8MM (1999) - full transcript

A small, seemingly innocuous plastic reel of film leads surveillance specialist Tom Welles down an increasingly dark and frightening path. With the help of the streetwise Max, Welles relentlessly follows a bizarre trail of evidence to determine the fate of a complete stranger. As his work turns into obsession, he drifts farther and farther away from his wife, family and simple life as a small-town private eye.

Welcome to Miami.

While in the airport, please
observe Florida laws...

...which prohibit smoking
in the terminal.

Thank you for not smoking.

Your son-in-law dealt with the
dry cleaning franchise during the day.

He saw that woman every night.

The specifics are in my report,
and information about the woman.

It's unpleasant, I know.

Discreet, isn't he?

What an imbecile!

I tried to warn my daughter,
but what can you do?

I worry about the children.

My invoice is in the envelope,
if that's all.

Yes, Mr. Welles. Thank you.

Senator, let me know if I can be
of further assistance to you.

I'll be in touch.


You're home.

We're back here.

How did it go?

I think very well.


Daddy's home, sweetie.

How's the textbook business?

I got 10,000 words on
the Federal Theater project.

It should be 4000 and the writer
doesn't want to change anything.

So, kind of bad.

How was Miami?

Fine. Lonesome.

Couldn't pay me enough
to live down there.

Then why'd you go?

Senator Michaelson
has powerful friends.

Hello, Cinderella.

Did you miss me?
I sure missed you.

Oh, that's my girl.

She missed you.
I missed you.

You been smoking?

Smoking? I'm not smoking.

Come on, honey.

You reek of it.

Amy, I've been sitting around
in bars following this guy.

Is this the first thing I get?

- You're accusing me?
- I'm not accusing you.

I'm not smoking, okay?
We've been all through that.

I'll make dinner.
Are you hungry?

You're cooking?

I missed you.

I don't like it when you leave.

Should I go?

I'm going to do it.

Come on.

What's all the trouble, Cinderella?

There, there.

I love you.

I love you.

Honey, phone!

Okay, I've got it!

Sorry, I was just switching phones.

It's a pleasure to make
your acquaintance, Mr. Longdale.

How can I be of assistance to you?

Four o'clock would be fine.

I think I know where it is.

Daniel Longdale.
We spoke on the phone.


I'm the Christians' attorney and
an executor of the estate.

This is Mrs. Christian.

An honor to meet you.

You come highly
recommended, Mr. Welles.

I've spoken to associates of mine in
Harrisburg, Lancaster and Hershey.

You have influential friends.

I've been privileged to provide
services for people I admire.

You were praised for your discretion...

...your strict adherence
to confidentiality.

Thank you.

As you know,
my husband passed away recently.

My condolences, Mrs. Christian.

His passing has left me
with something of a dilemma.

I'll do whatever I can to help.

My husband's inner sanctum.

Not many people have been
inside this room.

My father worked the Pittsburgh mill.

Irving United Steel, I believe.

But you attended Penn
on an academic scholarship.

That's right.

Peers went into law and finance.
You chose surveillance.

I decided it was the future.

Your husband is a legend.


We were married 45 years.

Four children, seven grandchildren.

But his true passion lay...

...in his work.

But he was always loyal.

I loved him deeply.

I understand.


My husband was the only one
with the combination to this safe.

We hired somebody to open it.

I prevented anyone...

...from seeing the contents.

I felt these were
my husband's private things.

I didn't...

I didn't realize...

Do you want to tell me what you found?

Cash, stock certificates.

Nothing out of the ordinary,
really, except that.

It's a film...

...where a girl appears to be murdered.

I'm not sure I understand.

It's very realistic.

But how many people seem to be
realistically killed...

...in movies and on TV every day?

It begins as a relatively
sleazy bit of pornography...

...and rapidly turns
quite violent and bloody.

What you're talking about
is called a snuff film.

Snuff films are a kind of urban myth.

Sex industry folklore.
There's no such thing.

That's what I explained
to Mrs. Christian.

This is probably
an S&M film of some sort.

Simulated rape, simulated violence.

It's hard to stomach,
but there are ways of doing it.

Fake blood, special effects.

Would you look at the film
and give us your opinion?

All I want...

...is to know that
this atrocity is false.

I want the proof.


...whoever made the film
was adept at authenticity.

But I'm no expert.
Let the police make a determination.

Out of the question.

That'd be so unnecessary
for any number of reasons...

...not the least of which is
Mr. Christian's reputation.

Find out who made this film...

...and establish whether it's real.

You can name your price.

You'll be provided with
whatever you need to buy information.

Girl's all I've got to go on.

I could treat it
like a missing persons case.


Of course...

...we need to be assured
that you would not copy this film.

You have my word on that.

But I'll be dealing
directly with you...

...and only you.

Your relationship with
your attorney is your own.

- No offense.
- None taken.

I realize you've given this
careful consideration.

You could have destroyed it.

Tell me the poor girl wasn't killed.


Find her alive.

I'll do the best I can, ma'am.


You just got home.

I wish I could stay,
but this is the mortgage.

It's Cindy's college money.

If I do right by her,
with the circle she runs in...

...this could be a big break.

Do we need a break?

Your father thinks we do.

So, what was Mrs. Christian like?

Like you'd expect, I guess.
I feel sorry for her.

It's a missing persons.

I told her I'd give it
a couple of weeks. Three.

It can't take longer than that.
It's an outside shot.

