Where Do You Live? (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

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Hey. Hello.

Please welcome the star of the evening,
the king of the family,

Hai Shem-Tov!


Thank you. Thank you.

Hai Shem-Tov.

Hai Shem-Tov?

Dafna Oren.

How are you, Ephraim?
-Fine, thanks.

In the interest of full disclosure,

Dafna and I know each other
through her mother,

the famous actress Talia Oren.

But that will have no effect
on your audition, Dafna.

If anything,
it'll be held against you.

Go ahead, Dafna.

S®rry. Excuse me.

Hai. Hai Shem-Tov.
-Hai Shem-Tov?

Love you, man.
-Cheers. Bless your heart.


Maybe I'll grab a bite.

What, Mom?
Hi, Aliza, what's up?

Now that you're through
goofing around in the army

it's time to get hitched.

Hitched? With Aliza?

She's my cousin.
-On the mother's side it's allowed.

\Ne know she's from
a good family.

-I don't mind.

Are you crazy?

You want our kids to look like
Uncle Malkiel?

Uncle Malkiel's a millionaire.
-Forget it.

You're late.


I'm s®rry. Can I sit down?

Is it okay?

why should I let you in?

Because I'm asking nicely?

Try again next year.
-No, I'm sorry.

It won't happen again.
-It certainly won’t.


Listen, I skipped work,
I lied to my mom,

my brother, my dad,
you name it,

except my grandma,
t® get here on time.

They threw me a surprise party.

I couldn't get away..

Excellent. Pay attention,

here's an excellent example of text,
desire and action all in one.

Dafna, if you don't mind.


And... I don't mind at all.

Yes, Shem-Tov.

Hai was my best soldier.

Charming, smart.

He's got it all,

brains and beauty.

Like his big brother.

Have my baby!


it's hard to let you go,

I'm considering a month
of reserves duty. Okay?

No, he's back with his mother now.

Choose your path in life,

whatever's right for you...

He's chosen his path.
He's following the path of his family,

his parents, his brother.

Don't worry.
-Now it's time

to have some fun,
fool around with the ladies...

Thank you, Mr. Officer.

Hai says you're a major.
As we say in our language,

may you have major success.

Amen. -Amen.
-And good health.

Go back to your seat.
-Thank you. -Your food’s getting cold.

Dig in.
Hit it, orchestra.


Grab the mike and make us laugh.

It's boring here.
Make us laugh, buddy.

Hello, everyone.

Friends and family,
thank you for coming.

You deserve thanks.

\Ne Bukharians like to stay
at home. For instance...

Did you prepare
a classic monologue? -Yes.

Dudu Topaz,
"Moshe and the Orangeade."

That's your classic monologue?

Dudu Topaz is classic, isn't he?

What else did you prepare?

Miko... from "Charlie and a Half."

Make it "Moshe and the Orangeade."

Is there a stool here?
-No stool. Do it without a stool.

Our family likes to stay at home.

We stay at home all Saturday.

Last Saturday my dad woke me
and my sister Molly up,

only my brother Bekhor
didn't wake up.

My dad slapped him awake.

My mom yelled:
Why are you hitting the boy?

He slapped her too.

And Molly started crying.
My dad, my mom and I

all slapped her.

That was our morning workout.

My family loves nature.

Every Saturday we go out...

are you imitating Dudu Topaz?

Remember how vibrant you were
when you came in?

Yes. -Good.

Do it like that.

My family loves nature.

\Ne go on picnics every Saturday.
Last Saturday...

We go on picnics every Saturday.
Last Saturday...

Dude, he tore you apart.
But you were good.

Not gjsod enough.

You eracked me up.
I prepared Shakespeare.


Big like. Huge.

What? -For doing Dudu Topaz.
Perfect protest against

the establishment telling us
what culture is.

Who are they to say that
"Moshe and the Orangeade"

isn't a classic?

Go.od luck, man.
-Bye, Ofer.

I'm outta here.

you later.

I'm good at protests.

The housing protest, the cost of
living protest, the yogurt protest.

No, "Charlie and a Half,"
"The Tzananis," "Party at the Pool Hall,"

they're all relevant. Really.

Pretty good movies, too.

Finally, an Ashkenazi who gets it.

I'm not an Ashkenazi.

Wait a sec. I have a call.

It's my mom. Just a sec.

