Where Do You Live? (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Eifo Ata Hai? - full transcript


Now that you're through
goofing around in the army

it's time to get hitched.

I'm so glad you're back.
Finally, someone I can count on.

Remember, you have to talk
to Yoram for me.

About the promotion.

So you're stuck with me.

If this is being stuck,
I'll get stuck every day.

Can you tell me
what was so important today

that you'd ruin the business for it?

I'm in! I'm in!

I'm in! I'm in!



’ • ' i'


Oh my god...

For what?
For who?

What a waste of food,
a waste of work,

a waste of me!
-No, look.

Why did you do this to me?

Why do I deserve this?
-Mom, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to tell her,
it slipped out.

Doing this to such a nice girl?
Have you no heart?

You're just like your father.

He just said that

because he doesn't want her.

What was he supposed to say?

Once they brought me
a girl with a hunehback.

We've heard that story.

this is serious. They just called

that I got accepted
into acting school.

Theater, film, TV,
it's like a dream!

You mean an afternoon class?
-No, it's serious studies.


Not exactly, but you get a diploma.

What'll the neighbors say?
What'll everyone say? It's a disgrace!

Say something!
-What do you want him to say?

He's the one who's always
pushed me on stage

at events that we filmed,
to tell jokes,

do comedy skits, impersonations.

It's all because of you.

-Shut up with your tea!


What about the business?
-What's the problem?

At night I'll work,
during the day I'll study theater.

You call theater a job?

It's a hobby.

Why not the diamond business?
A restaurant? Our business?

In theater,
where will the money come from?

You think money walks down the street
and says, "Where's Haii?

"I want to do a play with him!"

That's where money will come from?
You're an idiot!

This is the end.

Mom, I'm gonna do what I love.

How many people do you know
wake up every day

and do what they love?

I only know people who work
to make a living!

You think your father and I
went to work to have fun?

\Ne worked 18 hours a day
to put food on the table for you!

You're such an idiot.
Say something.

Well? Talk!

You can develop in our business too.

Into what, Dad?
I want to be someone,

I don't want to end up
like you two!


Hey! What's with
the yelling this time?

Everything's fine.

hy did your guests leave without eating
-Everyone ate and drank.

Then I'll have something too.
-We weren't yelling.

No, we were laughing.

:'nunK ]1Y'U
urn inn

Okay, hello, first graders,

welcome to
the Ephraim Aloni Acting Studio.


\Ne have rules here, yes?

You may dare,
you may be foolish,

you may fail,
you may create,

you may experiment.

You can't leave for work.

You're all here in lessons and rehearsals
from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

with no exceptions,
even if your mother's famous.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.


You can't get married,
you can't have a family,

you can't be sick,
you can't be late,

you can't even die, even though
at times you may want to.

I think that's it.
Not too bad, right?

Let's begin.

Here he is, the big-time actor,
Hai Shem-Tov.

Why don't you answer your phone?
Get your ass outside.

And who's this character?

You mean me?

His brother.

Please wait patiently outside.
He'll come out when we're done.

No, listen, buddy,
this is a family emergency.

Our grandma's cuckoo clock broke

and he's the only one
who can fix it.

So if you don't mind.
-I'm sorry, Ephraim.

I don't want him
to ruin the lesson for everyone.

One second,
just one second..

What are you doing here?

I don't give a fuck about these faggots!
-Shut up!

Okay, the Shem-Tov family
horror show is over.

Let's proceed.

It's bad enough
you're not helping out,

now I have to come
to this nuthouse?

Stop yelling,
people are studying here!

I told you,
they can kiss my ass.

What's with
the song and dance routine?

Are you doing this to me on purpose?

Who is that old geezer?
Your guru?

He's only the country's
best acting teacher.

He could be the Pope
for all I care.

For him you're spitting
in our parents1 faces?

I'm in the middle of class,
Bekhor, what do you want?

It's the oligarchs' event today.
-I can't.

They asked for a camera crane

and you're the only one who can work it,
I bought it for you

and paid a fortune for it.

Bekhor, I can't cut class
on my first day.

I'll find a solution,

but I have to go now.
-There is no other solution.

You're the solution, understand?

What's your problem?
Beat it!

Be at the shop today at 5:00,
don't bail on me.

Why can't you cut me some slack?

Does it kill y@u t® see me
leaving the store, the hood,

all that shit?
-You have no shame?

That shit fed you and raised you,

now when it's time to give back,
you spit in our faces.

