1870 (1972) - full transcript

Rome, 1870. Opponents of the church power are being sent to prison. Some of the exhausted prisoners are asking for the mercy of Pope. Others, like Augusto Parenti, prefer to fight for their...

Tell me, lawyer,
who is gonna think about my children?

Do you know what he answered?

What do I know!

Become his friend!

You tell me, Mrs. Cecilia!

This time it's a long thing
for me, they gave him four years!

Three years for mine

and seven months.

Now the judges have got worse, first
for a little robbery they gave you a year.

They don't care anymore.

Stinky people, they got much worse.

But it's because of the liberals!

- My poor husband!
- Because of the politicians!


That's right!

The politicians!

With all the troubles
poor people have

they complicate things!

To exacerbate the authorities.

They want to make a revolution!

The revolution to move the
Pope from Rome to Piemonte!

Good deal!

They want to make war against
the French, and they have

a king who can't
even speak Italian!

- A French king!
- Do you hear her?

- A French king!
- Do you hear her?

She can't say it, you know?

Ignore her!

God forbid
the Piemontesi people arrive

the liberal lords would realize it

They burn churches, they steal.

Do you know what they do to
the women?

You wish!

Finally you would find
someone to calm you

ugly toad!

Oh, when you talk to me, you have
to wash your mouth, you know?

You are the ruin of Rome!

If the Pope doesn't react,
it's all you liberals' fault!

Go to hell!

- You really should clean your mouth!
- Mrs. Teresa!

What's wrong?

Leave her alone, she talks nonsense!

I know but she provokes me!

All right, you're right,
every time the same story!

What are we doing? Shall we open now?

No, no, let them wait.

Mrs. Teresa? Mrs. Cecilia?

My husband has been pardoned! He'll
get out in a few days!

Thank God!

Now it's time, let's go!

Come on let's go
brides, come on!

I'm happy, at least one who is

One who has requested the pardon!

Come on, come on, let's go.

Come on, let's go!

Do not bother your mother now.

Poor woman!

- Yes, you're right Augusto, but I...
- Shut up!

Let's go!

You all go!

God this cough!

Hello how are you?

I'm like a Pope!

My God!

And Mariuccio?

Mario is fine.

I had thought about sending him
to the country, for a month

in Genzano, at least he's with
your big brother

He'll be better, he has more company.

He'll eat better, don't
you think it's a good idea?

You look worn out, Teresa!

I don't like it.

Augusto, you must make me happy!

You have to ask for a medical examination.

In here, with your cough!

What's wrong with you, it's not

it's not a shame, love!

It's your right!

Teresa, do you remember?

What should I remember?

- How beautiful you were!
- Stop it!

I've never been beautiful!

You were

You were a queen!

Yes, the Queen of wands!

I hate this cough!

This cough, this cough!

I can no longer hear
you coughing like this.

Augustus, will the day come again,

when we could live in peace, again?

Teresa, but you know that
sometimes I wake up at night,

and it seems to me that it is morning.

Like once, do you remember it?

I always woke up first, and
I started looking at you.

You slept quietly, serene,
you looked like a little girl!

Then you opened your eyes too.

Yes, and you started giving me
hard time.

And you "come on, it's late!" you said
immediately, so I wouldn't look at you

And we would get dressed in
the dark, slowly.

Not to wake Mario, he was little.

And then at work,
all day together,

to work like hell!

You always grudging,
with your ideas in mind!

And you always
in love, that smile

that you have only
when you sleep.

And that I'm the only one to know.

Augusto, do we want to ask for
this medical examination?

Yes, yes.

Good morning!

- Good morning Mrs. Teresa!
- Who is that?

You don't know her?

It's Teresa Parenti!

From Viviani's woolen mill.

- Ah! - Poor thing, her husband
has been in jail for three years.

- They have a little son!
- Now I remember!

Let's go for a run, come on, come on!
No! Yes, yes.

Palatine fortress guard,
rogue brigand,

when the Pope goes into the
sedan, he feels like a king.

And now it's up to me!

Women, women!



