80 Millions (2011) - full transcript

Solidarity activists prepare a bravura heist, taking out 80 mln from a union bank account just before it is blocked by communist authorities.

ln solidarity
with Gda?sk shipyard workers,

the largest factories in Poland
are striking against the commies.

The whole world is watching.

31 AUGUST 1980


Your keys.


Hope the damn elevator is working...

...for a change.

Rushing for the news?

Kasia, Andrzej, hi!

Let's go, Antek!

Piotrek, left a bit!

Now leave it!

On 31 st August at 5 pm,
Mieczys?aw Jagielski and Lech Wa??sa

signed a landmark agreement
between the Strike Committee

and the People's Republic of Poland

at the Occ. Health and Safety Hall
of the Gda?sk Shipyards.

Our efforts have paid off!

We finally have self-governing,

trade unions in Poland.

We've got the right to strike!

80 MlLLlON

- This is J?zek.
- Wow. Hi.

We did it!

Do you copy?

Go ahead.

Get back to Base.

Roger that, on our way.

Fuck that!


Let me help.

Here you go.

Thank you.

- l'm Staszek.
- Anka.

Better let you go then.

Gentlemen! For you from all of us:

Dvorak's symphony
From the New World.


We could collapse the bridge!

- Resonance disaster!
- Screw the bridge! We have Solidarity!

- J?zek!
- Tomasz!

To the tram depot?

Hop in!
You seen Staszek?

- Where?
- ln this crowd?


Little fishes on the bridge...
Go drown, ass fucked belly-ups!

Payday is coming.
Water and steel...

People! Up close,
so they can be identified.

- Hardly any like that.
- A chopper.

What for?

Turn that off.

We can see the scale
of the public order disturbance.

What a discovery,

Give me the bridge shots.

The one that started the shouting
and the one talking to him.

This one.
And this one.

Now the ones from the depot.



And this piece of horse's ass.

- Now, l want their current addresses. . .
- Comrade Captain, we have their addresses.

Zubek, current ones!
Not the last year ones,

and not the official ones
from the registration office.

The real ones.
And more. . .

Addresses of their wives,
lovers, relatives and friends.

Next, a photographer, 24/7.

At their Regional Headquarters,
and their printing office.

And one more
at the black brothers.

- You mean. . .
- Yes?

And by the ''black brothers''
you mean. . .

The Curia, you cur!

Where the Archbishop
keeps his holy ass.

Let our spy photographer
at the Archbishop's

enlighten us
and show us the way of Truth.

You are a man of many talents,
Captain Sobczak.

You'd be a hit everywhere.

Excuse me.
Your Commander is waiting.

You wusses!
Who told you to get up!?

You all pissing your pants,
just because he's from Warsaw!

Fucking counter-intelligence!

Constant monitoring
of the points.

Glue your balls to your cameras.

You shit in bags,
and piss in bottles.

And l get the photo series.

l, and l alone.

Let the troopers sort their own shit out.

One last time, you in or not?

- Out of tea.
- Fuck the tea.

- Some action at last.
- Better to burst in flames

than simmer for ages.

Either you have balls or not.

Same with tea.

- This'll be something!
- A life's work!

Or a meaningless stunt.

Like in that legend of our cavalry
against German tanks.

That's probably Anka.
She said she'd come by.

Some friends have a pram for us.

Almost there.

Come on in.

A break in saving our nation?

- Your coat.
- No, thanks. l'm not staying.

Sta?, we're running late.

- How are you?
- Fine.

- And the baby?
- Great.

He already knows:
''Mummy, Daddy, Lech Wa??sa''.

- Quiet!
- Just cats. . .

My neighbour has three.
They piss all over.

- Poison the furballs!
- That jerk never lets them out.

''l prefer cats to dogs'', he says.

''Because, dogs have betrayed us
working with the Militia''.

What a fucker!

Tiny, use your muscles!

And you. . . Paint swastikas,
red stars on gallows,

''Soviets go home'' and...

What the hell!?

We're from Field Unit Poligon.
This is all approved!

- But not with us.
- By Solidarity in Wroc?aw.

And who do we have here?

Well, well, well.
The Militia.

Let's see his lD.

Fuck you!

Sit, boy! Good dog!

Closer to the snout.

Good morning.

What are you doing?

They messed the shot.

These are the men who
caught those hooligans.

You're heroes.

My congratulations.

l thank you and your trade union

Please, tell the Soviet viewers
what happened.

l promise you a special report
in our ''Wriemia News'' tonight.

From its first day, our Solidarity
is fighting for the truth.

Waging war on lies.

We want the Moscow viewers
to know

who defiles the graves
of Soviet soldiers.

This is the work of the Militia.
Of the Secret Service agents,

ordered by their top dogs
to blame it on us.

Solidarity, that is.

- W?adek, this needs signing.
- No. lt can wait.

l'll see you guys later on.

- W?adek, give me a sec.
- l must go, really.

Our students want to strike.
l have to stop them.


OK, one minute.

That cemetery operation showed
the commies we can fight back.

