47 Days The Mystery Unfolds (2018) - full transcript

About a suspended cop Satya, who lost his wife in mysterious circumstances, unexpectedly he gets hold of another case which relates to his wife's death. He's starts investigating that case,...

Life is a big mystery understood by none.

Let's see if one such mystery coming up in our hero's life
would give an answer to the question haunting him down.

Come on Tyson

Tyson... Tyson... Stop Tyson

Hey, let us see

On this beach always peaceful, public coming for morning
jogging seeing this incident at once are shocked with fear

But the Police are yet to still identify
about whose is this dead body

Stop that public first

Are you the one who called?
- Yes Sir

Come once to the station
- Ok sir

- Sir, you think this is suicide or a murder?

See, don’t make any assumptions.
We too just got the information

Once our investigation is over and we get clarity,
we shall inform you. Thank you

Paddu... Paddu

Hello boss

Will you try this? It’s a good material

No habit, move aside

Mine too was the same dialogue
for the first time

Looks like you are in some tension.
You’ll get relaxed, try

Don’t force anyone ever

Paddu... Paddu stop

Nobody here... Nothing...
Come on let’s party...

Paddu stop

Satya, Come...
- Paddu, where?

Paddu, it’s already late

Satya, I love this place. You too come

Come on, we will go home

Paddu, waves are high. Listen to me.
We shall go home

Hey, who is this?

Paddu, what is this like a small girl?

Hey, are you mad? Where are you going?

You wish to die or what?

My wife
- What?

Paddu please, come


I’m saying you. Come on, we will go please

Hey, did you drink high?
There isn’t anyone there

Move, move on... Move from here

My wife Paddu is there. My wife...


I put aside the truth that she isn’t with me now,
I’m living in a lie that she’s always with me

- Will you give the phone to baby once?

Ok Sir...

Swecha, daddy’s phone

Hello daddy, when are you coming? Saturday is
my birthday, are you coming or forgot?

I won’t talk to you if you don’t come

I’m coming. I’m coming for you dear
- Ok

Bye Swecha
- Bye daddy

Rishi, are you ready? Take the lunch box
- Yes, I took

Sir... Good morning Sir

Sorry Sir, I’m slowly recovering Sir

I’m sorry sir. Because of me like this

Oh no, what Sir? Be seated Sir, please.

Sir, my lost confidence is back because of you Sir

Though worked with you for just few days,
I’ve the satisfaction to have worked very sincere

There are many as me in the department Sir

No problem even if I’m down.
People like you are very less

Department has a need of you Sir

- Swecha

How are you?
- Fine

Are you going to school?
- Yes

Where are you taking me, dad?

- Oh

You go to school
- Ok

Sravani, take baby out
- I’ll come tomorrow and take you out

- Sure

SMS from an unknown this morning to
the Government officials is become a sensation

Going into the details, the Police concluded that
death of Phoenix Pharmaceuticals owner Srinivas

two months back is a suicide and closed the case

But that stranger requested in SMS that
a complete investigation needs to be carried out

stating that this isn’t suicide but a cold blooded murder

My brain is getting heated up. You must have
seen in the morning news, right?

I investigated that close myself and closed it

And now as someone messaged, District Judge got
serious and called our Commissioner it seems

And he asks to reinvestigate and submit
the whole report in two days. What’s this?

Hello... Satya...

When I’m shouting here,
why are you thinking elsewhere?

Ok, bring two glasses

What’s this dude, how many days more?

Paddu isn’t there. Start another fresh life

Even if not for you, start for Swecha

How far has your investigation come?
- Which investigation?

Hey, this is closed long back.
There’s nothing to investigate

He texted to be committing suicide
and then died

What more investigation, it’s closed

Closed... The case is closed

Morning Satya
- Say Ravi

I mean, my kid needs to be dropped right?
To school... I’m here

You didn’t get up even when I woke you up
- Ok, see you

- Say

Nothing, is there the file on the table?

Yes, it’s there

Thank God,
I searched whole house thinking it’s lost

I should submit that file tomorrow. I’ll come
and take in the evening - Ok

Ok, see you
- Bye

Company worth Crores...
Died in a very small age...

Is Phoenix Pharma owner
Srinivas Kakarla’s a suicide or murder?

It’s yet to be known.
Police have completed enquiry.

Information is that they’re going to submit
their report tomorrow to the Commissioner

Let’s hope the shades of doubt around
that case get cleared by tomorrow

Now, we will take a small break

Same stamp... same club

File is ready sir, morning submit...

March 23rd...

March 23rd, dates are matching

So, is there any link in between
Paddu’s suicide and Srinivas’s death ?



Ravi, gather the team and I’m coming
- Ok

- What happened?

Shall we go?
- What?

I said we shall go to
Sravya’s birthday party, right?

- I’m Satya, ACP

- Are you Srinivas’s wife?

Yes - I came to talk about
your husband’s suicide case. Can I?

Please come

Be seated
- Yeah, thanks

Can I get a glass of water please?
- Yeah sure - Yeah

Thank you... Please

So, do you mind if I ask you few questions?
- Sure

Did Srinivas have any financial issues?
- No

For you both... Any disturbances as such?

