706 (2019) - full transcript

Dr.Suman Asthana is a doctor, whose husband Anil Asthana is missing since last 11 days and investigating officer DCP Shekhawat is unable to find him. A psychic child patient revels the whereabouts of Dr.Anil and opens the doors of secrets.

Tell Dr. Suman
Inspector Shekhawat is here to see her.


Who is it?

DCP Shekhawat is here to see you.

Send him in.


Dr. Suman,
I came here to assure you that...

we're trying our best,
but we still can't find Dr. Asthana.

Is that why you are here?

I've already read that in the newspaper.

You've been repeating the same line
for the past 11 days.

I don't think you'll ever find Dr. Anil.

Your anger is justified.

But we still don't know
which route Dr. Asthana took

to travel from
Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar.

We've completed our basic investigation,
but we've yet to find a clue.

But Mrs. Suman, I assure you

we'll leave no stone unturned
while investigating this case.

But in case you find out anything,

please inform us too.


You do have my phone number.



ZX Hospital CEO office.

I'll be coming to work from today.

I feel very restless at home.

So keep my room ready, okay?

Reena, please send Kamath in.

Mr. Kamath, Dr. Suman's here
and she wants to see you.

How are you?

Any news about the doctor?

DCP Shekhawat came over in the morning.

He assured me he's trying.

They are all useless, Kamath.

It's been 11 days,
but they couldn't find one man.

Kamath, since Dr. Anil's disappearance...

I can't focus on anything.

Don't worry, ma'am.

Anything else?

Nothing else, ma'am. See you.

Please check this file.

A 12-year-old boy, Neeraj.

His father's been waiting
for you for ten days.

We had discharged the boy.

But he isn't ready to leave the hospital
without consulting you first.

What's wrong with him?

He's normal.

If he's normal,
why does he want to meet me?

The boy isn't normal,
but his reports are.

For the last ten days,
he's been having convulsions.

His entire body starts shaking violently.

All his reports, blood pressure,
MRI scans, everything is normal.

We checked the reports and declared
we couldn't diagnose his problem.

We had discharged him.

But the patient's father insists
you should look at him once.

This is Dr. Suman
whom you wanted to consult with.

Hello, Doctor.

I've read your son's reports.

Everything is normal.

Please get him discharged.

You have to look at this video first.

This happened last night.

Would you call it normal?

I can understand your problem.

But every physician and neurologist
in this hospital have seen his reports.

They don't know what's causing this.

Please get him discharged.

Please take a look at him.

I am the CEO of this hospital.

My husband is the owner.

I am a psychiatrist too.

I don't treat such cases.

You're a doctor.
How can you say this?

My son is in immense pain.

Take a look.

He shivers in fear all day.

And at nights, he gets these fits.

Please treat him.

I don't know what kind of
a doctor you are or what you do.

Just treat him.

And only you can do it.

Just do it in any way you can.

You talk to your patients, don't you?

So talk to him.

Try to understand his problem.

I will leave whenever you ask me to.


I'll take a look at him.

But then you'll get him discharged.


Neeraj, I need to ask you a few questions.

May I?


Which grade are you in?



I've been here before.

Here? In this hospital?

This room.

Your table was in that corner.

Below the AC.

That table was exactly there.

How do you know that?

I know.

I know everything about you.

Where you were born,
where you got your education,

when you got married.

I know everything.

So you read about me?

I don't need to.

I know everything.

I also know about Dr. Kamath.

What do you know about me?


Ma'am, he starts rambling

whenever he gets those fits.

And it really scares me.

Where was I born?


What's my brother's name?

Vikas Kamath.

And my sister?

You don't have a sister.

He's absolutely right.

What is the name of her husband?

Dr. Anil Asthana.

Can you tell us
where is Dr. Anil Asthana now?


Where is Dr. Anil Asthana now?

He's dead.


Where did he die?


Near Lonavala.

