Uri and Ella (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - King in the Bar - full transcript

- Hello?

What's up?

What was the name
of that pizza you liked,

that had cheese in the crust?

What? What pizza?

-The one with the cheese in the crust.
-I don't know. We'll talk later.

Try to remember.

Ella, I'll talk to you later.

No, there. She wanted it.

-Alright, Ella...
-Cheesy Crust.

-Right! I'm glad you called.
-It was one of a kind.

-Alright, honey. Bye.
-Hold on, Yud. What's wrong?

-Nothing, it's all good.
-Are you okay?

Yes, it's nothing.

What is it? Tell me.

It's nothing, Dad's dragged me
to a night out with the band,

and he's giving a lesson now.

Well, you know, try to see it his way.

Alright, bye.
Thanks for broadening my horizons.

No, I mean... You said yourself
it's good that he's...

It's not about that, Ella.

He's drinking whiskey
and running his mouth.

He's in this zone.

-He thinks he's Mick Jagger.

So what? Try to support him.

-Alright, I'm supporting him.
-But really support him.

-I'm supporting, supporting.

Good, cool. Sorry I called
to chew your ear off.

Your new mom says hi.

Oh, come on. You're just
flipping out now. Is he...?

I mean, what? Is he hitting
on random women now?

I don't know. He's all over
this four year old model now,

he's chewing her ear off
about some...

Forget about it. Alright.



Okay. Try to go with the flow.

He's actually cute, to tell you
the truth. I think he's happy.

Does she model for a living?

She'll send you her CV.


No, I'm serious.
What do you mean by "model"?

Someone much taller than you.

Hold on, slow down.
Is she my age? Yours?

-I'm hanging up now, Ella.
-Hold on.

-Bye. She's your age. Bye.
-Hold on, Shmul! Wait a minute.

What is it?


Cheesy Crust.

That never existed.

We're not going to argue over it now.
It existed. It's a fact.

Was it good?

I don't know, I never tried it.


- Lul!
-Fine. What's up?

-Where are you?

I'm here at "Valerie" with the band.
Shmulik's here, too.

-With the band?

Who else is there?

We are.

And that's it?
Are you all alone in the bar?

Is there no one else at the bar?

-Who's sitting next to you?

-Ella, I can't hear you.
-Who is sitting next to you?

- "Who is sitting next to you?"
- Do you want to come?

-Excuse me! Well?
-Excuse what?

Do you want to come?

What? No, I don't know.
Where are you guys? At "Valerie"?

-Yes, "Valerie".
-No, I don't know.

-Alright, so...
-We'll talk later.


-Bye, I already said it.

Let's go.

I'll shame you online.

- Oh, no!
- She'll shame you.

-Come on.
-Let's go.

Lul, do I look okay?

-Who cares?
-Yuvi does.

Oh. Oh, no.

What? What is it?

No, I wasn't...

In sync. Okay, so we are going.

Yes, I think so.

Whatever you want.

-I think we'll go.

It's up to you.

But let's make...

a quick stop...

at "Valerie". My family's over there.

- Oh, man.
- We can say hi.

- Bye, thank you.
- You're welcome.

- Well?
- Forget about it, it's out of our way.

No. I'll pay for the cab.

It's just a small detour.

They were all singing, playing,
but I always did it the wrong way.

I played with them,

everything was fine
until we got to 80 percent,

but then the last 20 percent
would float in space,

all imaginary, and suddenly I went,
"Wait a minute,

I need to work on my songs."

The moment I started doing that,
it was like clockwork.

-Dude, exactly.
-It just started to flow.

-That's what you should do.
-What was the rhythm?

They were all on the
one, two, three, four.

I brought the five, the six...

-You brought the six, Dad?
-That crooked rhythm.

-The six didn't exist when he was young.
-The crooked was straight.

Whenever someone brings
something new to the table...

Everything that felt crooked
suddenly became straight.

Everything that was weird before
suddenly fell into place,

people suddenly started to go wild.
Suddenly I, the weirdo, the nerd,

suddenly I was on center stage,
I got the applause.

-When I wanted to live in Maryland...
-Did you live in Maryland?

The cherry blossom might be
the most moving thing I've ever seen.

No, no, no. I wanted to live there,
but I ended up not going.

-Hold on, I'm sorry...
-It didn't work out.

I must share something with you.

Remember how people used to talk
about the idiot kid in class?

And then they said,
"He's not an idiot, he's dyslexic."

