1987: When the Day Comes (2017) - full transcript

In 1987 Korea under an oppressive military regime, the unlawful interrogation and death of a college student ignite ordinary citizens to fight for the truth and bring about justice.

This film is based on real events.

Characters and scenes have been adapted for dramatic purposes.

National News

Honourable President

To welcome the new year,
President Chun Doo-hwan

visited the Security Department.

He rewarded their graceful services
to counter-intelligence surveillance.

The President expressed concern about leftists,

anti-nationalists and spies.

19 student activists arrested. 3 released.

We capture spies within students.

They even casuing riots..

only seek to undermine our country's
liberal democratic system.

We must be alert and keep our nerves.

Our honourable president insists
that we must guarantee

the basic national order
and social stability.

What is it?

Commissioner Park Cheo-won. Director of national security.
Born in North Korea, 1950 served in Vietnam.

Open the gates.

Buguk institute of oceanology.

Jan 14, 1987. 12:30 am.
Namyeong-dong interrogation center.

Stand clear.

Oh In-sang, Physician.
Chung-Ang University Yongsan Hospital.

His heart's stopped.

Revive him.


- Start the engine.
- Sir.

Excuse me, Sir.

A student has died in Namyeong-dong.

The commissioner's car has arrived.

He can't be revived.

Move him.


Can you help me?


Come on.

Who called for the doctor?

I did.

He wasn't a communist.

Just a witness.

You should have reported in first.


There are witnesses now, aren't there?

What were you thinking?

It's only a student.
Why is this so messy?

Let's eat.


Now leave!

Sir.. about the body.

Burn it.

I'll see to it.


Cheo-won. Good evening..

It's nice to see you on
such a glorious occasion.

Forgive my intrusion.

Lieutenant General Jang Se-dong.
Agency for national security.

The President apologizes..

for not giving you this personally.

Thank you.

This is an honour.

Endless Bravo.

What do you have for me?

The Kim Jeong-nam
Spy Organization

Kim Jeong-nam?

People's Revolutionary Party.

And the scientist Min Cheong.

Spreading propaganda...

It's the group behind
the Incheon incident.

How can they think they'll
get away with this?

The hunger strike
by Kim Yong-sam..

was due to his collaboration with
Kim Dae-jung and Kim Yeong-sam.

Do you want to arrest
all three of them?

If it's proved they are
Kim Il Sung's sidekicks.

Those bastards who calling direct election every day..

with anti-government protests.

What a good idea.

Even if government opinion
changes, Namyeong-dong won't.

The bastards should be
arrested as soon as possible.

Before the new
academic year starts.


Prosecutor Choi-hwan.
Seoul Public Prosecutor's office.

Didn't you just
say five o'clock?

You'd better be
telling the truth!

I forgot.

I can't even remember what I had
for breakfast this morning.


Fill the clean bottles with petrol.

We haven't.

What is it then?


Noodle delivery!

Over here.

Thinner? Thinner.
What do you want?


Damned fool! Are you happy now?

You disappoint your
parents and you're happy?


A simple mistake.

How can the Chief Public
Prosecutor eat like this?

Why are you here at this hour?

Come for dinner.

Everything's arranged.

Well then.

Where are you going?

Please stamp this order.


I thought I could eat
and drink for free.

Using dirty tricks on me now?

Come on, Prosecutor.

Bak Jong-cheol,
Seoul University.

A heart attack?
In a 22 year old?

He must be cremated tonight.

I'll leave you in peace now.

You should loosen
your belt and relax.

We've worked hard
for our brothers.

That Seoul student..

That won't be a problem?

Of course not.

It's being taken care of.

Approval for cremation.

He's been dead for less than eight hours.
Has the father seen his deceased son yet?

He hasn't seen him?

Has he?

We already got the father's permission.

I don't believe it.

What father would agree to a cremation
without seeing his son's body first?

If you're going to
lie, be consistent!

Does this make any sense?

This is Anti-communist matter.
Please stamp the order.

Who the hell are you
to order me around?!

Get out!

Why do you have to be like that?

Just close your eyes.. and
stamp the damned order.

I'll buy you a hot
and spicy meal.

I'm already hot and bothered.
This doesn't make a bit of sense.

There should be a post-mortem before
talking about burying or cremation.

As required by law.

Yes. I agree with you..

but my superiors..

ordered a cremation before dawn.


Which superiors?

National Security?
Presidential Palace?


Just help me this once.

Do the post-mortem
in the morning.

Then the cremation
in the afternoon.

My noodles have gone soft.


The crematorium is closed now.

I'm your father-in-law. You're
making things difficult for me.

I know..

Of course I know.

Do as you're told. If you're ordered to crawl, crawl!

Understand? Idiot!

Yes, I understand.

There's someone to see you.

What do you want?

He said you have a dinner
appointment tonight.

I've suddenly lost my appetite.

How about you?

Do they think the Chief Prosecutor's
office is just for show?

They'll have to change
their attitude.

Change yours first.

That's funny?

Just stamp it!

Or we're all screwed.

I know what I should do.

I think you're nothing more than a
bastard relying on your father-in-law.

If I ever get another call like that
I'll stamp the damned order. Understand?

No answer?

I'll stamp it.

It could be an emergency.

Order for anatomy of the corpse

If you tamper with the body..

I'll charge you with impeding
an official investigation.



Let me out! Let me out!

Hey, open up!

Damned fool, couldn't
you come earlier?

Prosecutor Choi.
Prosecutor's office No.4

You're so undisciplined.

Sorry, Brother. Busy work.

I didn't even have time to wash my
hands after going to the toilet.

When do you ever
wash your hands?

When have you ever seen
me not wash my hands?

As you care for me that much..

then let it slide.

I haven't been drunk
in a long time.

I just want to go home.

You had another quarrel?

I slammed the phone
down and broke it.

I'll get nagged
by my wife later.

Something else is
aggravating you, Brother.

The state security bastards
were acting up again.

They think the chief prosecutor's
office is just for display.

They think everyone..

can be treated like stray dogs.

How about I just simply resign?

If you're unable to resolve
this small conflict.

