired.
I'm your girlfriend.
No, you're not. We broke up. I'll call you later.
You just left without saying a word.
I left you the car.
Was it 'cause I said I was pregnant?
I know why you said that bullshit.
You have to go. I didn't know what else to do.
Tell me why you left and I'll leave you alone.
It's not you, okay? It's me. It's my shit. I had to go.
What are you running from?
Would you just go!
Everyone's calling you a loser from the other night.
Who is?
Everybody's talking about it.
How you froze up and got booed offstage.
Fuck you! Go home.
What was that all about?
Sorry, Manny. It wasn't my...
It won't happen again.
Good. Don't be bringing that shit around here.
Now get back to work.
Rakim was the first rapper with complex lyrics.
But as far as beats and lyrics go, Biggie is the bomb.
I can't believe y'all talk about complex shit and leave out 2Pac.
Fuck 2Pac!
Nigga, you crazy? Pac's the only lyrical motherfucker out there!
He's right. His shit has emotion.
What about the Beasties?
Fuck them.
How can you even bring them in the mix?
They bust some serious shit.
Those white boys are more like busters on serious shit.
I won't bump no Beasties.
But it's always easier for whites to succeed in a black man's medium. Right, B?
Word up. It's true.
- What are you doing, man? - Rabbit!
Oh, shit.
- Don't worry, Rabbit. - I got your back!
Hey, what's up, B?
You want to fuck with us?
Get off me.
What the fuck you gonna do, motherfucker?
Come on, man!
Let him go.
You want to fuck with us?
Fuck with us, yeah?
What the fuck are you doing? Where'd you get that shit?
It's my mom's.
Put it away before you fucking kill somebody!
Papa Doc had one!
Put it away!
Man, put it down.
Come on.
Fuck, man.
Oh, shit!
What the fuck?
Oh, shit!
Let's get out of here.
We got to get him to a hospital.
- Where are the keys? - Get the car!
I got to put pressure on it. Try not to think about it.
My God. He shot his fucking dick off.
Did I? Man, shut the fuck up!
Take Gratiot to McDougal.
I live here, too.
I know how to get there! Then do it!
Rabbit's going to teach me to write rhymes.
What were you doing with a gun?
What were you doing with those fuckers?
I have a show with them!
Calm the fuck down, y'all!
MC Bob.
What? MC Bob.
What do you mean?
Is that a good name?
What's wrong with Cheddar Bob?
I like MC Bob. Right?
Yeah. MC Bob.
I got that fat man out of Mickey D's.
Roy's going to interview him at JLB and I'll be there.
It's gonna be on!
The doctor said he hit an artery, but he'll be okay.
That's good, man.
Where were you?
Praying. ls he all right?
Let's go, man.
Wink told us how he got in with Roy Darucher.
That shit's hot, man.
He's doing an interview down at JLB.
Why are you listening to this clown?
You heard me. Clown.
Why you got to be like that?
This is a good deal for him. It's for real.
It's for real?
Like the time you said your cousin worked for Dr. Dre?
Or the time you were real tight with the intern in Russell Simmons' office?
Or how about...
Shut the fuck up!
Why are you always giving me shit?
Is it because I'm making moves?
Or because your ass is stuck hosting battles for two years.
You're a fucking loser.
Who are you calling...
Yo, chill!
What the fuck? How can you fight about this shit now?
I know what you're trying to do to our group.
Suck a dick!
You little bitch!
Back down!
Cheddar's in the hospital and you fight about this?
So fucking stupid!
Forget this car, B.
I'll give you a ride to work in the morning.
I'm afraid you've made a mistake.
I don't have any colored girl in my class.
There's Sarah Jane. There's my baby.
You mean Sarah Jane Johnson?
Yes, ma'am. I'm Mrs. Johnson.
- Sarah Jane? - I brought you these...
You win at bingo tonight?
You record your demo yet?
What happened to you?
Cheddar Bob had an accident, but he's fine. I'm fine.
You and your friends.
Mom, don't start, please.
It's been a long fucking night.
Tell me about it.