Dyslexia has suddenly arrived
from abroad.

But then people said,
"Hold on, it's ADD."

Suddenly anyone who's a character,
who's a little weird,

they immediately put that label on them.

Don't laugh. You're on that spectrum.
I could tell right away.

Of course, you're on that spectrum.


How was Maryland?

Tal! You're not with us.
Come here, you...

- You're so far away.
- Hey, guys.

♪ Her name was Libi, Libi, Libi... ♪

What's up?

You know,
the way they dyed your hair this time...

-I hate to say it,

-but it's much better than before.
-Is it?

-It really brings out...

-No, come on.
-Hey, Daddy.

-Ella, honey!

- This is Libi. Libi, my daughter.
- Hello.

Zohar, who's like a daughter to me.
The whole family's here.

- How about a chaser?
- Sit. We can't drink without you.

Are your chakras open?
You want all the girls around you?

So open. I remember,
back then there were these bands,

I didn't know what people might say,
"he's bad, he's not bad,"

until one night, I said,
"I am driving away the fear.

Fear, you are fired!"

-Then I suddenly started a solo career.
-Night of Broken Glass.

People were always like,
"Me, me, me, me."

-They're always thinking...
-Excuse me, can I see a menu?

Hello! Can I see a menu?
What are you drinking, Dad?

Whiskey. My friends,
whiskey drives the darkness away.

- Cheers!
- Let there be light!

- Light for us!
- Cheers, Cheers!

-Wiki! Wiki!
-What's that?

Dad, remember that movie Whiskey

that whenever they take a picture,
they go like, "Wiki"?

-Where did we watch that?
-Alright, guys, enjoy.

-See you.
-Wait, are you leaving? Libi...

Okay, okay.

-Libi, don't get too far.
-Hey, bro! Well?

Are you here to show some support?

Yes, Dad invited me.
We dropped by to say hi.

-What's up, Zorko?
-I don't know.

I don't know!

A model? As if!

She's not that young either, by the way.
She has spots on her skin.

It's not Libi.

Alright, I'm off.

-Where are you going?

- I have to go.
- No!

-Stay and drink with us.
-I've been here for...

-We said we'll have a chaser.
-75 minutes now.

-But we said we'll drink.
-But I just got here!

-Here, I brought a substitute.
-One chaser to the royal family.

A chaser! We're finally all together.


-Where did Libi go? Libi!
-What's up?

Let me tell you what's up.

We had a very important show
for the Bar Association.

Then we went to make a toast
for the important show,

for the Bar Association,
and the lead singer

-is a grandfather now...
-Is that her?



Remember the movie Whiskey ?

That whenever they took a picture,
they went like, "Wiki?"

Who's that over there with your dad?

Here, that's her.

No, he's very sensitive.
He plays with me.

He's a sensor. He picks things up,
but he lacks passion.

-Did you just come back from a show?

Ella and I are psychic, too.

That's amazing.

I shot a wedding
at Even Yehuda last night.

They had 700 guests.
It was so extravagant.

There's this trend with the seashell.
Did she come out of a seashell?

But don't worry, I've seen that, too.

Listen, I have to ask you something.

Things Between Us ,
is it about your late wife?

-She couldn't stand that stuff.

I tried to write a song about her once,
and she...

-I saw the disgust in her eyes.
-Get out of here!

We just forgot about the whole thing.

It's weird, I wrote that song
when I was 16.

No way!

I was onstage one day and I realized
I'm singing about a woman

who's sailing to another country.

Sad people are such a beautiful thing.

Oh, my God! Listen, your pupils...

They're so tiny!
What's that about? They're like sand.

Your eyes are just like cat's eyes,
but your pupils are tiny.

Open wide.

Open your eyes!

Stop, you're making me laugh.

Is that her hand on his knee?

Why can't you support him?

I'm totally supporting him.

It's her I'm not supporting.

I'm serious, that girl is disgusting.

She's a tease, a player, a whore.

Maybe she's into him.
How would you know?

Yeah, right!

-Get off his back!

She's taking advantage
of what I'm supporting.

She'll be with him
over her dead body.

A great beauty, as if.

-A genuine Penelope Cruz! I'm shocked!
-Hey, hey...

-How original!
-Why are you here?

-Yes, Ella. Why are we here?
-I told you guys, Dad invited me.

And you just came.
You love this place, right?

You just have to come
whenever Dad invites you.

-Waiting in line until they let you in.

And a stamp.
Shmul, can I ask you something?

