80 Hussars (1978) - full transcript

Mail author for translation. 1848. Európa forrong. A Lengyelországban állomásozó, osztrák kötelékhez tartozó magyar huszárok egy csoportja a szabadság- harc kitörésének hírére hazaindul. A szökevények útja ezer veszéllyel teli, harcot kell vívniuk a természettel, az út ne- hézségeivel, az öket üldözö osztrák hadsereggel és saját felörlödö idegeikkel.


Written by



Director and cinematographer

We won!

We won!
You'll pay for the vodka!

Long live the old hat!

My old friend!

Any fish'?

Bream'? Lots of breams!

"Nie rozumiem" of course you don't

Stew of breams.

Soup of breams.

Meagre! Meagre!

Come on, old pal! We're
Hungarians, not Italians.

Tickle the girls for us!

- We give'em to you.
Good fishing, old man.


András, can't you hear me'?

Are you alright'?

Get lost!

Row the boat, for God's
sake, go on!

Hey! Magyars!

What do you mean,
he's disappeared'?

Up in smoke, ascended to
Heaven, lost in a hole'?

Be advised that I don't
know this term.

The hussar is no God, but
neither is he camphor.

Have you heard about the events
in Hungary'?

Have you or not'?!

I've heard that at home in Pest,
an army of

4O thousand peasants
banded together,

and they may save the lands.

If I'm not mistaken,
you're a soldier.

Why are you interested in
this issue?

- It doesn't interest me.
- And does it interest Korsós'?

His ten years were up, and
if he wasn't summoned here,

he could have returned home
to his family!

He has two small children he
needs to rear.

- Who saw him the last time'?
- Some people saw him bath.

But no one the last time.

We found his clothes ashore.

This means he might have
drowned there.


That is unlikely.

Nice one: he didn't drown,
he didn't ascend to Heaven,

he simply is no more.

And now I should create a
man who speaks Hungarian,

who rides a horse, and who's
called András Korsós.

So that no one will be

I cannot do that!

If one fails to understand
that we either return home

together lawfully or we
don't return,

that is a traitor.

Son, seek out Korsós dead
or alive.

This is not a trifle!

It's possible that every
move we make is now watched

by more people
than our own numbers.


What is your take on this,

- On the escape'?
- That too.

Not much, just that it happened:

a lightning strike did kill a man today,
we don't need to imagine things,

unless we are
God-fearing folks.

Go on.

May I tell it, Captain'?

I no longer believe in what
you still have hopes for.

That the company will be
allowed to go home to

Hungary either together
or one by one.

You don't believe it, or
you don't want to'?

I don't want to.

You know full well that the
countries of the Empire are

on the verge of chaos.

That European status politics
can be burst like a bubble

at any moment now.

And if any irredeemable
explosion would befall Hungary,

the reigning power cannot commit
a tactical flaw of such magnitude

that they allow us,
who are obedient invaders and

enforcers, into the arms of
their own enemy.


No therefores, Captain.

What you're suggesting about
the chaos in Europe is true.

But think through that if the powers
that be are forced to attack,

their deeds are no longer
dictated by their free will,

- but also by those they attack.
- We're still officers of the Empire!

We either remain without blemish, or
the smallest suspicion will bring us down.

And this means that you cannot
fix up Korsós's escape based

- on family matters. - No one's
to tell if I'll fix it up or not.

And you either agree with me,
or act against me.

According to your reason.

If you allow, Captain, I'll
take my leave.


Stop there, András!

Well, my pal,

I didn't think
we'll meet again in this life.

I thought of everything,
except that darned punt.

We were laughing at the cat,

and you took us for monkeys.

Maybe I would even understand
you if you were on your own.

But you know pretty well that
the lot of us have their

fucking 1O years up just like
you have.

Don't you think that the call
of home was meant just for you.

Where on earth did you leave
your wits, man?

You mean to protect Hungary
all alone with your thumb'?

Or did you think you'll receive

100 acres of land and 50 cattle
if you return home earlier'?

At least tell us, wiseguy,

what is better for us, and for you:

letting you escape,

or bringing you with us'?

Now then, no one knew about
the escape'?

