127 Hours (2010) - full transcript

127 Hours is the true story of mountain climber Aron Ralston's remarkable adventure to save himself after a fallen boulder crashes on his arm and traps him in an isolated canyon in Utah. Over the next five days Ralston examines his life and survives the elements to finally discover he has the courage and the wherewithal to extricate himself by any means necessary, scale a 65 foot wall and hike over eight miles before he can be rescued. Throughout his journey, Ralston recalls friends, lovers, family, and the two hikers he met before his accident. Will they be the last two people he ever had the chance to meet?

Hey, Aron here.

Leave a message.

Hey Aron.

Sonja here... again.

I know that you're probably gonna do
ways this week-end,

but listen, just think about
what we're gonna play, please,

'coz we have to decide
and we really need to practice.

Anyway, it'll be fun, I promise.

And, oh! Please call mom,
please 'coz she worries.

Which, you know, all right...

Later, A. Bye!

It's Friday night!

April 25th, 2003.

I'm just heading to Canyonlands

Just me, the music

and the night!

Love it!

Blue John Canyon,

guide book says:

"1 h 30 min
to the Big Dropper."

I am to take 45 mins of that.

You're doing Blue John, too, huh?

No. Actually,
we're headed for the Dome.

- But I think we're lost.
- She's lost.

Hang on.

Oh, my God!

Let's see this.

You are... here.

We are?

- And...
- I knew that.

And, the Dome, is there.

I can take you that way if you like.

Sorry the...
Friday the 13th there.

Child killer look.

I'm only a psychopath on week days
and today is saturday, so...

Can't take this off... My face.




Allow me to introduce you
to my friend Megan.

- Nice to meet you.
- It's an honor.

What do you say?

You're lost, I'm a guide...

Feel good.

Why not.

- Sure.
- All right.

This way.

So you bike from Horseshoe.

Is that like 20 miles ?

17 on the odometer.

I thought it was 17.2!

17.3, actually.

You're one of those...

- I'm not one of those.
- You spend a lot of time out here?

That's my second home.


There's the fork, right there.

We totally missed that.

Glad we bumped into you.

What are the odds,
considering we're all the way out here?


You go to the one place in America
you guaranteed not to run into a weirdo.

And what happen?!

All right.

So the guide book says

that the route's through here.

But I know a better way.

The cool way.

Guaranteed, best time you can have
with your clothes on.

Although, it's better
with your clothes off.

It is a bit of a climb.

- We climb!
- And a bit of a squeeze.

We squeeze.

So you get us

all the way back in here,

and then you tell us
that you're not a guide.

Well no, I'm an engineer.
But this is what I really wanna do.

That's wonderful to hear.

I've always wanted to be a supermodel

but I don't think that's actually
gonna workout, you know?

What if these things move?

They've been here for millions of years.
They're not gonna move.

- Sure they will!
- What?!

Everything is moving all the time.
Let's just hope not today!


All right.

Now, all you got to remember

is that everything will be okay.

Oh, my God!

- Oh, my God!
- Aron?

Are you okay?


Listen to the guy, he is fine.


He's bad shit.

You're bad shit!

Come on!

You've got to come down here!

Trust me!

- Trust you? We'll kill you Aron!
- Oh, please.

You love this.

Nice job!

- Megan, you're missing it!
- Come on, it's amazing!

- Oh, fuck, fuck.
- Just jump, Megan.


You okay?

- Nice job!
- I can't believe you did it!

- Okay, we have to do it again!
- Again?

Camera, camera!

So, Blue John,

is actually named after
this guy Blue John

who was Butch Cassidy's cook.

From Butch Cassidy
and the Sundace Kid.

And they would hide out
in these Canyons, I guess.

But also what they do
is they run wild horses into here

and they trap them
at the end of the Canyon.

That's how they caught the horses.

- One more picture before I go?
- Yeah!

Okay, cool.


One, two, three...

Blue John, blue cheese...
Well, will I ever see you again?

That depends. Do you party?

Do I party? Yeah, sometimes.

Tomorrow night, we're throwing a party
if you wanna come.

You should come by
and have a bear. Kick back.

Okay, where am I going?

It's about 20 miles away,
near Green River behind the old motel.

It's behind that. There's gonna be
a huge inflatable Scooby-Doo.