We're not willing
to turn the other cheek.


Now they'd love
to show us who's the boss.

They won't poke us.
They'll hit us hard.

W?adek, the union
must defend itself.


l have an idea, but...

J?zek, the commies
will consider it a declaration of war.

lt's coming anyhow.

And we won't start the fight.

Trust me.

l'm your chief accountant.

l know. MA with distinctions.
Ministry Scholarship.

l know.

Give me a day or two.

That's them.


A comment on camera?

As long as television lies,
no interviews.

Piotru?, they're French.

Mr. Chevall is working on
a movie about Solidarity.

He heard about your operation.
Any comment?

What's going on?

French television.

You caught those agents
at the cemetery.

They're your peers.

Why are they the Militia
and you - Solidarity?

You went to the same schools,
read the same books.

Maybe they never listened to
Radio Luxemburg?

They did.
And they watched the same films.

There was no choice.
Then why?

Either from fear or cynicism,
but always to get to the top.

Make life easier.

Some have it easy in Poland?

Come! ''Wriemia'' is on.

Let's go.

Let me help you.

See OK?

Good evening.


The relentless attack
of anti-socialist forces,

on socialist Poland
and her allies continues.

ln Wroc?aw,
the graves of Soviet soldiers.

were defilad again.

How evil is it to paint swastikas..
on the graves of young heroes

who died fighting the Nazies?

This hideous act
was perpetrated by Solidarity.


Look at their stupid grins.
How proud they are!

Shoot them all!

Defiling Soviet heros
who died...

You lying bitch!

to liberate Poland.

Shoot them! There's no other...


- Have it dressed.
- lt's fine. Water will do.

- Let me help.
- Thanks.

Are you Polish?

No, French.

Where did you learn Polish?

l'm from a French-Polish family.
We all live in France now.

And l come here to work.

You were also there.
Why didn't you give an interview?

J?zek is a better speaker.

You said it in three words:
''Shoot 'em all''.


- Comrade Major.
- Comrade.

Where to?

The Commander.

Come with me.

Comrade Commander,
an important order from Warsaw.

Come in.

To be opened on code word

Thank you.

You are helpless,
but aren't we all?

Read newspapers.
Their ''People's Tribune'' won't do.

French Minister:
''Poles, pull yourself together.''

Germans: ''Yalta gave Europe
35 years of peace.

Let's not risk it now.''

Europe doesn't want
radical changes.

They agree on us improving
our socialism,

provided it pleases Moscow!

Exactly the reason to confront them
with a general strike!

Fight while we still have the will!

Before people put faith
in smart ass politicians like you.

Fight! Piotru??

People are queuing
to buy bread and milk.

Not luxuries.

They are tired and stressed.

They're weak and don't see any hope.

They do!

- Listen.
- Only you don't see it.

- Good morning.
- Morning.

The Siberia Survivors Association
is one floor up.

And The Home Gardeners Club.

Have you heard about

Your turn.


Sobczak, fucked in the ass
with a piece of glass,

won't control them all.

They're not plotting 24/7 either.

means zero communication,

no telephones, censored letters.

Travelling only with a permit
issued by the Militia.

Hundreds of checkpoints
within our own country.

How do you know?

Just do.

lf war is coming, we better
get us some guns.

When you're ready
for a serious talk,

you'll find me praying every evening
at St Mary's on Piasek.

And you, Mr. Staszek,
tell your friends at the printer's

to make sure your invoices add up.


Same with the paint.

During a control,
one roll too many is enough..

to have your shop closed
and printers arrested.

Good bye.

How does he know my name?

And about our print shop?

A secret agent?

Smile, guys!
lt's for our newsletter.

Just make sure it looks nice.

No worries.

- l say we warn Bogdan, just in case.
- l agree.

All adds up.

Same here.


l am all thumbs. To waste paint like that!

Out of here.

l'll take the van.
Go without me.


- Need a ride?
- No, l am almost there.

We insist.

Let go!

What are you doing here?

l never hear from you
so l used my contacts.

They said you came here
for check-ups.

- Father!
- Just joking. So how are you?

- Everything OK?
- You will be a grandpa, like it or not.

Let me give you both,
um three, a ride.

l have a Party meeting,
but it's in an hour.

No need, Dad.
We've got a bus.

Bus? Our drivers go as they please.

Besides they're all on strike
and in your condition...

Anka, he's right.

You heard, Comrade?

Solidarity defiled
the Soviet cemetery again?

- Apparently hundreds of graves.
- lt was a provocation.


- But whose?
- You're the ones provoking the Soviets.

And because of your stunts we will
all lose the little freedom we have.

You want another GDR here?

Our Party comrades
don't like the East German paradise?

Could you pull over, please?

Thanks, daddy, but we must go shopping.

- Bye now.
- Take care, sweetie.

He is a good father, though.

A Party secretary?!

You could be nicer to him.

We do owe him something.

Like what?

We did not wait to get
an apartment.

Tomorrow it could be car
and above all protection.

- What protection?
- Staszek. . .

