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Previously on "When Shall We Kiss?":

Is that my father?

Get off my back. Enough!

Just so you know. I've got people
at the office checking who he is!

We found the man from the newspaper.

What's his name? -Yirmi Leibowitz.

What's the matter? Are you okay?

I was kind of in love with
you all through high school.

I'm really sorry. I have to...

Hi. this is Yuval Lavi. Min's
brother. She’s committed suicide.

I'm sorry I ran out
on you in the middle...

and hung up on you.

I could come again, if that's alright.

That's just it. too.many people
around throw him off balance.

What did you say your name is?

Yasmin, my folks like across the
street, we've met a few times.

What are you doing here?

You don't return my calls, so I
decided to take the initiative.

I want us to go to couples therapy.

I don't want to open this
discussion again, okay?

Last time we had sex
was when we made Liat.

I've been having a pretty
bad run on dates lately.

Maybe they're disappointed
when they see me.

You're not "special", you are ugly!! -

"Sensuous 77: Sorry.
I don't have a picture.

"Dolphin: Why not?

-Sensuous 77- I’m famous.

"Sensuous 77: We could meet at
a hotel, in total darkness...

Tonight on "Shall we Kiss":

Hello. -Yes.

I'm trying to recognize
it from television.

I'm having second
thoughts about our meeting.

I don't think I can...

Why don't we cancel it?

Hi. -Hi. how are you? -Fine.

Mickey, your wife's here.

You look great, as usual.
-Really? I feel like shit.

Yeah? -Where is he? Mickey, we're late.

We have, a parents'
meeting and we're late.

You don't say?

Hi. sweetie.
-How long do I have to wait for you?

You know I hate being late. let's go.

How long have you been
waiting? You just got here.

Why do you always
make false accusations?

Wait a second, okay?

I feel like kissing you.
holding you, smelling you.

making children with you.


What a feminine laugh you
have, you're killing me.

I really think it's crazy,
this meeting in the dark.

It’s going nowhere, you know?

What has to happen
between us is inevitable.

it's one of those things
that when you start...

You know as well as I do
that it's stronger than us.

it's got a life of its own.

So, in two hours, at the hotel?

In two hours.

Created and Written by: Dalit Kahan

Adi Ezroni. Lior Ashkenazi

Yael Sharoni. Dalit Kahan. Lior Raz

Maayan Weinstock. Rinat Abulafia

Einat Waisman-Diamond. Yoav Hait

Casting Director: Hila Yuval

Music: Adi Cohen

Art Director: Arad Shaawat

Cinematography: Boaz Yehonatan Ya'akov

Line Producer: Guy Levi

Editor: Boaz Lion

Producer: Dikla Barkai

Directed by: Shai Kapon. Alon Benari

Editing Director: Dalit Kahan

When Shall We Kiss?

Tell me... Are there...

Anything new? Any new
cosmetic discoveries?

Do me a favor, tell him I left, okay?

These Hungarians are driving
me crazy with their pressure.

how can I get them
a delivery in 3 days?

Where is she? Where's
my beautiful wife?

She told me to tell you that she left.

Are you serious? -Yes.

Have I done something wrong?
-I don't know. Mickey.

Do me a favor, don't involve
me in your affairs, okay?

Okay. Get me a taxi.

- -Yirmi Leibowitz -

I know. I'm late. I know.

The client is here. I'm on my way. bye.

Hello. -Hi.

Good morning. I'm really very sorry.

-Miri's place -

I'll show you how we plan to sell it...

- Yuval -

I'm very sorry. I have to...

Hello. Am I interrupting anything? -No.

It's Yuval. -Hi, Yuval, how are you?

Okay, you know... -Yes.

How are you? -Fine, thanks.

I wanted to thank you
for coming to the shivah.

it did me a lot of good.
-Don't mention it.

I was pleasantly surprised.
-I'm glad. I mean...

Whatever you're supposed to say.


Are you feeling any better?
-Yeah, you know.

Why don't we have coffee sometime?

That's a great idea, we'll have coffee.


I'll pull myself together
a bit and we'll make a date.

Okay, it's a date.


We'll talk. -Yeah.

Bye. -Bye.

You can come in. I've
dimmed the lights.

I want to make sure I
haven't made a mistake.

Dolphin, divorced, good looking.
38 years old from Ra'anana?

And you're... the famous Sexy 77?

Sexy, is everything alright?

Yes. I... don't exactly
know what to do now.

