Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 15 - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - full transcript

The Seaview is sent to stop a warhead on the ocean floor from detonating. But a leprechaun wants it to go off. So he tries to stop them. But his good twin brother tries to help them stop him.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

LEE: Radiation impulse.

It's hitting us from
right here in the
Irish Sea.

Sounds like trouble
with the X-17.

Hmm. Chief.


diving unit number four for
an immediate inspection tour.

Aye, aye, sir.

What's the fix on
that radiation leakage?

Bearing 075, sir.
Range, 1,000 yards.

Well, that checks.

Here's our position
in the Irish Sea.

And here,
here and here is
what we've come to inspect.

The X-17,
the most powerful nuclear
counter-weapon ever devised.

How powerful, sir?

There's 17 satellite weapons
as well as the main

We didn't get here any too soon.

That leak
must be coming from
one of the satellite weapons.

There's no doubt about it.

The idea of the Irish Sea
exploding in our faces is
not exactly appealing.


Swenson, Kruger,
Lopez, Yamaro...

Chief, what's eating you?

Did you hear
those names,

Yeah, I heard them.
So what?

So what?
Swenson, Kruger, Lopez...

What kind of guys are those
to be sending out off the
coast of Ireland?

Trained nuclear divers,
that's what kind.

What kind of training do they
have in the handling of the
little people?

The what?

Ski, the leprechauns,
the leprechauns.

The... Hey,
now, come off it.


I wouldn't expect a knot head
called Kowalski to know what
I'm talking about.

But these waters belong
to the little people,

and they're not gonna take
too kindly to all this
messing about in them.

Yeah, sure, sure.
Well, the Admiral's
not gonna take too kindly

to not getting
a report on Unit 4.

And what do you think
I was just going to do?

Well, I thought
maybe you're about to
inspect the Missile Room,

for some little
green men or something.


Missile Room to Control.
Unit 4 is on its way.




NARRATOR: Voyage to
the Bottom of the Sea.


I've not seen such
glorious fireworks

since I set blaze to
the peat bogs of Killarney.

NELSON: Get the fire on
those panels on the double.

LEE: All hands,
resume your stations.
Check the controls. Move.

And that was 400...

No, 500 years ago,
on the eve of All Saints'.


Unit 4, Unit 4,
this is the Admiral.


Unit 4,
what's your
situation? Report.

Activate nose
and sail camera, see if
we can find those divers.

Well, now,
that'll keep you
all busy for a while,

and I be seeing
about collecting
me fortune in gold.

There's no sign of them.

The satellite
weapon's destroyed.

But we're still here. If that
weapon had really blown,
we wouldn't be.

No, not the weapon.
The ignition system.

Something went wrong,
powerful enough to destroy
that part of the installation

without setting off
the nuclear blast.

What effect will it have
on the main installation?

That's what we have to find out.

Patterson, prepare
the Flying Sub for
immediate launch.

Yes, sir.

You better get out there.

As you know,
the Flying Sub is equipped
with remote control devices

to handle
the main installation,
in case anything goes wrong.



Got a little work ahead of you.

Check out the
remote control operation.

Aye, sir.

Everything A-OK, sir.

We can correct any malfunction
without leaving the
Flying Sub.

How's the radiation count?

Still building, sir.

Building, is it?
Now, I wonder how
that could possibly be.

Surely, you not be thinking
I had anything to do
with it, would you?

Something wrong, sir?

(SIGHS) I don't know.

I just have...

I got the feeling that
something may be out
of kilter.

Everything green, sir.

Must be my imagination.

You go right on
thinking that,

for you will not be seeing me
unless it's my wish that
you do.

But right now,
I'd best be planning
how you can serve me purpose.

In there it is.

All I need to know about
destroying those weapons
out there

and getting the gold.

'Tis a pretty puny effort
if it's meant to be
stopping the likes of me.

That's interesting.

Very interesting.

(LAUGHS) Just as I thought.

Right under the center
of that nonsensical
thing in the sea

lies the mother lode
of the leprechaun's gold.

♪ The gold, the gold
the leprechaun's gold ♪

Before the
moon sets tonight,
it will all be mine.

And death to
any dirty spalpeen
that tries to stand in me way.

There it is.

