8.5 Hours (2008) - full transcript

Ireland, 2007. As the economy teeters on the brink of a dramatic downturn, the lives of four workers at a software company are about to reach drastic turning points. Though the day begins ...

[music playing]

RACHEL: Niall, please.

Can't you show just a
little bit of understanding?

Of Compassion?

They had a free bar.

I drank too much.

Way more than what I'm used to.

I just didn't know
what I was doing.

I made a mistake.

One crazy drunken mistake.

I apologize.

I'm sorry.

So very sorry.

Can't you see?

I made a mistake.

For God's sake, I'm only human.

Can't you forgive one
stupid, stupid mistake?


No, I can't.

Now fuck off!

[alarm sounding]

[alarm sounding]

[niall signs]

Are we happy?

Did you say something?

Oh, nothing.

Come on.

It's time to get up.

The traffic's
going to be mental.

Just 10 minutes.

I hate this shit.

Are we going to be stuck
in traffic like this

until we're 65?

Afraid so.

Unless you win the lotto.

And you haven't played in ages.


Wake me up when we get there.

See you later.

Remember to be back early
the wedding planner's coming.


How could I forget?


See you.


[alarm sounding]

[kettle whistling]

Hi, can you put me through to
someone at home loans, please?

There's no one in yet?


Can you get them to
call me back ASAP?

Yeah, it's Rachel Smith.

They have my number already.


Look, it's urgent.

There's a problem with
my mortgage application.

If I don't get it sorted
today, I'll lose the property.



How's it going, Rachel?

Getting there.

How was your weekend?

It was shit.

How was yours?

Ah, wasn't too bad, I guess.

Why was it shit?

Don't wanna talk about it.


Fair enough.

-Morning, Martin.

Can I talk to you
about my pay review?

Reviews aren't until next week.

Can't we do it today?

But can't it wait?

No, actually, it can't.

You have to do mine today.


As a favor, Martin, please.

I'm trying to get a mortgage
for my apartment today.

I need a statement of earnings.

Maybe this afternoon.

It has to be before lunch.

I wouldn't push it
unless it was important.

All right.

We'll sort something out.



RACHEL: Morning, Frank.


How was the weekend?


How are you getting
on that cold?

Grand, you know.

Did you get the XML working?

Nearly there, yeah.

Nearly there.

Nearly there never won the race.

Have it done for tomorrow?

Sure, yeah.

What's holding Tony up?



Oh, fuck me.

That was good.

That was lovely.


It's late.

Mobile said you're [inaudible].

Yeah, I've gotta work, too.


I hate working for a living.

Well, you aren't
doing too bad, are you?

Well, I can't complain.

Worst of all is we
should have to go.

So, Fiona, can I
offer you a lift?

My name's not Fiona.

It's Claire.

Course it is.

I knew that.

Spot of a deliberate mistake.


Ah, Come on.

I've just been brain
dead this morning.

What, don't be
like that, Claire.

I'm sorry.

It's a simple mistake.

I think I'm the one
who made the mistake.

So, Tony, are you sleeping
with so many women

that you can't even
remember their names?

I'd say you need a secretary
to keep track of them.

Ah, come on, give me a break.

So who's Fiona, then?

Is that who you were
seeing on Saturday night?

Is that who rang you
last night when you ran

out to take the call?

Ah, so it was.

And that's why you couldn't
see me, you bastard!

Fuck this, on a Monday morning.

Look, I'm just not
thinking straight.

Yeah, well, neither was I to
come back here with a fucking

low life like you.

Well, that's told me.

I just hope I didn't
catch anything.

There she goes.

See you around!

Yeah, yeah.

there's a letter for you.

Maybe it's from Fiona.

You tosser!

I'm really sorry, I'm late.

You know we're under pressure.

I know, my dad was
sick all weekend.

Had to stay over with him,
help him get up this morning.

Get him dressed, all that stuff.

Is he all right?

Yeah, I think so.

Another day, another dollar.

So, Eoiny boy, what did
you get up to this weekend?

Spent time with some
wedding stuff, you know.

What kinda wedding stuff?

[polite chatting]

Here we are.


You know, we can
cater for up to 200

people in this function room.

Wow, it's enormous.

One of the biggest ones
in the city, actually.

And, um, what
about the catering?

Well, we offer four
different menu options

to suit your taste and budget.


How many people
are you expecting?

Well we're trying
to keep it under 250,

but that's going
to be difficult.

Well, we can easily cater
for party of that size,

and any extra numbers will
be no problem, at all.

Oh, god.

250 people!

Think of it, Eoin.

This room will be full of
250 people just for us.

Yeah, I can't stop
thinking about it.

Um, I just ask you question.

You know, what price is
this per head, per person?

Our basic menu starts
at 100 euro per head,

and upwards from there.

That's 25,000, right?

I'll give you a few
moments to consider it all.

Thank you.

It's 25,000, Lisa.


Don't you make a show of me.

Look, forget about the money.

This is our big day and we
want to have a great time.

Don't worry about the expense.

Look, we're not skin flints.


God, I can't wait!

Tell you what,
boys, save you money.

Don't bother getting married.

It's not worth the hassle.

Yeah, well it's a bit late.

It's all booked now.

It's in August and you're
all invited, of course.

Rachel, you're coming, right?

-What's that?
-I'm sorry.

EOIN: My wedding.

You're coming to
my wedding, right?

Yeah, sure.

Count me in.

Fucking cunt.

Now what is his problem?

He should do what I do
when something's wrong.

Pretend not to see
and hope it goes away.

It's only fucking software,
at the end of the day.

Fucking shite
software, at that.

I mean, it could be worse.

We could be the poor
bastards that who to use it.

I mean, what exactly
does this do?