Take this boy away.

Where have you been?
Wheel that boy out.

You shouldn't be scared of death.

Death is a beautiful thing.

You should try it once.

We should inform the police, ma'am.

Let the police decide
whether it's crap or true.

But if we keep it from the police,
we'll be held responsible.

Please come.

Sir, he is Neeraj.

The doctor tells me

you know where Dr. Asthana is.


Where is he?

He is dead.


He killed himself.


Near Lonavala.

Where in Lonavala?

Twelve kilometers away from Lonavala.

His car is in the bushes.

Also his dead body, it's in the car.

May I speak to you?


Yes, sir.

I am going to Lonavala with my team.

You won't leave the hospital
unless I come back.

None of this is my son's fault, sir.

He's a patient.
He's here for treatment.

Mr. Jaimal, there is a car
and there's a dead body in the car.

There can be a criminal angle
to it as well.

The investigation is my job, isn't it?


You will stay in the hospital
until I return.

Yes, sir.

Post one of our men here.

Yes, sir.

Keep an eye on the boy.

Yes, sir.

All units, keep an eye out.

Atre, stop the car.

Yes, sir.

That railing is broken, take a look.

Yes, sir.

Nothing is visible from up here, sir.

How far are we from Lonavala?

Around 10-15 kilometers.

-Tell everyone to get down.

Go down and take a look.

Yes, sir.

Come on.

Sir, it's right here.

Sir, we found the car.

Dr. Suman.


That boy was right.

We found Dr. Anil's car
around 12 kilometers from Lonavala.

There's a dead body in the car,

but you'll have to confirm
whether it's Dr. Anil or not.

Come down to Matunga Hospital
in a little while.

I'll send the body there.


I hope you don't mind.


You see, Mr. Jaimal, I don't like
troubling you at this hour,

but I must find some answers before dawn.

Neeraj was absolutely right.

We found Dr. Anil's dead body
in the car at the same spot.

How does your son know all this?

I don't know.

He started making these prophecies
since he's been getting fits.

I don't know how he knows these things.

Take a look at this video.

Send me this video.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Jaimal,
I know you're a decent man.

I also know you're stressed
because of your son's condition.

But this is a criminal investigation,
and it's linked to your son.

I can't stop
till I find some solid answers.

Tell me everything you know.

Yes, sir.

Until ten days ago,
my son Neeraj was absolutely normal.

I live in Ahmadabad.

We came to Mumbai for sightseeing.

Are you ready yet?


You're not ready yet.

We're going out.

I don't want to go.
I am going to watch TV.

How can we leave you alone here?

You have to come along.

I don't want to go.

Let him stay here
if he doesn't want to go.

We'll be back soon.

Neeraj, my son.

-What's wrong with him?

-What's the matter?
-What's happening?

Dear, listen to me.
What's happening?

Neeraj. What's happening?

Take me... to Dr. Suman.

Quickly. Please take me to her.

-Son. Neeraj.

Then we brought him here.

Since then
he's been getting these fits.

And he keeps saying
these absurd things.

Mr. Jaimal, it's almost dawn.

Get some rest.
I'll talk to Neeraj in the morning.

You should eat something.

Not in the mood.

I have a press conference.
I'll get something to eat there.

Listen, I have an appointment
with the doctor today.

Won't you come along?

It would be nice
if you come along.

I hate going there alone.

How many times will you go
to a doctor to try and conceive?

You should stop now.


Don't be so gloomy.
Go to the doctor.

Sir, we're ready.

As you know, Dr. Anil Asthana
has been missing for the past 12 days.

We found his body some time ago.

In his car, near Lonavala.

His wife, Dr. Suman
has identified the body.

We are still investigating, and only after
the investigation can we determine

whether this was an accident
or something else.

How did the police find out
after so many days where the car was?

We got an anonymous call.

From where?

We are still investigating.

As soon as we have more details,
we'll inform you.

