5 in 1 (2022) - full transcript

A rich man leaves all his wealth to his most loved Ex-girlfriend. But at his wake, five exes pay their respects by sharing their wild and naughty moments. Who among them will be his heir?


Okay, good evening, everyone.

Looks like most of you have had your
fill. I even see some doggie bags.

Aren't you a looker!

You look like Maggie.
Maggie with the gums.

I'm just messing with you.

To those of you still eating,

especially if you brought a gift,
please help yourself to the buffet.

If you didn't bring a gift,
just keep drinking water.

You're such beauties!

I think with flawless
faces like that,

you'd have a message for the
newly-weds who is just as flawless.

May I invite you to step up front?

Hello, everyone.

To those who do not know
us, we're Mia's best friends.

My name is Lana Rose and
my message is for Allen Cabigan.

I hope you'll take care of
our friend as you would a plant

because she can't survive
not being watered everyday.

I mean... to be showered
with care and love.

I see.

My name is Maria
Osaka. I would like to say…

In life, sometimes we feel like we're
on top, sometimes at the bottom.

My advice to you, Mr. Allen
Cabigan, is to let Mia top you.

Let her lead.

Top you when it comes
to solving problems.


My friend's really good at
trouble-shooting problems.

My name is Lexy Laurice.
You have to forgive my friends.

They like to fool around.

I have nothing to say to you,
Mia. To Allen, there is one thing.

I'm telling you, dude,
never hurt my friend, got it?

Or you're gonna
get it from all of us.

But if she wants a bit
of pain, give it to her.

Huh? She wants pain?

Sure! Sometimes
she wants a bit of pain!

Like a slap?

Especially if it's a huge one
slapping her. She's into that.

I meant slap her
with all the love!

Who doesn't wanna be slapped with
humungous, overflowing love, right?

So that's it.

Hi, ladies and gentlemen.

My name is Riley Red and my message
is for Mrs. Mia Kalisa-Cabigan.

Mia, always remember, wash it
before you put it in your mouth.

Your hands, I mean. Come
on, guys! What's with you?

She loves to eat with her hands.

Fun, right?

How nice. You have a
fascinating friendship, don't you?

My god, I really
feel your closeness.

How did your friendship start?

I didn't know so
many people loved me.

Who's this?

Fuck you.

What an ugly son of a bitch.

You're gonna kill me twice.

Sister Teresa, why do you
keep pacing back and forth?

Are you a local patrol?

Your brother can't rest in
peace if you carry on like this.

You're looking like a
restless menopausal.

Don't start with me, Bernie.

Menopause, really? I'm
just having hot flashes!

Want me to lay you down beside my
brother and light a candle for you?

What's troubling you?

It's my brother, Dick.

He forgot to mention who among his exes he
wants to inherit his well-kept treasure.


You were close, weren't
you? Tell me the truth.

Don't lie to me. Do
you know anything?

If you lie, I'm going to brand
your forehead with this cross.

I know nothing, sister!

Besides, I don't know
how to lie. I don't like lying.

I'm very honest, actually. They
even mistake me for Honest to.

Besides, lying makes you ugly.

Huh? Lying makes you ugly?


Then you can't tell a single lie.

Why's that?

Your face can't get any worse.

You're so mean to me.

I'm just kidding.

Your face just isn't in vogue.
But you've got looks for sure.

That's me getting back at
you for your menopause joke.

That wasn't a joke. It's true.

Sister Teresa, relax! Relax!



Sister Teresa,

we will only have to pray and I
know that God will provide answers.

You are right, sister.
Answer is the key.

Lord, won't you please help me?

Thank you, Lord!

Sister, I thought of something.

What do you mean?

I will call on his exes
to deliver a eulogy

and when I pick out the most
likely lady as Dick's the one

I'll have her inherit Dick's
most-treasured possession.

Sounds great!

Sounds great!




Praise the Lord!

I thank you all for making time to pay
your last respect to my brother Dick.

Thank you for your
thoughts and prayers.

I feel your sincerity very deeply.

I would like to
request Dick's exes,

to please raise their hands.

Wait. Wait. Wait.


Are you sure you're
all Dick's exes?

Huh, you're so ugly.

You're Dick's ex?

I was one of his exes.


The truth is, we have a child.


If you had a child,
what would it look like?

A root canal because
you look like a sewer!

You want to get hurt?

Do you dare?

Wait. Wait. Let me do
it. Pull yourself together.

You're a nun. Please
sit down. Sit down.

You're Dick's ex?

More like an ex-convict!

As soon as he lays
eyes on that ugly face,

I'm sure he'll see red.

Do you need a slap on the face?

Do you need a shower?

No, lady. I worked
hard for this funk.

Hey! Settle down.

I'm Dick's ex.


You're Dick's ex?


In fact, he gave
me a memorial plan.

But he ended up using it.

Really, grandma?

At your age? I'm surprised we
even get to talk to you in person.

At your age, we only get to speak
with you through the Ouija board.

Be quiet.

I'm Dick's real ex.


Fine. If you can't
accept it, never mind.

But regardless, I
really am his ex.

I knew it!

Back away, penguin.

I was with him on a campaign.

You look familiar.

VVM? Aren't you the brother of the
newly-elected Home Owners president?

Miss Neli?

Does Miss Neli know
the things you're up to?

Like I said, we got together
during the campaign.

And my big sister supports
everything about us

even the 5 in 1 projects.

So stay out of my business.

You don't hear me complain about your
bangs looking like a cobra's tongue

and your hair that
looks like an iguana!

Stay out of my business
because you know nothing!

Want me to slap you?

I dare you, you ugly.

Fine, I'll slap myself. Happy now?

I'm hurting myself.

You're so mean. You
even called me a penguin.

Are you gonna stop or not?

I'll have you join my brother!

I really hate lying,
brothers and sisters.

So if you would.

I know my brother's
taste in women.

Are you sure you're Dick's ex?

Yes, sister.

You know what, you're lying
because Dick's not into Fil-Am.

You think I look like a foreigner?

You look like you need a bath.

Sit down.

And you, Granny.

With all due respect, I don't get
how you even survived my brother.

Lying is forbidden.

When your time comes, a
different door might open for you.

Sit down.

Okay, big sis.

Big sis? God bless you.

Remember, you've rotted before me.

Let's segregate the non-biodegradable
from the biodegradable.

As for you, VVM, the campaign
for 5 in 1 is finished, right?

What are you fighting for?

I'm fighting for the love Dick
and I have for each other.

Aha, brave of you.

You're something else, VVM.




Excuse me. What
does VVM even mean?

Absolutely gay, mother.



What is happening?

Sister, restrain yourself.

VVM, are you gonna sit back down or shall
I make you crawl to your big sister Neli?

I'm already seated.
For six years, right?






