2019: After the Fall of New York (1983) - full transcript

After a nuclear war, society breaks down into two groups, the evil Euraks and the rebel Federation. A mercenary named Parsifal is hired by the Federation to infiltrate New York City, which is controlled by the Euraks, to rescue the only fertile woman left on Earth.

20 years have passed since the nuclear holocaust.

Leader Eurak monarchy, the powerful Euro-Afro-Asian Union

who was fatally hit a button,

claims to have won the battle.

But planet Earth has become a radioactive wasteland full of garbage,

populated by people without any hope of a better future.

Radiation worse already can not be.

He was born a couple of mutants in the postwar period.

And then... nothing.

Already almost 15 years not a single child was born.

New York City. A large pile of garbage and waste,

controlled by the armed forces Euraka.

With the help of paid fighters,

Group Euraka the death efikasnošæu continuous liquidate the local population,

a healthy iskorišæavaju for various genetic experiments,

with whom desperately trying to find the key to survival

for the survival of the human species.

Listen, and listen carefully!

The deadline in this sector for the application of volunteers in an experimental center...

6 hours!

And for exactly 30 seconds

hunters and destroyers

will start a complete disinfection!

Hunting has begun!

There is one!

Through the door!

They are there!





Do not kill me!

On the same day Nevada desert

Engines work. Chauffeurs at their places.

On the right side is the Destroyer, driven by Parsifal,

which has so far recorded 27 victories.

And to my left were provoke:

Four pirates from New Orleans in their murderous chamber.

Nevada race rules are simple.

When pre reaches the steel table, this may be the first to shoot.

A collision takes so long until it destroys one car, a driver he did not die.

Get ready!

5, 4, 3, 2...

... 1!



Take me with you, bitch! Take me!

Remember what I promised you: You'll get everything you want if you take me with you.

Long life and good luck to the winner!

Long life and good luck to the winner!

Long life and good luck to the winner!

Here's your pobednièke map.

Long life and good luck to the winner! Long life and good luck to the winner!

Long life and good luck to the winner!

Number of permits for the killing 1-2-2.

20 oz of gold.

My name is The flowers. I hope to be a part of your life.

You will be the master of life and death of the servant called hermaphrodites flowers.

You're the greatest, Parsifal.

The man who is able to win another one is born.

About what I'm talking about? They will never be born because we will not be such a bore.

That's right, champ?

This guy... will ever be born.

That thing there was a cyborg, half-man, half-robot.

I met once with one of these. I did not know what he was,

until I slept with him.

I know crazy people who created it.

We want to meet you with Parsifal.

You have received a copy? The end.

Who are you?

I'll explain later.

Then forget it!

I do not have time to Jebavá with the likes of which will not identify yourself!

You're awesome, my lord. I love vodiæeš incredibly well.

Do you ride? - Of course, my lord.

Why did you do that? - They must have been drinking radioactive water.

Terrifying. - Deaths should definitely for a few hours.

Look, this is a license to kill.

I have a right to use them, this is completely legal.

I'll give you their property and oslobodiæu this.

Thank you, Lord.

Thank you.

This will keep it onesvešæenog few hours.


Leave us alone.

I was hoping you were dead.

On the contrary, very much alive.

Just like the Pan-an American Confederation.

This you call life? - Listen up.

In secret we reorganize the country.

We have the advantage that Eurak not know about our existence.

Alaska is one of the least infected territory.

We have a definite position to return.

We will surprise the enemy.

And after, when you win,

what you will offer people except this horrible planet?

According to our bank of memory of genetic robots,

a fertile woman is hiding in New York.

We have to find before he found Eurak.

Before being used for the crazy experiments.

One woman is not fertile enough to re-create the human race.

In this sin.

If you are young, then there is a minimum of 500 eggs in her ovaries.

It has 500 non-infected human beings.

But why me?

Do not you know your robot to choose a different name?

Someone else who brought you here this woman?

What about your cyborg?

Know how to do everything, and man... - Do not talk nonsense.

Every cyborgs we destroyed.

They did not have the human capacity to adjust.

Yes, they looked exactly like humans, except that they were evil.

And on top of that, they were crazy loyal,

especially at the time when he was supposed to be a cruel game.


You are the only man who is able to perform this mission successfully.

In exchange why?

An interplanetary rocket

which is located in an underground launch station,

about where she used the United States of America.

If you go to New York and if we return to that woman,

obezbediæu you one place to travel.

On what kind of trip?

On Alpha Centauri, where the pair of planets,

where they can develop life

but it means also the survival of the human species.

Without these women travel is pointless.