You think you're better than us?

-You loser.

Bekhor, I'm begging you,
get out of here.

Tell me you'll be there
and I'll leave.

Okay, I'll be there.

I'll be there,
you piece of shit.

What about my son?

What about your son?
Let's see.

You're not calm.
There's a lot of pressure on you.

I see changes.
What about your son?

Did he get out of the army?
-Yes, I told you he did.

But now he has
a new idea in his head.

He wants t® be..


an actor.
-And what did I tell you?

You said a photographer.

I even asked you
when his luck would start.

What did I say?
-You said his number is five.

And five days later
I brought him a beautiful girl,

on the fifth, at five o'clock.

And did his luck start?

They called to tell him
he got accepted to actoring.

-Not congrats! No!

Photographer yes,
actor no!

Bukharian girl yes,
Ashkenai girl no!

You're going through
a lot of difficulties,

there's a lot of pressure ©n you,

God is testing y®.u,
all of you, all the-time.

Your husband, your daughter.

What about Hai?

Hai is going through lots of tests,

lots of trials.
He goes back and forth,

away from the family,
then back again.

I see that
he's meeting new people.

They lure him to them
like a magnet.

He’s lured, then breaks avtfay,
but comes back to you.

You need to prepare to fight,

prepare for War.

Your lucky number is number one.

What does that rftean?

That you don't have much time.

If I see Keinan one more time,
I don’t know what I'll do to him.

He drove me nuts today.

It was awful.
-What a pain in the ass.

-What's up? -Want some?

No, I don't smoke.
-Ever tried?

Of course.

It doesn't affect me.

Nothing affects anyone
the first time.

So you've tried everything.
-I do my best.

Try everything at least once.

I was actually thinking
of trying a Bukharian.

Your sister or brother.

My sister, you gotta be kidding,
and my brother,

that's actually a great idea.

He's married and has two kids,
but that's never stopped him.

Me neither.

I checked.
-She's married?

I'm just kidding.

-He's a real catch.

You sure you don't want some?
You're missing out.

I'm sure.
-It'll loosen you up.


Pass it here.

So why were you fighting
with your brother?

\Ne weren't fighting.

Oh, that's just how you guys talk
in Bukharastan.

I got it right this time.

Something interesting
finally happens today

and you refuse to tell me?

You're not used to being refused, huh?

\Ne gotta get back, guys.
-Why? -Class.

Nah, stay here.

Tell me what happened.

I'm going back.

Matte? Glossy?

Forget it, matte is for ugly dames.

With a pretty face like yours,
take glossy.

You'll shine.

Are you a Scorpio?

Everything will be ready
tomorrow at noon.

-Have a nice day.

You've got our number
if you have any questions.

What are you doing here?
-I don't know...

You're so stressed out
because of the Hai situation

and we barely get to see each other.

Why do you say that?
I kissed you this morning.

I mean when I'm awake.


It's all because of that idiot.

You work so hard.
You open the shop at 8 a.m.

and stay out till 3 a.m.
at all the events.

So long as Hai is making
his dreams come true.

What about my dreams?

So I was thinking...
After I take the kids to daycare

I'll come here and open up,

it'll give you
a few more hours of sleep.

Absolutely not.

They're at daycare till two-thirty,
that's plenty of time.

No, out of the question.
You work hard as it is.

Everything's on you, the house is on you,
the kids are on you, I'm on you.

Yes, but I'll open up at eight,
I'll leave at two,

I pick the kids up
and go home.

Then cleaning, cooking, laundry,
you'll fall apart.

Besides, what do you know
about photography?

15x10, 18x13, matte, glossy,

photo books, full HD.

I've been hearing you say
those things for ten years,

you think I don't know by now?

It's the other way around.
-What? -Never mind.

It'll make things easier for us
and give us more time together.

Let me eat in peace, okay?

Beside, Hai will come
crawling back here.

You'll see.

Make me a cup of tea,
I have a headache.

Fine, fine.

Slowly, gently,
get up, like a tree

whose branches are blowing in
the wind, gently and calmly

in the fall, it's not yet winter.

And back. Okay.

Peel off the outer layers

and show your inside.
-Like this? -Yes.


Are you a kettle?

Then make us some tea.

Butterflies are in no hurry.

They go like this.

A doe is looking.

You can get up
on a chair and look.

Let's put a chair close by.

So you can climb up.

Where's Hai?

Where's Hai?
-What is this?

I don't know.
-What is this?