Doesn't look very
dangerous from here, sir.

That's the
main installation
of the defense system.

There's enough
power buried under there

to blow off the top of
the Northern Hemisphere.

FS-1 to Seaview.

FS-1 to Seaview,
come in, please.

I read you, Lee, go ahead.

We've sighted the
main installation,

There's no indication
of any malfunction.

But our radiation count
is rising pretty rapidly.

We're at 25
over the norm.

That checks with
our reading here.

Now, listen carefully.

There's a fermeture
control inside the

that governs the radioactivity.

You've got to
bring it back
to normal.

Check the fermeture control.

Aye, sir.

How delicate
is the interior
control system?

It's very delicate.

Any sudden change of

either up or down,

can set off the entire complex.

All right, sir.
We'll close it down.


Over and out.

Here we go, Pat.

Easy does it.

Easy does it, sir.

Do you think he
can make it, sir?

He has to.
Otherwise, this part
of the world can blow up.

Including the entire kit and
caboodle of the little people.

Mmm. What?
What was that?

Hmm? I was just
thinking out
loud, sir.

I'm sure the skipper
will do fine, just fine.

But what?

I don't think
the leprechauns
are taking too kindly

to what's going on out there.

That is, of course,
if there are such things.

Let's keep our
minds on reality, Chief.

We got enough trouble
here as it is.

Aye, sir.


Easy, easy.

Aye, sir.

Keep it up, we're getting there.

Hold it.


I'd say well done, sir.

At least
we controlled
the radiation count.

Now, if we...



There, you see?
I did it, I did it.

It is gold
that's buried out there.

Gold. My gold!


Damage Control.
Damage Control, aye.

All secure, sir.

Any injuries to personnel?
No injuries, sir.

All right,
check the hull and
report if necessary.

Aye, sir.

Flying Sub,
this is Seaview.
What's it look like, Lee?

Lee, do you read me?
What's your situation?

It is bad, Admiral,
very bad, indeed.

Before I'm
through with the lot of you,
it will be a great deal worse.

NELSON: If you hear me,
report, over.

We read you, Admiral.


Looks like the nuclear
pressure blew the cap open.

It keeps running wild like this,

the whole complex
will blow within
the hour.

Can you close the cap?

As far as I can tell,
it's still held together
by the interlocking hinges.

It's wide open, but
telemetry controls
might close it.

We'll give it a try.

Try to activate
the closure controls.

Aye, sir.

All right,
now try the
closure switch.

Yes, sir.

What caused that, sir?

I don't know.

The telemetry impulses must
have hit a force field and
bounced back at us.

FS-1 to Seaview.

FS-1 to Seaview, come in.

What's the trouble, Lee?

The explosion must have set up
some kind of a force field,

Our remote
control impulses
can't get through.

Any ideas?

Yes, sir.
Fire a torpedo
into the force field.

Not an explosive charge.
The shock might break
the field.



Prepare forward torpedo
number one for firing.
No explosive charge.

Aye, sir.

Missile Room to Control.

Number one
forward torpedo
ready for firing, sir.

Stand by.
Aye, sir.

Firing coordinates?
Locked in, sir.

All right. Fire.

What happened, sir?

I don't know.

the torpedo disintegrated,
broke up in the force field.

Lee? Lee, are you okay?

Lee, do you read me?

Admiral, there's a big
shock wave approaching.

All hands, brace for collision.

All hands, brace for collision.

Check Damage Control.

Seaview to Flying Sub.
Seaview to Flying Sub.

Flying Sub, report.
What's your status?


I wouldn't know.

It looks like we've been
thrown to the bottom.

One thing's for sure, Admiral,
we can't raise enough power
to get out.

Better make repairs
and report back.

LEE: Affirmative.

They're okay.

We need a reading on the
strength of that force field.

Let's see what
the AMRAC can
show us.

Come on, let's go.

All right, soldier.
Let's see if we can
get you up on your feet.

What happened there, Chief?

I suppose we'll let the doc
decide what happened to you.

Can you make it to Sick Bay?

Yeah, yeah, I guess.
All right, on your way.

I'll check things out here.

Better report to the Admiral.
Maybe he...


It is in
great trouble
you are, me lad.

Would you
care to be having
a nice glass of milk?