Only a few chosen ones will be part of the crew.

And you... you could be one of them. - Why should I trust you?

I stopped work for you when I realized how much worth your promises.

You remember? - You will not believe me?

No problem.

Reject the mission and you will not get out of here alive, I promise to you.

You will not never change, will you?

I guess that means you.

You'll have to do without your laser weapons, in order to avoid identification.

All you can take with you is your knowledge, and these two gentlemen.

This is the Bronx.

His head was full map of New York,

and has a strong motive to hate Euraka.

Massacred his family and forced him to watch the.

This is Raèet, the strongest man New Confederacy.

It will help you in every possible way.

Both the man is ready to die for your country.

So you've booked the place and them?

Of course. This is the price for uèestvovanje in the mission.

One of our helicopters will let you

not far from the security zone Eurakovih soldiers.

You'll get all the necessary equipment to get to New York.

Raèet has set.

And when you return to one out of town...

... You'll be able to contact us.

How do we get into Manhattan?

It is easy to enter.

But it is almost impossible to get out.

Up to you guys to prove the opposite.

Do you see this? Beat "Big Apple".

His wife and children were there when he did it.

I still wants to enter.

Hoeæš to go in there in Manhattan? You're crazy!

You better accept my advice, man, and get out of here!

We do not need your advice, just answer the question!

The only path that leads you through the main staff Euraka.

But if you guys are not hunters, then you'll blow your fucking head off.

We're not hunters.

Well... there's this one zeleznièki tunnel

If you are not flooded.

But guys, if you surrender, you'd better be careful Harlem hunters,

because it does not like those people who cross through their territory.

Do you know where this tunnel? - Yes.

Thank you.

Already two hours we go through this shit.

I know.

We can preæi simultaneously. I'll go first.

Wait for me here.

Okay. Lots of luck.

He said that we will easily enter.

Come on.

Here, I see Solar light.

Come on.


They are there!

Thank you!

Come on!

We gotta get out of here before reinforcements arrive.

Which way we do? - Over there!

Eurakovi people!

Follow me!

Get off me! You motherfuckers!

Jesus Christ!

There are rats!

Kill... Kill them! Kill the rat!

Little boy! Get him!

Do not let it go!


Get him! Get him! Come on!

Let me go!

Hey, this is not a little boy! He is one of the little people! We have to kill him!

Bad luck!

Not! Not! Please!

Let me go! Let me go! Do not kill me!


Cut into pieces, and the little son of a bitch!

It's not his fault that he's not a child!

Okay, rats!

Come on!

OK! Who's next?



Stop or I'll kill him!
















Jack, you're a winner. You first choose.


It is yours.

Come on! Come on!

Not! Not!

The seed of God!

The people of this earth!

Please, become fertile!

To be able to give life!

So be it, brethren.

Let it be so!

Get the best subjects for experiments.

Wait a minute! These two do not seem as if there belong.

They are prisoners. I do not smell that bad, which is unusual in this region.

Who are you?

Well? Tell!

Tell me who you are or I'll kill you.

Not from our own, is not he.

To see you.

When washed and disinfected, will not be adversely affected.

Come on, move! Move! - Come on, faster!

Here Riki with a report from the west 23 street.

We caught two men without legal permission.

We have ways to make him talk.

But before you apply them,

I think you'll be able to rejoice that we arbitrarily give up the information you want.

Few spontaneous cooperation will not hurt anyone.

A life in these times a lot more valuable than ever before.

And you know very well.


I see that some cultures do not become extinct ever.

Think of Picasso's paintings?

Or genocide in the picture?

There is no difference. Beauty & ružnoæa, good and evil.

Perhaps it would make sense if future generations from such horrors taught what we did to each other.

We unite Europe and Asia...

... And Africa into one nation.

The civilization of the world.

I believe that God has given us Eurak!

His chosen people have the opportunity and the ability to create new people again!

Because you let on, you're almost exterminated people.

This makes no sense.

It is inevitable that one overcrowding civilization reaches a point


Our robots and your cyborgs are a good example of this.

Before they were destroyed, my nation has eliminated cyborgs.

Your people... - We need to seize every little opportunity

to save the human race.

Or maybe you hate them so much, you'd pre odgledati extinction completely.

Yes. Because of what I've seen in the last 25 years,

mankind should be expelled from the universe.

Even if you belong to a highly developed community,

I see you're very oseæajan,

and smart.

I taught here the history of the industrial revolution.

In this city, before your bombs destroyed everything.

I understand.

Well, Professor...

May I know your name?

My name no longer exists.

