7YUZ (2017) - full transcript

In every part of the 7 story story that starts and ends in itself, the characters confront the darkest sides. Will the good characters keep their eyes on these dark sides and continue their lives?

اسکریپت زیرنویس توسط @shayanpng
-Wait, don't move.
-Don't press so hard.

You move away before
the pencil even touches you.

Haven't you ever done
this before?


What kind of Istanbul girl are you,
I don't get it...

Have you been to
''What the Fuck''?


There's a bar called
What the Fuck in Taksim...

...they say it's amazing.

The people, the music.

I'm applying to
Istanbul universities...

...just so I can go there...

Don't you ever miss Istanbul?

Not really...
It's nice here too.

It's nice here too, really?

In two months time you'll be
bored to death. It sucks here.

Just take a stroll down the Milli
Kuvvetler and Anafartalar avenues.

And you'll see all there
is to see in Balikesir...

...by the time you get home...

You're so pretty!...

-So what did she say?
-Fucking maniac!

She kept saying ''You can't
put your hair up with a pen...

...no messy hair allowed,
braids only!'' Crazy bitch.

She's so jealous,
she can't stand me!

I'm sure she has nothing better
to do than to be jealous of you.

That's what you think.

She keeps roaming the hallways
looking for me, that fucking bitch.

Don't worry,
no one will see us here.

No, it's not that.
I just don't smoke.

You'll strat too when
you realize...

...there's nothing better
to do in Balıkesir.

Why don't you wait there...

...you'll let us know if
anyone comes this way.


So, when are you meeting him?

At twelve,
under the basketball hoop.

You're going to be
so cute together!

Even though Bige
doesn't like him...

Why don't you like him?

It's not that I don't like him...

I just find him kind of nerdy...

Even the way he asked
you out was nerdy.

No way, I think it was romantic.

All right, it was romantic
but still...

...he put a note in a book
and the book under her desk.

Elif, what's going on?

There's a fight!

Wait, I'll help you out.

Let me rather hold your plate.

Are you a vegetarian?

How did you know?

The way you're looking
at the turkey.

I feel guilty slicing it.

I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to.

Don't worry, I'm just kidding.

It's just seeing
the whole bird like that...

...with stuffing and all...

But I really don't mind
what other people eat.

Actually, I don't even like
the way it tastes...

I just eat it because it's a
custom. They cook and I eat...

-I'm Mete, by the way.
-I'm Nihal.

Nice to meet you.

Isn't it hard?

I mean to find something to eat.

Not really, you get used to it.

For instance, we have lentils,
cooked vegetables, bread...

So it's all right.

I could never do it.

It can't be forced anyway,
you have to want it.

I don't even feel like eating
anything else anymore.

So did you just suddenly
decide to become vegan?

I never really liked red meat

Then a friend of mine
gave me a book.

I started reading it on the bus...

...and by the time I got off,
I was a vegetarian.


So it was just a book that
changed your mind?

I'm curious to know
which book that is.

I don't remember
what it's called...

...but I'll look it up when
I get home and let you know.

Okay, sure...

I'll give you my number...

All right.

It's Mete, right?
-Yes, Mete.

You're Murat's friend from
work, aren't you?


And Utku, my boyfriend, works
with Ece in the same hospital.

That's nice.

It's nice but they gave
him an extra shift...

...I hope he'll make it tonight.
What's your number?

0555 485 9800.

All right. I saved it.

I'd say Akçay.

-Yeah, you like it there.
-A lot.

And Asos. The sea is freezing
there, that's what I love.

Me too. There's nothing
like the northern Aegean.

We will go for a long time.

I missed there so much.

Hey guys, come on!
It's midnight!

Already? Okay, let's go then.

Gather around.

Five, four, three, two, one!

Happy new year, everyone,
happy new year!

These are the happy couples.

Thanks. I'm good with this.

Sorry, I'm a bit late.