I'm fucked if I know.

Rachel knows.

So what does this
software actually do?

It's complicated.

You wouldn't understand.

I thought as much.

So how are you this morning?

Just don't ask.

That doesn't sound good.

How's the weekend?

Same answer.

How's yours?

Wasn't bad.

[phone ringing]

Yeah, no I have to get
this mortgage on my own.

Listen, I can afford
it, if you take

my pay rise today into account.

I'm hoping they'll give
me another five or six.

That's not enough?

How much of an
increase do I need?


10,000 more?

Um, no.

That's not a problem, at all.

Yeah, I'll call you back.

Fuck's sake.

Fuck it!




Tracy, yeah, um.

We need a new printer.

Do you have a catalog here?

[phone rings]


How are your kids?

Oh, they're fine.

You must be very proud of them.

Yes, I am.


Well, Rachel.

First off, thanks for
the last 12 months.

We're pleased with your work.

Your marketing drive
worked well for us.

Landed some top accounts, so
we really appreciate that.


I talked to the directors, and
we're very pleased to offer you

an increase of $3,000 a year.


Yeah, three.

I think it's generous.

Your salary's already good.


That's-- That's too
low for my mortgage.

I-- I won't get the mortgage.

Look, Rachel, you should
be happy with this.

Plus I rushed this through
especially for you.

Now, I've gotta get
back to my presentation.


It's not good enough.

I won't accept it.

In the last 6 months, I've
pulled in nearly $200,000

worth of new business.

Some weeks I have been
here to 9:00 every evening.

And you're giving
me three grand?

It's an insult.

An insult?

I think it's generous.

I deserve 10.

That's what I need,
and I need to today.


Forget it, Rachel, it's
not going to happen.

I need a rise of 10K,
or I lose this apartment.

It's my last chance to do own
a decent place in this city.

Well, that's just too bad,
Rachel, you can't afford it.

You're just going to
have to live somewhere

more reasonable, like I do.

I don't want to go live in
some housing estate on my own,

in the middle of nowhere.

I found a perfect place
just around the corner.

MARTIN: In Dublin Four?

[laughs] Well, you definitely
can't afford that, Rachel.

All right, if I have to resign
to get paid what I'm worth,

then I will.


Off you go, then.

You know where the door is.

You'll be looking a long time
to find something better.

You're good, Rachel.

But you're not that good.

All right, then.

I resign.


I'm leaving, unless you
give me that pay rise.

I can't do that.

You know I can't.

You're being unreasonable.

For fuck's sake, Rachel.

What are you playing at?

Forcing this meeting
hassling me like this?

Don't you think I've got
better things to be doing?

Look, Rachel,
buying a property's

a very stressful business.

We've all gone through it.

Let's just pretend I didn't
hear your last comment.

Let's pretend what I
heard was, "Sorry, Martin.

Thank you, Martin.

You're such a great
manager, Martin.

I'm very pleased with
my little pay rise.

I'm going to scurry on
back to my little desk,

happy as a pig in shit."

I am not happy with this.

I don't care.

I'm your manager, not
your fucking therapist.

Now, this matter is closed.

Your next pay review will
be this time next year.

Now, if you don't mind, as
I'm jogging at lunchtime,

I'm going to enjoy one of
my wife's fine sandwiches.

The door.


[phone ringing]

What about our apartment?

Our place together?

We spent months
looking for this.

We're supposed to be
buying it tomorrow.

We'd be happy there.

I know we would.

Fuck the apartment.

Niall, please.

I'm begging you.

Forget it ever happened.

Let's go back to
the way things were.


Let's buy our apartment
together, and let's

forget all about this.

I am truly, truly sorry, for
doing that one stupid thing.

Can't you just accept that
I made a drunken mistake?

Can't you--

I've heard enough of it.

Now get out!

--[sobbing] I can't
leave like this.

NIALL: Rachel, just go.

Get out.

It can't end this way.

NIALL: Get out.

I can't go in public like this.

All right, then.




SIMON (ON PHONE): Hello, Eoin.

Remember, me?



back in the land for a few days.

Yeah, um, hi.

Haven't seen you in ages.

A year.

A year.

to meet up tonight?

In the town, maybe?

I'm afraid I can't.

I'm meeting a wedding planner.


Getting married?


Believe me, I am.

Very interesting.

How about meeting

up for coffee this afternoon?

You know, um, it's
kind of not a good day.

I'm-- I'm kinda busy now.

Well, I don't know when

I'll be back in Dublin again.


I'll, um, see if
I can nip it, OK?

SIMON (ON PHONE): I'll text you.




Hey, how are you man?

Pleased to meet you.

You too.

And this is the wonderful Lori.


What a view.

Dublin looks amazing, huh?

Yeah, not so good down there.

Streets full of drunks.




Look at the state
of these knackers.


So, Eoin, you have
a girlfriend, then?

No, not recently.

He come here alone.

Came with a mate of
mine, but he met some girl

and legged it on me.


Look at him.

Hey, I like this music.

Lori, calm down.

Drink more water.

Fuck water.

I want more booze.

Lori, don't drink that, Lori.

You fancy her, yeah?

Look, I know you're with her.

I'm just looking at her.

It's OK, Eoin.

Admire away.

Bet you'd like to fuck her.

Of course you do.

She's amazing, I'm telling you.

I'm just looking
at her, you know.

You can look at her, Eoin.

Me and Lori have a very,
very relaxed attitude.



Totally relaxed.

We have a very
open relationship.

How-- How do you mean, open?

You know open.

Opposite of closed.

Open, as in, wide open.


I think I like him.

Can we take him home?


SIMON: That's up
to Eoin, you know.

He's not a stray puppy.

My apartment's
not far from here.

And I've got decent booze.