This could all land on my head.

I could always..

spread rat poison.


Nice shot!

Sorry to trouble you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

That return was just
like a professional!

It seems like Mr. Commissioner is regaining his youth.

This concoction is proving
to be very effective.

Sir. We can't locate the
director of public safety.

Even the hotels in the
area have been searched.

Is that bastard a commie?

There's no evidence of that.

Get me Seoul District Attorney General.

Seoul Prosecutor's office. Jan 15, 1987. 07:30 am.

Ji Geom-jang, we don't know
where Prosecutor Choi is.

It's your duty to..

This is bad.

Call everyone together.

Yes, Sir.

You gave me a scare.

This is bad luck.. bad luck.

Choi-hwan. Wake up!

Why did I get an early morning
phone call from Park Cheo-won?

That's the last damned
thing I needed.

Did you at least try
to clean up the mess?

We don't need to discuss it..

but a post-mortem needs
to be conducted.

You need to be careful
who you're dealing with.

No one who's dared to go up
against Park Cheo-won..

has lived to tell the tale.

In the Bucheon sex case,
we couldn't prosecute..

based on their interrogation.

We had to bear the consequences.

This time, we follow legal procedures.

Take a look at this..

Just grab anyone and interrogate him
till he confesses to everything.

At least they'll get
their northern defector.

You really have no idea
what Namyeong-dong is?

It's likely..

that he was actually
tortured to death.

That doesn't concern us.

If this matter leaks,

how will we handle the fallout?

I don't want to think about it.
I can't.

Therefore it must be
handled discretely.

If anything happens, we'll
be the ones getting screwed.

You're so damned stubborn!

I don't want to know any more!

It's better not to.

Just say you don't know nothing..

and express deep regret.

Let me handle it. Just me alone.

Let me.

Are you sure?


It's nothing.

I'll drink to that.

It's better on an empty stomach.

So you say.

Everything's agreed then.

Oh, Reporter Sin!

How are you, Mr. Prosecutor?


Fine.. fine, alright.

Don't worry. Right.


You're the first
to arrive today!

Early bird gets the worm.

Thank you.

Don't underestimate the police.

He was a university student.

Sin seong-ho. Jong-ang Daily.
Social affairs desk.

It seems the Jong Ang
Daily is lagging again.

He was a law student.

Not the Faculty of
Law, but Linguistics.

His name is Bak Jong..

I see.

So he's a linguist.

A young life gone
just like that.

Namyeong-dong bastards don't
consider the consequences.


Why.. why are these
people so daring?

Hello.. hello, Editor?

A.. university student who was taken
to Namyeong-dong for interrogation..

has died.

Hanyang University Hospital.

Is my Cheol here?


He was.. slightly injured.

Please come in.

Let go! Let go!

Why are you taking
me to the morgue?


Why are you here?

What's wrong with you?

Where is Cheol?



My son! My son!

My son!

What happened?

Your appetite is pretty decent!

Why are you eating now?

Nine supporters of the labour movement arrested.

Yoon Sang-sam. Reporter. Dong-a Daily.
Social affairs desk.

The Sam has an article on the
growing labour movement.

It flows gracefully like a stream.

What's the point in that?

Any day now he might
suddenly disappear.

Is there a sentence
in that sentence?

Say what you mean and stop
mincing your words like that.

It's all the same in the end.

Why are you so sensitive?

Are you still not talking
to your sister-in-law?

I think you'd better
beg for forgiveness.

The Jong Ang Daily is
rather late today.

Press Room. Jan 15, 1987. 03:00 pm.

Shall we check for typos?

- Quick!
- What's happening?

What's the story?

- Find it quickly!
- Where is it?

Take it out!

If not the main
page, try the back!

It's not this. Not this.

- It's not this.
- Look again!

Which one?

What the hell?

Where is it?

Student dies of shock during
police interrogation.


I've seen the news.

Yes, Editor?

Is there anything
about his life?

That's not important right now.

We're being raided by the Police.
Everything's a mess.


Are you saying.. it's not true?

Whether it's true or not..

We published this story, so..

Go! Hide somewhere and don't
show yourself to anyone.

If they catch you, you can
kiss your life goodbye.

He's here!

We've got him.

What do you want?
You're coming with me!


- Bastards!
- Tired of living?


You damned bastards!

Let go! Bastards!



Let me explain the rest.

Yes! Yes!

Kang Min-chang.
Director General of police.

What is this?

This situation isn't good.

When you serve the country
this is pretty normal.

Just a small case.

Hey, Park Cheo-won!

Your so-called small case is dragging us into mud!

Now's not the time for pointing fingers.

Sit down.

The president is extremely
concerned about this matter.

Just a little carelessness
and we're all blamed.

This urgent issue must be resolved first.

Just give a statement like this.

Joint decision of relevant event.
Pro-left student died of heart attack.

This is the timeline of events..

With complete faith in the
police I tell you all..

Department of Security. Jan 15, 1987. 04:00 pm.

There was absolutely
no act of torture.

If that's true..

How did he die?

That's because.. during
the investigation..

Because the investigator's desk..

His desk...

What about the desk?

Because when the investigator
banged the table hard..

The student became so afraid

that he scared..

and collapsed on the floor.

Does that make sense?

Because of the table breaking,
he collapsed on the floor?

A loud noise can sometimes
cause a heart attack.

A living young man just died like that?

Or died of cardiac shock?

Indeed died of shock.

And it has been confirmed
by the doctor from Jungdae.

Jungdae Hospital?

What's the name of
the doctor involved?

That is...

The name.. what's the name?

There was no
confirmation, right?

It's not like that.

I think it's Oh Yeon-sang.

- Oh Yeon-sang.
- Oh Yeon-sang.

Oh Yeon-sang.

What's this?

I've made the
problem even worse.


Chung-Ang University Yongsan Hospital.


In other words, he died
from a shock to the heart?

That.. I'm not sure.

We'll know after a post-mortem.

Was he still alive when brought
to the emergency room?

Not the emergency room
but at Namyeong-dong.

- Namyeong-dong?
- Namyeong-dong?

What happened there?