Really? Okay.

- Cool!
- Okay!

It was good to met you.

- See ya!
- Bye!


Rock on!

You think he's gonna show up?

I don't think
we figured in his day at all.

You liked him!

This is insane!

Move this fucking rock!


Oh, God.



Is there anyone?!


Just think.






Knife is dull.

Look at the size of this one, man.
How the fuck did this get here?


Hey, buddy.

Here we go.

It's 3:05,

on Sunday, April 26th,


This marks,

24 hours

of being stuck in Blue John Canyon.

Right where it slots up
before the Big Drop.

My name is Aron Ralston,

my parents are Donna and Larry Ralston
of Englewood, Colorado,


Whoever find this
can keep the recorder.


Please try and get in touch
with my parents and give them this tape.

I'd appreciate it.

I was descending Blue John,

yesterday, when this


came loose and rolled onto my arm

and now it's stuck and...

my thumb has this kind
of this gray-blue color.

It's been without circulation
for 24 hours.


I think it's pretty well gone.

I'm low on food.

That's about... 300-400 ml.

And that's it for water.

I'm in pretty deep doo here.


There's someone down here!


I'm in the Canyon!



Down here!


Don't loose it.


do not loose it.

Not bad.


Tomorrow night, we're throwing a party
if you wanna come.

You should come by
and have a bear. Kick back.

There's gonna be
a huge inflatable Scooby-Doo.


Mountain Dew?

Plastic cup.

Thank you.

Might take a beer as well.

Don't mind if I do?

Aron here.

Leave a message.

Aron, it's mom.

I was hoping to catch you.

Are you there?



Nothing urgent.

Dad is in New York,
so it'll be a quiet week-end.

Call me, okay?

Lost of love.

Where are you going?

Don't know yet.

Right there, Brian.

Maybe you tell me
and I'll be somewhere else.

Have a good one.

Always do.

Always do.

Let's go.


This is freaking me out
looking at myself like that.

Sorry, I hope that's okay.

It's Monday.

Bummer, all day.

I tried to set up this pulley

all morning, but it didn't work.

It was worth a try

but there is too much friction
and it's...

a climbing rope,
so there's too much stretch.

What I could really use is
about 20 meters of static rap rope,

9.8 mm.

3 or 4 pulleys,

A rack of carabiners, a sling,

power drill,

and a pull kit.

And 8 burly men
to do all the hawling.

That should just about do it.

I have...

150 ml of water left.

What should keep me alive till...

Tomorrow night.

If I'm lucky.

I peed twice.

I almost piss my pants.

My body is actually
acting really weird.

The second time,

I did it in the camelback.

It smells really bad.


I'm sure it'll settle.

It's got to be chilled,
like Sauvignon Blanc.

No number twos.

Which should disappoint
my insect friends.

They'll just have to wait.

Let's, see.
What else could I tell you?

There is this raven

that comes every morning.

I clocked it at 8:17.

I'll film it for you tomorrow.

Every morning at


I get fifteen minutes of sunlight.

Really nice.

I've been chipping away.

More to...

More to keep warm than anything.

And I'm beginning to think
that my hand

is supporting the rock.

So when I chip away a little bit,
it actually settles more.


I found this great tourniquet.

It hurts.

It hasn't been very useful.


Don't buy the cheap

made-in-China multi-tool.

I tried to find
my Swiss Army knife, but...

This thing came free
with a flashlight.

The flashlight
was a piece of shit too.

I kept it in my truck
for emergencies.

Not that I'm blaming you, mom.

It was a...

perfectly great stocking stuffer.

There is no way you could have known
that I'd get in this kind of trouble.

So you have to leave the camera to us
if we want to watch what you've made.

- Yeah.
- Good job, hon.

So he's filming her now.

And we see it there, live.

Well done, okay.

Way to go, sis.

- Keep playing?
- Yes, honey, keep going.



How do I get in?

What's the...

you know...


If I told you,

I'd have to kill you.

You've already kill me.


I think I have it.


Who's there?





- Good morning every body...
- It's the morning show...

Good morning everyone!

It is seven o'clock here,
in Canyonlands, U.S.A.

And this morning, on the boulder,

we have a very special guest,

self-proclaimed American super hero...

Aron Ralston!

Let's hear it for Aron!