You can go on fighting the commies,
because you know

he'd pull some strings
before the Militia beats you up

for trying to topple the system.

Son of a bitch.

Man! What the hell?
You're covering up the truth!

You kidding me?
l get paid for this.

You buy the whole load,
then l stop.

- And this is the result.
- l informed the authorities..

- Comrade Commander.
- Sobczak! You dickhead!

You want a strike
across the whole region?

The order was to provoke. . .

You'd love
to napalm everybody, right?

The times of your minor surgery
are over.

Back to good old methods.

Provoke them to fight
and finish them off.

Just like you did after WWll.

And now?

Asses glued to your seats
in your fancy offices.

The Captain thinks all it takes is
arrest Wa??sa, Frasyniuk and others,

drive tanks into factories
and shipyards. And done!

But a day or two later
some students start

printing flyers again
and it starts over.

''Underground Poland''
is written on the wall again.

An ''Jaruzelski - Traitor''
on the other.

And us?

Chasing every activist
like mad dogs?!

The underground movement
needs to be structured.

And we should provide
that structure.

lt is on.

And in the right time
we leak the list and bingo!

Once and for all!

That's why captain Sobczak's contacts
with Solidarity must be verified.

There is a double agent there.

The cemetery, the print shop.
Way too many mistakes.

Get major Bagi?ski the list
of our agents within Solidarity.

And this?

Big deal?

Take him to a state hospital.

Anonymous assault victim
found at the road side.

He's not here.

l knew he was a psycho
the moment you mentioned him.

- Let's wait.
- What for?

Let's go outside.

Please excuse my caution.
l had to see if your tail was wagging.

We're still a legal union
operating within the law.

Think about your printer.

The law will be broken,
agreements breached.

The reds will hit.
with all their might.

Barricades won't hold,
nor Molotov cocktails help.

There'll be blood shed.

They'll win the battle.

- So?
- We must continue underground.

Better and better.

You need equipment,
offices, paper, people,

means of communication.
Right away.

Now please, excuse me.

They are here?

Look ahead.


- So they bought it.
- ?egota, no scouting around.

You've become jumpy, Kmicic.

l think, they believe.

Let's hope they'll act.


Blessed. Where's your father?

- Overslept.
- Still sleeping?

How long's he been drunk?

Three days now.

But our brother Dzidek
has an eye on him.

Bring him in tomorrow,
no matter how drunk.

Father, one moment.


Need spare parts
for your Wartburg, Father?

No, thanks.

The man you drove
home yesterday. . .

We, Solidarity,
need to know who he is.

l don't remember.

Can we trust him?

Father, l know it sounds absurd,
but with no intelligence unit..

we can't verify him
and we must take. . .

a very important decision.

Once there was a big drought..
where some Jews lived.

The Jews went to their Rabbi saying:

''Make a miracle, Rabbi..
make it rain or we'll die.''

Rabbi said: ''No faith. No miracle.''

''Why do you say
we have no faith?

We came to you!''

''lf you believed,
you'd have brought your umbrellas.''


ln France
there's a fund.

Supporting free unions
all over the world.

l have friends there.

Great people.

No questions asked.


Put it away.



You holding up, Bogu??

You bet.

What for?

l am writing it down
to publish the truth.

And embarrass the Militia,
so they think twice.

Have a better idea?

Start acting like men.

Like how?

Hi all.


Piotrek, Staszek, let's go.

Bogu?, hang in there.

Hang in there.

- See you, Maks.
- See you.


To fight the Militia, yes.
To print leaflets, yes.

They can lock me up or beat me up,
but not this!

- Why not?
- Money is dirty.

And l want a clean fight.

Show me one person who has money
and is clean?

What about the fathers who'll get fired
because they are on strike?

- What about our National Committee?
- lt's none of their business.

l mean our members' funds
paid in our region.

Ok, guys. Let's move it.

Our regional funds, but l bet
we'll be bailing the whole Poland with it.

How much is there?

Eighty million.

God Almighty!

Eighty million.

Even more.

That's a lot!

Ten million Solidarity members.
That's eight zlotys per member.

A treasure.

And how to divide it?

Get in.


Are you suggesting
we leave it for the commies?

First thing they'll do,
when it all starts...

is freeze our accounts.

Right, Piotrek?

We don't need it all at once.

Maybe five or ten for starters...

J?zek's right.

We can't wait like lambs
to be slaughtered.

lt's our money and the union's
duty is to protect it.

Our property.

Right on.

Now, let's fill her up.

All the way.

l have brand new coupons.


Winter is here, and if we fail
in stopping the growing anarchy,

many won't see spring...

- Sir.
- Yes?

The reserve money has been counted.


Reports, please.

There you are.

Keep sending the money
to the cash desks.

The reports go to the
Regional and Central Headquarters.

Copy for us.

l remind you that all withdrawals
above 50 thousand

are to be reported immediately.


All of it?

- Closing the account?
- That's right.

- 4356 zlotys.
- Thank you.

W?adek told us
to take the money.

You convinced him.

l counted on that.