I see.

Korsós, for the last time,
name your accomplices.

No one knew about it.

Alright then.

If all of you allow yourselves to lie,

I can allow myself to doubt.

Who has any fly-sheet, incendiary letter,
calling-home leaflet on him'?!

Out with it!

So nothing on anyone'?!

March on!

Where do you hail from, Lajtos'?


What do you have to do with
this hanging'?

Is your mother and father alive'?


I do hope you intend to see
them again.

Péter Ács...

Read this.


“Dear son, these few lines are
written by your brother Mihály.

In the end, God allows us for
you to return from that land.

At home, everyone speaks of
that Hungarian soldiers will

no longer be brought outside
their country's borders.

But for your own eyes to see,

Mihály will copy the law here
to the letter,

as brought by
the reverend from Debrecen.

“A message to all Hungarian
soldiers stationed in foreign lands.

The independent Hungarian
government has issued for you

- a command to return home
multiple times now.” - That's enough!

“Yet the officers who supplicate
the Empire remain

- silent in an underhanded way!”
- Enough!

Whose is this letter'?

It must be intended for
someone since it's here.

Who has a brother named Mihály'?

Raise your hand!

Slow down, András, you'll fare better!

We have a need for demonstrations.

Power remains a fairytale dragon
until it shows its true force.

I am sorry, Bakos.
Take care of your own.

Hold him down!

Clench your teeth.

János, don't...

May we be damned, friend.

We really beat you up bad.

Yet if you are given a command,
you'd do the same.

You'd whip to death your own
mother, even yourself.

Because we are stupid! We can't
see further than the horse's ass!

When you need to step up,
never think of the first,

but of the tenth step!

Because when you step just
one, your enemy does too.

Patience, Colonel.

This isn't the Great French

A few passionate students,
excitable journalists,

it's really a farce.

Get acquainted to it and
try to remember

that power should only be
confronted with real action.

Never with merely
the intent of action.

Bring in that priest.

Do you know how many revolts
I witnessed in the Empire'?

Your students... You are here
because of them, correct'?

In the name of the National
Council and the parents,

we demand that you set free
the arrested students!


I'd do the same in your stead.

If I were all of you.

But what would you do in my stead,

if immature 20-year-olds
would yell on the street,

“get the foreign soldiers out!”

In fact, the soldiers would
love to go home themselves.

But you as a physics teacher
need to know

that there's no such thing
as a vacuum, only in test-tubes.

If you get rid of us here, who
will step into our place'?

The youth that will rejuvenate
this old calcified Europe,

building upon human alliances
instead of political ones.


Is that what you mean'?

The very value of this much
asseverated liberty is lost

if all people are free indeed.

This is not world redemption,

this is a washout.

Get this off of me.

They tend to file me
as a conservative,

even though I merely operate
on a different logic.

For instance, I've stressed
that these trifling things

could play a role
not only in medicine,

but in politics too.

The role of prevention.

They would better fare in
draining the thickened, bad blood

than the
slaughterhouses of revolutions.

Wouldn't you like to try them'?

The officers may leave.


I could kill a bull,
and they're about to bury me.

It seems that you Poles like to
play around with death.

Well, it is your turn now.

I will let your students go
home if you step to the window

and put an end to this imbecile
village farce.

Didn't I predict that the Polish
cat will show its face soon?

Stay put!

When the incited peasants will
bring in the heads of revolutionaries,

including you, in large baskets,
then you'll be free to prattle about.

Just for your grievance,

To a soldier,
there exist but two shades:

life or death!

This is the last opportunity
for the army.

It shall strike when
the 12th hour strikes.

It strikes when it
wants to strike!

Friendship, magyarism...

Did you think about what this
moral chaos might be hiding'?

Everyone's war against
everyone else.

Why didn't you use your

Because I was up against
unarmed people.

And what are those
provocative fires there'?

I sense that you actually
like these candles.

I want to see candles here too!

If I'm well informed, then your
brother was forced to be locked up

by Prince Metternich himself
in Kustány,

as he was the Hungarian propagator
of the Polish rebellion.

I haven't been at home for
twelve years.

