12 Dates of Christmas (2011) - full transcript

Starring Amy Smart (Just Friends, The Butterfly Effect) and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Franklin & Bash, Saved by the Bell, NYPD Blue), 12 Dates of Christmas is a romantic comedy that follows Kate (Amy Smart), a young woman who re-lives the same first date on Christmas Eve over and over again. In an attempt to win back her ex-boyfriend on Christmas Eve, Kate ends up ruining her blind date with Miles (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), a handsome guy she's been set up with. In a strange twist of fate, Kate is given the chance to re-live Christmas Eve twelve times! Kate decides to embrace what Christmas Eve has given her -- a loving family, great friends and Miles, who turns out to be a great guy! However, just as she seems to think she has gotten it right, the clock strikes midnight and Kate must live Christmas Eve once again. Under these weird new circumstances, Kate learns to take risks and enjoy what she's been given. Thanks to the gift of Christmas Eve, Kate finds happiness by finally trusting fate.

♪ On the 12th day of Christmas ♪

♪ my true love gave to me ♪

♪ twelve drummers drumming ♪

♪ eleven pipers piping ♪

♪ ten lords a leaping ♪

♪ nine ladies dancing ♪

♪ eight maids a milking ♪

♪ seven swans a swimming ♪

♪ six geese a laying ♪

♪ five golden rings ♪

♪ four calling birds ♪

♪ three French hens ♪

♪ two turtle doves ♪

♪ and a partridge in a pear tree ♪

♪ angels are singing ♪

♪ the snow is falling all around ♪

♪ the bells are ringing ♪

♪ can you hear it?
Can you hear the sound? ♪

♪ On the 12th day of Christmas ♪

♪ my true love gave to me ♪

♪ oh, twelve drummers drumming ♪

♪ eleven pipers piping ♪

♪ ten lords a leaping ♪

♪ nine ladies dancing ♪

♪ eight maids a milking ♪

♪ seven swans a swimming ♪

♪ six geese a laying ♪

♪ five golden rings ♪

Oh, Cheetos.

♪ Four calling birds ♪

What is a calling bird,

I hate that song.

Is it like a parrot,
like it calls back and forth?

Hey, Randy in tech
says they're leaving at 11:00.

What time
is creative getting out?


Hey, Kate.


What time did Klein
say we could leave?

After the party.

Are you coming?

Be there in a minute.

Ten shrimp are almost gone.

( Phone rings )

Hey, this is Jack.
Leave a message.( Beep )

Hi, Jack. It's me.

It's Christmas tomorrow,
and I thought maybe

you and I could...
Share Max.

Uh, I haven't seen him
since your high school reunion,

which was fine,
totally fine.

I just thought maybe he would
like to spend Christmas with me.

Ho, ho, ho.
Secret Santa time. Enjoy.

Oh, and I got you something.

Nothing big.

Call me.
Let me know if we can meet.

That's it. Bye.

( Sighs )

( Sighs )

♪ ♪


Hey, I have a question.

Would a guy...

Would a guy like the new Nicholas
sparks book for Christmas?

fav book ever, totes.

No, no way. Buy him beer.

Man: Yeah, beer.

Merry Christmas.

Come with me.

Oh, I have this one at home.

You know what I got
from my secret Santa?

Oh, jam is good.

Jam is a total re-gift.

It's the thought.

There was no thought.

I like jam.

It was from you.


Oh, my god! It was!

You gave me jam?!

I forgot about
the secret Santa thing!

I panicked. I grabbed the first thing that
I could find on the way out the door.

Socks would've been better.

Well, your real present
is coming tomorrow.

I'm sorry.
I was distracted.

Distracted by what?
The holidays.

Meaning Jack.
I called him today.

You holiday dialed your ex-boyfriend?

It's like drunk dialing
without the alcohol.

Are you gonna help me
find him a present or not?

( Sighs ) Okay.

How do you know
he's even gonna wanna see you?

It's Christmas.
We love Christmas.

You are not a "we" anymore.

I think we can be.

I think given the amount
of time that we've had apart,

that we can get everything
back on track.

It's all part of the...

Oh, don't say it.
Please don't say it.


No one has a life plan.

Lots of people do.
Not like you.

You date for two years,
you get engaged year three,

wedding year four.

In those four years,
I secure myself at work,

laying the groundwork for
an extended maternity leave.

I think it's a great plan.
( Chuckles ) Seriously, do you hear yourself?

Right now, I need to find
him a gift before 5:00.

I thought you hadn't set a time.
We didn't.

I just have
a blind date at 5:00.

You have a blind date
and you're meeting Jack?

You're nuts.

Trust me, the blind date
isn't going anywhere.

How can you say that?
You haven't even met him.

I don't need to.
It's a mercy date.

Sally, my dad's lady friend,
he's her godson.

I promised
I'd have a quick drink,

and then we're going
to dad's house for dinner.

Their house?

Sally's more
than a lady friend.

They're married.

Only in the eyes of the law.

( Sighs )
Sally is with your dad.

Her taste in men
can't be all bad.

Can't you just give
the godson a chance?

What about this?

It's $225.

Nothing says Christmas miracle
like cashmere.

I'm out.

I love you,
you're my best friend,

but I cannot enable
your addiction.

Addiction to you,
plucky optimism to me.

You'll see,
after tonight,

things will go back
to the way it was.

( Sighs ) I'm gonna go back
to the office party.

You have pluck and a blind date
on Christmas Eve, and I have...

Brian from payroll and a two-for-one
coupon for curry in a hurry.

You're better than that.

Right back at ya.

( Chuckles )
Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

And merry Christmas, Jack.

♪ Four calling birds ♪

♪ three French hens ♪

♪ two turtle doves ♪

♪ and a partridge
in a pear tree ♪

♪ on the 12th day of Christmas ♪

♪ my true love sent to me ♪

♪ twelve drummers drumming ♪

♪ eleven pipers piping ♪

( Gasps )
♪ ten lords a leaping ♪

♪ nine ladies dancing ♪

♪ eight maids a milking ♪

( Song distorted )

♪ Three French hens, two turtle doves ♪
merry Christmas.

♪ And a partridge... ♪

( Song distorted )

Are you okay?

♪ ...in a pear tree ♪

Man: Ma'am, are you okay?

Quite the way
to spend Christmas Eve.

What happened?

I spritzed you,
and you passed out.

( Groans )
Slow down.

I'm okay.

Has this ever
happened to you before?

No. I had this office party,
and I didn't eat anything.

It must be low blood sugar.

I gotta go.

Nice..., by the way.

( Sniffs )

( Horn honks )

♪ It's Christmastime,
the snow is falling ♪

♪ and the wind is icy cold ♪

( Gasps )

( Grunts )


( Grunting )

♪ Right by the fire ♪

♪ the Christmas spirit
takes me higher and higher ♪

♪ it's Christmas, baby ♪

♪ come meet me
underneath the mistletoe ♪

( Sighs ) Really?

Oh, unbelievable.

( Sighs )

( Panting )


( Exhales deeply )

Okay. All right.