Our only chance is
to withdraw it all and disappear.

Good God, like criminals
planning a robbery.

But it's ours, from our account.

Union money.
Nothing else!

They've no right
to freeze it!

Socialism does not respect
private property.

The ''People's Republic''
does as it pleases...

...and confiscates it.

You realize, this would be
the end of fun and games.

They'll be furious.

The Soviets won't like it either.

Nor in the GDR.

The fucking executives
of the Lower Silesian Region

The agents say they're up to something,

you neutered chicken!

Buying, selling. . . But what?
But you flightless cocks

don't know what.

This shit's heavy.

From now on maximum surveillance.

Around the clock.
Three shifts. Double teams.

On each of those pricks.

ls that clear?

Up already?

The early bird catches the worm.

Or fish in mayo.

Back to bed!

Buy your breakfast later.

You won't be getting any of this.

You've been crying?

Since you ate the last sprat.

What is it, Anka?

l had a dream.

Russians invaded us.

They put Piotrek, J?zek
and you against the wall.

- lt's just a dream.
- You're smart and sensitive.

And l love it, but if they get you,
they'll break you.

Because of your sensitivity.

They won't.

lf you get caught now,
dad won't help you.

l won't break.

Just a stupid woman, right?


lt comes from staying home
all alone like a bored puppy.

Take me to hospital
in the morning.

At least l'll have company.

l can't.


ln the evening?

Two to Legnica.

They got on a bus.
lt's leaving 7:10 a.m.

Where to?

To Legnica and then
to Boles?awiec and W?gliniec.

Follow them?

On the highway, you retard?
So they see you?

There's plenty of Militia in Legnica.
They'll take over from there.

Follow them only to the city limits.


The first stop is in ?roda.

Maybe we should follow
them there.

They've got suitcases.
They're going to Legnica.

Probably on some business
to the Soviet base.

?roda? What for, morons?

Off and out.

Those Soviets are real cunts,
by the way.

Knowing how things are,
they're selling their AK-47,

just like that!

Ask them to stop it
and quit drinking.

- By the way. . .
- No

l was thinking soda
and a cheese roll.

l'll go fetch it.


l ate. l have a home.

We're supposed to be onto them.

Get away? On that bus?

l'll buy you some candy
for your nerves.

Could you please stop?
My friend forgot his wallet.

We have to go back.

There's a bus stop over here.

Not any more.

And the bay?

This isn't a taxi.

What a jerk!
lt's good we had plan B.

And that one about a frog?
lt's about Sobczak.

God calls the animals and says:

Smart to the left,
beautiful to the right.

The frog stays in the middle
and says:

Can't split in fuckin' half, can l?

Go ahead.

Do you see the bus?

Well, most of the time.

Nothing out of the ordinary?

No, otherwise we would react.

Shit! They're not on the bus,
you idiots!

They must have got off in ?roda,
as l told you.

They didn't get off in ?roda.
You lost them still in Wroc?aw!

The bus driver saw them
get in a green Fiat 1 25p.

Plate number: WRE 6642.
There're three of them now.

Find the bastards!

And if you don't,
l will have you butt plugged!

l'm frigging out!

Sobczak, fucked in the ass
with a piece of glass. . .



Not so fast. You on the list?

We have an appointment.

- Services for Social Enterprises?
- Right.


Why are you knocking on that door?

We open at nine.

But we're private banking clients.
We can come at eight.

lf you say so.

Mr. Kazimierz.

Let me help you.

Thank you.

l was lucky to buy a bicycle.
A perfect Christmas gift.

Thank you.

Cash desk number two.
Thank you.

A moment, please.


Are you sure about the zeros?

Yes. Seven of them.

So you're withdrawing. . .

Eighty million.

l see.

- One moment, please.
- Of course.

Do you want to withdraw money?

- Yes..
- Could l see your lDs?

The signatures are correct.
The title as well.

Thank you very much.

Everything is correct. Proceed.

Of course.

Excuse me. Duty calls.

Sir, a word, please.

There is one issue
l would like to clarify...

l can't talk right now.
l'm extremely busy.

You were supposed to hold him
for at least half an hour.

l know.

The evidently anti-socialist elements
which have penetrated

into the healthy core
of the workers' union. . .

keep trying to continue
their anti-socialist activities.

What's more,
they're trying to export it.

lt is perfectly clear
in their infamous message

to the workers
of Central and Eastern Europe...

Two suitcases only?

They should do.

lt is less than a half. . .

Maybe Tomek has
some extra bag in the trunk?

That's all we have.

lt's OK. The lady kindly let us
borrow her bicycle bag.

Good bye.

Our thanks.

We're already late
and it's a long way.

Staszek will wait.
Good we made it.

we have eighty million!

Calm down.

May those cynical political players
finally understand

the wisdom of the old saying:

''Sow the wind
and reap the whirlwind.''

May they have no doubt about it.

We will protect socialism
in Poland as independence.

Mrs. Ola, with the Regional Headquarters,
please. lt's urgent.

l see shit! But at least
it's like Sobczak wanted.

