08/15 - In der Heimat (1955) - full transcript

In the spring of 1945, the German troops are practically defeated, and the battalion of Kowalski, major general von Plönnies and Asch is left to its own devices to a large extent.


Based on the book by
Hans-Hellmut Kirst


What do you see, Greifer?

The Americans seem to be proceeding.

And what is left at the crossroads?

Two MC-Nests... that's all
they're leaving behind.

One could get through easily...

Not with vehicles!

And without vehicles we'll be
finished in no man's land!

For the few seconds we need
to cross with our car

it should be possible to
free the crossroads.

We'd have to scrape together
whoever is in this pocket.

That's nothing.
But in Army uniform, ensign.

Of course.

How are supplies, Wehrmut?

Only enough for one day, lieutenant.

- Ammunition?
- Five rounds,

which we need to blast the guns,
when we get out of this pocket.

At 17:00 Major Hinrichsen
will discuss the situation.

Alright, Stengl.

Bayer, did you finally get in
touch with the division?

Impossible, lieutenant, the
radio is gone.

Then Damhirsch is our last
hope. He'll get through.

Damhirsch is a clever dog.

Yes, he was! They hung him!

Who's the pig who did that?

A prize winner.

Gentlemen, my name is Hauk.

Being the officer with the
highest rank, I'm in charge.

- Do I make myself clear?
- Yes, colonel.

My plan is to break through

with everybody who can still crawl.

Without considering losses?
There will be dead.

That happens every day in war!

But this war is practically over!

Do you want us to give ourselves up?

Besides the Hinrichsen battalion...

there are still heavy weapons
in the pocket Guns...

- Mortars...!
- How many, sir, may I ask?


I think you agree with me, we
won't give ourselves up!

Yes, colonel!

- Did any of you lose this?
- Yes... I did.

- Lieutenant...
- Asch.

- Do you lead the battery?
- Yes, colonel.

You'll support the assault
with your battery!

No, colonel!

Did you ever hear of court-martials?

Yes. Hitler allows every unit
to set up a military court.

- So mine can, in any case.
- This is...

Why won't you bock up the

I'm waiting for orders from
my division.

Are you in radio contact?

No, colonel, I sent a messenger.

And your messengers got through?

Your aide knows that better
than I, sir.

Meaning, you don't want to.
Take note, Greder!

- I have. His name is Asch.
- Thank you, gentlemen.

Damn it, Asch, what's the
matter with you?

We worked so well together.
And now you ore a sissy.

- What will the General say?
- I ask myself that, too.

- I won't give myself up!
- Don't let them fuck you.

Look at their mugs! I don't
believe a word they say.

- Major Hinrichsen!
- Yes, colonel.

How can you say such things?

Because they are true, Kowalski!


- Is the girl one of them?
- It would seem so!

I'm glad we agree, Ma|or Hinrichsen.

A German soldier does not
give himself up!

At ease. My aide will explain
the details to you.

Please do, sir.

After sunset, let's say, in
one hour exactly...

- fire with mortars, MG's...
- Understood.

5 minutes later, your battalion
attacks. Target: crossroads.

- If they come with tanks?
- Anti-tank rocket launchers!

Unfortunately, Asch's battery
won't take part.

- So, without artillery!
- You'll succeed!

They've wound the Major
round their finger.

They want to save the girl.
They're gentlemen.

They are murderers.

If anyone, then him! He's still
fighting for Great Germany!

- And what about Barbara?
- Miss Brucks?

Very nice. But a burden.

You think so? She's got some

Like others.
Does she know anything?

- Nothing important.
- No useless ballast!

Its a pity, I'm sorry for her.

What for? You still have
half an hour free.

Have fun, the two of you.

They want to run away with the car!

And leave the girl behind!

They plan something
she shouldn't know!

The General neither.
So they hung Damhirsch.

They are planning something shitty.

If they run away, I'll blow
their tires!

No, follow them on the motorcycle!

Done. What about you?

I'm staying here just now.
Meeting point: Café Asch.

Super! Your old man
will be glad!

- I'll go see Hinrichsen again.
- So long.

Ready for the slaughter, Major?

What are you still doing here?

Watch when they make mincemeat
out of you!

All Germany is in the
meat-grinder. Why not us too?

You and your men are being sent
to die at the eleventh hour...

so that those two can run away!
Something's stinking!

You're crazy!
Colonels don't run away!

And by themselves! You'll
never make it!

I'll worry about that!
It's a good plan!

There are no mortars, and no
guns in this pocket.

I'm telling you, it's a
good plan Shut your trap!

It's about to start!

It remains foggy.

That's good for us.

Let's go, now.

I'm telling you, it's a good
plan. Shut your trap!

Put it there, and look for
canvas... but a clean one!


You're too heavy, I felt like
a piano mover.

And my men?

This action cost 17 dead and
25 wounded!

That pig!

Easy! We'll make them pay!

- The Americans will push on!
- But only tomorrow morning!

- Will you give yourself up?
- No...

We'll try to get through, one by one.

I won't.

Oh, still playing the hero?
To the lost breath, what?

No! I don't want anymore!

I can't fight if I don't believe.

- I'll give myself up!
- Not on your life!

Hauk, that filthy pig.

He's not the first I've had to face!

You never believed! But I did!
And now! He!

A German officer, at the
eleventh hour!

- Here's the canvas It's clean.
- Thank you.

Easy! We'll get him!

You too? Promise?

- Yes.
- But the guy got away!

Perhaps he left forwarding address?

Come, hold this!

You're not only, passably
pretty, but useful as well.

- Stop that impertinence!
- No impertinence at all...

- just being friendly.
- Behave, or I'll report you.

To whom, you goose? Your
boyfriend is already far away!

What? You're lying.
Here are all his things!

- There... your German officer!
- What?

- No!
- Yes!

And now I'll devote
my attention to you.


The lust radio reports,
we lost contact 5 minutes ago.

Broken off.
And Captain Wedelmann?