I am fine.

You were absolutely right.

We found Dr. Anil's car in the bushes
near Lonavala like you said.

How could you know? Who told you this?

No one told me.

I see.

Then how come you know about this?

I just know.

Look, Neeraj, no need to be afraid.

We just want to protect you.

So it's crucial for us to know

how you know all this.

Who told you?

No one tells me anything.

I know everything.

Look, Neeraj,
if you lie to me or hide anything,

I will take your dad and mom...

to the police station.

And then you'll be
absolutely alone out here.


Now tell me.

Who told you about Dr. Anil?

No one.

I know everything.

If you don't believe me,
you can test me.

How is that?

I can tell you something else.

About what?

About Sunita.

Sunita, who?

The chime of her anklets
sounded music to your ears.


You heard him, sir.

He says such absurd things.

Please take him away, I...

I will talk to him later.


Could I speak to Mr. Dinkar?


Hello, sir.

This is Shekhawat speaking.

Shekhawat? Who?

Shekhawat, the cop. sir.

You helped me three years ago.

Oh, Shekhawat.

What is it, Shekhawat?

No. I still have the talisman, sir.

Are those anklets troubling you again?

No. That's not it.

I am sending you a video, sir.

Watch it first, then we'll talk.


Send it.


Sunita, get some ice.

What is this?

Urine report.



I am... pregnant.

I did it on my own
and the test was positive.

I thought I'd get a test done
at the lab too.

Is this a joke?

You know I am married.

I have a job, a career,
it will all be ruined.

Abort it.

You should've considered it
before getting involved with me.

Whether you approve of it or not,
but I'm keeping this baby.

And also give him your name.

I was joking.
Don't you get it?

You can keep the baby.

Give it my name.

We will bring him up.

My wife is never going to have a child.

Are you okay?


Immerse this anklet in the Ganga.


And always keep this talisman on.

I've cast a spell on it with my magic.

As long as you keep it on,
she will never come close to you.

So wear it all the time.

Guard it with your life,
there won't be a new talisman.

Sir, did you see the video?

I did.

I want information on that boy.

Come down to Banaras, Shekhawat.

These things can't be discussed
over the phone.

I can't come to Banaras, Sir.

I want information about that boy
right away.

The boy has been possessed.

Else he'll know everything about you.

He already knows everything about me.

But how can he know?

Ghosts, spirits, ghouls, witches,

they all seem similar,
but they are different.

and find out everything.

What is this ghost?

And why did it enter his body?

If a person is killed
before his due time,

he can come back
into this world for revenge.

That's all I can tell you over the phone.


Yes, sir.

Go to Hotel Meghdoot right now.

Yes, sir. I'll go right away.

And find out
whether Neeraj and his family

were staying in room number 706 or not.

Yes, sir. I'll find out right now.

I am waiting for your call.

Yes, sir, I'll call you back.

PSI Atre, Crime Branch.

Which room were Jaimal Aggarwal
and his family staying in?

Jaimal Aggarwal, 27th August.

Room number 706.

-Yes, Atre.
-You were right, sir.

Jaimal Aggarwal and Neeraj were
staying in room 706 of Hotel Meghdoot.

-Yes, sir.

Get me all the CCTV footage
of that hotel for 12th May.

I want CCTV footage of your hotel
for 12th May.

It will take some time.
Take a seat. I'll arrange it.


This is the CCTV footage
from Hotel Meghdoot.

Shall I make tea for you?


There are some printouts,
get them for me.


This is Shekhawat.

Could you meet me at my office in a while?

At this hour?

Call me in the morning,
we'll meet.

I am sleeping now.

I've lost my sleep, Mrs. Suman.

And I think you're not
sleeping peacefully either.

What's the matter?

Hotel Meghdoot, Bandra.

I'll meet you in my office at 1 a.m.

I am coming.

-DCP Shekhawat's office?

Up there, first floor.