Me and Greg are having problems.
He found out about the eviction?
The settlement check ain't coming.
No, it's coming.
It's our sex life.
I don't want to hear this shit.
I mean, it's good. It's real good.
But he won't...
I don't want to hear this!
Greg won't go down on me.
Hey, Sol.
Ever wonder at what point you got to say, "Fuck it"?
When you got to stop living up here and start living down here?
It's 7:30 in the morning, dawg.
Thank your mom for the car.
All right.
I'm getting so sick and tired of fucking with this steel
They only give us 30 minutes to eat lunch and chill
My body aching just to get a buck
I'm sick of eating shit off this fucking lunch truck
Nasty-ass food I'm in a nasty-ass mood
Should have called in sick Shit, I had somethin' to do!
I can't believe I'm hearin' all this ravin' and rantin'
From Vanessa up here at New Detroit Stampin'
Need to get your food and take your ass back to work
You're dreamin' if you think them corny-ass raps'll work
Look at y'all standin' here freezing like dumb-fucks
Rappin' and waitin' for food off this raggedy lunch truck
Who want what? Who pumped up to get rolled up?
I spit venom in every direction Soak some up
Look at this fat-ass nigga Sloppy sucka
You a ugly motherfucker Your pops should've wore a rubber
Stop rhyming Keep your day job, Vanessa
Next time leave that bullshit home on the dresser
Speakin' of dresses Take a look at Paul the fruitcake
When you travel you pack panties in your suitcase
Made out of lace from Victoria's Secret
if 10 men came in a cup, you'd probably drink it
Okay, folks Enough with the gay jokes
Especially from a gay, broke bitch yourself
Eh, loc?
His style's doo-doo
You've worked here longer than me and I get paid more than you do
Dawg, take a seat
Why's this guy standing in line? He ain't got money to eat
Check this out Yo, yo
He cashed his whole check And bought one Ho Ho
Fucking homo, little maggot You can't hack it
Paul's gay You're a faggot
Least he admits it, don't even risk it
This guy's starving to death Someone get him a biscuit
I don't know what they told you, Mike
You musta had them cornrows rolled too tight
This job You want to quit, but you can't
You've worked at this plant so long You're a plant!
Look at your god damn boots
For Christ sakes They're starting to grow roots!
On this mic, you get faded
You look like a pissed-off rapper who never made it
Hey, why you fuckin' with the gay guy, G?
When really you're the one who's got the HIV
Man, I'm done with this clown He's soft
Fuck it I'll let homegirl finish you off
A guy like you would never get a real woman
Jackass, go jack off That's the only way you comin'
Looking for your brother?
I was.
You want to do something tonight?
Are you asking me out on a date, Jimmy Smith, Jr.?
As a matter of fact, I am.
Why don't you take me somewhere now?
Come on.
Where are we going?
You were so good outside.
In line at the lunch truck?
And at the Chin Tiki the other night.
And that demo thing with Wink.
You're going to get a deal soon.
I feel it.
You was in the parking lot the other night?
My friends think you're crazy.
Your friends don't even know me!
Ain't nobody here.
I can't believe he got sent home already.
No insurance, the medical establishment will fuck you.
Where else would he be?
Just thank God he's alive.
No, thank God he didn't shoot his dick off.
That's why brothers need to get a deal.
Record labels supply niggas with benefits.
Dawg, we get a deal, you can take the fucking benefits.
We'll have Bentleys and Benjamins, not Blue Cross.
I don't give a fuck about that.
I just want to hear Three One Third on the box.
One of them songs on JLB.
We need to save, put it into savings bonds, and build our own studio.
- Savings bonds? - Let me ask you something.
How are we brothers?
We need fine bitches and phat rides, not savings bonds.
All we ever do is talk shit!
"We need fine bitches and phat rides."
"We need to invest in savings bonds."
"We need to get our songs on JLB."
Shut the fuck up! And we never do shit.
We're still broke and live at home with our moms.
I'm out of here. Catch you later.
Get your mad, rambling ass in the car.
I hope you get a new ride soon, Rabbit.