Nothing so, Sir

Where was Srinivas on March 22nd evening?

Actually, we both went for a party

How was his attitude? Everything normal?

Yeah, I mean he was pretty casual

In fact, he reserved the table for us

After a long time,
he got some time to spend with me

In real, we were at the beach for
a long time after the party

He went aside saying he got some call

I waited for long, he didn’t come

I tried his phone too, didn’t connect

That’s very common for him.
He doesn’t care anyone when he’s into work

I thought the same and came back home

But, by the time I woke up and saw in the morning,
I had a message from Srinivas

I’m fed up... I quit

I never expected Srinivas to do so

I’m so sorry

This is my number. If you want to say something
about the case, you can call me - Ok

See to that there isn’t any problem
- Ok Sir


Who are you?

What are you doing in our flats?

I spoke to wife of 403 Suicide victim
Srinivas and returning

Oh, what? Did you speak to 403 Srinivas’s wife
and coming back? - Yes

You know who I am?
General Secretary to these flats, Janardhan

Not even a fly gets in or even grass flies out
without my orders, understand?

Hello, which zone are you from?
- West zone

West zone? Your Commissioner Dalvi
is my friend, shall I talk?

That isn’t it Sir, what I want to say is
- Ok

You want a clarification, right? Ok

- Sir

Bring 403 keys
- Ok Sir

It’s locked, come let’s see. Come on

Come on man, you too come

Srinivas Rao isn’t married at all
and a wife again

He doesn’t understand when said that house
is locked after he died. Open the lock

It’s locked... yes

Come on...

Where Sir, where is his wife?
- Excuse me madam

Excuse me


What happened? Aah!

Hello, didn’t you see the girl?

I sat there and the girl sat here.
I even drank water

What, you sat here and drank water?
Where is the water and where is the person?

I even wrote my number
- Is it?

Oh number... Where did you write?
On this mirror?

Then you had food and slept for a while...

Look, it is so if you drink and do your duty

Go man, don’t create a nuisance
- Sir...

He’s come

Hello Sir, myself Oilve Green.
I sell clean and original Olive oil products

Hey Olive oil, what’s your work here? Get out
- You stop Sir

I should tell you a matter.
Did you really speak to that girl?

I spoke
- Oh no

I’ll tell you a secret, come here.
There’s a ghost in this flat

- Yes

Ghost, did he say there’s a ghost in this flat?

Hey Olive oil, get out from here
- Sir, believe me. I promise on my Olive oil

It’s true Sir
- Get out, I’ll beat you up

Wait Sir, I’m not saying about your wife
- Why about my wife?

Don’t believe the words of this idiot Sir
- You get out first

There’s already a mad idiot in our flats
and you too don’t behave like a mad guy

Girl is there, gave water, signed
and wrote number...

Get away man, don’t talk too much
- Hey...

He called me as he was my friend. If it was
any other, he’d have filed a nuisance case

Satya, you’re already in suspension
and you’re going to rejoin in 4 months

Why are you complicating this?

Sir, there is some link with Srinivas’s case
and my wife Paddu’s suicide

I thus went there
- Satya, please

Ravi already did reinvestigation

Sir, the dates are matching and...
- Please

- Yes Sir

Give me the file

It’s a suicide Satya

And the case is closed

I have none to say as my own except Paddu

After finishing the training,
I came to Vizag for her

'Few days Ago'
Why is the entire room like this? Take those boxes and put here

Keep the room neat
- Oh no

Satya, it’ll be so when you do works
which you never do

Where is the first aid kit?

Where is the first aid kit?

There’s nothing as such Paddu,
you come here

Satya, you know how careless you be?
Don’t keep in water for much long

Hey, what’s this? No!
- Don’t move

- Yes

What’ve you done about the matter I said in phone?
- Hah

Not hah, but waiting for your reply

Is it? What did you exactly say?

I was in office that day, right?
I didn’t listen properly

Really Satya, what did you say?

Madam, it’s time

Auto is waiting down, I’m leaving.
Be careful

Paddu, I love you

Paddu, if you say Ok,
I’ll marry you right today

Officer Sir, you came just today right?

There are so many works we got to do

We shall go to some peaceful place.
Only you and I should be there

We shall chat so much and
we both shall fight

I should feel bad then and
you shall come and say me sorry

It’s a long process officer, takes time.

What to do?

What to do, what shall I do?

I can’t speak up seeing that smile,
what shall I do?

When I’m going like a dove,
he waited my way as the blue cloud

When I’m slipping as a honey drop,
he turned into a honey bee

Oh my dear... Oh my dear...

What to do, he’s so naughty

What to do, he’s become my own

When did he enter into the heart
without information?

It’s him before me
when I came into the age

No idea, when is the bonding made

Hey friend, my life

I’m here for you as you’ll be mine

I’ll become a cool breeze
to relieve your tiredness

What to do?

Oh my dear...

What to do, he’s so naughty

Who gave, say who gave rascal?
- No, I don’t know Sir

Sir, please look into it Sir
- Hey, go and sit on the side

What about you idiot?
Why did you come late?