No, no, you're right on time.
Thank you.

I'll close it.

-Happy new year.
-Have fun.

There's no room left here...

I'm just going to put the
new ones in the freezer.

Why don't you go inside man,
I'll take care of that.

Okay, okay, in a minute.
I'll just put these away.

Hey, tell me...
Are you bored or what?

No, man...

I'm not bored.

It's just hard to stand crowded
parties when you're sober.

-Hello! Is there any ice?
-Of course.

Let me get it...

My hands are clean.

-You don't know each other do you?

-Şeniz, Mete.

-Nice to meet you.
-You too.

By the way, there's an
extra mojito if you want one.

-No, thank you. I don't drink.
-All right then. See you.

See you.

-Nice girl.
-I guess.

Look, Ece told her about you...

...she came here to meet you
and have a chat, don't be a dick.

What did I do,
why am I the bad guy now?

Okay, just take this inside,
maybe you'll go and talk to her.

Hello? Sweetheart.

Yes, baby?...

Okay, sweetie.

I'll call you later.
Say hi to mommy.

We used to fight a lot even
before we got married.

We almost called the wedding off...

Then as we were about to get
a divorce, Irmak was born...

So we decided to give it a try
but after Irmak it all got worse...

Then she married this
British guy from work.

So I married another woman
just to get back at her...

They moved to London last year.

The new missus kicked me out,
and so here I am like a lost lemon.

I'm sorry, I bored you to death,
didn't I?

Oh no, of course not...

Shall we go inside?
I'm really cold.

Okay, sure.

But it's too early to leave.

We have to go, Ece,
it's really late.

All right.

-Thank you for everything...
-Drive safe.

Thank you.

Thanks for coming.

Hey, man. I'm going to take off.

What? No way, don't be ridiculous.

Those guys live on the other side
of the city, you live downstairs.

What's your hurry?
-No really, it's late, come on.

-No, no, no.
-Why the hell are you insisting?

Because we're going
to have a lot of fun.

The party's settling down,
come on, sit.

All right.

I'll stay another half hour.

Hey, Hande brought
some profiteroles...

...would you guys like some?
-Oh no, no.

-I can't eat another bite, please.
-All right then.

What's the matter?

It's Utku... He says the hospital's
bursting at the seams...

...and that he'll come
later if he can.

That's because tonight
the real party is in the ER.

I bet everyone's down with
alcohol poisoning right now.

No, Murat! No way I will ever
play Taboo with you again.

Darling, please. We are just
going to have some fun...

...don't be a buzzkiller.
-No, Murat.

You always get annoying
when you lose.

You will be the first couple to
get divorced because of Taboo.

No way!
I even sweared that I wouldn't.

I am okay with playing
something else, though.

Just fuck it, guys. I know
another game. Let's play that one.

All of us are going to say
something in turn.

Those who have done that thing
will take a sip from their glass.

I have played this game before.
It never ends well.


Let's say it is my turn
and I say...

...''I have never stolen
hangers from hotels.''

Those who have done that before
have to take a sip from the glass.


-Okay. Deal.
-Then fill your glasses.

-Do you want some?
-I don't drink, by the way.

Just little sips, only for
the sake of the game.

Why? Are you taking
antibiotics or something?

No, I have quitted.
I never drink aymore.

I don't want to even take a sip,
you know?

There is a counter and
if I ever drink, it resets.

A counter?

-There is an app and...
-It is really interesting.

Does it count the days you
have been sober or something?

693 days without alcohol.

You set yourself a target, 700
days, and you try to reach it.

What happens after 700 days?

Actually, nothing.

It sets a new target for you.
1000 days, for example.

Then you try to reach that one,
that's all.

Anyway, don't worry about me.

I can easily put myself to shame
even without drinking at all.

Okay, let's begin then.
Who wants to start?

I have never fled from
a restaurant without paying bill.

Everyone, really?


I have never spied on someone.