By the time I arrived there...

his heart had already stopped.

Can you please provide
more details.

I mean, by the time
I arrived there

and cleaned the
water from his body

then did some check-ups..


Please explain in detail.

The point is, there was
water on the body, right?

Ah, no.

According to the police..

the victim was in
a drunken state.

So, during the investigation,
he drank lots of water.

Drunken state?

Drunken state.

He drank too much rice wine.

Rice wine?

That means he didn't
die from shock.

How can we report this?

It's so frustrating.

Why are you annoyed?

Just write down the facts.

Haven't you got any
doctor friends?

If I had, I would have a scoop by now.

Don't leave yet. Wait here.

Okay, goodbye.

Toilet calling.

Hanyang University Hospital.
Jan 15, 1987. 04:00 pm.

Good afternoon, Mr. Prosecutor.


I've brought several films.

I've prepared ten
boxes of films.


Doctor Oh.

Prosecutor Choi-hwan.

I'm Park Dong-ho.

The situation is very serious.

Please follow the
post-mortem principles.

Even the smallest things..

must be detailed in your report.

Are you sure about that?

This is just procedural.

Prosecutor Pyo. Seoul district criminal division.


Don't try to deviate!

You're making me look bad.

After you.

I'm sorry to inconvenience you.

You bastards! Who
gave you approval?

You dare to go against
police orders?

We don't take orders from you.

Leave now!

Ignorant fools.

I'm a prosecutor.

Mr. Prosecutor..

You want this?

Sorry, sorry.

Leave me alone..

Let go! Let go of me!

Mother! Mother!

Just for a while,
just for a while.

Just once. Let me see him once.

Please allow me to see him.

Hey, let go!

I'll remember all your faces.

Out! Out!


Organization chart of Kim Jeong-nam.

Jang Yeong-dal. Arrested.

Kim Jeong-nam.

Phone call for you, Sir.


Who's that?

I'm the director of Public Security, Seoul District.

I'm calling from Hanyang Central Hospital.

Your men are preventing my men
conducting official business.

All the heads of agencies
have received a memo.

There is no need
for a post-mortem.

Sir, do you know me?

Why are you being
so disrespectful?

I am the Chief Prosecutor.

Are you trying to
give me a headache?

So you don't have to
obey the law, right?

Shall we gather all the
prosecutors and talk about it?

What are you saying?

Try checking the police manual.

Make sure you know who has
authority in this matter.

And also..

You shouldn't be
using that dialect.

It's Kim Il Sung's dialect, uh?

Get Team 1 and Team
2 here right now!


Stupid bastard!

What's this?

This is a post-mortem order.

A big man like you has to
hide behind a piece of paper?

Let's not get emotional.

It's the law.

If dogs lose their prey,

do you think their master will
stay silent and do nothing?

How about a bet?

Which one of us that will be the unlucky?

I'm just a wild dog with no limits.

Not as polite as usual dogs.


Wild dogs could bite whatever he want isn't that funny?

I'm so scared.

But you are just a toothless wild mutt.

Hold it!

The daughter of a
cousin's uncle..

is married to a foreign reporter
working for this magazine.

Peter Hendall is his name..

it always hurts me to ask him
for an important news leak.

Any problems with the '88 Olympics..

will surely annoy the president.

Then what'll you do?

Go on then.

What is it that you really want?

It seems I've not made
myself clear enough.

I just want to do my job well.


Well, carry on biting.

It won't change a single thing.

Get lost!

I will go ahead.

Then you'll die at my hands.

A mongrel dog only eats rubbish.

Humiliating and
completely futile.

I'll have to buy some more soju.

Hanyang University Hospital.
Jan 15, 1987. 09:50 pm.

Are you a family member?

What's your name?

I'm his uncle, Park Wol-gil.

Wol-gil, correct?

Have a seat while you wait.

Professor Hwang, please begin.

I need to go to the toilet.


I'm Yoon Sang-sam
from Dong A Daily.

Was there any sign of torture?

I've been waiting here for ages.

Earlier you said there
was water on the body.

What's the condition
of the body?

Just tell me what you saw.


On the floor..

there was a lot of water.

Also a bath tub.

There were bubbles in his lungs.

Air bubbles?

Was this the cause of his death?


Professor Baksa, please
explain clearly!

Please explain.

- Professor Hwang!
- Professor Hwang!

Murdered by the police!
Murdered by the police!

He didn't die from shock. He
was murdered by the police!

He was tortured to
death, wasn't he?

They used water torture
on him, didn't they?

It was water torture, wasn't it?

You'll be audited tomorrow.

They already know.


I was only there to help.

It was merely a formality.

Think of it as a holiday and
mess with the auditors.

Aren't you smart?

What did I do wrong? Why
should I be audited?

Bastard! You're still
glaring at me?

Tell me to bow, I bow.

Have me stepped on,
I'm stepped on.

- Why should I..
- Han-gyeong..

I'm sorry.

Just go home.

As you order.


The post-mortem results
must be revealed!

It's not like he
simply broke his arm.

It's an important story.

What is he shouting about?

Here he comes.

- Are you alright?
- What happened exactly?

Come on. Let's leave.


From tomorrow, all torture
will be prohibited.


A special investigative
team will be formed.

Why did he die. Who killed him?

Investigate in detail.

Editor, what about that?

Enough of this shit!

A student dies after being
tortured by police bastards!

What's the point of guidelines?

No more cover up!


Oh, yes?

Come on, quickly!

Well.. it's Professor Hwang!

How troubling you are.
Please sit.

How did he die?


The cause of death was
pressure applied to the neck.

During the water torture
in the bath tub,

the neck was pressed
against the rim.

Watch what you're saying!

Listen carefully.

If this ever leaks out,

the whole country
will be in turmoil..

and all of us will die.

But.. the evidence
left on the corpse..

was very clear.

He was supposed to be cremated!

This won't matter.

Just report that the
cause of death..

was.. a.. heart.. attack.

Add nothing more.

Buy a good meal for everyone.

Sorry, Mr. Director.

You will only destroy yourself.

Tomorrow we'll announce the
cause of death was shock.