Sign here

I’m coming daily right?
What’s gone if I’m late by 10 minutes?

Who gave?
- I don’t know Sir

Say, where did you buy?
- I don’t know anything Sir

Good morning Sir
- Morning

Where’s Ravi?
- He’s inside Sir

- ACP, who came newly


I just took charge and came directly to see you
- Won’t you change at all?

I changed the style, right?

I mean, you do if you think?
Satya IPS, I’m so proud of you

Still, keep that all aside. You said some business
and all, why did you come into the department?

My brother in law gave a hand saying
to give money now and then

Feeling that I was roaming around very free, here
my dad gave this job with a recommendation

I don’t have so much passion as you.
You worked hard and became IPS now

How’s your family?
- Family... Huh!

Husband like me... World’s number 1 father.
They’re very luxurious

- Down down

Mr. Rajaram, you come out first.

Are you Police or animals?
Beating a small kid like an animal

On what basis have you arrested him?
I’ll drag all you people into the court

Please, please leave.
Thank you, thank you very much

Are you saying rules to us?
You know who I am?

I’m a human rights activist.
Human will have few rights

Do you know that there’ll be
a society to safeguard them?

What happened?
- Sir, that is a boy of Intermediate

As he was blocking the whole traffic being high,
I brought him Sir - Yes

When searched in the pockets,
I found this Sir

Mandrax pill Sir. They’re circulating
maximum in the whole city Sir

Small kids Sir, they’re getting
attracted a lot Sir

You’d have kept in his pocket
- Why me Sir?

Who doesn’t know about you?

Give the bail paper and leave that boy

Sir, I’m gathering information
- Rajaram, leave that fellow

Sir, not like that
- Rajaram, leave him

File this

- Sorry Sir

How long have you been in the department?
- 15 Years Sir

15 Years?
- Yes Sir

Most frustrated soul in the department

As you had no case found, you thought a student
and wished to push him inside, Rajaram?

If human rights people involve,
total station has to stand on the roads

And our personal grudges,
we shouldn’t push over the public Rajaram

Hope you get it


Are you trying to justify the act you did?
- No Sir, believe my words Sir, please

2 Crores worth material is changing hands
this night at 2. Please Sir, believe me

Don’t support yourself. You hit
as you like and he spoke as he liked

Not so Sir, please trust me Sir
- Oh no! Satya

He’s blabbering something Satya. Sir, please
- Let’s give it a try

At what time in the night?
- 2’o Clock in the night Sir, matter of few hours

He’s given genuine information after so long

What shall we do?
- Let’s go

Where? See how many are there. We have
no need to take so much risk, Satya

We get a backup calling the Control room

Ravi, it takes 30 minutes for them to come
if we call control room and we’ll miss them

Come on, let’s go
- It isn’t safe and we can’t do this

Sir, I’ll come

Stay here
- Yes Sir

Hey, who are you? Where is George?
Why don’t you talk?

Yes, all went well. I’ll be coming.
Did son sleep?

Don’t take tension, I’ll take care

- Sir

Good job

Thank you Sir

Good morning Sir
- Morning

- Yes

Satya, right?
- Yes Sir

Congrats young man, you’ve done a great job
- Thank you

But nothing will work out if risk
is taken every time

Be careful
- Sure Sir

All the best

Thanks Satya, for dropping

- Yes

Shall we marry?

Two minutes

No idea whether we’ll live together for
thousand years but will take great care of you

Ok for you, right?

He’s turned as a tattoo

He’s mixed in me warmly

He hugged me like ring on my feet figure

He walked with me as my companion

You met as mom in this life,
I’ll be with you forever

And won’t go away even in death

When you’re filled in heart will
we be different as you and me?

What to do? What shall I do?

I don’t get to talk seeing that smile, what to do?

- I’m applying leave today

Hey, go

Sir, my son came first in running race
- Oh

Have sweet Sir - Congrats
- Thank you Sir

Come for lunch with your family once. My wife
is learning cooking videos from YouTube

Madam is doing experiments on you

One second - Yes Sir

- Paddu

Come once to the hostel Satya
- What happened?

Poor warden Ramayya
- Hey, what happened?

Come once Satya
- Ok, ok

What happened, Sir?
- Go urgently to Seethammadhara

Paddu, what happened?

Ramayya died with heart attack, Satya.
They just took the body

Poor Swecha, they called orphanage
and they’re coming

Satya, I never asked you anything right?
- Yes

I’m asking now,
Shall we take Swecha with us?

We both know well as to how it feels
without having mom and dad

We both waited for someone
to come and take us

I don’t feel like leaving Swecha like that

I wish to give her a new world Satya, please


Come on

Happy birthday Paddu
- Happy birthday mom

Swecha, put with this
- Come on, I know dad

Huh - Dad, look here
- Paddu

Satya, will you be for
thousand years with me?

Thousand years, are they enough?


I thought you were very happy with me, Paddu.
But why did you do so?

Salutes Sir

No, no... You don’t worry Sir

We’ll take care of that

Material will be delivered tonight

Sir, he’s caught Sir

Hey, what are you seeing so idiot?