It's good and nourishing.

The cow is one of me
more reliable neighbors.

Who are you?

My name is
Patrick Moore O'Shaughnessy,

leprechaun and shoemaker.

All leprechauns are shoemakers.

Oh, I know, I know, I know.

Leprechauns do not exist,
except, of course,
that we do.

You would
not be seeing me at all,
except that me brother Mickey

is aboard with his evil and all.

What are you talking about?

Me brother Mickey,
all the power that's in him,

what with his evil pipe
and his devilish greed
for gold.

Oh, man.

What a knock on the head I got.

But don't be getting the
wrong idea, leprechauns
are good.

Yes, we sing and play
with the little children,

and we make the rain to
come to sweeten the crops.

That is,
all except me
brother Mickey.

He's a bad seed that
turns up once every
1,000 years,

and now he's after the gold.


Aye. Spouting and
spewing out in the sea,
and he'll be taking it all.


Oh, Francis,
you gotta get
a hold of yourself.

This is some sort of a dream.

Well, it could be a dream,
but I'm hoping it won't
turn into a nightmare.

Look, it's starting now.

I know what you're wondering,
but never mind how I did it,
just watch.

According to this, it would
take a nuclear blast
to destroy that force field.

NELSON: We do that and we
destroy the Flying Sub
as well.

This calls for
some other answer.

It calls
for nothing at all,
not even a wasted thought.

What did you say, sir?

I didn't say anything.
He did.


The man in red.
He's the one who said...

Now, now, Admiral.
Surely you'd not
be wanting them

to be seeing things
meant only for your eyes,

or hearing things
meant only for your ears?

What man in red, sir?

You really can't see him?

Of course not.

Not being one whose
ancestors came from
the old sod.

But he is interfering with
the conversation betwixt us,

so I'll put a stop to that.

Chip, Chip.

I don't know who you are,
how you got here or how
you managed this,

but I want an answer, fast.

It is enough that I'm somebody
who says you'll never be
closing that shaft?

I won't permit it.

You won't permit it.

Aye, indeed.

For I'm Michael Moore
O'Shaughnessy, leprechaun.

What kind of nonsense...

And I am here to
collect the gold.

What gold?
There's no gold here.

It's there in the shaft,
bubbling up.

You think I don't know it?
It was meself that blew
the cap.

Soon, it'll blossom
like a flower.

More gold
than you can
shake a shillelagh at,

and I'll be king of all
the leprechauns in Ireland.

Master at Arms.
Aye, sir.

Send a security detail
to the Control Room.

Aye, sir.

There's a...

There's a somebody here who...

So, you be closing
the shaft, would you,

and stopping me
from getting to
me gold?

You'll be
stopping nothing,
now, or ever again.


That should be holding you
for a while, me brave boy.

I gotta be flipping my lid.

Who is that we
just saw in there?

It's me brother Mickey,
I already told you that.

Oh, the evil power that's his
and the powerful evil of it.

Now, look,
you leprechaun
or whatever you are,

I wanna know
what's going on here
and I wanna know right now.

No, no, no, you shouldn't
do that. Not to me beard.

You should never
pull a leprechaun's beard.

I gotta get to Sick Bay.

Maybe Doc's got
some answers for me.

Somebody's gotta
have some answers for me.

Such a fine broth of a lad.

'Tis a terrible pity
the evil brother of mine

is plotting such
dreadful things
against him

and this fine ship of his.

There must
be something
I can do to help him.

Him and
the good Captain out there
where the fountain of gold is.

If I could just lend a hand.

That's it, Patrick,
go and help the
good Captain.


Where's the doc?

Well, he's out, Chief.
What's the trouble?

Give me something quick.

What's the matter,
you see a ghost
or something?

No, it was a leprechaun.

A leprechaun?


Sounds to me as if you
had a bad dream, Chief.

No, it was no dream. I saw him
and I spoke to him.
He was green.

Sure. Sure.
There's nothing
strange about that.

All leprechauns are green.

No, no,
they're not.
His brother is red.

How about that?
Red and green


They weren't riding
pink elephants,
were they?

Now, you belay that, sailor.
I know what I saw.

Right, Chief, you're...

Oh, forget it.
I'll wait for
the doc.

