Uri and Ella (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Blast from the Past - full transcript

I can't believe how he kicked us out.

I can't handle this right now.

Wanna sleep over at our place?

Of course not.

Well, he insisted on staying.

Oh, God...



- What is it?
- You didn't answer.

- I was sleeping.
- Oh. What are you doing?

Going to sleep.

What's up?

Nothing. I'm tired.

Me, too.

- Alright.
- I can't sleep.


-Are you angry with me?

Are we okay?


-I'm tired.

-What is it?

I just wanted to say that I...

I think we went too far.


I'm serious, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt you.

-I wanted to apologize.

That's great.

-What's up with the distance, Dad?
-Shh! What's the matter with you?

I can tell you still don't like me.

That's not true, I'm just...

-Ella, I'm just...
-You're not being nice.

I'm not not being nice.

-Dad, let's sit down for a minute.
-Not right now.

-Let's do this tomorrow.
-Let's work things out.

I got it. I forgive you, honey.

-Yeah, right.
-Come on, Ella. I'm just...

Good night, honey. Okay?

What? What is it?

Everything is okay. It's okay.

Daddy, I'm so sorry.

It's okay, honey.

-I love you more than anything.
-Me, too, sweetie.

Come on, honey.

Come on.




-So we're friends?
-Friends. Mm-hmm.


So was her music really good?

-That... afro girl.

Her EP and all that nonsense.

Was it any good?

Um... I guess it wasn't bad.

-What kind of music was it?
-It wasn't your style.

You haven't forgiven me yet.

-Listen to me.

Even if we were absolutely right,

it's not something we should have
come out and told you like that.

Okay? You should make
your own mistakes,

you'll crash, you'll fall,
you'll die, whatever.

It's yours.

And all we have to do
is be there for you,

and I'm here for you, Daddy.

-Okay. Honey.

-Alright. Good night.
-I really mean that.

Okay, not right now.

You're totally looking for a fight.

I'm not.
You can apologize and you can...

- But I've been apologizing forever.
- Alright, so...

So we'll talk about it tomorrow.

You're not leaving now.
If you have something to say, say it.

I have nothing to say. You apologized,
you guys realized you were wrong,

and now we can...

But something is still bothering you.

Nothing's bothering me.

I went out, I had a great time,
it was great seeing you guys,

then you came and shat all over me.

Never mind. That's enough.
I'm really tired.

-Come on, Daddy, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

It's just hard to watch your children
speak to you like that.

FYI, it was so lame after we left.

Never mind. Let's move on.
It doesn't matter.

Alright? Come on. Are you over it?



Bye, honey.

-Wanna watch a movie?
-No, I'm really exhausted.

-So Goodfellas .
-No, that's two and a half hours long.

-Fall asleep, the beginning is the best.
-Watch it in your room.

-I don't have a surround system.
-Tomorrow, then.

-Just the beginning.

-Just until he becomes a gangster.
-Shh. No, that's okay.

-What's with you?
-No, it's just...

-Just what? What is it?
-I'm fine, what do you want?

Is there someone in there?

The afro girl?

-Answer me.

-Wow. Okay.

You're like...

You said she was an afro girl.

You said that.


Alright. Whatever.


-So what do you want?
-Nothing. Lighten up.


So that's why you were being so uptight.

So gay.

You don't want to watch Goodfellas .

That's funny.
I didn't think she was into you.

No, I mean...
It didn't look like she was.

But it's cool. Alright. I mean...

The musician?



- Hi! what's up? I'm just kidding.
- Come on...

-Alright, see you.
-Just kidding. See you.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

But you're on your period.

Can you go get a bucket?

- Hold it back. Her hair.
- What?

No! Don't!

Stop that.

Did you sleep together?


Would you like me to leave?

Call me?

You said it was the afro girl.



My Zohar.

You didn't...

You're disgusting!

- You're disgusting!
- Get out of my life!

-No! No, you're a loser!

You are a loser!

-I don't expect you to understand...
-You don't say!

All I can do right now is apologize.

For what it's worth.

-The last thing I wanted was to...
-Why Zohar?

- I didn't mean to hurt you, I...
- But that's exactly what you're doing!

You keep hurting me.

You pathetic disgusting old horndog!

Shmulik's summed it up with one word,
you're pathetic!

And you should know I'm not sorry
for anything I said to you,

or anything that Shumlik said.
You deserve it all!

You arrogant prick.

And I was apologizing,
while Zohar was...

You're so arrogant!
Sitting in that bar,

drooling all over the girls...

"Would you like to hear the story?"

You're disgusting! You're messed up!

What daughter has to go through
something like this?

You lost it!

You just lost it.

You lost it, you just...

They're four year old girls!