That's all I can tell you.
Sometimes you can't know what I'm doing.

It's always that way.

- She's awake. I'll get her.
- I'll be up in a sec.

- You're taking the gun?
- I won't need it.

Don't take it.

I won't wear it.
It's a precaution. Don't worry.

Will you call me
when you get there, please?

I've been hired by a couple in
Philadelphia, a doctor and his wife.

A few days ago, they picked up
a girl hitchhiking off 81...

...a runaway, about 18, maybe.

They buy her a meal.
The doctor tries to convince her...

...that, at least,
she should call home.

Not surprisingly, the girl ate,
excused herself...

...that was the last they saw of her.

We had a friend of mine
at the department work up a sketch.

They want to see
if I can I.D. this girl...

...then pass along
a message to the parents...

...letting them know
the kid's alive.

You don't mind if I run a check?

Go ahead.

You want it, you got it.
Knock yourself out.

Anywhere from 850,000 to 1,000,000
missing every year.

We got as much as we can on computer,
then it's the wet-thumb method.

Files are by state
and year of disappearance.

Children are separate.
No eating or smoking.

- There's coffee.
- Any good?


It'll be your best friend
after a few days...

...if you last that long.

Good luck.

Honey, it's me.

How are you?

I'm good.

Where are you?

I'm still in Cleveland.
How's Cindy?

She's sweet.
She's sleeping.

- I'm missing you bigtime.
- Yeah, I miss you too.

I'll call you tomorrow night.

Good night.

Good night, sweetheart.

Hello, Mrs. Christian?
Tom Welles.

Here's where we stand.

I checked the film stock.
It's called Supralux 5-4-4.

The company that made that
stock discontinued it in '92.

So the film was made prior to that?

Yes. I'm probably being
overly thorough with this...

...but you might dig up your husband's
financial records...

...about 6 or 7 years ago.

See if there's anything
out of the ordinary.

This isn't a movie you drop off
at the one-hour photo.

So you think it's one of a kind.

The film is what we've got.
There's no negative.

Unlike video, it's not
designed to be duplicated.

Whatever this is, I have a feeling...

...there aren't many copies
floating around, if any.

I'm looking for a girl
we're not even sure is missing.

With this happening 6 or 7 years ago...

...finding the guys who made this film
is going to be very difficult.

I know you can do it.
You're doing a wonderful job.

Please tell me you'll
continue the investigation.

I will. I'll keep trying for you.

You can count on me.
Goodbye, Mrs. Christian.

We can't come to the phone now,
so please leave a message at the beep.

Honey, it's me.

I'm sorry I forgot to call last night.

I won't forget tonight.

I've been gone a long time.
I hope I'll be home soon.

I love you, and I miss you.
We'll talk tonight.

You looking for Janet?

Hello, Mrs. Mathews?

I'm Thomas Hart.
I'm a licensed investigator.

I've been hired by the U.S. Resource
Center, Missing Persons...

...as part of an internal audit.

I'd like you to answer questions
about your daughter, Mary Anne.

I spoke to your FBI contact
yesterday, Agent...

Neil. Neil Cole?

Yes, Agent Cole. He told me
he'd call and let you know to expect me.

He didn't call?

Is this you?

You look about five years old.

A little older.


It's important that you don't
let this raise your expectations.

It's not going to effect
any ongoing efforts.

All I'm saying is, please know...

...I'm not here to create
any false hope.

We fought all the time,
Mary Anne and me...

...and her stepdad.

She hated him...

...because he wasn't her real dad.

Trouble here, trouble at school.


Didn't like rules.
Takes after me, I guess.

I had to learn the hard way.

Can I speak to your husband?

Her stepfather?



Two years after Mary Anne left.

All the time, she resented him.

I lost her because of him,
and then I lost him.

I'm the only one still here.

Did Mary have a boyfriend?

She was sneaking out with someone.

She wouldn't tell me who.

Coming home with hickeys,
lying all the time.

I am sorry to bring this up,
but in these circumstances...

...with the stepfather...

...were there any indications
of any sort of abuse?

There was nothing like that.
The police and FBI asked.

There wasn't anything like that.
She'd have told me.

I apologize. I had to ask.

Those are for her birthday.
One for every year she missed.

They'll be waiting for her
when she comes back.

It's because I slapped her.

I know.

We was fighting about Dave,
and she was just pushing my buttons.

And I slapped her.


Next day, she was gone.

When kids run, they
almost always leave a note.

It's guilt, usually.

There wasn't one.

Police looked.

An abduction's one thing,
a runaway's another.

Sometimes it's not the priority
for the police it should be.

There wasn't anything.
Don't you think I wish there was?

You're probably right,
but would you let me look?

You tell me...

...not to get my hopes up...

...not to raise my expectations.

Go ahead.

I need a drink.

Thank you.

Dear Mom, if you're reading this...

...it means I called you
from Hollywood, California.

I left my diary behind because
I want you to see why I'm leaving.

It's not because you hit me.

I hid this so Dave the dickhead
wouldn't find it.

Warren Anderson and me are in love.

I'm going to start a new life with him.

His dad owns that garage in town.

But Warren has even bigger plans.

He'll become a star in action movies.

He says I'm prettier
than a lot of girls in movies.

I could be a star too.

You want a drink?

When we cruise into Hollywood...

...I'll have fiery eyes that everyone
will notice, because I am in love.

You were right.
I didn't find anything.

Fixed you a drink.

Thanks, no.
I've got work to do.