When's he due back?

Now, I asked you
a question, sailor,
when's the doc...

Now, now. You do not want
to be waiting here for
the doctor.

It will be a long, long time.

No, no, no,
you can't be real.
I just refuse to believe it.

Oh, do you, now?

Well, maybe
when I send you to
join the good doctor...

No, you don't,
Michael Moore O'Shaughnessy.

(EXCLAIMS) Brother
Patrick Moore O'Shaughnessy.

Indeed, it is.

Now, I saw
what you're up to
before I left the submarine.

And is it you,
you measly mite,
that'll be stopping me?

Indeed, it is.

'Tis evil things that
you're doing, Michael.

Leave this lad and this ship.

Oh, no, never.
Not without the gold.

There's no gold aboard.

You don't understand, me boy.

Mickey here is a bad one,
and he wants to free the
gold that's down below.

He's gotta
be out of his mind,
there's no gold out there.

It's just a nuclear
defense weapon.

It's a nuclear defense weapon.

Oh, is it now?
And when it explodes...

It'll blow up half a world.

And release
a fountain of gold.
Beautiful, yellow gold

that will make
me the most powerful
leprechaun in the world.

Oh, terrible, terrible.

He's evil incarnate.

Well, the likes of you
will never be stopping me.

But enough of this talk.
I am sending this man
on his way.

No, you don't.
I protect him.

Don't cross me, Patrick.
Stand aside.


My magic will stop you now.

Not for long, it won't.
You can both stay here.

What's forever?


Oh, the evil that's in him,
he's put up a leprechaun

How do I get out?

Mortals can never get out,
me boy.

You mean
I'm trapped
here forever?

Well, you
would have been
if my brother Mickey

had remembered to separate us.

But maybe,
me cobbler's hammer
will break the spell.





Here it is.

A weakness.
Now, stand back.


We're free, me boy.

You go to the Admiral,

and I'll be on me way
again to help the Captain.

How does it look, skipper?

Not good.

There's no
telling for me how soon
that thing will blow up.

There must be some other way
we can bypass the damaged area

and get this craft moving.


Oh, the poor lads.
What a woeful waste of time.

When me
brother Mickey
does an evil thing,

sure it is the
evilest that can be done.

Well, there's the
real heart of the

If I had my brother
Mickey's powers,
I could fix it.

But having spent the last
1,000 years mending
shoes, I...

Maybe the cobbler
should stick to his last.

But the situation
being what it is
and all,

I'll just have to
be giving it a whirl.

Darn it.

Line's hot, skipper.

Let's hit the switch.

That's it.
Let's see if we
can get out of here.


Activate full power.

Activated, sir.

Aye. Here we go.

Not pulling loose, sir.

I'll give her auxiliary power.

All right, Pat,
keep your fingers crossed.

It's working.
We're pulling free.

Good, lads. Good, lads.
Everything should be
all right now.

Or should it?

I best be seeing what
me brother Mickey is about.

So, you want to see what
I am about, do you, Patrick?

Well, it is very simple, indeed.

I am going
to see that me gold
is brought to the surface

when that thing
explodes out there.

Get ready to activate
the remote control system.

I'll try to
break through
the force field.

We've gotta close
that defense system.

So, close it, would you?

And deprive
me of me rightful
gains in gold, would you?

Oh, no.
Not today,
me buckos.

Look at it now, look at it.
All me beautiful,
beautiful gold.


In a wee bit
more than an hour now,

the whole thing
out there explodes,

and there'll be nothing left
except Mickey himself with
all that gorgeous gold.


Francis, lad, you've got
to be taking leave of
your senses.

Sick Bay empty.

Control Room empty.


If I didn't know better,
I'd say I was aboard
all by myself.

PATRICK: But you do know
better than that, me boy.

Who? Who's that?

PATRICK: You know
that I'm aboard
with you.

And I'm here to
be helping you out

the terrible disaster
my brother Mickey has
got all of you into.

Oh, no.
Not you again.

And why not, me lad?

It is in desperate need
you are of somebody to
help the lot of you.

All right, now, look,
maybe you're a leprechaun
or maybe you're not.

But whatever you are,
if you want to help,
locate the Admiral.

Now, that's just what
I was intending to do
all along.

Whilst I don't have the magic
powers of me brother Mickey,
that evil one,

I do have the answer to
his little disappearing

Now, hold it!
What's that?

Some carefully
prepared shamrock dust

with just a wee pinch
of four-leafed clover
to suit the taste.

Well, at least
I think that's
what it is.

All right, all right.
What has that got to
do with the Admiral?

me boy, patience.
We'll know in a moment.

Let me see now,
do I remember
the magic formula?

What do you know, it worked.

PATRICK: It worked!


Are you all right?

Of course I'm all right.
Why shouldn't I be...

Where is everyone?

They're gone.

Doesn't seem to be
anyone else aboard
except you and me.

There was someone else,
there was a man in red.

Yes, sir.
You saw him?

Yes, sir.
I think I did, sir.
Yes. And the green man, too.

The green man.

He calls himself
Patrick Moore O'Shaughnessy.

And, sir, he's a leprechaun.



I don't know.
I don't know what's
going on around here.

We may be the victims
of some kind of

or alien influence,
I don't know.

There's one thing I do know,

that that's the problem
we've got to solve,
and if I'm right,

we've just a little
over an hour to do it.

Seaview to Flying Sub.
Seaview, to Flying Sub.
Come in.

Lee, you hear me?
This is Nelson.
Come in.

There's gotta be some way to
shut down the nuclear device.

But with the force field
out there and Flying Sub,
apparently, helpless...

Wait. Wait.
Wait a minute.

The construction caves.

There's a series of
construction caves
beyond the complex

that were used to build it
and then they were abandoned.

Yes, sir, but
I still don't see...

If we
send a couple
of divers in there

to set an explosive
charge against the wall,

they might be able
to blast an opening
through to the complex.

there's nobody
else aboard ship.

Then we'll do it
ourselves. Come on.

The poor lads,
it is a terrible worry
they have on their shoulders.


But I do have about three
pinches of me mixture left.

And if it is
help they'll be needing,
it's help they'll be getting.

What the...

What's going on?

I mean, I guess
we were ordered
here, but...

Man, I don't remember a thing.

Neither do I.
The last I remember,
I was in the Control Room.


What are you doing here?

I don't know, sir,
we just seemed to
appear here.


really doesn't matter.
You have an MZ mine package
equipped for a diving mission,

so that's exactly
where you're going.

Where, sir?

Do you remember
the subterranean cave area
behind the nuclear complex?

Yes, sir.

Well, go there.

Blast open a hole between
the cave and the complex,

then go in there and
stop that thing from
going off.

Aye, aye.
How much time do we have?

Have one hour, 23 minutes.

Let's go.

What's this now?

What foul banshee
is working against me

in the
waters outside
the cave of gold?

Entering there, are they?

They're moving into the area
where me gold is buried.


If it's more of
me curse they want,

then it's more of
me curse they'll get.


Mr. Morton,
my fall started
the detonating timer.

Can you shut it off, sir?

No, it takes a fuse extractor.

Sir, the timer
was set to detonate an hour
after the fuse was activated.

It gives us an hour
to get back to Seaview.

We still have plenty of time.
Let's get this thing put

Yes, sir.

Will they never stop, now?

By the bearded king,

aren't they
the stubbornest
mortals that ever did be?


Without a doubt,
they are mortals.

Which means that
they can all die.


He's gone.


We're trapped
with those bombs
getting ready to go off.

We've still got time.

Morton calling Seaview.
Morton calling Seaview.

Come in, please, Admiral.

I read you, Chip, go ahead.

We're trapped.
Jensen's dead.


What about you and Kowalski?

CHIP: Unhurt,
but there's something else.
One of the mines is activated.

We're not close enough
to the complex wall
to ensure

its breaking open
if the bomb explodes here.


Do what you can, Chip.

Aye, aye, sir.

What can we do to help, Admiral?

They're immobilized.

I have no idea what happened
to the Captain and Patterson,
and look out there.

Nuclear complex,
it's due to blow
within an hour.

I wish I knew just
who is behind all that.

I'd like to push my
fist right through them.

But through what, Chief?

A banshee?
A fantasy?
A force...

Force field.

What, sir?

We are going to try to ram
Seaview right through that
force field.