What spy?

I mean, like peeping at people.

Does it include eavesdropping, too?

Now that you have
mentioned it, yes.

Cheers, then.

It also includes listening to
neighbors having sex, darling.

Yeah, right.


...have I ever had sex with
someone in exchange for money.

-No way!
-Are you serious?

I was serving, I didn't have
any other choice, baby.

Okay. Never have I
ever had sex on a plane.

He fucking drinks at every turn!
Didn't know you were such a badass.

I have never had
anal sex with someone.

That's it for me, guys.

I don't want to answer such a
question in front of everyone.

There are people here who have
just met with each other.

So? We get to know each other,
I don't see a problem here.

Remember what I said?

How is it any worse than ''I have
never had sex on a plane?''

Dude, just ask proper questions.

Or let's just not
answer if we don't want to.

We should have played Taboo.
It is right here.

These bums neither want to
play Taboo or break any Taboos.

This one doesn't drink, that one
doesn't want to answer questions...

Fuck it, let's just forget about
drinking and turns and all.

Let's say...

All of us will tell a secret we
want to share.

You start, then.

I think you have heard enough from
me, you still want to hear more?

Mr. Murat, I think you
have a great potential.

Please go ahead if you may.

How about you go first?

I have nothing to hide.

I am totally clean,
I hold my head high.

Should I even believe it, that
you are clean as a whistle?


Alright then.

There was a girl called
Sinem in the office.

I might have caused
her to get fired.

-You bitch!
-I might have...

Okay, yeah, I did that.

But only because she was doing
some funny business, you know?

I didn't have
any other chance.

Later she found a job at
Global anyway.

So, it turned out I actually
did something great for her.

-Yeah, you are right.
-Please go ahead, madam.

I got suspicious that my
boyfriend was cheating on me.

Talk about your exes and
relationships, bring in some heat!

Anyway. I created a fake
account and added him.

We started texting each other.

Gradually he fell in love with me.

Then he said to me that he
was in love with someone else.

-The real you?
-The fake me.

Turns out he hadn't
cheated on me...

...and when he was actually going
to cheat, he confessed to me.

-Poor guy.
-He cheated on you with you, then.

The result?

I told him the truth and
he dumped me.

Because he fell for the fake me.

Thereby you cheated
on him with him.

Apparently you aren't an angel,

Guys, yours are like innocent
stories with lots of cute emojis.

Just pray to god once in a while
and you will be forgiven.

Doesn't any of you has a
massive sin? A huge one.

Come on Tolga, go ahead.

Get it off your chest.

I had sex with my
best friend's girlfriend.

-And not just once.

And while he was serving.

-For god's sake!
-What a bastard you are!

Remind me, I will give you
a medal tomorrow.

Right? The bar is pretty high now.

If any of you has a bigger sin,
just go ahead.

We pass.

I think you have the dirtiest one.

One that made you quit alcohol,
one that is pretty gory.

I get what you want to
hear but sorry, man.

I don't have any stories like that.

Yeah, there were times I was drunk
and fell asleep in weird places...

...but nothing violent happened
while I was drunk, ever.

Are you sure? Everyone in
this room is a fucking angel!


He says ''no'', stop insisting.

-Am I the winner, then?

You have earned an
all inclusive holiday in hell...

...in a suite overlooking red
hot flames. Congratulations.


Actually, I have a story
in mind but...

-I knew it!
-It is a really long one.

Doesn't matter. It's not like these
deadheads will tell a good one.

-I was in high school.
-High school girl fantasy, eh?

One of my favorites.
-It is not something like that.

It was my sophomore year and a new
girl named Elif came to our school.

I can't even describe
how beautiful she was.

All the boys had a crush on her,
not to mention me.

Then, something weird happened.
She actually fell in love with me.

-How cute!
-It was pretty surprising for me...

But you know...

I mean, you know high
school lovers...