He fell.


Show it to me.

- From the Army Corps.
- Which one?

Two, simultaneously.

And they contradict each other!

From the Army group!

And they contradict the
report of the Corps!

From the Headquarters of the Führer!

Is he still alive?

This report is the most
idiotic, which means he's alive.

- Major Horn, please.
- The Transp. Chief is outside.

- Ask him to come in.
- Yes, General.

Well, Transportation Chief!

Only 50 km, Sir. Our fuel
won't lost any farther.

But it must suffice for 70 km!

We have exhausted all sources,

All of them?

We could get some from the
tank groups, perhaps.

Shame on you, they also want
to go home.

Major Horn is on his way!

- We have to reduce the cars.
- Yes, General!

The mail car can go, and...

the documentation car. First
that one, then the baggage.

- Officer's baggage as well?
- Now guess, Chief!

Yes, General. First the
officers' baggage.

Two portfolios for each of
them, I won't authorize more.

Yes, General!

Tell me, Brack, what do you
do in civilian life?

I'm from Hamburg, General!

- Is that an occupation?
- Sure! Import. Export.

- General?
- Ah, Horn!

The next command post, and
the last one, I presume...

will be the garrison of my old
artillery section!

About 70 km away.
Do whatever is necessary!

Yes, General!

Tell me, Brack, what will you do
when you hear the war is over?

I'll say: "permission to break
ranks, General"

And what do you think I'll say?

The General will say:
"Come on, break ranks!"

Well, do it, Lieutenant!

Is that an order, General?

Do you see that forest between
the two roads?

There are the remnants of our
cut-off fighters.

You go there by yourself.

Our American colleagues only
fight on first-class roads.

It had been rumored, sir!
What's the mission?

To disband in small groups
and try to filter out.

- Target: our old garrison.
- Yes, sir.

You can lift fat women and
shit big heaps, but not drill!

And to make dying easier
for you: crawl!

Come on! I'm getting bored.
Don't be so lethargic!

Turn, march, march!

On your bellies!

- What's this?
- Chartreuse.

Acquired in France for madam!

- Cheers!
- Cheers! Another drop?

- My pleasure.
- Please!

Just a moment, Mrs. Captain,
you know.

It's all right, Stamm! Were
you in Paris as well?

- You bet!
- You're a naughty one!

- Please, madam!
- What did you do there?

- You mean, privately?
- Of course!

I cannot tell you in broad daylight.

I think we will become
better friends, don't you?

Of course, that's nice of you.
Another drop?

- Thank you.
- My pleasure.

The mail, captain!

Gimme, Stamm. Shallow,
shallow, everything's shallow!

The guys from Army Personnel
don't function any more either.

What does an idiot like you
know about Army Personnel?

You're right, Captain!

Every morning I cross the park,
get the mail, and think...

get a few flowers for the
Captain's promotion to Major.

- And it never arrives!
- Making fun of me, you dog?

You'll get corrupted!

The promotion is long due, and
now it's coming to an end!

Here nothing's coming to on end!

We do our duty until the lost moment!

To the last breath, Captain.
We still do things right!

On your bellies! Up!
March, march!

You'd like to bum in the sun!

For you, a heroes death would
- be deliverance!

Up! March, march!

Come on, you're falling
asleep! Less lethargy!

Meier, this is not an old age
home! Up, march, march!

Another batch of foreign
troops reached the city.

They don't give a shit about
the Quartermaster's orders.

For all I care! Why, I'm the
Quartermaster as well!

There's an application...

- Paymaster Brahm.
- I don't know him...

- with a column directly under
the Air Force's orders to...

request the quarters on
Hindenburgstrasse 13.

Isn't that the District
Chief's mansion?

- Was, was.
- Was?

- He, too, has run away?
- This morning.

I never liked party guys. You
know that, don't you, Stamm?

If the Captain says so, it
must be true!

What does the transportation
column carry? Valuables, sure.

- Your lady wife.
- What?

She's been waiting with the
Paymaster for 15 minutes now.

Perhaps, we can get something
out of him.

Are you mad, you corrupt
character? Out!

Bring my wife in!

Mrs. Captain, please!



- What? This is no brothel!
- No? Are you sure?

Take your ass off HQ's orders!

Why? Is there a better place
for it?

Should I offer you my armchair?

No, it's wobbly!
And so ore you, darling!

Are you drunk?

Chartreuse! Smell!

Real French.
From fatso, out there.

I told you to stay out of it.
What did you talk about?

- The crates!
- What crates?

Many crates! Large crates!

Too many and too large
for such a little man.

I told him I've got some room
in my basement for his boxes...

and then he'll get his quarters.

- Are you, crazy?
- Not such primitive stuff.

Legumes, potatoes from the
mess, like yours, darling.

- Don't call me, darling.
- Real concentrated stuff:

bottles, canned food, tobacco,
lard, chocolate, meat...

Out! Out! Out!

I'll send fatso in, shall I?

He's nice, be nice to him!

- Lore, if you don't...
- I'm leaving!

Be nice to him, darling!

- Paymaster Brann!
- Captain Schulz!

Please have a seat, Mr. Brahm!

To put things straight, I'm
the city commander.

- I know.
- Only I can assign quarters.

- It's not only the quarters.
- What else?

- I have a lot of crates.
- Just a moment!

Are you trying to bribe me?
Don't even try it!

Why should I?

I've got Army orders to store
Army property.

Important, secret Army property!

I need the mansion only to
handle official business

but I have to distribute the crates.

I'm looking for true patriotic
citizens who'll help me.

That seems to be in order.
And I should help you?

We thought we'd give perishable
goods to trustworthy people.

That's excellent, that's very good.

Please, Holzhausen 262...
urgent official call.

You don't mind if I talk to
my wife, do you?

Please, do, Mr. Brahm!

Hello, my little Mathilda!

I've just met a charming man,
Captain Schulz

Yes, listen, crates 17 A-F-G.

Yes, you know...