I'll stop by tomorrow night.

We'll probably be married
by the time you read this.

Don't come looking for me,
because I'm not coming back.

Maybe someday you'll see me
on TV or in magazines.

Don't worry about me.
Love, Mary Anne.

Mr. Anderson?

Who's asking?

Tom Hart.
Excuse me not shaking hands.

I'm looking for your son.
You've got a son named Warren, right?


What's it about? You a cop?

No, sir.

Just a friend from a while back.
Owe him some money.

You owe him money?

That's a new one.

You can leave it
right here if you want.

If it's all the same,
I'd like to send it to him.

California, right?


Son, you know where
the Fayetteville lockup is?

That's where Warren is.

Doing eight months on a B and E.

Thank you.

Yeah, man, I knew her.

Dumped that bitch right
before I moved to L.A.

She shows up knocking at my door
like a fucking stalker.

Told that bitch she could go to hell.

Where'd she go?

Hell, maybe.

I don't know and
I don't give a fuck, either.

She said she might work
at a titty bar or something.

Ask me, her tits
weren't all that great.

Did you hear from her again?

Because I fucked her
doesn't mean I wanted her there.

She came to Hollywood to be
a big fucking movie star.

And so did I.
Check me out now.

Why don't you pass me
one of them smokes?

I don't smoke.

How you doing?

I'm okay.

You don't sound okay.

It's not easy.

Why? What's going on?

It's just tougher than
I thought it would be.

Is it getting to you?

I got a lead I can't drop.

I'm almost done.
I miss you.

I miss you too.
I love you.

Give Cindy a kiss for me.

Wait, I think she wants to say bye.
Say bye to Daddy.

Hi, sweetie. Hi, honey.

Hi, Cinderella.

She's touching the phone.

You should see her face at your voice.

I love you.

I love you too. Bye.

I was just making dinner.

I've made enough for two,
as it happens.

I'm sorry, I can't stay.

I wanted to let you know
I spoke to my people at the agency.

I told them to keep
Mary Anne's case active.


...stay for a drink, at least.

You sure you're not hungry?

It'd be nice to have a meal
without the TV on for once.

I have a long drive ahead of me.

It's one of the most
depressing things. Eating alone.

I don't know why. You think
I'd be used to it by now.

Mrs. Mathews?


Do you ever consider...

Do you realize that
Mary may never come back?

I think about it every day.

Every time the phone rings...

...every time, I still think it's her.

She's all I think about.

Can you tell me...

...if you had to make a choice,
if you were forced to choose...

...between imagining her
out there somewhere...

...living a good life, being happy...

...but you don't know...

...you never find out...

...or the worst being true...

...her being gone...

...but you know.

You finally know...

...what's happened to her.

What would I choose?


I would choose to know.

I need to know.

Excuse me, I have to use your restroom.

You're leaving.

I'll call you if I find anything out.

How you doing?

Big date tonight?

Yeah, guess so.

Could I interest you
in a battery-operated vagina?

It's tempting, but no thanks.

I'd hate to see you in one
of those everyday situations...

...that calls for it
and you don't have one.

I'll risk it.

All right, your total
is $74.58, please.

A hundred.

Total's $25 and some change.

Thank you for shopping
at Adult Bookstore.

And have yourself a fabulous day.

What are you reading?

Catchy title.
What are you really reading?

Hard to believe it's got
any parts worth highlighting.


You know how it is.

Wouldn't want to embarrass yourself
in front of your fellow perverts.

I might get drummed out
of the pornographers' union.

Where would I be then?

Have a good day.

How are you?

Hey, honey.

- How you doing?
- I'm a little beat.

How's Cindy?

She's sweet. She misses you.

How's it going?

The way things are going,
I'm thinking about coming home.


Honey, wait.

Can I call you back?

I'll call you right back, I promise.
Bye, honey.

Mrs. Christian, there were three men.

Not just the cameraman
and the masked man.

I caught a glimpse of a third man.
He was watching.

I'll get a clearer image
through computer enhancement.

But this probably happened
6 years ago, so it's not...

All right, I'll keep trying.

Thank you, I appreciate
your support. Goodbye.

What we have here is
137 billable man-hours...

...a hundred-plus thousand
dollars machine...

...and the result is an enhancement
of the back of some guy's head.

Want it framed?

There you go. Have a nice day.

It's like a gas station,
you pay before you pump.

Remember me?

Came back for the battery-operated
vagina after all.

I need information.
Maybe you can help.

Thomas Welles. Nice picture.

What sort of information?
I got all different kinds.

The kind I'll pay for.

I don't know what you're looking for...

...so we're clear from the start,
I'm straight.


Thank you.

Zip it!

I can hook you up.

Name the vice, I name the price.

- How long you been working here?
- Almost two years.

What's your name,
if you don't mind me asking?


Here's the deal.

This thing has to do
with underground pornography.

Stuff that's sold
under the counter, illegally.

There's not much illegal out there.

Whatever there is, I want to know.
I want a good look.

If you've got that kind of
connection, great. If not, speak now.

You're not a cop, are you?

If I ask and you are,
you got to tell me.

I'm not a cop.

A private detective?

Like Shaft?

You ever seen Private Dicks?
I got it on sale.

How much you make in there?

Around 400 bucks a week, off the books.

Let's pretend I live
in the same fantasy world...

...where you make $400
a week in that dump.

I'll give you 500 for a few days.

Six sounds good, Pops.