-No, they're not four.
-So they're 24.

They're not 24, either.

So they're 27, good for you!

You're getting a little carried away.

I'm getting carried away?
She could be your great-granddaughter.

That's not technically possible.

Wow. Okay, so technically,
you're not a pedophile.

Hey, hey!


-I'm not a pedophile.

I'm not trying to justify myself here.

I'm dying to explain it to you guys,
but I don't know how.

I apologize, by the way. I still do.

I swear there's an explanation for this.

It's all... You have to understand,

it's all gone in a few moments,
we're here for...

A comet might crash on us,
or we'll get a cyst,

and it's over,
just as easily as it started.

-It's all so...
-So what?

You want to fuck the whole world
before you're dead?

-Who said anything about fucking?
-Sure, it has nothing to do with that!

-It's not about age, sex or quantity...
-What are you, a polygamist guru?

I know it doesn't look good,
with the young women.

I swear, it's not for the usual reasons.

I... Something good has happened to me,
something's opened up.

You guys don't know this,
but something...

Some sort of bigger picture, suddenly...
I don't know, it's like I woke up.

There's meaning,
some sort of freshness...

I want to talk about it.
I want to share it...

I found a diet that works,
I want to talk about it.

-Can't you understand that?
-Tell me...

Who are you? What is this?

I want to talk to you guys,
but I can't talk to you.

You and Shmul can't be objective,
you're my children.

Fine, go talk to Zohar, then!

Who am I supposed to talk to?
People my age?

Those tired old walking dead zombies?

Of course I'm talking to young people,
I can talk to them about this.


Shmick, honey, I've had a miracle.
I escaped the trap at the last minute.

The trap of convenience
and drowsiness...

-You fucked my friend!
-Forget about Zohar for a minute.

I'm trying to talk to you
about something.

Alright, fine. So what's up, Dad?
How's it going?

Well, you see? It's impossible.
You and Shmul don't...

You're too fixated and conservative
when it comes to these things.

Right, of course,
because you're so subversive,

you're a real revolutionary.

Dating younger women,
that's never been done before.

Subversive, my ass. We'll talk
when you date an 80 year old woman.

-You won't let me do my thing.

-You're not letting me.
-No, no, no, I'm sorry. No.

-You're not letting me.

-You guys are on my case.
-Who ever asked you for anything?

I can't believe your hypocrisy.
They're haunting me.

They keep evaluating me,
people are chasing me,

always looking, judging me!
What is that?

What are you people,
Supreme Court Judges?

Who do you think you are?

The nerve of you!
Are you my father, my mother?

Don't you think I saw
your crooked looks at the club?

Don't you think I know
I'm embarrassing myself?

So what? That's a small price to pay,
it's meaningless!

You fucked my friend.

So I fucked your friend, my God!
Get off my back!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

That's it, I'm done apologizing!

I did what felt right at that moment,

and it meant something,
both for me and for Zohar!

Are you even capable
of understanding that?

Or is everything just shit for you?
Whatever I do is shit!

Who cares about you anyway?
Who gives a damn about you?

So can I please live my life?

-Go ahead, who's standing in your way?
-That's a good question.

-What do you want?
-What about Kinneret?

There's a blast from the past.

-Can I live with her, too?
-What do you want from me?

It didn't look like you were
letting me, at the time...

Excuse me, is it my fault
you're dating mental cases?

The nerve of you! Shame on you!

You were the one who dumped her.

She was being nice to you,
but you insisted on being nasty to her.

Right, thank you very much,
a used copy of Life as a Fable .

Two weeks of my life wasted
and I'm still on the Foreword.

Listen to yourself.
You should be grateful, my God.

Thank you, thank you, Dad.
Thank you so very much.

You are a wonderful father,
thank you for all that you did,

for all that you've given me.

You're such a nightmare.
Everything has to be so hard.

Can't be happy for me about a girl,
criticizing everything I do.

-What do you want from me?
-I want you to see me.

-You want me to see you?
-Can you see Uri for once?

-So I see you.
-Can you see me?

So I'll see you! Alright?

I'll see you, we'll hold hands
and hug trees!

I want you to get out of this house
and never come back. I've had it.

It's too cramped, I've had it,
I can't handle this.

I don't want this anymore.

We're paying a terrible price here.

I'm done paying a personal price.

This isn't working for neither of us.
That's it. Enough.

It's time to say,
"Stop. This isn't working for us."

You slept with Zohar,

and your apology
is kicking me out of the house?

Lul, it's for your own good.

It's part of what's stopping you
from moving forward.

I'm not avoiding responsibility,
it's my fault, too.

What do you say?


The nerve of you.

The nerve of you.

You've been paying a price, huh?