I know.

And your brother went
mad in prison.

Now he slouches at home in
your apiary.

I haven't seen my brother in
twelve years.

Because you wanted
to win a respite.

But in respite there is
a bit of spite.

Your sword, Captain.

As a final note, be advised:

the Austrian front is
far from sclerotic.

Are you mad'?

- Ace, you too'?
- Are we hussars or mews'?

Tomorrow they'll command us
against pepita-eating kids!

For crying out loud, tell me already
what do you have against me!

I licked all through Galicia on
my knees with you.

And now I'm forced to report

that the peasants will have
no more of the front'?!

I do hope you're aware

that a sergeant is not hanged
together with the officers.

But with no-good bastards like you!

That may be, but these bastards
will not wait for the rope!

- We're leaving for home!
- Yes, we're returning!

- How do you intend to go home'?
- Same way we came here.

Boys, let's pool our wages.

- And if we end up like Korsós?
- The scared ones stay here.

Escaped ones will be shot.

- We'll still go home!
- That's right!

We're going home.

Here's my silver watch,
it'll buy feed for 1O horses.

Here's mine as well.

- You're bound to your doom!
- Why wait for you'?

- Who won't join us stays here!
- Stop this madness now!


let us swear on it!

If you don't shut up,

I'll cut you in half.

We swear on the lives
of each other...

We will find out what the truth is!

Boys! Let us swear that we
return home!

We swear on the lives of
each other...

that from this foreign

we shall return to our

Those who become traitors
among us...

we will kill with a clear

May God help us.

We're going home!

I'll erect such a maypole
for the girls

that they'll return there to piss
even as old ladies!

Paid traitors are disrupting
the army.

We shall crush all revolts
before they grow out of hand.

As a punishment, we command
the company to Prague.

Your new commander is
Captain Haller.


I'll be brief.

The aim of all wars is victory.

Disobedient soldiers will be
shot in the head.

But I'll also give out rewards.

As for me, I prefer
a thimbleful of recklessness

to a ton of carefulness.

To oath!


This way, Sir Captain!

Ács, why aren't you boys

In the name of the company,
I arrest you.

Corporal, are you out of your mind'?!

Get out of here!

Lieutenant, your sword!

Disarm them.

Márton, tie them up.

Peter, for the love of God!
Hang in there now!

Play it, for God's sake!

If something bigger would
afflict me, András...

and if God would help you go
home into Jászberény...

tell them that...

I also...

wanted to go home badly.

But don't tell them that
someone from among us...

Myladies, are you patriots
or whores?

We are acquaintances of the

Now that you
didn't end up as a martyr,

put these tulips into a carriage,

bring them home
to their worrying moms,

and apologise
in the name of the army.


Why didn't you escape'?!

I was locked up.

Aren't you Hungarian'?

Yes, I am.

They were afraid
that I think differently.

The way is free, sergeant.

There are already fights going
on in Hungary.

There's a need for all soldiers.

And you, why did you stay here'?

Stupid Tatars!

Give them a medal
for their loyalty.

I suppose after all that happened,

not even you believe
in coincidences anymore.

Do you remember what I said?

Once the officer
begins to speak politics,

the tommy joins in too.

This is your work.

Only two at this time.

But it is not over.

Officers on the far shore!

It's the Captain!
Don't shoot!

What are you here for, Captain'?

So that you refrain from any madness.

What do you mean by that, Captain'?

Were you able to escape, son'?

He wasn't.

Neither are you, or any of you.

You will be massacred all,

and will only harm
the very homeland

you intend to help.

You shouldn't have come here for this.

I know that they want to cause
Hungary to fall down.

But what is mindless is mindless.

- You are soldiers, you know!
- Infantry on the far shore!

Fall out, people!
It's started!

Is this why we should go back'?
This is your doing!

Is that all you can tell us, Captain'?

Return to those who sent you here!


I command you to tie me as well.

Can't you hear'?

Tie me!

Boys, a dragoon company is
coming this way!

- Do they have a vanguard'?
- No!

Then there's no way to spot
them in time.

We need to retreat!

And the infantry'?
We cannot go back there!