Here's my number.

When can you start?

Well, tomorrow night I get off late.


All right.

And don't call me Pops.

Of course not. I wouldn't
want to hurt your feelings.

I don't know what your scene is.

You may like porn
as much as the next guy.

You don't look like your average
sleaze. More like your average cop.

So when you ask people
about fucking illegal stuff...

...it has a certain patina to it.


It's a Truman Capote word. Hello?

If someone never sold a snuff film,
they shouldn't care what I ask.

If they have, they should be nervous.

Whoever acts insulted,
knock on their door.

Look, Pops, it's not too late
to change your mind about all this.

There's things you'll see
that you can't unsee.

- They stay in your head.
- How do you know what I've seen?

Okay, fine.
But everybody's got their limit.

I've been here six fucking years
trying to get my music together.

So I start part-time
where I work, to make ends meet.

And boom, a couple years go by,
and here I am.

I'm just saying, before you know it,
you're in it. Deep in it.

Don't worry about me.

But thank you.

You're welcome.

Pops, you dance with the devil,
the devil don't change.

Devil changes you.

Some of your lyrics?

That's cute.

This place has been around
about 3 years...

...but they keep moving it
house to house.

This is the tip of the iceberg.

Lots of Mexican S&M,
lots of Asian bondage...

...all kinds of bestiality,
if you're into that.

Don't touch nothing.
You want something, tell Friendly.

Ask him.

Don't do that!

All right! It's cool!

All right? Okay.

Come on, let's go. All right!

Are you affiliated with law enforcement?

Fuck you, Larry.

Are you a law enforcement agent,
or affiliated with law enforcement?

Fuck you, Larry.

You're getting cool there, Welles.

You got your porn zombies here.
Junkies for the hard stuff.

But these sales won't last much longer.

It's risky,
and everything's on the Net.

Chicken hawks swapping photos
with their modems.

Then there's classified ads
with hidden codes, secret couriers...

...wires through dummy corporations.

If something's illegal, the buyers
are as far away as they can get.

Nobody knows what nobody knows,
you know what I mean?

How's it going, Samuel?

I'll say hi to her.

How are you? I love that.

It's the Michael Jackson look,
with the zippers.

What are these?

Extreme bondage.

Rape films.

Sick shit.

Buy five, get one for free.

Anything harder?

There's nothing harder.


There's no such thing as snuff.

What you see is what I got, mister.

Do you know where I can get some?

Fuck off.

There she is.

There she is.
It's Double Slap Dorothy.

That chick could be a baseball player.

The swing on her is unreal.

Some of these S&M and bondage films
you'll see straddle the line.

Foot fetish, orgies, shit films...

...hermaphrodites, mutilation.
It's harder than hard-core.

But mostly legal.


One guy sees it and pukes.

Another guy sees it
and he falls in love.

This is the guy I told you about.
Got the tapes?


- 1200 for the two.
- You told Max 1000.

I know. This is more fun. I raise
the price, you get pissed off.

- I thought we had a relationship.
- Is it real?

Sickest shit you'll ever see.

Is that real?

That sure as shit looks real.

She's not breathing.

Who makes these films?

I don't know.

Looks like the Philippines.

Yeah, definitely the Philippines.

Wait a minute.
That's the same girl.

Isn't that the same girl?


It is the same.

They're fakes.

That's great.

Snuff 2.: The Resurrection.

Oh, boy.

Well, what do you expect for 1200?

You want a beer or something?
I could use anything.

But I'm sorry, man.
I told you snuff was bogus.

I just wish I would have
gotten you a receipt.

"Hard Spank."

"Max California."

That's my old band.

We broke up.


Maybe about a year ago.

I don't mean any offense...

...but what are you doing
mixed up in all this?

I'm not mixed up in anything, Pops.

You strike me as being smart enough
to do something else.


I wish you owned a record label.

Look, it beats pumping gas.

I don't buy it.
I don't endorse it.

I just point the way.

You said it gets to you.

Well, hell, yeah.

Parade of losers I see every day?

What choices have I got?

The music industry is not exactly
beating down my door.

And what about you, Tom Welles?

You got a ring on your finger.
You got kids?

A daughter.

So you got a wife and a daughter...

...and a nice little yellow house...

...and a dog named Shep.

What the hell are you doing here?

Good question.

Do you get turned on
at places like tonight?

No, I am not.

You don't exactly
get turned off, either.

Devil's changing you already.

Good night, Max.

This gentleman was asking if anyone
recognizes this girl.


I remember Mary.

Mary Anne Mathews?

She lived here for only about a month,
if I recall correctly.

She didn't return one night.
Do you know what happened to her?

Not yet, but I'm looking
into it for her parents.

Could you get
that flowered one down for me?

That's her suitcase.

I'd forgotten about it
till you showed me her picture.

I suppose I always hoped she'd be back.

She seemed so lost.

After a time, all I could do was pray
she'd moved on to better things.

Can you get this suitcase
to her people?

If it's appropriate.

Yes, of course. Thank you.

Starlight, star bright

First star I've seen tonight

I wish I may, wish I might

Have this wish I wish tonight

The number you have reached
is no longer in service.

Hello, Hollywood Wax Museum.
Can I help you?

This is operator 149.
What city and listing?

I don't know. Hollywood.

A listing for Celebrity Films,
and I need an address.

Please hold for
phone number and address.

- I was here first.
- Sorry, I'll just be a couple minutes.

Eddie Poole?

A process server?

No, I've been inquiring around if,
by any chance, you've seen this girl.

You a cop?

I'm a member of her family.

You know how much pussy
comes through here?

Please, if you'd just take a look.
It would've been a few years.

Her name is Mary Anne Mathews.

Never seen her.

You sure?

I just looked at the picture, didn't I?

Come on. I got
a lot of shit to do.

Who's next?

This'll be fine.

What kind of shit are you peddling?

My tapes sell.
People eat the shit up.

I had three jerks
returning your tapes last month.

You know how bad it has to be
for a jackass to come back...

...with a receipt
and try to fucking return it?

How bad?

Get together some upscale product
where the girls still have teeth.

Till then, fuck you!

Does your mother have any teeth?

If she does, send her down, you fuck.

He's not answering.

Hey, boss.

There's a case of beer in there.

- How was your day?
- Great.

- Everybody here?
- Everybody but one of the chicks.

Been watching them?

Celebrity Films.

I know all about it.

Yeah, you know about what?

About that girl...

...six years ago.

I know what you did to her.

Who is this?

You murdered her.

You and your friends.

What the fuck are you talking about?

You killed her on film.

Now you're fucked.

You're all fucked.

Come on.

Come on, give me something, Eddie.

It's me.

What do you want?

I just got a call.

We got to talk.
And not on the phone.

So one of us
has to get on a plane, all right?

Blow me, you paranoid fuck.

Fuck! Fuck!

So you like to watch, paranoid fuck.

Phone is listed under "D. Velvet"
in Manhattan.

Dino Velvet.

He's a producer/director/weirdo.

He's like the Jim Jarmusch of S&M.

How hard is his stuff?

How hard do you want it?

Bondage, fetish, Gothic hard-core.
Definitely not for the squeamish.

Kind of hard to come by.

Mostly out of the back
of bondage magazines.

But he's got fans.

This guy I know, he thinks it's art.

He's told me Velvet will do
commissions if there's enough dough.

Nothing illegal, but borderline.

If a guy wants to see
a transvestite in a rubber suit...

I got the picture.

Max, get in here!


...you're going to New York?


Looking like that.

You'll need me.

This Frenchie guy is more
than just a fan of Velvet films.

I can get you in if you want.

For more money, of course.

Plus expenses. I fly first class.

So when are we leaving?

What are you doing?

Man, my first time in
the Big Bad Apple.

I told you, don't film me.

Fine, Howard Hughes.

You didn't say it'd be this luxurious.

- It's the Presidential suite.
- A comforting sense of humor.

I'll be a couple of doors down.

Tom, I don't know why
we're staying in this fleabag.

People mind their own
business in fleabags.

I'm going out. Dig up
whatever Velvet tapes you can find.

Get receipts.

Yes, sir.

My husband had
five cash accounts he used.

Between November...

...of 1992...

...and March...

...of 1993...

...he wrote one check out
to cash from each account.

My husband never dealt
with money personally.

Certainly not cash.

These checks he wrote
are for very odd amounts.

When totaled together,
the five checks...

...from the five different accounts,
they equal $1 million.

That is interesting, Mrs. Christian.

I only mentioned this because...

...you asked me to look
for anything unusual.

I've got about $5000 left in cash.

I'll need another 50, if you approve
the plan I mentioned earlier.

I'm very close to identifying
the man in the mask.

I'll have Mr. Longdale arrange it.

How will I get it to you?

I'll give you the address.

Welcome to the world of Dino Velvet.

Welcome to the world of Dino Velvet.

Who is this?
In the mask, who is he?

Come on, wake up.
Who is this?

One of Dino's lunatics.
He's in a bunch of these.

What's his name?

I don't know.
That's his whole thing.

He always wears a mask.

He calls himself Machete...
No, Machine.

He calls himself Machine.

He's a lover, man.

Definitely loves
what he does for a living.

Can't say the same about you.

Yes, yes.

You can see they really
appreciate my style here.

I'm not the kind to blend in
with the crowd, if you didn't notice.

Like these ladies here,
they like my style.

Who is it?

This is Max California.

I called earlier.
I'm a friend of Frenchie's, from L.A.

My partner and I would like
to speak to Mr. Velvet.

He's not here.

We have to give him
a large sum of money.

If he's not interested, we'll split.

What are you talking about?

Can't you just answer
my simple question?

I asked you a question!
Where the fuck is Laura?!

I've been asking you that
the last 10 minutes.

Sit down.
Make yourself comfortable.

You idiot!

Going to shoot in two days?

Man, you're spending my money.

Yeah, you better do that.

Fucking asshole!

It's an honor to meet you.
Thank you for seeing us.


So, what can I do you for?

We'd like to commission a film.
A Dino Velvet original, one of a kind.

That's right.

I'm a huge admirer of yours.

God, I love flattery.

You're a genius, Mr. Velvet.
A goddamn genius.

The only one still transferring
film to video.

Nobody really appreciates
that kind of integrity anymore.

The grain and the gritty look you get.

Which is your favourite?

If I had to choose, it'd either be
Choke or Devil.

The subliminal imagery in Choke
is what gets under your skin.

Well, Devil frightened me
as much as it excited me...

...but I'd be hard-pressed
to choose a favourite.

What kind of a budget
are we talking about?

Five thousand now.
Five thousand upon delivery.

Two women. One white, one black.

Hard bondage, of course.

Other than that, trusting...

...your artistic interpretation...