...it is not like something

You hold hands, go see a movie,
sit at a cafe, stuff like these.

We had this kind of a strange
connection, though.

She was a bit wild.

The thing we had the most fun
doing was making prank calls.

We would call random numbers
and just talk shit with them.

We used to do that when
we were kids, too.

It was hugely popular back then.

There were even lots of radio shows
where they were making prank calls.

That was exactly
what we were doing.

Randomly calling people and saying
what comes to mind, improvising.

One day, we were hanging
out at Elif's home.

We dialed a number.

That was what started it all.


Stop watching that.

You didn't even manage to finish
drawing one map in two hours.

Who is calling?

Who is that, honey?

-The fairy tale lady.
-Give it to me.

-Good morning.

Good morning.

-Whom are you calling?

-Who are you? I didn't recognize.
-We haven't met before.

Why are you calling, then?

Talk. If you won't, I will hang up.

-For god's sake, who are you?
-A fan of yours.

We haven't met but
you are a fan of mine?

Couldn't you find anyone
else to prank call?

I have just become a fan
of your voice.

Really? I am no Tarkan, though.

I don't know, but you are probably
more handsome than him.

Find someone else
to pull pranks on.

If you weren't a girl...

I would swear but anyway, tell me,
where did you get this number?

I didn't. I just randomly dialed.

I know that random calls.
Don't lie to me.

I am sure you know me.
-I don't.

But now I want to meet you.

Why do you want to meet me?

-I want us to be friends.
-Yeah? What else?

Nothing. We can just chat.

About what, cutie?

You pick the topic.
I can talk about anything.

What are we going to do
when we become friends?

Hang up now, call me later.
-I can't call again.

Give me your number,
I'll call you.

We haven't become that close yet.

Someone is coming.
Call me at midnight.

Note my number down. 370 13 94.
At midnight, okay?

Look at you. You still
even have your pajamas on.

I have to go to school on a
Sunday just for chicken feed...

...but here you are, lazing around
the house. I am sick of you!

Enough, turn off that TV.

No shit!

What did you do?
Did you call him?

At first we were not going to.

We were living with our parents...

...so we couldn't have called
him together at that hour.

But later, Elif found an idea.

She said that we should call
and record the conversation.

After some thinking,
we decided to actually call him.


Hi. You are late.

I couldn't call earlier.

-Aren't you alone?
-No, I am not.

Whom do you live with,
your family?


-How old are you?

-Are you from here?

-What's your job?
-I am still a college student.

Don't you have someone
at school to talk to?

I can't find anyone congenial,
they are all younger than me.

-You mean you like mature men.

Anyway, tell me.
How did you get my number?

As I said before,
I just randomly dialed.

So you just wanted to call someone
and you found me. Fine by me.

Tell me, I am listening.
What do you want?

What do you want me to tell?

Obviously you are looking
for something...

...given that you are calling me
at this time of the night.


You wouldn't have called
if you hadn't had an itch.

I can't scratch from here,
though. You have to come here.

What are you wearing?

-A night robe.
-What colour?


Are you wearing a bra?


I want to suck your boobs like
you haven't seen before.

I want to eat them up.

What colour is your panties?

Tell me, what colour
is your panties?


Do you know how I am going to
remove your panties?



...without using my hands.


I swear you are all the same.

When you see or hear a woman,
blood stops flowing to your brain.

I feel sick.

Kiddy diddler son of a bitch.

I wouldn't say kiddy diddler...

...as he didn't know
that she wasn't of age.

It doesn't make a difference
whether he knows it or not.

Did you listen to the tape?
How far did he go?

I did. He went way too far.

Why didn't she hang up on him?

Elif said to me that
she was petrified.

The guy started saying ''I am your
daddy'', then came and hung up.

He used you guys to pleasure
himself, then.

What did you do after that?
You didn't call him again, did you?

Unfortunately, we did.

As a matter of fact, I did.

Elif went crazy.