I sell and

buy hair!

Come here!


Look at this stuff!

But the hair must be seen loose!

They also walk!

Mrs. Maria? How much do you take
for that lice of your daughter?

Ugly son of a Swiss guard!

Come on!

Look at this stuff, isn't it beautiful?


One, two!

What do you want mom!

You shouldn't be out in the street!

I do not like this
game, you'll get hurt!

Mario do not make
me angry, walk!

- Come on!
- Walk home!

Mario if you blind one eye,
when you come home I'll fix it!

I'm playing, mom!

This little boy
always wants to win!

Where are you Mario?

I'm here!

Come on!


Come on!

- Let's go home!
- Good morning!

Good morning. Mario come home!

How is Augusto?

White and red, he looks
like a spider, how can he be?

He's in jail!

Goodness Gracious!

What should I say Mrs. Giovanna!

I pity them because
I'm Christian!

But they looked for
the misfortune!

But why are they involved
with the Piemontesi?

How do you say,

if everyone would mind their own business,
the world would be happy!


You know what? Go
to hell!


What, mum!


do not make me repeat again,
come on let's go!

Just a minute!

No, no minute, come back
home, let's go!

Come on!

Do not make me angry, Mario.

Damn it!

Oh, what are you doing?
Did you move the fight?

It's my turn!

One two...

Mario, now if you're sweaty,

you don't know what
I'll do!

- Good morning don Aldo.
- Mrs. Teresa,

I mean, you can't see
anything in these stairs!

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Always be praised!

No, do not close the
door, I'm waiting for my son!

Take a seat.

Take a seat.

Your stairs become
longer and longer!

- Why?
- Or my floor is getting shorter!

- Take a seat, I'll be right back.
- Thank you.

- Take a seat.
- Are you preparing something to eat?


Go ahead!

I'll catch my breath and I'll leave.

And what are you preparing?


I'm preparing water for chicory.

Tonight we'll have bread and chicory.


At least that's what they say.

What doesn't kill you, makes
you fat, Don Aldo!

Chicory does not cost a thing!

Well, it costs to pick it
up at 5 in the morning!


I've brought you this,

this thing,

this half caciotta cheese!

For the child.

A shepherd,

brought me a whole one.

- Oh yes?
- Yes, by grace received!


Yes, just two weeks ago, he
introduces himself and tells me,

Don Aldo, you
must pray for me.

But you have to pray a lot,
because you are worthy,

and the Eternal Father
will not say no.

I say, my son, what sins do you have on
your conscience, speak, let it out!

Open up.

He says nothing.

A desire for grace.

If you ask the
Eternal Father,

he will not say no!



a shepherd

so confident, I did it!

So, don Aldo?

All right, all right.

This morning he comes to
church, he makes a mess

he pulls me out of the

Then I gave him the caciotta cheese!

He began to kiss my hands!

I say, calm down my son!

I understood that you are happy,

and I'm glad you're
happy, but I mean

so this prayer had come
at the right time



And since the Eternal Father
could not say no to me then

his mother-in-law got killed!

This is the grace!

And so now he has become the
master of 22 more sheep!

You understood?

I understood! And what have you done?

What was I supposed to do?

I threw the cheese at him!

Don Aldo,
but what are you doing?

Don Aldo, what are you doing?

Do you want some anise
with fresh water?

Thank you.

I'll rinse the glass.

nice and fresh

- Like chicory!
- Come on!

- 22 sheep!
- Can you believe it?

- Unbelievable!
- No, no, it's enough!

A little drink!

sit down, keep me company.

All right.

I came, also to talk
to you about something.

You could earn some money.

I wish!

Vannutelli's butler
is looking for people to do,

some cleaning in the building,
before the prince,

comes back from the
countryside, you understand?


I could refer you.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Only, do not
make me look bad.

What do you mean look bad?

Don't talk bad about anybody, be quiet.

Because in that building,
everyone thinks in one way!

Hot-headed people like your husband are not
so well regarded...got it?

I got it, I got it!

I'll shut up!

If they do not provoke me!