...I only have two stipulations.

Challenge me.

I want to watch you work.

You don't want a franchise, do you?

Steal the recipe for my secret...

...hot sauce?


That's good.

I appreciate that.

Second stipulation.

The other performer...

...has to be...

...that animal you use.

The man in the mask.


I don't know.

He might be interested.

But I think it'll cost you another...

...five to seven grand.

I can arrange something
really special for ten.

You can do that.

Good enough for me.

I'll just have to put
my thinking cap on.

I'm going to keep this as a deposit.

You make sure you call me
after 10 o'clock tonight.

10 o'clock.

You know, you have a very special,
very beautiful face.

The way light hits it.

I'd like to shoot you.

You don't mind?

I'm camera-shy.

You trust me to take your money,
but not your picture?

Those are two different kinds of trust.

I hope we can do business.

Hoyt Avenue, Brooklyn, 3 o'clock.

I'll be there.

I got something to tend to. Thanks.

So are we in the movie business?

That's for you.

- What is it?
- Money.

People use it to purchase goods.

That's awfully generous and everything...

It's not mine.
Don't make a big deal.

There's a plane ticket for the flight
you can catch to L.A. tonight.

This is as far as I want you to go.

What are you talking about?

We're a team.
We're partners.

Max, I'm sure you realize
these people we're dealing with...

...are extremely disturbed.

That's why you need me.
I know disturbed. Look at me.

You did a great job.
It's time for you to go home.

But this is, like, our big case.

Tom, I know what's going on, okay?

Okay, what?

Dino and Machine and Eddie
made a snuff film, right?

I can't figure out why you're involved.
Maybe the victim...?

First, who said you're right?

Second, who said
anything about a victim?

Only 3 rules in life, Tom Welles.

One, there's always a victim.
And two, don't be it.

And three?

I forgot three.

Good, I want you to forget everything.

I want you to get on a plane to L.A.
and forget it all.

I get calls for work on the West Coast.
I'd like to call you again.

You're going to look me up and call me?

I could use your help. I meant it
when I said I think you're smart.

I'm not patronizing you.

Well, thanks.

All right.
You take care, Max California.

All right, Tom Welles.
Devil's waiting on you.

There you are.

Come and join us.

Hello, Machine.

Love your work.

Did you bring the money?

It's right here.


Where are the women?


...they're always late.

What are these for?

They're just props.

Nice, aren't they?

Machine and I were just talking
about the beauty of knives.

My guests have arrived!

Mr. W., would you be so kind as
to remove any firearms from your person?

What are you doing?

I hate to repeat myself.
It makes me look so stupid.


Please, show me your gun.

Nice and easy!

That's right. Easy.


Now empty those bullets onto the table.

Very carefully.

- I don't know why you think...
- Shut up, you fuck!

I'll put an arrow right through
your goddamn throat, you understand?

That's him.

Last bullet.
The last one.

Good boy.

Now cuff him to the bed, Eddie.

Yes, sir.


I didn't know what
to make of you at first.

And you certainly had Eddie here
on pins and needles.

Lo and behold,
from right out of the blue came...

...an old business acquaintance of ours
to explain everything.

Satan ex machina.

You remember Mr. Longdale, don't you?

Get it over with.

Shut up. Nobody's talking to you.

What I could do with faces
like these on film.

But on second thought,
why would I need their faces?

You listen to me.

You'll get that film.

You'll bring it back here,
give it to me.

Just so we make this
as efficient as possible...

...there is an incentive.

He's got nothing to do with this.

He doesn't know anything.

Can't you guess
what I'm about to say next?!

If you don't bring me that film...

...we're going to kill him,
fuck him...

...and film it.

If that's not enough for you...

...we're going to go after
your family.

I'll get the film.

Good boy.
You're being very cooperative.

Mr. Longdale here will
keep you company.

Why me?

Because I don't like you,
Mr. Longdale.

Mr. W...

...hurry back.

Since I met you, there isn't much you've
done that I haven't been party to.

None of this would be happening
if you'd given up.

Or not taken the job
in the first place.

I never expected you to get this far.

I hired you because you're young
and completely out of your league.

But I underestimated your ambition.

You took one look at the Christian
compound. It was heady, wasn't it?

You weren't peeking through the gates.
Mrs. Christian welcomed you in.

Do you think people like
the Christians hire people like us...

...as an invitation
to their dinner parties?

No, we're there to clean up the mess,
to wipe their royal asses.

You were asked to buy a snuff film.

They couldn't find one,
so you paid them to make one.

Isn't that what happened?

She was alive till you paid
to have her murdered?

How much did Christian
pay for your conscience?

A million?

I've been well compensated.

But you, I bought cheap.

Just because Mrs. Christian
praised your discretion...

...you sat on evidence of murder,
dragged your friend, family...

...into some old graveyard...

...to dig up a dead girl with no name
that nobody remembers.

Mary Anne Mathews.

That was her name.
Her mother remembers her.

I'm bored with this.

You know the difference between us?

I will survive this and profit by it,
whereas you...

...you will not.

Now get the film.

Did you watch it with him?


The snuff film.
Did you watch it with him?

This isn't helping your friend.
Get the film.

Did it get him off?

Mr. Christian?

Watching them cut her up like that?
Did he jerk off to it?

Did you hold his cock?
Give him the hand job...

...while Mary Anne Mathews was dying?!

- What are you doing?
- Trying to understand!

What did he want with a snuff film?!