Why don't you go home, honey?

I'm dying to go home for three hours,
but he wouldn't let me.

But if you're that embarrassed,
and it's that awkward for you to see...

I'm sorry. Really.

-My friend, let's go.
-No way. What are you talking about?

You guys should get off his back.

Zorko, it's easy for you to say.
Look at him.

-Leave, let it go.
-You said you'll come with me.

My friend, you can see
I have a situation here, can't you?

-I'm sorry.
-No, I'm sorry...

No, I mean...

There was some sort of flirt, I mean...

-I'm sorry.
-No, with your hand on my knee.

-You put your hand on my knee.

And you... You were talking
about my pupils, too.

My pupils and the cat and...

-I think you were imagining things.
-You were...

-You're just being a jerk right now.

-No, you're being rude now.
-You're making me sound like a nut.

-But I really wasn't flirting with you.
-Okay, okay.

Fine. So I apologize, then. Can I?

I'm not angry with you.

-Are you angry with me?
-No, of course not!

-I was just...
-Come on. Are we okay?

We're totally okay.



-Of course.


You should know I'm not looking
for anything right now.

No, my head is abroad.

Get this. My friend met her husband
during a show...

I'm sorry! I didn't touch anything,
I didn't do anything!

I have to pee.

-Alright, I'll be here.


What's the matter with us?

What's your name?

-What's your name?


Elisha, you're too good for this.

No, no, you'll see.

One day, you'll get out
of this hole, and...

There will be beautiful things
awaiting you.

In northern Canada, you know,
you'll create a cooperative, and...

No, they don't get you here,
I swear, you...

There are things to look forward to.

What's that song?

It's Animaniacs.


It's good.

-What's the name of the song?
- Tiny Toon .

Do you have a...?

That's fascinating.

You don't really need me anyway.
Yuvi adores you.

Is it still happening?

I don't know.

Of course she knows.
The guy is crazy about her,

he's just waiting for her to come.
She's daft. She doesn't get it.

Zorko, you rule. You know that.

I don't know,
I don't know if I'm into him.

Of course.

Does anyone have a pair of binoculars?

What's up?

Dad, maybe we should go.

Let's go get something to eat,
I want to go.

Hold on, honey. Wait a minute.
Wait. Libi, Libi, Libi...

There are 14 chasers on here,
that's not our tab.

- Work it out and I'll be right back.
- Libi, Libi, Libi...

Uri, you have a nice singing voice.

-So something with it.
-Should I go for it?

-Go for it.
-But I'm not confident enough.

-You can make it, I believe in you.
-Let's go.

-Should I make a career out of it?
-Are you really dyslexic?

Why didn't you tell us
you were dyslexic?

I guess I wasn't diagnosed.

They didn't know about these things
in my day.

But I know for sure
I read letters wrong.

How could you not tell us?

That's something
you have to know about your parents.

It explains a lot about me, too.

You're just stupid.

-How much did you drink?
-Nothing, come on.

Someone didn't pay.

-Let's go.

They introduced us,
they arranged for us to sit together.

That's not true, Shmulik called me.

-You called me.
-Oh, right. Because of that thing.

- The Cheesy Crust.
- Oh.

Who cares? The four of us in a bar?

This is a historic event,
let's celebrate it.

-We'll sit and talk quietly.

-Let's go get something to eat.
-Eat something.

Not a restaurant. A dad and his
two kids sitting in a restaurant?

A dad and his two kids in a bar,

and a friend who's like a daughter,
all sitting in a bar.

We already sat in the bar,
let's get somewhere else.

-But we weren't together.
-Let's go.

He's totally out of it, for a while now.

I have a question.

If anyone thinks they might not know
their parents all that well,

-raise your hand.
-I do!

If anyone thinks
they might have missed out

on their parents in this life,
raise your hand.

There, her dad, too.

Excuse me, Uri?

Hi, I'm sorry to interrupt.

I had to thank you.
You changed my life.

You're the reason I'm a musician.


-Yes, I swear.
-That's touching.

You are so meaningful for me,

I've been dreaming
of performing with you for years.

That's moving. Really.

Thank you,
sorry for interrupting. I'll go.

Not at all. What kind of music
do you do? What genre?

I actually always have a hard time
explaining what my genre is.

I know what that's like.
Don't explain, just play.

If you're interested,
I'd love to send you a copy of my EP.

-It'll be an honor.
-Do you have it on you?

On me?

-Yes, I have it on my phone.
-So come on, let me see.