Let's start with a handshake. -Okay.

Ram. very nice to meet you. -I...

I'll remain anonymous,
if you don't mind.

Your hand feels nice. -So does yours.

Sorry. I can't stop trying
to recognize your voice.

I know it. it sounds familiar.

I just can't connect it to a face.

May I approach you

Just a second, okay? I'm a bit...

Give me a second, okay? -Fine.

Can I touch your face?

No... just a second,
please, please, not yet.

No problem.

Can I smell you? -Okay.

What a laugh you have.

What a scent you have.

You have a foreign smell.

Your body radiates so much heat.

Isn't what we're doing crazy

Wow. wow..

you are an angel from heaven.

Can I get a kiss in my own house?

How come you're early?
And why the good mood?

Excuse me. can I get
a kiss around here?

On my way home, kept thinking about us

and I decided that we
should open a new page.

I'm tired of seeing you in a bad mood.

From now on you'll get a
totally new and improved Mickey.

You want me to put the kid to bed?

She's already asleep.
You know what time it is?

I'm going to make you
a terrific tuna salad.

like you've never eaten in your life.

What's gotten into you? You're hyper.

Who's hyper? I love you. I missed you.

I want to spoil you.

It's our anniversary next week.

let's go to a hotel, just
the two of us. up north.

Why throw money away on nothing?

What's wrong with staying home?

I don't know. I just thought...

the two of us. alone, without the kids.

We haven't had sex in a long time.

I miss it.

I miss you.

So what's the problem. let's have sex.


It doesn't have to be today, it
can be whenever you're in the mood.

I want you to know that since...
you haven't been into it.

I've lost it... I don't feel as horny.

That's not true. I do want it.

Besides, what does toeing
horny have to do with it.

I'm talking about closeness,
don't you want to feel close to me?

Of course I do. darling, of course.

I miss you.

I want you to know that I'm
heading for a rough time at work.

you wouldn't believe what landed on me.

What a nightmare.

Oh. so you did tow it away.

I didn't understand where my
car suddenly disappeared to.

Great. the fine there too?

And the other fine in the mail.

Wonderful, have a nice day.

Thank you. may there be
more people like you too.

How are you. Dov?

Wow. you're very...

You look wonderful today.

Your hair do looks very nice on you.
-Thanks a lot. -Very.

You look radiant. -Thanks.

If you don't mind. I need... -Sure.

Dov. since you’ve put things in order

I can't find lots of things.
Where did you put my stuff?

No. I left everything in place.

I only threw away some flyers
that seemed unnecessary.

besides that I haven't touched a
thing, what are you looking for?

Never mind.

I had some pamphlets on cosmetic
surgery, did you throw them out?

Sorry. I was sure it
was just some junk mail.

Never mind, if doesn't matter.

Can I be totally honest with you?


I don't think you need any surgery.

I'm not saying it as a compliment.

in my eyes... speaking
for myself, of course.

you're one of the most
beautiful women I know.

not in the literal sense of the word.

beautiful with character.

like a French movie star.

I'm blushing.

I've never heard that before.

If I were you. I wouldn't
rush into surgery.

Thanks. I'll think about

Have a wonderful

Au revoir, mademoiselle.

You too. sweetie.





No. that's impossible.

Yes- the joy of life

He finally calls and thanks
me like some goody two-shoes

and tentatively asks me out to coffee.

What was I thinking
by going to the shivah?

That while.he's mourning
he'll walk over and say:

"I'm glad you came,
let's go out for a drink."

Actually, that line worked
quite well for that little bimbo.

How could she be so shameless...
-That slut.

Yeah, she did come across slutty.

You think she looks good?
-Are you kidding?

Listen, she is... hot.

I don't know it's been months since...

I'm not interested in
these dykes anymore.

So... you've got a problem.

Listen. Yuval will never
go for someone like that.

he likes women with class, so relax.

there's no way he’s interested in her.

Do you hear me? -Yes.

Why don't you go to. his flower shop and tell him...

I hate flowers, but. hi. I
happened to be in the neighborhood.

You're wearing me out.
-What should I say?

My employee's father broke his
hip. I came to buy him some flowers.

casually, without making
a big deal out of it.

It's obvious, too obvious.

Hey. -Hi. what a coincidence.

How are you. Yuval?
-Fine, getting better.

I'll be okay.

How are you? -Fine. Just fine.

I didn't think I'd see you here.
-What do you mean?