I'll do that. As you wish.
Yes, everything's here.

No, no one came, Emil.

What? What shall I say?

Yes, but I don't feel good.
I'm so afraid.


Yes! What do you want?

Are you Mrs. Brahm?

Hauk! I assume my name's
familiar to you?

Oh, Mr. Ensign, my husband
is not at home!

Never mind, we would like to
talk to you!

Yes, just a moment!

Had I known it was you, gentlemen...

please, won't you sit down?

May I offer you a refreshment?
A Liqueur?

You've got good things. That
brandy is the one I drink.

Or a cigar, perhaps? Please!

- The ones I smoke, too!
- Could I have a coffee?

Yes, of course.
The kettle's boiling.

I knew something stinks.

Brandy from the special list,
which Mr. Brahm gave us.

The cigars I had asked for.

Everything's here, except for
Mr. Brahm!

Now she'll come and ask if
we've got news from her husband!

Coffee will be ready in a minute!

Have you got news from my husband?

When did you last see him?

About six weeks ago, when he
was on leave.

You must be wrong, your husband
must have been here recently!

No, no, what are you thinking?

Just a second! The coffee!


- She'll have to talk!
- She will...

Well, here's the coffee.

We're' in a hurry, please tell
us where your husband is.

How can I, if I don't know?

As we said, we're in a hurry.

It I don't get Brahm's address

I'll smash your face in!

How dare you talk to me like that?

That's it. I can't go on.

How long will you drag me
through this jungle?

It's the quickest way to
reach your boyfriend.

You were in such a hurry to
get to him!

Yes, of course, but not this way.

When will we reach a road?

There we left the road, now
we're here, going there.

Do you think I'm doing this
because I like it?

Because I'm at home here, and
your clean friend lives there.

Georg does not live in Holzhausen...

You must be a total idiot!

Why are you always talking
about that dump?

Yes, right, but he doesn't
live there...

he only went with Greifer to
visit someone...

Oh, whom?

A Paymaster, I don't know whom,
they only talked about him.

And what's his name?

Brehm or Brahm, something like that.

Why are you so interested
in Mr. Hauk?

Don't ask so many questions,
girl, come on...

I want to get my hands on them
before the Americans come.

Come in!

- Is anyone home?
- Depends how you look at it.

- Is there anything to eat?
- The kitchen is there!

Wow! Goose liver with truffles,
the some Georg always ate!

And that's his favorite
brandy, too, right?


- So, have a drink.
- No, I'd rather not.

Come, drink it, you'll need it
in a moment!

Now come with me!

This is awful!

You saw bodies hanging.
This one's on the rug. Murder!

Let's go, please!

This isn't Hauk's last murder!
He's a murdering factory!

That's not true!
Georg didn't do this!

Hauk or Greifer? Who smokes
these cigars? Your Georg?

He doesn't smoke at all!

- Greifer smokes like a chimney!
- These, with band & cellophane?

Exactly those! He likes cigars
more than pretty girls!

Well, get used to the scene.

And then we'll talk about your Georg!

I'm not to blame! I was in
service in Grafenberg!

Special course on on-the-spot

It was awful at first, but
Georg explained to me...

that it was law and order, and
he was very good to me, see?

I believe you. Let's examine
the documents.

I'll read the letters, you'll
look at the photographs...

If you see anyone you know, tell me.

And what about Brahm?

He was a Paymaster, I
only met him briefly

I think, he was to be tried as well.

He said he was entrusted, with
storing secret material and...

Georg wanted to see it first,
they made an appointment here.

Here, here he is!

This is Brahm, I don't know
who the third one is.

But I know him!

This could be a clue!

- Let's go, please!
- We have to go on searching.

If anyone sees us!

Anyone can see us here.
Perhaps you're right!

I have to report this to the police.

Arid then we need a doctor to
tell us how long she's dead.

Yes, yes, I'll come with you!

But one of us has to stay here!


Please don't leave me alone here.

I never could stay alone...

- And everyone leaves me.
- All right, I won't leave you.

I won't abandon you!
But stop weeping!



Hey, Kowalski!

Platzek, the watchdog!
You old thief!

This is crazy. No other
watchdog must show his papers!

Always fleecing! That's the
only way to organize things.

Everything leaving here
belongs to the OP.

- What's the OP?
- Organization Platzek, man!

An asylum for homeless valuables.

What a war! One inherits a
fortune, another bites the dust.

Of course, now we've got
to stay in charge!

I'll show you the things
I've got stored.

Carry on!


Where are you dragging me?
One can catch something here!

Of course you can catch
something! Just take it.

Where did you get these looters?

Trained analphabets, not a word
of German, just what I need!

- You're left gaping, what?
- I don't understand a thing.

Carry on. They are nazis...
all nazis...

sick to the core.
Bankruptcy estate.

As long as they pay, they're
ill and can stay.

No one ever comes near an
epidemic hospital.

Not even, the Americans, with
their mama for hygiene.

- Did you get my papers?
- There's our District Head!

Of course!
Did you think it over, boss?

- He needs docs.
- What?

- False papers.
- I'm fed up.

Don't tell me you have gripes.
Isn't our core wonderful?

Did I push you? Pay and you'll
get your papers. They're here.

Made by professionals. But no
paper mark. He's got rocks!

- What?
- Jewels! As District Chief!

Let me go. home, and I'll give
you whatever I've still got!

Sure! My friend will escort you
so that you're safe! OK?

Come on, kid!

Good evening, Paymaster Brahm!

Playing hide and seek?

You didn't expect us so soon, did you?

Don't you have anything to tell us?

Paymaster Brahm with secret
material in place!

Without locking your house?

If you consider your mission
accomplished, we only have...

to discuss a few official questions.

Yes, yes, sir.

Are all the crates here?
Or are any missing?

Broken crates? Where are they?
Properly stashed?

Yes, everything in order.
Please, sir, everything OK.

I'm glad.
But we want to see it.

Is this the checking list?

And all the things are here...

partly stored, only minor ones,
all the rest is in the cellar!

Excellent! You have no reason
to let us die of thirst, do you?

No, of course not, what may I
offer you?

I hope you're as hospitable
as your wife...

who was good enough to tell us
your whereabouts.

Perhaps something from your
special list to celebrate?

Please! Of course, sir!

- That was a mistake, Greifer!
- Why?

We have confirmed to him that
we went to see his wife!

Oh shit!

Shouldn't have done it! Now
you must clean the slate!

Because of the uniform,
if nothing else!

Please, gentlemen, here you are!

How did you choose this house
as warehouse?

My wife advised me to.

And who else knows it,
except for your wife?

No one, I asked the Quarter
Master to give me this house.

Where's the platinum?

Please, everything's here, in
the cellar. Well camouflaged!

No one would know that it's platinum!

- Check that, Greifer!
- Yes, Colonel!

Where does the platinum came from?

I bought it by order of the
Air force in France.

It' isn't' in the balance sheet.
I've got documents for proof!

Then we only have a minor
matter to discuss.

Yes, sir.

Paymaster, you have revealed
military secrets...

misappropriated Army assets,
intended sabotage.

What do you mean, gentlemen?

Consider yourself court-martialed!

- But this is crazy!
- Shut your mouth...

or I'll smash your face in.


There's no one in the house.
Go! I'll wait for you here!

Come quick, they're back!

Three leave, a shot, and two
come back!

What a mess! Come on!

I'll give you half the diamonds,
if you get me the papers!

And take me somewhere else!
I can't go back with Platzek!

O.K., uncle, come with me.

What's this? We wait for hours
and you're sleeping in here?

To wait is a soldier-like virtue, sir.

And you seem to forget that I'm
the city commander?

From now on, no more
sloppiness in this city.

- For all I care!
- And the party?

Do what you want with it!
I'm not needed any more!

Look for another sucker!

- You abandon your superiors?
- Go fuck yourself!


- Pardon me?
- Alarm! The whole section!

- I'll teach you.
- It's not possible!

Is this a mutiny?

No, but in the middle of the night!

Think war goes to sleep
'cause you wanna sleep?

Gentlemen, it's now 10:00 p.m.

In 30 minutes everyone in the
yard or I'll court-martial you!

Is that clear?

Certainly. Not least because
of the volume!

Night sentry!

I had a look while you were gone.
Do you know whose house this is?

Who cores!

- The District Chief's.
- Didn't he run away?

And the Americans?

Damn it!

The house'll be searched from
top to bottom!

Yes, embarrassingly.

So tomorrow morning
we'll hove to leave.

- Transportation?
- Organize it!

I should be able to steal a
few trucks from these dolts!

Stand to attention! At ease!

Stand to attention! At ease!
I see you don't want to.

Your troop is hopeless.
A messy heap.

- We didn't practice this!
- How can that be?

- It can be here.
- Who said that?

No one!

You cannot bullshit me!
Not you.

You're under the orders of
the General!

There's a state of emergency
here. You know what that means.

The General expects each of you
to do his duty to...

- to the lost breath!
- Yes!

Follow the example of the
German Youth!

We must defend the fatherland.
Women and children.

- Who would stand aside?
- I would!

Quiet man. Be quiet

We'll set up tank barriers
first. Now.

I'll give you six hours to do it.

Who's got any complaints?

We have no wood for them!

The sawmill!

It has been closed for days!

Then take the woodplanks out
of your brain, Professor!

Or set up a place to collect wood.

Nobody would react to that.

Do you doubt our people's
spirit of resistance?

- No way.
- OK then.

Cut down the forest or the trees
in the market square.

The main thing is to erect
tank barriers!

And anti-tank mines and explosives!

Understood? Dismissed!

These are some clowns.

They are half-baked soldiers,
who shit in their pants!

I thought so. In particular
that, professor.

He failed me twice!

Heim, get me a bottle of beer!

Yes, Sir. What about
the Hitler Youth?

OK, bring two.
But don't start drinking.

No, Captain. But who will
defend the tank barriers?

You, the Hitler Youth!

I can't leave that in the hands
of those shitty civilians!

Thank you, Captain! Hitler's
Youth will do their duty!


Do we get bazookas?

Well, we'll see..

Sorry, you'll have to leave
this house.

But it's a nice apartment,
it's my home.

You can't take anything with you.

We won't take anything, for sure.

It won't take long, not more
than a few days.

But our things! This is
expensive furniture.

And antiques, too.

You've got good taste. Don't
worry, we won't steal anything.

Well I must say, they have
some methods.

It wasn't us who started
these methods!

Neither did we two.

We believe you, but you see,
if we wont to work...

we have to be on our own.

But we'll give you another
place to live.

- Thanks, we've friends nearby.
- I see.

Come on, Melanie!
We're leaving now.

- I'll see you out.
- Thank you.

Something like that never
happened in my house.

- Add whiskey and...
- I see.

He's a nice man.

- It will be just a few days?
- If nothing happens.

- Let's hope.
- Let's hope for the best.

Stamm, you old orderly!
Kept the post standing?

Of course! This is super, man,
to see you still alive!

What's going on in there?

That corrupt man got boxes of
liquor from a black marketeer.

Drinks himself silly with his
wife waiting for his promotion.

God, that shitty person
promoted to Major!

He won't as long as I'm here!

Doesn't the dolt know that the
Americans are 40 km away?

Were, my dear. You at the front
never know anything.

The enemy is 25 km from
the gates of our city.

According to my calculations,
in a few hours it'll be over.

And that idiot is still
running 08/15 out there!

Where are you?

Everything's finished!
The weir's finished!

The nazis are finished!
The Army's finished!

And you're finished, too!
You just don't know it, darling!

Quiet. What are you doing there?

Issuing passes.

- I'm staying.
- Yes, sir.

- I'm a soldier!
- Yes, sir.

- I'm staying!
- Till the end! Your health!