No matter what you do,
you're not going to the army.

I'll only say it once!

Now let me through,
I'm in a hurry.

I am going to the army.

And I can also say,
I'll only say it once.

It's dangerous, darling.

You think everything is dangerous.

Driver's license, dangerous.
Going out with girlfriends, dangerous.

You wouldn't even let me
go on field trips.

Boys and girls sleeping together
is okay?

It's a whorehouse.

There's no such thing
as a Bukharian girl

sleeping outside the house.

You can go out.
I don't let you go out?

You're not allowed to go out
with the army.

Why can Hai gj@
but not me?

Because Hai is a boy.
And I'm sorry he went too.

You know what?
I'm going to the army. Period.

I'm 18 and I can d® what I want

whether you let me or not.

I'm doing this for you.
What's in the army for you?

Men, soldiers, officers...

Don't cry, Mom.

Mom, don't cry.

Don't cry.

You're a good girl.
You really are a good girl.

Better than your brother.

Too bad he wasn't born a girl.
Now come help your mother, sweetie.

% •

Grandma, I want to move
into a place of my own.

With your husband?
-No, I'm not married, I'm 23.

What's wrong
with your parents' house?

They're primitive,
they interfere in everything.

Who I go out with, where I live,
when I go out, when I come home.

All day I cook and clean,
I've had it.

What am I, their slave?

Your mother's primitive?

She takes care of you
and thinks about you.

But I want to move
into the student dorms,

so I can be free.

If you move to the dorms,
who will take care of you?

If you're running away
from housework now,

tomorrow you'll be running away
rom housework in your husband’s house

You call boyfriends
and girlfriends studies?

"Good character comes
before the Torah."

Molly? What are you doing here?

The Mediator went here?

So did Kuki.
-And Yigal the Nazi!

Will they be at your party tonight?

Of course. You coming?

As if Mom will let me.

She won't give anything
till you take it.

What are you doing here?

I came to visit you.

how things going.

Mom sent me to spy, okay?
So how's it going?

It's going great.

Aren't you supposed to be in class?

Why do I smell cilantro?

I found this in the garbage.


Maybe she's right,
maybe I shouldn't go to the army.

She started crying, huh?
It's her oldest trick.

She cried rivers
before I went to the army.

She'll get over it.

If you don't stand up
for what you want,

she'll take over your life.

So will there be lots of celebs
at this party?

Loads, ©nly celebs. Really.

I don't know
if they'll let me in.

I'll take this with me.

Okay, now go home.

Wait, so what did you learn today?
Show me something.

What happened? What did he say?
Will he come back to the shop?

Is he okay?
What's the place like?

Are the people nice?

Mom, I gave it
a lot of thought

and I decided
that I'm going to the army.

Again with the army?
Out of the question!

No way!

What about Hai?

He also thinks
I should go to the army.

I'll kill him.

I'll kill him.

Hai also said


that you'll pull that crying trick on me

and that I shouldn't fall for it.

Wait till I get a hold of him,
I'll make mince meat out of him.

You want to know how Hai is?

Let me go to the army.

If you don't want to talk, don't talk.

I'll manage on my own.

I'll tell you if you let me go...

sleep over at Aliza's.
-Aliza. Okay, okay.

Okay, so he's really happy there.

He's doing really well

and I don't think he'll be
back at the shop any time soon.


That's it.

No deal.

Wait a minute!
-Does he have a girl?

He has s@me@ne


Wait, where are you going?

I don't even know
if anything's [email protected] ©n,

they just study tsgether!

They just study together, Mom, really.



Do us a favor,
try a different song.

Oh no.

Oh my god.

-Hello. Wow.

I'm Hai's mother.

Are you his friends from the actoring?
-Yes. -Hungry?

Mom, what are you doing here?

You're embarrassing me,
what's with the pot?

What mother doesn't
bring food to her son

when he studies actoring so hard?

Come eat.

You know, Hai started acting
when he was little.

He’d put on my dresses
and lipstick, do shows.

Hai, want my dresses too?

No, just your bralette.

Oh, you're so sweet.
What's your name?

Dafi. Nice to meet you.
-Dafi. Dafi.

You're thin,
you need to eat a lot.

You're sweet, Dafi. Pretty.
-Thank you.

Come on, guys, we gotta go.

we haven't eaten yet.

but class is starting, buddy.

Too bad.
I'll take it with me.

All the best to you,
may you live a long life.

Thank you, you too.
-Away from my son.