You, and you.

Brothers and sisters, forgive
me for how I acted earlier.

Sometimes, my emotions
get the best of me

and I get possessed
by the Lord's enemy.

Having fun, are you?

You think it's so funny?

The five of you.

How do you know my brother?

Our first meeting was messy.

He impressed me
on our first meeting.

Our first meeting
was life-changing.

He became my knight in
shining armor when we first met.

Our meeting was a surprise.

You're late again.

How much longer are
you gonna be like this?

Sorry, sir. I had to pass the
requirements for my scholarship.

I want to finish my studies.

Scholarship, scholarship! Studies!

I'm not keeping you
from your dreams in life.

But you should show
some love for your work.

Don't be late again, hear me?

You're stinking up my pits!

Hi sir.


Boss. You look smitten.

I know that look. Want me to
ask for her name and number?

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.

You saw her get
yelled, didn't you?

And you wanna
show that face to her?

She's gonna get
pissed off for sure.

I'll do it.

And don't come near
me. You'll get me dirty.

You're fine with chicks going near
you. But you're disgusted when it's me.

Duh. At least with the babes,

I get pleasure out of it.

With you, I just get annoyed.

Just stop talking.

Hi, Miss Lana Rose.
What's your best-seller?

How do you know my name, sir?

On your chest.

I meant it's on the
name plate on your chest.

There. I can see it.

You're holding on to
them like I'll steal 'em.

Sorry, sir.

What was your order again?

The best-seller.

Aren't you the best-seller here?

Can I take you out?

This is a coffee
shop, sir. Not a bar.

I think you're in the wrong place.

What's with the attitude? I
was just trying to cheer you up.

You look so stressed out.

I just want to see… a smile.

I'm not in the mood today, sir.

My manager just harped at me.

Fine, I'll make you a deal.

If I get rid of your stress,
will you go on a date with me?

Sure, sir.

How will you do that?

Oh, hello, ma'am. What a surprise!

What brings you here?

Do we have an inspection today?

No, I just wanted to
tell you you're fired.

Lana Rose is the new manager.

Ma'am, please don't do this.

How about it? I got rid of
the cause of your stress.

Will you go on a date with me now?

Sir, please don't get involved.

Show some respect
to the store-owner.

Don't talk to the
new owner that way.

Show some respect.

Yeah. Besides, my boss isn't
just rich, he's handsome, too.

Get out of the way.

What now? I fulfilled
my end of the deal.

I hope you'll do the same.

Sir, I don't want someone to
lose their job because of me.

All right, I'm accepting
your invite to have a date.

Just let my manager keep his job.

Okay. You're the boss.

Thank you! Sir!

Sir, thank you! A big thank you!

You sure you wanna stay
here at the coffee shop?

I mean, I can take you
somewhere expensive.

What would you like? Wine, steak?

Sir, I still have a lot to do. I
can't afford to kill time unlike you.

Please, you can
stop calling me 'sir.'

My name is Johnny Dick Jordi.

Dick for long because
it's not really short.

Are you in a hurry?
Can't you relax for a while?

I've got side hustles to get to.

Extra cash for my
college expenses.

I kind of want to quit, actually. Nobody
believes I'll ever graduate anyway.

That is what you
absolutely shouldn't do.

It doesn't matter if
they don't believe in you.

Just make sure you never
stop believing in yourself.

It's easy for you to say.

Because you're rich.

I only became rich
when I put up a business.

I was also a working student.

Hard work and perseverance.
That's my mantra.

You're pretty impressive.


I'm glad you called me by my name.

I think you'll go far.

Just persevere.

How would you like to
be one of my scholars?

I don't like that. I want
to earn my scholarship.

Wow. I'm so impressed.

Those are the exact words
I told my snobby relatives.

Okay. How about this?

I'll help you get into part-time work so
you can earn extra to cover your expenses.

- How's that?
- Much better.

I like working for things. I
don't want them handed to me.

I suppose you're
a nice guy after all.

You're pretty good.

It's true, I'm a nice guy.

But would you like
to see my bad side?

My God.

You won't do well
as a soldier, girl.

You gave it up on the first date.

What's wrong with you?

Play hard-to-get
next time for a change.

My heart was pounding
so hard that day.

I really felt like I
was gonna die.

Why is that?

Shush, be quiet. We're
getting to the good part.


Stop fussing. It's finally in!

What are you doing here, ma'am?

I've been trying to get your
attention but you keep ignoring me.

Why'd you turn pale?

No, I didn't.

I saw Dick's car parked nearby.

Is he in there?

No. Boss is not here. It's
me who brought the car.

I'm taking it for repairs.

Then what are you skulking around
for? What don't you want me to see?

What's getting good
and what's finally in?

Ah, no. The thing is...

I'm gonna buy coffee inside.

No. You can't do that.

Here's the thing, ma'am.

I didn't tell Boss
I'll be taking the car.

So now, I drove my cousin in it.

He's gonna propose, see.

As for what's finally
in, I meant the ring.

Okay. I get it.

Running off with
your boss' car like that.

Well, stay behind if you like.
I'm going in to buy a coffee.

You can't go in, ma'am!

Boss! Ma'am, don't
get me in... Be quiet!

Stop being silly. Is this
what your mom taught you?

Just stop. Stop pushing.

This is an exclusive,
private event.

They rented it out exclusively.

You can't go inside.

Fine, I'm leaving!

I'll buy elsewhere.

Yeah, find somewhere else. Go.

Get out of here.

You're just causing
trouble for me.

You had to wait to be told off.


You're the man!

You're here, too?

Why don't you just kill me?

Huh? The hell are you saying?

I'm just here to
deliver coffee products.

Management says I
should bring coffee samples

to this new coffee
shop Dick bought.

Is he in there?

- I'm going in.
- No! Boss isn't here. You can't go in.

Why can't I go in?

You can't go inside because...

I'm telling you, the way
you're acting. I swear!

Very suspicious.

No, ma'am. You can't go inside...

I told you, you're
not allowed inside!

Didn't your grandma
teach you anything?

Go back... You can't come in here!

Why not? I'm going in. Wait.

I'll just drop these off.

Huh? What's with you?

You can't go in there
because I'm having an attack.

- I can't walk.
- I'll just drop them off. Huh? I can't?

It means the coffee is strong.

It's strong just
like my sex appeal.

Seriously Bernie. Cut it
out, or I'll cut out your tongue.

You're just like your Boss.

I don't think so.


He's just as ugly as you are.

You keep throwing that word around as
if you don't look like a fat matron.

You went there? I
didn't say I was beautiful.

I'm just saying I'm
not as ugly as him.

That's enough. Stop it.

Lana, continue.

Dick was the one who
fulfilled my womanhood.

He expressed his love
to me in many ways.