The company is
no longer led by officers.

Even the most unsuspecting soldiers
will realise that we are fugitives.

The Captain should assume

So that he would surrender
us to the dragoons'?

- Then we will fight them!
- Bíró!

You forget that at home
they need

living souls, not dead!

Captain, this farce will earn
you a bullet.

You give out death too easily,
don't you think, lieutenant'?

Sons, I swore
on something else.

But a bloodshed
needs to be averted now.

You command the company.

And in case you find
my behavior despicable,

I won't turn down any challenges.

First we are obliged to save
the lives of 80 condemned men.

And that is more than the
soldierly honour of you or me.

Your busby.

Bury him in honour.

Hey Moses,

kindly pay this man
the price of the hay,

because he sits there
as if ice struck the hills.

He'll receive it for sure.

Don't fret, brother, we won't
get you impoverished.

Tell me instead, which do you
prefer: bacon or figs?

I've lost, this one prefers
bacon as well!

You're right, brother, me too!

You pole!

If you love bacon so much,

you might as well learn to speak
Hungarian! Listen here, say after me:

“The seething sea ceaseth

and thus the seething sea sufficeth us.”

Sir Captain,
I've brought some milk,

if you like it.

Thank you, Csordas.
Put it there.

- It's very good, drink it.
- Thank you.

They brough it for you too.
Or don't you like it'?


Thus it's still your
soldierly honour.

Captain, don't be too proud

that you saved my life thanks
to your blackmail.

Well, I am proud.

To avoid a bloodshed
can also be a victory.

But also a defeat!

You could really share with me
how were you able to numb

your conscience
from one day to another.

Vanity is the best morphium.

Are you hurt
that you were relayed'?

Captain Haller is now dead.

Or you wouldn't want to miss
your greatest adventure ever'?

I'd even respect you for that.

My greatest adventure ever'?

In a sheep stall.

Truly romantic indeed.

Soldiers are usually prepared
for their adventure.

Off to war, marching in,
rioting students on the street.

Crush them all!

Yet in all of us there's the
remainder of yearning.

- Not just to accept life'?
- Then what'?

Don't be such a hypocrite.

If you had sleepless nights,
you know exactly what I mean.

My private matters do not
belong here.

Szilveszter, I wouldn't be so
firm if I were you.

I'd like to remind you
that you used to

believe in something,
and I as well.

You need to realise that what
happened was fateful,

against our own will,
against us.

What you need to realise is
that there's no need for you.

Maybe just your busby.

If I'm right, you're also a prisoner.

If not to the soldiers,
then to the situation.

That may be,

but this situation
was aggravated by your bullet!

- Out of soldierly duty.
- Doesn't matter at all!

If anyone should resort
to violence and mindlessness,

he will face violence and
mindlessness in return.

Do you speak politics or are
you looking for excuses'?

Do you actually believe
that these 80 men,

in such an amateurish way,

really defended their home'?

What I believe in

is not the point now.

Maybe in nothing anymore.

But if 80 men think
differently from us,

that makes us prisoners
of ourselves, not them.

Outside of your paltering and
excuses, Captain,

my life is on the line too!

You have a wicked sense of
smell, that's for sure!

Mount, everyone!

- They ran in a trap!
- Let's save them!

You're not going anywhere!
We are turning back!

Márton, help me!


I can see your hussars are brave.

Yet bravery is prone to
decay like raw meat,

and will turn them dead
sooner than into heroes.

Well, Captain'?

Your horse is there.

You can calm down, Szilveszter.

From now on,
God is our colonel.

Look there!

A fire! A signal fire!

Máté and Pista! They managed
to breach through there!

Feed the fire!
They are looking for us.

Extinguish it, Korsós!

But Sir Captain, they need to
see that we're here.

Who do you refer to, our
pursuers'? Extinguish.

We will not leave behind the sick,
the wounded, or the entrapped:

we swore re SO.

But you also swore on that you'll
get home by any possible means.

There's a fight going on here.

The one who glances back,
counting their casualties, is lost.

And you'll be only right if
you stay alive.

Bársony, Jeles!

Scout out who lit that fire.

Not even the lieutenant slept
much during the night.