Now, let's see
if we can push it
through together, come on.

Automatic control set?

Will do in a minute, sir.

All set.

Move the flank speed on the
course directly towards
the force field.

All right.
Now, hang on.

Full flank speed, sir.

Distance from force field?
Eight hundred yards.

Count it off.
Aye, sir.

Five hundred.

Four hundred.

Three hundred.

Two hundred.

One hundred.


The blaggards.

Still trying
to work their dirty
tricks on me, are they?

Well, I'll show them what
it is to be crossing himself.

We're not moving, sir.

I thought we were going to
try to break through
that force field.

We were.

But look at the telemetry
controls, they're all green.

Something must have
dissipated the force field.

Then we've
still got a chance to
close down the complex.

Yeah, just a chance.

I don't know
what's happened to time,

but we've only got
a few minutes left.

Activate the remote
control system.

Aye, sir.
We're moving in.

So, you're the evil ones
that's trying to thwart
the schemes

of Mickey Moore O'Shaughnessy.

Well, now,
you see what
it's got you.

And lookie here,
if you're able,
60 seconds.

That's all that's left now.

Sixty seconds, before
the whole complex goes.

And all the lovely,
lovely gold in the sea

that's buried beneath it
becomes mine.

Yeah, but you two
will be well dead
by then,

I'll see to that right now.

No, you'll not, Mickey.

You'll not be seeing
to the dying of anyone.

Well, it will
be no sniveling,
weak-livered coward

the like of yourself
that's stopping me.

Well, my magic may not be
as powerful as yours, Mickey,

but the right is on my side,

and I'll stake that against
all the black magic of
your pipe.

Oh, will you, now?

Well, let's see if
it's stopping me from
sending this man's soul

to the perdition it deserves.

No, you won't.
I'll not be letting you.


Magic to magic is it, Patrick?

Well, then, so be it.

But yours is weakening even now.

Your arm that's
starting to shake.

Your finger that's
starting to tremble.

Why, you'll not last
till the complex out
there explodes.

And then you'll all be dead.

It's only
seconds to go.
Only seconds, Patrick.

And then
all the gold that's buried
in the Irish Sea will be mine.


Activate those controls.
What's wrong?

I'm trying, sir.
There's no response.

Then throw full
auxiliary power into it.

It won't take it, skipper.

The controls are too delicate.

I told you you'd
weaken first, Patrick.

Me pipe.
You can't
do that to me.

Give me back me pipe.

LEE: FS-1 to Seaview.
FS-1 to Seaview.
Come in, please.

You okay, Lee?

Fine, Admiral, fine.

We're a little shaken up,
but we're fine.

What happened?

Well, the complex didn't blow,
if that's what you're
worried about.

We managed to close it with
the help of the explosion,
whatever that was.

It came from some rock
formations on the
other side.

Chip must have managed
to set the MZ mines
in time.

What mines were those?

I'll explain it to you later.
Just get back aboard
as quick as you can.

Are you all right, Chief?

Well, I don't think
I'll ever be all right again.

Not while he's still around.

Let you not be
worrying about
me, me lad.

Not about
Patrick Moore O'Shaughnessy.

I'm not worrying
about you, Patrick.

It's the state of my
own mind that bothers me.

I know.
I'd not worry
about that, either.

With me brother Mickey gone
to rest his evil soul for
another 1,000 years,

I be going back
to me shoemaking.

No, no, no, wait.
Don't leave us now.
Where's the rest of our men?

Now, who's
to say that they've not
been here all the while.

Perhaps you're thinking
you've been living
a nightmare,

but a nightmare's only a dream.

A dream is just a fancy,
and a fancy is no more
than an illusion.

And illusions, that's
a leprechaun stock
in trade.

Well, perhaps
we'll be meeting again,

but for the nonce
I bid you farewell.

Well, Chief?
Don't ask me, sir.

If it wasn't for the fact that
Commander Morton and Kowalski
are still missing,

I'd say nothing ever happened.

Seaview, this is Morton.

Special diving party
is returning,

request permission
to come aboard.

Permission granted.

Agreed. Now, nothing
ever happened, Chief.


I'd hate to think
of what would happen

if we ever tried to
tell this story to anyone.