She was like ''This guy raped me.
He is a pervert.''

I was trying to drop the subject...

...but she insisted that he can't
get away with what he did.

I don't get why girls are
like this.

She was the one who
called in the first place.

How come you don't get it?

Experiencing something like that
at that age is so traumatic.

It is quite understandable that
she just couldn't get over it.

You are absolutely right.

Even just hearing
it made me sick. Poor girl.

What happened after?
What did you guys do?

Elif insisted that I should
be the one to call him, not her.

She was telling me to call him
and nothing else.

I didn't have any other choice.

We called him repeatedly
but he didn't answer.

Either his wife was answering
or his children.

After more or less ten days,
he finally answered.



You guys just leave your
clothes everywhere.

I am not your maid.

Come on, take it off.

Do you have any other dirty
clothes? I will start the washer.

I am in the bathroom!


Hello? Is it you, honey?


Why aren't you talking?
Otherwise I am hanging up.


-Who are you?
-Don't hang up.

Is this a prank call?

-You are a pervert.
-What the fuck are you saying?

I said, you are a pervert.
You hit on little girls.

Brother, I think you dialed
a wrong number.

No, it is the correct number.

Someone from this number told my
girlfriend some very nasty things.

-What are you talking about?
-What is it with you?

You hit on a 16-year-old girl.
Don't you have no shame?

-Watch your fucking mouth.
-You sure know what you did.

Last week, in the middle
of the night, you called her.

You said you would take off her
panties with that mouth of yours.

Now you can't even say a word.

What the fuck are you
two trying to do?

Is this some sort of
a strange fantasy?

Strange fantasies are your thing
Tarkan, you know that well.

Who is it?

Listen to me. I will fuck you up,
you piece of shit.

I didn't call your cunt of a
girlfriend, she called me.

She said that she was 21 years old.

If you call this number again,
I swear I will find and kill you.

Fucking assholes!

-Who was it?
-Someone called a wrong number.

You know, I called him to get
mad at him but instead...

...I was the one who got
sweared at. I lost myself too.

It was like I took a huge slap
on my face.

When two people despise
the same person...

...they keep firing each other up,
you know?

It was all we would talk about.

We were discussing what
we should do next.

Elif said that we still had a
leverage we hadn't used yet.

That was when we decided
to threaten him with the tape.

-Hello? Is it Tarkan?

-Which Tarkan?
-Tarkan, the singer.

Why do you keep harrassing me and
my family by calling or ringing us?

You sons of bitches!
-Watch your mouth.

What happens if I don't?
You fucker!

Watch your mouth or else,
you will regret it Aytaç.

How do you know my name,
you motherfucker?

Had a hunch.

Does it really matter?
-You two know me, right?

I'll fucking find you.

Not if we find you first.

You live on the second floor of a
building in Beşyüzevler, right?

I will go to the police and track
you down, you hear me?

Also tell the things you said
to a girl your daughter's age?

Fuck you!
What are you trying to do?

Aytaç, just listen.

Tell me, what colour is
your panties?


Do you know how I am going
to remove your panties?

You fucking assholes,
what do you want from me?

First of all, watch your tongue.

You can't say ''asshole''
to us, you will say ''sir''.

I am waiting, Aytaç.

-Way to go, good boy.

We will call you at
1 am and you will answer, okay?

What did you do?
Did you blackmail him?

Actually, we didn't mean
to in the first place.

But when he asked,
''What do you want from me''...

...we realized that we can
actually demand from him.

Did you ask for money
or something?

No. It didn't even
cross our minds.

We wanted him to do
some childish stuff.

How did you manage to find
his name and address?

Elif had found a way.

-Do you like princess fairy tales?

Tell me, are you as well-behaved
as the princesses?

-That's my girl!

Are your parents home?

-Daddy is home.
-What is his name?

-Aytaç Duman.
-Where do you live?