You kill him sir, kill him

Put safety on
- Don’t kill

Hey look, I’m surrendering


Sir... Sir, where are you going Sir?


Sir, shoot Sir


He’s a most wanted criminal. How did you
lead without saying anyone?

Rajaram got paralysed and lost
his job just because of you

Satya, I said you inadvance not to take
risk as it won’t always work out

We know you’re an extreme talent but your
mental state isn’t good after your wife’s death

You need some rest

So, we’ve decided to suspend you for six months

'Back to Present'

Department isn’t believing in me.
It’s seeing me like a mad guy.

I’ve to prove them wrong

Dad, today you know? While playing .
with Kishore, he pushed me

When I said my dad is Police,
he immediately feared and said sorry

Ok, it’s late now. You go in and sleep. I and
uncle will talk - Ok, good night

Ok, go

Sir, you say to have spoken to that girl and
they say there’s none. What’s this Sir?

I too don’t understand that

They are saying flat is
closed from one month

But that girl is inside and
is saying very clearly about Srinivas

For sure, there’s some link to her
and Srinivas’s suicide

I’ve to catch her at any cost

Yes, ok sir

What would you like to have Sir?

I need your guest records
- Guest list? Who are you?

Sir, my boss will be here
in the next 10 to 15 minutes

If they see you watching the records,
they’ll take me off the job Sir

Is CCTV footage there?
- There’ll be a folder named CCTV just beside Sir

What’s happening, who’s he?

Sir, ACP it seems and
asked should see CCTV footage.

When I said to wait for 10 minutes
as my boss would come, he isn’t stopping Sir

Excuse me, get up
- What?

What’s happening?

I came for the case information
- You have a search warrant?

No, but I need the CCTV footage

Huh, DGP is my friend. I’ll talk to him

Thank you

Hello Sir - Yes

I’m coming from department

I need few details about Srinivas suicide

Be seated
- Thank you

How was Srinivas with you before suicide?

He was very normal

If you know any more details...

Call on this number
- Ok

Oh no, is it needed to go into that flat now?

I somehow managed that security guard and
brought the key Sir. Just 10 minutes, ok?

Ok! Come on

Sir, 2 minutes 20 seconds is over.
Client is waiting there, Sir

Where again, man?

Mr Olive
- Sir, Olive Green Sir

Who are all these? - These...
There’s Zumba center up and they come there Sir

Let’s go
- Sir

Ok and the hands... 1, 2 clockwise,
anti clockwise...

Now the head... 1,2,3
- She’s the instructor Sir

1,2... What am I doing and what’re you doing?
- Vani

- We’re doing fine, right madam?

Have you come again? How many times did
I say not to come holding those oil cans?

You and your oily face... Don’t you have
any shame? - Hello

Give respect, not me but he brought me

Hello, who are you?

More than 100 come every day. There are 3 batches,
one in the morning and two in the evening

How many do I remember Sir?
- Attendance log...

Are you maintaining any attendance log?

Attendance... Yes, just a second

There’d be all in and out details in this
- Sure

Vani... Hi...
- Huh!

This Christina...
Who is Christina?

This girl isn’t coming now.
Even before, she used to come very irregular

If I hit you...

Sir, 9 minutes 40 seconds is over.
I need to go Sir

Thank you
- It’s ok Sir

My bottles
- Take them

Excuse me
- Yes

Christina, did she come in
the morning batch yesterday?

Let me check

Yes, she came.
Oh, I remembered now

Yesterday when she came I asked
why she wasn’t coming regularly

She said health wasn’t good
- Sir, I should go

Can I get the details
- Sir, I’m talking to you

One second
- Yes

Oh sorry Sir, all my team are oily faces
- What?

They won’t even repair when the system is spoilt.
You give the number and I’ll send details

Go, dirty rascal


- I’m Mohan Rao speaking

Which Mohan Rao? - You came
to office in the morning and spoke, right?

Yes, say
- I called to share one thing with you

I’ve got 25 years of bonding with this company.
I took care of Srinivas like my own son

And when heard he committed suicide,
I somehow couldn’t believe

I doubted something for sure has happened

Thus I went few times to complaint
at the Police station.

But there, they said case is already
closed and why do I care

None cared and I couldn’t
just stay still watching so

And thus I sent message to Police Commissioner,
media, Judge and district Collector

I don’t know how far would the information I give
help you, but recently I saw our guy with a girl many times

With the closeness I had, I asked him one day

Our revenue is very good in this quarter. Even that
Japan contract is like coming to us.

I’m sure about it
- Nice

Thank you

Son, one small thing... You won’t
mistake me, right? - Yes

I saw you recently with a girl many times.
Any good news?

You’re elders in age

You know your limits well,
I don’t think should say you

I felt his behavior somehow strange

Thus I’m saying it with you

Where did you see that girl?

Thank you

Hey... Hey...

Your body looks great to see.
This sets correctly for massage

Will the hair come? Go man

Oh no, our ACP...
Sir, what are you doing here?

I saw that girl
- Girl...

Which girl Sir?
- That girl I saw in the flat

What, you saw our ghost? Where Sir?

Hey come to a side, what in the traffic?