What are you doing in my room?

There's so many candles.

And why are you wearing a robe?

We're gonna try something, love.

I noticed how stressed you've
been because of school and work.

I appreciate it, love.

But what are we gonna
do? I'm kind of sleepy.

Let me take care of it, love. I'll
jolt awake your sleeping spirit.

And I'll take you to heaven.

One more round.

Are you ready?

Can you use a smaller
candle? That looks too big.

The bigger, the better.

No, just the small one.

No, not that.

I said not that.

Just the small one.

Just relax.

You might get hurt. I
don't want you to get hurt...

Not that. Never mind.


Fire? Just like our first meeting.

Hot and blazing.

What are you, grilled fish?
Hot and blazing my ass.

You, too, are hot and blazing.

Are you the sun?

Because my beauty is radiant?

Because it hurts to
look at you for too long.

Just sit down and
listen, won't you?

So, as I was saying.

Let Dick out!

Let Dick out!

Let Dick out!

Louder! Let Dick out!

Dick came out!

What the hell's your problem?

Are you trying to make me angry?

What seems to be the prob...


You've got a big problem, sir.

Why did you let one of my co-employees
to get fired without due process?

Yes, why?

Okay, let's talk about it.

Let's talk about it at our
candlelight dinner tonight.

I don't think you're
taking us seriously, sir.

All rich people are the same.

You think everything's a joke.

That's right!

Boss, just ignore these people.

There's too many of them.

Do you want your...
If they beat us up...

Want your face
to end up like this?

No, you bastard. I don't
even wanna think about it.

Then fix this.

I was just joking.

All right, then. Let's
talk in my office.

I can't accept that, sir.
You should talk to all of us.

That's right!

How am I supposed to ask
you out with all these people?


I meant how am I suppose
give you an explanation

with everyone talking all at once?


Clear it up next time, sir. I
thought you meant something else.

No, I didn't.

No? Okay.


- Your office?
- Yeah.

- Inside, sir?
- Let's go?

- What about them?
- Stay here.

Stay here. I'll be right back.

What about us?

Take note, Bernie. Let's
discuss it. This is urgent.

Call back everyone we let go.

I don't want Ms.
Beautiful to think I'm a liar.

Yes, Boss. I'll see to it
but show me some respect.

Stop winking or I'll
join the rally outside.

What an idiot.

Hold it right there.
What's the rush?

That monkey just left.
Now you're leaving, too.

I don't want to wear
out my welcome, sir.

I should get back to work.

What's your name?

Mia Kalisa, sir.

I'm the leader of
the workers' union.

Ah. I think you'd do
well as my secretary.

If you're my secretary, you won't
have a hard time in production.

It's okay, sir. I'm
used to difficult times.

I see.

Actually, there's another
thing you'd do well as.

Being my girlfriend.

Sir, leave me alone
unless you want a lawsuit.

It was just a joke. Lighten up.

Hi, good afternoon.

Lunch break. Come on, let's eat.

Come on! Let's go!

Okay, go. Go. Lunch
break. Lunch break.

Hi, sir. We're off to lunch.

Hey, Mia. Why didn't
you join the others?


Would you like to eat out?

You sure about that, sir?

Why, of course. Anything for you.

All while trembling.

I can bring someone else, right?

Go nuts.

Hey, my hardworking coworkers!
Boss is treating us to lunch!

Thank you, sir. You're the best.

Let's go.

Where are we eating, sir?

Hi, Ms. Beautiful!

Sorry, sir. You just
popped out of nowhere.

That's okay.


Are those mine, sir?

Thank you, sir.

Sweetie? You're all grown up.

How dare you show your face here.

When father got
sick, you weren't there.

From the day of his
wake till his funeral,

you weren't there either.

My child. Please forgive me
for everything I have done.

I'm sorry, my child.

It's too late.

The person you should apologize to

is long gone.

Sweetie, please…


Who's this?

Ah, hello, Mia. It's me, Dick.

I just wanted to ask how you
are. I missed you all of a sudden.

You never stop, do you?

Fine, I'll give you a chance.

Pick me up right now.

Why are you so quiet?

Why? What's your problem?

Isn't this what you want?

This? And this.


Something's wrong.

I know you're not
this kind of girl.

What's the matter? I will listen.

It's my mother who left
us for so many years.

She came back like
nothing even happened.

Did you listen to
what she has to say?

No. I don't want to.

She's worthless.

That's good, cry it out.

You were hurt so you
deserve to let it all out.

You know, I'm not on the
best terms with my father either.

He also left us.

But when he came back one day,
I accepted him despite how I felt.


Are you some kind of a saint?

That's hard to believe.

We all make mistakes, don't we?

Just think about the
pain they battled against

to finally have the
courage to face you.

Besides, they're
still our parents.

We didn't choose them.

They were gifts from God.

You're not such a
bad person, are you?

My victims wouldn't agree.

What did you say?

I said it's late. I'll
drive you home.

Dear, I'll cut you off for a bit.

You mean to say nothing
happened between you that night?

Nothing, sister.

I think that's just how it
is for attractive people.

Hard to get.

Are you sure?

Even if you're the
one who initiated?

I promise, sister. Hope that
the person beside you dies.

Hey, why me? Get back there.

Really? The Lord
take you right now?

Really, nothing happened, sister.

Satan take you?

Nothing happened. Even if you bring me
to the supreme court. Nothing happened.

Bernie, you know this.
Nothing happened, right?

Yeah, nothing between you. But
something did with the other one.

You sure you don't
want me to drive you?

Yes, I'll be okay.

I can go home on my own.

All right. Just be careful.

Well, well, well,
well… Eight wells.

The leader of the union is here.

You must have been mating inside.

I meant meeting.

Hey, Bernie. Don't
color it with malice.

We just talked.

I'll go ahead, Dick. I
can manage, don't worry.

- Okay.
- I'll go ahead.

- Bye.
- Bye.


You bastard.

That must have felt good, Boss.


I want some of that.
Can I get a kiss, too?

Kiss me. Let me taste it.

Want another one? Huh?

No, I was kidding. Bye!

Hi, babe. Surprise!

Happy fourth monthsary, baby!

Why were you guys
out so late? I fell asleep.

What happened to your lips, baby?

He sucked on breasts.

I meant snails. He got allergies
so now his mouth's all swollen.

Aww, my poor baby.

You ate too many snails?

What other one?

No, what I meant was,

you're the only one,
Mia. You're the best.

I'm so relieved to know
there are still women like you.

You should be emulated,
unlike some people!

Playing sauce and
dip on the first day!

You're 'it' in tag!

We have a winner.

Wait, winner at what?

The ending in basketball?

Sorry? You place
bets in that game?

Ah, my friends do.

Continue, dear. I'm already thinking of
a suitable title for your drama episode.