Neither my name nor my nation.

Now we come to the importance of our small diskusjije.

We have reason to believe that your nation reorganize.

I want you to tell us where and how.

And what brings you to New York?

I'll tell you why I came to New York.

To dig eyes...

... A worm like you!

Do not kill him!

Do not kill him! I want him alive!

I want to talk to the prisoner alone.

I do not believe we've met.

Now you already know?

Certainly not in the normal sense.

They condemned you to death.

And you're my last cigarette, do you?


If you're good and cooperative,

and tell me what I want to know,

maybe I can be...

... Your...

dispenser of grace.

I think I'll sign it.

You're a spy.

Spy Pan-American Confederation.

We know that rearrange.

So what?

Do you think this will bring something good?

Why are you here?

I find a woman.

Explain to me. - The only fertile woman in the whole world.

And did you find her?


She was in the group that caught me.

The beautiful blonde.

His name is Džijara.

Come and pick me.


What is this?

She is.

Take the woman in genetic laboratory.

If fruitful,

then you saved her life.

If not, poželeæeš that were not even born.

Anijino an order that you're watching.

Needless to expose yourself to this pain.

Tell me all about this mission,

Why did he authorized the Pan-an American Konfederecija.

You have 5 seconds to doing.

5... 4...

3... 2... 1... is 0.

I'm sorry that you decided to shut up.

In this case, the death sentence will be carried out for 10 seconds.

10... 9...

8... 7... 6...

5... 4...

4... 4...





Thank you.

Can you walk? - If I could.

When will it operate? - Right now perform the operation.

A girlfriend? - I can show you rezlutate tests to monitor.

Here, here.

As you can see, we compared its results with the data of other women.

Test results show that a woman is totally sterile.

Healthy, but sterile.

Repeat the test.

Okay, ma'am Anija.

What if the data have to be ratified, what do you want to work with her?

Send her back to the sector for experimentation.

Stairs, thither.

Let's go. - First, we released it.

Hey! Take cover!

Quick, come on!

The alert! Hurry!

Did you locate them? - Not yet, sir.

We have to catch them!

Red alert! Red alert!

The targets in the sector of the fourth

Locate them.

Come on! What are you waiting for? - Lots of luck, my friend.

Come on, you bastards!

The bastards!

The bastards!

I want the other two live!


Drop your weapon!


Come here and raise your hands!


To the wall!

Quick, after them!

Not! I want them alive, using a stun gun.

Stun guns!

Over here!

After them!


Get him!

My leg!

Over here! Come on! Hurry!


Help the girl! - You'll be able to?


They have no chance to survive in the channel.

It is you, Anija?

They escaped.

With the help of a dwarf and intruders.

We need to catch them again, especially the girl.

Her fertility test is confirmed as negative.

It was just a trick to give the spy chance of escape.

Možebiti, but he escaped.

I am convinced that it belongs to the New Confederacy.

I took a girlfriend, but does that mean that she passed the test.

Better that go back, dear. Your life depends on it.

I swear, I'll come them before they see the light of day again.

Live, especially the girl.


Hey, Parsifal.

You're back in the land of the living.

Where is Džijara? - Here. Right there!

Onesvešæena, but do not worry.

He'll be with us in a minute.

Where are we?

Under the rubble of the United Nations.

It's pretty safe here.

In many cities there are outputs to the streets.

What is your name? - Quick, what else would I be?

He and his men helped me to get out of a Eurakovog Chief of Staff.

How did you know I was there?

I have a sensor body.

I set it on your frequency, while you were there alone with the Bronx.

Thank you.

It is better to eat fruit.

Here you go.

We are grateful to you. Thank you.

Was I owe you a favor, you just uzvraæam.


There is no sign of them, but we found the engines on the other side of the tunnel,

in a sector that is provided Harlem hunters.

Then Duplicate patrol in this district.

We must spreèiti that to leave the island.

We flooded the tunnel. That way will not ever get out.

It's still down in the channel.

It'll take the force to back out, and force them!

Really hold your fingers to succeed this mission.

You think it's worth the effort? Try to save the future of such people as we are.


I thought so.

But he came back to me an old feeling.


I know what they say, because of which you were here, Parsifal.

Do you know where she is? - Of course.

What do you want us to say?

I want you to promise me, when you leave here,

you're gonna put me in your suitcase.

What makes you think that's a better place where we're going?

Being somewhere else... it gives me the illusion.

That's all that's important. - We agreed. You'll go with us.

OK, now you can already remove ear plugs.

Let's get out of here.

We can not allow to escape!