You’ve seen right? This is the deed
by a suspended Police Officer

He made a mess saying
to have seen ghost in the auto

Common public is questioning how when Police
to safeguard peace and safety does so?

Let’s wait and see how our
Police department responds on this

I really saw that girl Sir,
she’s escaping and moving around

And Sir, Srinivas’s isn’t a suicide
- Satya, I’ve already warned you

That case is closed.
You are making an issue unnecessarily

Now TV people repeatedly plays
that clip and say Police are a waste

Sir, there’s CCTV footage to show Srinivas
was with that girl in party that day

And if you give permission, I will
- Stop it Satya

This is my last and final warning. If this topic comes
before me once again, I‘ll take serious action on you

You may leave now

Yes - Are you srinivas’s wife?
- Yes

Where did you write, on this mirror?

I asked her yesterday when she came as to why
she isn’t coming regularly. She said health isn’t fine

When I heard he committed suicide,
I somehow couldn’t believe

It’s a suicide Satya and the case is closed

Let anyone believe me or not,
I’ll somehow solve this mystery

Who do you want Sir?

Yesterday at about 11, a girl with a black scarf
got into an auto, who is she?

She used to live in the penthouse
and left vacating this morning

Did she vacate?
- Yes Sir

You know where is she now?
- How will we know, Sir?

Can I see the flat?
- Not possible Sir

It’ll be a problem if our people
see, not possible Sir.

No sir...

What’s this dude?
- I said, right Ravi? Still, none of you are believing

What’s there in this? There’s Romeo, Juliet.
I don’t understand anything

Ravi, she’s trying to communicate something.
She says me as Romeo and she’s Juliet

Damn! Isn’t it any Laila Majnu?

Did you call me so urgently to say this?

Sandhya is waiting at home and
I need to take her out

Boss Satya... It’s you

I’ll prove you. One second

Ravi, see this.
This is my 7th class photograph

She’s Paddu and we both
are from the same class

Listen Ravi, now it gets interesting.
Look at her

Only this girl used to call me Romeo.
She’s Juliet, Ravi

I just remembered. That annual day we played
Romeo Juliet. I was Romeo and she was Juliet

And exactly that same day night, she went missing.
None knows where she went, Ravi

Ravi, the girl I’m searching for
and this girl are the same

Stop it, just stop it

Ravi - What 7th class,
what is Romeo Juliet play and what’s that girl?

What’s her relation to this case?
Won’t you leave this case? Damn!

Satya, I know. You can’t forget
Paddu so easily. It’ll take time

You’d been to Goa for forty days right? Go elsewhere
in the same way. Try to forget her

I know it’s tough, please.
Be peaceful and let me be peaceful

Yeah, starting. Bye dude, bye

I’m coming

Only this girl used to call me Romeo
- Romeo

Excuse me madam
- Yes

Please say
- Did you identify madam? Satya

Which Satya?

Satya Dev, studied here till 10th. I didn’t have interest in
Mathematics and you made me take up that subject.

Yes, Satya come. Sit down, be seated

Thank you madam

So, how are you Satya?
- I’m good

What are you doing now?

Oh, Police? Good

So, would you like to have anything?
Coffee, Tea...

No, I’m fine. Thank you
- Ok

Your batch often come and visits.
You haven’t attended any Alumni meetings.

Did you identify this girl madam?

15 years back, she had to play Juliet in Romeo-Juliet play.
But, in the last minute she was replaced with Paddu

She was never again seen in
the school and said she ran away

What exactly happened to her?
Do you have any clue?

Students, topic being given to your class
this time for annual day is Shakespeare

So, let’s do the Romeo-Juliet play.
Who’ll be the Romeo?

Satya, you play the Romeo role
- Ok madam

And, who is the Juliet
- Ma’am

Paddu, not you.

Let’s give a chance to...
That girl... You do the Juliet

Look into that line carefully, next is you
- Ok

- Yes

You got a call - Is it?
- Yes - Ok

Thinking school reputation gets damaged if
that matter is out, we managed at the Police

In my entire career,
that’s the only bad experience I had

Thank you madam

Who’s that girl?

Who’s she?

She comes across

As a mystery

Who’s that?

The girl shaking

Is she the remembrance of
past or answer of future?

Curtains raised and seen

Like a lightening, where did she vanish?

Heart beat fast and confusion on, time is gone

It’s hard enough

Heart beat fast and life shivered,
didn't identify

Heart is swinging

Satya, I’ve been trying from two days
and no response. Where did you go?

You went searching for that Juliet, right?

Satya, you are going mad

You are unnecessarily trying to
connect two random dots

I don’t know what’s the link in
between Srinivas’s murder and Juliet

And to Paddu’s death,
there is no relation at all

It’s just an incident.
May have fallen slipping by leg, right?

I think, you are trying to prove
something by connecting these two

It just doesn’t work that way, trust me

Satya, when our loved ones die before our eyes...
I think I can understand that pain

It’s time you move on,
you have a bright future

What did you say Ravi?
You can understand my pain?

When the girl I loved more than
my life died in front of my eyes...