It should be a one word title.

Please continue.

Because of that night,
we became good friends.

One day, I brought him
home cooked adobo.

As a friend.

I cooked way too much so I
thought I'd bring you some.

You've been cooking
for me so frequently.

I'm getting used to it.

I might develop a taste for it.

Don't worry, friend,
that's not a problem at all.

How's your mom, by the way?

Is she staying with you now?

No, she's not. Not yet.

When the time is right.
Maybe when I'm ready.

Well, I'd better
get going, friend.

Ah, dang. I forgot I already
had adobo for breakfast.

I think I'd rather
have some dessert.

But I didn't prepare dessert.

Though I have a
different dessert in mind.

Wait! Wait!

I thought it was
gonna be wholesome.

And Adobo's my
favorite dish, too. Sister!

Our adobo's wholesome,
yours is sinful!

We were practically
swimming in adobo that day.

There was so much and it
looked like war's gonna break out.

That's my favorite position.


What are you doing here?

I got off work early, so...

I had time to buy ingredients
and cook adobo for Dick.

Adobo? Boss is
already eating adobo!

What adobo?

I meant Boss is
already in a meeting.

- So let me give that to him.
- I'll do it!

Let me do it, silly! Give it!

You're just disturbing him.

No! We'll get in
trouble if we disturb him.

- Go back to your mom!
- Let me see!

Go away!

You're so weird. Just leave!

Clean your face.
It has rice on it!

Can you stop interrupting?

Your face will look like Adobo
when Sister Teresa's done with you.

I've thought of a good
title for your NNK episode.


Geez! I thought you were
an exemplary woman!

But you'd fit right into PornHam.

Sister? How do you
know about PornHam?

Also from my friends.

You sure have a lot of friends.

Go on. Continue.

Dick and I enjoyed a nice
and happy relationship.

We always show each other
how much we love each other.

No matter where we are.

Why'd you ask me
in here wearing this?

I can't breathe.

We're gonna try something.

This is called impact play.

Oh, no, no. I don't like it.

Don't worry. You took all of mine
without issue. This is nothing.

Yours isn't as big as that.

Feels so good!

Where did you learn this?

A friend of mine
taught me earlier.

What did you say?

My assistant taught me.

You mean Bernie?

Yes! Who knew he knew so much!

You're doing this
with others, are you?

Hey, no! I'm not!

- I would never do that.
- Just you!

- Who else have you done this with?
- Just you!



Why do you look like that, sir?

There's a chick in
here with you, huh?

It's just me in here.
You see anybody else?

I'm just here to relax. Let me be.

It looks like...

It looks like there's
nobody else in here.

Sir, can I ask you a question?

What is it?

How do you relax in your
boxer shorts holding a baton?

This is my therapy.

That's actually mine, sir.

I must've left it here in the office
when I came to report this morning.

Ah, this is yours. Take it.

Whoa, sir. I don't
know where that's been.

That's a company issue for me.

Just issue a new one for me.

And here I thought you were a…

But you're a…

What? What are you saying?

Get out of my face.

Or I'm gonna shove
this up your ass.

Oh, sir.

The fuck.

Get out of here! You bastard!

Oh, okay. Sorry, sir.

That part reminds me
of something about Dick.

When I first met Dick,

he was tripping over his
own feet trying to get near me.

Unlike with you girls.

Always remember, starting
a business is a big gamble.

But sometimes, luck
plays hard-to-get.

But if you persevere,

you will surely achieve success.

Thank you very much.

Congratulations, boss!

Hi. My name is Johnny Dick Jordi.

But you can call me Dick.

Yes, I know you,
Mr. 5 in 1 coffee CEO.

Well, I'm flattered.

I didn't expect I'd meet a
beautiful woman here today.

Well, you are famous for
your Dick moves among girls.

My friends warned me.

So you're interested in my moves.

I can show you some if you want.

Sorry. Not interested.

I am a woman of class.

I come from a well-known family.

I'm not cheap like
the girls you're used to.

Well, excuse me.

Hi! Ouch.

I'd like to thank our
sponsors who came today

and extended help for
Typhoon Alfred victims.

Thank you very much everyone.

Thank you.

What's Dick doing here?

No idea, ma'am.

He's so full of himself.

You're right about that.

He gave such a large
donation just to flex.

He's not even good-looking.


I'll go ahead.

Thank you so much.

I think you're not
happy to see me here.

You're right. But thank
you for all your help.

I guess you're the type of person
who likes to show off their wealth.

That's unfair.

It's not like that at all.

It's just… I know how it
feels when you have nothing.

When you are nothing.

Dick, wait.

I'm sorry.

You don't exactly have the
best reputation that's why.

I try to avoid you.

It's fine. Don't worry.

As far as I know, only
cheap women love to gossip.

That's a good one.

I like your humor.

I'll treat you to
dinner as an apology.

Let me think about it… All right.

You okay?

What's the matter?

You seem restless.

Dad and I had an argument
about the family business.

I don't like how he keeps
questioning my decisions.

To be honest, I want to resign.

Then do it. Start
your own business.

That's always been my plan.

That's why I'm attending business
seminars to pick up some tips.

But I'm scared.

What if it doesn't work out?

How will you know
if you don't try?

If it doesn't work, then
you gain experience.

I want to have my own name.

I don't want to live
in my Dad's shadow.

I want to be known and respected
for my own accomplishments.

Just keep going.
I will support you.

Thank you so much.

And for that, you have my yes.


Thank you. You truly
are a blessing in my life.

If I really am a
blessing in your life,

maybe you could bless me, too.

Huh? What do you mean?

I thought you said
you're a woman of class?

Aren't you embarrassed
for the street children

who'll knock on your car window
while you're boning each other?

Calm down, sister.

The windows are tinted anyway.

You're making my
blood pressure rise up.

I'll give a huge donation
to the church later anyway.

To make up for my sins.

Did you say you're
going to donate?

Well, then everything's
all good, sister.

You know, dear,
God forgives all sins.

I can see that your
heart is sincere.

I can see it in your eyes
that you're a good person.

You were probably just
swept by your emotions

and overflowing passion
for Dick at the time.

If I may ask, by the way.

What are the payment terms?
D-Cash? Cash? Credit card?

Here's our QR code.

Here you go. Go ahead, scan it.

Sister! Sister! I'll donate, too.

I think I'm growing fond of you.

How much are you
going to donate, dear?

250. Five gives.

Never mind. You
can keep your money.

Five gives. You'd have spent
more on going back and forth.

Too cunning. Would love
to nail you on the cross.

What did you say?

I swear, sister, if only I could tell
you everything your brother went through.

Hey. Thank you for today.

I feel like I can do anything
as long as you're by my side.

I know, right.

I didn't expect we'd
be able to do all that.