A ping-pong sized blood
clot was discovered..

January 16, 1987. 09:00.

Indicating a possibility
of tuberculosis.

Blood clots formed in the
neck and chest regions,

occured during the process
of artificial resuscitation.

There was absolutely
no sign of torture.

- Mother. Mother.
- Mother. Mother.

Mother. Mother.

- Mother.
- Mother.

Our boy was not a communist.

The burial ceremony is over.

No.2 team clear to proceed.

Why are you not allowing access?

Line up properly!

Why are you denying us access?

The family members are there!

That's Yoon Gi-ja's car.
Shall I turn around?

Wait a moment.

No, no.


- Camera?
- Yes, camera.

The bus is going straight on.

The car isn't.

What are these bastards doing?

Which vehicle?

2382.. Turn left! Turn left!

- Turn left?
- Turn left! Turn left!

Hey, move the car!

I told you to move the car!

Hey, hey. Stop them!


I'm a reporter
from Dong A Daily.

Why did you throw
away the camera?!

Get out!

Why won't you allow
us to interview them?

Why can't we speak to them?



Why did this happen?

Why did you go away like this?

Why aren't you still here?

Goodbye my beautiful boy.

There's nothing more..
I can do for you.

Stop being difficult.

I already said you
can't come in today.

I'm a reporter.

I've already told you..

Why are you so stubborn?
Come back another day.

Yet another wild dog.

Why won't you let me through?

Move back! Move back!

Move back!

Get lost! Bastard!

Bastard? Who're you
calling Bastard?

Reporter Yoon, please calm down.

I want to confirm some facts.
He was drowned.

Death due to water torture?

Who told you it was
due to drowning?

Then, what? Death
due to violence?

National Security!
Real bastards!

Why should I tell you? Go
and check it for yourself.

You're in it up to your neck.

What did they promise?

Security Department?
Presidential Palace?

Yes, you're right!

Yes, I want to be more successful
than others. Satisfied?

You should be ashamed
of yourself.

Just write a damned good story.

Strangled while
tortured under water.

Sin Gil Industries. Security department.
Sin gil-dong division.

Jan 19, 1987. 04:00 pm.

Isn't this the Department
of Supervision?

Guk-jang, What's going on?

Cuff him!

Hey, hey.. get off!
What are you doing?

Don't fuck around!


Don't mess with me!

You're under arrest on charges of
torturing and causing death.

You're no longer a police officer.

You're a criminal. Criminal, okay?

What can I do? The Presidential
Palace ordered the arrest.

Who in particular?

I can't tell you. You'll
only make things worse.

Who'll take responsibility?

Director Park! You
have to be firm!

To save yourself, you'll have
to cut out the dead wood!

Sin Gil-dong.


Get out!





You damned bastards.

Free them!

Continue with it!

Hey, Park Cheo-won!

Don't you know who ordered this?


You dare to disobey orders and
assault a fellow officer?

You think all police
are the same?

When you were receiving bribes,

we were facing life or death
situations to catch communists.

If it wasn't for me,
this country..

would've surrendered to Kim Il Sung, you bastard! Understand?

You bastard! You're making
a very big mistake.

You dare to go against
the President's orders?

Listen to me carefully!

If anyone dares to interfere
in my hunt for communists,

I will treat that person
as a communist also.


Everybody, leave!

Get up! Get up!



I'm innocent.

Keep your head up!

You are a patriot.

Keep your head up and
straighten your back!

The penalty isn't that heavy..

for death by torture.

Just endure it for a few months.

It'll be death by negligence and
I'll save you with a light sentence.

I have a family to support.

I'll look after them.

I will obey orders.

Of course...

this is what Namyeong-dong
is all about.

Han Byeong-yong. Warden.
Yeong Deung-po prison.

Once being fired due to set up labor union for wardens.
Now returned to his place.

Please tell him to be quiet.

He's disturbing my sleep.

Lee Bu-yong. Dong-a daily.
Suspected leader of May 3 Incheon movement.

He's off limits.

Death sentence?


He tortured that Seoul
University student..

and caused his death.

Hey there! Hey! You there!

Show me your ID!

Only this? No other form of ID?

Excuse me, which bus
goes to Sin Gil-dong?

Catch him!

Drag him!

I'm home.

Really! Why is this in the way?

You always make a fuss. Why can't
you just come home and sleep?

Where do you wander off to?

Careful you don't end up in prison.
You still haven't got a wife.

That's why I wander, so I
can get to know more women.

It's not clever to talk back.

Then you've got a date?
Already dating?

You only know how
to blabber all day.

What else is there?

Why do you get mixed up
with such strange people?

Speaking of strange, I'm
already the weirdest.

I listen to your ramblings..

how I can be normal?

- Crazy.
- What is it?

I've cooked some nice meat stew.
Go and eat some.

I need a girlfriend
just like my sister.

But why can't you be polite?

What's up? Did you take
the wrong medicine?


Where's Yeon-hee?

In her room and sleeping.. just
like a typical lazy student.

We have listeners who want
to hear Yoo Jae Ha's songs.

Yes, we will play them for you.

This is a song for
troubled young people.

The Hidden Road.

Damn! Stupid machine!

Don't hit it like that.

Shall I get a hammer?

Uncle! Didn't I ask
to get this repaired?

Do you think your
uncle's a repairman?

Just look at the fuss you make.

Hey.. I found this
lying by the door.


I thought I'd bring
it home for you.

What is it?




You are my greatest uncle.

Get off me!

You're always like
this with presents.

It's for when you go to college.




I have to see that man again?

With a face like mine..

I'd get stopped at checkpoints.

But you won't be.

Just look at you.

You almost got kicked
out of the union.

You're so resilient.

I said it wasn't a union.


This is a good thing.

Do you think an uncle would
tell his niece to do anything?

Like this?

You're a civil servant
but act like a prisoner?

If you don't like
it, it's alright!

You said it was a gift.

Doo-bong got into college.

- Who's Doo-bong?
- My section head's son.

It's the last time.

Of course.

Last time.

It can record too.

And plays the reverse
side as well.




Hey! Hey!