How that pain is...
I’m sure you can’t understand, Ravi

I don’t know about my bright future

I promised her, Ravi

To safeguard her very carefully

I gave a word

I’m a loser now

What did you just say, Ravi?
It is just an accident?

Maybe even I’d thought the same
if I hadn’t touched Srinivas’s case

Either you support as a friend or leave it

But never, ever call that an accidental death

Please... Never...

What are you thinking to do now?

See this

So, are you meeting Juliet
tomorrow at the mosque?


She spoke to you at March 22nd party.
Do you remember?

She was on very high that day in party.
She asked rest room directions

When a person arrived, she left with him

What? Do you remember who it was?

I don’t exactly remember.
But, I can recognize seeing him

Why, what happened?

What exactly is your name?

You say Juliet and move
in the burkha (Black dress)

And when went to school,
wardens said you ran away

Who exactly are you?

I’ll say Satya, I’ll say everything

I was most happy that day than all

After getting ready,
while I was coming from hostel...

Why are you so beautiful today, dear?

Sir, what’s it Sir?


I did to save myself but not wantedly

None cared though I was saying

When said to call the Police,
I got frightened and ran away

When you ran away
why did you return back again?

You were in Srinivas’s flat that day. What exactly
is the relation between you and Srinivas?

It isn’t in anyone’s hands about when
and where would the life lead

Similarly I too entered unexpectedly
into Srinivas’s life

Excuse me
- Yes

Are you Christina?


So, why are you messaging me?

I saw your interview recently in
Times of India. I liked it very much

Innovations you are doing in
Pharma industry are just amazing

So, I fixed to do a job just in your company

I’m texting to know if
there are any job openings

What, you texted me for job?
- Yeah

If there are any openings,
we mention on our website

If your qualifications match us,
you get a call from HR team

I found

Can you keep up?

It’s ok


Baby, I always wish to be like this

Shall we get married?
- Marriage? - Yes

Why so fast? I have some professional goals

I should take business to a range.
I should see my name in the top businessmen list of India

It’ll take some time.
It may take at least 4 to 5 years

Why so much anger?
- I said right, I want to be just with you

Not like that, if I say marriage now, my uncles
will think I’ve no interest on business and lost focus

They’ll try to take my position
and I don’t like that

But... I have an idea


Like that I said Christina and joined in Zumba

We started a secret relationship without
anyone from the flats knowing that

We both were very happy

He even planned dinner on March 22nd night.
I too thought to give him a surprise

But that day...
I came to know what he really was

Srinivas along with a few big shots, basing on his
Pharmaceutical Company in city is manufacturing Mandrax pills

They’re exporting to foreign countries.
Crores of business is running

I asked the same matter that day after the party

Come out

What happened to you, why are you like that?

See baby, ask me right away
if there is anything to be asked

But don’t be serious like this
- You know what, it’s my mistake

Continuing my feeling from childhood,
I came till here searching for you, I was a fool

I thought you were a good guy. But I just came
to know that you’re running a dark empire in mask

I wished to give you a surprise
- What is that?

My name isn’t Christina
- What?

Do you remember? Romeo-Juliet play in childhood
in 7th class, you were Romeo and I was Juliet

What Romeo and what Juliet?
What are you talking?

Didn’t you still remember? St. Anns School, when all
were teasing me as I came newly, you blocked them all

Hold on, wait a minute! Let me think.
My name is Srinivas, Satya Srinivas Kakrla

What? - I don’t understand
at all about what you’re talking

Ok! Wait, wait a minute. There was a guy named
Satya in school and was very active in cultural activities

A girl ran away those days from school,
was that you?

Satya Dev! You came to me, mistaking for him

This is classic, man. I mean, this is crazy.
Oh poor girl!

Listen to me darling, let me make
one thing clear to you

My name is Srinivas and I’m definitely
not your Romeo. Understood?

What? You got close to Srinivas
mistaking for me?

He took you so casual. Then what was the need
for Srinivas to commit suicide that day?

Hey, babe
- Just leave my hand

You came in touch with me
- Leave me

You got closer and going away now in anger
- Leave

Is it all, your wish?
- I said leave

We anyways came close
and we’re having fun

Do you think I am a slut?

- This is the problem with you girls

Mellow drama for every small thing
- Leave... Just leave me

Come on
- Just go away


I killed Srinivas like that accidentally

I thought to surrender myself to the Police

But after two days I saw in News
that it was suicide

And then I too let that go

But, I came to know that
the case got reopened

I thought there were no evidences left behind
to show I and Srinivas had a relation

Suddenly I remembered that there was a photo
of me and Srinivas in his cupboard

I came again to Srinivas’s flat
in a fear that it may fall out

You came for investigation
at the same time and I met you

I thought to meet you and give this

What is this?
- No idea, I don’t exactly know

I came to know that it was very important
for Srinivas, in that day’s party

Thus after I hit Srinivas and ran away,
I brought this with me

I understood that all behind this
will definitely fall out

They are following me knowing
that this is with me

Thus I got frightened and shifted my flat

I’ll keep this

Come, let’s go
- No, I can’t

Bullet hit and we got to take to hospital


Give your phone.