We are invisible.

You wish!

To all patrols!
Apprehend green Fiat 125p.

Plate number: WRE 6642.
The suspects robbed a bank.

There are three of them.
They may be armed!

So it's become serious. Go!

- But where to?
- Shit! l don't know. Anywhere!

- Sir, it was me who called!
- Fuck off! Make way!

How much did they take?

- As much as the check read.
- No shit, how much?!

Eighty million.


You're late. What happened?

The withdrawal took longer
than we thought.

Hurry up, guys.

Put it in the back!

We are lucky after all!

Let's get the fucker,
but don't scare him away.

You were told ''discreetly'', you idiot!

So they could escape again,
you moron!

Step on it!

Turn here, now!




- They said there were three of them.
- That's right.

There're only two!
Where the fuck is the third one?!

Good apples!

God bless you.

- God bless you.
- To the Archbishop. lt's urgent.

- Pull over to the side.
- To the right?

- Gapa, what's going on?
- Nothing new.

- Any activity?
- None. lt's a slow parking lot.

Only one woman.

- Shit, go check it out! Now!
- l am going!

What the fuck!

lt's the Union's.
Straight from the bank.

That's the only way
we can do as the Old Man told us.

We want to leave it here.

Let's go to the Archbishop.

But that means you're exposed!
You must disappear today.

Before the evening at the latest!

- lt's not that bad!
- He's right!

l have already found us
a hideaway.

You can't stay together!
We have to find a place for you!

OK, but not tonight.
l have to go back home.

- What?!
- l promised my wife!

l must get home.

God bless you.

Welcome, fruit farmers!

l saw the apples and pears
you brought.


God bless you
for that great treat.

We'll have tea.
Please, take a sit!

l always say it is impossible
to underestimate

how strong and good the nature is.

We just have to learn
how to live in peace with it.

And to listen to its voice.

Please, gentlemen, sit!

Make yourselves comfortable!

Sister Euzebia will bring us tea.
She is an expert brewer. . .

Doctor, l really don't have time.
There is nothing wrong with me.

Soon there will be.

Just don't get scared too much.

No visitors are allowed in here.
They robbed a bank.

There were casualties,
so be extremely watchful.

l'll let you out
as soon as they're gone.

The shifts change every six hours.
Do it!

He left the flowers
with his neighbour.

Turned off the taps
and told me he's changing his life

and he'll be back
when he's done.

- What with?
- l don't know.

One careful son of the bitch.
Search the apartment.


l'm in the hospital.
Everything's fine.

Sleep long instead of
babysitting a crying woman.

Bring me some things.

You did inform us
but only after they left,

because you did it
in collusion with them bastards!

What would l have told you
30 years ago?

''l will hit you so fucking hard
you that you'll piss you pants,

you fucking thief!''

Sobczak! Come on!

You're talking to the director
of a national bank!

Even if it is your game,
don't go too far.

l'm sorry, Comrade,
we're all angry here.

On the other hand, he's right
about the old procedures.

Do you know
how the money will be spent?

On buying weapons.

They'll turn this city
into Solidarity Festung Breslau.

Young Polish blood will be shed.

Our young people, fooled
by politicasters,

will get killed
in an uneven fight.

And you?! You've worked
all your life for Poland.

Your country,
regardless of the system.

You've been honest.

And now what?!
Right before retirement.

Don't say anything.
Go home and think it over.

We'll keep in touch.

Son of a bitch!
l'd rip his balls off.


And we will, Sobczak.
We will. . .

But first we'll use him.
We'll turn all those activists

into embezzlers and womanizers
who sold workers' blood

and drink champagne
in Vienna's casinos.

Am l right, Comrade Major?

Just make sure we do better
than at the cemetery.


And now to 80 million.
They're always one step ahead of us.

And l asked Captain Sobczak
to provide my Department

with the list of agents
from Wroc?aw Solidarity.

We must check
if there are any moles there.

Moles?! Monster moles!


Get the list of your agents
to Major Bagi?ski.

Did you mention
a controlled purchase

of guns by the Union extremists?

l just wanted
to scare him even more.

Solidarity Festung Breslau,
young blood will be shed...

Solidarity guys
can't be such idiots.

distract him with something.

Need a ride?

No, thanks, l have a spare.
l can manage on my own.

Well, you don't have
four spare tires, Staszek.

Plus, you want
to keep your hands clean.

There is enough room for us all.


- Where am l?
- Maks!

Closer. . . Keep looking!

Stop playing around.
l don't have time for this!

No foreplay this time?


Are you sure?

Don't be silly.
l'm not pregnant.

You did convince them.
They did it like real men. With balls.

- What balls?
- Don't pretend.

lt's the talk of the city.
Solidarity robbed a bank.

Now my dollars are nothing.

With 80 million
you can buy a tank!

And a thousand AK-47 rifles!
When did you do it?

We are inseparable.

Do they say who did it specifically?

Surely J?zek!
He's your chief accountant.

We must celebrate.
l bought some goodies.

l'll cook dinner
for you and the boys.