Maybe for that birthday tripping ass.
I'll call your mama. See what I can work out.
I got shotgun, Shabba.
Get in the back, Farrakhan.
Why are you pretending to be asleep?
I seen you out the window, Bob.
I didn't feel like talking.
Why not?
I didn't want them making fun of me.
You know what I'm saying, Rabbit?
You do?
MC Bob.
Like you see in magazines.
What up?
Hey, Rabbit. Where have you been?
You call him Rabbit, too?
I gave him that nickname.
Stop it.
I did, when he was little.
He had buckteeth and big ears.
He was so cute.
Like a little rabbit. Right, baby?
I got good news.
You brought her to my mom's? What the fuck?
I invited her to my show. She said we had to come get you.
What was I supposed to do?
I've been helping Al find a photographer for her book.
All she keeps saying is how much she likes you.
Damn! Now check this, dawg.
I heard from my man Roy today that he's gonna be at JLB tomorrow night
for the interview with Big O.
So what? So what?
I told him about your skills! I said, "Rabbit's your man."
He said, "Bring him down. Let me see what he can do."
if it goes well, you could be flowing at 54 Sound next week.
Can you get your shit together in time?
I can do it.
My bad, man.
No problem, dawg.
Big time, Jimmy.
Why'd you take off?
I don't really live here.
So? Why'd you take off?
I just...
Don't be embarrassed about where you live.
I don't live here.
What's up with you and Wink?
He's helping me get my book together.
Using his connections.
Same way he's helping you out.
You have to stay home tonight?
Yeah, I should
work on some songs for my demo.
Your mom's getting evicted.
It says right here.
"Tenant must vacate the premises due to non-payment of rent."
You know about this?
Sweetie, you want cereal?
I was talking to your precious son about this eviction situation.
Did you plan on informing me?
Honey, that's a mistake.
You're a fucking liar. Hey, man!
Stay out of this, Rabbit.
Don't worry. I'm taking care of it. Don't.
Fuck, man! What is your problem? Don't touch my mother!
Stay out of it!
I'm out of here. I can't go out with someone like you.
You gonna let him say that to you?
With two homeless kids.
Jimmy! Please!
Stop it!
Fuck you!
Rabbit, stop!
- Fuck you! - Stop it!
Oh, my God. Lily.
Come here, baby.
It's okay.
Come here, baby.
It's okay.
It's over, baby.
What up, dawg?
Alex just called.
I got a friend to take pictures of her when she gets off work.
She needs a ride, that's why she called. Can you drive?
I'll drive.
The others will be here soon.
Sol's mom's dropping them off. I hear you're battling tomorrow.
I'm doing what?
Someone told me Future signed you up at The Shelter.
Who told you that?
What up?
Wipe your feet.
Nobody's wiping their feet for your junky basement.
Where your mama at?
Dear mama!
Tell her to hang this shit upstairs.
Did you sign me up to battle tomorrow night?
You heard me. Don't play fucking stupid. Did you?
Papa Doc won last week, so he'll be defending his title.
You got to take it from him! You win battles, you get respect.
I don't give a fuck!
I'm sick of you thinking you know what's best!
You ain't my fucking father! I'm a grown man.
Look, Jimmy... "Look, Jimmy" nothing!
Fuck you! I told you not to sign me up!
So you want to fight me now?
You ain't the future of shit. You're just David fucking Porter.
Hey, come on, fellas.
You know what?
Do what the fuck you want to do.
I don't give a shit any more.
I really fucking don't!
You coming to JLB tonight?
I don't know, man.
I look like crap.
If I knew it was today, I wouldn't have gone drinking after the show.
I can reschedule.
No, I'll do it.
You will? I'll always do it.
When will we see your pictorial in a magazine?
Pictorial's in Playboy. In fashion, it's editorial.
Shut up, Frederick Douglass.
It's for her book, so she can get a job.
That's one book I'd definitely read.
It'd be the only one.
Don't forget this.
Thanks, guys.
Want me to come up?
That's okay.
Mom, come on, get up.
Come on.
Greg left me.
Get up.
It's okay, Lily.
It's okay, honey.
His settlement check came in.
His settlement check came in.
And now that he's got money,
he can't be with somebody like me any more.
It's Thursday. I got to go to bingo.
Maybe he'll be there.
You ain't going nowhere. You're better off without him.
Stop it! It's your fault he left me!
You ruined it! You fucked it all up for me!
Who's gonna want me now?
Where are we gonna live? We don't have any money!
We don't have anything! What am I gonna do?
What am I gonna do?
What are you gonna do? Lily's out there by herself!
Why do you have to be like this? What'd we ever do to you?
Get the fuck out of here! Get the fuck out of my house!
Get the fuck out of my house!
- Come on, baby. - Put your coat on.
We're going next door, okay?
We're getting out of here.
What floor is JLB on? Twenty-eighth.
Thank you. You're welcome.
When we look at Big O, what are we looking at?
- I'm giving you poverty, slums. - That's where I'm from.
So I put it all in the music.
I'm looking for Wink Harris.
He should be here with Roy Darucher.
I think they're all in Studio B.
Thank you.
I did anything I could for free, just for the exposure.
No doubt. Big O, big ups and congratulations, playboy player.
You finally got your record on the radio. How do you feel?
- Much love, man. - I want to thank you and WJLB
for looking out for me like that. That was much love.
I'm just trying to put Detroit, the East Side, on the map, you know?
We're gonna do it for real, man.
I hope we'll get a pipeline through here, and the industry will look at us and sign us.
We'll all be eating.
Stop it!
I've seen you flippin' burgers!
Yeah, I did that.
I thought I recognized your face. I know you been...
Stop it! Please, Jimmy, stop!
How long you been in the game?
Roughly 15 years.
It's an honor for me to come on and have you do this for me.
I really appreciate it.
No problem.
We're here to represent the D,
take care of our artists and take care of home.
I hope you have a successful career 'cause I know you're puttin' it down.
You represent real hard for the 313.
I'm doing it for y'all, man.
This is for Detroit, 313, baby! Love!
Thank you, Mrs. Helgeland.
Any time.
Have a good night.
You have fun? Mmm-hmm.
Yeah, I know.
I want you to go inside and lock the door, okay?
Listen to me.
Go in, lock the door and I'll be in in a minute.
Okay. Okay, go.
What up, bitch?
Ready to get knocked out, dawg?
Wink said you lived in a trailer with your mom.
But we didn't believe him.
Come on, Elvis. Get up.
Get up, bitch.
Get your faggot ass up and fight!
What? What the fuck you looking at?
Get the fuck up.
Stop it!
Fight me, you punk-ass bitch!
I could end your shit right now and nobody would even miss your ass.
No, no. Don't do this.
Come on.
He's done.
Free World, motherfucker.
Don't forget to come to The Shelter tomorrow night.
- You little faggot. - I mean, little Rabbit.
What happened to you?
I fell.
You fell?
I fell.
Come on in. I'll make you something to eat.
I'm your mother.
I want to make you something to eat. What's the big deal?
I thought you wanted me out.
You want the fucking pancakes?
What's gotten into you?
We're not getting evicted.
Why not?
I went to bingo.
And I won!
You're kidding me.
Our luck's finally changing around here.
Did you mean it about doing the demo with Wink?
I'm gonna do it on my own.
You know, Rabbit, I think that's the best way.
Hey, Smith!
Hey, Smith!
Are you all right?
I fell down some steps.
You been doing much better here.
Still want the extra shifts?
You got them. I need you to work tonight. I'm a man short.
Is that a problem?
No problem.
Get back to work.
What up?
Shit. Waiting on this slow-ass ride.
What are you still doing here?
Someone's sick, so I'm filling in.
She ain't waiting on me.
I'll be back.
What do you want?
I wanted to say goodbye. I'm going to New York.
Yeah? And...
Can I give you a ride or something?
No, I'm cool.
I'm working overtime.
Saving up for something special?
Yeah, studio time.
Good for you.
I was hoping to see you at The Shelter tonight.