Do not worry, they will not, Mrs. Anija.

Bridges may reapply to build and tunnels are blocked.

In addition to Lincoln, which we cover.

What if they use the boat?

We have eight patrols per shift, they will notice anything that is not ours.

Duplicate guard at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel.

I send six were at Koni district between 34th and 48th streets.

I want you to check every roof of the building,

every hole, every inch of asphalt,

every damn thing through what they went through.

Careful. Something is odd about this.

They do not shoot!

Let me go! Let me go! I did not do anything!

Let me go!

Drop it, or will die!

I caught this, the great apes. He says he is not one of them.

Yes, but I am their friend. I'm the one who saved them from Euraka.

I was not there, they'd already be dead.

Raèet, please! Do not let them kill me!

Tell them that I helped you! Tell them!

Thus, he helped.

They ransacked the whole city because of you guys.

As if you bananas.


Because we're from New Confederacy.

And they want to find him.

No more Confederation. He's gone, nowhere.

You're wrong.

Am I wrong?

Well, what are you doing in town?

The President sent us.

He said that there is some woman who can make a baby.

We are here to find her and bring her back.

Making babies?

I know making babies!

There are two of us who still are not infected! Two!

A woman... I do not know how to give birth.

Where is the woman who can make a baby?

She is the one?


Still looking for it.

I am one of the people who use needles.

You're a Great Ape, is not it?

I've heard a lot about you down to the canal.

This is my town.

And these bastards have come across the ocean.

And soon I will expose them.

The woman begs for such a man as I am.

If you like, you can take it.

Stop! She's my wife!

It is not your property! Be happy you're alive!

Get your hands off her!

Come and get it if you know!

Stay out of this, this is between us.

Okay, I'm in!

But I'll have to explain to me how the rules operate in the fight one to one!

To hell with the rules!

I'll fight to the death and that's it!

Okay, great apes. When will you give the green light to the start?

You got it. Go on.

It's yours, enjoy it.

Well, leave them alone.

Do you like blonde woman, is it?

You have not repented?

I knew right away,

when I first saw you.


If love has any meaning in this world,

you'd be the one you would like.

Love me now!

He loves me like...

... This is the last day of our lives.

You goddamn son of a bitch, you lied!

It is a fertile woman!

We made a bishop to talk!

Son of a bitch!

I'll kill you!

Not! It did not, the Great Ape! It did not!

I know where he's hiding the only fertile woman in the world!

Parsifal tell the truth. He just wanted to save them from Euraka!

It is not fertile, I saw that here it is!

I saw her every day where he's hiding.

Sleeping like a Sleeping Beauty. Do you know that story?

Not! But I hope to have a happy ending.

For your own good.

Take me to her.

I want to continue to live in my decama.

Let's go!

You try something, dirty rat, i'll tell you iseæi womb.

In the name of God, the Great Ape!

If you want to see this woman, come and follow me!

Wait a minute.

Now already we can enter.

What is the problem? You have not seen the rats that ruèaju?

They were his people.

So what? If we do not find that woman, only the rats to survive.

Hey, where are you taking us now, damn it?

What do you think? Where the girl is hiding.

Over here!

Let's go!

Professor! This short! Open the door!

Do not see you until I explain things.

Suspicious toward all.

Professor! This short! Professor, are you there?

It must be there.

I am, Shorty!

The girl was inside.

I swear it is.

Let's try to force.


I can not do that.

Go ahead.

I can not do that.


Step back. I will.

Let's go!



I'm sorry.

She will give birth to a baby?

But she's dead!

No, just in hibernation, that's all.

There is already nearly a lifetime. More than a nuclear war.

Who is she? Her name is Melissa, she is the professor's daughter.

She knew what would happen if women are exposed to radiation.

So they hibernated.

She was the ancestress of a new race.

But there was no where to take her.

How he planned to escape?

He wanted to take her off the island in the system for life maintenance?

You want to see? Come on!

An old car.

Beautiful go and that's full!

Just be preæi wall.

According to the Lincoln Tunnel.

Now it is the only path that leads from New York.

To break through the wall will be easy.

What about people Euraka? - This is a big problem.

Set up three checkpoints in the tunnel.

I have a lot of mines.

The men are armed with lasers.

Gorilla's in love.

Beauty and the Beast.

At least it's warm blood beast.

Yes, it should be fast enough.

Yes, but what about the gun?

There is one at the end of the tunnel.

It was made of steel and real bullets ejected from a 30-mm.

With a compatible shield can do.

Yes. We need a hardened steel or lead.

I know an old waste, where there are a lot of steel.

