30 KM/H - An Israeli Adventure Film (2018) - full transcript

After reading a note that he wrote 10 years prior, 29 year old Tzafrir realizes that he didn't fulfill any of the dreams he had for himself when he was young. Just before his 30th birthday he decides to fulfill his childhood dream and drive through Israel on an electric toy car. With the hope of understanding what he wants to do with his life, he goes on the journey across the country and meets people that give their perspective on what it means to grow up.

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Aah, Moishik.

Poor guy.

He's been here for a while.

Valad's hat.

What is this?

A love letter from high school.

"Me at 30 years old."

What did you write there?

Let's see.

I'll be married and have a child.

I'll have a BA in Economics
and Business Administration.

I am studying architecture.

I established a village in the desert.

I spent a year traveling to
all seven continents.

And I traveled across Israel in
an electric toy car.

Not a bad plan for ten years.

I hope we packed everything.

We have the car and we
have the camera,

Everything else will be ok.

How do you feel, Tzafi?


How do you feel now that you're
about to do it?


I'm also very excited.

What about you, Roi?

I think that if Tzafi really succeeds

to fulfill this one dream before
turning 30,

That's good enough.

I'm going to take the toy out in Metula,

Sit on it and start driving.

- STOP -

I'm driving from Metula to Eilat.

No way.

I swear!
-With this?

Yes, I just came from Metula and
I stopped here to eat.

From here I’m going to the Kinneret
and tonight I’ll sleep there.

When do you start driving?

That's it, I have to leave now.


Yes, so I'll get there before dark.

You won't make it.

Lets make a bet, and if I arrive
before it gets dark I come to your town

And I show you picture that I succeeded.

Send it to my Facebook.
Have you got Facebook?

Of course I have.

May god bless you.

That's all I can say to you.

It was nice meeting you today.

I've arrived at the Kinneret
and there is still some light.

Ok, I think I caught something over here
but it's not a fish.

Dammit, the fishing rod broke.

Totally awesome.

Are you from the Kibbutz?

No, I'm fulfilling a dream.

I'm on a journey from Metula to Eilat
on the car.


How cool!

My dream is to travel around the world.

I hope you'll fulfill it.

I'm trying to fish...

You won't succeed in this area.

I don't think it's about the area,
I just don't know how to fish.


I'm falling asleep.

I'm exhausted and so
are my knees.

The toy car is really low.

It was my dream when I had the
knees of a child,

Now I have the knees of an old man.

You have new neighbours.

It is I, Tzafririyahu.

Do you see what I am wearing?

I brought you a rock from the Kinneret.

What's the story of the dress?

We had a game that we were
two Roman legionnaires

That would battle to the end.

So we said we had to adopt Roman names,

So he was Valadius
and I was Tzafririyahu.

We used to...

For years he was saved on my phone,

maybe even until today.

Saved as Valadiyus,

A fighter.

It would have been really nice
if you were here with me.


How are you?
It's Tzafrir.

We are in Yavniel,
We're traveling with an electric car,

And we planned to get to Nazereth today

but I went a little crazy on the road
and the battery died.

So we are looking for a place for the night

where we can charge the car
and our equipment.

We can sleep outdoors, but our
problem is the electricity for the car.

That's great, that's great.

Thanks a lot, man.
Bye bye.

I think this is when I was seventeen,

from The Beatles period.

You were a model.

Look how beautiful this is!

This is the most beautiful thing.

And it's only half of what my rabbi has.

My rabbi has double the
amount of grandchildren.

Look at him,
He is my youngest son,

My youngest son.

He just had his bar mitzvah

And he's already met a girl.

He met a girl?

Yes, just one meeting.

What did he say?

What does he want?
He was happy, she was happy.

I can't complain.

How long did it take between
the first meeting

And the wedding of my three children?

A month?

A month?
She was already pregnant!

A week.

Only a week?
-One week!

How many times do they meet in a week?

Who needs to meet?
-One meeting?