-In Beşyüzevler.
-You know everything!

Do you want to
hear a fun fairy tale?

-Who is that, honey?
-The fairy tale lady.

So, you used his daughter.

We hadn't intended to
before talking to her.

It just happened spontaneously.

What did you want from the guy
when you called him at night?

I didn't call him. Elif did.


Why do you make me deal with
people I don't even know of?

You called me in the first place.

I didn't force you to do
anything, you cunt!

No, you are the cunt.
We told you to watch your tongue.

What are you guys after?
Are you threatening me?

No, but you have to pay
for what you did.

If you do as I say,
I won't bother you again.

-What if I don't?
-I think you will.

Because otherwise...

...your family and colleagues
will hear what you said to me.

-What do you want from me?
-It is very simple.

Just go to the balcony and
bray like a donkey three times.

I want to hear it from here,
so do it loudly, okay?

-I can't.
-As you wish.

My wife and children
would wake up.

Okay. I will give you another
punishment but no negotations.

Take off your pajama top.
Your undershirt, too.

I want your body to be
totally naked.

Take off your socks too. You can't
wear shoes, slippers or anything.

Then leave the house.

I can't, they will hear me!

They didn't hear you moan when
we talked that night, did they?

I think you'll be fine.

Leave the house and
walk to the end of the street.

Are you fucking crazy?
It is freezing outside.

It is your call.
We will be watching you.

We want you to be outside at past
ten and stay there for 5 minutes.

Otherwise, our deal is off.

You guys went too far.

We didn't think that he would do
what we asked for.

We thought he would just talk
a bit, then hang up on us.

Though, we knew his name,
his address...

...and that we would send
the tape to his workplace...

...he just surrendered
himself to us.

-I hope you didn't call him again.
-I didn't want to, actually.

But the next day,
Elif insisted that we should.

She was like, ''I am sure he lied
to us, he couldn't have gone out.''

She sounds like a total psycho.

What else did you make him do?

Some meaningless, childish stuff.

We let him sleepless for nights.

Every night, Elif was telling that
she wouldn't call him again...

...and yet she was phoning
him every single night.

You literally fucking tortured him.


After some time, he
started saying things like...

...''My wife is getting suspicious,
I can't sleep...

...I can't go to work.''

This is really harsh,
even for me.

Once, I convinced her to stop.

Turns out she called him
again two nights later.

She said she thought of
something and wanted to try it.

She wanted him to go out at night
and randomly puncture car tyres.

This was the final straw for me.

I told her that we had to stop and
it was getting out of control.

The next day,
we called him together.

We said that we wouldn't give
him any other punishment...

...and wouldn't call him again.

He started crying his eyes out.

I think this was what convinced
Elif to stop.

So making him puncture tyres was
your final punishment, right?


I have a new punishment for you.
It is the last one.

Enough, please, I am sick of it.

This is the final one, I promise.

You always say that.

I beg you,
have some mercy on me.

Listen, I've recently heard
of a saying.

''Have mercy on no one, or you
will be the one to ask for mercy.''

Okay, okay.
What do you want?

Tomorrow, at 10 pm,
my friend will call you.

I want you to leave
the phone open...

...and secretly put it
somewhere in your bedroom.


You have to bray.

-At night?
-No, right now.

Okay, enough.

I can't listen to this horrible
sound all night long.

Let's say, you are
going to moan, okay?

-Right now?
-Are you stupid, Aytaç?

You will put the phone
next to you in your bedroom.

You will moan and
we will listen to you.

You fucking assholes!

You fucking assholes!
I can't do that to her!

You weren't thinking of her...

...when you were asking me the
colour of my panties, were you?

I can't.

-You will do it.
-I can't.

It's your call.

How can I do that?
How can I moan next to her?

You didn't sound like you had
any problem moaning to me.

I can play the tape if you are
having trouble remembering that.

We know where you work at, Aytaç.