Hi, Mom.
-Where are you?

Bekhor said you didn’t
come to work.

I had a few errands.
I'll be right there.

What errands?

For the army,

the Discharged Soldiers Guidance Unit.

You don't need guidance.

gotta go. We'll talk

Bye. Regards to Mom.

Who's that? A girl?

Is she Bukharian?

No, a girl? Don't be silly.

Someone threw up in Room 6.
-I'll be right there.

If you don't mind.
-Of course.

Where is that little shit?

The nerve,
making his dad carry this stuff.

He'll be here soon.

He'll be...

right here.
-The nerve.

He doesn't call,
doesn't answer.

I hope he's all right.

This is unlike him.
-It's just like him.

Since the army,
he only thinks of himself

and we're busting our asses here.

Bitching again?

You do all the carrying
on the way back.

Hai, Daddy's darling,

my father gave me this camera
for my Bar Mitzvah.

Now that you're
working with us again

I want you to have it, darling.

I can't take this, Dad.

It's an antique.

I trust you. Take it.

Give it to Bekhor.

Bekhor? It's not for him.
It's for you.

Only you will appreciate it,
Daddy's darling.

Yes. -Okay.

More garbage?

Hurry up, well be late
for the circumcision.

\Ne can always do yours instead.


Hold this.

Bring it in.


What's going on here?

You're uneasy.

You're stressed.

You worry a lot.
The whole burden's on you.

The house, the family,
the kids, everything,

your husband, but only on you.

Never cheated, never will.

You do everything for the kids.
They're good kids.

They work hard.
They'll get ahead.

Is your daughter still in school?

I'm not worried about her.
What about Hai?

I think

he has a girlfriend,

that's why he doesn't want
to marry hil ©oili^in. -His cousin?

@®d help y®u,
we don't even do that any more.

Okay, not his cousin,
but she should be Bukharian.

I spoke to him on the phone
and heard a woman with him.

She sounded Ashkenazi.


I just saw the number 5.

Your son's luck
begins with the number 5.

Your sojjls luck
begins-wdit'lii tke number 5.

I see that fall in love
im 5 days,

5 weeks, 5 months

or 5 yeans. That's all.
-Thank Ged. -Thank God.

or 5 years. That's all.
-Thank God. -Thank God.

Through a matchmaker?


No matchmaker.

He'll meet her by himself.

She'll attract him like a magnet.
Like this.

Is she a nice girl?
Good family?

Her parents are very respectable.
And she's very pretty.

She has golden hair.

A blonde Bukharian?

And very smart.

Smart... What do I need
a smart girl for?

I want a homemaker,

a cleaner, a cook, a mother.

What I mainly see
is a love like fire between them.

That's an 80% chance of marriage.

Why only 80

Because someone is in their way.


Me? -Yes.

I'm not in the way.

I just tell them what I think

until they do what I want,

but I don't get in the way.

Why do you say
that I'm in the way

Because she isn't Bukharian.

Out of the question!


You're an artist.

If I had a steady-cam

it'd be much better.

Now that you're back,
you can have whatever you want.

Look at me.

I asked the rabbi 100 times
to let me know before he starts.

Just shoot.

Welcome, my faithful congregation

Welcome in the name of the Lord

May the newborn boy
bring good luck...

Look at me. Move back.

Give the father the baby.

Take a good look at his weenie
and you'll have a boy.

Amen. -Amen.

Elijah the Prophet,
Angel of circumcision,

may he reveal himself soon.

Amen. -Amen.

By your leave...
-By the leave of Heaven...

Blessed his He who commanded us
to perform circumcision. -Hello?

Hello, I'm calling from
the actors' studio.

You auditioned for us.
-Yes, yes.

Congratulations, you passed.

-Thank you.

Come in for the last audition,

Ephraim wants you to learn
"He Walked Through the Fields."

I'll send you the script.

You'll send it? Great. Thanks.

Bless You, O Lord our God,

for sustaining us and
bringing us to this day.


Dear listeners,

listen to our daily program
in Bukharian

on the Voice of Israel.

And now for the famous teacher
and consultant,

Mrs. Heftzi Shmuelov-Usharov.


If you please, Heftzi.

Dear listeners,

welcome to "Good Advice."

At the mike is Grandma
Heftzigul Usharov-Shmuelov,

always at your service.