Can we do another round?

Wait. Dad might catch
you. You better go.

Don't worry. I'll
introduce myself to him.

I'll face him like a real man.

You sure?

Dad's a member of the Yakuza.


- Yakuza?
- Yes.

Ah. I forgot I had a meeting.

I have a meeting.

I'll be a real man next time.

- Okay.
- Okay.



Would you like the Boss
to know you're here?

No, man. Please don't.

We can sort this out.

I have my wallet right here.

It's full of money.
There, take it.

We're good.

This will do. But it's enough.

I want that. It looks fancy.

Not this. It's a gift from my mom.

Not this, dude. Please.

Pick something else.

Perfect. I'm gonna go on a
date. I haven't got shoes for it.

So maybe I can
have shoes like yours.

Shoes. Shoes.

It looks really good.

I'm into good-looking things.

That's brand new.

That should do it. Thank you.

Hey. Not so fast.

Shoes. Not enough.

I'm gonna go on
a date, like I said.

And I don't have clothes for it. I was
thinking something like your shirt.

Maybe I could take that too.

Okay, sure. No problem.

But I realize I might look weird

if I were wearing
just shoes and a shirt.

So I think you know what comes
next. I'll be needing your trousers.

How am I supposed
to go home naked?


Fine, fine, you can
have my pants. Jeez.

I was just messing with you.

What's your size?

Ah, large. Large.

Is it the right fit?

That's fine. Long as
the shirt looks good.

Margaret loves large sizes.

- Thanks, man.
- All right.

We're not just
compatible in terms of love

but also on the business matters.

I became adventurous
because of him.

Hi, hon!

What are you doing
here? Dad might see you!

Shush. You're too paranoid.

I just want to help you with your
presentation for the investors.


You're all stressed out.

Why wouldn't I be stressed?

They might not like this.

I know how we can
get rid of your stress.


Let's role play.

Why did you make me wear this?

Let's employ the power of mind.

I'll play-act as your investor.

Normally, it's you who'll try
to woe me to invest in you.

But this time, try to seduce me and
feel that it's me who needs you.

You have power over me.

And once you feel that dominance,

you'll stop feeling nervous
about your presentation.


You wanna play a different role?

No. Daddy's here!

Where? Where?

You should leave! Hurry up!


There's someone else in here.


There's nobody else here, Dad.

If I ever find out that
you're inviting men in here,

I will kill him.

Relax, Dad. Watch your temper.

Come, let's get you some water.

Come on. You need
to drink some water.

- Are you sure there's nobody else here?
- Yes, Dad! It's just the two of us!

Come on.

So Dick almost got
killed by your Dad?

That sounds exactly
like how we met.

I almost died, too.

Excuse me?

Bernie? Hello.

Bernie! I can't hear you.

Is there no signal? I do. Bernie?

Hey! Hey!

Don't do it! Don't do it!

Stop that!

- Don't do it! Don't do it!
- There are many people who love you!

My boobs!

Let go of me!

You pervert!

Help! Help!


That wasn't very nice!

You didn't even help me out!

I didn't mean to touch them.

Why were you going to jump anyway?

Can't believe you slapped
me after I helped you.

You think your loved ones will
appreciate what you were about to do?

Why are you mad?

They say we're living
a borrowed life, right?

Let's just say I
want to give it back.

Wait. Hold on a sec.

What's your problem?

I was just worried.

You might do
something stupid again.

You're pretty nosy, aren't you?

My family doesn't
even care what I do.

Why should you meddle?

Wait. Wait. Wait.

What now?

Have you had something
to eat? Want me to eat you?


Ah, wanna go eat?
So you can chill a little.

Thought you might
wanna talk about this.

Why would I go with you?

You even want to eat me.

Are you a monster?

I'm just concerned about you.

I had a beautiful cousin
who died in an accident.

She wasn't eating right.

So when they found their body,

it was ugly! She looked all weird.

The doctor said that's
what usually happens.

Your face distorts
when you die hungry.

Truth is, I don't
give a shit about you.

All I'm saying is, if you
carry on with your plan,

think it about it.
They'll find your body.

And you'll get
featured on the news.

You sure you'll be okay with
looking ugly on TV and the papers?

I wouldn't want that.

Imagine being dead and all but
people still comment on your looks.

I don't want to be ugly.

Fine, fine. Let's just eat.

There had better be milk tea.

For a suicidal girl,
you're being choosy.

Did you say something?

No. Let's go.

Ladies first.

Hey, slow down.
You'll die from choking.

So what? That's life.

Sorry, it's been
days since I last ate.

I was kicked out
of my aunt's house.

Why? Where are your parents?

They're separated.

They have their own families now.

It's funny, neither of
them want to take me in.

My aunt was just
forced to take care of me,

since may parents
promised they'd pay her.

You're gonna kill
yourself over that?

Yeah! Nobody wants me anyway.

I should just disappear
and stop being a burden.

You know, you're
the very first person

who showed me the
least bit of concern.

I owe you this.

You can ask anything of me.

Oh? Really?

Of course.

But in the next life.

Promise. I don't break
promises. I'm not like my parents.

You know what I'm planning, right?

I don't like that shit.
When people pity me.

When we're done eating,
we'll go our separate ways.

Sorry but I didn't know
that you ran away.

Now I'm worried how you'll
pay for everything you ate.

I thought you
said it's your treat?

Huh? I never said that.

And we ordered ten
thousand worth of food.

All I said was let's eat. I just
wanted someone to eat with.

I didn't say it was my treat.

All this, for real...
it's ten thousand?

Yeah! It's an
expensive restaurant!

Look how much you've eaten.

And your milk tea?
Those pearls in there?

They're made from camel
eyes. Premium quality.

Seriously? That's gross!

What the hell?

How am I gonna
pay for all of this?

You can work for it.

You know my plan, right?

I don't care about your plans.

When you've paid your debt, you're
on your own. Do what you want to do.

What kind of work?

Nothing special. Just
do everything I tell you to.

That's it.

Close it.

Have a seat.

Why did you bring me here?

You're up to something.

Wow. Well, aren't
you one lucky gal.

No. I haven't stayed
in this unit for so long.

You can stay here for now.
We'll go somewhere tomorrow.

You're leaving me here?

You think I'd still be here
when you come back?

You said you owed me
a debt of gratitude, right?

I was going to request
that you put off your plans

until after you've paid
me back the ten thousand.

I'm assuming you're not like
your parents who break promises.

Besides, you'll be able to
pay me back in full tomorrow.

Where do you go home
now? Why can't I stay there?

You can't. My
girlfriend will find out.

What did you say?

I said I can't have you there.
You might crawl on top of me.

Well, then. Get some rest.

Sleep well, okay?

And maybe clean
the place up a bit.


Dick! What are you doing here?