Keep your mind on your job.


See what you are - losers.

Excuse me.

Of course.

What's happened?

Pastor Han. Catholic priests' association for justice.

Kim Jeong-nam.
Pro-democracy movement leader, currently being wanted.

I want the truth about
Bak Jong-cheol's death.

They'll make their statements.


We must identify the police
officers involved..

and punish those who
tortured the boy.

If you recklessly
pursue the wrong enemy,

you might awaken
a sleeping lion.

Then it'll be difficult
to find the truth.

Even the prison's head of
security was threatened.

How can that be
allowed to happen?

It's a can of worms.

The real torturers..

their departments, ranks and names.

Those who helped this cover-up..

I'll look into all of them thoroughly.


The last weapon we have..

is the truth.

And that truth..

will bring down this regime.



My uncle apologises for not
bringing you the news himself.

That's alright.

You don't look like
a Buddhist monk.

Ah, you're a priest?

She's Han Byeong-yong's niece.

Look within and find
the light of truth.


Ahn Gye-jang. Head of security.
Yeongdeung-po prison.

- Husband!
- Jin-gyoo!




- Jin-gyoo!
- Mother!

Feb 20,1987. 04:30 pm.

Are you well?

What's happened?

Mother, this is not
a serious matter.

You don't have to worry.

You've killed someone.
Of course it's serious.

What were you thinking!

Did I raise you like this..

to take someones life?


I.. have been wrongly accused.

Honestly, I've been
wrongly accused, Father.

Wrongly accused?

Accused of what?

I was only holding his legs.

It was another person
who killed him.

I wasn't even part of the team.

- I wasn't doing anything..
- Enough!

- Enough. Liar!
- What do you want?

- Husband!
- Jin-gyoo!

- Enough!
- Jin-gyoo!

- Jin-gyoo!
- Get your hands off me!



Please observe the
visitation rules.

Jin-gyoo! Jin-gyoo!

If you write anything
like this again..

I'll blow up your prison.

Visitation Notes

Ahn Gye-jang here.

This is Han Byeong-yong.

Prisoner 4879
requests a meeting.

I'm on my way.

Good evening.

Ahn Gye-jang.

You asked to meet me?

Are you feeling uncomfortable?

I've heard that to avoid addressing police
torture your hours have been reduced.

This topic has nothing to do
with prison administration.

What's making you
feel uncomfortable?

He said..

There was another officer
involved in the torture.

If there's nothing else,
and this meeting is ended.

Take some rest before
returning to your cell.

Do you want to be
their accomplice?

Civil servant cannot leak information.

Truth must not be
locked up in prison!

My responsibility..

is just to detain and imprison.

Alm district, Seoul. Bak Jong-cheol Remembrance.
March 3, 1987. 02:00 pm.

What are you looking at?


Hey, Your house is close..

Why are you all dressed up?

You're mad!

I only washed my face.

How's my skin?

You should clean the
lipstick off your teeth.

Overthrow the regime.

Expose the torture and death
by military dictators.

- Overthrow the regime!
- Overthrow the regime!

- All patriotic citizens..
- Let's go.

Hey, hey, hey, wait!

He's handsome!

Please read.

We will begin a
national confrontation.

Join us! Unite!

- Long live Bak Jong-cheol!
- Long live Bak Jong-cheol!

Please read this.
It's important.

Bak Jong-cheol. National Remembrance Ceremony.

Come on, let's go.


Let me go! Let me go!

I said let me go!




Come here!

Stop.. you bitch!

Stop, bastard!

In here! in here!


We're closed.

Closed today.

Open the door!

I just said we're closed, Idiot!

- Open this door!
- We're closed!


My eyes sting.

It's really hot.

Don't rub your eyes.
It'll make it worse.

Wash your face first.

Excuse me.. Your shoes.

It's nothing.

I've still got socks on.

You go out like that,
you'll be arrested.

Is this what you're wearing?

They cost 8,000 won, but
for you, just 5,000 won.

Sorry, I have no money.

Let me pay.

No need. It's nothing.


is for saving me.

Er.. wait, wait!

Employees' Timesheet

You idiot!

I told you not to take notes.

Your statements.. are
always inconsistent.

I want to confirm something.

You handcuffed the victim's
hands behind his back,

as stated here.

But the victim's wrists..

don't show any marks from handcuffs.

This is a negligent death.
What difference does it make?

It's more or less the same.

The negligence you displayed..

Your crime was
torturing to death.

Interrogation with torture.

The charges haven't
been changed?

What are you talking about?
Don't try anything with me!

If you still don't realise it,
the punishment is 15 years!

Confess everything.


What? Bastard?

I didn't kill him.


Are you deaf?

The killer was someone else!

You can't just..

What's going on?

You've already been warned
not to try this again.

What do you want?

What do you want?


You're all the same.

Remind Park Cheo-won
to keep his promise!

Who do you think you are you?

What are you trying to pull?

They're the guilty ones.

Hey, Jo Han-gyeong!

What are you saying?

You're the real killers.


Grab the bastard!

Don't even move!

Your lives depend on
what I say today.

Think about it carefully.

Visiting hours are over.

Do you want that kind of money?

Anyone there?

There is still a public
relations section.

Give me special
reporting policy!

Those protects were due to calling for direct election.

Under such chaos, this country
will be destroyed in front of us.

Focus your report
on this aspect!

- Right, understood.
- And, also..

Home Affairs Minister.

I want a register of all political
institutions within every university.

You're on 24 hour standby.
Do not let anything happen!


Why should I still need
to worry about this?

Apparently there was a riot in the prison.

The prosecutor change the charge to Wrongful Death.

Thankfully we're able to put out this fire.

Do you want to fan the flames again?

Bak Jong-cheol supporters gathering.

If this becomes a loose end we're done.

I can extend the trial without a deadline.

It's up to you. Make your own decision.

Park Cheo-won..

The honourable president
is very worried.

Kang Jin-gyoo. Seoul Trust Bank.

Millions, tens of millions.

Is this compensation for
10 years of my life?

Get me out by end of the month.

When the president hands the
office to his successor..

there will be amnesty.

I have to wait until next year?

Don't you think I've
been lied to before?

Life is just a gamble.

It's better to clear the conscience
and get a lighter sentence.

This is an important
stage in your life.

At least show your patriotism.

Patriotism, patriotism..
Fuck patriotism!

I can't sleep
peacefully in here.

These hands..

The screams and cries of those
I've beaten with these hands..

are always in my head.


We are patriots?

You bastard!

Don't fuck with me!

Do you want your head burst?

Just shoot.

Do it!

I don't need to..


Your wife..

and your children..

will be thrown into
the Imjin River.

That's how we clear the country
of northern defectors..

You've done it before,
you should know.

At that moment your heart
will be torn apart

I'll enjoy watching it.


Make your choice!

A patriot or a traitor!

I accept.

I will accept.. I will accept.


Please obey the prison rules.

In accordance with
the rules, this..

cannot happen.

Physical contact with
other parties..

You're so committed to your job.

Have a meal with the guards!

Stand over there!

Hurry up!

Don't you have a student ID?

State your student ID number!


Shit, usually I'm never stopped.

Do I look like a
student activist?

Today for some reason..

You do look like one.

You've dressed like that
white knight who saved you.

Ah, that young man.

I told you he's not
a student activist.

Young man?

Don't fool yourself!

Even if you see him again,
he won't remember you.

But he'll remember your
cute made-up face.

Shall I wipe it off?

- Here.
- Don't!

Here it is!

Hey, that's why..

You should be like
me and carry these.

This guarantees you
won't be stopped.

Looks so innocent, right?

Kim Hee-ae.

I'm the actress Kim Hee-ae.

Why is everyone hugging
a book to their chest?

Even if you're flat chested,

you have to be confident.

Come on!


You hurt my pride.

That's him?

Oh.. oh my..

Even if he is a spy, he
should still be engaged.

He's coming over!

He remembers.


Are you a new student?


Don't feel uncomfortable.

I'm sure..

we've met before.


Our organization is
showing a video later.

Will you come?


There'll also be a
comic-sharing event.

We'll.. be there.

Oh my!

Your shoes are so cool.

They look expensive.

They were cheap.

Alright. See you later.

See, he didn't recognize you.

He didn't even remember you.

He said cheapy cheapy.

Did you really buy him cheap shoes?

Get off!

He didn't remember you at all.

I said I don't want to go!

- Come, come, come.
- Wait, wait!

Just a moment.

What is it?

Do you want to freshen up first?

Entrance is that way.

- Stop fussing.
- Welcome.

Please sit over here.

Just sit over there.

Is everyone ready?

Shall we begin?


The comic appreciation club will
now show you an important video.

What's the film?

It's actually a documentary.

It was made overseas.

You all know.. about the
situation in Gwangju.


are the facts.

What's this? Let's go.

Initially, I couldn't
watch it until the end.

The reality is.. too horrific.

Then why do you show
these things to people?

What do you want us to do?

Do you want us to
fight the army?

How are we going to fight?

If more lives are sacrificed,

who'll take responsibility?

There are 22 agents working on information
from the guidance department,

but no one knows where
Kim Jeong-nam is hiding.

Do you fear more trouble because
of the lack of results?

I'm very sorry,

but the present situation
isn't like before.

Stop everything!

Director for Counter-Communism.

Switch on the TV now!

The speech is about to start.


The honourable president..

is awaiting the arrest
of Kim Jeong-nam.

Kim Dae-joong and Kim Yeong-sam are
manipulating the Bak Jong-cheol incident.

We have to survive this.

You know this is
our last chance.

Let him go!


Respectfully, you must
remember your position.

When I was in the North,
I once kept a male dog.

The dog liked to disappear
from time to time.

Do you know how I
used to find him?

I lured him back by
using a bitch in heat.

So all the male dogs
would come around..

drooling and start
fighting each other.

I now feel that such a thing
is impossible in my tenure.

April 9,1987. 09:00 am.
Declaration of Constitution.

In accordance with the
current constitution,

on the 25th Feb in the next year,

my tenure as President will end.

It's time to end this.

Lure him out with
all the bitches.

Do it well.

We're ready!

- Follow me!
- Ready!

Hey, bring them with you.

We need to be prepared..
and motivated against..

It means there will be a
direct election, right?

Shit, the direct election
system is for himself.

Editor, Is he extending
his dictatorship?

How can we move forward?

How else can he maintain power?


Political Section!
Social Affairs!

What are you waiting for?

What does it mean?

What does that mean?

It means that he alone will
select the next president.

Shit.. Madam. A bottle of soju.

In a moment.

No. No need.

Mr. Prosecutor, we have an
hour before we convene.

I'm not going.

Just listen to the bastard!

He wants another seven years.

Not seven years.
The fake election,

will ensure the world of
these people won't end.

What do you mean by
the fake election?

You really don't know anything.

You must be a spy.

Are you really from Yonsei?

Listen to him!

You're just a student.

This is a game that's
been rigged by them.

What are you doing?

I have to do something.

Hey. Let's organize.

Sang-ho, get the printer.

I'm going out for
a while, Brother.

It's too dangerous
for you out there.

What is this?

What is a direct
election system?

All voters have received
bribes to vote.


The country's social
standard is still too low.

Why aren't you changing shifts?

This is a revolutionary
turning point.

I believe passionately
and strongly in this.

I promise..

you have my full support.

You have nothing to worry about.

The communists intent on entering
the Presidential Palace..

must all be eliminated!

I'll send men to keep an eye
on those around Kim Jeong-nam.

Prisoner 4879.


In here.

- Dad, I've been wrongly accused.
- Wrongly accused of what?

The rest is written based
on what I remembered.

All I can do..

is this.

You must be finished
before the morning.


You called me?

I never thought I'd be stopped.

I'm an officer from the
Ministry of Justice.

It's.. it's only a magazine.

A warden?

You look really.. ugly.

Yes, like a crook. A crook.

I've been told twice today.

You'll have to blame my parents.

What's this?

Just something to pass the time.
What are you checking for?

Go on.

Yes, yes. Sorry to
have troubled you.

An appropriate magazine
for a lonely Sunday.

Ahn's family just came
out of the temple.

Isn't Kim Jeong-nam a Catholic?

Something's going on.

Check inside, quickly!

Hey, guard the back door!

It's best to report in first.
If only the two of us act..

Do you want to let
others get the credit?

We'll split the
credit on this one.

Target acquired!

Target acquired.
Request support.

Round the back.


Where's he gone?

Up there.


Bloody bastard!


Report the shadow's position.
Report the shadow's position.

Target gone. He's not here.

We've lost him. Not
here, not here.

Look for him you bastards!

I'm sorry, Sir.


Has Kim Jeong-nam moved
to a safe place?

Yes, he managed to get away.

That's fortunate.

He's at the Hyangrim Church.

I know where it is. I can go..

Don't, don't.

I'm back.

It's not safe for you anymore.

Where's Mum?

You know the declaration
he's planning to make.

Without the pigeons,
everything will be in vain.

- He must get that message.
- Hold on.

Too many of our people
have been exposed.

Leave it with me. I'll
think of another way.



You surprised me!


Not again.

I promise.. this
is the last time.

This is important.
It must be exposed.

If it is exposed, what then?
You'll get hurt.

How can I see someone die
without doing anything?

It's not just me, there
are others who will help.

Don't forget how my father died.

By demanding his wage arrears..

we all suffered in the end.

Your father only did
what was right.

The one to blame is his damned
boss who refused to pay.

Why blame an innocent person?

My father drank
because of his boss?

At first he hardly ever drank.

He only took to drinking
because people let him down.


It was just an ordinary
traffic accident.

Do not blame others. Who else!

If someone had stopped
to help him..

My father wouldn't have died.

I don't need this.

250 won, you have 50 won less.

Enjoy and live life well.

Be careful not to fall!

Where's your uncle?

I don't know!

Byeong-yong! Byeong-yong!

Bring those items inside. Looks
like it's going to rain.

Did you two quarrel?


You're too much.

How often have I told you. Treat
your uncle as your father.

You're too stubborn to
listen to common sense.

What happened?


Get back!

You bastard!


- Bastard!
- No! No!

No! Please forgive her.

- Uncle!
- Byeong-yong!


Why are you arresting me?
What have I done?

Shut up!

Hey, keep her away!


- Take him away!
- Uncle!

Byeong-yong! Byeong-yong!

Don't worry! I'm alright.

Uncle! Byeong-yong!

- Yeon-hee!
- Uncle!

- What are you looking at?
- What's going on?

Have you met many of our V.I.P.

I've met them a few times.

Are you..

familiar with Kim Jeong-nam?

I don't know him.

Kim Jeong-nam?

He said he received
funding from Kim Il Sung.

And distributed it to
opposition party members.

Is that true?

I don't know. I don't
know this person.

The Kim Jeong-nam Organization.

Pro-democracy Organization.

Undermine the government.

Why do you look so
shocked by this?

Take him!

Shall we give him
the full works?

Let him know how truly
dedicated we are.




This is your new room.

Confess quickly
so I can go home.

Before you die horribly here.



Your home is quite hard to find.

Why are you here?

To recruit you, of course.

Join our club.

Jeong-mi has already joined.

This is one of
club publications.

National appeal to overthrow the dictatorial regime

Will you join the demonstration?

Do you think you can
change the world?

How noble of you all.

Don't you consider your
family's feelings?

Today's Song

That day will never arrive.

Stop daydreaming and wake up!

I wanted to..

but I can't.

My heart is too heavy.

Just go.

I'll go home first.


Contact me if you
change your mind.

A solidarity battle waiting for you.
Contact: 754-6512.. My home.

Yeon-hee. This is very important.
Hyangrim Church. Kim Jeong-nam. 362-2664.



Hello? Mum?

Mum, what's wrong?
What happened?

Byeong-yong.. has been
taken by special agents.

They're going to kill him.

This one is very stubborn.

He's still resisting?

It's been seven days,
but he's not talking.

He's a tough one.

Show me his personnel file.

What's happening out there?

Move back, you bastards!

We know they're inside.

Han Byeong-yong!

Your sister is here!

What do want with them?

Stop them!

Dong Saeng-ku!

Mum! Mum!

Mum, are you alright?

What gives you the right
to beat up women?

Thugs! You're nothing but thugs!

What right do you have
to behave like this?

Mum, please calm down!

What right do you have
to beat people up?

Mum! Yeon-hee!

Get in there! Up! Sit
down and shut up!



Don't move! Don't move! Shut up.
Bloody woman!

Everybody move back!

Defines the rally as
an illegal meeting.

To prevent any further illegal
gatherings, the opposition..

Don't move!

Two, three, four..

five, six, seven.

One, two, three..

Yeah.. Uncle.. so brave..

The young man standing
next to my mother..

is called is Dong-hee.

When he was small,
he almost died..

but my mother managed
to save him.

The boy was never really
right in the head.

My father treated him as family
and helped with his career.

I considered Dong-hee
to be my older brother.


after Kim Il Sung came to power,

he began.. to participate
in the democracy movement..

He even wore a red armband.

Then the People's Army were brought
home and you know what he did?

Enemy of the people!

Cruel landlords!

Send all opponents of
this revolution to Hell!

Dong-hee said that he
couldn't waste any bullets.

So he thrust a bamboo spear..

into my father's chest.

Bastard, you die there!

I was afraid and hid
in a cupboard..

and witnessed everything.

But then..

If I'd crawled out at that moment,
could I have saved my mother?

Dong-hee, curse you!

Mother! I should have tried
to save my sister's life.

Because she died in my place.

Do you know..

what Hell really is?

My family died one by one..

but I couldn't even
lift a finger to help.

And you still refuse to talk.

Think about that Hell.

It's your choice.

I'm sorry.

My uncle..

doesn't deserve to be tortured.

Thank you..

for trusting me.


This morning his
pigeon flew here.

Hyangrim Church


Shut the door! This way!

Block the door quickly!

Quick! Quick!

Just run!


Run quickly!

This is a place of worship!

How dare you enter!

What do you want?

Where is Kim Jeong-nam?

Search everywhere!

Kim Jeong-Nam!

Come down!


Try to open that.

May 18. Gwangju memorial mass.

Today we gather in fellowship..

To honour the Seventh
Anniversary of May 18.

May 18, 1987. 11:30.

Within the house of Almighty God.

To hear a very important statement.

Pastor Kim Seung-hoon. Leader of the
Catholic priests' association for justice.

Facts surrounding the torture
and death of Bak Jong-cheol..

were manipulated.. and covered up.

Bak Jong-cheol's interrogators
and torturers are members of..

the Anti-Communist Investigation Bureau.

Team 2 and team 5.

Team 2-1: Detective
Jo Han-gyeong.

Team 2-1: Police
Constable Lee Jeong-ho.

Team 2-1: Detective
Hwang Jeong-woong.

Team 2-1: Sergeant Ban Geum-gon.

Team 5-2: Sergeant
Kang Jin-gyoo.


Get up!


This is Namyeong-dong.

Your soul is worth
nothing at all here.

Where is Jong-woon?

I don't know.

I really don't know.

We can continue this
for a long time.

Lies are lies.

- This bastard's still not talking?
- No!


I'm sorry.

- I don't know!
- Stand up!

I'm sorry.


- Start talking quickly!
- I don't know!




Whether or not our country is
heading towards democracy..

the key lies in revealing
the truth of this case.

The 18th of May 1987.

The Catholic Priests
Association for Justice..

- Spread the news quickly!
- Now!

Telephone quickly!

Those responsible for Bak
Jong-cheol's death are..

Police Constable Lee Jeong-ho,

Police Detective Hwang..

There's no one.

Come on!



Please reply! Please reply!

Find Cheo-won now!

Emergency situation!
Emergency situation!

Why weren't any
countermeasures taken?


Burn it!

All of it.

Quickly! Quickly! Hurry up!

Burn it!


There you are.

Detective, why are you here?

It's been a while..

Arrest them!

Commissioner Cheo-won!

Did you know that there were five
people involved in the torture?

We didn't know.

How can you possibly not know?

He was tortured
systematically, wasn't he?

There was no such thing.

Orders from higher-ups?

Shut your mouth, you bastard!

Answer the question!

You gave 100 million won
to the police officer.

His family has
already testified.

Where did the money come from?

Killing by torture, concealment,
forgery and bribery.

The day has come.

Guilty Verdict

Topic: Director of anti-communist team.
His mistakes cannot be forgiven.

Signed: President Chun doo-hwan

May 30, 1987. 03:00 pm.

You need some rat poison
in the reception room.

The rats are as big as cats.

It's nice to see you again.


If you need a lawyer,
please contact me.

May you have good fortune.

Excuse me.


Eyes front. Let's go!

Do it..

Dump all the adverts!

- Editor!
- What?

This country has turned
into a battlefield.

We can't cover everything.

Then focus on the universities
and main regions.

Yes Sir!

Attention! Attention!

Today at 6 p.m.

all temples and churches
will ring their bells.

Vehicles will sound their horns.

Everyone be ready to get interviews.

- Yes.
- Okay!

Get back! Tear gas! Tear gas!




Why are you crying?

Are you alright?

How is Yeon-hee?


Yonsei University bombed by tear gas

A student was struck in the
head by a tear gas cannister

Lee Han-yeol supported by a friend.
He was taken..

to Yonsei University in critical condition.

Protect the constitution and
overthrow the dictator!

June 9, 1987. 05:00 pm.

Take aim!





Yeol, are you ok?


Overthrow the military dictatorship that
has tortured and brutally killed many!

Forty million people unite!

Overthrow the military dictatorship that
has tortured and brutally killed many!

Forty million people unite!

Overthrow the military dictatorship that
has tortured and brutally killed many!

Long live Bak Jong-cheol

Tortured to death!

A regime of crooks!

Return Bak Jong-cheol to us!

Tortured to death!

What are you waiting for! Fire!

Return Bak Jong-cheol to us!

Return him to us!

Han-yeol! Han-yeol!

Protect the constitution and overthrow the dictator!

Another student has become a victim.

Let's all go to City Hall!

Come on, let's unite!

Overthrow the dictator!

This has gone too far!

Overthrow the dictator!

Overthrow! Overthrow!

Forty million people unite!

Overthrow the dictator!

Overthrow! Overthrow!

Overthrow the dictator!

When the eastern sea runs dry and mountains collapse,

Drink, drink.

May God take care of our country..

- for ten thousand years.
- We must all rise up!

Hibiscus flower and
three thousand miles..

Lee Han-yeol is fighting for his life!

Everyone! Forward together!

Protect the constitution and overthrow the dictator!

On June 29, 1987. The Republic of Korea had issued

An agreement for direct presidential election, June 29 Declaration.

Lee Han-yeol died in hospital on May 7.

1.6 million people attended his national funeral on July 9.

♪ It won't be a mere night's dream

♪ When our long suffering ends

♪ My brother's eyes will stream

♪ Tears that flow

♪ Into a long river

♪ Made with laborious sweat

♪ A dream of waves of justice

♪ Breaking in the vast ocean of peace






♪ When the day comes

♪ When the day comes

June 9, 1987

♪ My lost brothers' faces

♪ all the painful memories

♪ and my short-lived youth

♪ won't be a lost cause

♪ When the day comes

♪ When the day comes

♪ When the day comes

Lee Han-yeol Memorial

♪ When the day comes

♪ My lost brothers' faces

♪ All the painful memories

♪ And the agonizing wait

♪ Won't be a lost cause

♪ When the day comes

♪ When the day comes

♪ Inside the vague and faint fog

♪ The path is ahead

♪ A path like a rainbow far away

♪ That feels close as if I can catch it

♪ I wonder if it's waiting
♪ For me somewhere

♪ I look around but I can't find it

♪ My dear, please be my strength

♪ So I can find this path

♪ That is given to me

♪ My dear, make a path for me

♪ My path is veiled

A Jang Joon-hwan Film