Sir, Dr. Suman's here.

Send her in.

Come in.

I'm sorry for calling you at this hour.

But this is important,
so I had to speak to you.

Ever been to Hotel Meghdoot in Bandra?



Did you have anything to do
with Hotel Meghdoot?


Then why did you rush here
in the middle of the night

after you heard about Hotel Meghdoot?

I didn't come here to answer riddles.

Mrs. Suman, Google is a weird thing.

A person can forget his own actions,
but not Google.

You'll be amazed, but when I searched
for Hotel Meghdoot on Google,

this news item comes up on the first page.

Rahul Bora, age; 24.

Six months ago, he jumped to death
from the terrace of Hotel Meghdoot.

His father said his mental condition
wasn't right

and Dr. Suman was treating him.

Rahul Bora, I know him.

It was a case of a suicidal syndrome.

He tried to swallow poison.

Look, other doctors are treating you.

I am just your psychiatrist,

so we're going to have a long chat.

You tried to kill yourself three times.

Why are you in such a hurry to die?

You should live your life to the fullest.

Everyone has to die some day.

Talking and making others talk
is the way I treat.

I prescribe fewer pills and talk more.

Would you please tell me
why you did it?

I like it.

What do you like?

I like dying rather than living.


I treated him for a couple of months.

Then he left.

I've read about it too.

You are responsible
for Rahul Bora's death.

How can you say that?

Not me, but Rahul Bora believes it.

How do you know
what Rahul Bora believes?

He's no more.

Rahul Bora has come back.

Your former patient Rahul Bora's
spirit has possessed Neeraj.

What are you saying?

Before rejecting my statement,

you must first understand
I am not an illiterate hillbilly.

I am an IPS officer
and a qualified engineer.

Tell me, what is wrong with Neeraj?

Why does he go into violent convulsions?

How does Neeraj know
what others don't?

Rahul Bora died
in Hotel Meghdoot's room 706.

Neeraj fell sick in that room.

Maybe you don't know,

but Neeraj's father brought him
to your hospital

instead of taking him anywhere else.

Even I didn't believe in these things.


I've seen a spirit with my own eyes.

I am leaving.


Are you here to see me?

Yes... I came to see you.

You didn't sleep.
You're still awake.

What did you want from me?

I just came to see you.

No one goes anywhere without reason.

I want to tell you something.

What? What do you want to say?

Come closer.

I want to say something in your ear.

I had fun dying.

You should try it too.

You will like it.

I want to meet you.


Meet me in front
of the Mahalakshmi Temple.


Do you have a cigarette?

The story is still incomplete.


Deepika was his girlfriend.

She married an NRI and moved to the US.

Rahul, love is just a chemical reaction.

It can be treated.

You're trying desperately to kill yourself
because you had a heartbreak.

This is a mental illness.

"The sands of the desert can't imagine
what raindrops feel like."

You sound like
you've been devoid of this feeling.

You know nothing about my condition.
How will you treat me?

but on shaky ground.

For the first time, I realized

I sacrificed a lot
to make some gains.

The age difference between
Dr. Anil and I never bothered me.

This is Rahul's file.

Give it to some other doctor.

I can't treat him.

And, what about the medicines
you prescribed him?

Stop them.

I don't understand
what I should do with you.

I want a cigarette.

This is a hospital, Rahul.

Rahul was getting better.

And my condition was getting worse.

I was bitten by love.

After our marriage
he made me promise...

that I'd never smoke again.

We didn't know about the destination

but the journey had begun.

He was the crazy one, not me.

I stopped talking to Rahul,
I stopped meeting him.

He kept chasing me like a madman.

He would wait at the hospital
for hours to meet me.

But I had made my decision.


Any progress with your Jaipur case?

There is no special improvement.

Madam. Rahul is here to see you.

Who is Rahul?

He is a patient.

Then why is he visiting you at home?

Send him back.