What am I doing here?

Shouldn't I be asking
you that question?

My god.

After I've poured
all my love to you?

After letting you have
your way with my body,

I'll find you here?

You're seeing someone
else, aren't you?

Admit it! Admit it!

Huh? No. I just
came from our unit...


No, you're cheating on me.

You have a side dude.
I know how this goes.

You'll pretend like you're
confused I'm here but in reality,

you're the one who's
doing something fishy!

You're doing reverse
psychology on me, Riley!

Don't touch me.

Don't hug me.

If you want to end
this, just say so.

This is what my ex did to me.


You know I could
never do that to you.

I love you too much.

Sorry I asked.

I was just wondering
what you were doing here.

Don't worry, I
won't ask next time.

All right. I'm sorry, too. I thought
you were seeing someone else.

Let's go home. Just
stop coming here, okay?

I don't want to remember
we had this fight.

It'll make me sad.

Tell you what, I'll make you
happy when we get home.


Okay. Let's go.

Come on in. Come in.


Are you ready, suicide girl?

Why'd you have me
picked up by this ugly driver?

He's my assistant, Bernie.

Big talk calling me
ugly. Are those pink?

And watch how you talk to me. I might
kill you before you do it yourself.


I didn't expect your
house to be so big.

Why'd you have to bring
me to your condo last night?

Ah, because my mom's strict.
Now you're allowed in here.

The other one's gone.

Do you have work for me yet?

No. I'll have work done on you.

B1, B2.


Sounds like kidnappers.

I'll leave her to
your capable hands.

Do you like it?

Really changes the way you look
at life when you're made up, huh?

Mr. De Jesus!

How are you doing?

Oh, Dick. My best buddy
and business partner.

Sir, I would like you to meet
my secretary, Lexie Laurice.

Hi, Lexi. Nice to meet you.

Did you know if Mr. De
Jesus didn't believe

in me, I wouldn't be
where I am today?

Because of his faith
in my capabilities,

I became successful.

Ah, sir. Your family's
looking for you.

I don't know what to tell them.

I think it might be better to
face the problem with them.

I'm ashamed of what I did.

I'm trying to muster the
courage to face them.

I tried to take my own life.

Sorry, Lexie, that you
had to hear all these things.

To cut the long story short, when
my doctor told me I was dying...

I got depressed. I didn't
think about my family.

I wasn't thinking so
I tried to end my life.

When I realized that
I was about to die,

my daughter came to save me.

The next morning,

I regret what I did.

Coming from the hospital,
I decided not to go home.

Sir, we all make mistakes.

The important thing is we're
prepared to make things right.

You are right.

This time, I'll fight
my depression.

I'll fight my condition.

I mean, you know…

It's a lesson I learned.

Come here. Come to me.

You poor thing.

I'm okay. I'm okay.

I'm begging for you.

I'm okay.

I'll go ahead. I have to go.

I have to take my medicine.

Nice seeing you, sir.


- Take care.
- Lexie.

There are still people who fight to live
even when they're disadvantaged, huh?

That is why… Lexie, you are well.

Find a reason to live.

Thank you for today. It was
unexpected and refreshing.

I didn't expect my perspective
to change in one day.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

But don't you want to go home?

Are you telling me to go home?

It's not that. It might look
inappropriate having you under my roof.

I mean for you.

Does it?

Then if anybody
asks, we could tell them

that you're my boyfriend.

Wait. Wait.

Are you trying to woo me?

If that's how you want to see it.

I'll think about it.

If you are, then, I'm saying yes.

And as a nice boyfriend,

I'll give you another
reason to live.

Why, what's the matter?

It's my first time.


What's that?

I caught a fly. It got away.

But don't worry. It's also my first
time so I'm a little bit nervous.

Don't worry, I'll
be gentle with you.

Oh, shit!

Hang on!




It just keeps getting worse!

So much for your first
time experience, girl.

Looks like you got
wrecked in a cockfight.

I'm surprised my brother didn't
break his bones because of you.

I knew the Boss was up to no good.

I should have stayed
when he asked me to leave.

Too bad I wasn't able to watch.

Carry on, girl. Don't be shy. Tell
us more about your experiences.

All I know is, Dick
chased after me.

That's just how it is
when you're attractive.

Would you like a nun to
chase you with a knife?

Wanna try?

Sounds like my first experience.

Can you not join in? You're
not even part of the main cast.

Go on, dear. Continue.

Dick made me feel that I
was special and worth loving.

What do you want now?

You know I'm busy.

What are you doing?

Is that more important than me?

Didn't you say I should
find a reason to live?

Here, I'm looking for
something worth fighting for.

Do that later.

And I noticed you're
looking down again lately.

Really? Do I look sad?

Yes. Look. Believe me.

But don't worry. Leave
it to me. I have an idea.

What's that? What's that for?

You use it to electrify.

I don't like that.
Looks dangerous.

Don't be silly. There's
nothing to worry about. It's safe.

Just a little tickle but you
might die from feeling too good.

Let's do it.

Go easy.


The cord... Pull the cord...

Ouch. Motherfucker.

There. I pulled it.

The wire's still on me.

Bernie! Baby! What
happened to you?

That hurts.

Are you okay?

You're always fooling around.

I'll go ahead. I'll
be out for a bit. Bye.

Just let the cleaner in, okay?

- Okay.
- Bye, baby!

Bernie, you and Dick
almost died, huh?

That's scary!

You bet, sister. We almost
died of a heart attack.

God. We were so
nervous. We almost died.

Bernie, open the...
It might be the...

The wire got stuck, you idiot.

- What happened to you?
- Nothing.

What are you doing here?

Boss! Boss!

Get up!

Lana's outside the door!

Huh? Why?

I don't know. Go in
the bathroom. Hide.


Sorry about this.


Why are you... What
are you doing here?

The agency sent me here.

I'm gonna clean your condo.

What the hell are
you talking about?

That's a lot of... You've
so many side hustles!

Why are you cleaning?

Duh, I'm trying to get through
school. I need to support myself.

Why are you screaming?
What's wrong with you?

- Nothing.
- Step aside.


You sure you need this
cleaned? It's not yet dirty.

And whose unit is
this? Looks sweet.

You here with someone?

No. This is mine so
it's just me. I live alone.

Whenever Boss is at a conference.

I just chill in here.

You totally have someone with you.

Whose undies are these?


You're totally with someone.

Hey. Hey. No, no.

Why is this locked?

Well, because it's locked.

You're with your
girlfriend, aren't you?

These are hers, right?

Yeah, they're hers. We just
saw each other after a long time.

What's it to you?

Introduce me to your girlfriend.

I'm just gonna say hi.

You can't. Hey!

It won't take a second.

Fine. I'll introduce you. Wait.

Hi! I'm Lana by the way.