So, guys.

You ready to really party?

I think we are.


Fuck off.


Just shut the fuck up.

Polish bitch.

Work in some fucking diet.

It's all you're good
for, fucking finance.


Shut the fuck up
you boring bitch.

You should be deported.

You're gonna get
fucking thrown out.

They can't throw me out.

I own this place.

Polish slut is only renting.


[speaking french]

What does that mean?

Just telling her to
go and get fucked.

Simon, what are you
doing over there?

Are you shy?

I'm never fucking shy.

You know that.

So, Eoin, What
about this body, no?


You wanna go?


Yeah, live a little.

Now we really
turned you on, yeah?

Yeah, yeah.

Nothing wrong with that.

The fuck are you doing?


Relax, it's OK.

Eoin, don't be boring.

Go with the flow.

Trust me, you won't
be disappointed.

Trust me.

Don't you?



I do.

What the fuck?



Eoin, Simon gives
better head than I do.

And boy, is that really
saying something.

Look, Claire, I'm really
sorry about this morning.

It was just a slip
of the tongue.

Let's not throw away
something really good.



Fuck you, you stupid bitch.

All right, Rach?

Not really.

Well, that doesn't sound good.

Not having a great day, myself.

You fancy a quick fixer-upper?


Yeah, I needed that.


Good on you, Tony.

You know how to enjoy yourself.

Well, life's too
short not to enjoy it.

So, what's up, Rachel?

Martin wouldn't give
me that pay rise.

Now I'm going to
lose the apartment.

Well, that's a shame.

That's not the end of the world.

It's not like you're in
Africa starving to death.

Had my heart set on that place.

You'll get over it.

Will I?

Wanted that place so badly.

It was so perfect.

Calm down, will you, I
thought you wanted to relax?

Look at me.

I'm 30.

I have a good job.

I earn a decent wage.

And still I'm grabbing
every penny I can,

borrowing way over
any reasonable limit,

and I can't even afford
a tiny fucking apartment

in the city I grew up in.

Bet it was the most
expensive place in Dublin, hm?

Nothing special.

Small place.

Good location.

Close to town.

Wasn't asking for
too much, was I?

Yours must be worth a fortune.

900,000, last time I checked.

Bloody hell.

What did you get it for?

200,000, eight years ago.

Oh yeah.

Good for you.

Ah, well.

We all can't be winners.

So, where you living now?

Renting an over priced
shithole in Rathmines.

And it smells.

Fucking hate going
back there every night.

Ah, you'll find somewhere.

Just keep looking.

Would have been
happy in that place.

Very happy.

Now I've got to go off miles
outside the city, and even

some soulless fucking
housing estate.

Far away from
anyone that knows me

and spend the rest of my
life stuck in traffic jams.

Calm down, will you?

I should have done better.


I really should
have done better.

What are you
talking about, Rach?

In general.

In life.

I should have done better.

You know, We're the
first generation

in this country that were
handed everything on a plate.

We went to university.

Graduated at a time
of full employment.

We could have become
millionaires just

by buying the right
house at the right time.

Or joining the right company.

It was that easy.

We could have become absolutely
anything we wanted to be.

We were handed
unbelievable opportunities.

And some of us, some
of us still manage

to go and fuck it all up.


You need another blast, kiddo.

Look at you.

You've got everything.

And you're still
fucking yourself up.

Mom, please.

Just lend me another 20,000.

I need this apartment.


I can't move home at my age.


It's an investment.

An excellent,
excellent investment.


You're telling me no?

I'm gonna lose the apartment.

I just love Mondays.

Everything looking
good for Friday?


Yeah, I think so.

Still have to check Eoin's
module, though he says it's OK.


I'm, um, I'm heading
out for my jog soon,

where we can chat for a few
minutes before my presentation?

Yeah, sure.


Is everything OK?

Yeah, just tired.

Had trouble sleeping last night.

All right.

Well, make sure you
sleep well tonight.

We're all depending on you.

All right.

Here's to a happy
life together.

The wedding planner gave
me a list of five really

good photographers' websites.

She said to try
choose one tonight.

The really good ones get
booked up way in advance.

Yeah, sure, sure
look uh, you know,

just pick whatever you like.

That's now how I want it.

I want us to pick one together.

Lisa, listen love, I'm under a
lot of pressure here, you know.

Do I have to do
everything on my own?

Al-- All right, just calm down.


What-- What do
you want me to do?

I'll email you the
websites and then you

can help me make a decision.

I can't do everything myself.

Yeah, I'll talk
to you later, OK?

Hey, Louise.

Hey, it's Tony.

Yeah, we met last week.

Hey, that's right.

How could you forget?

Hey, I told you
I'd call you back.

No, I'm not going
out with anyone.

What gave you that idea?

Trust me.

Hey, listen.

You want to hook
up tomorrow night?



I'll tell you what, I'll
give you a text tomorrow?


All right, then.

OK. see you.




Another one?

It is like shooting
fish in a barrel.

Where do you get the
time for them all?

Frank sent me on a
time management course,

and I highly recommend it.

There's some fucking
elves staring up here.

Here, give us a look.


Fucking crackpot.

Ah, yeah.

That's priceless, man.


Do you ever remember
that [inaudible]

that used to in the middle
of O'Connell Street?

Haven't seen her in ages.

Ah, yeah.

Used to be a few like that.

Do you remember little
Eoin with the big cross?


I guess the Catholic tiger just
flushed them all away, yeah?

Yeah, well.

Good riddance to them.

Religious fucking nuts.

[phone ringing]

Yeah, it's Tony here.

What, in reception?

All right.

I'll be down in a second.

All right, thanks.

I'm, um, getting a sandwich.

You want one?

No, I'm heading out.