Hi. I heard you coming up the stairs.
Elevator's still broken?

Hi, Mrs. Frumkin.

Oh, now, the super said he'd
have it fixed by Christmas,

but don't hold your breath.

I can't really talk right now.

Oh, you have big
Christmas Eve plans?

More like obligations.

Oh, well, here.
I made you a cherry chip loaf.

Thoughtful, thank you.
Thank you.

Merry Christmas!

Ooh, must be Jack!

( Beep )

Hey, hi.
It's miles...

Your blind date
for the evening.

Sorry, that was dumb.

I got your email.

Nick's bar sounds great.
I'll meet you there.

( Beep )

Message deleted.

( Indistinct chatter )

( Exhales )

( Sniffs )



Uh, Phyllis?

No. Oh, sorry,
wrong blind date.



Sorry. Sally said...
Call me Katie.

Yeah, we're working on that.

Miles Dufine.
Kate Stanton.

Is this okay?

Great choice on the local,
by the way.

Oh, actually, Sally
recommended you and the bar.

A woman
of impeccable taste.


I order you a lager,
by the way.

Oh, I...
I actually hate beer.

It's a lager.

Is there a difference?
Not much.

Yeah, I've tried beer
like a million times,

and it always
tastes so bitter.

I don't like
anything carbonated,

like soda or champagne.

Okay, Kate, Kate,
it was a shot in the dark.

I mean, this is a bar.
There's lots of choices.

Go ahead.
Take a chance.

Try something new.

All right.
White wine, please.

( Sighs )

( Both chuckle )

This is going well.

Not the least bit awkward.

So Sally says you're in advertising.

Did you have anything to do
with those talking baby ads?

Well, that's good.
They were totally overrated.

I'm working on a car campaign.

What a coincidence.
I own a car.

It must've been because
of your commercial.

I work in print.

And when I say commercial, I mean in 2-d.
( Chuckles )



So what do you do, miles?

Jet fighter and hockey player.

Oh, I made you look.

( Chuckles )

Sorry, I'm just
waiting for a call.

You fly jets?

No, but I do play hockey.

Maybe you've heard of me...
Miles "rocket" Dufine,

Staten island senior league?

I might've let
my season pass expire.

No worries, I can totally hook
you up with some sick seats...

Right next to the penalty box.

( Chuckles )

( Phone rings )

Oh, I'm so sorry.


What? My place?

Hold on.

So something came up
all of a sudden,

and I need to go, but can I just meet
you at my dad's for dinner later?

It's not important.

Well, it seems like
you're breaking our date.
That's sort of important.

No, I'm not
breaking our date.

I'm just rearranging it.

Is it an emergency?
Who's on the phone?

Jack, my ex-boyfriend.


Sure. Yeah, go.

Merry Christmas, Katie.
You, too.

Wait, I'll see you
at my dad's, right?


So, 15 minutes?

Yeah, I'll see you there.


( Siren wails in distance )


Smile. If you still love me,
you'll smile.

Merry Christmas, Jack!

Merry Christmas.



I, uh...
I don't have much time.

I got you something!

Oh. I wish you hadn't.

Well, you must've been wishing for
something or you wouldn't be here.

Well, I didn't
want you to be alone.

I knew it!
I brought Max.

That's great! Then the three of
us can spend Christmas together!

( Barks )

Nancy, this is Kate.
Kate, this is Nancy.


It's nice to meet you.

( Barking )

Oh, Max!
Did you miss me?
Did you miss me?

I missed you so much!

Nancy and I are going to the cabin
tonight, so we brought you Max.

Wait, what?

Oh, I'm kinda cold.
I'm gonna just wait in the car.

Nancy's my girlfriend.

Since when?

Well, we went
to high school together,

and when I went back to the
reunion, we reconnected.

I've known her forever.

Is it serious?

Don't do this, Kate.

Do you love her?


I'm sorry.

Look, I feel...

You can keep it.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

( Car door shuts,
engine starts )

( Sighs )

It's a shame your sister and
brother couldn't make it tonight,

but Mandy and John will be here
in the morning with the kids,

and we can call Phil
at his girlfriend's house.

Where does
her family live? Ohio?


I always get those confused.

Aw, I wish we had
a full house tonight.

You know, it's a good thing
you're single, Katie,

or we'd just be two old folks
having dinner alone tonight.

You're spending
the night, right,

to be with the kids
when they get here?

You know,
like it used to be?

Dad, nothing
is like it used to be.

If it was,
mom would still be alive.

( Phone rings )

I'll get it.

Is this what the rest
of my life is gonna be like?

Just me and the dog?

( Whispering )
I think you hurt
Sally's feelings.

I didn't mean to,

but don't you miss mom?

Every day.

But, honey,
I love Sally, too.

I wish you'd try
a little harder with her.

Maybe if you got to know her
a little better.

Dad, when mom died,
you lost your wife,

and you found someone
to replace her.

That's great,
but I can't replace a mother.

Sally's not a replacement.

If you could
just see her for who she is,

I think
you'd find a place for her.

That was miles.
He's not coming.

He said you left him
to be with another guy.

Well, I went
to go meet Jack.

Who knew he had hooked up with
some cheerleader from childhood?


Yeah, I mean, I don't know
if she was really a cheerleader,

but she did look like one.

Miles is one of the sweetest
guys in the whole world.

Well, I'll call him tomorrow
and apologize.

Oh, hon, that ship has sailed.
You blew your chance.

You can't go back and change it.

I'm gonna be alone forever.

( Whimpers )

I mean,
don't take that the wrong way.

( Whimpering )

( Whimpers )

Woman: Fresh from the pear tree,

a gorgeous partridge pin
and pear earring ensemble.

( Growls )
It's Christmas Eve,

and this offer
ends at midnight.

Don't let this chance
pass you by.

( Barking )
When the clock strikes 12:00,

it will be too late.

( Barking )

( Barking )

♪ ...in a pear tree ♪

Man: Ma'am, are you okay?

Quite the way
to spend Christmas Eve.

What's going on?

I spritzed you,
and you passed out.

That was yesterday.

Something like this
has happened to you before?

No, not something like,
this exact thing.

You were there,
you were there.

How many people pass out in front of
you on Christmas Eve and Christmas?

Today is Christmas Eve.

Are we ever open on Christmas?

Yesterday was Christmas Eve.
No, today is.

The present I got Jack
he drove off with.

What's going on?

Maybe you should
sit a minute longer.

I have to go.

( Sniffs )

( Horn honks )
Come on! Hurry up!

Why did you pull me
from the party?

Okay, there is that guy
putting up the lights.

Why are you
acting so funny?

Wait, was she here before?

Kate, what's going on?

It's later
than it was yesterday.

Later than...
Seriously, what's going on?

I have no idea!

( Laughing )

Hello? Stairs.

Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

If I wanted to work out,
I'd go to the gym.

Come on! We're almost there!

( Sighs )

Hurry up!

Kate, seriously,
what's going on?


Hi, how you doing?

