Where Do You Live? (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Eifo Ata Hai? - full transcript



fr ▼* v *

Looks like Estie Ginsburgayev
is into you.

You think I need this?

Just say the word and I'm out.

Will you call me?


The firm that does our graphics
is looking for workers,

The firm that does our graphics
is looking for workers.

Hello. -Molly the intern.

I was his first love.
-Oh, really?

I never want to hear

that slut Nastia's name again.

I haven't felt this way
in ages, Nastia.

Of course not.

Not with that bore you married.

Do you even have sex?

Only when I have to.

And it's hard to call it sex.

Then what are you waiting for?

Let's enjoy the moment, Nastia.

She's high on all the cameras.

Let's make the most of it.

What do I care?

She'll make our lives hell
if she finds out,

but this is the good life.

Do you like your new ring?

It's okay.
-It's okay?

I'd rather have a wedding ring.


juk urij

uul rtiin
IhXlt MCHl.:

The whole burden's on you.

Your house, yo.ur husband,
your kids, work.


Get to the point.

let me get into the swing of things.

I see you bear a heavy burden.

Your whole family depends on you.

It's hard to deal with,
but you're a strong woman.

I'm not so sure anymore.

I see a girl with yellow hair,
you're fighting her.

Dafi. I wish she was dead.

You're strong and you're fighting,
but it's the wrong battle.

I see an older woman.

She's a danger to you,
but you don't even notice.

You're fighting the wrong war.


But I'm crazy about her.

Does Margo have yellow hair?

Then it's Dafi.

No, there's no D.
There's an N.

That's ®af-na.

Not Dafna. There's an S.

What else?

I don't know.
You've worn me out.

An S, an N...


Layla is never wrong.


Folks, casting for the year-end play
is on the bulletin board.

Have a nice day.

The policeman.

Benedict. Great.

-Beatrice. That's me.

-Lucky you.

It's gonna be great.

Dogberry. Cool.
Nice going.

I knew you'd get it.

No, it pisses me off.

It's okay.
Dogberry is a great role.

Yeah, but tiny.

What's with the discrimination?
-I don't think that's it.

More like I was gone
half a semester.

But forget it.
You deserve the part.

You'll be amazing.
It's perfect for you.


Let's go talk to him.
-Are you crazy?

Come on.
-Are you crazy?

What am I gonna say?

Come on, we'll be late
for your mom's brunch.

Are you sure?

Yeah. I'm hungry.

And I want to meet your mom.

Okay, let's go fatten you up.

Do we have to go?

Bon appetit.
-Bon appetit.

Cheers. -Cheers.

No, I wasn't saying
"cheers" to you.

I have to hang up.
We're eating.

Bye. Later.
-Delicious. -Bye.

Can you pass the salad, honey?

I'm afraid I'll rip my shirt
if I reach for it.

You look great.
-Yeah, sure.

I've never felt my balls
stuck so close to my thighs.


Oh no.

Okay, okay.

Everything's delicious.
-It's all store-bought.

Wait till you taste the main course.
It's my specialty.

I've got plenty of room.

I don't think we can stay.

You'd better.

And not stay for the specialty?

Fatso, just wait till you see
the specialty,

you'll thank me.

Dafi, how's it going with Ephraim?


You know, Mom and I
were his first graduates.

Yes, I know.

You look just like

your mother did then.


He's said that 300 times.

What do you say, pal?

Did you know that Dafi's never
brought a man home for brunch?

Is there something
special about you?

Ignore him.

I have three nipples.

He's funny.
-S'il vous plait.

Croque Monsieur for the men,

Croque Madame for the ladies.
-Hold on.

I have a call.
-And for you...

-Our special guest. -No.

Thank you.

Yona told me that S'asi is busy.

He's at the house in Italy
learning Yiddish.

This smells delicious.
What is it?

Croque Monsieur.

Basically, it's a baguette
with cheese

and sausage with an egg on top.

Cheese and sausage?

Pork sausage.

This won't only get you to Hell,

you'll get stoned to death.

So how's the croque?

I'm in shock from the croque.

You don't have to eat it.
-I'm embarrassed.

It Tooks divine.

But not Jewish.

I'm just about to taste it.

What's up, Esther darling?

Everything's fine, Dad.

Fine what?

Fine wedding or
fine another waste of time?

Fine, Dad. Eat.

We're just getting to kijow each other.

How long does that take?

As long as it takes.

You've been going out
for a long time now

and I haven't even met him.

We're taking it slowly.

There's no such thing as slowly.

It's either yes or no.

We're both studying hard

and we don't have time to go out.

What's he studying?

Acting? Just shoot me.


What for?

Wouldn't you be better off
with the Abdurachmanov boy?

He's studying dentistry.

He'll be a big, rich doctor.

He'll make you rich, honey.

Money isn't everything, Dad.

Acting is better?

What will people say?

Let them talk.
Nothing's going on.

Can I meet him?

Or do I need to buy a ticket

to see your artiste at the theater?

It's too soon, Dad.

I just want to see him,
not marry him.

I want to see his face.

Can I eat in peace?

Can I see him?

Bring him here. Enjoy your food.

I see you too were enchanted
by Talia Oren the star.

By her daughter.
-I'm no star.

I don't want to be, either.

I wish we could go to bed

instead of me going to rehearse.

You got a lead role.

I'd rather be Dogberry.

Poor thing.
You got a lead role.

Now you'll have to learn
lots of lines and rehearse

and get applause.

"I hate applause."

It doesn't turn me on.

Then why do it?

Good question.

I'd better run, I'm late.

Who are you rehearsing with?

At the studio?
-Yeah. -Cool.

Want me to make you
a fancy dinner?

Is food all you can think about?


I'll knock it off and come home.

Knock it off there
so I can knock it off here.

Okay, cool. Exactly.
See the other icon?

Yes. -Okay, you click on it

while you press the key. Exactly.

Now, you do the same thing...

Like this? -Exactly.


You're doing a good job.

No, I mean it.
-Thanks. -No problem.

Soon I won't need you anymore.

guess not.

If you want,

I can make room for you here.

I don't think there's room
for another desk.

Of course there is.

We'll put this chair here.

If I take this desk and..

scoot it over a little..

I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it.

I didn't mean to go too far.

No, I'm sorry.


I brought you a glass of water.

I'm really sorry
about what happened.

Want me to leave you alone?

You must think I'm crazy.
-Not at all.

Maybe a little, but it's okay.
We're all crazy.

You? You're the most
normal guy in the world.

You'd be surprised.


Here. -Thanks.

I'm really sorry.
-It's not your fault.

Are you okay?
-I'm fine.

Maybe it's the stress?
It is a new job.

Yeah, it's the stress.

Want to go to the beach?
-Now? -Yeah.

It's Thursday, we'll leave early,

go to the beach, relax.

I'll talk to my dad, don't worry.

I'm not the beach type.
-Me neither.

I can't stand sand,

but they say it's good for stress.

-Okay. -Okay.


Did you leave anything up there?

Yeah, my bag.

I'll get it.

Layla knows everything.
Layla is always right,

so I invited him to eat with us.

You keep your mouth shut.

Let me do the talking.

You do the talking.

How are my wonderful parents?

We're fine if you and Margo are fine.

We're fine, Mom.
Can I have a kiss?

Everything's fine.

can tell by your face and your voice
that everything isn't fine.

See, Dad? Even when
everything's fine, she isn't happy.

She doesn't want it to be fine.

I know you. I raised you.

I nursed you until you were six.

Three. Don't exaggerate.

Don't you tell me.
I remember how you came running.

You were in 1st grade
and you jumped on me.

Okay, you know everything.

Of course I do.
I know everything.

You think I'm a fool?

You're the fool for letting
that slut wrap you

around her finger.

I'm not hungry.
I'm going to a restaurant.

Go ahead.
They'll tell you:

Here, eat, eat.

At least I can eat in peace.

Come sit down.
I need to talk to you.

You, go to the kitchen, please.

Move it!

Come here, Daddy's darling.

Have a seat.

Bekhor, your mother and I

disagree on many things,

agree with her 100%.

What are you talking about?

That woman is no good for you.
-What woman?

Nastia. The witch!

You shut up in there!


She's just a client.
I'm doing her Bar Mitzvah.


You see a blonde and you lose it?
You think we're fooling around?

Don't be silly.
-Don't lie to your father. Liar!

If you don't want me to die,
promise not to see her.

She came into our life
like the devil.

You have a good wife,
two sweet children,

and for 40 years
I built the photo studio

with my own two hands.

You want to throw all that away
for her?

There's no blessing in it.

There's nothing going ®n
between us.

Hey, kid,

I don't want to be shamed
by my children!

I'm leaving. You guys are crazy!

What do you want from me?

Because of that slut
you'll kill me and your father

and Hai and Molly

and Margo and your two children.

Is she really more important
than your family?

Than your own flesh and blood?

I swear, there's nothing going on!

Swear on your children.

I'm not your mother.
You're not my son.

Shame on you.

It's all your fault.


How about we get
a babysitter tonight?

We'll go out to eat,
just you and me.




Sure you don't want some wine?

I don't drink.

I have a low tolerance
for alcohol too.

You know,
graphics isn't everything.

One day I'll make my exit,

I'll buy us a sailboat
and we'll sail around the world.


Too soon?

By us, there is no too soon.
-What do you mean?

After another date,
two, tops,

you'll have to visit my parents with a
box of candy and a marriage certificate.

Just kidding.

Three dates.

I like it here.
It's my first time.

At the beach or the cafe?


I don't go out much.
-You don't go out much?

I have to be home by sunset.

I never met a Bukharian girl before.

I'm glad to be your first.

Were you born in Bukhrastan?

No, I was born in Tel Avivstan.
My parents were born in Uzbekistan.

What special customs
do Uzbeks have?

Uzbeks are Muslim.

Early every winter
the Bukharians

get together
for the annual rain dance.

What do you think we are, monkeys?

No, no.
I didn't mean to annoy you.

It's fascinating.
I even googled you guys.

You know, the rich Bukharians

came to Israel long before
the Zionists.

The Bukharian Quarter
is one of

the oldest districts in Jerusalem

and I'm being a bore.

I'm being a bore. -No.

You won't say so,
but I'm being a bore.

I'd love to hear more.

Until sunset.

• 0©»


We need you help to
preserve the graves of our holy sages.

To make a donation,
press 9...

I gave at work.

What's the matter?

Did you scare her again?

Stop it,

go back to your room.

I need some quiet.
-Give me that.

Stop it!
-It's mine! -It's mine!

Sorry the babysitter
couldn't come tonight.

It's not your fault.

How about tomorrow?

Tomorrow's Friday,
we're eating at my folks'.

The day after.

No, that's no good either.

It's the Babajanov event.

We'll go out next week.

You've put on weight.

I don't think so.
You think so?

I'm sure.


Bekhor. -What?

Maybe it's the pants.

deal with your screaming son!

@® Glfeal with your screaming son!

(deal with your screaming son!


"Why, then, let them alone
till they are sober."

"Why, then, let them alone
till they are sober."

"Why, then..."

"Why, then..."

Where's the play button?

Where are you?

It took us a while to start.

We smoked a joint,
and you know Elad,

he wants to do it

over and over again.

Should I heat some up for you?

Yeah, I'm starving
I'm eating here.

Don't wait up.
-Aren't you at the studio?

We're at Elad's. It's nicer here.

Dafi, that's inappropriate.

He has a huge space,
it's perfect for rehearsing.

Yeah, but not in the middle
of the night, alone with Elad.

Come home.

Don't be silly, Hai.
I'm getting back to work.

Is the Bukharian jealous?



Hey, hey.
Why do you sound like that?

Hey. Hey. It's nothing.

What are you doing?

Watching "Desperate Housewives."

Aren't there rehearsals
or something? -Yeah,

but not for Policeman 3.

I made some shola,
there's lots left.


That's funny,
I made some shola too.

Came out really good.

Chicken or beef?


Put your chicken up
against my beef,

we'll play Master Chef.

Okay, never mind.

Darling, where were you?
It's after nine.

I was so worried.
I stood by the window the whole time.