But, if you're afraid...
I ain't afraid of them guys.
I didn't say you were.
Paul, would you mind covering for me for a couple hours?
I can do that.
Thanks, man. I owe you.
It's Rabbit! Hey!
Rabbit, wait up!
What's up, man?
What happened to you?
- You straight? - Look at your eye.
I'm fine.
Wink said you blew up 'cause Roy Darucher said no to your demo.
He also said crazy shit about him and Alex.
We gonna jump those guys again?
Fuck that. I'm gonna battle them.
For real?
You guys coming or what?
Cheddar, I can rip you to a shred
Cheddar cheese There's not a better MC than me
I'm B-Rabbit, bitch
Sting like a bee, float like a butterfly
What am I? So what if I cut a guy?
Did I s-s-stutter, guy?
Leave you punch drunk From lunch truck to Shelter
You never felt the wrath of Helter Skelter
Melt ya, got the belt for the welterweight champ
You got in with a fake stamp
Garbage bag full of clothes Still pullin' ho's
Rip you from head to toe From leg to bullet hole
Next gun, pull it slow
Aim at Tha Free World 'fore you let it go
Instead of, "Oh, I just shot my dick head!"
Yes, you do got a big head
I can't call it Cheddar, where's your wallet?
You're so drunk, you can outdrink the "Alkaholiks"
Make 'em say, "Damn, Cheddar's the man!"
He needs a can surgically removed from his hand
You again?
It looks like a handicap convention in here. Crippled motherfuckers.
Don't shoot!
Yo, let's get the fuck out of here.
I need to get some privacy, guys.
Can I come?
Hey, man,
I apologize for... Stop it.
Don't do it.
I didn't even trip.
Just make sure
you flip the script on this shit tonight.
You understand me?
Thank you.
It's on tonight, Rabbit.
Let's do it. Let's do it.
All right, all right!
How y'all feeling out there? You feeling all right?
All right! Next up is LC, Lyckety-Splyt...
Slaughter him.
...And my man B-Rabbit. B-Rabbit, where you at?
B-Rabbit, come to the stage!
Where the fuck is B-Rabbit?
Where's he at? They're calling you!
You drew Lyckety-Splyt in the first round.
You okay with that?
I don't give a fuck who it is.
Where the fuck is B-Rabbit?
Come to the stage. You got everybody waiting.
It's gonna be blazin' in this bitch tonight.
We got a lot of dope rappers, and at the end of the night,
one will battle last week's winner, Papa Doc.
This shit will be off the hook, so stick around.
Come to the stage, Rabbit. Come to the stage!
B-Rabbit, where you at? There he is. Come on.
Make way for the Rabbit. Let him through.
Let the artist get to the motherfucking stage.
Come on, B-Rabbit.
Let him up.
You good?
You got it.
I'll go first against this choke artist.
You got enough confidence. Do your thing! Forty-five seconds.
Spin that shit!
Free World, nigga.
I'll tell you something
Check this out
This guy's a choke artist You catch a bad one
You better off shootin' yourself with Papa Doc's handgun
Climbing up this mountain You're weak
I leave you lost without a paddle Floating up shit's creek
You ain't Detroit, I'm the D You the New Kid on the Block
'Bout to get smacked back to the boondocks
Fucking Nazi, your squad ain't your type
Take some real advice Form a group with Vanilla Ice
What I tell you, you better use it
This guy's a hillbilly This ain't Willie Nelson music
Trailer trash I'll choke you to your last breath
Have you look foolish like Cheddar Bob when he shot himself
Silly Rabbit, I know why you called that
You follow Future Like he got carrots up his ass crack
When you acted up, You got jacked up
Left stupid like Tina Turner when she got smacked up
I'll crack your shoulder blade
You'll drop so hard Elvis'll turn in his grave
I don't know why they let you out in the dark
Take your white ass across 8 Mile to the trailer park
Okay, okay.
Very nice, very nice. Let me get the mike.
Pretty good. Hip-hop 101.
Bunny Rabbit, it's your turn, baby.
Forty-five seconds.
Let this motherfucker feel it!
DJ, spin that shit!
Come on, Rabbit!
Don't choke this time.
All right, look.
He's choking!
Hey, yo
This guy raps like his parents jerked him
He sounds like Erick Sermon The generic version
This crowd looks suspicious
It's all dudes here, except for these bitches
So I'm a German, eh? That's okay
You look like a fuckin' worm with braids
These Leadaz Of Tha Free World rookies
Lookie How can six dicks be pussies?
Talkin' about shit's creek?
You could be up piss creek with paddles, this deep
You're still gonna sink
You're a disgrace
Yeah, they call me Rabbit This is a turtle race
He can't get with me, spittin' this shit
Wickedly lickin' these shots
To spiggy, spiggity split lickety
Now I'm gonna turn around with a great smile
And walk my white ass back across 8 Mile
Say no more! That's what I'm talking about.
It's unanimous!
Bunny Rabbit goes to the next round!
Lyckety, tell your mama I'll be over later.
She can save me a plate.
You killed him. Good shit. That's what I'm talking about.
Hold up, hold up.
Next up, we got
Ox and Strike. Come to the stage, motherfuckers.
Yo, Rabbit!
Okay, B-Rabbit. Call it.
Heads. Choose.
Lotto, it's on you, baby. You first.
Don't matter. DJ, spin that shit!
He's always taking his shirt off.
I'm gonna smash this bastard.
Free World in the motherfuckin' house.
It's time to get rid of this coward once and for all.
I'm sick of this motherfucker.
Rip him, Lotto! Rip him, baby!
I'll spit a racial slur, honky Sue me
This shit is a horror flick
But the black guy doesn't die in this movie
Fuckin' with Lotto You got to be kiddin'
That makes me believe you've no interest in livin'
You think these niggas gonna feel the shit you say?
I got a better chance joining the KKK
On some real shit, though? I like you
That's why I didn't want to be the one you commit suicide to
Fuck Lotto Call me your leader
I feel bad I gotta murder that dude from Leave it to Beaver
I used to like that show Now I'm in fight-back mode
Oh, well if you got to go, you got to go
I hate to do this I'd love for this shit to last
I'll take pictures of my rear end So you won't forget my ass
All's well that ends okay
So I'll end this shit with "Fuck you, but have a nice day!"
Whoa, okay, okay.
Can't be mad, can't be bad.
You killed that fucked-up white boy.
That ain't shit.
Settle down. Give the man a chance.
Bunny Rabbit's up next. All right, B-Rabbit.
You got the mike. It's on you. You know what to do.
DJ, spin that shit!
You got something?
You can't fuck with us!
Let's see what you got.
Come on, Rabbit!
Get him!
"Ward, I think you were a little hard on the Beaver"
So was Eddie Haskell, Wally and Miz Cleaver
This guy keeps screaming He's paranoid
Quick, someone get his ass another steroid
Blah-biddy, bloo-blah blah-blah-biddy, bloo-blah
I ain't hear a word you said Hippety hoo-plah
ls that a tank top or a new bra?
Look, Snoop Dogg just got a fuckin' boob job
Didn't you listen to the last round, meathead?
Pay attention You're saying the same shit he said
Matter of fact, dawg Here's a pencil
Go home, write some shit Make it suspenseful
Don't come back 'til something dope hits you
Fuck it You can take the mike home wit' you
Lookin' like a cyclone hit you
Tank top screaming, "Lotto, I don't fit you!"
You see how far them white jokes get you
Boys like, "How's Vanilla Ice gon' dis you?"
Fuck Lotto
I'll get the seven digits from your mother for a dollar tomorrow
It's real as it feels!
Hold on! That was some close shit. Let's see what's poppin'.
How y'all feel about Lotto?
Okay! B-Rabbit?
Let's do it again. It's hard to judge.
We'll start with Lotto.
Okay, lotta love, lotta love!
What about B-Rabbit?
Say no more!
B-Rabbit advances to the next round!
He goes to the finals against Papa Doc!
That's the way it's going down.