I thought I heard you
coming up the stairs.

Is the elevator
still broken?

The super said he'd
have it fixed by Christmas,

but don't hold your breath.

Big Christmas Eve plans?

Anyway, I made you...
A cherry chip loaf.
I know. Thanks.

Okay. Yeah.

Merry Christmas!

You weren't
very nice to that lady.

She's just my neighbor.
She gave me the same thing yesterday.

What are you talking about?


( Beep )
Hey, hi. It's miles...

Oh, god! It's a dream!
It's gotta be a dream!

That's what
I was talking about.

Quit looking backward
to changing things with Jack.

It's all ahead of you.
Life is a dream.

Oh, my god! You're right!

Wow! You kinda feel real
for a dream.

( Sighs )
You really need a day off.

I can do anything in a dream.

I can act anyway I want.

( Laughs )

In my dream, Jack doesn't
drive off with Nancy!

I can stop him!

Who's Nancy?

His cheerleader-looking

Since when?
Two months.

But they've known
each other since high school.

When did he tell you this?

Or actually he hasn't yet.

And he won't have to
when I show up like this.

Well, if anything can change
his mind, it's that outfit.

What about
your blind date?

Damn, I deleted his number.

Sally was pissed I had to leave.

And if I don't show up,
I'll never hear the end of it.

And he is a nice guy.

Who is?
Miles, my blind date.

He's a decent guy.

The date you've never met
is a nice guy.

Now you're getting it.

Go with it. I am.



( Indistinct chatter )


Hello, miles.

You must be Katie,
I'm hoping.

It's Kate.

I still hate beer, by the way.

Listen, I want you
to tell me one thing,

and I want you
to be honest.

I like a woman who cuts through the B.S.
Fire away.

Have you met me before?

I don't think so.

Take a real close look.


You smell nice,
like honey.

Honey doesn't have a smell.

So I don't look familiar?


But you look pretty.
Thank you.

There's nothing better
than a woman with style.
Listen, my phone is gonna ring.

My wife had great style.
I'm gonna have to take this call.

Even though she was
going to the market...
And then I'll have to go...

Your wife?
What do you mean, you have to go?

You're married?

( Phone rings )

Hi, Jack.

I'll meet you in 15 minutes.
My place.

Yeah, see you there.

You're leaving?
You're married?

Who are you meeting?
My boyfriend.

Sally did not say anything about a boyfriend.

The whole wife thing
seemed to slip her memory.

I asked her
not to say anything.

Okay, then this is my
subconscious working overtime.

Really? Okay, well, this is my
conscience thinking this was a bad idea.

Nice, meeting you Kate.

At least Sally
won't blame me this time.

Oh, you do this a lot?

Apparently just with you.


( Exhales deeply )

( Phone rings )

Hi, dad.

Ah, hi, Katie.

I'm not gonna be able
to make it tonight.

Oh, no.
Tell Sally it's Iowa, not Ohio.

Can I talk to her?


You're not coming?

You might've mentioned
that miles had a wife.

He told you about Laura?

Yes. How could you set me up
with a married guy?

His wife is dead, Katie.
She died about a year ago.


If you talk to him,
tell him I'm really sorry.

I'm so, so sorry.

I will.

( Sighs )

So that means
you're not coming?

I have to go. Bye.

( Beep )

( Sighs )

Jack: Kate?


Merry Christmas, Jack.

Wow, you look...

Aren't you cold?

Not at all.

I thought you and I could
maybe go get a drink, talk.

Oh, I can't.

Oh, you're going
to the cabin with Nancy.

Yeah, how did you know that?

It doesn't matter how I know.
It just matters I know.

Are you sure you're not cold?

( Chuckles )
I'm fine.

So are your parents
going to be at the cabin, too?

You always spend Christmas Eve with them.

So just the two of you?


Oh. Why?


I'm, uh...

Are you going to propose?


( Sighs )
You're the first person I've told.

Just saying that just makes it
feel so much more real.


Kate, you're freezing. Here.

Take my coat.


( Barks )

Oh, uh, Nancy,
this is Kate.

It's nice to meet you.
You, too.

We should probably get going.

Yeah, me, too.
I have a date.

You do?

Cute guy. Christmas Eve.

Whole world of possibilities.

That's great.
I'm so glad for you.

Here, Max. Come on, boy.

Merry Christmas.

You, too.

Oh, Kate...

Sorry, I just need my coat.

Oh, right.

There you go.


( Shivering )

( Shivering loudly )

Come on, Max.

( Sighs )

Yeah, for a dream,
this cake is pretty good.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna wake up,
and it's gonna be Christmas day,

and all will be right
in the world, right?

( Whimpers )

I can't end up alone...

Even in a dream.

( Whimpers )

( Grunts )

No. Don't... uh.

Don't even think about it.


( Sighs )

( Whimpering )

( Whimpers )

Woman: Fresh from the pear tree,

a gorgeous partridge pin
and pear earring ensemble.

It's Christmas Eve,

and this offer
ends at midnight.

Don't let this chance
pass you by.

When the clock strikes 12:00...

( Barking )

It will be too late.

( Barking )

♪ ...and a partridge
in a pear tree ♪

Man: Ma'am, are you okay?

Quite the way
to spend Christmas Eve.

I spritzed you,
and you passed out.


( Siren wails in distance )

Hey, you were just here four months ago.
What seems to be the problem?

I think I have a brain tumor.

I see, and why is that?

Because I keep reliving
the same day over and over.

It's not a dream!

I'm... I'm sorry.
I... I don't understand.

I keep reliving
Christmas Eve...

This Christmas Eve.

It's like a skipping record.

I'm in bed, I'm watching TV,
then all of a sudden,

midnight comes around,
and then whoosh,

I'm back
in the cosmetic department,

I wake up, and this old man
is looking at me.

Okay, here's the thing.
I don't think you have a brain tumor.

I think what's happening is you're experiencing
some very typical holiday anxiety.

It's not typical
holiday anything.

Okay, your subconscious is trying to
tell you that something has to change.

And if you don't change it, then it's
like living the same day over and over.

Are you the type of person who makes
a plan and then sticks with it?


Well, if you were
that type of person,

you might feel anxious if things
were changing around you.

What is the one thing in your
life you wish you could change?

Get Jack back.

I would seriously analyze
that word "back."

Back isn't change.

Listen, I'm going to get Jack back,
and everything will be fine.

Well, just in case,

take a couple of these
before you go to bed,

and you will wake up
on Christmas morning.

Are you sure?

I guarantee it.

( Indistinct )

( Door buzzes )

Yeah, thanks.
Looks good.

Busy day?
Hey, Kate.

No, just last minute
Christmas shopping.

Did you get me something?
I'm kidding.

Did you get Nancy's
engagement ring?

What? How did you know?

The high school sweetheart,
the cabin, the proposal tonight,

I know all about it.

Okay, you're kinda
freaking me out.

Welcome to my world.

What do you want, Kate?

What do I...
What do I want?

I want... I want...
I want what you and Nancy have.