Tell him that madam
doesn't see anyone at home.


I told him, but he refuses to leave.

He's saying he won't leave
without meeting madam.

No, I'll go take a look.

What nonsense is this?

Why did you come here?

Why aren't you answering my calls?

Don't you understand why?

I don't want this relationship, Rahul.

And then he left.

And that night he jumped
from Hotel Meghdoot to his death.

Now the story is complete.

Now I understand everything.

Let's go.

I have to catch a flight to Banaras.

Stop here.


Come in.

Is everything all right?

Sunita is troubling me again.

She came back last night.

She... came to kill you.

But she couldn't get to you
because of that talisman.

That ghost is the reason
behind this incident.

He, along with Sunita
wants to get rid of you.

Because you are an obstruction
in his path.

What does Rahul Bora's spirit want?

Why is he back?

He wants to kill Dr. Suman.

And he will take her to his world.

And expose all your secrets.

And then... finish you off.

Show me a way to get out of this.

There are two solutions.

First, the ghost stops
possessing that boy.

But that is impossible.

He will never leave the boy.

And the second?

Finish him off.

I want a complete roundup of that area.
Ask each and every person.

Yes, sir.

Wasn't Shinde the PSI in Bandra Two?

Yes, sir.

Where is he now?

He's in Pune now.


Find out his number,
call him and ask him to speak to me.

Yes, sir.


Yes, sir. I'll do it right away.

But he hasn't arrived yet.

Just a second.

Inspector Shinde.


PSI Atre from Mumbai Crime Branch.

Yes, Inspector Atre.

DCP Shekhawat wants to speak with you.

Shinde on the line, sir.

Atre, find out whom
this car is registered to.


-Hello, Shinde.
-Yes, sir.

Six months ago, Hotel Meghdoot Bandra,
a boy committed suicide.

Did you investigate that case?

Yes, sir. I investigated that case.

Do you remember any details?

It was a simple case of a suicide, sir.

That boy was mentally unstable.
So he committed suicide.

Any other details?

No, sir. It was a suicide case.

Okay, thank you.


I know about another dead body.

It's a woman in Banaras.

She has an anklet on one leg,
and the other one is missing.

Tell Inspector Shekhawat to speak with me.

Sir, that boy Neeraj is
talking about another dead body.

In Banaras. Some woman.

If you don't have an objection,
I want to talk to Neeraj.

No, you'll speak to him in my presence.

Leave, Papa. I will talk to him.

You can't speak to a boy like this.

Please go, Papa, I want to talk to him.

I know you're Rahul Bora.

And I also know why you are here.

But if you try to make things difficult
for me,

then I can go to any limits.



If you tell anyone about Sunita,
I'll send Dr. Suman to jail.

And here's the evidence.

Then you will never succeed
in your motive.

You will never have Dr. Suman.

You'll keep wandering for centuries.

Remember that.


Time to put an end to this story.

I've found a solution to this problem.

Meet me in my office tonight.

I want to show you something.

Look, I am tired of this routine.

Even I am tired of it.

Meet me tonight at midnight.

Finish that boy.

Come, Mrs. Suman.

Would you...

like a drink?

Have it, Mrs. Suman.

You will need it.

On the night of 12th May,

Rahul Bora jumped from
the terrace of Hotel Meghdoot.

These photos are from
Hotel Meghdoot's CCTV cameras.

And this...

is you.

How do you know that's me?

Irrespective of what you think of me,

I am always thorough
with my investigations.

Something's missing from Rahul Bora's
120-page suicide case record.

And I've found out what that is.

Suman, your car's license plate number
is MH-03-ZI-2356.

Your car was parked
at Hotel Meghdoot at 10 p.m.

That night you went to meet Rahul Bora.

Spirits don't come after anyone
without reason.

Sunita was pregnant,
and I strangled her to death.

And buried her dead body
on the shores of the Ganga.