Okay, check this. Fifteen minute intermission.
Make sure you tip the bartenders. Fifteen minutes.
You did your thing, man.
That's okay, 'cause Wink got more than seven digits from your bitch!
You did it, kid.
Fuck him. Fuck Lyckety, man.
That Beaver line almost killed me.
But you flipped it.
You got it, man. You're a fucking genius.
Make sure you serve this clown in the next round for me.
Whup Papa Doc's ass!
He's got no vocabulary.
You worried about what he'll say?
What do you mean?
About Wink and that Alex bitch getting it on,
and them beating you up and giving you a black eye and shit.
Fuck that. Listen to me.
You're making history tonight.
Yeah, he ain't nothing. You got it!
You got this.
- All right. - You know what's happening.
It's the championship round. Yes, believe it's real.
It's time. We got Papa Doc
and we got B-Rabbit.
I don't have to stress how important this is.
It's the championship.
This motherfucker is what we came to see.
That's why the fuck we're in the D.
We represent. We at The Shelter.
It's real. I hope you're all ready.
This shit is about to be crackolatin' in here.
Hold on.
Let's do the coin toss.
As Papa Doc is defending champion, you get to choose.
What do you want, heads or tails?
Okay. Who goes first?
Let that bitch go first.
Whoa! Whoa!
I can't believe my ears. A lot of hostility.
Papa's got a lot of anger.
All right, check this out. We got new rules.
Being it's the championship round, each of these cats
gets a minute and a half apiece.
I don't know what'll happen!
you know what to do.
DJ, kick that shit.
Now everybody from the 313
Put your motherfuckin' hands up and follow me
Everybody from the 313 Put your motherfuckin' hands up
Look, look
Now while he stands tough
Notice this man did not have his hands up
This Free World's got you gassed up
Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
One, two, three and to the four
One Pac, two Pac, three Pac, four
Four Pac, three Pac, two Pac, one
You're Pac, he's Pac, you're Pac none
This guy's no motherfuckin' MC
I know everything he's got to say against me
I am white I am a fuckin' bum
I do live in a trailer with my mom
My boy Future is an Uncle Tom
I do got a dumb friend named Cheddar Bob
Who shoots himself in his leg with his own gun
I did get jumped by all six of you chumps
And Wink did fuck my girl
I'm still standing here screaming "Fuck Tha Free World"
Don't ever try to judge me, dude
You don't know what the fuck I've been through
But I know something about you
You went to Cranbrook That's a private school
What's the matter, dawg? You embarrassed?
This guy's a gangsta? His real name's Clarence
Clarence lives at home with both parents
Clarence's parents have a real good marriage
This guy don't wanna battle He's shook
'Cause ain't no such thing as halfway crooks
He's scared to death
He's scared to look in his fucking yearbook
Fuck Cranbrook
Fuck a beat I go a cappella
Fuck a Papa Doc
Fuck a clock Fuck a trailer
Fuck everybody
Fuck y'all if you doubt me
I'm a piece of fuckin' white trash I say it proudly
Fuck this battle I don't want to win, I'm outtie
Here, tell these people something they don't know about me
Papa Doc, what are you gonna do?
A minute and a half! Spin that shit!
Spin that shit!
We got a new champion!
Let's roll, man.
Fuck Free World! 313!
Three One Third is in the house!
Don't get it twisted, this is my man here!
This is my man right here.
Where we headed, Rabbit?
We're on our way.
We're gonna get that big deal soon! Then we'll get all the bitches!
All the bitches.
Where are we going?
I'm going back to work.
Get out of here. You ain't going to work.
You the man now. You ain't got to work.
Fuck Wink! Fuck Tha Free World!
We are the shit!
What's up?
Hold on.
Man, I've been thinking.
We should host the battles together, you know what I'm sayin'?
No. That's you, dawg.
Come on. Tell me you don't want to host with me.
You'll have everybody looking up to you,
everybody'll know who you are.
Yeah, but...
I think I need to just do my own thing, man.
You know?
Yeah, I think I do.
All right, Rabbit.
Peace out, Rabbit!