You just have to be open to
new experiences, new people.

I don't need new experiences.

I need to find a guy who will give
me his coat when it's cold out.

You worry too much.

You'll find him.

Yeah, the question is,
will he find me?

Maybe he already has.

Look, I gotta go.
I have to pack, wrap the ring.


Hey, what time
did you get the ring?

Uh, around noon. Why?

Just curious.

Merry Christmas, Jack.

Merry Christmas, Kate.

( Door buzzes )

( Indistinct chatter )

( Exhales )

Uh, Phyllis?

What's your name?

Hi, Toby.

I'm Kate, not Phyllis. Sorry.

Oh, right. Me, too.

( Bell dings )


He comes here early.

Whatever lager
you have on tap

and your finest
mozzarella sticks.

Okay, you got it.

A white wine, please.

Coming right up.

You look hungry.

No. ( Chuckles )
Not really.

( Chuckles )
You filling up for a date?

How'd you know?
( Laughs )

You think
you invented the idea?

I do the same thing.

I eat first, so I don't
look like a pig on the date.

That's me.

Do you mind
if I join you?

On the fried cheese,
not the date.


So... ( Clears throat )
Who's the girl?

A friend of a friend.

Oh, so it's a blind date, huh?

Yeah, first in a long time.

I hear she's kind of amazing.

Doesn't cook, though.

She said that?

How'd you know it was a she?

Well, women set women up,
you know.

If a guy sets up a woman,
the girl kinda comes across

like a reject, and you wouldn't
wanna be with a reject.

So she said
she didn't cook?

Yeah. Doesn't matter, though.

My wife couldn't boil an egg.
I did all the cooking.

You know, my...
My late wife, I should say.

Just so you know, I...
I didn't know she died.

Oh, no, it's okay.
I mean, we just met.

( Chuckles ) Yeah.


Can I ask what happened?

Yeah. It's no great
lifetime channel tragedy.

We have, well...

I have a house in the country.
It's a cottage, really.

Uh, anyhow, she was up there
alone at the time.

She decided
to clean the gutters.

She fell off the ladder, and I came back
from the store a half-hour too late.

I'm so sorry.

Thank you.

It's been almost a year.

It must be hard
during the holidays.

Oh, hence
the desperate blind date.

( Laughs )

You don't seem so desperate.


And that whole lifetime
reference, pretty impressive.

( Chuckles ) Oh,
you like how I slipped that in.

Yeah, it's very evolved
for a hockey player.

How did you know
I play hockey?

( Chuckles )

I didn't.

Just a wild guess.

I should go.

No good?

I'm not really
that hungry anymore.

That's too bad.

Yeah, I mean, it's rare that you
bond over a mozzarella stick.

( Chuckles )

Hey, if your date
doesn't show up later,

it may have nothing
to do with you.

It may have to do with the fact
that she's not over her ex

and she's still trying to figure out
if she can make a life with him.

Or maybe she got food poisoning from
bad shrimp at her office party.

Okay. It was nice meeting you.
I'm miles, by the way.


Staying a mystery.

It was nice to meet you.

( Sighs )

( Sighs )


Oh, hi.

Thank you for the cake.
It's delicious.

You haven't
even opened it.

Cherry chip, right?
I would love the recipe.

Well, I can do you one better than that.
Come on in.

No, no, no, no.
No, really.

No, really, it's okay.
Really, no, come on.

Come. ( Chuckles )

( Gasps ) Wow!

Your apartment is amazing!

Why, thank you.

Come on,
you can help me.

I love all your artwork.

I started collecting
in the Paleozoic era.

Come on. Come.

There's more?

And, yes,
that is a real Rauschenberg.

Oh, my goodness!

He was my neighbor
in the village.


How many cakes are you making?

Oh, 25, 30 or more.
Do you have anywhere you need to be?

Tonight? No.

Good, then hand me
a spatula.

This is my Christmas ritual.
No husband, no kids, so I bake.

I used to mail the cakes
to relatives,

but I hate standing in line
at the post office,

so now I just send them Internet
pears and I bake for my neighbors,

like you.

Oh, my.

Not at home
in the kitchen, are we?

( Chuckles )

Well, what was your first clue?

Well, now's as good a time
as ever to learn something.

Do you know how
to cream butter and sugar?


Do you know
what butter and sugar are?

Yes, I do.
Okay, good.

There's your butter.
There's your sugar.

One cup each in the bowl.

You're gonna
make these yourself.

I don't know
if that's such a good idea.

I apparently have a reputation
for not cooking.

Reputations are just history
in rumor form.

You can change it.

Put 'em in the bowl.
Let's get bakin'.


Not bad.

Mm, a little dry.


That's because I didn't
share my secret with you...

A couple of tablespoons
full of honey.

Now, if you could just do it
without blowing up the kitchen.

Anyway, this is from an organic
farm in the Hudson valley.

It makes a world
of difference.

Mmm! Honey does have a smell.

You can keep that for the
next time you make the cake.


Wow, this has been a very
surprising part of my day.

Mine, too.
( Chuckles )

( Snoring )

( Whimpering )

Woman: Fresh from the pear tree,

a gorgeous partridge pin
and pear earring ensemble.

It's Christmas Eve, and this
offer ends at midnight.

Don't let this chance
pass you by.

When the clock strikes 12:00,

it will be too late.

♪ ...in a pear tree ♪

Man: Ma'am, are you okay?

Quite the way
to spend Christmas Eve.

I spritzed you,
and you passed out.

We gotta stop meeting like this.

( Grunts )

Keep it. Merry Christmas.

( Sniffs )

Decisions, decisions.

What are you doing here?

Well, the round diamond
is traditional,

but the square cut
is stunning.

It's okay, Jack.

I've met someone.


This is such a lousy way
for you to learn about this.

Are there better ways?

What is she like?

Great, wonderful, perfect.

Does she bake?

I don't know.

Find out.

You know, in case
you have a baking emergency,

and then you wanna make sure
Nancy has your back.


( Both chuckle )

Wait, how did you know
her name was Nancy?

Well, you, uh, you just said
Nancy's great, wonderful, perfect.

You're staring at me, Jack.

You are being so awesome
about this.

( Chuckles ) What,
do you want me to go postal?

No, I just wish you'd been more
like this when we were together.

You know, less obsessed
with getting married and more...


In the moment.

I'm very in the moment.

I know,
but just not in my moment.

We were always out of sync,
you know.

Every time I wanted something,
you didn't,

and by the time you wanted it,
it was all you wanted.

Pick the round one.
You won't go wrong.

( Whispers )
It's time to let go.


( Horn honks )

( Indistinct chatter )

Hey, can I ask...
What is he doing?

Every year, he builds me
a snowflake made out of lights,

a very big,
very bright snowflake.


Not what you want
for Christmas.

Not even close.

How'd you know?

Deja vu...


I'm Kate.


I've seen you
around the neighborhood.

Sure, I've seen you around,
too, I think.

Hey, somewhere in this world,
it is cocktail hour.

I'm gonna get a drink.
Do you wanna join me?