They met once and they liked each other.

Who needs more than that?

Who needs more?

What can they talk about in one meeting?

They talk about whatever they want.

What is a meeting?
How many hours?

My first son met for an hour.

My second son, for 17 minutes.

17 minutes?

I asked him,
"Yaakov, what do you know about her?"

He said: "If I talk to her for an hour
like my brother will I know her better?"

"I liked her, so now we will have
many years to get to know each other."

Look, the older you are
the harder it is to make a decision.

Because you see more, more and more.

Why? Because you will compare them.

Look how many girls there are:

Pretty and less pretty,
Nice and Less nice.

With money and without money.
Clever and not so clever.

You must agree with me,
when you get to the twelfth girl

You will say
that you must get married,

Then you will think that the
third girl was the best.

But it won't help you, because she
already married someone else.

You're right.
-You see, the more you...

No, If you find a balance

Not in what you've experienced.

But if you ...

have life experience in which you...

In which you get to know yourself...

Listen, I will tell you something
"Experience is the best teacher,

but a wise person will learn from
the experiences of others."

Look, there are two things that
a person does with a young mind,

decides with a young mind.

His profession,

And who he will marry.

Do you remember Danielle?


We've been going out for a month.

It was an intensive month,

We went out a lot.

It was really fun.

Everything went well.

But I was stupid, I only told her
about the trip two days ago.

How did she react?

She got a little angry.

She said that it falls on her birthday...


She said "Ok, let's not talk,

Let's not talk at the moment."


Hold on tight!

Ok guys, see you in Jerusalem.

Level the dust, Roi,
Level the dust like in the tanks.

What does that mean?

You must see where the wind is coming from

And drive on that side,
so I don't have to drive in your dust.

I was doing the opposite on purpose.

That's right, level the dust.

I was doing it so you will be in the dust.

I'll end up punishing you!

I nearly hit one of my soldiers
on the head with a brick.


Really, I nearly did it.
I lost it.

He got me so angry, that I lost it.

I just grabbed a brick and said
"I'm going to hit you in the head with it."

My soldiers grabbed me.

Yes, Yes.

I was so close.

He was an annoying soldier.
I couldn’t be his commander anymore.

The blood went to my brain.

"I will kill you!"

I had enough.

You said that to him?
-Yes, I said "I will kill you".

Was this in basic training?
- No, it's when I was an officer.

The battery died with all the uphills.

It was obvious.

I'm not giving any more
free rides to kids in the morning.

Do you need help?

I'm trying by myself a little bit.

But yes, I need help.

Can I help you?

Yes, yes. Help me from the front,
from the front.

From here? Here? Where?
-No, no, from...

Here? Here?
-Yeah, from the middle.

Pull it up.

Are you to here?
-Yeah to Fauzi Azar Hostel.

You're from where?

From Jerusalem.

Oh, Jerusalem. Shalom, how are you?

Shalom, Shalom.

Is that a little tractor?

Yes, but the battery died. It died.

This place makes me do stupid things.

The greenhouse was over here.

We would play in the playground over here
while filming stupid things.

It was over here,
Now there isn't anything left.

And over here,
This is where a few guys called me

Then they grabbed me
and took me down there,

and they beat me up, right there.

They caught me, hit me in the head
with a rock and punched me a few times

until I managed to escape.

Well, those were the days.

How are you?

Do you know him as well?

This is where the girls studied
sexual education.

I remember that.
-We didn't study here.

Yes, We would sit over there and you had
the cool teacher,

We would sit over there and try listen to
what he was teaching you.

And until today he hasn’t
learned anything about that.

How the hell did you become a teacher?

I don't know, it happened by chance.
-It's actually pretty cool.

I must admit that I used to
copy my homework off him.

And a whole Biology project...

I had to measure the
height of a parsley leaf

In comparison to types of fertilizers.
- I forgot about that.

How could you forget?
You didn't know what I was doing.

A project by Tzafrir...

Yes, and also Michal.