Because it's useless to
delude ourselves, Don Aldo!

We are marked!

Everyone knows our ideas!

Beautiful ideas!

All right, don Aldo!


Let's not go there, one more time.

Wait a minute, sorry, Mrs. Teresa, if
there was one who gave you a hand,

not to reproach, for heaven's sake!

He was a humble
representative of the church.

Not those with different

But you are not a humble
representative of the church!

- No?
- No.

And who would I be?

You are Don Aldo.

Have you seen Augusto?

I've been there, I've been there.

Oh yes?

Did you tell him that his
Piemontesi arrested Mazzini?

And have exiled his beloved
Garibaldi to Caprera?

- Did you tell him?
- No.

I did not tell him.

And you made a mistake.

Because if you want him to
understand, and decide to

sign the request for pardon

you must tell him these things, Teresa

because they are true!

They're real!

And Augusto must open his eyes!

You believed in it.

You believed in it.

You believed in Mazzini, Garibaldi.

At this time you were...

You make me ramble.

You believed, in the unity of Italy!

Alright then.

You have believed so much, that
now the poor Augusto is in jail!

And it's been three years!

But now you see it too,
what happens in Rome!

No one believes in it anymore here
in Rome!

And those few, perhaps, perhaps I say,

still believe in it, at least
they have learned to be smart!

And they are holed up in their
warm homes!


You have to make it clear to
that crazy head of Augusto

how things really are!

No more chit-chat.

His king has put
Mazzini in jail!

His king shot Garibaldi!

Shut up!

The Roman liberals, they
are on a full stomach,

they make the sign of the cross
and go in procession, my dear!

They understood!

And Augusto Parenti cracks in jail!

Augusto Parenti has his own ideas.

he doesn't want to
dirty his hands

by signing the request
of pardon to the Pope

Don Aldo!

You're stubborn, Teresa!

- Stubborn!
- Maybe!


This isn't heroism,

your poor husband,

is a deluded, irresponsible fool!

And selfish! Yes, because one
who has a wife and children!

Don Aldo, please.

I did not ask you anything, therefore,

you came here
to lecture me?

Sorry, no it's not that,

you see, I wanted to explain
my position to you.

Because it's not that,

imagine if a priest like me.


No, I mean.

I have always spoken fondly
with you, let's say so.

You would be a perfect family
if politics were not involved.

I don't want to be preachy
but I want to tell you.

- Well...
- Mum.

- What did you do?
- Mariuccio.

- And what have you done!
- Look at you, I knew it!

I've been calling you for two hours.

What have you done?

Show me!

What a bump,

look at this!

What did you do?

What did you do there?

Nothing, that son of...

The son of the greengrocer
in Via dei Capettari!

It's a scratch, ouch you hurt me!

But how many times have I told you Mario
come up, Mario come up, Mario come up.

What should I do to you now, eh?


I do not know.

You tell me don Aldo, what
am I to do with this son of...

Oh well, it's gonna be
my fault, I know!

We need the stick, the stick!

- Like I didn't have enough!
- What are you doing?

I know what I
should do with you!

Quiet, you idiot.

Now you got a bump!

You didn't listen, see?

What does the fourth commandment
say, do you remember?

The fourth, come on!




thy father,

the father,

mom, how is dad?

He's fine, he sends his love.

- Quiet now.
- Take it.

This is St. Agnes,

It's miraculous, you know?

Now you go there, you lie down on the
bed and you put it on the scratch!

You'll see that it will be better
than the knife, the wraps, everything.

- See how beautiful she is!
- Little boy?

Come on, take Saint Agnese, you put it on
the bump and everything is finished!


Poor son, what can he do!

All day alone, always thrown
in the middle of the road.

- It's not his fault!
- Don Aldo?

Shall we start
with the story of the seminar, again?

- No, for heaven's sake!
- Come on.

It's just that if I were you,

I would think about it seriously.

Why are you saying that?

To enter the seminary, it
takes a calling, doesn't it?

Oh sure!
- Mario,

he is the son of his father!

But the calling is a
secondary thing!