Hi, oh, gosh, it's...

It's a real pleasure to be here,
thank you.

Thank you.

Hey, can I say "hi"
to my mom and dad?

Mom and dad?
Mustn't forget mom and dad, right Aron?

Yeah, that's right.

Hey mom. I'm really sorry I...

I didn't answered the phone
the other night...

If I had I would have told you
where I was going an then...

I probably
wouldn't be here right now.

That's for sure!

But like I always say:

"Your supreme selfishness

"is our gain."

Thank you Aron.
Anyone else you'd like to say "hi" to ?

- Brian, at work.
- Hi, Aron.

I probably won't be making it
in to work today.

Get a load of this guy!
Oh, wait, hold on.

We've got a question coming in

from another Aron,

in Loser Canyon, Utah.

Aron asks:

Am I right in thinking

even if Brian from work

notifies the police,
they'll put a 24-hour hold on it

before they file
a missing persons report,

which means
you won't become officially missing

until midday Wednesday
at the earliest?

Yeah, you're right
on the money there, Aron.

Which means,
I'll probably be dead by then.

Aron, from Loser Canyon, Utah,
how do you know so much?

Well, I'll tell you
how I know so much.

I volunteer
for the rescue service.

You see, I'm some kind of a...

well, a big fucking heart hero.

And I can do

everything on my own, you see?

I do see!


Is it true

that despite,

or maybe because
you're a big fucking heart hero,

you didn't tell anyone
where you were going?

Yeah, that's absolutely correct.



Mom, dad,

I just wanna take this time
to tell you that

the time we spent together
was awesome.

And I haven't appreciated you
in my heart as I know that I could.


I love you.

And I wish that I had returned
all your calls, ever.

I love you, guys.

And I'll always be with you.

This is no Slurpee.

It's like a bag of piss.

I'm going again!

With clothes on.

- Megan, tell him.
- We're very worried about you.

We're worried
about your musical choices.

If you keep singing Phish
you'll never get a girlfriend.

You might have one,
but I really don't think you do.

- You may be sort of cute.
- Occasions are scarce for you.


This canon ball is for you.

I'm going to...

I'm going to test your theory
about whether or not it's better

to do it without your clothes on.



Ralston, rock on.

You don't even want me here, do you?

I'm gonna go, Aron.

Is that what you want?

It is, isn't it?


Come back.

You're gonna be so lonely, Aron.

46, 47, 48...

49, 50! Aron, I'm coming!

I'm holding on.

Time is moving really slowly.

My heart is beating really fast.

I swear to God, it feels like

it's beating like three times faster
than it should be.

So cold...

Blue John?



- I've been thinking about you girl.
- I've been thinking about you girl.

I know how I am.
I tried to do everything.

How I was...

I tried.

What you guys are doing here?



Hey, guys. What's going on?



You look like the Hole
in the Wall Gang.


Found you, Aron.


I'm sorry
that I won't be at your wedding.

I know that I promised to play.

That we play.

I'm sorry.

I know it'll be a good one.


there's no raven.


I didn't tell you
my raven didn't come.

I've been thinking,

everything is...

It just comes together.

You're gonna be so lonely, Aron.

Always do.


It's me.

Aron, it's mom.
I was hoping to catch you.

I chose this.

Dad's in New-York,
so it'll be a quiet week-end.

I chose all of this.

Call me, okay?
Lots of love!

This rock,

This rock has been waiting for me
my entire life.

I hate this rock!

In it's entire life.
Ever since it was a bit of meteorite.

A million billion years ago.

Up there in space.
It's been waiting...

to come here.

Right, right here.

I've been moving towards it
my hole life.

The minute I was born

every breath I've taken

every action

has been leading me to this

crack on the out surface.

Come on.

Don't pass out.

Thank you.




Help me!

I need help!

I need agua...

I'm Aron Ralston.
Since Saturday I was trapped

by a boulder.

No water for 5 days.

I cut my arm off.

Please, some water.

Thank you.

- You've got a phone?
- Yes, but no signal.

You should stop and rest.

No, I better keep going.

Can one of you run?

Can one of you run ahead?

{\He met his wife Jessica
three years later.}

{\Aron continues to be
a climber and a Canyoneer.}

{\He always leaves a note
to say where he has gone.}