Who are you?

Hey, I'm talking to you.

What do you want with me?

You're the one who's
been sending me letters.

Now, what the fuck
is your problem?

My name is Maggie Caldwell.


I sent you the letters.


I want to talk to
you about a will.

What will?

And what's that got to
do with crackpot letters

and sending me stupid
fucking flowers?

I'm the executor of the will
of the late Rosemary Caldwell.



Don't even know a
Rosemary Caldwell.

She died exactly one
year ago this day.

It took me this long
to track your down.

Track me down?


I don't know why you
sending me letter,

I don't know what you're on,
but you're a sad fucking nut.

Don't contact me again.

You want to talk to me,
you talk to my solicitor.

This is Rosemary.

Yeah, yeah.

This is Rosemary.

That's Mary.

That's the name she used, but
I always called her Rosemary.

She was my daughter.

Mary's dead?

Sorry, she was a lovely girl.

Yes, she was.

It was a shame, what
happened to her.

An absolute shame.

That she found herself
in a situation,

where she took her own life.

Mary killed herself?

She hung herself
in her bedroom.

I found her.

What would drive a young
girl to kill herself?

Would you have any
idea about that?

Why with this beautiful
young girl take her own life?

I don't know.

I have absolutely no idea.

Only 19.

Far too young for
a man like you.

Now, wait a second.

You slept with her, didn't you?

Not proud of it.

You took advantage
of her, didn't you?

No, I didn't.

I met her at a night club.

She looked older.

She was fair game.

Fair game.

How dare you.

I didn't realize
she was so young.

How dare you talk
about her like that.


Your daughter's
death's a tragedy,

but it's got nothing
to do with me.

Now, I'm sorry
for your troubles,

but don't contact me again.

That's right.

Run away.

Forget all about her
like you did before,

but you won't forget
about her this time

because I won't let you.

Fuck off.

Run away, like a
spineless coward.

You need help, missus.

Don't you want to
know what it is?


It's something valuable.

Hey, hey, hey, what's wrong?

I never imagined it
would be like this.

What are you on about?

Me first time.

I thought it would be in
some romantic hotel room

with candles and silk sheets.

You're a virgin?

Not anymore.

My mother would kill
me if she found out.

Hey, it's OK.


Look, don't worry about a thing.

I'm gonna look after you.

You're a nice guy.

Yeah, I am.

Everyone's gonna be cool.

Everything's just--
It's gonna be fine.

I'm afraid of her.

Who, your mother?

She's a strange woman.

She's old.

Obsessed with religion.

I couldn't wait to
get away from home.

Well, at least you got away.

She can't hurt you now.

She's got the
house like a museum.

Everything's preserved.

My dad's clothes.

He died years ago.

My communion dress.

My baby clothes.

Even my caul.


My caul.

Did you never hear of a caul?

It's a piece of skin on some
baby's heads when they're born.

Some people keep
them for good luck.

She's got my caul.

She carries it
everywhere with her.

so fucking pathetic!

You're so fucking-- god,
let me get the right word.



I don't know, what do I
call someone like you?

What do I call a
complete fucking idiot?

My darling Rachel.

The stupid fucking whore,
isn't that what you are?

Well how else would
you describe yourself,

going home with
some guy you just

met in full view of my friends?

I'm curious, what exactly
did the two of you

do last Thursday night?


Did you let him
fuck you, Rachel?

Well, Rachel did he fuck you?

I never, ever want
to see you again.

Now, get out of my life.

Go on, get the fuck out of here.


Beat that.


Fuck that.

Not a bad shot.

Yeah, great shot.

Thinking of growing a beard.

It'll make you look older.



(WHISPERING) You've got
to keep down your voice.

Hey, lads.

What took you so long?


On a bit of a golf slow today.

So, lads, did you
lose your balls?

Would you look at these?

Pissed already.

How'd we end up married
to these slappers?

Don't ask me.

BRUNETTE WOMAN: So, who won?

Who do you think?

Did you win, Frank?

Sure, as always.

Don't worry, dear,
you'll win someday.

DAVID: Yeah, someday.

Hey, would you mind
taking a photo of us?

MAN: Oh, what do
you want that for?

Oh, come on.

For the laugh.


Say cheese.



Bang on time.

Good man, Eoin.

Yeah, I'm, uh,
under pressure today,

so let's get down
to business, OK.

I should've been here
five minutes earlier

I've gotta improve my
time for the marathon.


Just give me a moment
to catch my breath.

Take it easy.

You're looking very
well today, Eoin.

You know I'm not into
that snogging and stuff,

just-- you know what I like.

Indeed, I do.

Whatever you say.

You're the boss.

I thought you were the boss?

Come on.

Come on.

Oh yeah.

Steady as she goes, captain.

Oh, jeez.

Don't even think about
stopping, I'm nearly there.

Keep going.

Fuck, nothing beats
a midday, mate.

Oh, fuck!




Ah, fucking hell, Martin,
you've got a fucking

knack with that wrist.

Always glad to be of
service to my employees.


Better be getting
back to the office.

Do you want a lift?


I've gotta get in shape.

Are you sure?

Yeah, thanks.

Thank you.

All right.

So Martin.

How's it hanging?


How's it going, Marty boy?

How's me old flower?

Rachel, have you been drinking?

Not at all.

Just thought I'd
drop in and shoot

the breeze with my lovely boss.

Rachel, your behavior
today is quite bizarre.

Why don't you just leave?

And let's forget about this.

Hm, no.

Let's talk about my pay rise.

We've already discussed this.

The matter's closed.

Now, if you don't mind.

It's closed when I
fucking say it is.

And not before.

I beg your pardon?

You're getting a bargain.

A rise of 10 grand
stops me walking.