( Chuckles )

Lee: Yeah, just one.

♪ ♪
( Laughter )

Ooh, give me some!
Give me some!

( Both laugh )

I haven't had so much fun
on Christmas Eve since...

I believed in Santa Claus!


Man: Hey, turn that racket down!

( Screams )

( Laughs )



You didn't answer the door.

I used the key you gave me.
What are you doing here?

We were worried.
You didn't show up for dinner.

I should go.

Nice to meet you.

I like your hair.

Who's that?
Long story.

I'm sorry I didn't call.
The day got away from me.

Oh, that's okay.
We have a surprise for you.

This is miles.

Hi, Katie.



I am sorry you had to see me
in that condition.

No, no, I shouldn't have let
them talk me into coming.

I mean, I don't usually
dance around my apartment

with other women
who are basically strangers.

No, I think people should dance around in
their apartment at least once a month,

especially with strangers.

And that wasn't
a creepy invitation.

Got it.

You still feel like doing something?
Um, yeah.

If the alternative is watching dad and
Sally clean my apartment, I'd love to.


What's a "Parkitect"?

I design parks.

Get out of town.

I'm serious.

Any I might've been to?

Uh, prospect park.

You designed that?
Uh, no.

But I did do a little section right
next to the botanical gardens.

( Chuckles )

Can I ask you something?

I have been
such a bitch to you.

No, you haven't.

Trust me, I have.

Why would you wanna spend
Christmas Eve with me?

Give me your hand.


I'm not gonna do anything weird.
Give me your hand.

( Chuckles )

See this line?

This is your heart line.

It's a very nice line.

This means
you have a good heart.

( Chuckles ) Actually,
this is my heart line.

I knew that.

I just was looking at it
from upside down.

I couldn't really tell.

I still think
you have a good heart.

I need to tell you something, and I want you
to let me finish before you say anything.

All right.
All right.

So there's this guy...

Just let me finish!

His name is Jack, and were
were together for two years.

I thought everything was great,
but it wasn't.

I wasn't.

There are things that I could've
changed to make it right.

Anyway, today I found out he's
marrying this girl named Nancy.

There are things that I
could've done differently.

Except one.

You're not Nancy.

You could've changed
everything in the relationship

except the most
important thing...


If you were meant to be
together, you would be.

( Chuckles ) Hmm.


You're different
than when we first met.

From a half-hour ago?
Am I better looking?


I heard this is a good place.
Wanna grab a bite here?

Uh, I'm not that hungry,
but I could use a drink.

Oh, that's right.
I forgot. You ate already.

Yes, you weren't supposed to see that.
It's all right.

I like a woman
who's a hearty eater.

Yeah, me, too.
I like a man who eats cheese.


♪ ...and a partridge
in a pear tree ♪

You know something, don't you?

Excuse me a moment.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Whoa! Hi.

You know, don't you?

Know what?

You know why
this night keeps repeating.

Actually, I don't.

Is it?

Please tell me
you're not Phyllis.


You don't understand!
I have no idea how to make this night end!

Wait! That's not what I mean!


( Exhales )

That didn't come out right!

( Door shuts )

( Sighs )

Um, are you okay?

Not really.

I'm sorry about
the whole breakdown thing.

Oh, it happens.

Can I buy you a drink?

You know,
until Phyllis shows up.


Come on. Come on.

Come on.

( Whimpering )

Woman: Fresh from the pear tree,

a gorgeous partridge pin
and pear earring ensemble.

It's Christmas Eve,

( barks )
And this offer ends at midnight.

Don't let this chance
pass you by.

When the clock strikes 12:00,

it will be too late.

♪ ...in a pear tree ♪

( Grunts )

Keep it. Merry Christmas.

Hey, I never asked,
what's your name?


Thanks for always
being there for me, Jim.


( Sniffs )

( Horn honks )

Hey, Lee.

Who was that?

I don't know.

Snowflake time.

( Phone rings )



Is this Kate?

I thought you'd be at work.
This is miles.

I know.
I mean, I thought so.

Uh, okay. Well, I got your
message about meeting at Nick's.

I have a whole other idea for tonight.
I hope you're up for it.

Sure, what is it?

That's sad.



How about this one?

Uh, dead.

It's perfect.

Watch the light!

( Laughs )

I got it.

You need to watch out!

That's a shame.

They said they'd fix it tomorrow.
Let's take the stairs.


You want me to help you?

All the way up there?

Keep going.

Come on.
All right.

( Grunts )

Whoa! Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm good.
I'm good.

Wow, this is a lot of Christmas.
Is that a brown snowball?

We are not putting this on the tree.
I made it in third grade.

Oh, you have to.
It's terrible.

Come on.
No, this is not going to happen.

I'll be right back.

( Train whistles )

( Sighs )

What do you wanna do
with frosty the scary snowman?

Oh, I love that one!

Will you put that
on the front?


Thank you so much for helping,
by the way.

This is just so much fun.
I know it was last minute,

but I really wanted everything to
be very festive for Christmas.

Ah, well, mission accomplished.

Here's some cake
and apple cider.


Oh, my god.
It's bad?


( Chuckles ) Good.


Honey, they're here.

Oh, it's beautiful!
You used my mom's China!

I thought it might make you feel a
little more like she was here tonight.

Thank you.

Sall, have you seen
the carving knife?

Oh, so you gonna take Kate
to midnight mass?

Oh, I don't know.
Would you like to go?

I don't know
if that's such a good idea.

Oh, the whole
religious thing?

it's more the midnight thing.

I've been struggling
to make it past 12:00.

Okay, well,
I'll tell you what, granny.

We can give it a shot,
and if you fade out,

I'll make sure you get home
before Santa visits.

You have no idea
how good that sounds.

Here it is...
The Christmas beast!

I probably should've
told you guys,

but I'm a vegetarian.

Kidding, kidding.

( All laugh )

Honey, are you gonna carve?

Ah, you two
really love each other.

That's a funny thing to say.
Of course we do.

I'm glad.

There you go.

Oh, thanks.

( Chuckles )


What's wrong?

That's my neighbor.

She's so alone.

I don't want that to be me...

Alone on Christmas Eve.

You're not alone tonight.

Excuse me, do you mind
if we sit here?

Oh, of course not.


Oh, hi.

How'd baking go today?

Great, thanks.


♪ ♪

♪ joy to the world ♪

♪ the lord is come ♪

♪ let earth receive her king ♪

♪ let every heart ♪

♪ prepare him room ♪

♪ and heaven and nature sing,
and heaven and nature sing ♪

( Church bell rings )
♪ and heaven and nature sing ♪

♪ ...in a pear tree ♪

I spritzed you,
and you passed out.

You've got to be kidding me.

Miss, if you need assistance,
we can call 911.

I'm okay.

Then you'll have to get up.

Give here a minute.

Thank you, Jim.

You're welcome.

She's had 20 minutes.

If she's sick,
we can call someone.

Okay, I get it.

Make room for the shoppers.
"Get her out of the way."