Join in care hospital beside
- Ok Sir

I’ll call
- Go, go


- Hey Satya

Where is Dalvi Sir?
- Why, what happened?

Where Ravi? - Oh, he is inside on some
important call and asked not to disturb for one hour

Hey Satya - Ok, I’ll take care of it,
No problem - Sir

Satya, I’m in an important call
- Sir, I need to talk for two minutes

Sir, it’s an emergency. Can I call you later?
- Yeah, sure

Sir, they shot Juliet
- Who is Juliet?

The girl I’m searching for
- Who shot her?

Gangster Shafi

Why did that gangster Shafi shoot that girl?

Sir, it’s all connected to a drug syndicate

And Juliet said all big shots like
Srinivas are into that

Srinivas means that Phoenix Company owner, right?
- Yes Sir

And Sir, Srinivas’s isn’t a suicide
but murder by Juliet in self defense

Satya, I already gave you a warning
to leave this case

Now, you are saying a new story as drug syndicate.
You think I’m a fool?

Sir, believe me. Give me one last chance.
Juliet is in hospital Sir

Satya, this is your last chance.
Ravi, come on - Sir

Please come Sir

Excuse me
- Yes Sir

Yesterday, a girl was brought to hospital
with bullet wound. In which ward is she?

Sorry Sir - In black dress, a girl
was brought here with bullet wound on shoulder

In which ward is she?
- No Sir, I’m here from the morning shift

No girl as such has came Sir

Sir, one second Sir

What happened? - I just
had spoken Sir. It’s coming as switched off now

It isn’t your mistake Satya. It’s my mistake
to have come here giving you importance

Sir, believe me Sir
- Sir

- Mental


Not just in personal life Rajaram,
I failed even in profession

She missed out in front of my eyes, Rajaram

I can’t show up my face again to the Commissioner

I’m a loser now. But still I won’t leave

I will pull out every idiot into this.
I won’t leave

Sir, did that girl give you any lead?

She gave this
- What’s that Sir?

Some waste, waste rubbish

Waste, damn!

Sir, if you really treat me as your friend,
I’ll say you one thing Sir

See baby there for once Sir

Baby has slept so happily and peaceful Sir

It’s a small assurance that you are there, Sir

She’s been waiting that
you’d come and take her

Listen to me and leave with this Sir

Hey, it’s closed long back and there
isn’t anything to investigate

He texted to have committed suicide
and died

I killed Srinivas, but saw it as suicide
in news after two days

Satya, what at this time?

What happened, dude?

Hey, I’m asking you dude

What dude, is everything ok?

Satya - Juliet said to have
hit Srinivas on the head with bottle

But the reports...

It’s as he cut the wrist and
committed suicide

What dude? Do you doubt me?

None other than me and
you know that I was meeting Juliet

You won’t understand even if I say now.
We shall talk tomorrow

How much did you take? What’s your
link with Srinivas’s business?

Are you mad, idiot? Isn’t it down yet?

Nothing, I and Satya are talking.
You go and sleep

Yes man, yes. I spoke with that Doctor and changed
the postmortem report. I created it as suicide.

But there isn’t any link to me and
that Srinivas’s business as you think

I did all this for my son. They kidnapped him and
threatened to kill if I don’t close the case as suicide

But, I’m not sold out as you think

Satya... Satya... Satya...

Hey Police, are you surprised thinking that the girl
vanished in front of your eyes? - Satya

No time, just one hour

If the bullet from the girl’s shoulder
isn’t taken out, girl is dead - Satya

Give back the slip which this girl gave you

Hey, that isn’t with me. I tore it away

What? You tore it. Super!

Hey, stop playing tricks and come to
the factory at container yard with that slip

- Where is Juliet? - Juliet?

That is a Juliet and you are
a Romeo and what am I, idiot?

Am I Alibaba? Hey Police, you know
one thing? I too am a small Doctor

I tied a cloth to the girl’s hand
for stopping the blood loss

I tied the cloth and kept her
in a drum from these

Half an hour... Maximum. Give me
my slip and take your Juliet away

I don’t have that slip and where is Juliet?

- Rajaram

I shot him thinking
that fellow is shooting you, Sir

Swecha, come here
- Hey...

I’ll shoot her if you come close
- Don’t harm her

Say the number. Say the number
and take her and this girl

Which number Rajaram?
- Hey, are you playing dramas?

You just tore down the number
into pieces, right?

Say the number and take her
- Swecha, come here

Leave... Daddy...

You play games, right?
- Yes

I’ll shoot your daddy if you move from here

You be right here, I’ll go talk to your dad
and come. Ok? - Ok

Did it burn? It burnt the same even for me

No way out Satya Sir, I’m sorry.
There was no way out

There are three letters in your name,
ACP... Assistant Commissioner of Police

You get respect automatically. I too have the same
three letters, ASI... Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police

That means a person like dog in the department.
Don’t you understand?

I’ve been in the same position from 15 years.
I wished to do some miracles in the department

I worked hard like a dog. I couldn’t close
any case properly at least for once. Why, why?

I caught the criminal, wrote case, arrested and filed report.