Yes, why? Why?!

Why did he want a film...

...of a little girl being butchered?!

Because he could.

He did it because he could.

What reason were you looking for?



Shoot me.

Mr. Welles, the film, please.

Let him go first.

Do whatever you want to me,
but let him go.

Very well.
Set him free, Machine.

- Is that it?
- That's it.


You don't want to miss this...

...Mr. Welles.

So it ends.

As if she never existed.

Don't blame yourself.
You were in way over your head.

You motherfuckers!

You smalltime motherfuckers.

I want to know something.

Why you're still smalltime with a
million dollars to spread around?


Yeah! That's what Christian
gave Longdale!

That's what he gave you, right?

A million in cash?

You stupid fucking trash!

What the hell...?
Is he talking dollars here?

No, he's lying.

Did you fuck me?

Did you fuck me on this?

Of course not, Edward!

Then what's he talking about?

He's saying that Longdale fucked us...

...which is so totally,
completely bizarre.

Stay back.

Stay away from me.

Put the bow down!

I told you not to trust the prick.

Mr. Longdale, if there's no honor...

...among perverts and pornographers...

...the whole business would fall apart.

Because there's no records,
no contracts, no legal recourse.

So if someone...

...cheats us...

...that person can't be trusted.

That person could turn us in,
have us killed.

So we don't have a choice,
do we, Mr. Longdale?

I want this to be over.
Nobody else needs to get hurt.

Eddie, take your gun out.

Fuck you.

Take it out now! And drop it.

Or I will shoot.

Don't be stupid, Edward.

Kick it in my direction.

Now, Dino, drop the crossbow.


This is wrong.

Something's wrong.

God, not like this.

I am supposed to have...

...something more cinematic.

Kill them, Machine.

Kill them all.


Stop, Eddie!

I swear to Christ,
I'll shoot you in the back!

Take off the mask.

Take off the fucking mask!

He's only got one bullet!

Amy, listen carefully.

- Tom, where are you?
- Amy, just listen.

Take Cindy.
Get out of the house now.

Go to where we spent
Fourth of July weekend.

- Why? What's wrong?
- Amy, please. I can't.

I'll be there in three hours.

I'm on my way! Go now!

Tom, you're scaring me.

Please, Amy, just do it!

Okay, bye. I'm going.

Mrs. Christian, it's Tom Welles.

Longdale is dead.

He was killed by the men
who made the film.

He hired them for your husband.
Kept most of the million.

The film is real!

They killed that girl!

Mrs. Christian?

I'm still here, Mr. Welles.

I'm sorry.
I know this must be...

Are you in danger?

We'll go to the police.
I'll tell you everything tonight.

We'll call the police in the morning.

All right.

Eight o'clock?

Yes, eight o'clock is fine.

Do you know...

...what the poor girl's name was?

Mary Anne Mathews.

Thank you.

Mr. Welles, goodbye.

Are you okay?

Are you?

Why haven't you called me?

Why did you disappear
off the face of the Earth?

You're bleeding.

Are those handcuffs?

Were you locked up?

Kept from a phone? What happened?

Start talking, Tom.

Because if you want to stay married,
you can't treat me this way!

You're right.

Everything you say is right.

That won't do it.
That's not enough, Tom.

Not anymore.

I'm not going to let
anything happen to us.

Look where we are!

Look at yourself!
Look at yourself! Look!

You son of a bitch.

You don't even have any idea
what you're putting me through.

What was I supposed to think
happened to you?

We're going to stay here a few days.

It's just a few days.

I'm sorry.

There's no other way around this.

I swear, I swear...

...I won't let anything happen to us.
I'll take care of this.

I swear it.

I swear it.

Now I have to go back out.


I have to see Mrs. Christian.

She's the only witness.

To what?

We're going to be okay.

We're going to be okay.

Tom Welles.
Mrs. Christian's expecting me.

Yes, she left instructions.

I have to see her now.
It's extremely urgent.

Mrs. Christian chose to take
her own life this afternoon, Mr. Welles.

But I just...

No, no, I just...

I just spoke to her.

Her instructions were
that this first envelope...

...is for Mary's family.

She wrote that you'd understand
what that meant.

And the second envelope is for you.

Services will be held next week,
if you'd like to attend.

I am sorry, sir.

Good night, sir.

What are you doing?

I have to go back.

Whatever it is...

...wherever you were...

...just forget about it.

You stay here.

I can't.

And risk us?
Risk your family? Why?

There's no one left
to finish this but me.

I'll call you
when it's safe to go home.

We may not be there when you get back.

Cindy's education, and a lot more.

I love you.

Put your hands on your head.
Down on your knees.

You think I'm fucking around?

Hurts, doesn't it?

What the fuck do you want?

Who's Machine?

Where does he live?

I don't know.

I want his name.

I don't know his fucking name.

I will never get tired of hurting you.

I don't know his name. He shows up
in his mask, he leaves in his mask.

He's from New York somewhere.

Get in the car.


You're going to show me
where he killed her.

Fuck you!

All right, you fuck.

What did you do before
you brought her here?

Tell her how beautiful she was...

...how you'd make her a big star?

Talk her up?

What the fuck do you want from me?

I want to know.

You want to know?

She was nothing.
A little pussy off the street.

Girl like that disappears,
nobody gives a shit.

Yeah, I talked her up.

Told her what she wanted to hear,
that she'd be a star...

...she'd make a lot of money,
and all the rest of the bullshit.