I'm not relevant.
I'm not important.

Oh, there, there.
It can't be all that bad.

( Groans )

Have you ever been
in a parking garage

and it just keeps going around
and around and around

and you can't find the exit?

That's my life.
My life is a parking garage.

I've got an idea.

There isn't anything
a cup of cocoa can't solve.

Oh, with marshmallows?
You bet. Here.


I used to go
to Mexico every year.

Now I just come here.

It's always summer here.

Yeah, it feels like it.

What would you do, Jim?

Well, first I'd probably
go get my head examined.

I did that already,
like four days ago.

Oh, Kate, I'm old.

I have a life
of wonderful moments,

a few filled with regret.

There are times
I took too many chances,

and not enough.

What would I do?


( Chuckles )


Here you go, ma'am.

Merry Christmas.
Oh, thanks!

♪ It's Christmas time ♪

♪ whoa, whoa ♪

♪ whoa, whoa-oh-oh-oh ♪

Hi, officer.
Thank you so much.

Merry Christmas.

♪ It's Christmas time ♪

( Engine roars )

( Gasps

( laughs )

♪ It's Christmas time ♪

Cristal '69 for mademoiselle.

♪ It's Christmas time ♪

Thank you.

♪ Whoa, whoa ♪

♪ whoa, whoa-oh-oh-oh ♪

Voila. You like?

( Chuckles ) Wow.

♪ It's Christmas time ♪

Mrs. Frumkin:
You ever do this before?

When I was a kid,
I liked the green reindeer.

Lee: That's a reindeer?

Oh. ( Laughs )

♪ It's Christmas time ♪

Why are you staring at me?

Staring? I don't even
know where to look.

It's like the inner you is marking
its territory on your body.

It's no big deal.

Have you met yourself?
It's big.

Okay, let's get back to Lee.

Lee, you've been with
your guy for three years,

and he's only
given you snowflakes?

Well, don't get me wrong, it was
really sweet the first year,

even the second.

Dump him.

Just sayin'.

( Both chuckle )

You girls don't know
how good you've got it.

Oh, yeah, my love life
is fabulous.

You talk about and Jack and about
breaking up after two years.

And you talk about
how hard it is

having a guy for three years
who hangs lights.

I just want the tree years.

Or three months.

Just sayin'.


Holy mackerel!

Where did you learn
how to do that?

You tube.

Here, for you.

Because I love you.

Thank you.

♪ ...in a pear tree ♪

( Horn honks )

( Indistinct chatter )

Do you need some help?



Here. Hold my purse.

I'll take that.

You go that way.
Okay, wait.

I'll go...

Okay, I go under.

I go under.
( Chuckles )

You go over.

Go over there.

It's been a nightmare.

Wait! ( Screams )
I don't know what happened.

You are tangled!

( Grunts )

There we go.


There you are.

Thank you so much.

Do you have some
extra lights I can borrow?


There you go.

Oh, thanks. Whoa.
Thank you.

Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.


( Phone rings )

Hi, miles.

Uh, hi.

How'd you know it was me?

Lucky guess.

I got your email
about Nick's.

Forget Nick's.

Where would you like to go?

( Whistle blows )

( Indistinct chatter )

( Whistle blows )

Hey, I'm looking
for miles Dufine.

Hey, coach.

There's some chick here to see you.


Katie, right?

Right, yeah, Katie...
Or Kate.


You coach these kids?

Yeah, every week.

That's nice.

You're a nice guy.

Okay. Really, I'm a guy
in serious need of a shower.

Um, that is the worst
snack bar in Manhattan,

but they have
the greatest coffee.

Grab a cup, I'll go change,
I'll meet you right here.


I have a good feeling
about this.

About what?

Our date.
So far, it's going great.

Yeah. Okay.

Woman: Take care.

Okay, I will.

Oh, what can I get for you?

Hey. That's Michael.

He's our captain,
but he bolted this morning.

Bolted? From where?

From the group home.
It's where we all live.

You know,
between foster homes.

Yeah, it was tough on
Michael, Christmas and all.

And miles is your coach?

Coach, sometime cook,
sometime tutor.

Man of many talents,
man of mystery.


So you with him now?
For tonight.

That's cool.

Just so you know, if you
hurt him, we'll kill you.

( Chuckles )

Okay. Got it.

Thanks for meeting me here.

I'm glad I did.

Yeah, it would've been tough for these guys
not having something on Christmas Eve.

Why didn't you
say something before?

I mean, when I sent that
email about Nick's.

They are way more important
than a date.

That's not what Sally thinks.

Yeah, she said you're the greatest girl ever.

She said that?

She also said to call you
Katie, said it drives you nuts.

She's an odd duck.
Yeah, but a good egg.

You ready?
She also gave me your size.


I got a bad feeling about this.

It's been a long time.

( Both chuckle )

All right,
help's on the way.

Don't go down yet.

You okay?

That's it.

Nice and easy.


I got you.


You good?

( Both laugh )

All right.

Let's try this.

Yeah, see, you got it.
Nice and easy.

Let me get in front of you.
All right.

How's that? Better.

You just
wanna go edge to edge.

Just back and forth.
There you go.

Back and forth on your edges.
It's nice.

Take a chance.
Try something new.


( Chuckles )


She got you good, coach.

( Sighs )

I thought you said
you couldn't skate.

I just said
it's been a long time.

You're looking at the tri-city
junior champion of 1997,

and that felt great. Ooh!



Come on, hockey boy.

All right.
Let's see your moves.

Faster! Faster!

I'm going backwards!

( Grunts )

( Laughs ) Nice.


You're gonna get
beat by a girl!

It's not that she died,

it's just it might not
have happened at all

if I'd parked the car
closer to the store,

if I hadn't stopped
at the yellow light,

if I hadn't checked
the mail on the way in,

all those little things...

I might've been there.


I know this isn't
gonna help that much,

but someone once told me
that you can change everything

the most important thing...



You know, this...
I googled you.

"A hidden gem
in prospect park

"is the renovation
of poet's corner

by landscape architect
miles Dufine."

New York times, 2008.

"Our truest life
is in dreams awake."


It's one of my favorites.

Stay right there.


You did this?

I knew someone
with some extra lights.

( Chuckles )
This is incredible.

You're amazing.

Not really.

Oh, don't be like that.

Don't have low self-esteem.

You mean like when you're in a
relationship for two years,

knowing after six months
it's never gonna work out,

but being too scared to move
on or admit it to yourself?

Yeah, like that.

I'm nothing like that.

Good. I'm glad.

( Church bell rings )

♪ And a partridge
in a pear tree ♪

Damn it!


What are you doing here?

Nancy seems like
a great girl,

not that I know her,
but I know you love her,

and that's all
that's important.

What? How do you...
Don't ask me how I know.

I do,
and I'm fine with it.

Actually, I'm great.
Relieved, really.

Thank you.

Merry Christmas, Jack.

Hey, wait...

Do you wanna go get
a cup of coffee?

I kept thinking
things would eventually click,

but I knew
after we went to California.