Get out.

And it buys you silence.


Does your wife know how
you spend your lunch breaks?

Does she know you like to
give you men hand jobs?

Do your kids know
that daddy likes

sitting in cars with
employees wanking them off?

I saw you.

Shut the fuck up.

I say you on Sandymount Strand.

Saw what you were
doing with Eoin.

Dirty little boys.

[phone ringing]


Martin, I've got Richard from
the venture capital company

on line one.

He says it's important.

Tell the fucker to wait.

I say you getting
out of Eoin's car.

Saw you wipe the
cum off our hand.

You're some piece of work.

Bet some days, you gotta
wipe if off your face.

How dare you!

Is your wife
picking you up today?

Nice woman.

Does she have any idea?

My god, you've got some
neck coming in here.

This is despicable!

How would she react
if someone told her?

If I told her?

It would destroy her.

All right, what do you want?

You know I want.

Give me that pay rise.

I can't do that.

I fucking earned it.

I can't justify that payment
to the board of directors.

Try justifying the hand
job to your fucking wife.

Haven't got all day.

This is blackmail.

This is fucking blackmail.

Clock's ticking.

If I give into this,
you'll want more.

How do I know this
will be the end of it?

All I want is the pay rise.

Just give it to me and
then at the end of it.

Draw up that
statement of earnings.

Do it now, you fucker!

Wreck the place if it
makes you feel better,

but I'm not leaving here
without that pay rise.

Oh god, Jesus!

All right!

You want it?

Really, that bad?


Take it.

Thank you.

And don't ever talk to
anyone about this again.


You hear me?

This is my life
you're fucking wiht!

Get your cum
stained hands off me.

One last thing, Martin.

Nice hand action.

I always get tired
before they come.


Good news?


I'm in with a chance
for the apartment.

Good for you.

I'm glad somebody got
some good news today.

[phone buzzing]



Please, it's Mary again.

Why won't you call me back?

I have to talk to you.

I'm in real trouble here.

Please call me back.

I have to talk to
someone, please.

No one to talk to in this city.


Please call me.

Call me back.

[phone buzzing]

Trying to dodge your
girlfriend, Tony?

I'll talk to her later.

Treat them mean
to keep them keen.

Isn't that what all men do?

You enjoy treating
women badly, don't you?

Ah, give me a break, will you?

We've a meeting to go to.

Sorry for being late.

Ah, Fucker!

Sorry, I apologize.

It's no worries.

Thanks, Eoin.

Nice to see you boys
giving each other a hand.

Ah, with a bit of luck, release
4.8 should go out next Monday.

Now, quarter one
milestones are as follows.



And release.

Now, everybody happy with those?


What happened, anyway?

Listen to this, listen to this.

Right, listen.

I get this joke in an email
and you have to hear it.

Is it dirty?


Then why bother
talking about it?


We wanna hear some smut.

I will proceed.

This rabbit walks into a
bar, and he starts to speak.

And everyone was shock
to see the rabbit speak.

And then he orders a
ham and cheese toasty.

Everyone's totally amazed.

So the bar man gives him
the toasty, and he eats it,

and he leaves.

Next night he goes in,
he orders another toasty.

Eats it, then leaves.

I know this joke.

Then the third
night now, the rabbit

walks in and asks for his
usual ham and cheese toasty.

But this night
they're out of ham.

So, they give him a
cheese and onion toasty.

And the rabbit's not very
happy with his toasty

but he's hungry, so
he eats the toasty.

Gets a bad reaction,
collapses off the bar stool

and he's lying
half-dead on the ground.

Bar man runs over
to him in a panic

and asks him what's wrong.

And then--

He said, I'm dying, I'm
dying from mixing my toasties.

Good right?

That is fucking craic.

You're not gonna
find another jokes

that's better than that craic.

DAVID: Ah, what do you expect?

I'm drunk.

Yeah, so I noticed.

David and his jokes, huh?

Stupid jokes he got
off the internet.

Oh, they were all crap.

You seemed to like them.

When you're drunk,
everything's funny.

Is that a fact?

You're so tense.

You need to relax a bit more.

Do I?

Play more golf.

You like that.

I'm playing tomorrow.

In the tournament.

I bet you'll win.

Always do.

Is David playing with you?


Didn't qualify.

Why don't I make a really
good Sunday roast tomorrow?

Haven't done that in ages.

That'd be nice.

I won't be home
until 5:00, though.

Have to go into the office.

On a Sunday?

Are you fecking mad?

Have some things to sort out.

You're too dedicated
to that job.

I think you prefer
your job to me.

So if the release
goes well, we'll

have a few drinks next week.

I won't argue with that.

Last Thursday was
a bit of a laugh.

All right, that's it.

Thank you.

[phone ringing]


Rachel saw us in the carpark.

She's fucking blackmailing me.

Fucking hell.

Well, what did you do?

I had no choice.

What could I do?

For fuck's sake.

I had to give in
to her demands.

Martin, you're a fucking idiot.

Let's give her license to do
whatever she fucking wants now.

We can't meet up
anymore, all right?

Yeah, sure, yeah.

You may want to have a
word with her yourself.

OK, if she fucking
tries to blackmail me,

it'll be the last fucking
thing she ever does,

I can tell you that now.

Will she tell the others?

Yeah, she could.

Down in the pub with
a few fucking pints,

she'll blurt that out, she's
a fucking mouth, she is.

Oh, fuck.


We are fucked.

My wife is very
conservative woman.

This would destroy my marriage.

I don't think Lisa is
going to think it's a barrel

of laughs, either, Martin.

Fucking bitch.

I want a word with you.

Bet you do.

You fucking listen to me,
you keep your mouth shut.

I'm not a fucking
idiot like Martin is.

Oh, like him, do you?

What about Lisa?

Does she know?

You shut up, right.

What are you marrying her for?

Does she give better hand jobs?

Does she know she's
gonna be a fag hag?

You shut your
fucking mouth, right.

Calm down, Eoin.

I got want I want, and you're
getting what you off Martin.

So we're all happy now.

Aren't we?

Fuck you.

Fuck me?

Oh, I bet you'd
rather fuck Martin.

You'll get bored just
being pulled off.

Won't be long before
the two of you

jump into the back
seat of that car.

You fucking bitch.


Does this mean I'm not
invited to the wedding?

I was going to buy a hat.

Well, I was expecting
some other chit-chat,

but this, this is juicy.

You and your boss.

I'm glad you find
it entertaining.

So why are you getting married?

Why spoil all the fun?

Same reason everyone else does.

I love Lisa and I want
to, um, you know, I-- I

want to have a family.

Mm hm.

You don't sound too convinced.

Face it, Eoin, we're are
not the marrying kind.

Men like us aren't
meant to have families.

What do you mean, men like us?

You tell me.

What do you think you are now?




I don't know.

I don't know anymore.

I'm , uh-- What are you?

I don't put a name on it.

I am whatever I need to
be to have a good time.

You know, I'm not
gay gay, you know?

Now, I like women
most of the time.

I just-- I think I'm
just a little bit bi.

A bit bi?

So-- So-- You find
a bit bi, Eoin?

Well bi is a bit bi.

There's been a few men.

How many?

Lost count.

I've learned to
spot them, you know.

You know, the way they wear
an earring, or faggoty lisp,

or the way they check me out.

So what's it to be, Eoin?


Or girl?

It's make your mind up time.

You know.

Some days I wake up,
and all I want is Lisa.

They're the easy days, you know?

But then there's days,
all I want it men.

As many as I can get.

So who's winning?

The pussy?

Or the cock?

Are we keeping scores?

I'd say it's 50/50.

Won't take much for the
cock to win, will it?

If I was a gambler, I know
where I'd put my money.

I'm glad we met today.

I used to enjoy our
moments together.


And, as we are both on a
tight schedule, I'll be direct.

I really, really, want
to suck your cock.

Keep your voice down, will you.

I want to pull you off.

I want to lick your
ass as I do it.

It's called tromboning.

Did you ever get tromboned?

You're a-- You're
a dirty bastard.

Does lovely Lisa
ever trombone you?

She's not musical.

Imagine Lisa.

[imitates trombone music]

You're a fucking lunatic.

I'm going to the toilet.


[music playing]

Make sure to invite
me to your wedding.

I could be the best man.

I could give a very
incredible speech.

I bet you could.

Keep in touch.

Eoin, do the right thing.

So, Frank, you've
been very quite.

I'm just tired.

What did you do at the weekend?

Played golf.

[phone ringing]



How's it going?

Yeah, yeah.



OK, um, the server's running
perfectly, actually, so.

It should be good.

We should be good for Friday.

Oh, not a problem.

Not a problem, at all.

It only took about an
hour anyway, so it's fine.


Yeah, I won.




What's wrong?


Oh, shit!



Don't stop.

I was enjoying the show.

Frank, look, I'm
really sorry about--

Shut the fuck up.


Don't talk to me.

Frank, I'm really sorry.

Get out of my house.

Frank, I don't
know what to say.

Get out of my fucking house!

How could you do this to me?

How long?

How long have you two been--

Frank, I--

Tell me.

How long?

How long?

Three months.

Three months.

Three fucking months?

You've been doing this
behind my back-- My

back for three months?

Ah, fuck you.

A cunt.

Fucking cunt.

For three fucking months?

Three fucking months!

You've been fucking my wife
for three fucking months?


Fucking my wife for
three fucking months.



For fucking three months?

You fuck!

I've known you from
15 fucking years.

Fucking-- You fucking cunt!

You fucking low life.

You're a fucking low life.

She prefers me.

Said you were shit in bed.




Please don't.

Frank, please!

I'm begging you, Frank.

For fuck's sake, don't!

Please, I'm begging you.



For fuck's sake.

Think about it, will you!

No, no, come on!
-You're a fucking low life!

-I'm sorry.


Get off me!

Get off me!

I'm sorry.

You're a fucking low life.

I'm sorry.

15 fucking years.

You were my best friend.

[phone ringing]

Why'd you call over?

We'll order something in.

Have a quiet night,
just the two of us.

Doesn't sound too bad.

About half seven?

All right.

Can't wait.



I'm done.

See you tomorrow.

See you.

Miss Smith.

One final look then.

Yeah, but I've made my mind up.

It's a fine place.

Just buying by yourself, now?


It's just me.

There you have it.

Dublin Four.

Best part of town.

Most people can only dream
of owning a place here.

It's a good time to buy.

The market's calm, but
I tell you, next year

this place will shoot up.

Hope so.

Well, there's my final bid.

Are there many others?

Just one other bidder now.

The others couldn't afford it.

All right.

Look, I'll tell you what it is.

It's the asking
price plus another 5.

So 245,000?

Ah, that's a good offer.

You know, I shouldn't
be telling you this,

but um, I know the other
bidder can't go that high.

So, I reckon it's yours.

So, if you have your
mortgage approval letter,

we're in business.

Yeah, I spoke to my bank.

Everything's sorted.

They'll fax it through,
first thing in the morning.

The morning?


Is there a problem?

Well, all finals bids
with mortgage approval

have to be in by half past five.

That's the deadline.

But you'll get it first
thing in the morning.

The vendor can't turn down
an approved bid if he's

not sure you have the readies.

He's immigrating.

He wants to know tonight.

I've got to call him now.

I'm really sorry,
but I'm going to have

to recommend the other buyer.


Look, I can't loose this place.

Not after everything
I've gone through.

I've the highest bid.

This place belongs to me.

Calm down.

Look, let's see how
we can work this.

You're the highest
bidder, you should get it.

Let me think about this.

Surely there's
something we can do.

It's unfortunate, you
know, but rules are rules.


All right.

I'll put my neck on
the line for this one,

I just hope that
fax comes through.

It will, I promise.

Thanks a million.


Oh, um.

I want more than that.

Well, I could lose my job here.

What's in it for me?

What do I get for
risking my reputation?


I'm sorry, um,
I'm not with you.

You know what I mean.

Yeah, you do.

I say job well done
deserves job in return.

What do you say?

I've done you a favor, and
now you're gonna do me one.


Fuck off!

I'll report you.

Report what you want,
it's gone half five.

You just lost this place.

You'll never afford here again.


Get away from me, prick.

Where have you got to go to?

You got your own
place, have you?

Somewhere nice?

I can't see a classy girl like
you living in some bedset.

You belong here.

You want it so badly, don't you?

But how badly?

Come on.

Close the deal.

Mr. Moore, it's Ian.

Yeah I want to
recommend the bidder.

Who is it?

I have a young lady here
who's made an excellent offer.

I recommend you
accept it immediately.

Lovely stuff.

Call by the office in the
morning for the contracts.

[door creaking]

Oh, you're just in time.

The wedding planner
will be here any minute.

I think I've narrowed
it down to five dresses

and one is a Vere Wang
It's pretty pricey,

but I want to see what she says.

Eoin, what's wrong?

Lisa, there's something
I-- I have to tell you.


What do you have to tell me?

Something I should have
told you before now.

I'm sorry, I--


Why are you sorry?

Is it the hotel?

If you didn't like it?

Don't worry, we can
keep on looking.

It's not the hotel.

Oh, What is it, then?

You're-- You're worried
about the wedding?

You think it's costing too much.

Isn't that it?

Look, we'll keep the numbers--

It's not the fucking
wedding, all right!

I'm sorry.

What is it then?

I, uh--


You have me really,
really worried now.

What's wrong?

What do you have to tell me?

What do you have to tell me?

What are you trying
to say, Eoin?

Look at me!

[doorbell ringing]

That's the wedding planner,
I have to let her in.

No, please.

I-- I can't see her now.

No, not now.

What's gotten into you?

[doorbell ringing]

Well, what's wrong?

What are you trying to tell me?


Look, I-- I'm
fucking begging you.

I don't want to see her now, OK?

Well, what's wrong, then?

Answer me, Eoin.

[doorbell ringing]

Just speak to me.

Eoin, will you
just fucking speak?

What's wrong with you?

Answer me, Eoin.

Answer me!

What it is?

[doorbell ringing]

What are you trying to tell me?

What are you trying to say?

Just speak to me!

[doorbell ringing]

Answer me, Eoin!


For fuck's sake, Eoin.

Please, just tell
me what is wrong!

Please, just tell me, Eoin.

You're everything to me.

And I don't care what it is.

Just please,
please, speak to me.

For fuck's sake, why
won't you speak to me?

And look at me!

Why won't you just look
at me, for god's sake?

Be a fucking man and look at me.

Come on!

What is wrong with you?

IAN: Cheer up, kiddo.

You know, one day you'll look
back at this and you'll laugh.

Laugh at all the real
suckers out there.

Stuck in the
arsehole of nowhere.

Commuting two hours
every day to work.

Fuck that.

I have a confession to make.

This place, it was always yours.

The other bidder pulled
out this morning.

Said it was overpriced.

They were right.

If there's a crash,
you're fucked.

You cunt.

Well, whatever I am, I'm not
as bad as your ex-boyfriend.

He called me.

He told me that you'd do
anything to get this place.

Anything at all.

I hope you'll be
very happy here.

Another day, another dollar.

I told you to stay away.

Rosemary named you in her will.

She's left you something.

She didn't have anything,
she was a poor student.

Now go.

The clause expires
at midnight tonight.

One year after her death.

What is it, money or something?

It's valuable.

You have five minutes and
then you're outta here.

Or I'm calling the police.

This is well out of order,
calling up at this hour

about some crap over a will.

I'm tired.

Do you mind if I sit down?

Oh, yeah, makes
yourself at home.

So, what did Mary leave me?

I've traveled a long way today,
could I have a cup of tea,


You're fucking unbelievable.

I do not have time
for this shit.


I'm parched.

And then I'll tell
you everything.

This better be good.

So, what is it?

A piece of jewelry?


Oh, it's priceless.


Who is this in the picture?

That's my girlfriend, Fiona.

Stupid whore.

A stupid, fornicating whore.

What did you say?

This bitch in the picture.

She's a stupid,
fornicating whore.

Fuck you, and your will.

Get out.


You filthy bastard!

You're scum.

A filthy whore bastard.

You're everything that's
wrong with this country.

No god, no models.

You and your kind
make me want to vomit.

You're a fucking bitch.

Oh, go on, you old bastard.

Call the guards.

Look at you.

What would your fancy new
girlfriend think of you now?

All right.

Feel better now?

You gave me a good kicking.

You got it out of your system.

Now please, fuck off.

My daughter was only
in Dublin a few months,

studying hard to be a nurse.

Never had a boyfriend
before, and then you.

I didn't know, I swear.

To me, she was
everything in the world.

To you, just a piece of meat.

I'm sorry your daughter died.

I didn't realize
she was that young.

That thing between
us, it just happened.

You made it happen.

You took advantage of a young,
impressionable, lowly girl.

You showed off your fancy
apartment, and your flashy car.

All so you could have
your way with her.

And then you threw her to one
side, like a piece of rubbish.

It wasn't like that.

You ruined the most
precious thing in my life.

Look, Mrs. Caldwell, um,
you're obviously still grieving.

Why don't you have a
drink and calm down.

Let's have a drink together.

I don't drink.

Will the police be involved?


I asked him not
to call the police.

He agreed.

Is it over?

It's over.

Why'd you do it, Ruth?

I-- I don't know.

That's not at answer.

I deserve an answer.

I'm entitled to an explanation.

A lot of the time, I found
myself here on my own.

You were always working
late or playing golf.

I got lonely.

He started calling around
when you weren't here.

He said things weren't
going so well with Barbara.

He said he needed a
shoulder to cry on.

One thing lead to another.


I'm sorry.

I really am.

I'll never see him again.

I'll never, ever do
anything like this again.

Maybe you find it hard to
believe, but-- it's you I love.

Not him.

I love you, Frank.

Forgive me.


Forgive me.

He said--

That you preferred him.

Is that true?


Is it true?


I never want to hear his name
mentioned around here again.

As far as I'm concerned,
he doesn't exist.


That goes for Barbara, too.

They're not part of
our lives anymore.

You lured her back
here and into your bed.

And then you got her pregnant.

Well, that's what
she told me, anyway.

My daughter wasn't a liar.

No, she wasn't.

All right.

I was irresponsible.

I was drunk.

I know that's not
an excuse, but--

She came to you for
help, didn't she?

Didn't she come up here one
night in a flood of tears?

Telling you she was
carrying your child?

No, don't put me through this.

Aye, right.

I should have handled it better.

She wrote down
everything in her diary.

We've got all this
planned, haven't you?

Oh, go on.

Let's hear it.

You told her you
didn't want to know.

You claimed you
weren't the father.

You accused her of
sleeping with other men.

You told her to get rid of it.

Thought it was best all around.

Do you remember what you said?

No, I don't.

You said, I want nothing to
do with a bug bitch like you.

Now fuck off to England,
and gets rid of it.

Might have had a few
drinks on me at the time.

If I said that, I
bitterly regret it.

How could you say
something like that

to someone so vulnerable?

I'm not proud of me self.

And I didn't hear
from her after that.

I wondered what happened.

I called her, but she
changed her number.

She carried the
child for four months.

I think she was going to
keep it, but in the end

she changed her mind.

Four months?

She went to London all by
herself and had-- an abortion.


No, I don't want to hear this.

She came home to me.

She was crying all day
in floods of tears.

Finally, she told
me what she did.

I wasn't as understanding
as I might have been.

This is difficult for everyone.

Maybe no one said or did
the right thing for her.

No, we didn't.

We let her down.

I'm ashamed to say it,
but I screamed at her.

I called her a-- A prostitute.

A murderer.

Baby killer.

That night, she
took her own life.

Look, Mrs. Caldwell,
why don't you let me

book you into a nice
hotel, and in the morning

I'll find someone
who you can talk to.

Someone who will help you come
to terms with all of this.

Maybe I do need
someone to talk to.


I'll arrange all
of that for you.

There was not will, was there?


Just a suicide note.

She wanted you to know.

And now I do.

So let's call it a night.

I will get you a taxi.

And book you into a nice hotel.


Come on.

Let's go.

You must understand,
at the time

I was beside myself with grief.

I wasn't thinking clearly.

But still-- I don't
regret what I did.

Regret what?

Mrs. Caldwell, What did you do?

You can't grieve
without a grave.

Hold on now, what
the fuck did you do?

I asked the funeral
director to delay Rosemary's

funeral for you a few days.

Cause I had business in London.

What business?

I went there.

It was only right.

I went to that clinic
where she had it done.

I told them what
happened to her.

I asked them to give me back
the remains of my grandchild,

because I wanted
to bring them home

and bury them in my
daughter's grave,

in a proper Christian burial.



I don't want to hear this.
Get out.

Go on, get out.


Those English, they're
a godless nation.

They all thought I was mad.
-Imagine that.

Get the fuck out.

But they said it was
impossible, what I asked.

But I begged them to give
me back my grandchild.

I got down on my knees and
I prayed in front of them.

I screamed at them.

I screamed, "Give me back
my flesh and blood let me

take it home It's only right!"

Jesus, you're insane.

I told them I'd pay for it.

I'd offer them a
thousand pounds.

And the I offered
them 2,000 pounds.

And then I offered
them 5,000 pounds

for the body of my grandchild.

"Give it to me!"

I said.

"Give me the fetus!"

But the bastard English,
they didn't care.

They got security guards
to drag me outside

like I was a-- a criminal.

I sat on a bench and
I cried for hours.

I'm going to book you in
a lovely room in a hotel

down the road, all right?

No, listen.

God smiled down on me.

This nurse was passing by.

And she sat down beside me.

She worked in the clinic.

She was an African nurse,
trained by Irish nuns.

Oh god, she hated working
in that awful please

but she needed the money.

Jesus Christ.

A bargain was struck.

I gave her 5,000 pounds.

And she got me what I asked for.

What did you do?

I brought it back.

No fucking way.

I arranged all
the little pieces.

And stitched them together.

Mother of god.

I can't be sure, but
I just know it's a boy.

Meet your beautiful son.


Get away from me!

It's OK.

It's OK, Gabriel, granny's here.

Don't cry.

Don't cry.

(SINGING) Hush-a-by
baby on the tree top.

When the wind blow,
the cradle will rock.

It's all right.

It's all right, Gabriel.

We can go home now.

That's what Rosemary left you.

I call him Gabriel.

After the archangel.

Oh no.

I think we're done now.

Tony is expecting you.




[music playing]