Any question you have,
don't hesitate to call in

and I'll do what I can to help.

Hello? -Yes.

Hello, Grandma Heftzigul?

I've been trying to reach you
for a long time.

I have a question.

No matter what I do for
my husband, it isn't enough.

I wake up half an hour early
every morning

to make him a scrambled egg.

A scrambled what?

A scrambled egg-

A scrambled egg?
-Yes, a scrambled egg.

And once the eggshell
fell into the egg

and I didn't notice.
It happens.

Hasn't it happened to you?

-And what happened?

My husband gave me hell.

What's the big deal?

So a few bits of shell fell in?

Be smart, honey,

tell him it's good for him.

All the vitamins are in the shell.


I know the whole story.
-About what?

About Hai.

Hai's a good boy.

I know he tells you everything.

You said he wouldn't join the army?

But he did!

If you don't tell me everything

I'll sell your radio
and your antique clock

to the junk man.

Have you no shame?
Your father gave me that clock,

he inherited it
from his grandfather.

Hai has an Ashkenazi girlfriend.

I didn't know...

Since when? Really?

You think I'm stupid.

When I catch Hai

I'll slice him into little pieces.

Did you eat?

Did you take your medication?

I'll bring you some gozhgizha.

Dear listeners,
we're back with "Good Advice."

Just keep your eyes open.

Take a look around.

Blessed are You..

Lord our God,
King of the universe,

Who sanctified us
with His commandments

and commanded us to wash
our hands.


Say something.

Bless You, O Lord,

who brings forth bread
from the earth. -Amen.

What do you say?


Your dad gives him
all the attention.

He'll end up getting everything,
not just the camera.


Who cares? Let Hai have fun,

let him edit films
from morning till morning

and I'll have dinner
with my family.

and I'll’ have dinner
with my family.

Or rather, my wife will
drive me nuts for dinner.

Come here, let me bless you.

Dye your hair already!

May God bless you and keep you.

May God shine His countenance
®n you and teach you,

may ©od turn His face to you

and grant you peace.
And they will bless the Jews in My name

and I will bless them.

May you grow up proudly.

Sit down and eat.

Don’t let him touch
the books or the money.

Shut up, he's my brother.

Would he cheat me?

He's my own flesh and blood.

I trust him.

The Bible is full of stories
about brothers.

Jacob and Esau,
Cain and Abel.

Samson and Delilah.

I'm no Delilah.
-No, no.

Y@ur hair isn't dyed.

Dye your hair already.

You have beet juice here.
-Okay, okay.

Amen. -Amen.

Yes, yes. -Make the blessing.
Bless You...

Lord our God...

Who sanctified us...

Who sustained us and brought us
to this day.

Amen. -Amen.^
-CongTatula tions.

Amen. -Amen.

Amen. -Amen.

Working on Saturday night?
That's what I like to see.

I thought I was the only chump here.

Yeah. -Did you finish
the Bangiev circumcision? -No, I...

Yeah. -®id yoiii finish
the Bangiev circumcision? -No, I...

I'm still waiting for the pictures
of the pregnant mother.

They didn't even pay for it,
why waste time on it?

They dieln't even pay for it,
why waste time on it?

He's an important olient,
a millionaire.

A millionaire cheapskate.

He thinks he deserves a discount
because he knows Dad.

Just do as I ask, okay?

Just d® as I ask, ®kay?

You're the artist,
leave the management to me.

Now finish the circumcision
and get onto the Pinhasov wedding.

We can milk him.

*’m so glad you're back.

Finally, someone I can count on.

Thanks. Thanks, bro.

Tell me, can I...

I want to fix the place up,


bring in young ©liomfe, oligarchs,

bring in young clients, oligarchs,

young oligarchs.

young oligarehs.

You make g®®d films,

I'll do the rest,
and after we renovate

you'll get the biggest room.

After me.

You 'll get the biggest salary.

After me.

Good night. I'm going.

Good night.

Lord our God...

Who sanctified us...

Bless You, Lord our God,

I/V7?o sustained us and brought us
to this day.

-It's late.

I made you dinner. It's waiting.

No, Mom. Go to bed.
I'm working late tonight.

You can finish in the morning.

I can't.
I have a lot of work to do.

Don't worry. Good night.

Shit. Shit.

Shit, shit, shit, shit.



Dad, when he comes in

just say hello and leave.

Leave the business?
-No, leave the office.

I don't want you here

when we discuss money.
-Why not?

You've known him for 200 years

so he'll ask for a 200% discount.

Whatever you say, Bekhor.




Your event went very well.
-Thank you.

All the best. Go ahead.

You know,

it's only thanks to your dad
that I still come here.

Other people offer the same thing
at half the price,

but what do I always say?

Only Photo Abo will do.

Bless you.
-Thank you.

Bless you, Simha.
-Have a seat.

Good thing he loaned you
2,000 rubles in 77.

I heard the story.

You know, your father’s
money is blessed. -Yes.

After that I bought 20 trucks.

For me, money is like water

thanks to this man.
-Sure. Dad,

a jug of green tea, please.

Meanwhile I'll get things going.

Gladly. All the best.

This is the hall.
We filmed it before everyone came in.

What f@r?

It's looks nice.

Show me something interesting.


This is the receptiem.

And here..

here's the mother with the baby,

and h©r©'s y@u
holding th© baby.

and here's you
holding the baby.

You filmed very nice.

This is what Hai filmed, right?

That's my little brother.
He's a great cameraman.

Where is he?

And here's the moment
we've been waiting for...

No, I can't watch this.

I didn't watch

at the circumcision either.


Can I look now?

It's all bloody.

This is where he chops it off.

Why did you turn it off?

This part needs editing.

Hai will come in today

and take care of it,

but we have a gorgeous
segment for the beginning,

take a look.

Hold on, buddy.

What do you mean, it isn't ready?

I'm flying back to Queens tomorrow.

I want to take the DVD
with me to America.

Don't worry, I'll send it by FedEx.

Right to your doorstep.

Then you'll get the money
by FedEx, too.

And that's only because
I know your dad.

Mr. Simha,

it'll all be ready by tomorrow, I...

You'll get the video tomorrow.

If not, I ©hop off your weenie.

-Where the hell are you?

I'm running an errand

t the Discharged Soldiers Guidance Unit

It's my springboard
to civilian life.

What were you doing
at the Bangiev circumcision?

Are you a moron?!

Don't worry, I'll take care of it.

How? You'll chop it off again?

You idiot! They need the video today.

Today? How can I do it today?

Get your ass over here now, Hai.

Don't let me down.

Okay, but it'll take a while.

Hey, Hai.
You coming? We're late.

Are you trying to ruin my business?

Get over here now, you hear?!

Right now.

Margo, not now!

The play is "He Walked
Through the Fields," right?

And the scene is
where Mika and Uri...

Shem-Tov, Shem-Tov,
we're starting off on the wrong foot.

Sorry, it was a long trip.

Actually, we came in at the same time.
I mean...

he even came in
a little before me.

He was outside.
-Okay, then you’ll be together.

Interesting combination, actually.

And since you're so happy outside,
you can rehearse outside, too.

v *

All the rooms are taken
in any case. Move it.

Get to work.
-Thanks. -No problem.

So you're stuck with me.

If this is being stuck,
I'll get stuck every day.

Where do you want to rehearse?

Not outside in this heat.



My mom thinks
we're still in Bukhara.

It's fine. It's really nice.

In certain cultures.

Sorry. I really like it.

I think it's ugly, too.

No, it's lovely.


So where is Bukharia?
In Georgia?

It's Bukhara, and no,
but it's not far.

It's in Uzbekistan,
the former USSR.


It's my mom.
I thought she was at work.

Want me to hide in the cabinet?

Be quiet, I'm not kidding.

It's you. V\^iat a relief.

Hi. -Hi.

This is Dafi.
-Hi, Dafi.

Your girlfriend?
-No, no.

This is my little sister Molly.

We're auditioning for...

I'm not supposed to
know about it, remember?

And you'd better not tell anyene.

Why aren't you in
the photos, Molly?

That's me.

If your feminist seminar is over

I'd like to get started.

What are you working ®n?
-Bye, Molly.

What are you working on?
-Bye, Molly.

Girls speak once a year.

Can we get to work now?
-Sure. -Good.

I feel sorry for my mom.
I swear.

If she asks you,

tell her I'm only going
for a week or two.

What about your things, Uri?

What things?

All my belongings are here.

I came into an empty temit
and I'm leaving an empty tent.

As if you were never here.
-I don't get you.

don't get you.

Slap me.

I yelled at you, you got mad,

so slap me.

-I don't get you, Mika.

Good. Another one.

-Out of inertia.

With all due respect to
the Orangeade, this isn't working.

I know.
At least the Orangeade is funny.

What is this shit?

Okay, what's your starting point?

I started as a baby.

No, in the scene.

In theater, things don’t just happen.

Did Ephraim tell you that?

No, he didn't tell me anything.

I know what I'm doing.

What’s your starting point
in the scene?

Hai, can I borrow a baking pan?

I don't have a deep pan.

Sure, Rachel.
Take a bell, too,

so you can ring
before you come in.

You making fun of me?
I took two eggs,

two onions.

Hello. I'm Rachel, the neighbor.
-Hello. Dafi.

Are you Hai's new girlfriend?

No, we’re just studying together.
-It's all right, Rachel.

Is she your girlfriend?
-No. Get out!

Whose daughter is she?

Nobody's! Go home.


You see? She doesn't need
a starting point to come in.

She comes in
whenever she wants.

Okay. Three, two, one, go.

All my belongings are here.
-Come sit here.

No, I should be next to my bag.

Just come back.

I can't..

I'm crossing you.
-You're what?

If she asks you,

tell her I'm only going
tor a week or two.

What are you drinking?

Strawberry soda.

I don't get you, Mika.
I don't get you.

I don't get you.

Sit down. Next couple.

What do you mean?

I've seen enough.
-But we’re in the middle.

\Ne prepared a slap.
-Yes, yes. Sit down.

Next couple.

Did they give you a hard time,
Grandma's darling?

I don't know,

just a bunch of annoying Ashkenazis.

Listen to the radio,

he's saying,
'When you're an artist, you'll understand.'

One day you'll be an artist
and you 'll understand...

Pardon me, Grandma.

Yes, this is Hai.


I didn't pass.

Why not?

Did they tell you why?

What does she know?
That was the secretary.

And that's it? You're giving up?

The Ashkenazis can't stand
seeing us succeed.

Don't let them get away with it!

Go talk to them.
Don't lose faith.

Who else will they take?

Who else? The millionaires' kids,
the actors' kids, the celebs' kids.

Will those Ashkenazis
give me a chance? Never!

It's their mistake!
I was a teacher in Bukhara

for 35 years until
I came to Israel.

Don't let them get away with it,

be a man.

I knew it. You can't pass up
Grandma's oshpalo.

-Come here, Bekhor.

Carr you tell me
Wjhat was so important

that you'd ruin the business for it?

Stop exaggerating, Bekhor.

Get over there and fix it.

I don't know how you'll do it,

but if you care about your family,
you'll fix it.

you at the store.
I'll fix it.

Why are you leaving
without eating?

Let him go.

He only understands yelling.

Why aren’t there enough carrots?

You came late.

And he ate all the carrots?

-You used to save some for me.




Take what you want, I'm busy.

I brought the pan back.

When did you take it?

Hai gave it to me two hours ago.

Hai? He was here?

Hai was here

with his girlfriend.

Such a pretty girl.
Blue eyes, yellow hair.

Is she Bukharian?

Layla is never wrong.

What does it say here?

'Tm starting."

"I'm starting...

'Tm starting...


"feel sorry for my mother, I swear.

"If she asks you,

"tell her I'm only going
for a week or two."

Going? -Yes.
-Going where?

I don't know.
-Go on, read it.

"I came into an empty tent."

An empty tent? Ridiculous.

Why didn't I get in?

Is it my acting
or something else?

Tell me, I can handle it,

but I have a right to know.

Because you're insolent,
that’s why. -It’s okay, Eva.

Because you're insolent,
that's why. -It's okay, Eva.

It's not okay, Ephraim.

You're right, Eva,
but let me deal with this.


If you don't mind.

but you have potential.

So what's the problem?

You don’t want it badly enough.
-You're kidding.

You're chronically late, you're childish,
you can't take criticism,

you've got a big ego, and on top
of all that, you're insolent.

Ephraim, I turned my back
on everything and everyone

I grew up on
to be here today.

And you say
I don't want it badly enough?

Who do you think you are?

You aren't worth
my mother's little finger.

I'm not your mother
and this isn't summer camp.

I have a school to run
and studying here is very intensive.

There are hundreds of young men
just as talented as you

who want to study here.

One day you'll see me on TV,
in the movies, on stage.

You'll remember the Bukharian
and you'll say:

I guess he did want it badly enough.

Because not you
or my mother or my brother

or anyone will stop me.
I'll be an actor and I'll learn to act,

if not here, somewhere else.


Get Noam on the line for me.

Hai, do me a favor,

if you aren’t here to fix
the film then leave,

I don't want to beat
my brother up.

It wouldn't be the first time.

Yes, but not this badly.

You're still on probation
for that Cellcom guy

you threw the phone at.

One month left.

Is it safe to come in?
-At your own risk.

Come on, lighten up.

I'm here.
Let's figure something out.

I don't know...

Come up with anything?

I'll tell them the truth.
What's the worst that could happen?

I don't see what the big deal

about the chop is.

Nobody watches it anyway.

That's true, isn't it?

Give me Motayev's circumcision.

They had the same Mohel, right?

What does Motayev
have to do with it?

I take this and put it here...

Even his mother wouldn't knew
it's another baby's weenie.

You're the man!

Love you. You're an artist.


It takes 30 years to earn a reputation
and 30 seconds to lose it.

Got a cigarette?

May God bless their union.

Come here, Grandma,

may God grant you good health.

Thank God.

Knock on wood. May we always
celebrate together. Cheers.

Thank God.
-Thanks for coming. Bless you all.

May we know no grief.
-Amen. Good health to you.

Daddy's darling.

Here he is.

Quick, Molly.

Get the bichak.

Here's my Hai.
Mommy's darling.

Where were you?
-At the Discharged Soldiers1...

He was at work.

He looks good, thank God.

They work hard.

My eldest is filming an event now.
We like money.

Lots of money.

Bella. Nice to meet you.


Hai. -Penina.

After the wedding.

How was it?
-Don't ask.

Not even the mother could tell.

Good, so you're coming home?

But I'm stopping at the Sheraton
to give that oligarch Bangiev

his DVD and make sure
everything's okay,

then I'll be there.


Don't wait up, honey.
You know those oligarchs,

"Let's see, have a seat.
I want to make sure it's all right,

"show me the albums,
the photos."

It won’t be easy
to get the money out of him.

So don't wait up, honey.

but try to come home soon,

\Ne don't see each other
much lately.

Why? We talk all the time.

It's not the same.

Two hours max.

-Bye, honey.

Oligarch, huh?

Come here,
my little events director.

Remember, you have to talk
to Yoram for me.

Yoram who?
-Don't you remember?

How about now?

About the promotion.

Yoram. Just say so.

My mom told me
you just graduated.

Not exactly. I'm graduating soon.

Nice. What are you studying?

Am I sitting next to a doctor?

Not exactly.

A medical secretary.

Oh. In university?
-Not exactly.

In high school.

You're graduating high school?

Not exactly graduating.

Why do you have a picture
of Hitler on the wall?


Hai Shem-Tov?
It's Eva from the actors1 studio.

I don't know how you did it

but Ephraim asked me
to tell you you're in.

Classes start on September 27th.


Thank you. Thank you, Eva.
Thank you.

What happened?

I'm in! Penina, I'm in!

jin iu,|

Who let you in?


Who's Ephraim?

Ephraim Aloni,

from the best acting school in Israel.
I'm in!

But my parents don't know yet.
It's a surprise.

So please,

keep it hush-hush...
-Sure, sweetie.

It means a lot to me.

Shall we go back out?

Whatever you want.
-That's just what I want.

They're a perfect match,
thank God.

Why'd you come back so soon?

It was great. We talked.

She's a really sweet girl, but...

That's it. We talked.

Yes, Mom.
-What?! -I could just die.

We thought you were decent people.
-What's the matter? -You're frauds!

-Think before you speak.

What's the matter?
-Is something wrong?

What's wrong with my daughter?
She's smart and hard-working,

modest and polite,
tall, she's Daddy's darling.

Why would she marry an artist?

Bunch of frauds. -I hope Melika dies.
-Don't shout, you'll get a hernia.

Calm down.
-Calm down?!

Get up, we're leaving

Come on, we're leaving!

I'm sorry.

"My son works,
my son makes money..."

Bunch of frauds!
-We should be related to that baldy?