That was six months
after we met.

I was hoping it would get
better, but I knew it wouldn't.

I just thought that
if we had this timeline,

that it would
make things better

or just keep us on track,

but all I did
was push you away from me.

Kate, I took you to California
to propose.

What? You were gonna propose?

Then your mom died.

What does her dying
have to do with proposing?

When your mom died, you became
obsessed about us getting married.

I did not.

Maybe a little.

Well, dad was so lonely,
I didn't wanna end up like him.

I didn't wanna be alone.

You were more in love with the idea
of marriage than you were with me.

You knew that?

Kinda obvious.

Not to me.

I'm glad I saw you today.

Me, too.

I should probably get going.



( Bell dings )

( Laughter )

Okay, okay, what happens when St.
Nick gets stuck in the chimney?

Oh, this...

He gets Santa Claus-trophobia.

( All laugh )

Oh, that's a dumb joke.

No, it's not.
You're funny.

You think?

You're funny, you're charming,
and you put up with this guy.

Well, yes, I do.

What's for dessert?

Ooh!, wait, wait,
I have a surprise.


( Chuckles )

( Gasps ) Wow!

I made it! All of it!

All by myself!

Since when
did you learn to bake?

Since today.

( Laughs ) Sorry.

It's an inside joke.
Forget it.

Who wants coffee?

I'll help.

I'll have some.

You like him, don't you?

Yes, I do.

I'm just glad to see
you're over Jack, that snake.

He's not a snake.

I know I told you he was,
but he's not.

He broke your heart.

You know,
it did crack a little,

but it seems to be
working just fine now.

I actually saw him today.

( Sighs )

Did he do something?

He didn't buy the ring.


He didn't buy the ring.

I went and saw him for coffee,
and he never bought it.

Oh, Jack isn't gonna propose!

Who's Jack?

Oh, her ex-boyfriend.

( Sighs )

And that's a problem?


Miles... ( Sighs )

It's not what you think.

Well, here's what I think.

I think we had some kind
of connection tonight, but...

We did. We do.

But as much as I try to explain
it, it's gonna come out wrong.

All right, try me.

so there's this guy Jack,

and he's fallen in love
with this girl.

Let's call her Nancy.

Anyhow, Jack was gonna
propose to Nancy,

until he saw me today.

This is supposed
to help the situation?

You were the one who said
I couldn't change fate.

When did I say that?
Not tonight.

Another Christmas Eve.

( Chuckles )

Look, I might be
falling in love with you,

and you might be
falling in love with me,

but if Jack doesn't propose,
fate has changed,

and this whole night
will finally be over.

That came out worse
than I imagined.

I think it would be best
if we just said good night.

I know this seems weird.

Uh, you've only known me for six hours,
and you're telling me you love me.

Yeah, that qualifies as a little weird.

I said I might be
falling in love with you.

Still too much, huh?

Kate, you seem like a nice girl,
but I'm not ready for drama.

I've had enough
in the last year.

Your wife's death.
I know.

No, see, that's it.
You don't know.

You don't know me.
I don't know you.

No one's falling in love
with anyone.

It'll be different tomorrow.
You'll see.

It was nice
to have met you, Kate.

Call me.

Good night.

( Sighs )

He's not gonna call me again.

Miles was supposed to wake up
knowing me and wanting to see me,

not running away!

My guess is that's
not gonna happen, honey.

( Sighs )

Unless I can have one more night
just like this.

Dad, can I borrow your car?

You have to propose to her.
What the hell are you...

I know you're having second
thoughts, but you can do it.

Ask her. Ask her.

Are you drunk?


Who is she?
She's my ex.

What is she doing here?

He loves you.
He wants to marry you.

I know.

I proposed an hour ago.

But you didn't get the ring.

What are you, the engagement police?
I can propose without a ring.

Well, yeah, but there's
gonna be a ring, right?

Yes, of course, babe,
there's gonna be a ring.

Maybe mile's is right.

Maybe you can't change fate.

And if you can't change fate,
this will never end.

She seems pretty upset.
Maybe we shouldn't...

Don't worry,
I won't be here long.

No, you can spend the night.
I'll drive you back tomorrow.

( Chuckles )
If only that were true.

( Clock chiming )

♪ ...in a pear tree ♪

Man: Ma'am, are you okay?

Quite the way
to spend Christmas Eve.

I spritzed you,
and you passed out.

I can't do this anymore, Jim.

Every step forward
is two steps back.

I can't keep seeing miles.

( Crying )
It hurts too much.

( Sighs )

( Indistinct chatter )

I have to leave
before my date gets here

you know what
the beauty of this is?

I can have as many drinks as I want, and
I'll never get a hangover tomorrow.

( Exhales )


You come here two hours early?

Oh, uh, the office closed, so I
thought I'd secure us a prime table.

It's a bar, Toby.
No one comes for the table.

Okay, okay,
point taken.

I'm not Phyllis.

Uh, then how
do you know who I am?

That's an excellent question,
but I do.

I do know you.

I don't think you do.

You're Toby brown.
You're 32 years old.

You work at a geeky
computer company.

Recently you took
a trip to the Bahamas,

where you had a severe reaction
to eating conch.

You live with your cat named
Darwin and your bird named...

Right, Johnson.

The thing is,
Phyllis is not coming.

She is never coming.

And as many times
as you come to this bar,

she will never show up.

That's our destiny, Toby...

To be lonely
on Christmas Eve forever.

( Gulps )

( Screams )

I'm not in the mood.

Bad day?

You know what I do
on a bad day?

No, I don't, but I'm pretty
sure it's not gonna work.

I can't bake, skate, eat my way
out of this very, very bad day.

Laughing always
makes me feel better.

( Laughs )

Merry Christmas.

( Laughs )

( Door shuts )

( Sighs )

♪ ♪

Man: ...As our Christmas
extreme hoarders continues,

Ada's family tries
to clear a path

to her bedroom,

but makes little headway.

And then,

in the shower,

a startling discovery is made.
( Chuckles )

We got feces,
rat feces.

( Laughs )

Oh, god.

Nothing says merry Christmas
like rat feces.

( Whimpers )

I have been reduced
to rat feces.

Can I go any lower?

( Laughing ) No.

( Sighs )

On your way to mass?

Oh, why, yes.
How did you know?

I was rude to you earlier.

I've been rude to everybody today.
I'm so sorry.

Ah, we all have bad days.
Today was yours.

Tomorrow will be better.

I hope so.

It'll be what
you make of it.

Good point.

I'm old. I'm all about
making good points.

Oh, for the love of god.

( Chuckles )

( Door shuts )

( Whimpers )

When the clock strikes 12:00,

( barks )
It will be too late.

Hey. I'm Kate.

I have an idea for you.

What kind of idea?

I'm one of your neighbors,

and I've watched you make
this elaborate snowflake

for your girlfriend
over the past couple years.

She hates it.

You know?

I just don't know
what else to do for her.

I took the Liberty of sketching
a whole new design for you.

Here. I can help you.

Hey, I know that kid.