Don't do anything stupid.
Tomorrow at 10pm, okay?

You didn't call the guy again,
did you?

That was our last call.

I told Elif what we were doing
was turning into a crime.

The owner of one of those cars
with punctured tyres...

...might have gone to the police...

...and we could have
ended up getting caught.

When I said ''police''...

...Elif got scared and agreed
on not calling him again.

God forbid, something bad
could have happened.

I really can't believe it.

What happened after?


We never called him again.

I can only imagine how relaxed
the guy must have felt.

I am sure he waited
anxiously for another call.

Think about that, he must
have been scared to death...

...thinking that people could
get a hold of that tape one day.

Pervert Aytaç,
moanings, Aytaç is crying.

Have you received our gift?

We have a new punishment
for you and it is as easy as pie.

To be honest guys,
I don't feel sorry for him.

I think they are the ones
who went too far.

He just couldn't manage
to hold himself for a moment.

He is just a pervert hitting
on girls his daughter's age.

Yeah, I think he
deserved to be afraid...

...but good thing you didn't
get his family involved.



Who are you?

What did you do with the tape?

Didn't you play it to anyone?

We couldn't have
justified what we did.

Elif's voice and my voice
are on that tape.

We got rid of it.

But after that,
interestingly enough...

...me and Elif came
to an agreement.

And we didn't ever
talk about it again.

We just forgot about it.

What happened to Elif?

Did you keep
seeing each other?

Just for a while.

At the end of that
semester, we broke up.

There was the university
entrance exam and all.

We ended up drifting apart.

Didn't you ever run into
each other?

Not even once.

But some time ago, I stumbled upon
a guy on Facebook who knew her.

I asked about her,
she was going to the university.

But she couldn't finish it.

Apparently she got mad
and was hospitalized.

The guy didn't know much, though.

Poor girl. Maybe she just couldn't
get over what she went through.


I mean...

...I always felt responsible
for her.

I could have prevented
it all beforehand.

She couldn't handle controlling
an adult like a puppet...

...to such an extent at that age.

You were really young,
you weren't thinking straight.

Yeah, you are right.

I feel guilty nevertheless.

I owe an apology.

To whom?

To Elif.

I think none of us has a story
to top that.

Mete is by far the winner of the
night, even the winner of the year.

Anything worse than this could
be third page news.

Yeah, what a story.

Guys it is 5am. Should we leave?
-Wait a second.

I think the most interesting
part of the story is missing.

What do you mean?

What happened to the guy?

You didn't say anything
about him.

Well, we don't know
anything about that.

Didn't you ever wonder?

You guys seem to have been
quite obssessed with him.

You knew his name,
his address.

Like, didn't you ever think of
checking on him?


Yeah, that confused me too.

I mean, if it was me,
I would have wondered...

...what the guy looked
like at least.

Yeah me too, for sure.

But what really
bugs me is that...

...are you totally sure Elif
didn't call him again?

-Yeah, I am sure.
-How come?

Maybe she called him and
didn't tell you.

I don't think so.

Elif wasn't the type of girl
who would act by herself.

But before, she said she wouldn't
call and yet, she did.

Maybe kept on calling him when
she realized that you gave up.

No. She would have told me
if she had called.

But you said that you
two drifted apart.

I mean, I am not completely sure,
of course, but...

I think you are sure but
you are lying.


I am not convinced at all.

I think you made him do
more horrible things.

Forcing him to get naked...

...or puncture some tyres
weren't enough for you.

If you had any intention to stop,
you would have stopped before.

I think you even went further.

No, we didn't. I mean, if there
was an actual ending...

...I would just tell you.
Why would I hide anything?

I have told
you everything.

Are you sure you have
told everything?


Let me guess what happened after
you supposedly stopped calling him.

I think you kept on calling him.
You called him night and day.

You pushed him so far that
he even stopped eating.

Yet even this wasn't
enough for you.

You had to went even further and
you called his wife, too.