I came to buy flowers
for my employee's father

who broke his hip and...
I knew this was your store

but I didn't think you'd already...
I'm not being critical. I...

It's good to get back to life quickly.


You look wonderful today. -Really?

I didn't mean just today,
you look great in general.

The timing was pretty bad. wasn’t it?

Timing is nothing.

Whatever has to happen,
happens, doesn't it?

Guess who was a good girl
and didn't throw up her lunch?

You look familiar.

You... sell sportswear at
the Kfar Saba mall, don't you?

No. this is Shira, you
met her at the shivah.

Remember. Yasmin?
She's my dad's neighbor.

That's right, now I remember.

So what are you doing here?
-She's visiting.

I came to buy flowers for my
employee's father who broke his hip.

Which flowers do you suggest?
-Depends on how close you are.

-To your employee, how close you are.

I have bouquets for a 100. 200 shekels.

I'm close. pretty close,
not too close, close.

Which one would you like?

How much is this bouquet?

370 shekels. -Great. I'll take it.

I can give it to you for 200.

Don't let your boss get mad at you.
-He won't, it's okay.

Careful you don't get wet.

It's okay, It's hot outside, it'll dry.


- Yirmi Leibowitz -


Hello. Is anybody there?

Hello, is this the Leibowitz family?

Yes. yes. who's speaking?

Is this the home of Yirmi Leibowitz?
-Yes. I'm his wife.

Tell me where you are. Just
tell me which neighborhood.

I'm driving around. You
don't have to know everything.

Oh my. you're gonna eat
my liver with a spoon.

Why do we have to wait a
week to meet? it's not fair.

Because overdoing things isn't good.

How could loving you not be good? How?

The truth is. I've made some chances.

I hope you recognize me.

I'd recognize you even in
a dark room, sweetheart.

Heavy on the perfume.

You've put on a lot of perfume today.

Is it good on me?
-A bit wintry for my taste:

A new bra too.
-Fantastic, isn't it? -Yes.

You're finally letting me take
care of those gorilla arms of yours.

How long have I been
telling you to do it?

It's my high testosterone level.

But he's such a hunk.

I can't let myself walk around
with only what nature gave me.

- Listen. I'm totally dizzy
from the things we're doing.

Who'd believe there are
normal men on the Internet.

I'm compensating for everything
I haven't done my entire life.

That's great.

Lie down.

I told you things would
work out in the end, right?

I always knew that
someone would come along

and see who's really
standing in front of him.

not superficially...


You see. -Yeah.

Had you come a year ago.
you'd be smooth by now.

Look, look at this. What's this?

Like the roots of a tree.

So when do we meet him?

Soon, we have to get used
to each other a little more

then everything will flow and...

I don't know.

I'm starting to believe there's
a chance for something real.

What's the matter?
Is everything alright?

I'm just feeling down.

Going through a rough time.

What can I say? It's just a rough time.

I have an appointment
with my masseuse today

and I can't make it. would
you like to go instead of me?

My treat, let me spoil you.

No. darling, thanks. I don't
feel like being touched.

I want you to know that when
I was alone for long periods.

it felt so good to know that once
a week somebody would touch me.

Thanks, sweetheart, but
that's not my situation.

Don't be like that,
let people help you.

Suzie. -Hi.
-Hi. I'm Dorit. It's a pleasure. -Come in.

I won't shake your
hand, my hands are wet.

Where can I put my things down?
-Over here.

You can undress and remain in your panties.

How long is the
treatment? My kids are...

50 minutes and another
10 minutes to rest.

On my stomach? -Go ahead.

Is something wrong?

No. it's...

it's part of the...

is the pressure okay?
-Yes. it feels good.

I'm sorry. I can't
continue treating you.

Did I do something wrong? -No.

No. no. it's...

What's happening here
is unprofessional.

I can't treat you.

I don't understand.

You're not a professional?

No. it's just...


It's warm and I'm perspiring a little?

No. that's not it.

Can you please tell
me what the problem is?

Just say it. it's okay.

be frank, tell me.

You don't like touching me?

You don't like treating me?

It's okay, my husband too...
it's okay, just say it.

Okay. I’ll be honest with you.

I can't treat you because

if I hadn't stopped. it
would have ended up...

doing an indecent act.

I'm really sorry for
wasting your time. I...

This has never happened
to me before, I...

Okay, can you let me get dressed?
-Yes. -Thanks.

A thousand apologies. I...