But, with pressure from higher official or
politician or with some pressure, I let him go

Srinivas idiot, that drug dealer...
What happened in his matter? The same

I wrote case, filed FIR and when I thought to arrest, you know
what did that Commissioner of Police said?

Is it you, who asked for appointment?

Yes Sir, I’ve been trying from one month Sir.
- Come on sit - Thank you Sir

What is the matter?

Manufacturing Mandrax pills in unexpected quantity in our city
and are not just supplying in local but are exporting them Sir

This is about 1500 to 2000 Crores business yearly Sir

It’s influence is very high on our city youth, Sir

It is easily available from high school students
to the PG students, Sir. Poor kids Sir

And thus, I personally investigated Sir

Sir, his name is Srinivas Kakarla.
This is the main person behind the business Sir

If you give permission, I’ll directly raid
and get him caught red handed Sir

What name did you say?
- Srinivas Kakarla, Sir

Your name
- Rajaram Sir

How long are you in the department from?
- I’m there from 15 years Sir

If you’re so exactly, you’ll be the same
even for the next 10 years

Who is your CI?
- Sir, Ravi Sir

Call him

- Sir, I’m Rajaram

Ok, say
- Sir, it seems Commissioner Sir will talk

Your ASI has come to talk regarding a case
- That fellow is a joker Sir

He brings in something in emotion and when
we go and look into, there’d be nothing in it

I’ll take care Sir, you leave that
- Ok


Every human needs another extra thing along
with the basic necessities, what is that?

Self-respect... Self-respect

Every day when I stood before the mirror,
I used to feel ashamed of myself

I used to feel what the hell this life is

Almost I gave up

Hello - Rajaram, sincere guy
never has a value in this world

You made a report against me.
But I don’t have any anger on you

So, I’ll come straight to the point. We worked
so long without any links with department

But now, if a guy joins hands with us from
the same department, we’ll rule the market

We’ll give you an identity which you don’t
have there, along with the money

Are you ready to work with us?
- I got another chance in life again

I joined with Srinivas

I didn’t have in the department,
but here I have an identity for myself

How many containers?
20 containers? Ready

Whenever you want,
I will... Shipment immediately...

What money man... Money...
You give it later. No problem... Done

Did you inform Srinivas?
- Who is Srinivas, man?

My foot Srinivas! Does that idiot know business?
Business grew after I came, right?

Just follow me and that’s enough

But in that day’s party, I set deal with Harry idiot.
I said to give him that shipment number

Srinivas asked you for 200 Crores
- Yes

Give me 50, I’ll give you the shipment number
- Ok man

- Deal

Your consignment is ready, my friend. Whenever you transfer
me the money, I’ll give you the shipment number

I’ll wire you the money in two days

Ok then, I too will give you
this number after two days

What’re you seeing so? You too need it?

I’m observing you from so long

What, are you doing a setting with Harry?

Ok, it seems you are saying to our boys that Srinivas is
now a waste and you are doing the whole show?

Srinivas, you are drunk and
we shall talk tomorrow in the morning

Hey, what Srinivas? Call me with respect Mr. Srinivas

Still, it isn’t your mistake, idiot.

I brought a street dog. I forgot that dog
does have a tail which always is curved

I never expected that Dog one day
would try to loot away my position

Does he say Dog?

Then I decided to somehow finish
that Srinivas idiot

I saw Srinivas and his girlfriend talking there

Suddenly, his girlfriend hit with bottle
on his head and ran away

I went to him

I threatened Ravi, kidnapped his son

I threatened him and closed it as suicide case

I thought how to give up this bloody job.
It then struck to me

I asked Shafi in that day’s operation to shoot me

Shoot me...

You returned from Goa at that same time

You started the investigation. You said
the good news to have seen Srinivas’s girlfriend

Not knowing the container number, that same
bloody ship is waiting in Nigeria port from a month

That Harry is been waiting for that.
Shafi is been following you

You said, the girl missed out at the signal.
You remember?

That night, Shafi had to close her
and brought that till here

Hey, tell that shipment number idiot


Satya... Satya...

It was this fellow who took Paddu
that day at the party

What are you saying? Are you sure?

I saw with my eyes and this was that fellow

What did you do to my Paddu?

Nice party
- Yeah...

Hey man, I need an Indian girl tonight

- Yeah

Say, whom do you want?

Which girl?
- Girl in cream dress

Paddu, let’s dance
- No, no you go and I’ll stay back


You go, I’ll come
- Ok, you stay. I’ll go

He got the answer needed in 47 days.

But there are still many more questions.

But he wishes to keep all those questions aside...

and want to live with his daughter
along with Paddu's memories.

Say Ravi
- What dude, didn’t inform to be going?

Isn’t the anger on me still gone down?
- Nothing Ravi

This place and this house are
reminding me of Paddu

I couldn’t bear... And thus I,
baby are leaving to Mumbai

Ok dude, be careful. I’m happy
that you’re moving on. Take care

Baby, pack your stuff

Satya, I wish you’d read this letter sometime.

I don’t understand the incident
from yesterday night at party

Maybe you’d understand if I say.
But I don’t feel would be happy lifelong by sharing that with you

Take care of Swecha, love you



Love you