Nihal, what are you doing?

You would think that...

...they would leave them
alone after calling his wife.

I think you kept on
calling even after that.

What are you saying?

No, we didn't do such thing.

Nihal, did you know about
this incident?

This didn't happen in Istanbul,

You don't even have to open
your mouth, I can answer.

It happened in Balıkesir.

-Hello you beautiful girl.

-Do you like fairy tales?
-I do.

We tell fairy tales to well-behaved
kids. What is your name?


I am your fairy tale lady and you
deserve to hear a fun fairy tale!

I am really so sorry.
I swear, I didn't know.

Did you fucking tell this
story deliberately?

-I swear, I didn't know!
-Who would fucking believe you?

This is not something we can
resolve at this hour.

Just leave before Nihal
leaves the bathroom.

-Okay, okay.
-No, Murat.

He is not going anywhere.

I have been waiting for
this moment my entire life.

He is going to look into my eyes
and say why he did that.


These motherfuckers
fucking ruined our lives.

What the fuck did you
want from us?

Didn't you ever think that whom you
are talking to was an human?

-Ece, please.

Didn't you ever wonder
what happened in that house...

...every time you hung
up the phone?

Didn't you ever stop
and ask yourself...

...''Do people fight each other
because of me?''

''Did I just make a couple
consider getting divorced?''

''Am I ruining someone's life?''

''Am I fucking up someone's
happy marriage?''

They gradually drove my dad mad.

To the point that he was scared
of hearing the phone ringing.

He couldn't sleep or eat.

You killed my dad.

You humiliated him,
drove him insane and killed him.

And you...

...didn't even wonder what
happened to him.

We didn't know. I didn't know.

I swear, I had no idea.

Your phone calls
cost us our lives.

Look, I know it doesn't change
anything but I am sorry.

I tried to stop her but she
just couldn't.

If I didn't know, I'd think
that he is reallly sorry.

You are a fucking liar.

You think I don't
know, don't you?

There were two people
who were calling our house.

You weren't the one who kept
promising that you wont call again.

It was the girl.

It was you who called my mother...

...played the tape and
threatened my father.

You are such a snake,
you piece of shit.

Tolga is right.

You can't easily find
someone who can top this.

We paid the price for your sin.

You weren't affected at all.

You will answer for what you did.

You will look right into my eyes...

...and tell me why you
fucking ruined our lives.

I am sorry. We were just trying
to have some fun.

You killed my father,
you fucking asshole!

You fucking ruined my family!

You ruined our lives!
You piece of shit!

I hope you die the most
terrible way, you hear me?

Can you move these fingers?

Some tendons might be ruptured.

He has to go to the hospital,
we can't do anything here.

Fucking prick.

Can you take him please, honey?

Please don't move.
Stand still.

I am going to check the
living room. At the hospital...

...they might ask whether someone
else did that or not, okay?

I am going to take you to
the hospital...

...but won't you ever talk about
this house, Nihal or anything.

You are going to say some drunk
guys on the street picked on you...

...stabbed you in the hand with
something and ran away.

Then you are going to
get the fuck out of our lives!

I would have said ''Go to hell''
but you are already fucked.

You don't even deserve to be
looked at. You fucking pervert.

Want to meet under the basketball
hoop at noon?


You have been acting like you
are the king around here.

What are you talking about?

I don't want to see you around
her again, you hear me?

It is none of your
fucking business.

-You watch your fucking attitude.
-Don't touch me.

-What happens if I don't?
-I said don't fucking touch me.

Watch your mouth
or I will fuck you up.

Leave me alone, you asshole!

-Elif, what's going on?
-There's a fight!

-You stay away from that girl!
-Vice principal is here!

Aren't you ever going to grow up?

Stop acting like rascals.

Sir, I...

For the first time in my life, I
am happy that I was born here...

...that I am going to this school;
because you came.

Good evening, sir.