You're not happy?

l am happy.

l'll call them.

Where do you keep
J?zek's number?


Well, hi.

As they say: Better late than never.

That's right.

Or When in fear, God is dear.

That's what they say.

- Maria, you know
- l know.

You have fought for free Poland,
and now what?

Did they give you a leave?
An evening off?

Or they discharged
you from the service for the Country?

J?zek, there was no time
for one stupid phone call?

- You wouldn't believe. . .
- You're right, l wouldn't.

Come on in.

For you.

You know that
the pregnancy is endangered?

And the hospital is lousy.

You know what it means?

For your wife, for your child.

Anything can happen.


l don't know what we can do.
l don't know if anything.

Unless you help us. You can.

Who's helping you?

- God.
- Best support.

A reason to celebrate.

Who's helping you?

And His son, Jesus Christ.

You can't win with me, you prick!

You know right now
l can take out and finish you.

You piece of shit!

A drunk unionist
was run over by a car.

Or l can keep you here
until your wife's funeral.

Yes, a medical mistake
while making transfusion,

wrong blood type.
lt happens, doesn't it?

l can fix anything.

You can easily prevent it,
answering two questions.

First, who among my lot
is helping you?

Second, where did you hide
the money

and how will you
get to it?

What money?

Do you recognize them?

Those two withdrew
80 million from the bank.

The third one is you.


We have time. One more shot.

80 million.
That's what we're talking about.

- Where did you hide it?
- ln the ass.


Leave the bottle.

Am l not being nice to you?

l have two more pictures
of a little Fiat.

ln one them, it's leaving
the Bishop's Palace

with two eights on its plate.

ln the other, you are erasing it
and two threes are left.

One last time.

We have hided it. . .

ln two asses.

And tomorrow your head
will be full of pain and one thought:

What did l tell them?
What did they force me to do?

Hysteria is growing
and you run to check

if the money is safe.

And to your friends to warn them.

That's it. Sit. To the kitchen!

Excuse me. Where am l?

You don't know?!

My son-in-law found you
in the ditch by the road yesterday.

At night. ''Let's take him home
or else some car will hit him.''

Off you go.

l'm going, l'm going.

He's just left.

We know that one of those ''lords''
- the Board's accountant -

is at the moment
having fun in Vienna

in the most expensive restaurants,
spending the Union's money in casinos.

The Lower Silesia workers'
membership contributions!

The scale of the fraud
is so huge that paragraph 201

of the Criminal Code applies here.

lt provides for imprisonment for at
least five years or death penalty.

That ultimate penalty
has been applied for instance

in the infamous ''meat scandal.''
Well, we shouldn't be surprised.

80 million was stolen. . .

- l came to see J?zef.
- There is nobody here but me.

Don't be afraid.
l got your address from J?zef.

But really, l am alone and. . .

lt's OK. l know him.

Archbishop will take
your confession tomorrow.

Of course.

What's wrong? Don't you realize
that there is an arrest warrant

on J?zek and his face was shown
on TV. And what about you?

Are you going to stay
in the Bishop's Palace now?

l don't want you to go anywhere.
l want you to stay here!

- You must help me. We must. . .
- Let's go in the church.

Listen! l've been exposed.

Now we must check
if Anka is safe.

l hope it's not too late.

We've already thought of that,
but now l must take you

out of here,
because you are not alone.

l brought two.
One of them must fit.

Why didn't Staszek
give you my clothes?

You didn't see him, did you?
How do you know he's safe?

A visitor told me.

Ania, l am confused.

They say Solidarity robbed a bank.
Staszek disappeared.

l was not let
to your apartment.

l really don't know
anything anymore.

Mom, there is no need
to go paranoid.

But that older guy
who came from him said

l shouldn't worry,
that everything was OK,

and that it's only you
who had to disappear.

Mom, it's begun.

And then he went
into that church, and he. . .

- Never went out.
- Exactly! Then, it's a miracle?!

And the word became flesh
and disappeared in deep shit.

And then of course
you checked everywhere

and you didn't find him.

1 2 morons can't watch
one drunk and beaten chicken shit.

He just disappeared into thin air!
ln a church!

How can l find the 80 million
with a bunch of dumbasses like you!


Look at you:
stupid, deaf and blind!

You got here photos
of all those who turned up

in the Region since that famous
Soviet cemetery operation.

l want you to check
each and every one of them.

They must have somebody
who knows the contacts!

Everything has been fucked up
since that day!

- God bless!
- Come in, please.

l'm sorry l asked you
to come here, but this is urgent.

On the other hand, l feel awkward
talking about such issues.

You see, our congregants
say it's not reasonable to keep

Polish zloty and it should be changed
into dollars as soon as possible.

The effects of inflation are
then not so horrible.

But l need Mr. Frasyniuk and you
to agree to such an operation.

One more thing.

You shouldn't stay
in one place too long.

Do you understand?

This is not only about your safety.

This way, Comrade Captain.

God bless you.

Welcome, fruit farmers!

l saw the apples and pears
that you brought.

They look delicious.
God bless you for that great treat.

What's this?

They keep talking about fucking pears
as if it were some code.

Maybe it's about
that Solidarity eighty million?

Please, take a sit.
l always say. . .

At the Archbishop's?

. . . that it is impossible
to underestimate

how strong and good the nature is.

He's too smart to be so stupid.

Anyway, the reports say
fruit farmers did visit them.

Pears in winter.

A moronic code or what?

Erase the tapes
and reuse them. See you!

So my dear friends,
our Lord Jesus Christ

drove out the peddlers
from the temple to separate

the profane from the sacred.

But we can't be
like the foolish virgins either.

Let's not forget about the oil
as without it

our lamps will surely die
when the bridegroom comes.

End of
the ideological part.

Now Wiesio will give you
some technical details.

Listen up!

Let me put it as straight
as a Mongolian hair!

We suck up all the bucks
from the market. . .

- Comrade Captain, we got him!
- Later, l need to take a leak!

That's him! lt must be him.

Well, at first we also thought
it was an old fart, didn't we?

Siberia survivor, allotment owner,

lt turned out that
this is Marku? Tadeusz,

a special force paratrooper
from the WW ll.

Trained by British intelligence.
ln 1942 dropped in Poland, a KED YW soldier.

KED YW was Home Army counter-intelligence.
l know what KED YW was.

Right. Some serious operations.
He got a Virtuti Militari,

and something else from the Brits
for transfer of the shot down pilots.

Well, we sentenced him to death.
He spent 6 years in a death cell.

Released in 1956
and then he disappeared.

lt turned out only now
that the son of the bitch

hid here in Lower Silesia.

- Sit on him and don't let go.
- Yes!

Check that Lower Silesia period
and everyone who contacts him now.

And l want to see all the shit
we got on him:

arrests, interrogations, trial,
jail, everything! Now!

The director of Pewex shop
with goods for dollars only

called and said he would like
to meet you at his place.

- lt's urgent!
- l can't fucking split in half, can l?

Dollar coupons, US dollars...

- Dollars.
- l pay three fifty.

ls he buying or selling?

Buying. And lots of it.

- Since when?
- Two days.

You smoke?

No, l just wanted to warn you.
Something's wrong.

l am under surveillance..

Go behind me.
Take first left, 3 Mozart St.

To Dr. Czajka.
Say you come from Kmicic.

You come in only
if you are absolutely certain

nobody follows you.

l walk calmly. l'll distract them.

Stop the bus! Open the door! Shit!

Follow him!

Shit! Woman!

Excuse me.

Old man, don't sleep
or somebody will mug you.

Thank you for coming,
Comrade Major.

Such a nice invitation:
you sent a car for me.

You keep surprising me.

You know, Comrade, we argue,
we chase each other,

but we do play
on the same team, right?

You want me to identify the body?

You tell us.

You recognize him?


Take a good look!

The files say you know him.
l know it was a long time ago, but...

l want you to know it wasn't us.

A heart attack.

He survived the war, prison,
and now a stupid heart attack. . .

Such a brave man! A hero!

Why did you bring me here?

You wanted that list
of our snitches in Solidarity.

And now we found it
in the apartment of the deceased.

Risky, but l understand.

You had to convince them
he was credible.

Show them
he was so valuable.

But it could be understood
the wrong way.

l have a proposal.
All l care about is money.

The 80 million.

l know where they hid it,
but l need you to confirm that.

l must be
absolutely sure of that.

l can't make
a fool of myself again, right?

You tell me and then...

l'll put the envelope
at the bottom of the safe.

And if you don't,
the patrol is waiting.

Consider this
and say goodbye to your friend.

l'll somehow manage without you,
but you won't make it without me.

You have as much time
as it takes for a smoke.

l gave up smoking.

l'll smoke!

The patrol is there. l'll be here.

You go with them or with me.

Tadeusz Marku?.
War codename: Kmicic.

Arrested at the end of 1949.

Two years later
we put Bagi?ski to his cell.

He was a corporal then.

He was supposed to act like
a reactionary underground soldier,

win his trust and get
as much information as possible.

lt took about a year
until Marku? was put on trial.

Everything indicates
that it was Marku?

who recruited Bagi?ski.

lt's hard to believe.

Obviously, Bagi?ski denies
spying and taking money for that.

When asked about his motivation,
he says: You won't understand it.

When l pushed him, he told me:

He explained to me what it really
means to be a Polish officer.

He denies spying,
because he's afraid of death sentence.

That's quite obvious.

What does he mean
when he says:

Settlement by force would mean
the end of communism in Poland.


Meaningless blabber.

You know what l think
about when l hear such threats?

My family.
Especially my daughter.

ls she safe?

Did you bring it, Father?

One hundred and fifty thousand.

Five is missing.
One dollar is 3,55 zlotys.

We're pumping in too much
Polish cash. And too fast.

God bless.
Oh, what's the story?

Are you a money-changer now?!

The Church hooked up
with black market money changers?

l swear all this money is mine...

Shut up, Wiesio!

l want to hear
the Reverend's confession.

l'll be brief: l know the Archbishop
has the Solidarity 80 million.

We can prove it.

So either l am calling a cop
and you are in big trouble,

because of illegal trading
of foreign currency

by the Roman Catholic Church,

or l get 25% of the finder's reward
and forget everything.

That's exactly 20 million.

Let's go.

Sister Celestyna will bring
everything we need.

Go, Wiesio! Thank you.

Captain, l must admit
you surprised me.

l always thought of you as.

How shall l put it?

- A real.
- Dog!

No, not a dog?!

lt's OK. No offence taken.

ln fact it is true.
l am a real dog.

But a doberman
and not a miniature pinscher.

No, no. l meant...

l thought you were a true idealist.

The ideological basis,
socialism. . .

You thought l believed that?
Well, you seek to offend me.

Do l really look
like a petrified turd to you?

You must be confusing me
with our Commander.

Well, he's dumb.
l mean, really.

Both professionally and privately!

He's so worried about
his little princess of a daughter,

but he doesn't even know
that most of his subordinates

are banging the little whore.

Do you think l don't see
that the system is falling apart?

Everything is upside down.

And Solidarity is not going to fix it.
Nothing will ever change here.

Lord be with you.

This is for the gentleman.

Here you are.

Are you kidding me?

lt's Advent.
And this is Archangel Michael.

The patron saint of police
all over the world. You didn't know?

What the fuck are you talking about?
l'm offering you the lifetime business.

l know you are hiding
the Solidarity 80 million

somewhere here
in the basement or the attic.

All l want is only 20 million.

You can buy paper, paint,
you can print all your leaflets,

with all the shit you want.
For instance ''Fuck Jaruzelski''.

l'll protect you for free.

l'll make cases dismissed,
documents lost,

and l'll turn a blind eye
to whatever you do.

What's the problem?
We had a deal, didn't we?

l don't understand you, Captain.
What deal?

What Solidarity money?

What leaflets?

Please, mind your French,

for sister Celestyna's sake...

and not only.

Also because of the tapping
that you put in here

during the last
fire protection inspection.

We didn't take it off
as we don't want you

to bother again to put it back.

You forgot? Mr. Sobczak?!

What a dickhead l am!

Fuck me!

- Reverend, can l start cleaning up?
- Yes. Capitan is leaving.

l would forgive you Sobczak
a lot in my case,

but l won't forgive you
what you lied about my daughter.

l'll submit my resignation today.

You don't really think
l'm so stupid, do you?

You want to resign?

Maybe you think
you'll get a nice Militia pension?!

Your father had to work
over 30 years for it!

And you...
Over my dead body.

You dumbass!

As soon as you submit
your resignation,

l'll put you on trial!
With at least six paragraphs!

So what now?

Nurse, take care of Wiktoria
for a moment, will you? Of course!

You must sign this application
for your immediate hospital discharge

at your own risk.

Now? Wiktoria is going to have
some tests tomorrow morning?!

Don't worry. l won't let you
or the child leave the hospital.

You'll be discharged
and five minutes later

l'll admit you at cardiology.

We'll finish the tests for Wiktoria.

We'll help your lonesome heart
and more importantly, you'll disappear.

People say something
is going to happen really soon.

- What is it?
- ''Synchronization''.

- Comrade Commander?
- l heard it.

Listen! Tanks.

Polish or Soviet?


On the basis
of the Decree of the Council of State

- on declaration of martial law. . .
- Enough!

Will you take a picture
of me again?

- Where is the laundry basket?
- Go find it yourself!

Where do you keep
your dirty clothes?!

Check in the kitchen
by the pipes.

Basket with Mount Everest 1980
written on it.

- Got it!
- There is a file with dollars in it.

lt comes from illegal source.

Write it all down.

Well, well!

What's so fucking funny?!

How did you know?

Since when?

lt was nice fucking
Security Service, anyway.

Damn! Too much paint.

Guys, you have a guest.

- Piotrek!
- Staszek!


- You too?
- l work here, you piece of shit!

Smile, Maks!

l'll get you!


Solidarity! Solidarity!

Don't read it! Destroy it!

Don't read it! Get the batons!
One, two! One, two!

Hold the line. Forward!
One, two! One, two!

Solidarity! Solidarity! Solidarity!

l want to be myself,
want to be myself, one day!

J?zef Pinior

arrested on April 23, 1983,
sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Piotr Bednarz

arrested on Nov. 7, 1983,
sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Stanis?aw Huskowski,
arrested March 4 October 1 982.

W?adys?aw Frasyniuk

arrested Sept. 5, 1982,
sentenced to four 4 years in prison.

Jerzy Aulich, Bank Director,
dismissed Jan. 11, 1982

The 80 million was used
to help the victims of persecution

that followed the martial law
as well as for the continuation of

the Union's underground activities.

All the money was accounted for
at the 9th Conference of Solidarity

in free Poland.

Our film was inspired by real events
which took place in Wroc?aw

during the years 1981 -1982.