I'm a parasite, and what are you?

A Care Bear? Always giving and giving?

What would you do without me?

What would I do without you?

Yes. Yes.

What would you do without me?
You won't even remember to eat.

So I'm the reason
you're not leaving home?

Yes. You wanna talk about free love,
with no age and no anything?

You're this close to being
thrown in jail.

-That's the craziest thing I've heard.
-Will Shmulik take care of you?

Stop talking to me like I'm a child.

You are a child,
you've dropped all responsibility.

If I left, you'd be having a baby
with a Thai woman in a month.

-I'm not a child.
-Do you realize they don't want you?


-So what?

-So what? Do you realize?
-Yes. I realize that fine.

-You realize they don't want you?

They're not into you,
they don't give a damn about you.

-So what?
-They're making a fool out of you.

-So what?
-Do you realize that? Yes or no?

-So what?
-So you know they don't want you.

-I know that better than you do.
-Yeah? So you're going with them anyway.


-So I wouldn't be alone.
-You are not alone!

-I am alone!
-You're not alone!

-I'm alone, don't you tell me I'm not!
-You are not alone!

I am alone!
You have no idea how alone I am!

-I'm here, you're not alone.
-You're here and I'm alone.

I'm a flop. I know that.

So why are they hanging out with you?

Because I'm fun.

I pay for their dinner.

After I told you guys to go, I...

sat there.

That idiot bartender was sitting
there with a wife-beater on.

It's winter.

And then Zohar came over to me
and said that everything's okay.

Do you know how long it's been
since you said that to me?

You or anyone else?


So do you want me
to tell you you're okay?

Honestly, that's really annoying.

I'm starving.

I've been eating
those stupid peanuts all day.

-Right, they were disgusting.
-They're giving me terrible heartburn.

Look at that, the camellias
aren't blooming this year.


How should I know?

There are a few buds, but it's not...

They need a boost or something.
There's not enough sunlight.

Shmick, I didn't mean that you...
You can stay home, it's not...

Things were said...

This is your home forever
and you can do whatever you want.

-I know.
-I said it in the heat of the moment.


-This is so weird.

I had the same situation
with your mother.


-I remember it very well.

There was this night...
She was angry with me.

And at the end of the night,
she sat down,

but I remember she sat on the left.


She let you have it, huh?

You two had the same mouth.
I mean... You have the same mouth.

I had nothing on her.

You're a good student.

What was she screaming about?

-What was she screaming about?

All I remember is being so happy
you kids weren't home.

Was it that bad?

She sent me to the studio
to spend the night there.

What did you do?

That was a time... Man...

What happened?

-Forget about it, it's nothing.
-What happened?

It was stupid.

Just nonsense.

Never mind. Forget it.

What? Come on, what happened?

There was this thing
with Manny and Meirav.

Manny and Meirav?

-I don't know how that came up.
-What happened? Just tell me.

Your mom and her ideas,
she was crazy sometimes.

What is it?

What happened?

She thought it would be
a good idea for us to...

To spice things up,
do some stuff with Manny and Meirav.

What stuff?

Legal stuff. What do you think?

Oh, Gosh...

-No, I shouldn't have brought it up.
-With Manny and Meirav...

-Oh, my God!

-You guys are so disgusting.
-We were the coolest people in town.

Right, the coolest. Ew! Gross.

We were wild back then,
don't look at us like that. Bohemian.

Bohemi... Man!

-Your mother...
-What a nightmare!

-So did you guys do...?


Oh, wow. Mom and Manny?

-That's science fiction.
-It's horrifying. I agree.

It was hard, those were really...

So why was she upset?

We were going through this time,
it was stupid...

Forget about it, it was hard.
The whole thing was hard.

-Negative energies.
-What? Why?


For instance, she started blaming me,
you know, for doing this and that.

-Why? Who said what? What was it?
-What do you want from me? Stop it.

You witch...

Did you sleep with Meirav?


Did you cheat on Mom with Meirav, Dad?

-Forget about it...
-What? Answer me.

It developed over time.
One thing lead to another.

- How many times?
- It should have...

How many times?

For a few months, I can't remember.

It was...

I stumbled, you know.
Your mom started it.

Of course, it was her fault. Sure.

No, it all started with her idea that...

I've apologized for years,
and it didn't do me any good.

I know, I'm not dodging
responsibility here, but...

It was a very hard time.

-Your mom dissed me...
-Don't talk about her like that now.

It was a classic midlife crisis.
Your mother...

She could be mean, you have no idea.
She was hard on me.

I'm not saying I wasn't,
but she was just...

She was cruel.

And Meirav... Well, never mind.

Will it be easier to know
your mom cheated on me, too?