She kept chasing me,
but this talisman has kept me safe.

You are behind Rahul Bora's death, Suman.

Your story is still incomplete.

What is the entire story, Mrs. Suman?

What nonsense is this?

Why did you come here?

Why aren't you answering my calls?

Don't you understand why?

I don't want this relationship, Rahul.

How can it be over?

Don't act like a child, Rahul.

What happened shouldn't have happened.

You have your entire life ahead of you.

Please leave me.

I can't leave you.

It's not in my power to leave you.

I will never let this relationship end.

I am a psychiatrist.

When I saw Rahul...

I realized this madness cannot be cured.

Because there's no cure for love.

The only way to get rid of it
is to get rid of the person.

I'll call you in the evening.

Now leave.

Sugar acts like medicine
for a patient with low blood pressure.

But for a depressive patient, we use
drugs that can aggravate their emotions.

Book a room in Hotel Meghdoot's terrace.

I'll see you there tonight.

Okay, promise.

Don't call.

I'll find out the room number.

Okay. But we're meeting tonight,
aren't we?

Stop here on the left, thank you.

I knew you would come.

Did you take your medicines?

You are here now,
I don't need medicines.

Come with me,
I'll bring your medicines, okay?

I gave Rahul some drugs
so he couldn't control his emotions.

I feel strange.

You will feel strange, Rahul.

The medicine is taking effect.

Rahul's body had turned into a bomb.

I just had to light the fuse.

I never loved you.

You're just a necessity.

But you're no fun now.

You're joking, right?

You're making a joke
out of yourself, Rahul.

with a lethal dose of 500 milligrams.

And a broken heart.

The shot was fired.

So I knew the drug overdose would
never be detected in the blood test.

But I gave him 500 milligrams.

I thought a lover like
him deserves a grand exit.

Love had found its destination.

Now tell me what you want from me?

Sometimes the taint on your reputation
can't be washed with just water.

You need to wash it with blood.

You must kill Rahul again.

What do you mean?

If Neeraj is no more,
Rahul will stop possessing him.

End of trouble.

We must kill Neeraj.

And you're saying... I should do it.

I can't kill that child.

I can't do it.

You can do anything you want.

You're a doctor, Suman.

You own the entire hospital.

And you have experience as well.

You will definitely
come up with something.

I can't do this.

Rahul will never spare me.

And if I go down,
I will take you with me.

I have all the evidence I need.

This is impossible.

I told you, you will need a drink.

Take it, and think again.

Even the impossible will seem possible.

Tomorrow, before daybreak...

I should have your answer.


You were right.

We must kill Neeraj.

I wanted to discuss
something important with you.

Please tell me.

I want to treat Neeraj differently.

I don't understand.

I want to take Neeraj back
to the hotel room where he fell ill.

I will conduct some experiments.

I am sure your son will be fine.

As you wish.

For this, I'll have to... sedate Neeraj.

And I need your approval.

Please read this paper and sign it.

I just want my son back,
just help him get better.

I am ready to sign wherever you want.

What have you decided?

How will you do it?

I will do it.

Rahul will never come back.

Can I be of any help?

Give me that talisman.

I never took it off.

Why do you want it?

I am going with Neeraj
and I am scared.

I will return it by evening.

Thank you.

Send Dr. Kamath in.

Give this injection to Neeraj.

And bring him to Hotel Meghdoot
30 minutes after sedating him.

I've already spoken
with the hotel manager.

I want to try some experiments
with him in that environment.

No, I want to be alone with him.

Put him here.

There's a dead body in Hotel Meghdoot,
Bandra, room 706.

Rahul, I am coming to you.

Please let this child go.

Please let him go.


I knew you would come.

Let's go from here.

Preeti, get some ice.


Did you hear the chime of an anklet?

No, I didn't hear anything.

You see...

I was wearing an anklet
only on one of my legs.

So I took it off.

Translated by:
Saurabh R Sawant