Cheers, captain!

Out! I'm going crazy!

- Isn't that... that one...
- Kowalski!

What do you want here,
you stale sausage?

- You loser!
- What?

I mean, you've got a nice
bottle there, Captain!

I want to report F.O. of
Asch's battery.

What? Asch is coming too?

Then we'll all be back
together! How nice!

I want to get up. Thank you.

Tararara, the mail has arrived.

Gimme! Come on, man!

Last mail to get thru.
There won't be any more.

- Hurry!
- Everything drivel?

Unfortunately. I'd love to
celebrate your promotion!

What, what, are you a major?

Don't worry about my service

- What am I still doing here?
- Reporting, captain...

No, I mean, the main supplies
warehouse is being looted.

So what? I don't give a damn!

- You're joking, Captain!
- Should I go and get shot?

Excuse me, captain.
A call for the captain.

Thank you.

Platzek? Kowalski here!

Everyone to the main warehouse,
they're looting it!

Secure it! Over and out.

Yes, everything's over. I wanna
know, what I'm still doing here.

Perhaps you want them to shoot you!

- Stamm! - Yes.
- What do you mean, "yes"?

- I mean, yes, sir!
- That's better!

Prepare my marching papers.

I'm going to the front!

- Which front, sir?
- It doesn't matter, idiot!

Any one. Pick a unit where
nobody knows where it is.

- Yes, sir.
- Darling?

- Whatsamatter?
- You're a hero!

Yes, darling, go to the front
& I'll take care of the crates!

Oh shit.

And now conies the worst!

- What now?
- The General is here!

- What?
- Oh, God!

- The General!
- Attention...

- Now there'll be hell to pay!
- Out, out!

I'll take care of that
nice little fatso's crates.

Do you have balance problems,
or shall I have you arrested?

- No, General.
- You're the city commander?

Yes, General Captain Schulz.

No calisthenics. Report the
situation of the city.

Yes, General. Sir.

I'm about to go to the front.

What an extraordinary
coincidence! The front is here!

But general, my marching papers...

- Please show them to me.
- Yes, General.

Stamm! Marching orders!
Well, where are they?

Here, captain.

Who ordered you to report
to my division?

General, I thought.

So you occasionally think?
I'm glad.

Well, report to me, now.

Yes, General.

Captain Schulz requests an
operational command!

Now, I'm the battle commander,
and you the city commander!

You know the people, the city
and the party organizations.

I want quiet and order. And
you'll guarantee it, understood?

Yes, General.

And I request not to indulge
in heroics!

No wild individual actions!
Do I make myself clear?

Yes, General.

I don't wont wild troops or
strangers in this city.

They only cause trouble.
Occupy all city exits...

whoever wants to leave can do
so, but won't come back.

- Do I make myself clear?
- Yes, General.

- I'll arbitrate in all matters.
- Yes, General.

The division command post is
here at the artillery barracks.

Yes, General.

And first of all, stop that
madness outside.

Yes, General.

And kindly, sober up as soon
as possible!

Or you'll get to know me! Pig!

You, there! Come here!
Get bazookas!

Stop! Passage is closed!

You must be mad? What?

- Professor?
- Excuse me? Herbert Asch!

- I'm glad you recognized me!
- You were my favorite student!

- Well?
- Non scholae sed vitae discimus!

- What is this nonsense?
- We're to build a tank barrier.

It won't stop the Americans
for more than 22 minutes.

Twenty to laugh, and two to
get through it.

- It'll probably be like that.
- Not with the Hitler Youth!

Child, shut up when your
elders are talking,

- Grafenberg.
- Whoever.

- Captain! It's the mail.
- Give it to me.

Our mail functions to the
very last moment.

But there's nothing from
Army Personnel.

- And for this you bother me?
- Me?

I see. What do you want?

I'm coming on behalf of my
superior, Colonel Hochheim.


- He has a special mission.
- So let him perform it!

Our transportation vehicles
broke down, unfortunately.

That happens in war sometimes.

The Colonel requests 2 trucks,
4 men and fuel for 300 km.

- Anything else?
- That'll do.

Do you think I'm Santo Claus?

- In one hour at the latest!
- You can wait till you rot!

I'm warning yon, you're
endangering our mission.

I don't give a slut about
your mission.

You'll swing from of tree!

What was that?

You'll hang, saboteur!

Stamm! The guards!

Yes, captain. What guards?

In one hour, or...

You're the stupidest man on earth!


Are you crazy?
And see how you look!

I'm only going with the times!

Let's go through the back.

What's going on here?

If necessary, I can eat
sausage without bread!

The best things are in a
warehouse, Mr. Kowalski.

I know in the garret.

The key's hanging behind that picture!

Mr. Kowalski, I've received
your comrades, and now you.

Because you belong
to my son's battery.

I've given you one of Herbert's
suits, I've fed you

and you eat all my food,
leaving me nothing!

This house was never filled
with food. Really!

- What was that?
- Probably the Americans.

Good God!

Have you taken leave of your senses?

No, only of the Führer.

That is yes, Herbert!

- My son, Herbert!
- Hello, father!

Lieutenant, your clothes are
old fashioned!

You should we or something
like this, and let them rot!

- Just a sec I'll be right down.
- But hurry!

People's army disbanded by
order of Lieut Asch.

Therefore I've occupied the
barriers with my men.

Oh shit.

Can't you put your rifle down
for a while?

We'll fight to the last man!

But not here, you hero!

Do you know what happens to
rebels and saboteurs?

They are not accepted as
Hitler Youth members! Scram!

We're not through yet.

They're coming! On the dot!

Ask Platzek to come, he can
get me two trucks!

Two trucks and four men!
This instant!

- Colonel!
- No prattle.

Do as you're told, or you'll
be court-martialed!

At HQ no special events.

I'd like to know when has to
happen for you to report it.

I've strictly complied with the
General's instructions.

Then either I'm crazy, or you are.

Do you know what you've done
in my name.

I've done what I thought
to be my duty.


And you?

Col. Hochheim, High Command,
HQ, on a special mission!

This is not the High Command
and certainly not the HQ.

Have you gone astray?

- I must requisition 2 trucks.
- Request denied!

I have to transport secret
files, General.

Burn your crates and they
won't fall in enemy hands.

Are you prepared to give me
your decision in writing?

Yes, and any other thing you
want in writing. Such as...

that we lost the war, which
everyone has known for years...

except for the ass-kissers
at the Führer's HQ.

Are you giving up the fight, General?

My soldiers won't light for
your crates any longer!

Give him a bazooka and send
him to the abandoned barrier.

If he wants to go on fighting,
let him. And you go with him.

Why don't we sit in the living room?

During the last air raid the
blinds broke.

Meaning: my old man won't let
anyone see him...

because he thinks then the
Americans will leave him alone.

Meaning: you were
a party member.

- Kowalski!
- I'll be back right away.

Don't worry about the party thing.

My last boss, said that even
the highest party members...

decided too have a good
conscience well beyond the war

- Not bad!
- Can I have another sandwich?

Well, this is the District
Chief you were looking for.

Please, follow me!

Where is my beauty?

- You scared me!
- Shit in your pants, what?


You won't starve, big shot,
as long as I'm here.

And then?

Put your trust in God and
the Americans!

Till then, think of your sins!

I do, by day and night!

I don't know what I should do!

Don't wet your pants, if you're a man.

Bye, see you later!

Herbert, don't you wont to take
off your uniform?

I still have something to do,
and I need it for that.

Do you know anyone on this photo?

Sure, that's our District Chief,
he fled three days ago.

No one knows, where he is.

I think one of us has to change.

- Probably you.
- What?

But first, I have to know
exactly what's going on.

- Are you leaving?
- Maybe.

Tell me, what's happening
with those two?

First I lost them...

but yesterday evening I found
them Hindenburgstrasse 13.

- In the District Chief's home?
- Yes.

By the way, the Chief is in
your basement.

One never knows, when one will
need a big-shot.

Don't tell your old man,
he'll die of a heart attack.

Of course. But what's
with those two?

I think yesterday they killed someone.

Near here a little fat man.

On the way they killed a woman.
If we don't stop them...

they'll keep murdering till
the very last minute.

They've changed their uniforms
and their names

and finally they'll appear as
saints to the Americans.

Get dressed, we have
to neutralize them.

Do we kill them?

First, we have to get them.
Have you got your motorcycle?

Kowalski without one?
I'm not stupid.

This stuff is damned heavy!

But damned valuable!

It's the only thing that's
really worthwhile!

- Nothing.
- But there was shooting tonight.

Here he is.

Shot in the base of the neck!

Has he got any papers?

Paybook, he even has an Army passport!

- Emil Brahm.
- What?

Let me see the picture! Right.

I have good use for it.

- Where do we put the platinum?
- Anywhere!

An isolated farmhouse.
We bury it there, and wait.

- Good idea!
- My belt! Wait a sec!

Greifer! Stop! Are you mad?

That was at the mansion of
the District Chief!

Take a shortcut!

Stop. Road is closed.

Come with me!

And if you make trouble, I'll shoot!

Come, come, come!


The Americans are coming!

Stop! Are you crazy?
Hold your fire!

The American tank fired back
briefly and then turned back.

- Losses?
- Yes.

Two dead, one of them the
Hitler Youth who held the post.

Lieut Asch then ordered to
cease fire, dismantle the post.

- And the Americans?
- Yes.

In such cases they go back...

and then use artillery or
bomber planes.

What that idiot Schulz did in my name.

- Sound the siren.
- Yes, General.

- Let Lieut. Asch in!
- Yes, sir!

These are all the secret
command matters.

- Burn them!
- Come in, Asch!

Sir, we've got the pig!

Look at that! The gentleman of
the crates command! Wounded?

Grazed his skin when he fell, General.

- Bandage him!
- Yes, General!

Come on!

Your report, Asch.

The guy is a multiple
murderer, General.

- Proof?
- More than enough!

Why didn't you kill him?

A murderer shouldn't be
murdered, but tried in court.

But not by us!
The Americans are here!

Murderers must not save their
skins because of peace!

Don't you hove any other
worries, Asch?

General, this is a German
officer who became a criminal.

A vile murderer.

Our duty is to condemn him.
Who else, but us?

Horn, prepare the trial.

Yes, General.

Misuse of power for personal
motives, more than 20 dead.

Also two premeditated murders.

Does the accused want to say anything?

I protest against this trial!

I know better than you how a
trial is to be conducted.

- Any other objections?
- Listen!

Your court of law is a farce!

The trial shall continue!

Now the case of Brahm.
Please, Lieutenant Asch.

I found Mrs. Brahm murdered
in her house.

I don't know any Mrs. Brahm.

The witness Barbara Brucks, please.

Witness? What can that
officer whore say?

Stop that language, First Lieutenant!

She only knows of foreplay!

This mangy cat whom we chased away!

And she's entitled to dirty
the name of a German officer!

That isn't allowed at any
court of law in the world.

- Shut your trap, you pig!
- I warn witness and accused!

The witness, who probably
killed the woman!

Here's the certificate
of the physician...

and the police certified document.

The Americans! At long last!

There are two bullets missing
from his pistol...

of the some caliber as those
found in Brahm's body.

That is all.

Furthermore, the prosecutor
established that the accused...

is actually Obersturmführer
Greifer of the Secret Service.

He used without authorization
an Army uniform...

and traveled under a false name.

The accused shall make his statements!

To' hell with you!
Only this is decisive!

Is that ail you have to say
in your defense?

I won't defend myself!
Not in front of you, you assholes!

Perhaps before the Americans,
but not before you.


Hang him!

The nazis, those pigs!

A brave resistance fighter!

Another poor, blameless victim!

Let's go! Come.

Are you the commander in charge?


Did you order to have that
First Lieutenant hang?


Have you anything, to say
in your defense?


In that case you're a WC.

Excuse me a what?

A war criminal.

I see.

Do you wont to make any statement?

No. Not before you!

What sort of a strange bird are you.

You speak very normally.

Who are you?

I'm the right man for you!

Do you know what is more
superfluous than flusse?


You. You are super-fluos. You
have nothing to do here. Out!

- I never did.
- Scram, scram!

You might want to find
something, and I know it.

I took part in everything, didn't?

At least one who confesses to
having taken part.

You can ask me, whatever you want.

I'll always provide what you want.

Listen, dear man, perhaps
you can be of service to me...

but don't try to take me for a ride.

Because if you do, I'll kill you!

I have cm ambition:
to get to be very old.

You hope!

So, we've got the city.

With a real war criminal in it.

What we've got, we've got!

Excuse me: real frankfurters,
German specialty.

- You werewolf!
- What's that?

Here, pal, here!
You eat it yourself!

Thank you!

Eh, come, boy, come, come!

- They are good!
- Good's not the word!

I ate these when I didn't even
know where America was!

You're making a mess!
You need hooks.

And then pull, tightly.
Not so damned slow.

And then twice and three times,
and on top and bottom.

Then it might be a barbed wire
fence to stop people!

Eh, you!

Captain Schulz, setting barbed wire.

You, barbed wire man!
Do you have a camp leader?

No, no, Mr.

Yes, Mr... Sir.

- Can you be the camp leader?
- Yes, I can. Yes, sir!

- OK, be camp leader.
- Yes, sir!

You have ten minutes to
finish this shit!

You slowpokes!

Come on, come on, work!

Stop talking, and listen!

Stop talking, and listen!


Will you ever shut up, man?

If you still have anything to say,

what did we lose the war for?

Are you crazy, man?

You know, what you can do?

And really well, too.

I'll report you!

He'll report me!
He'll report me! Ha!

Go, child, go.
This is my place.

Where should I go?

From where you came!

Now they're taking children prisoner.

I took port in the fighting!

You couldn't stay out of it,
could you?

We defended the tank barriers
on the bridge...

where the German officer was
trying to escape!

Sit by me, my boy.

Thank you, colonel.

What happened with the officer?

He wanted to run away and
they took him and hung him!

He simply tried to run away!

Yes, he wanted to break
through the barricade!

And what happened to the car?

It went through the rails into
the river. It's there, still.

You don't say.

What is it?

There's an Emil Busse in the camp!

He's my son!
Could you call him, please?

- Not now.
- I brought civilian clothes.

Throw it there, in the dark.

We'll take care of it. Go away!
The guards are coming!

Countrymen and countrywomen...

to the health of our dear Americans!

Here you are, my boy!

Haven't you drunk yourself
to death, yet?

You'd like that, wouldn't you?
Not me!

Would you core for hand grenades?

Here, and here!
And more to come!

Yes, these are the last ones!

You're wrong, uncle! I also
found those behind the coal!

I'll be back in a moment!

- More canned meat?
- Only tongue.

- And soap?
- Of course! And schnapps!

- Martell?
- And eau-de-cologne.

- French.
- Of course.

And stockings!

- Silk!
- How many?

What a lady would need!

I also have bread bags!

Bread here! Handbags,
crocodile, leather, what?

And what about these for Fritz?
New style, don't get dark!

For Fritz?
He wouldn't wear them!

He was born in army boots.

- I have those cheap, too.
- Big deal.

A real estate deal?

Stupid man.

- Hurrah, the Americans are here!
- What?

You want an empty bottle
or a full bottle?

- Are the water-works still up?
- Yes, why?

Then I'm saved! They ordered me
to blow them up.

My water works! I brought
them and installed them!

I had to blow them up,
when the Americans came!

They're still up! The bombs
didn't touch them.

The Gestapo was after me.

What? You didn't try to escape
from the Americans?

No, I waited for them!

Nothing'll happen to me, I'll
give them the water works!

Stop that water shit!

Here is a fine document.

Emil Brahm, Geometer.
Solid and discrete.

That is my cousin!

Was! He's dead!

Found him shot in the forest!

I don't need it any more!
The Americans are here!

I'm going to them now,
Mr. Kowalski.

Thank you for all you've done for me!

How often do I have to tell
you, big shot, I'm real!

You don't need my false papers,
I don't need your rocks!

How can I thank you, otherwise?

Wait a minute!
I have a suggestion:

Why don't we go to the
Americans together?



One can do a lot with the Americans.

But on war criminals they stand firm.

And I pressured the General.

I've considered the matter
in detail, if we don't want...

anything to happen him,
there's only one way.

- Get him out, of course. How?
- Yes, how?

How is your English?

Good enough to get by.
I spent three years in New York,

but that won't be of any use.

Platzek, come here!

Listen, do you have sweetener?

- No. But sacks of sugar!
- Man!

What's the occasion?

Can you get an American
uniform for Brack?

What kind?

A complete officer uniform.

- What rank?
- None.

- Are you sure?
- Of course. I should know.

- This should work, Platzek!
- I'll have to find a detour!

Whatever. But the
uniform has to get here!

Will your father mind
as little as you?

What do I have to do with
an American uniform?

Per detour, two bottles of
schnapps, that's eight bottles...

But good stuff. Not
this water here.

Exorbitant prices!

Olive green is in vogue.
I could get you...

a dozen in field gray for a
bottle of Seltzer.

OK, but if anything goes
wrong, I'll lose my café.

Listen, if it weren't for the
General, we'd all be dead!

I only thought OK,
if that's what you want...

- of course I'll along.
- I hope the General will.

The more we are the easier
he'll be persuaded Platzek?

Me? I think it's all a lot
of nonsense.

I don't want to be part of it.
I don't wont to get shot.

Just now, when I'm getting my
exchange center established.

No way. One of us
should remain normal!

And if the Americans catch you?
Do you think they'll feed you?

You'll be mighty glad if
Platzek throws you sausages!

Without me, you won't even
eat potato peels!

Let's get the schnapps.


Go to the CIC, now...

and get us forms, do you understand?

Yes, but I can't read perfectly yet.

Never mind. Bring one
of each type...

one of them will be the right
one. But don't get caught!

No, don't worry!

Well, off you go!

If you see Georg in the camp,

he once gave me a very pretty ring.

He kept it for me when times
were troubled.

You mean, you want me
to bring it for you.


Now I know why you're so
interested in Georg.

You'll bring it for me, won't you?

If I see him, yes.
Will you come along?

- For our old man?
- Yes.

As soon us one has been able to
get drunk, it starts again.

Come on! Off the jeep!

What is it?

- Damn it, this won't work.
- What?

Are you crazy, man?
Brack said, no weapons!

I'm not going for a stroll
without a weapon in such times!

Throw it away! If he finds it,
everything'll go to pot!

- Where to?
- Who cares...

into some corner!
But throw it away!

OK, four men in, four men out!

Where is General von Ploenis?

Back there, in the last barrack
there is a general.

Thank you.

Hey, Stamm, Stamm!

Ah, Major, eh, Captain!

Anything new, Stamm?

Just drivel, captain,
no more mail for you!

Would you have a cigarette?
The Americans took everything.

- Yes, of course.
- Got a light, too?

No, but I'll get it for you.

Thank you, Stamm!

Don't mention it, Captain!

What do you intend to do, Brack?

We came to get you out, General.

- That's pure idiocy!
- No, it's the last chance!

It's easy. You wear the
coat of the fat guy there.

- No one will notice.
- Is this a masquerade?

- Who is he?
- A bigwig who wants to confess.

- General, it's like that.
- Yes, later, later.

The guard only goes by the
numbers: four in, four out!

The District Chief will stay
in your place.

- Let's go over there.
- Oh, we're playing who am I?

And you really thought I'd
play such childish games?

The Americans are serious, General!

- Brack, the people.
- Yes, yes, hurry up.

We got you into this, General,
and we'll get you out again.

But boys, the war is over!

It's pointless that you should
risk your lives now!

Not if it is for you, General.

Thank you, my dear Kowalski.

General, you cannot let them hang you!

Who talks of hanging?

And if so, it would be their
injustice, not mine!

You're not a criminal, General!

No one'd be able to
prove it, if I bolted now!

General, your case is different!

Boys, not another word.

We're all in the same boat.

And I'm not getting out.

But I thank you.

I'll never forget this!

Trying to run away, Colonel?

Yes, a good soldier does not
give himself up!

You pig!
You're not running away!

Not you! If I have to kill you
like a dog!

Are you crazy?

I want to know what happened!

Nothing, the General did not
want to be freed.

There was shooting there, people died!

None of your men. Two Germans,
a personal disagreement.

We'll examine the case.

You'll have the opportunity to
explain yourself, in the camp!

You, and all the others,
are prisoners of war!

- Does he understand German?
- Not a word.

Then he'll have to learn it, right?

What's happening in there?

A mess... two Germans...
shot each other...

while our men were in the camp.

Now the Americans believe the
two things are connected.

- Was my husband involved?
- No.

If I were you, I'd disappear.

If they find out that you got
the uniform.

One thing I know, they don't
reveal anything.

So go, man!

Yes, but I want to do
business with them...

on a broad basis.

And you, do you want to do
business with them, too?

No, I want to get Fritz released.

He should have a respectable
job for once.

- Do you know what he is?
- No, what?

Camp commander!
Camp commander, again.

So he's doing the same stupid
things as before.

That's the best for him.

Except for the 08/15 operations
he never learned anything.

You always said
he was born in army boots.

God, will they ever finish in there?

I'm not a POW, I'm a District Chief.

- I come to give you...
- Stop it!

You should all be in camp,
you're all in the same pot!

All of you!

They'll decide will licit to do
with you at a higher level!

At a higher level is good.
Come, Brack, let's go.

- We won't bother you further!
- But...

Get out!

No, no, why are you always yelling?

They're quite nice people!

I'm looking forward to seeing
Colonel Thompson's face.

- Questionnaires.
- Yes. Questionnaires.

Six, seven boxes of questionnaires.

Now we'll finally know the truth, Ted!


- Who are you?
- I?

I'm a modest resident
of this small town.

What do you want?

- The people are starving.
- To go hungry is healthy.

- Ah! Hitler said so, too.
- And what do you want?

Someone should organize the
food supplies!

Stamm! Come here!
What's with this man?

- Excellent organizer!
- Party member?

How do you want to do it?

I've had some experience.

Come, Jimmy, you're never lucky
gambling, let me try!

And you, pretty lady?

Is it true you've no luck gambling?

Come here, we don't bite!

For sure?

What can I do for you?

- May I sit down?
- Wherever you like!

Thank you. You're nice.

Why are you here?

I wanted to thank you.

- Because we made you free?
- Yes.

From my husband.

He's not a bad guy.

Did you have to take him prisoner.

A man with his talents!

He has talents?

Organizational, yes.

And in these hard times,
we need everybody.

With the reconstruction, and all that!

My man could organize this city
as no one else.

You want your husband to be the mayor?

Oh yes. I would expect a
lot from him.

Then he'd have to work with
you all the time, right?

Yes, sure.

Nice dress, this. Was your husband
a party member?

Do I look as if I'd been in
the women's organization?

We called it "the varicose squadron".

Show your foot!

A bit more!


Yes, please!

You look like a Valkyrie in

You're a bad boy!

- You have such line soft hands!
- Do I?

I have the feeling that our
type is not in demand anymore.

So let us retire in our calm
and distinguished manner.

Thus the darkest chapter in
German history came to an end.

Take care that the dictatorship
of the 08/15 will never return!

© 1955, 1999 TaurusFilm
All Rights Reserved