I mean, I mean that in the
seminary, the child would be

guarded, fed, dressed!

And he would study!

The calling will come

And if it were to come, then it
will mean that that was God's will!

If instead it does not come,

even in this case, it would
always be God's will, always!

Am I clear?

The church

doesn't wish to have the wrong priest!


If he doesn't become priest

it's fine!

But in the meantime the study will
have opened his mind, understood?

And tomorrow, being clean,
shod and dressed,

will be respected by everyone,
because only education,

makes you earn respect!

He could face life,

with clearer ideas!




Think about it Teresa!

Think about it!

Also for the sake of Augusto.


Because with the child
in the seminary,

I think, it will be easier, won't it?

Find a good word,
support, authority.

I say yes, though,


in case

who is gonna tell him?

He's capable of anything!

But sorry, Teresa,

but why do you have to tell him?

Not right away maybe




Did you understand?

It's something like that, it's like

going to school.

Yes, but dressed as a priest.

What does it mean, what does it mean!

It's how Mum says, the seminar is
like a school, a kind of college.

Of the priests.

All right it's a college of priests.

We do not like
priests in my house.


He has nothing to do with it!

And yes I know, I'm not
a priest, I'm Don Aldo.

All right, anyway, kid,

if you do not stop messing up
this poor woman,

one day I'll...it's a shame!

Even mom has my same ideas.

- Mario!
- Shut up,

You should thank God
from morning to night!

Yes, because it was him

it is through the intercession
of our Lord, do you understand?

Yes sir, did you understand?

Our Lord has given us the grace
to enter here, do you understand?

Here you can become someone,
and help your mother, right?

When you get out of here
you'll be somebody else!

A priest.

Somebody else!

Little boy, you're not stupid,
you must understand me!

We are talking about your
future, we are not playing around!

But I mean...

Here are many kids
of your age, Mario!

You will have many friends,

you will learn many things.

Mariuccio, you must be good.

You must love me,

you have to help me.

You think I'm happy,
that I had to send you here?


I'll be alone.

- But I wanted to...
- What?

Anyway, if it's for your own good

Mum is happy too, did
you understand, love?

But when are you coming?

This will also depend
on you, right?

Be patient.

If you are good, if
you are obedient

if you behave as you should

mom can come often,

almost always, right?

Don Aldo.

Ah it's him.

here we are!

Are you Mario Parenti?

- Yes.
- Welcome!


Bye, sweetheart.

But are you coming on Sunday?

No this one, the other one I'll come.

But look, they make me come
only if you are good, understood love?

Come soon mum.


Keep it, come on!

- Shall we go?
- Yes.

It won't last, he'll run away!


He won't run away.

Yes, he will!

Mrs. Teresa,

are you crying?

but do not worry, it
will be like home.

He will study

He will have a life!

As you say!

So, Mario?

You are the youngest here!

You're happy?


You must reply!

You must learn to answer!

Don't worry!

It's nothing!

Do you see what I'm doing now?
I'm doing a nice little thing!

Easy. You'll see, you'll see!

Dario come here!


Four, five!

Did I hurt you?

It was nothing, I told you so!

Keep it, bring it to your
mother, keep it as a souvenir.

And do you know what we do now?

I'll cut it all, so
you're like the others!

Come on.


You're so good!

There it is!

A little bit more.

This passage

we will read now

is the parable,

of the father of a family,

from the Gospel

of St. Matthew.

At that time, Jesus
explained this parable,

to his disciples.

In the kingdom of Heaven,

a father

went out early in the morning,

to find works for his vineyard.

And after discussing the daily pay

for his workers

he sent them to his vineyard.

Outside on the third hour,

he saw the others standing
idle in the square.

And he said to them:

"you too go to my vineyard

and I will give you what will be right!"

- Will you give me that?
- but what do you want, this is mine!

Come on!

Come on!

On the sixth and ninth hour,

Just a little thing!


- What did I do?
- Shut up!

He found others who were there

and he asked them:

They answered

And he says:


In the evening, the owner of the vineyard,

told the farmer: