12th & Delaware (2010) - full transcript

The abortion battle continues to rage in unexpected ways on one corner in an American city.

Arnold, you know,
god wants to get close to you.

Look, let god into your life.

Don't... this work
is not gonna help you.

This is... this is
the work of the devil.

Oh, Candace,
why are you doing this kind of work?

You could do so much.

You could help people so much
more because you're a nice lady.

God wants you too... especially wants
you, Candace, to be close to him.

Can't you do some other
kind of work?

This is not right.
You have grandchildren.

Don't you know
how precious they are?

These little babies
are precious.

Life is precious.

Holy Mary, mother of god,
pray for us sinners now

and at the hour
of our death, amen.

- Holy Mary...
- man: Ain't the dogs come out?

I'd like to offer
this to you, miss.

- We can help you.
- Man: We got a place next door.

- Y'all can? Then give me some money.
- Maybe we can help you out.

We'll help you out
right next door.

That's what they do.

Mary: Oh, mothers...
please, dear mothers.

you're a mother of a baby right now.

Don't have this abortion.
Choose life.

Woman: You need to know
the facts about abortion.

God made you pregnant.

It's not a mistake.

We're here to help you.

There is so much help available.

Even right across
the street there's help.

Come on, please. Wait...

Think about yourself.

95% of women will tell you

they regret their abortion.

You're not gonna be different.

This just makes
everything worse.

Trust me.

Oh, where's my baby?

Around this time
he goes for the... killer...

That's what an abortionist is...

And he'll zoom out of here
in his white...

In his yellow... what's that?

A car, mustang,
or whatever it's called.

I don't know cars.
But that's what he does.

Then he'll come back
a half an hour later

with the...
Ahem, quotation marks...

"doctor" under a sheet.

I don't know what they tell
the people inside what we do.

- See, there he goes.
Here he goes.

See, and I'll stand...

I'll stand in front of the car

'cause I know his sched...

Oh, hi there, miss. Hi.

You know, you haven't got much
time for the baby to live.

But... I know, it's not your...
but it's...

This is your baby... this...

No, but you're here
to help this woman

have an abortion.

Hello, Arnold. Hi.
Hello, Arnold.

See this? Huh? Huh?

See these little babies here?

Look at this...
This was your granddaughter.

That's your granddaughter
that you love so much.

This is your granddaughter.
That's how she was.

And these are the size
of these babies here.

Why do you do this kind of
work, Arnold, huh?

That's choice for you, right?

That's choice.

Okay, it shows positive.


It shows you
at about 10 weeks, okay?

Which is about this size here.

Okay? You can hold it.

- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.

Um, are you surprised?

It's okay.

It's okay to be nervous,
all right?

Just wanna let you know that.

So we would like to offer
you an ultrasound, okay?

Is that something
that you think your mom

would like to be here for?

Are you close with your mom?

- Not really.
- Not really? Okay.

Do you wanna have
your sister come in?

- Her test has shown positive.
- Ugh!


Woman: You can put her at 11:30.

Anne: She just
got out of school.

She's 15. She's in school.

She's not communicating at all.

Just turns her head.

I wanna go inside.

I just wanna get it done with.


Well, actually I'll just
see brittney first, okay?

- Man: Okay.
- All right. You can have a seat.

When you say one pregnancy,
are you counting this as a pregnancy

or you had a previous pregnancy?

- I had one before.
- You had one before?

- It ended in abortion or it ended
in miscarriage or... - an abortion.

So you're considering abortion
as your number-one option?

Yeah, I don't feel ready
for... for the baby.

I don't have insurance.

I don't have a job, you know.

What motivated the abortion
decision the first time?

- Um, I think... - just the same...
just uncertainty or...

No, I... in the beginning
I wanted to keep it,

but my mom didn't want
me to because she said

that it was gonna ruin
my life and stuff.

So I just... I don't know.

I didn't want my mom to be mad at me and...
I don't know.

Do you think she would
react the same now?

I think she'd be more mad.

- Yeah?
- Now, yeah.

- I think she'd be really upset.
- Yeah.

- I don't really wanna tell her.
- Right.

Well, you know, at this point
there's not really a whole...

There's not reason, really,
to rush off to tell her.

Looks like you'd be
at about seven weeks.

- Okay.
- Okay?

Seven weeks is about
this size here...

The littlest one.

- Oh, okay.
- Yeah. Okay?

- The growth is pretty quickly.
- Yeah.

Yeah, they grow pretty quickly.

It's kind of an amazing thing.

- And that's how big it is?
- Mm-hmm, yeah.

That's how big he is
at seven weeks.

You can take him out.

We can get you in to have
an ultrasound and just...

You know, so you know
we do offer free ultrasound,

because it's a visual, you know?

It shows you what's
happening inside there.

Got him.

- Woman: There's the baby right there.
- Mm-hmm.

If you look real close,
you can see his little heart beating.

Right there.

If you look real close,
it's flickering.

- It's quiet, but you can hear it.
- Mm-hmm.

Anne: You can see it too.

- Woman: There, you see?
- Oh, yeah.

Man: Oh my gosh.

It's pretty tiny,
but definitely there with the heartbeat.

- That's crazy.
- Right?


Anne: And the baby doubles
in size every week,

so next week it'll
be twice that.

- Man: Wow.
- In the beginning they grow at an amazing rate.

Yeah, like you can see...

This is seven weeks
and this is eight weeks.

You know?
So they do grow pretty quickly.

Man: Oh, yeah.


You want me to drive?


- Huh?
- I'll drive.

I'll drive.

Gosh... "Hi, mommy and daddy."

- That's tough.
- I know.

Tony: You're not defending it.
You're letting it be murdered.

It's the same thing
as have somebody

kidnap your son
and beat him to death.

The difference
is your son can speak up.

This child cannot speak.

So someone has to stand up for it.
You're not.

And you can ignore me
all you want.

You can ignore me all you want.

You're gonna stand before god
and before Jesus...

Have to give account of this.

What are you gonna say?
"Oh, I didn't want it"?

"I couldn't afford it"?
Wrong answer.

- I have one for your record books.
- Huh?

For your memories
of freaky things

that happen
in the United States.

It's this breaking news on
the operation rescue website.

Philadelphia women's center

on Tuesday had free abortions

in honor of George tiller.

- That's not a joke?
- This is totally not a joke.

Yes, and they're proud of it.

They did it in honor of tiller,

late-term abortionist.

- That's crazy.
- Yeah. Sick.

- Well, here they come.
- Yeah.

They came down the
other way of the street.

Anne: You wonder what's
the, like, keyword.

You know, "we're in" or
"cover down" or... you know.

Man: Come on out.

Oh my gosh, could you imagine
if it came out like an albino?

- Oh.
- Don't worry.

Girl: No, like,
white hair and red eyes.

Oh my god.

No, it really is.
I know an albino person.

This is Satan's baby.


You can get breast cancer
from an abortion?

Girl #2: I don't know, man.

Girl: That's, like,
not cool though.

It's scary.

Hello, brittney?

Hi, this is Anne calling
from the pregnancy care center.

How are you? Good good.

I was... I was hoping that I'd
be able to reach you today.

You doing okay?



You're what?

Did you... did you make
any progress

towards making a decision or...

How are you? Yeah?



Did you go through
with it already?



Yeah. Okay.

She aborted.

She aborted.

That was very quick.

They must have aborted
on Saturday.

I'm sure they did it
across the street.

I'm sure.

I think that even though
it's hard and, you know,

I go through things like this,

my situation makes me
the perfect person

to do a job like this.

I'm an unmarried person

with very few responsibilities

in terms of other things
that I have to tend to.

It's basically
my two dogs and myself

that I have charge of, you know.


I think I'm at a point
where I do really understand

that this battle
is just so vicious

and that the evil is...

So powerful and so brutal

that I really think god's
doing everything he can.

It will end. I know that.

I just don't think
it's gonna be pretty.

Anne: The abortion
clinic in fort Pierce

is run by a wife and a husband.

They're doing it because
that's their paycheck.

It's like walking
into a car dealership...

They want to sell you a car.

And walking into
an abortion clinic...

They want to sell you
an abortion.

You're not going
to get the truth.

You're not gonna get neutrality.

You're gonna get a sales pitch.

Clearly our competition
is the abortion clinic.

We are actually on opposite
sides of the street.

You know, abortion clinic,
pregnancy care center.

You know, darkness and light.

You know, death and life.

I mean, it doesn't get
more distinct than that.

We have two women who call...

She's fearless or she's fearful.

That's it.

If she's fearless,
she's not even saying hello.

She's, "hey, how much do you
charge for abortion?"

I need to make an appointment
for an abortion."

She's often times rushed.

If you don't hook her right
away, she hangs up on you.

When she calls and she says,
"do you do abortions?"

I say,
"are you calling for yourself

or are you calling
for your friend?"

She says, "I'm calling
for myself."

I say, "well,
when did you have a pregnancy test?"

And we engage in conversation.

Because if she calls and says,
"do you do abortions?"

And I say no... click.

They're not always sure
who they're calling anyway.

They don't know if they're
calling us or the abortion clinic.

But again, I'm not trying
to talk her out of it.

I'm trying to get her
in the door.

Take control
of the conversation.

There's a lot at stake here.

I don't mind the criticisms of "taking
control" doesn't... that doesn't sound fair.

That doesn't sound...
Well, then too bad.

You walk her to the room,
you sit her down,

you close the door,
you excuse yourself and you come back.

It's okay that they're sit
in the room by themselves,

because inevitably
what do they do

when they're in there
by themselves?

They read.

And since we're the ones putting
out what is read in the room,

we know it's good information.

And there's no deceit
in this, okay?

There's no deceit. Trust me.

And whenever I have any doubt
about any direction,

I ask father Tom.

Look at this morally.

You know, look at this
from an ethical point of view.

Is this okay to say?
Is this okay to do?

And he examines it.

And trust me,
if it weren't okay,

he wouldn't allow me to do it.

Here, Arnold, see the baby? See?

See the little baby, huh?

Doctor, you don't have
to do this kind of work.

These are what you kill.
Huh? Look.

Are those... scumbag.

Father Tom euteneuer:
When we dedicate ourselves

heart and soul to pro-life,

we are doing
something prophetic.

My friends, as we go on

in our society in the future,

I predict that it's going to get

a lot more difficult
to be pro-life.

The forces on the other side

are solidifying their power...

Their political power,
their social power...

And they're becoming
more militant against us...

Because the abortion industry
is more and more looking like

a diabolical religion.

Think about it.

In the United States,
most of the abortions are done

in these free-standing
abortion clinics.

They're like temples

because inside that clinic
you have an altar,

which is the abortion table.

On that altar they offer up
a blood sacrifice.

It's ritualized blood sacrifice.

There's got to be demons
involved in that.

There are policemen
who protect it.

They're kind of like
their guardian angels.

They have their hierarchy
called planned parenthood.

They have their dogma
called choice,

and they enforce that dogma.

For them it's
an infallible dogma.

So my friends,
we're talking about

something deeply diabolical
at the core of our country

because the forces that we are
fighting are not flesh and blood,

but they are the powers
of darkness.

Anne: Arnold does all the
pick-up of the abortionists

and they use
a bright yellow mustang.

This is supposed to be
not drawing attention

to the whole abortionists coming
in to the abortion, though?

And you can hear the car...
Voom... start up.

In fact, in my office
I can hear it.

They painted their building
gaudy orange.

They... we don't know what
their tactic was on that,

but it might have been a way for them
to be able to say to their own clients,

you know, "come to the bright orange
building as opposed to that other one,"

because they thought they might
have been getting too many...

Losing too many clients
to this place.

It hasn't really impacted...
I mean, we still get

women coming in here
thinking they're going there.

So we... we attract them.

Now if they move somewhere else,

yeah, we'd have to think
about that because I think

there's an important value
in being as close as you can.

They did move from
port Saint Louis up here.

And I was at both places.

Now I remember the time when they had
the fence up in front of the place.

They put the fence up because we
were talking to women, you know,

and we were effective
in taking them away.

But the fence went up
and so we decided that...

Or I decided that I would
talk to women over the fence

by bringing a ladder and
getting on top of the ladder

and talking to them
over the fence.

And so of course
that generated a 911 call

because I was now
talking down to women.

Oh my...


I don't know.

It's gonna be a hard one.

Very hard.

Anne: She's totally

It's just like
abortion logic, you know?

She has two other kids,
da-da da-da.

I got to scan her today.
I don't wanna lose her.

If I make her come back,
she might not.

Do you remember the one day
I was in the client...

In the counseling room with...
Like, six hours with that girl

and jan was like, "so like now
their new strategy is lock 'em in"

till they decide
to keep the baby?"

It's just like her.

Okay, Victoria,
it does show positive, okay?

The nurse can scan you today.

- It wouldn't be right away.
- Okay.

I know you said
you were hungry, okay?

I'm actually hungry too.

No no no, I'm gonna treat you.
Yeah. Just tell me.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Lunch is here.

Okay, um, let's see.

Ahem, how old is he?

- The same age.
- The same age?

Well, he's 23. I'm 24.

But he's not
the best boyfriend, huh?

I don't think so.

I don't think so.

He is verbally abusive and...

He's verbally abusive?

- Yes.
- Yeah?

For all you know,
the baby changes him.

I have no idea. I don't know.

But you know, I mean,
you're putting yourself

through a surgery,
through an emotional trauma

in order to not be
more tied to him

or not to extend
your relationship with him.

I mean, as a mom of two already,

I have to do what's best
for me and my kids.

I've seen it so many times over

that you think you're suffering's
not gonna be too much.

I'm still waiting
for a woman to sit

where you're sitting
and tell me,

"I'm not suffering
from my abortion."

I'm not regretful.
I'm not depressed.

"I'm glad I did it."

I know for a fact
that I won't regret it.

I don't know for a fact
that I won't be depressed.

Maybe I will.

I don't know for a fact that...

That I won't stress about it.

Looking at the pictures
stress me out.

I'm... I'm like,
you know, all like...

You know, that's... that's bad.

It kind of...
You know, it hurts me.

But that's what
abortions are for.

Abortions are to terminate
unwanted pregnancies.

This pregnancy is unwanted.

I will have no regrets at all.

The only regrets that I have

is sleeping with him...
Sleeping with him

without a condom that one time.

You know, that's all
it takes is one time.

- That's what I regret.
- That's all it takes is one time, but condoms...

- That's what I regret.
- Reality check here...

Condoms are only effective
85% of the time, okay?

- So even using a condom...
- Yeah.

Doesn't save you.

- Yeah, but 99.9%...
- No, 85%.

- Condoms are 85%?
- Are 85% effectiveness.

Okay, well, all the times

I used condoms,
I never got pregnant.

The times that
I haven't used condoms,

that's when I get pregnant.

That's what I'm gonna
base this off.

If I'd used a condom,
I wouldn't be pregnant.

- I'm gonna step outside and make a phone call.
- Oh, sure. Go ahead.

It'll just be
a couple of minutes

- on the ultrasound anyway.
- Okay.

Man, this bitch is getting
on my fucking nerve.

You know, if I have this baby,

she's not gonna take care of it.

She's not gonna get up
in the middle of the night,

make a bottle for me.

She's not gonna be there.

Well, the thing is,
I don't... I don't care.

Like, don't try to talk me
out of nothing.

I told her my mind is made up.

And in a few minutes I'm fixin'
to get the ultrasound

so I can get the hell up
outta here.

- She's ready.
- Okay.

- Was the parking lot full when you came in?
- Yeah.

Or in the front wasn't...
In the front.

- Oh, I didn't know about the front.
- Oh, okay.

I was getting ready to go
here, but I didn't see any...

Some days are, uh, busier
than... than others.

- Is that it?
- Woman: Um...

There appears to be
something there,

but I can't confirm it yet.

Victoria: I'm sure she
probably does that a lot

because of the way
she did it to me.

I mean, she offered
to buy me food.

I found that crazy because, you
know, I reached in my pocketbook.

I had my own money.

Maybe she thought because
she bought me some McDonald's

that was gonna
change my mind, but...

They're some, like,

I see a baby doll right there.

I don't know.

I feel like it's kind of crazy

for them to just sit out
of an abortion clinic.

I mean, the baby has nothing
to do with them.

I don't know.

When your mind
is made up, though,

it can't be stopped.

- Woman: Are you the one with the sign?
- Yeah.

I just have
a few questions about it.

- Why are you parked in there?
- Why am I parking there?

- This is an abortion clinic.
- I understand what it is.

- Okay.
- I had to park somewhere to talk to you.

- So park over there.
- Well, I'm already parked.

- Okay.
- That's not what I'm worried about.

I just would... I wanna
understand why you guys

use signs pointing
to this building saying...

- Because they perform abortions here.
- "Baby killers"?


Number one, the Bible
says not to judge.

What is that doing?

- The Bible also...
- Pointing the finger.

- There's a difference. You're misinterpreting it.
- No no no.

- Yeah, you are.
- How about the sign you guys hold out here

- in front of the school for these little children...
- Right.

With a baby torn apart?

Why are you shooting
the messenger?

They're the ones
performing abortions, not us.

- I'm not shooting the messenger.
- Yeah, you are.

I'm just trying
to let you guys know...

- This place was here first.
- That this is not helping.

I just have to
pass this every day

- and it just disgusts me because...
- it disgusts you?

How do you think
god feels about it?

So how do you think god feels about it?
He's creating these children...

- when you're holding up signs...
- Please let me finish.

- God creates us in the womb, yes?
- Yes, he does.

They're being destroyed here.
They're being murdered.

Right, I understand that

That takes "precedent"
over everything.

- If you do not value life, then what do you value?
- Okay.

That takes precedence
over everything.

Okay, well, I'm not gonna
keep repeating myself.

Woman: Keep pointing the finger.
Go ahead.

Woman #2: We're not
pointing fingers.

We wanna close this place down.

Tony, she's just
giving her opinion.

Unfortunately, she's been
manipulated by the enemy

because if she knew better,
she would not be parked there...

- no, she's being an overprotective mom.
- She's being a f...

Her son or daughter
goes to this school.

You know?

Tony: When the owner
of the abortion clinic

goes to pick up the abortionist,

he's covered with a sheet so that
we cannot see who this person is.

His identity is hidden from us
so we don't harm him.

Now what has come to light
to me within the past month

is I've discovered,
thanks through god,

that I know where the owner
of the abortion clinic

meets the abortionists.

I know where he picks them up
and where he drops them off.

Right now what I wanna do

is I wanna check
the super Wal-Mart

and see if one of the doctors
is parked there...

If it's the doctor
I'd seen the last time,

if that's his vehicle.

That's him.

It is the same guy. Okay.

'Cause I've watched him
and this is the same plate.

That's him.

Little do they know
little old me

is following them.

This is the part of doing this
that drive you crazy.

You just have to wait.

I've been talking
to a few people,

a very small circle of people,
about this information

and hoping that
they have contacts

with people that can take
this information and...

bring it to light,
tell me who the names are,

where they live,
et cetera, et cetera.

And then...

And then I was thinking
of doing... is making

a fairly big billboard,
probably like 4x4,

with a picture
of the abortionist

and say "this doctor
performs abortions."

I'm not worried about the risks.

I'm not worried
about any of that.

I'm not concerned about that
because this is worth it.

This is life and death
we're dealing with here

and these people just don't
see it that way.

Somebody came up with the idea
that it's a woman's right.

It's her body.
She can do what she wants.

Well, unfortunately,
that is not true.

Ho-ho, yes!

He came in
a different direction.

He just... the owner of the
abortion clinic dropped him off.

Opens up the car, goes in.
It's as if nothing happened.

He's just living his life,
walking through it...

as if nothing happened.

He's just going about
his everyday life.

Has no effect on him.

He could be going home to
spend the day with his family

and that just totally
sickens me to death.

He just performed abortions
and then he's going home

and being affectionate
to his wife or his...

And his children.

That just tears me up.

Candace: We had a
chiropractor across the street

and he put his building
up for sale.

The sign went up one day,
it literally came down

the next day... within 24 hours.

And it was them.

They are relentless.
They just...

They never stop.

I mean, they don't have a life.

Evidently, they don't
have a life.

I mean, every once in a while
we think about,

oh, we can go do a protest
on their corner of the street,

but we don't have time.

We're too busy raising
grandkids and kids

and working and making a living

and living our lives.

We're not obsessed
with them, you know?

If they would just stay
on their side of the street

and do what they've got to do...

And whatever they do
over there, I just...

Oh, and I think one of them
just showed up.

Lots of times they leave signs
that they bring with them.

And there's a... that one
big bloody fetus sign

that shows the head,
the arms, the legs.

They say it's eight weeks and...

Which is a bunch of junk.

They left it out there
by the telephone pole

or the pole out there,

and we grabbed it
and brought it in.

We take them home
and destroy them.

All right,
first things first here.

Let's see, 46 years old.

I'm still older than you.

"Do you have any doubts
about your decision today

to terminate your pregnancy?"

"Very very small ones."

Explain that to me.

What kind of doubts
are you having?

It's okay.

Just I have no children.

And, um, in my 30s
I got rheumatoid

and they told me
not to get pregnant.

Then I got divorced and I'm with
a great guy, but only four months.

But I'm 46, and if I have
this baby, I'll be 47.

When that baby's 20, I'll be 67.

Those are the reasons
I'm doing this...

- Simply age.
- Age?

I don't know if I'll be
physically able

in my 50s to handle a toddler.

I wanna do it now before

the child gets older in my womb.

Okay. Okay.

Well, as long as you're
okay with everything,

everything else will be okay.

We just wanna make sure that...

That this is definitely what
you need to do, not want to do.

Nobody ever wants
to do this, okay?

Nobody ever wants to do this.

But if it's what
you need to do...

And it's your decision only.

- Nobody's forcing you to do this?
- No.

I take the responsibility
to heart.

I can see you're
a very serious person.


Woman: Call upon your god.

Call upon your god.

Woman: Arnold,
this is somebody's grandchildren here.

Somebody's grandchildren.

I would be ashamed too
if I were you.

I would be ashamed.

I pick up the doctors
because I do protect them.

The sheet is to cover them up

so they won't know who they are,

so they won't recognize them.

And then they go to their houses

and they protest over there.

So we don't want them
to do that.

I do worry about Candace.

When she's out there
by herself, you know,

I tell her all the time
to come back home

before it gets dark.

"Shot in the back three times
at close range"

as he arrived
to perform abortions.

"Police say Griffin
has admitted the slaying."


"Second doctor's death
closes clinic."

Yeah, they got a replacement
and that doctor was killed too.

Thank god none of my doctors
got killed.

Thank god.

The physicians that I know
are very cautious

about where they park
their cars, who...

They have guns.
They carry weapons.

They wear bulletproof vests.

You try to protect them,
but there's only so much you can do.

There's only so much you can do.

And then if they quit
or get killed,

where's the next doctor
coming from?

He did move that camera
closer to the building.

That's the alley,
so we can see them

when they're trying
to get on our property,

get too close to the building.

October 8th of 2000...

We had a fire that started in
this room that was undetermined,

but they thought the fax
machine kind of started it.

But they pulled the plug
out from the wall

and there was nothing
wrong with the plug.

So it didn't start
with the fax machine.

I suspect foul play,
that someone...

It was arson.

I do.

But I'm not a fire marshal.

I'm not an expert on fire
or arson or anything.

I know nothing about it.

But I just know
that was an awful year

and we were closed
for six months and it...

We almost lost everything.

No, it looks pretty quiet.

Did you hear about yesterday?

Yeah. So that's why
I do think they are killing.

I just don't know when.

Man: All right, ladies.

The abortionist is here.

You still have time.
It's not too late.

You still have time not to
go through this procedure

that you're gonna regret
for the rest of your life.

Man: Hail Mary, full of
grace, the lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women and
blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Hail Mary, full of grace,
the lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women and
blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, mother of god,
pray for us sinners now

and at the hour
of our death, amen.

Man: When I say
love, you say babies.

- Love.
- Crowd: Babies.

- Love.
- Crowd: Babies.

- Love.
- Crowd: Babies.

Unto us the blessed fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.

O clement, o loving,
o sweet virgin Mary.

♪ Hey hey, you you,
we don't like abortion ♪

♪ No way, no way,
got to save the babies. ♪

For the past 14 years,
we pro-lifers have had it easy.

That's all changed.
Elections do have consequences.

Man: What god has promised to all...
the right to life...

No man, including president Barack
Obama, can take away.

- Get ready to say yes to life.
- Crowd: Yes!

We may have lost an election,
we have not lost the war.

Man #2: You cannot outlast us

and we will defeat you!

Anne: It's a right
to free speech.

I mean, I just got
back from Washington

where there was a block
full of these signs

in front of the white house.

It would strike me as very
curious, you know,

that there would be a city
of fort Pierce ordinance

that can overrule
the constitution.


There is a thing that says
"obscene pictures."

- I don't see anything obscene, so I'm not worried about it.
- Okay.

The major point here
is we need to make sure

you stay off of their property.

Oh yeah, nobody's
interested in that.

Nobody has any interest
in being on their property.

- You're staying or you're going?
- I'm staying.


Do you recognize
anybody out there?

The only one
I recognize is Cheryl,

the one with
the life mobile Van.

- Oh, that.
- She's across the street though,

talking to somebody.

I'm surprised James
ain't out there.

But I don't recognize
all the older people.

- There's someone out there with a Walker.
- A Walker?

She's sitting on it.

That's ridiculous.

Candace: Started this
a long time ago...

All the little brochures that
they hand out on the sidewalk

that we have kept or...

Just collected over the years.

"Complications of abortion."

Possible immediate

Excessive bleeding,
possibly causing removal of the uterus

"and a resulting inability
to have children."

Oh, what language.

Breast cancer.

There's been so many studies
done on the breast cancer thing

and they all deny that.

And one... and one
of the physicians

that I've worked with
for many many years

says that if that's true,
everybody who has a miscarriage

would get breast cancer,
and that's just not true.

I... I don't know where they get
their medical information from,

but I know that's totally wrong.

I've had patients who have
booked an appointment.

I've given them directions
on how to get here

and they get confused
because on the other side

of Delaware
and south 12th street

is that pregnancy care center...
That sounds so nice.

The patients get confused
and go to the wrong building.

It's like two hours later
and the girl will ask,

"well, when am I getting
my abortion?"

"Oh, we don't do
abortions here."

That's when the patient
figures out

that she's in the wrong place.

- Stop.
- Why?

♪ Nervous nervous nervous ♪

♪ Nervous nervous nervous ♪

- ♪ Nervous nervous nervous. ♪
- Shut up.

That's your name for the day...
Nervous, miss nervous.

What do you think is the
motivating factor for...

- Me to get this?
- Yeah.

My future and...

I can't take care
of a baby right now.

I'm only in 11th grade.

I'm 17. I turn 18 in December.

I can't take on the responsibility
of a baby by myself.

I just can't do it right now.

Do you really know
what you choose

when you choose abortion?

You will be given
an anesthetic...

Two needles... into the cervix.

The doctor would use
the force of the suction

to essentially tear it apart...
all the limbs.

The head would be crushed

and the doctor would be using it

to pull out the baby
basically piece by piece.

And then it winds up,
in the end, in a little jar.

You can't just walk around
with, you know,

pieces of the decaying fetus
inside your body

without developing an infection.

If a toe or a finger or a piece
of the baby is left inside,

then that produces
a risk for you.

Narrator: In some cases,
the patient will experience

bleeding that is heavy enough

to require a transfusion
or hysterectomy.

In the most serious
of these instances,

she will die.

Can you cut it off?
I can't see it.

- Anne: You don't wanna see it?
- No.

Wanna go with
the computer animated?

There's no blood. It's not real bodies.
It's computer.

- That was a real one?
- That's real.

- Kind of scary.
- Yeah.

I hate my life.

Yes yes!

Yes! Two in one day.

Ashante is keeping her baby.

We thought this one was Gonzo.

- Woman: Priggins?
- Priggins.

I couldn't freakin' believe it.

She got up to the point...

She made an appointment
in Fort Lauderdale.

Never went. Never went!

Widline: I'm seven
months pregnant now.

I didn't want no child
at this age right now

because people
will look down at me

and say I won't be nothing.

I tried everything in my powers

to get rid of it,
like drinking vinegar

and, like, lifting
heavy stuff up

and moving heavy stuff around.

Anne told me about abortion.

A woman... she can, like,
lose her life over abortion

or don't have kids at all
no more in the future.

So, um, I didn't wanna
take that risk.

I don't think he's gonna, like...

It's gonna be harder
with the baby.

I think I'm gonna get
a lot of help.

I hope so.

Is this the abortion clinic?

Candace: Yes, it is, hon.
Come on in.

- Across the street?
- Yes.

And she made me watch this video

of a surgical abortion.

It was very vivid
and showed everything.

It was gruesome.

It was like watching
a scary movie.

Just like...
There was so much blood

and all these...
It was just disgusting.

There's not blood all over
the surgery room, sweetie-pie.

I promise you.

Abortion is one
of the safest procedures.

It is safer than having
full-term delivery.

It's safer than having
your tonsils out.

There's not blood all over the place.
I promise you.

You did an ultrasound already?

Yes, I took one
across the street.

- And how far along did they say you were?
- I just went Wednesday.

They told me I was
seven weeks, two days.

- This past Wednesday?
- Yeah.

- Seven weeks, two days?
- Yes. And two weeks before that,

they told me I was
five and a half weeks.

When was your last period...
first day?

- August 13th.
- I think that would...

- Okay, August. And it's October, right?
- Yes.

That would make you,
according to this,

10 weeks and one day.

Between 10 and 11.

Well, we'll find out, okay?

See, because...

No way.

On a chart that I have, 3.5...

That would be
considered 10 weeks.

- 10 weeks?
- Mm-hmm.

Yeah, they told me I was seven
weeks, two days.

Okay, so you're only
gonna pay $400 total.

I'm gonna take $50 off
to have it done.

- Okay.
- Okay?

- Good? Yeah?
- Mm-hmm, yeah.

- Okay, baby. Okay.
- Okay.

I'll see you next Friday
at 9:30, honey.

Okay? All right.

Man: No, these are not my words.
These are the words of...

The pregnancy care center

that's across the street
from us...

They told her
she was seven weeks.

They lie to patients
about how many weeks they are

so they think they have
plenty of time

to think about it
a little bit longer.

I don't even think it's to
get them to change their mind.

I think it's to
have them be too far

so they can't get it done.

That's what I think.

Or have to go to another
state, another county,

because clinics
usually go up to,

like, 12, 14 weeks,
and that's it.

I... I don't get them people.
I just don't get them people.

It makes me wanna...
Makes me wanna cry.

Don't even...
I don't even know why, but I do...

I wanna cry today,
because that's...

I just wanna go over there
and shake them people

and be all like,
"what the fuck are you doing?"

Why are you messing up
these girls' lives?

"Why are you playing around
with them like that?"


Anne: Ooh.