Forgive me. -Never mind. it's...

Nothing happened.



Hi Shira, it's Yuval. -Hi. Yuval.

Can we talk? -Of course we can.


You live in Tel Aviv, right? -Yes.

Can I stop by? Only if
it's convenient, of course.

Yes. sure you can.

Is 20 minutes okay?

Let's make it half an hour?


Come in.

Coffee? -Yes.

I don’t really know how
to start this conversation.

A real conversation, wow!

You know that I...

I mean. I've liked you
for a long time and...

maybe it's my fault that...

we haven’t spoken,
because of what happened.

It's okay, you don't
have to apologize. I...

Yasmin is pregnant.
-What? I don't understand.

The girl that...

Is it yours?

I didn't plan it that way. it
happened right after the shivah.

she was there and..

A girl like that knows what she wants.

she may have even planned it.

I don't know, and it doesn't
really make a difference, look...

I lost my only sister.

3 days later we found
out she was pregnant.

then someone comes and tells me
I'm about to become a father...

you understand?

I plan to be there for
her. during the pregnancy.

I grew up in such a screwed-up family.

if I have a child. he
deserves a better chance.

I don’t...

I don't understand why
you're telling me this.

I mean...

It's nice that you want to be
a responsible person, but...

why are you telling me this?
Why should I be interested?

Because I like you.

Like Yasmin, or a little more?

We're stepping into a subject that...
-A lot more.

What are you saying, that the
3 of us will raise the child?

I just wanted you to know that
I didn't want it to be this way.

Things went wrong, so...

Okay. cool.

I'm glad you came.

What's with the sad face?

We had a blind date,
it didn't work out.

you've got a pregnant
girlfriend, everything's cool.

Look, it's getting late. I...

I have a meeting
early tomorrow morning.

Don't do this.

Don't do what?

Don't minimize what
happened between us.

don't turn it into nothing.

I just...

I just wanted to know
that you felt the way I do.

that I didn’t imagine it.

I'm confused. I'm sorry.

I'm an idiot.

I think I'll get going.
-Maybe it's better.


It was interesting,
short, and it's over.

Invite me to the bris.

Bye. Shira.


Did you talk to her? Did you tell her?


Are you walking out on me?

I told you. no.

Thank you.

Thank you. thank you.

Thank you.

I have nobody but you, really, nobody.

Thank you. thank you.

Thank you.

-I'll come and wrestle with you in a minute.

Go on. go to your room.

Sweetie. I brought some stuff
from the Japanese restaurant.

Wow, am I in the mood for sushi!

- What did you bring?
-All sorts of stuff.

Sweetie, what's that perfume?

Is it new?

Hey, I don't want you to wear
it anywhere else, understand?

Cut it out. Mickey, the
kids are in the room. stop.

A new dress?

New? It's from last year. Mickey.


Yes. man. yes.

You can't talk?

Yes. yes. I'll send it over later.

Okay, call me when you can.

Okay. man. bye.

Who was that?

C'mon. sweetheart, who could it be?

Nissim, from Kiryat Ono. who else?

I'm going to the bathroom.

Are you stuck there
or can you come over?



In a little while from now

If I'm not feeling any less sour...

Shall we eat?

I've lost my appetite.

What is it. Suzie?

What are we gonna do about these moods?

Let it be clear that when
your heart is shattered

The way it has been more than once

I waited for the groom

But the bastard didn't come

And all the guests said

"My God. he stood her up.

"No point in us remaining...

-Hello, may I speak to Yirmi Leibowitz?

Yirmi? Yirmi passed away two years ago.



I was cheerful, bright and gay

Looking forward to.
but who wouldn't do...

Next time on "When Shall We Kiss?":

Do you feel me? -I feel you.

Oh my sweetheart.

I'm dying to see you, to fuck
you while looking into your eyes.

You're driving me crazy, insane.

I've got to know who you are.

You're not going anywhere, you hear me?

You're not going anywhere, stay!

My moods are because of you. Mickey.

because of you and your girlfriends.

You've got that bug again?

Last time you cheated on me
wasn't with a bug, it was a girl.

My neck suddenly...

What, stiff? -Yeah. I think so. I'm...

If you want to. I'd be...

You're not waiting for anybody?

I'm sorry for the mess I
dragged you into. I'm really...

It's nothing.

I don't know what to
say. . I'm a little...

You picked the right person to annoy.

Go ahead, spill it
out. what's the story?

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