Come every day.
Your mom is awesome.

What is this, a circus?

You left your family
for this circus?

Look at you
and look at them!

Mom, I haven’t eaten,
can I eat something?

Have you no shame?

I work, cleaning floors

so that you can do
this acting nonsense.

Your father and Bekhor work like dogs
at the shop. Have you no shame?

Come on, Hai.
Ephraim's waiting.

Can we talk about this later?
I have to go.

Are you leaving me some or not?

Let them give you theirs.


Ofer, you're...

such a wonderful oven.

So hot, sweetie.
Work from here.

Let it out.
Oh, so hot, Ofer.


what a glorious butterfly.

Let yourself fly.

Fly. Fly.

Sit. Thank you.

if you're not connecting
with my class, you can leave

so you don't disturb
your classmates.

Are you done?

You're not in the right direction.

Then why were they laughing?
-Because it was funny.

But this isn't a funny-guy school
or an impersonators' school.

This is a drama school

and in drama
there are wishes and actions,

not caricatures.

Stay after school tonight

for some personal work with me.
Dafi, you're staying too.

No, I can't stay tonight.

I have to...

To go.
-Then go.

Thank you. -But if you go,
don't bother coming back.


Hey, Superman.

Wait up.

Don't you need
a phone booth for that?

You gotta make do with what you got.
I gotta go.

You're leaving after what he said?

I have no choice.
-You always have a choice. Don't go.

I ©a n't.
-He'll kick you out.

I can't.
-He'll kick you out.

Thanks for the pep-talk.
-I'm telling you the truth.

Is it because of your mom,
your brother?

Yes and yes.
e you tomorrow.

Go on, don't keep Mommy waiting.

That little shit is pulling
a no-show, huh?

Never mind, we'll manage without him.
-Without him?

No way.

I'm starting
to remodel tomorrow for Hai.

For Hai?
-For him, too.

This studio
needs to be remodeled

if someone else is gonna
be working here.

I need a big office for me
and a big editing room for Hai.

Then call it off.

Why? Because of
that little piece of shit?

Don't talk about
your brother like that.

We spent a lot of money
on equipment as it is.

Get it through your head,
he's not coming.

Oh, he's coming, all right.
I'm gonna get him right now.

Why can't you do
as I say for once?

Leave him be, Daddy's darling.

We'll do the filming.

Like we did back in the day,

you on the video,
me on the stills.

To each his own,
for better and for worse.

Leave it, sweetheart.
-You know what?

We'll manage without him,
who needs him anyway?



Pini Matatov.

We were in 5th grade together.

Pini, of course. Sorry, man.
-Good to see you.

I'm not in focus.
-It's okay.

I put on a little weight.
-A little.

Listen, buddy, I gotta go.

You still work with your dad
at his shop? -Yeah.

I'm still in my dad's business too,

but I don't guard anymore,
I'm just filling in for someone today,.

I see.
-So what's new? You married?

No, not yet.

I have three kids.
Wanna see?

Come take a look.

Come take a look.

This is Angela, Daddy's darling.
She's four.

This is Violeta, she's two.
And here's little Menachem.

Daddy's darling!
Three months old.

And now she's pregnant again.

My dad bought us an apartment
in his building in Or Yehuda.

I live like a king.

Hey, you're in the wrong direction

No, I'm in the right direction.

Don't tell me you're studying
at this nuthouse.

I decided to go for
my mother's character,

after a successful premiere,
she's at a cocktail party.

Don't tell. Do.


My neck hurts from turning around
all the time. You're late again.

I had to let them know
I'm not coming.

Okay, sit down.

Is it okay here?

Go ahead, Dafna.

Don't envy me.
There's a price to pay.

I pay a very heavy price
for my success.

Can you even imagine what it's like
when your daughter's ten years old,

then a soldier, then in college,

and you're not there
to accompany here along the way?

Can you my daughter
is in college?

What does that say about me?

Everything I had to sacrifice.

But I had no choice.

I had no...

That was good.

Hai, call me,
I'm here with the crane,

took me forever to put together,

but there's no image
on the monitor, Hai,

call me back!

Karen honey, do me a favor,

Close off this area here,
I want to film the hall empty

and I don't want anyone conning through.
-What for?

Because it's nice.
-Okay. Anything else?

Yeah, make sure to walk by a lot,
so I can feast my eyes on you.

Okay, but hurry,
people are starting to arrive.

Just give me a minute.

Did you talk to Yoram?
-Yeah, you're all set.