When I was finished, she was all
excited about her big screen test.

I called up Dino...

...he and Machine flew out here.
We had a little party.

What else you want to know?

You saw the film, right?

You know the ending.

Nobody else saw you bring her in?

Who's going to see?
Place is a fucking shithole.

I brought her in and she...

...saw Machine
standing in the corner.

She started crying...

...making these little noises.

So I slapped her around a bit
just to shut her up.


...fed her a bunch of pills.

Machine put down the plastic over here.

Just started cutting her up.

That's it. She's dead.

She's been dead a long time.
Nobody gives a shit but you.

You wanted to know.

Now you know.

You were in here.

You watched Mary Anne
bleed to death from here.


Why did you watch?

I felt like it.

I never saw nobody get done.


Did you get hard? Did you come?

No. It made me sick.

But what do I give a shit...

...if some rich fucking wacko wants
to beat off to something like that?

Stay down!

It was something I did for money.

I needed the fucking money.

Where is she?

Where did you put her body?

I buried it in the woods.

You won't find it.

And even if you do, what do you got?

You got a girl's skeleton, that's it.

Without the film, you got nothing.

All you can do is cut me loose.

Without the film, you got nothing...

What the fuck are you doing?

- Hands behind your back.
- Fuck you!

Put your hands behind your back!

All right.

What the fuck are you doing?

I'm going to kill you.

I'm going to kill you.

And I'm going to leave you here
just like you left her.

You're not going to kill me.

You don't have it in you.

You going to shoot me
with your own gun?

Registered in your name?

You thought this through,
didn't you, genius?

You'll have to dig
the bullets out of my head.

That'll be nice.

Or you could dig a hole.

Dig it with your own hands and
bury me next to your girlfriend.

Go ahead.

Pull the fucking trigger.

Go ahead.

What are you waiting for?
Go ahead, do it.

You faggot!

What do you want me to do?
Start crying?

Like a baby?
" I'm so sorry I killed the girl."

Fuck you! And fuck her!

Go ahead, put me out of my misery.
Pull the fucking trigger.

Pull the fucking trigger.

Do it!

Do it!

You can't do it.

You little pansy bitch!

Look at you.

Big fucking hero man.

You can't fucking do it.

Look at him.

Big fucking hero.

Go on home to your wifey!

You pussy!

You big fucking pussy!

What are you going to do now, faggot?

You can't go to the cops!

Send me your wife and daughter.
We'll make a film, you faggot!


You punk-ass!

Mrs. Mathews?

It's Thomas.

Thomas Hart.

I was there a few weeks ago
asking about your daughter.

Yeah, you found her diary.

Thank you.

She did leave a note...

...and her stupid boyfriend
dumped her in California...

...so I told the FBI.

Remember when...

...I asked you if you'd want to know...

...the truth...

...no matter what?

Some men, they took her and
they killed her and they buried her.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I want to punish them for what they did.

Why are you saying this?

I can hurt them.

Give me your permission
to hurt them, please.

Tell me how much she meant to you.

Just tell me that you loved her.

- Please tell me that you loved her.
- I love her.

I love her so much.

I love her so much.

Who's that?

Die, you motherfucker, die!

New York Hospital.

Connect me to the duty nurse.


It's Lt. Anderson of the 13th precinct.

Have you admitted an adult male
with an abdominal wound...

...in the last 48 hours?
A stabbing incident.

Abdominal wound?

No, not one.

Thank you.

I'm looking for a stabbing victim.
Male. Maybe six feet.

Filed a bogus report.

We had a guy in on Monday, I think.

It would've been
yesterday or the day before.


- Queens County Emergency.
- Hi, Lt. Anderson.

We had a stabbing incident...

...and supposed victim gave us
a false name.

A male with an abdominal wound.

Hold on. Let me check my records.

There was a patient treated yesterday.

Star tattoo on his right hand?

Yes. George Anthony Higgins.

Insurance policy is under his
mother's name, Doris Veronica Higgins.

That's him.
Can you give me an address?

It's under her address. Douglaston.
Need a street?

I really wish you'd go
to church with me tonight.

I love you, son.

I'll be home by 10. Bye-bye.

You know the best part
of killing someone?

The look on their face.

It's that look...

...not when they're threatened...

...not when you hurt them...

...not even when they see the knife.

It's when they feel the knife go in.

That's it.

It's surprise.

They can't believe
it's really happening.

She had that look.

The girl, when she knew
it wasn't just porno.

You feel how hard I am?

Take off the mask.

What did you expect, a monster?

My name's George.

You probably knew that already.

Can't get your mind around it, huh?

I don't have any answers.

Nothing I can say will
make you sleep easier at night.

I wasn't beaten. I wasn't molested.

Mommy didn't abuse me.

Daddy never raped me.

I'm only what I am.

That's all there is to it!

There's no mystery.

Things I do, I do them because
I like them.

Because I want to.

You've been stabbed?
How many times?

Sir, can you tell me your name?

Is that you?

My God!

Save me.

Save me.

Dear Mr. Welles.

Thank you for writing...

...and telling me your real name...

...who you really are
and what really happened.

I'm glad those men are dead.

But nothing will ever
fill the hole in my heart.

I will try to use the money
you sent for some good...

...after I get some help for myself.

I hated you for telling me the truth...

...but now I realize you and I
are the only people...

...that ever really
cared about Mary Anne.

Yours truly...

...Janet Mathews.