If they haven't returned thus
far, they won't be found now.

Now, before daybreak,
I nodded off too.

But it was as if dogs were barking.

Perhaps they were just freezing.

The three of us were from

Both Péter Ács and me
took over the hussar job

from two rich youths
after the 1838 great floods.

Even though both of us
had a family by then.

He had one child, I had two.

But we didn't have
a single piglet left.

Neither a desk or chairs.

Just a dirty pillow, as we
needed something to grab onto.

If I failed to convince Péter to come,

he stays at home.

And now I should confront his
family with the message?

And what should I tell to
Máté"s folks'?

That his son was
devoured by bears'?

Look here, lieutenant!

My palms are as smooth as
Viennese velvet.

Is there a worst lie than that
in the world'?

Me, who was born to plough, to sow,
to slaughter pigs, to make kids,

to grab axes and scythes.

I was drinking vodka for a
decade at the Polish jew.

And what for:

to have me beaten to death
by my comrades'?

Or to kill those who are just
as unfortunate as myself?

My feet swelled into it.

Have you forgotten how to
salute'? Put down your gun.

You, lieutenant, is a fugitive.

Take me to your commander.

Your weapons, lieutenant.

What is the command you were
sent to carry out here'?

Did you forget your mother tongue'?

Tie them.

Where does the company station'?

Second village from here,
where the ferry is.

- Which river is that'?
- I don't know.

Stand him next to the wall.

Hey, which river is it nearby'?

And why do they toll the
bell every two hours'?

It was commanded.

Lieutenant, the relief!

We take the sergeant
and the horses with us.

Watch it!



Don't force it.
No horse will ascend this.

- Are they headed this way'?
- Dragoons.

How many?

Two. I saw only their helmets.

- Come on, my sweet ones.
- We need them alive.

Six! The bastards.

Good Lord! It's Péter.

We can't allow them to kill him.

Are we waiting on Korsós
and the rest, sir'?

I don't know.

Feed the horses!

We were beginning to think
that you got lost.

Did anything happen'?



We saw some dragoons.

At the upperside of the brook
where we stopped this morning.


It's just a platoon.

In the valley.

Get me the sergeant.

Bring the sergeant!

Our soldiers encountered

- What do you know about them'?
- Nothing.

How many platoons
were sent after us'?

And where do we find your own
company, do you remember yet'?

If you only know what we know,
what's the difference?

Come on boys,
let's give him a bath!

Say something already!

Leave him! He's a soldier!

He's got his orders!

We asked him fairly, why did
he fail to answer'?!

Son, you're cold.

You have goosebumps all over.

No, I'm not cold, I'm just...

I wish this rain would pour
down in the Sahara instead.

Come on then!

- Take a look at its hooves.
- Mind your own!

What harm did this beast
cause you'?

Don't flog the horse, András!
Use it to clean the floors!

Wasn't that enough, András?!

God's horse will march out now.

Will prey on the cattle with a fork.

And he'll think
I'll stay at the best place.

You talk too much, Csordás.

So it does.

So what'?

You don't pay me wages for it.

At least they'd be aware at
home that we're returning.

Now is not the time to get
yourself sentimental, pal.

And even if we return home,
what for'?

For anything.

Tell me,

did you ever think about
why the spirit of rebellion

rears its head in
history over and over again'?

One would think

that revolutions are struck down
once and for all.

Is there some kind of law in
this return'?

It's useless.
Already the fifth.

There's such a thing as an
unjust war: this is it.

They hit you, you hit back:

that's the just way.

But if they first tire you down,

starve you, play with you,

rot your nerves,

and that's when you can hit back;


first you grovel to the scene,

and then:

alright, your turn now,

if you still have the energy.

Help me!

Come over here!

Lift his head!

Lift his head up!

Don't dare to touch him.

He who touches him,
I'll kill in his sleep!

There is a way!

Yell to him!

Louder, he can't hear you!

Stop, man!

We are Hungarian hussars!

Can't you hear me'?!

We need to leave
the horses here. Come on.

- Are you crazy, Bird'?
- He's not, he's right!

We either leave the mountain
on foot, or die right here!

You stay right here! We swore
on that we stay together!

- And that we return home at all costs!
- You're not our commander, Mozes!

Put away your gun, Bíró!

Stop right there, Bíró!

We are Hungarian hussars.

We are asking you for food.

We can pa)' You-

You came to the wrong place.

If we help you,
we endanger ourselves.

Look around you:

these people only have
families, no home.

Which one would you
shoot in the head'?

For us, it is mortal danger
even to spot you here.

Ask from the rich folks.

Leave here!

You have nothing
to do in God's house!

Our situation cries for help!

We'll resort to violence if
you force us.

Are you about to take hostages'?

Order your soldiers to stop!

Because those who live
by the sword die by it!

Father, your own weapon is
far more efficient.

Have the bell tolled and let
our pursuers discover us.

But even while our pursuers
catch us up here,

you will bring foodstuff
enough for 80 men

up to the fallen rock
before the noon tolling!

If you fail to,
may God help this village!

I'm looking at that
weatherbeater man.

If I wouldn't know he's Polish,

I'd think he's
the lime-peddler from Ugod.

He showed up on
every village feast, yelling:

“Ladies, buy lime, buy lime!”

Now, he's up in smoke.

His carriage was stock
full of quick-lime.

And he was victimised
by the gravest

thunderstorm ever.

Trying to find shelter quick,

he hit and beat his horses.

Spurred right into the brook,

but the bridge was nowhere.

And they fell into the water,
carriage and horses and all.

The entire cargo
went up in flames.

I only saw the horses' heads

and the man from thigh up.

By the time I got there,

their bones were already burning.

Sputtering like fat.

That was the autumn when the
county recruited me too.

What you mean to say is
that we should let them go'?

We don't have that choice now.

And we stay alive only

if some people still fear us.

God damn you all!

What is the most dangerous
rumor they spread on us?

How long until the garrison
will be notified'?

The court martial condemned
him to death.

As an officer, he could have
chosen a more noble way.

As far as my conscience goes,
it could be clearer alright.

But who's to say their conscience
is clear these times?

Tie up the lieutenant there as well!

MY Sons!

We are separated from Hungary
by a single night now.

We must triumph over this night, even

if our bones end up illuminating
instead of the stars up there.

We'll leave all redundant
belongings here.

Forced march until daybreak!

They're our own!

- They are our own, understand'?!
- This is Hungary!

They await us!

- We are at home!
- They're our own!

Hungarian hussars!

Surrender yourselves!

Your situation is hopeless.

This so-called revolution is
really a revolt,

suffocated by both external
and internal forces.

Even if you made it home,

the country would
turn you away with disgust.

You broke your oaths!

Captain Farkas Pál, surrender!

Lieutenant Szilveszter Bódogh,


Corporals Péter Ács,

Dénes Bin'),

lstván Csordás,

Márton Csuha, surrender yourselves!

We'll tie you to this tree.

If you survive, at least you
don't need to explain it.

Tie him.

My sons,

I believe that the bullets
they mean for us

shall find us while we sleep.

They'll find us among our duvets,

while the rest of the bullets
will avoid us.

I see, Captain.

Márton, my son!

You will turn onto the infantry
with 20 men towards the moors.

- We sacrifice the horses?
- No, we employ them!

The others will breach through the
infantry from the cover of the horses!

Szilveszter, you'll feign a
lunge in their direction!

The verdict of the swored-in
court martial:

for the crimes of rioting,
escaping and betrayal,

Lieutenant Szilveszter Bódogh

is condemned to death by
powder and bullet.

The surviving common hussars
will be decimated.

The verdict includes those
who escaped to their country

and were expecting the shelter
of an unlawful government.

I hereby order the execution
of the verdict.

Mihály Bársony.

Sándor Török.

Márton Csuha.

Szilveszter Bódogh.

It's not easy for a man to
become a traitor.

When I was stationed with you
in Italy, you still knew

that for a soldier
politics are the worst drug.

You have become a pitiful addict.

The victim of a

You never realised that to
win a country is impossible

by the ways of losing your
honour in the process.

The army will wipe you from
its memory forever.