Don't you trust me?

30 seconds.

You know
30 seconds isn't enough for me.

Why did you walk through
the frame, sweetheart?

What happened?

You gotta be kidding me.

What do we do now?

Oh my god.

Don't look at her like that.

What, you own her now?

Grab a number
and wait in line.

She's into Elad.

I'll go back when there's more room.

Ain't gonna happen.

The class was really intense today.
Your mom's a real character.

This is a great time to talk about it,
you're not for real.

I'm totally for real.

So what happened
with your brother?

I'll tell you mine
if you tell me yours.

A poet.

Let's just say
I'd swap my Bulgarian mother

for your Bukharian mother
any day.

Oh, so you're Bulgarian.

And the other half?

You'll never know.

I've had enough of this party, let's go.

I'm hungry, let's go.

can we go after this song?



Come on!

Aliza, it's so short.

So is our life, bless your heart.
Let me see.

What are you doing?
-I just wanna try it on.


This is sexy.

This isn't.


Modest is the sexiest.
Look at Kate Middleton.

Yeah, but she doesn’t buy
her clothes

at a bizarre in Bnei Berak, right?

I hope Hai's here already.

You know how long I've waited for you
to come with me to a party in Tel Aviv?

And in a strapless dress!

After you, Kate.

Aliza, have you seen Hai?

Hai. I can't find him
and he's not answering his phone.

Forget about Hai.
Live a little.

Who are you looking for?
-Hai. -Who?

Hai. Do you know him?
-Yeah, we study together.

He just left with someone.
He'll probably be right back.

Can we start having fun now?

They're open 24 hours a day?

That's so cool.
A Bukharian diner.

This is on the house, Hai.
-Thank you.

Enjoy, have a good time.

Wow, thanks.
-My pleasure.

So much.

Try it.

Not like that.
-What? -Watch.


What's it like
being Talia Oren's daughter?

You too?

You want to ruin my evening?

The last thing I want
to talk about is my mother.

Okay, gotcha.

You're half Moroccan?

Sorry, it's a sensitive issue.
Everyone wants to talk about her.

Even when I think they don't,
they do.

You know what it's like
living with a mother you can't get rid of?

A little.


I knew it was you. Wow, you've really
changed since grade school, Mazi.


Doesn't she look amazing?

We'll be right back.
Don't go away.

To the bathroom, now.

She's gonna be on to us!

Come on, Aliza, answer.

No way.
It's time you learned to lie.

I'm not answering.

What's taking you so long?

What's wrong?
Why didn't you call?

I fell asleep.

Thank god,
I thought something happened.

Don't do that to your mother,
are you trying to kill me?

What was that?

We fell asleep with the TV on.

I want to talk to Aliza.

No way! No!

She fell asleep.

Let me talk to Aliza, angel.


I'm sleeping, who is this?

Okay, sorry for waking you,
I didn't know you were sleeping.

Good night.
All the best.

Come on, let us in.

What took you so long?
-Thanks, bye.

Wanna come to my place?



I didn't let anyone know
that I wouldn't be coming home.

You're so sweet.

Just like
that Bukharian desert, chik-chak?



Come on.

Wanna shoot some hoops?

I'm really good.
-So am I.

I used to play for Maccabi Tel Aviv.
-No way.

-Really? -Yeah.

But only for three months.
-Sexy. Oh.


I can't believe I'm saying this,

but let's go home.

In a little bit, Aliza.
Maybe Hai will show up.

Like you're really waiting for Hai.

You go, Aliza.
I'll take her home.


You go, Aliza, he'll take me home.
He'll take me home.

Are you sure?

Go already, you pain in the butt.
You're the only who told me to live. Go.

Okay, but take good care of her,
or you'll have me to answer to.

Good night, Aliza.

Good night, Aliza.
-Good night.

Good night, Aliza.
-Good night, Aliza.

I have to go to the bathroom.


Are you okay?
-Can you help me?

Yeah, sure.


Wow, you're a great kisser.

Just a great kissor?

All the rest..


-It's okay...

You still wanna swap?


Now I'm on top
and you're on the bottom.

Oh my god, I...

have to pee so bad.

Oh no, there's... Oops.

Will you watch the door for me?
-Of course I will.

You have nothing to worry about.

You okay?

Something fell in here.
-Need my help?

I think so.

Okay, you can go out now.

Come on, don't be like that.
-Stop it.


Stop it.


It's my first time.

Mine too.