( Siren wails in distance )


How do you know my name?

They're worried about you
at the group home.

I can take you back.

I'm not going back
to that place.

Wait! Don't go!

( Grunts )

( Sighs )

Let's try that again.

( Siren wails in distance )

Everything's gonna be okay,
I promise.

That's why you ran away.

They wouldn't
let you have a dog.

That's okay. It's okay.

I think I can help.

What's his name?

It's a girl.

Oh. ( Chuckles )

Are you hungry?


Hi. Hi.

Peterson, I'm here.
What's the emergency?

I was waiting for my date.


Oh, they're freaking out
at the house!

What's this?

A dog.

That's funny.

Look, this lady
says I can keep her.


Hi. Uh, that's nice,
but I don't know her,

and you can't have pets.

She's not a pet.
She's a service dog.

Or at least she will be.
Here's some information.

It won't be easy,
but not impossible.

Sorry, who are you?

I'm a member
of concerned citizens group

who believes in the rights of
every teenager to have a puppy.

At least once,
especially around Christmas.

Okay, I'll take a look at the
information and see what I can do,

but you, you have to go back now.
They have the cops looking for you.

( Sighs )

What about the dog?

( Chuckles )

Take her with you,
at least for the night.

( Whispers )
Our evil plan is working.

Once the puppy's inside,
she's not coming out.

You're welcome.


Peterson, go with him.
You got it, coach.

Thank you
for bringing him back.

If you really wanna thank me,
you can buy me a drink.

No, better yet, dinner.

I can't. I have a...

I heard. Thai food,
if you're wondering

what kind of food
I would like for dinner.

How about it?
Take a chance on fate.

You are kinda persistent.

For a good cause.

And that girl that
you're gonna go on a date with,

she probably has a hunchback
with a bald spot.

( Chuckles )

One drink?


You must be cold. Here.

( Chuckles )
That's funny.


You smell like honey.

I know.

♪ If I could only sleep a bit ♪

♪ but not before
I make my one last wish ♪

♪ I hope that it snows... ♪

Quite the way
to spend Christmas Eve.

I spritzed you,
and you passed out.

Jim, this is gonna be
the best Christmas Eve ever!


( Sniffs )

♪ We'll fill
our stockings up ♪

♪ with the love
in our hearts ♪

♪ our Christmas tree will be ♪

♪ a great big work of art ♪
come on.

( Sighs )

♪ We'll cook some great food ♪


Try it with
your glasses off.

♪ A merry Christmastime ♪

Hi, Jim.

Hey. How you feeling?

Better, thank you.
This is my friend margine.


Look at these Jade vines.

Oh, sorry.
How you doing?

You're familiar
with tropical plants?

Yeah, well, I used
to travel through Mexico.

I don't get back much
anymore, though.

Neither do I.

Where in Mexico?

...that area.

Me, too.



Kate. I got your message.
I was gonna call.

I don't have a lot of time
today, so here it is.

With billions of people in the world,
the fact that you two found each other

is nothing short
of a miracle.

I'm so happy for you.

Enjoy everything you have.

It's pure happiness.

That's it. Bye.


I hope you find
your happiness in life.

I'm just trying
to find it today,

as many today's
as I keep having today.


She's nice.

Who is she?

Uh, who is she?


Go ahead.

( Gasps )

( Chuckles )

♪ It's all right ♪

♪ 'cause I got you tonight ♪

♪ I don't hear carolers,
I don't hear singing ♪


♪ We got bells
and we can keep on ♪

♪ ringing 'em all night long ♪

♪ and we can sing their song ♪

♪ and if I spend it with you ♪

♪ my world is so much brighter ♪

♪ it's always much brighter
when I spend it with you ♪

Toby. This is Miyoko.

Better than Phyllis,
way, way better.



He's cute.


It's nice to meet you.

It's nice to meet you, too.


Yes, Katie. Hi, miles.

Hi. I ordered you a lager.

I hope that's okay.



( Sighs )

You're different
than what I was expecting.

How so?

Well, Sally said
you were a little...



( Chuckles ) No.

Uh, afraid.


I've underestimated Sally
on so many levels.

She's right.

You don't seem afraid to me.

I'm not...
Not anymore.

Which brings me to this...

I wanna spend every minute
with you tonight...

And I have a favor to ask.

( Indistinct chatter )


( Indistinct chatter )

Let's go over here.


Oh, you came.


Oh, no, you.

Oh, your dad is so happy
to have the grandchildren.

Thanks so much for getting your
sister to come over tonight.

Of course, of course.

All: Hey!

Beautiful! Let me see.

Oh, that is beautiful!

How did you find the kids
from my hockey team?

Oh, Sally told me
you were a volunteer.

I'm so impressed
that you invited

all of these people
into your life.

Actually, they invited me
into their lives.

( Chuckles )

( Indistinct chatter )

Watch this.
Watch this.

All: Oh!

One more! One more!

I can do one more.
( Chuckles )

Oh, can I see that?

Oh! Lovely!

( Chuckles )

( Squeaks )

♪ ♪

I can give this to my dog.

Hi, Kate.


You're leaving?

Yeah, I'm afraid I have to.

That was a great party.
It was.


Yes, sweety?

I miss mom.

I know you do.

But I'm really happy
that you found Sally.

We all deserve to find
that kind of happiness.

Well, you'll find
happiness, too.

I already have.

It was there all along,
I just had to see it.

Oh, I'm so glad.

I love you, honey.

I love you. Mmm.

♪ ♪

Let's sing, everyone.

♪ On the first day of Christmas ♪

♪ my true love sent to me ♪

♪ a partridge in a pear tree ♪

♪ on the second day of Christmas ♪

♪ my true love sent to me ♪

♪ two turtle doves ♪

♪ and a partridge in a pear tree ♪

♪ on the third day of Christmas ♪

♪ my true love sent to me ♪

♪ three French hens, two turtle doves ♪

♪ and a partridge in a pear tree ♪

Are you okay?

This might come off
a little weird...

Well, in my life, the bar for
weird is very, very high.

I just feel like
I've known you my whole life.

Well, actually, 12 days.

Like the song.

I hate that song.
Me, too.

It's kinda like the Christmas
version of 100 bottles of beer.

( Both laugh )

It's almost midnight.

And then what,
turn into a pumpkin?

Something like that.

Then I better not
waste anymore time.

♪ The stockings are hung with care ♪

♪ the children sleep with one eye open ♪

♪ well, now there's more
than toys at stake ♪

♪ 'cause I'm older now,
but not done hoping ♪

( Church bell rings )

Merry Christmas.

( Chuckles )
What do you mean?

It's past midnight.

I'm still here.

I'm still here!

I hope you're here
for a long time.

( Sighs )

What happens next?

We'll just have to take it
one day at a time.

♪ So please just fall in love with her ♪

♪ this Christmas ♪

♪ won't be wrapped under a tree ♪

♪ I want it to last forever ♪

♪ so kiss me on this
cold December night ♪

♪ I'm here, I'm yours ♪