Arnold, brother, let's speak.

Come talk to me.

I haven't talked
to you for a while.

Let's talk.

Euteneuer: Of the father,
of the son and of the holy spirit, amen.

We offer this rosary for all of
our regular pro-life intentions,

especially the end
to the evil of abortion,

the conversion
of all abortionists,

to the conversion of those
who come to this place,

those who work at this place,
those who support this work.

Our father who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be
done on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses

as we forgive those
who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

- Amen.
- Hail Mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women and
blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

- Holy Mary, mother of god,
pray for us sinners now...

And at the hour
of our death, amen.

- Holy Mary...
- Pray for us.

- Holy mother of god...
- Pray for us.

- Holy virgin of virgins...
- Pray for us.

- Mother of Christ...
- Pray for us.

- Mother of divine grace...
- Pray for us.

- Mother most pure...
- Pray for us.

- Mother most chaste...
- Pray for us.

- Mother inviolate...
- Pray for us.

- Mother undefiled...
- Pray for us.

- Mother most amiable...
- Pray for us.

- Mother most admirable...
- Pray for us.

- Mother of good counsel...
- Pray for us.

- Mother of our creator...
- Pray for us.

You know what? No more sex.

He can't have any
unless he wears a condom.

- Are you married to him? He's your husband, right?
- Yeah.

You got to fight it.

That means take
birth control pills,

- use condoms...
- But you know...

He's got to use condoms.

No, you're not stupid.

You just got to be more careful.

They don't care.

They're like...
They're like dogs.

They're like dogs.

- Yeah, I swear.
- Yeah.

How old are your babies?

You're not a mon...

You would be a monster if you...

If you had a baby
and then mistreated it.


Don't cry, sweetie-pie.
Don't cry.

Now are you like this
because you're pregnant?

A lot of girls get kind of like
this because they're pregnant.

They have hormones
and it just goes zzz.

You never wanted to do this?

What's hurting you?
To have the abortion?

So why are you making
yourself do this?

You are young.
You can have babies later on.

You really can. If you can't...

I don't want you to do this
if you don't want to do it.

I mean, nobody ever
wants to actually do it.

But, you know, if it's
what you need to do

to take care of you
and the kids...

If you feel that way,
why are you making yourself do it?


Good afternoon.
A woman's world medical center.

How can I help you?

Tomorrow morning
you'd have to be here

at 6:30 in the morning, okay?

We do want you to bring
your photo I.D. With you,

a pair of socks,
and we don't want you

to eat anything
after midnight tonight.

And when you get here
in the morning,

there may or may not
be protesters outside.

If they are out there, just ignore them.
Come inside.

Yeah, if you needed to,
we could send the lab tech out

to walk up with you
if you felt more comfortable.

Are you the father of this baby?

Don't give up your rights.

It's not a dead baby yet.

You come out, you're gonna be
the mother of a dead baby

and the whole family
tree line is kaput.

Woman: These are the facts.

I know women
that have had abortions

and were never able
to have a baby again.

And the only baby
that they had is a dead one.

She is... she is
thinking about it,

but she wants help, money help.

I'll do it today. Whatever.

- Today.
- Whatever you need...

Whatever you need...
I will go to the bank today.

Whatever you need,
I'll help you.

Even if you have babies,
I'll give them clothes.

I'll give you money
to help you with your rent,

your gas,
whatever you need, ma'am.

Whatever you need.

I'm not lying.
I tell you the truth.


I let you talk to the family.

Tell her I'll let her
talk to the family.

Woman: Right now.

Hola. I'm Jim.

Everything's free.

Everything's free. Come on in.

Come on in with... okay.

Jim: Yeah, she did
great, didn't she?

Oh my god.

Oh, thank you, lord.

Candace: If they really
did change her mind,

that's fine.

I just don't know
who they think they are

to try and control somebody
they don't even know.

They talk that person
into having another baby

and they promise her
everything in the world

to get her to keep it,
and then they don't deliver.

I've heard that story
over and over again.

Jim: You think
you're crying now?

I'm telling you,
we see these women come in here,

cry cry cry.

They can't stop because they
think, "what did I do?"

What did I do?"
And you're a nice person.

We can tell.

You know, you would
never hurt anybody.

You love children, right?
You have six children.


I wanna give... come here,
I wanna give you a present.

Come here.
Let's pick out something nice for...

What kind of stuff
do you think is cute?

What do you like?

Do you like little
stuffed animals?

You wanna take a stuffed animal?

We got so many of these.
Which one do you want?

Pick out something you like.

Yeah, we'll hook you up.