I was your bitch,

You would force me to do things for you!

That's right, you would do everything for me.
I forgot about that.

But I would photograph you
whenever you wanted.

You'd photograph me?
-Oh no, You'd photograph me.

Wow, you were my bitch.

-I don't know

And remember when I said to you
that our relationship is like in the movies

Where the guy is handsome
and the girl is crazy

and you said
"Yes, except that you're not handsome".

I can't believe I...
It's not nice.

That's not like me.

What other dreams did you have

that you chose this one?
-There were many.

To get married. Have children.

A career. Another Career.

Whoa, we signed a document that if we
aren't married by 30 we will get married.

I have one year left.

A pact is a pact.

An agreement is an agreement.

It's ok, you'll also be my bitch when
we're married.

I don't mind being your bitch
when we're married.

It's true, today we can't continue

with the lifestyle in which the husband
doesn't do anything.

On the contrary, the wife should have
a career. Why must I do the work?

Wait, stop. You're not planning on working?

I'll be working on random projects.

Random projects isn't work.

Forget it, we won't get along.

One of us will have to
get married this year.

Ok, but at least you keep the children.

Well, I can't leave them with
an irresponsible father.

Come, come, come.
-Sit on the side.

Please come, I'll walk by your side.

If we get married and have children,
can I let them ride this?


But you're from the countryside,
you have to let them.

Depends on their age
and if we live in the country.

Moishik, look!


-How are you?

I'm fine.

Tzafrir, your fly is open.

Yes, it's always opens.

So close it.
-Mom, it doesn't help.

I'm continuing.

What does that mean?

It means I'm continuing to Eilat.

I hope it lasts until Eilat.

I understand. Who owns it?

It's mine.

How much did it cost, or did you rent it?

No, I bought it. It's new.

Tzafriri, how much did it cost?

Ten thousand.

Mom is angry.

Why do you have to spend money on nonsense?

It's not nonsense, mom.
It's a childhood dream.


I'm finally fulfilling something.

You can fulfill other dreams.

Listen, after the Oak tree you take a right
and that's where you drop me off.

The bible says it specifically

"It is not good for a man to be alone"

Nowhere else in the the bible does
it say these words

"It is not good".

And this is something you must
do before 30.

Do not postpone it for after 30.
Don't postpone, don't postpone it!

Afterwards it is very hard.

I assume you've met aging bachelors.

You know what it's like.

There is something uncomfortable
when seeing it.

Because it is someone who didn't fulfill
what is expected from him,

What the creator expected from him.

It is a very deep issue.

You cannot disregard it and say:
"I'm comfortable, she'll wait,

Maybe at 35"
No, Definitely not.

You have to take responsibility.

If people don't work hard on what they
want to bring to their life,

Same goes for relationships,
It doesn't happen, it won't happen.

If a person doesn't write down
what he wants to do,

it will never happen.

I wrote that I'd be married,

But it didn't happen because
I was in the army. What can I do?

No, those are excuses.

Well, the car was also one of my dreams.

So at least one thing until 29.
-Great, great.

A car or the thing I saw now?

That little tractor.
-The tractor, not a car.

If that was your dream of
course it will happen.

Dreams are meant to happen.

And if it's delayed...
Turn left here, Roi.

It will transform from a dream to a vision.


Hey Danielle.

How are you?

Have you got a minute?

I couldn't stop thinking about you
over the past few days.

And I want to know what I can do
so that this relationship will continue?

Where would you say is the best
place to fish?

Up ahead.
-More ahead?

Just a little.
Follow me, Follow me!

Hey brother, have you got some bait for me,
just something small?

You must understand one thing,
whatever you catch is split in half.


Of course, the bait is mine
and the rod is yours.

Do you prefer the head or the tail?

What difference does it make?
I don't even eat fish.

Have you been fishing for many years?

Since I was 8.

So you're a true Seaman
-I breathe the sea, I live the sea.

My boat is next to you.

This one?
-The one next to it.

And the little boat that just left,
with the engine...

-That is also mine.

And the other boat by the wall,
that is also mine.

So why are you sitting here?
You should be out in the sea.

It's a sickness.

This is my second time trying to fish,

I haven't caught anything yet...

You should know that normally
beginners have luck.

It is called "Beginners luck".

How did we become fisherman?

You tried once, twice and succeeded...

Only once, not twice.

On the first try we caught fish

and look at us now, we are ship owners.

Maybe I have a future in it.

I wouldn't recommend a future in the sea.

-What's up?

I just finished fishing in Jaffa,

I thought we could meet up
and celebrate your birthday.


Thank you.

To thirty more.

I always told myself
that age doesn't matter.

What do you mean?

People would say "You're getting out of the
army at twenty nine"

And I would say "What do I care
how old I am? It makes no difference."

And lately I can't disconnect from...

"Wow, 30 years old!"

I should be married with
a child or in a serious relationship.

If you'd ask me at 18,
I'd have said that at 30 I'd be married.

When you say to someone that you're thirty,
it's different.


"Hello, Lior"

"How old are you, Lior?"


You understand?
That's what I feel inside.

"What about children?"
-I don't have children, I'm not married.

I made an appointment for the dentist,
I went to the physician today.

I went to a dermatologist,
because I got a new rash.

I went to the orthopedist to get insoles.

I got to Thirty...

That is the age to get checked up.

I just remembered that
I have to go get my eyes tested.

Did you ever get a flat tire?

No, but there is a screw in the tire.
In the meantime I'm not taking it out.

Do you have a horn?

What are you doing?

I'm on a journey.

Where from?
-From Metula to Eilat.

Really? I heard about you.

He heard about me,
I'll be famous.

Wait for me!

Isn't it a small car for you?

I'm thin, I'm thin.

Your wheel is missing air.

Yes, I have a flat tire,
I need to replace it.

There is a gas station nearby.

I'll try later.

It's a cute car.
-Yours is also cute.

I'm thinking about the fisherman
from Jaffa.

And it's crazy that at the age of eight
he knew he'd be a fisherman.

And it shook me up to think that
that I'm 29

and I still don't know what I'm
going to be.

I don't know what I want to be.

I think that you used to know
exactly what you wanted to be,

but you wanted many things.

Then there might have been the practical
problem that...

It is technically impossible to
achieve so many things in life.

You have to narrow things down

You have to narrow down your desires.

I think about the army...

There was something
that made me do it for many years.

And with pleasure,
I had fun.


Then why didn't you want
to continue with it?

I felt it was over.

I believe there is an importance in
being happy in your job,

As it is most of what you
do in your day to day life.

What interests you,
what is the thing that you want to do?

I don't know.

I don't know.

I have to get to Jerusalem tomorrow.


I spoke to Danielle on the phone.

She said that tomorrow is her birthday.

I promised her I would be there.

If I want this relationship to continue,
I have to be there.

It will be a hell of a drive.

I won't drive on the Highway
because it's too dangerous.

I'll travel through the fields.

Just like in the old days.

It's going to be tough.

And I've got the nail stuck in the wheel.

I really hope it will be ok.

There is supposed to be a
tire service somewhere nearby.

Nearby, He said!

Is it ok if in the meantime I
tighten the rest of the wheels?

Just be careful not to break them,
they're gentle.

I'll just tighten it a bit.


I broke the screw.

I told you, what I did was enough,

you tightened it more than it needed.


I told you.

We're over here.

This is Tel-Aviv.

I need the gravel road.

How old are you, Musa?

Forty one and you?

Twenty nine.

You're twenty nine?

You're Koby's age.

But he hasn't done anything with his life.

You're incriminating me.

I'm on a journey right now.

What do you mean a journey?
On a road trip?

Yes, from Metula to Eilat.

From the north to the south?


From beginning to end.
-Beginning to end, Ok.

That is also my dream,
to travel for a month.

When are you going to fulfill it?

You haven't got a family with children, right?

It's a problem,
once you have a family, that's it.

Believe me, if I didn't have one,
I'd join you until the end.

Come, I'll add a cart for you.

My other problem is I can't go to Eilat.

I can go everywhere except Eilat.
-Except for Eilat?

Yes, what do you say about that?

Disguise yourself
-I'm not allowed.

Why not?
-I don't have a permit.

What permit?
-You need a permit.

To enter Eilat?

For the checkpoint?
-Yes, for the checkpoint.


Because it's written "The
whole country except Eilat".

Come on, Musa,
You're a natural driver!

Come in.

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you...

It's so pretty.

Happy birthday to you.
-Now it really is a happy birthday.

These are flowers that
I picked for you on the way.

because you love flowers.

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you.

It sounds like you're an old man.

But I am old.


Breathe into the lungs.
-Ok, where should I start?

-Come up, come up.

-What is this supposed to be?

How are you?

Try to see if that fits you.

What is this?

You're already giving me your clothes?

It's for you, I took it out for you.

Made in France.

Grandpa, look, it fits me perfectly.

Perfectly? Then let me see.

You really look
like a whole different person.


You'll get to Eilat
and then what will you do?

I don't know,
I haven't thought that far ahead.

You haven't thought about it?
I'm thinking for you.

You're already thinking about the end.

Do you want to eat something proper or
fast food?

What would you prefer, grandpa?

It's time to think about the future,

To plan a more serious future.

Look, I didn't manage to
do all the serious things

that I had planned.

But one of the important things
that I did

wasn't really planned,
my eight years in the army.

What I'm saying is that
at least I'll fulfill one thing,

And then once this is done
I can do many other things.

Here, here, Grandma.

Oy Vey, Oh no no.

That's all I needed.

Does your mother know?

I wish she didn't.

It was a childhood dream
that I said I would fulfill.

My childhood dream was to move to Israel.

If you had my car,
you would have come faster.

Yes, I needed many things
that I didn't have.

So how can I compare coming to Israel,
which was so hard

To what you're doing?

I'm a little bummed out by my grandparents.


They were upset and it seemed
as if they didn't approve of the trip.

And I thought my grandfather would.

I thought he'd be happy
that I'm fulfilling a dream,

but he wasn't.

Well, It's a different generation.

And how do you feel
Danielle reacted to it?

I thought she'd be more excited.

That she would say...

"Wow, look at my cool boyfriend."

Do you think that is what upsets her,
that you're not cool enough?

Maybe she's upset that I'm far away.

How are you?
-What's going on?

Shabbat Shalom. Is everything good?

I also served here, in the armored corps.

Really? We just replaced
the armored corps.

It's an interesting car.

Yeah, It really is.

I'm going to the south,
I'd help you to the north but...

Good luck with your hitching.

How are you?

Can I take a photo of your car?

Yesterday I saw one like that for kids.

Is it electric?

I said I'd buy it for my kid.
-What do you use it for?

For pleasure.

I thought it was for work,
to get to difficult places.

You can do many things with it.
I'm having fun.


I love Mitzpe!

Good afternoon!

Wow, wow, I can't believe it.

Best day of my life!

Thank you!

What's your name?

Tzafrir. Tzafi in short, it's easier.

Where did you grow up?
Where did you bury your note?

I grew up in Pardes Hana.

Why did the power go off?

Before the army, I sat down
with two of my best friends.

We were in a pub, and we each wrote
on a napkin what will be

and I kept them.

You kept them all?
-Yes, for all three of us.

And we were pretty accurate.

What did you write?

That I will have an animal farm.

And I had a farm up in the north.

And that I'll make music, which I do.


Maybe we need to do it every few years.

I do it with myself every year,

there is a moment that I stop

and say - "Okay, where do you
see yourself next year?"

And it always surprises.

Do you know when you're leaving tomorrow?

Are you taking your time?

No, I think we will leave early.

I think I will add some color on
it tomorrow.

Adjust it a bit,
to prepare for the desert.

Give it a little care, because I think

It gave me some trouble, because...

You didn't give it enough love?
-Yes, I didn't give it any love.

The truth is that Until today
it didn't have a name.

And suddenly it came to me - "Buki".

I can't explain why but "Buki".

Yes, it's good to give a name.

People always think you're crazy
when you talk inanimate objects.

I think that as we grow older,
we lose that connection,

but it really helps.

It helps to talk to those things.

Sometimes you have to endure hardships
to know who you are.

So you are Buki.

You know, now the rough part begins.

What did the poet Yehuda Amichai say?

I can't remember what he said,

But something like
"The desert is for strong people".

Most people are weak,
They can't deal with the silence.


Ear bursting silence.

It's nice to be
in the middle of the desert.

In the middle of nothing.

No, I can't believe it.

What happened?

I left the light on.

I left the light on the whole night.

There's no battery. Dammit!

I don't know what to do.

I think that...

I think that the only solution is
to put it in my jeep.

And go charge it
at the closest place possible.

No, no.

I can't put it in the jeep.

If it goes in the jeep,
I might as well go home.

But there isn't any other option,
we're in the middle of the desert.

There's nothing...

You can't plug it into a tree.

There's no other solution.

I'll call Danielle.

Come on, there's no signal.

Are you sure this is a good idea?


Isn't it a little extreme?


I'll push it for 12 Kilometers to Shitim.

12 Kilometers?


I talked to Danielle on the phone...

And she said...

Not to stop now.

She really encouraged me to go on.

She said it's a shame to stop now.

That I am better than that.

So I'm going on.

I think you will die!


No, it's nothing.

Are you really driving on a toy car
from Metula to Eilat?


Are you allowed to drive on highways?

I drive a bit on higways.

But I'm not sure if I'm allowed to.

Good luck with everything.

This is the ladies bathroom,

It's a little rougher than the guys room
that I just cleaned.

Oh, I've seen everything.
Back in the army I've seen everything.

Yeah, me too brother, me too.

The showers and the bathroom floors
need to get mopped.

Are you sure you want to do this?
-Yeah, yeah.

All the other guys seem really busy

And I don't know how to do that.
Bathrooms are kind of my thing.

Yeah, it's pretty simple.

I need a cup or something,

to put some water on the toilet
and then wash the whole floor.

Or should I do it with this?
-Just do it with that.

Yeah? Cool.

You've got a giant cup right there.

A what?

A giant cup, it's a bucket.

What's your name by the way?

What day is it today?



Tomorrow we should get to Eilat.

It's possible.


That means that tomorrow
will be my last day of driving.

That’s a bit of a bummer.

It's funny how you can never be ready
for something to end.

You don't want it to come to an end?

The truth is that I miss some things.

I miss Danielle.

I miss being...

Being a little normal.

What do you mean?

Not being the guy whose
traveling on a toy car

from Metula to Eilat.

I'm going to try to fall asleep.

Most of my eight years in the army

Were in this area.

Actually, if you add the
officers training course to it...

So do you feel at home over here?

I really do.

I've been thinking a lot
over the past few days...

About the army.

I was wondering
if I wouldn't have joined the army

would I have really fulfilled
the things on my list?

Because I didn't write on my list
that I would join the army.

I don't know.

What do you think?

I think not.

If I would go back to the list now,

I'm not sure I would want to do it all,

I don't think that's me anymore.

Thank you, Grandpa.

"Me at 40 years old."

I am married to Danielle
and have a few children.

I'm a city planner in a private company.

I still don't have a car.

I'm in an advanced yoga class.

I volunteer with troubled youth.

I've traveled the world with Danielle.

And I've caught a fish.

If I forget you Jerusalem
Let my right hand forget its ability

Let my tongue cleave to the roof
of my mouth If I forget you,

And if I do not raise you Jerusalem
above all my joy.