I Eurakovim full of people.

Not exactly one such place where they entered.

We have to take risks.

Hey, Big Ape!

You heard about which we are talking about?

I heard that you just go.

I'm staying here to look out for her.

You understand, the Great Ape?

It is the only hope the future of humanity.

You'll have to kill me first, before you lay hands on her.

All right, let's go.



Stay with him.

Napraviæeš me immortal...

... Time you'll be at my seed.

How about this?

I do not know. Looks good. - We'll need more.

Eurakovi people!

How do we get out of here with all this equipment?

I do not know, let us pray.


Go back and hide!

The bastards!

Again the dwarf? Get him!

Odvuæi will get their attention, but we'll be able to find because of which we have here.

Come on, let's get this.

All right, you smelly little motherfucker!

Now you'll tell us where they're hiding your friends!


Just do not hurt me and I'll tell you.

I'll tell you where they are.


You stupid bastards!

Where is Short? - Eurakovi people have caught him.

He did it to help us to escape.

Here is everything okay?

Everything is fine.

Hey, Big Ape! Come and help me!

This will protect us from the front, but we'll have vehicles in the blind tunnel.

So we'll have to protect Melissa and nothing is important.

I just said so.

Okay, let's try. They will not expect us during the day.

Every minute counts. It may be that short talk.

It will not.

He would never paid her.

OK. Check!

I think we can do it.

Hold on!

We managed to break free. And now let's go!

We need every friend.

Come on, get in!

If you like me before, then you almost succeeded.

Hold on!

Alert, alert! An unidentified object approaching the barricade.

The checkpoint!

Stop! Get out of the car!

Watch out for!

Watch out for!

Beautiful round, friends, but I have a feeling that it's all over. Look!

The fire!

We managed!

We are safe!

You let them escape from the city.

You know what happens to those who fail to fulfill their duty.

Yet they still can not catch!

Ten squads patrolling the deserts of New York.

Možebiti but you promised me you'd put them back

before once again saw the light of day.


Now I already have as much time as we only need.

Confederate Air Force destroyed the headquarters Euraka.

We have only three hours after the air attack before reorganize.

Now already know why you want to Great Ape share with us.

You knew you were going to protect this girl even at the cost of his žiovta.

Have you asked yourself the question: why?

Love at first sight.

I hope that his offspring would be as prolific as he was.

You got it pretty fast, does not it?

I got in contact with Confederate helicopter.

He'll be here in a minute.

Mission accomplished.


Why did you stop? - You know, I do something.

Sneak up on what?

You're not a man.

What makes you think that?

When they attacked us Eurakovi people with ultrasound,

we almost all fainted, but you.

For you did not have effects.

You're a cyborg, Raèet!




Me too... You...

As the Great Ape... - Not.

Not you, Džijara.

There would be a helicopter, you'll see.

We'll make it.

Already succeeded, and the great apes.

Remember? Before a lot of... One small step for man,

but a great leap for mankind. Do you know what that means?

... Love you...

for us...

for mankind...

You have to live on...

Why Džijara? Why?

We have destroyed the world.

We killed millions of people.

I still do it.

Kiss me now!

Kiss me with love...

Life is love...

and love...

All right, my love.

You win.

If humanity is together again,

it will be because these so loved.

Okay, my cold beauty, now already all depends on you.

But I'll have a big surprise for you, Mr. President.

If do you want to issue an order to kill me, just do.

It's very easy to sit there, right?

I was not sure about you, Parsifal.

This girl is of great importance for the trip.

Without it, it would be pointless.

That's why I sent the cyborg because I knew that he could trust.

Yes. Again, that old trick.

But you were right.

I could not get back.

But too many good men died to the girl remained alive.

Necessary victims. It is important that the girl is with us.

You and others...

izvadiæemo eggs since she's ovulating.

You'll fertilize the veštaèkim way,

a human race...

... Will be safe.

You are not coming?

You have decided that you will stay?

Vi was never secured a place on the board.

You gave me your own.

She would like to have seen it out there.

Even presidents were once children.

I dreamed of becoming astronauts.

But the doctors gave me only three months.

I do not think it would last long pressure of G-forces.

Well, you see...

Your ability, each, are deliæi personal history.

My ended,

your just beginning.

Good luck...

... Man.

When a girl wakes up, someone will have to explain everything to her.

She does not know anything about the disaster in the last 20 years.

And that's what it represents.

I also need to tell her the whole story.

And you have the appropriate man for this.

Come on.

Minute countdown to launch.
















... 5





... 0!

translation: BaglyasPeter