Bernie's friend.

Hi, Lana. Nice meeting you.

I'm Magenta.

That's my girlfriend.

Bernie, don't take this
the wrong way, but...

is your girlfriend gay?

She's totally not. I just wore her
out that's why she's a little hoarse.

She swallowed all of it.

Anyway, why do you
care? Go away. Just leave!

You're so judgmental. I'm
gonna make you swallow...

Hurry up. We're gonna
go for a second round.

How dare you touch
panties that aren't yours.

Boss, she's gone. Boss.

- This smells so good.
- Is she gone?

Wait. Wait. Heart attack? I
thought from electrocution?

That means if electricity flows
down your peripheral nervous system,

it'll send a high voltage
through your heart.

I'm gonna take a piss. Your
questions are making me nervous.

Isn't that funny?

Who knew that ever since,

Dick always loved
doing a thumbs up.

Aw, that reminds me
of our first meeting.

How about our guests over there?
Are they in their proper seats?

Ah, sir. Sorry. Sorry,
I'm just in a hurry.

It's okay. Go. Go.

What the hell?

What took you so long? You
haven't dressed me up yet.

Sorry. Sorry.

I'm really sorry. I
had to cook for Mama.

She said she'll pull my hair if I
don't cook her dinner before leaving.

I'm sure you did it on purpose.
You want to sabotage me.

Because you're
jealous! Ugly bitch!

That's not true.

That you're not ugly?

That I want to sabotage you.

Easy on the insult.

Kara. In all of your pageants,
I'm the one by your side.

I was never jealous of you because
you're my sister and I love you.

Excuse me. We're
just half-sisters.

In case you forgot, you're
just Papa's bastard daughter.

You should be thankful
Mama and I still took you in.

And this is how you repay us?

Excuse me.

Why do you talk to her like
that? You have no respect.

Who are you?

This is a family matter.

Family? You treat her worse than
a slave and you talk about family?

Why do you care?

Are you in love with
this ugly duckling?

Hey, she's not ugly.

She just needs more sleep.

I don't give a shit
about your opinion.

Who the hell are you anyway?

Hey. Hey.

Little Ms. Gluta addict.

Don't you know my boss
sponsored this beauty pageant?

Want me to send
you over to Miss Gay?

You know what? You don't
deserve to be in this pageant.


But I'm sure my
mom won't like this.

This is your fault.

You can forget about
ever coming home!

Wait, Kara.

Before you go.

Your mom might get mad at me.

Miss. Miss.

Need a hand?

Miss, are you okay?

I'm okay.

My sister's mad at me. I don't
have anyone else to turn to.

My father's long dead.

And I don't even know my mother.

I'm okay. I'm totally fine.

Oh, no, boss. That's your fault.
You quarreled with her sister.

That's what you get for poking
into other people's business.

Ah, is that so? You're
right. It is my fault.

Ah, miss. To make it up to you,
would you like to be my assistant?

I fired the last one, you
see. You'll get free housing.

You can stay at my
place for the time being.

Are you serious?

Oh, wow! You're
so kind! Thank you!

- Move away from me.
- Thank you! Thank you so much!

I want none of your
pimples popping on me.

Huh? Sorry?

Ah, I said we can go
if you're good with it.

We can go now.

Thank you.

Oh, Boss. You fired an assistant
and you didn't even tell me.

You've been keeping
secrets from me.

Who's my assistant?


Well, goodbye then.

You said it was my fault.
God bless on your next work.

I'll pray for you.

Don't do this to me, boss!
Stop messing around.

We're buddies, right, boss?

Nah, you'll be
fine. It's okay, man.

I'll put this in my mouth.

I was just messing
with you. Get up. Get up.

- Promise?
- Yes.

How can I fire you when you've already
advanced almost three years of your pay?

So, miss. You can stay with
me while I find a way to help you.

I can't fire this bastard.

You're really into beauty
pageants, aren't you?

You startled me.

Yeah. Papa's clan is made
up of pageant title holders.

I remember Papa told me

that grandma was
disappointed when he was born.


Because he broke the
chain of beauty pageant titles.

What about you? Ever
wanted to join one?

You're so funny. With this face
does it look like I have a chance?

I won't even make the
cut for Miss Wet Market.

What's the goal of
a beauty pageant?

Is it just for
showcasing one's looks?

For you, what does a
beauty queen represent?

As I see it, a beauty queen
is more than her outer beauty.

I can say that a woman is a true beauty
queen when she is able to inspire others

to feel confident and beautiful
in their own unique way.


Because of your answer, I've
proven that you are more deserving

to be a candidate in beauty contests
compared to your snotty sister.

What chance do I
have against Kara?

She's pretty, while I'm…

Not getting enough
sleep like you said, right?

Of course it was just a joke.

Why don't you want
to tidy yourself up?

You could be really attractive
if you knew how to spruce up.

And maybe wash
your face more often.

What's wrong with the way I look?

It's because I always
just wear hand-me-downs.

Kara's mom said only these
kinds of clothes look good on me.

If I manage to clean you up
and make you even prettier,

will you finally believe
you can be a beauty queen?

Dick, can I ask you a question?

What is it?

Are you... How should I put this…

Are you gay?

Me, gay?

I'm as manly as they
come. Isn't it obvious?

Do you know how many
beauty queens I've turned down?

Margie Moran, Gloria Diaz,
Pia Wurtzbach, Catriona Gray.

They all shed tears for
me and you tell me I'm gay?

I'm sorry.

I can't believe this!

I'm really, sorry, Dick.

It's just that you said you would
dress me up and make me look pretty.

And you sponsor pageants,
and your name is Dick.

That's why I thought you were gay.

If you didn't have acne, I
would have slapped you.

Huh? You're so mean.

Just kidding.

I really hate seeing
people get bullied.

After your makeover,
I promise you,

you can face anyone.

I guarantee you.

Hello, Bernie.

Call up Tom and Jerry.
Send them to the office.

I have a job for them.

It's gonna be bloody.

I'm glad you could make it.

Of course, it's you.

Where's our next
beauty queen trainee?

Actually, we're so
excited to meet her...


Here she is.

Voila! This is Riley Red.

Dick, what the hell is this?

Who's this?

I don't like this.

I thought you said 'beauty'.
Looks like it's all inner beauty.

If you manage to make her
into beauty queen material,

I'll have you set for life.

I'll triple your pay.

Plus bonus.


You can have Bernie.

No, no. Pass on Bernie.

We'll take cash.

I'll leave you to it.

Bernie and I will be
away for two weeks.

Are you ready?

Presenting the next
beauty queen, Riley Red!

The dress fits her so well.

Your dress looks
really good on you.

You're so beautiful, Riley.

My pal is getting angry.


I meant my arm is getting angry.

It happens when I see
a very beautiful woman.

Dick, thank you.


Thank you.


- Cheers.
- Cheers.

Dick, do you have a request?

Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?

I'll cook.

That's okay, you don't have to.

Like I told you,
we can just eat out.

No, it's okay. I want
to do this for you.

My thanks for what you did for me.

I'm happy to finally
see you become happy.

I also spoke with your trainers.

They'll arrange all the
pageants you'll be joining, okay?

Wow, thank you.

Why are you so kind to me?

Because I can see that
you're a good person.

With all the hurtful
words they threw at you,

not once did you fight back.

Riley, you deserve to be happy.

You also deserve
to be happy tonight.

What was that about?

Did your trainers
teach you that, too?

Is that part of
the talent portion?

Young lady, wipe
that smile off your face.

I'm serious.

Is that part of
the talent portion?

90 percent of the criteria?

You're tough competition
in a beauty contest.

You have so many talents. Including
doing under-the-table with the judges.

You're one to talk, cooking
adobo for the judges, too.

Go on with your story, missy.

Because of Dick, I won
a lot of beauty pageants.

Both in the local and
international scene.

In the course of our
relationship, I learned a lot

and made fond memories.

You've been moving
around too much.

I'm trying to lose weight. Only a
few weeks left before the pageant.

Oops. Want to lose weight fast?


Why did you tie me up?

One of the best
cardio exercise is sex.

Tied up to add more excitement.

The more you get excited,
the more calories you burn.

Okay! I'm game!

I need that.

You have me tied up so tightly.

Wait here. I'll just freshen up.

Don't take too long. I'm excited.


She's here for sure.
She left the door open!

What if burglars get in?

We're going to church, Riley!

You're driving me crazy.

She needs all the luck.
We need to light a candle.


Ah, hang on. Speaking
of, I forgot to bring candles.

Let's go find her and ask her if
she's got candles lying around.

I know she's here.

God, Riley!

She already lit a candle.

What an upright pitch!

Oh my god, should I blow it now?

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!


Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you!

I wanna go first!

Make a wish!


Go on, dear. You were saying. My
blood pressure is climbing up again.

All right, to make my blood pressure
drop, let's do a fun question.

Why did your stories with
Dick have a sad ending?

He cheated on me!

Second question.

What year did you have a
relationship with my brother?


Hey! Stop it... Jesus Christ!

That's enough!

Dick! Dick is gone!

Sorry, baby brother!

What's wrong with you? Jesus!

My brother's funeral
is not a rice cake party!

You think you can use
his ashes for foundation?

My brother's already dead,
you just killed him again!

Don't you have room in
your heart for forgiveness?

This is my last question.

I hope this question abates
the anger in your hearts.

What good has my
brother Dick done for you?

Because of Dick, I learned
how to dream bigger.

Before I met Dick, I thought
I was a fading candle,

my fire all burnt out of hope.

But because of his help, I
learned to want more for myself.

I learned to open my mind
and forgive because of Dick.

I learned that just because we get
hurt by challenges thrown at us,

doesn't mean we
should harden our hearts.

I discovered my true
role in life because of Dick.

Because of him, I
pursued the role I want.

Thanks to Dick, I achieved it.

Before I met Dick,

I had no life to speak of.

Because of Dick, I felt recharged
and renewed with strength.

He showed me that
living is still worthwhile.

I broke free from my
insecurities because of Dick.

I used to have negative
views about myself.

With Dick's help,

I broke free from the tight clutches
of negative self-perceptions.

Now that your
eulogies are finished,

I just want to thank everyone
who's here with us tonight.

And to the five of you,

I want to ask forgiveness for
the pains my brother caused you.

I know that Dick was there to love you at
a time when you needed someone to love you.

He loved you in the
best way he knew how.

It may not have
been the ideal love,

but it was genuine.

Oh, please, stop hugging!

We all know you just
took advantage of Dick.

You loved him because
you're opportunists!

Do you need me to slap you?

Because of your stories,

I'm also reminded of a
story about my brother.

When the doctor finally told us

how much longer he
has to live, he asked me

what legacy he'll
leave in this world.

I chuckled because I didn't think
he'd be leaving anything good.

But when I heard
all of your stories,

I thought, my brother did
accomplish some good things.

I realized that anyone can change.

I almost forgot.

My brother wanted
you to watch something.

Give me a sec.
Here's the flash drive.

Hello to all of you.

It pains me to say this

but I knew this day would come.

So I prepared this
message for all of you.

I want to thank everyone
who's come here to my wake.

Especially to the most
beloved women of my life,

Lana Rose, Mia Kalisa, Maria Osaka,
Lexie Laurice, and Riley Red.

I want to apologize for dating
all five of you at the same time.

But believe it or not, I
loved you all equally.

They say that 5 in 1
coffee is my greatest legacy.

They don't realize that the
five of you are my true legacy.

If you think about it, you're
like the 5 in 1 ingredients.

Lana Rose is sugar because
she is such a sweet person.

Mia Kalisa is coffee because
she has such courage and grit.

Maria Osaka is mushroom extract
for having such high standards.

Lexie Laurice is creamer because she's good
at blending in and reaching other people.

And lastly,

Riley Red is ginseng because she gives
out this positive energy to young people

who have dreams of
being a beauty queen.

5 in 1 coffee is my legacy.

The five of you is
my greatest legacy.

I just noticed, sister.

You're the one who arranged
everything for Dick's wake.

But he never mentioned
you in the video message.

Isn't that the saddest part?

I was just trying to ignore it.

Don't worry, sister.
He'll pay you a visit later.

Before I forget, the reason why I
let all five of you deliver a eulogy

is because I wanted to find out who
among you was Dick's greatest love.

Because that person will
inherit his greatest treasure.

But after watching the video,

and hearing your stories,

I have decided that the five
of you will inherit his treasure.

You are now the new
owners of Dick's 5 in 1 coffee.


Jealous bitch.

Oh my God, girls.

So happy!

Mia, we need to go home now.

We'll see you at the office, okay?

Yeah, we'll take care of the
company while you're away.

Mia, Allen, enjoy yourselves,
okay? Take your time.

Again, congratulations.

I wish we all find our true love.

I'm so jealous of you.

Stay a little longer. It's early.

We're leaving now. No, sorry.

We'll make it up to you next time.

We still have somewhere to be.

Oh my god, brother.


I missed your wedding.
My flight got delayed.

Important thing is
you're here now, brother.

Who are these lovely
ladies right here, bro?

Aww, introduce them!

Mia's best friends.
This is my brother Ivan.

Too bad, bro. You won't
hang out with them anymore.

Huh? We're not going yet.


Me either. I think it would be fun
to chat with Ivan about business.

Yeah, I'll need someone
to go home with later.

Right. Let's drink?