Everything's great.
We went to the beach.

Who's "we

Me and Guy from work.

And I beg you not to ruin it

because he's a real sweetie
and he makes me happy.

What's his name?

Is he Bukharian?


Aren't you gonna yell at me?


Why not?

If he makes you happy,
I'm happy too,

but bring him over for dinner
so we can meet him.


Since when are you so nice?

Be thankful that someone's
willing to have her.

As long as he's a decent guy.

Shame on you.
Not nice, Melika.

That's what Layla said.

Layla? That crap again?

To hell with Layla

Good night.

May you never wake up.


Rolling, luxuriant,


but too much cilantro.

I won't deny that your dish

speaks to my most
internal organs,

but visually... It's World War III.

A Bukharian who can make
more than pilaf.

That's new.
-Brand new.

I've never cooked more than
an omelet. -Good job.

Beginner's luck.

You have...

some cilantro here.

Okay? -No.

Let me.

No, it's embarrassing.

No, I'll do it.
-Just a sec.


That's some tenacious cilantro.

Not more than me.


Hello, Esti. The table.

Hello, nice to meet you.

Esti's dad, Yehuda.
-Hai. Nice to meet you.

Yehuda, you be the judge.

You tell me.

Mine or...?
-Which is yours?

This one's mine.

That's Esti's.

Daddy's darling.

Why do you Bukharians
use so much cilantro?

In Samarkand
we like lots of meat.

I know. Why bother with the rice?

Just eat the whole cow.

How long have you been...?

Been what?

Going out, cooking for each other?

Leave him alone, Dad.

Daddy's darling, Daddy's talking.
Be quiet.


I haven't said anything,
one week, two weeks,

I know your parents,
they're good people,

but my daughter has class.

You have to decide.

I can't believe I'm having the
where-is-this-going talk with your dad.

I can't either.

Look, Yehuda,
we just started going out.

What's the hurry?

When you have a daughte

you'll be in a hurry, too.

In my house there's no fooling around.
It's yes or no.

If you're serious,
come over, eat,

move in if you want,

but decide, yes or no.

And if it's no...

I won't waste any more
of her time.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.
I have two of them at home.

So you understand.

But you understand
I have no choice.

It doesn't have to be that way.

It's already that way.

Your dad's right.
I'm not ready for marriage

and I don't want to fight.

Leave the fighting to me.

Neither of us want it,

not like this.

Got hungry outside
and decided to come home and eat?

No, I already ate.

What's your problem?
-I don't like it.

I don't like my girlfriend

hanging out with another guy,

I don't care if it's Elad,
rehearsals or whatever.

I know what men are like.

You think I'm one of
your Bukharian wenches?

I wish you were.

At least they know
what mutual respect is.

You know what? Go ahead.

You know where the door is.
Go to Esti.

Don't worry, I already did.


I dumped her.



It was a stupid idea to begin with.

I'm sick of all the lies.

I want you.

We're going to my parents
on Friday night.


Not your parents,

not my parents either.

We're staying here.
Just you and me.

I'm cooking.

I like that.

Just you and me?

And Elad.

Just kidding.

Don't waste that mouth on talk.

Shabbat Shalom.
-Shabbat Shalom.

So nice of you to come.

Here you are, Malaika.

He called me a maid (malaika).

Thank you.
You shouldn't have.

Make yourself at home.

The Holy Sabbath...

Let's do this another time.

Come on, let's go.

Molly, it's okay.

I don't care what your mom does.

Guy, Guy, come here,

let's have a drink before
everybody gets here.

Hold on.
-Take this.

Shabbat Shalom.
Give me your glass.

To your health, young man.

He wasn't strapped in, Bekhor.
-You didn't strap him in.

You put him in the car.
-So you could strap him in.

You're unbearable.

You're a pain in the ass.

Shabbat Shalom.
-Shabbat Shalom.

Shabbat Shalom, Guy.
- Shabbat Shalom, Bekhor.

Guy, what are you doing here?

Horrible, huh?
-No, why?

It's unique.

Looks like it went through
a nuclear holocaust.

And survived, unfortunately.

Can I lean on the table?
-Yes, but at the same time.