What, here?
No, I really didn't mean to bother you.

-No, you're not bothering me.

This place is a little noisy.

No, he has the best
headphones in the country.


It's buried in my case.

So open your case, what's the big deal?

Why are you making such a big deal?
Hold on.

Where are you from?

I'm originally from Ashkelon.

-Ashkelon, the city of lights!

The city of lights and shadows.

She's alright, this one.

Come on, let me hear it. Yes, play it.

When I started out,
I was at 80 percent all the time,

and 20 percent were crooked.
I think this hesitation is...

The song doesn't benefit from it,
you know?

No, but it's...

- It's really nice. Really.
- Thank you very much.

It's a bit backwards.

It's a bit laid back.
You know, if you pushed it forward,

it'd give it... You know?

-Yes, I think so.
-Play another song.

Maybe I should just
send it to you anyway?

No, no, no. You know,
when I started out,

I was on 80 percent, too,
and 20 percent were crooked,

you know?
No, I mean it in a good way.

Hold on.


Liraz. Liraz.

Excuse me.

Hey, what's up?

Are you leaving?

You said you weren't looking
for anything right now.

I'm happy for you and all, but...

-Who's this?
-No, we're all...

I don't have a problem with it, but...

There's no need for lying.

As a friend,
I kind of lost trust in you.

-Do you need anything?
-No, it's just...


See you.

Play the song.

♪ I miss you ♪

♪ It consumes me ♪

♪ It washes over me, asking for you ♪

♪ I miss you ♪

♪ It's beyond my control ♪

♪ It makes your gaze lock with mine ♪

- Come on, Dad.
- What? So soon?

Dad, come here a minute.

- But wait a minute.
- Come on.

Okay. Don't go anywhere.

What's up?

Yeah, what's up?

I'm in the middle of a conversation.

-With whom?

-No, she wanted to play her...

She didn't want to play anything.

She wanted to give me her EP.

She wanted to send you her EP!

Alright, I don't know anything
about those things. What's the big deal?

Dad, she was sitting
with her purse in her lap.


So you wouldn't let her leave.

What's with you guys? I don't get you.

I really don't understand
what you're talking about.

You're bothering people.

You're bothering girls,
you're out of touch.

A girl sat next to me.
I don't understand...

What don't you understand, Dad?
She was sitting with her purse and coat,

ready to leave.
What's the matter with you?!

She wanted to talk to me.

-Don't you realize she wanted to go?
-Are you a rapist or something?

-You wouldn't leave her alone.
-What do you want from her?

You guys are crazy.
What are you talking about?

I don't understand, I'm asking you,
do you really think she was into you?

-That she was interesting? Honestly!
-I was just talking to a girl!

Can't I talk to a girl?
Isn't it allowed?

-It doesn't look good, Dad. Really.
-She could be your great-granddaughter.

-You are so dramatic!
-Stop it! It's embarrassing!

-It's embarrassing!
-It embarrasses them.

It embarrasses us,
and it embarrasses you, Dad.

She doesn't give a damn about you.

Look around.
Can you see anyone here that's your age?

I'm out with my band, Shmul.

-So where's your keyboard player?
-She couldn't watch it anymore, Dad.

Did I offend her?
Does she have a crush on me?

Are you delusional?
What's the matter with you?

What's your problem?

I really don't know
what you're talking about.

What? What is it?

Dad, you're not 25 years old,
wake up, it's pathetic!

You're pathetic, Dad. Oh, my God!

We're only trying to help you,
don't you get that?

We're trying to help you,
don't you realize that?

You guys are completely...

That's it, we've asked for the check,
we're going home. Okay?

I'm staying for another drink.

Hold on, I don't get it.
I'm sorry. What do you mean?

Without you.
I need to be alone for a while.

I invited you.
If you want to, you leave.

What's so funny? I really don't get it.

-Are you serious?
-I'm totally serious!

What's so funny? I don't get it.

Are you coming?


-What's up?
-Alright, great. Excellent.

-I saw the movie.
-Which one?

About Scientology.

-It's crazy, right?
-Crazy. They're real creeps.

- Creeps?
- They're all secretly gay.

What's that about?
That's their mistake,

they're trying to fix something
that's actually a gift.

I mean, what's a man and a woman?

There's a man and a woman
in each of us.

You know, it's Yin-Yang,
thesis and antithesis. We're...

The most beautiful thing...

What's more whole than...
a man and a woman? Now...

And they're trying to fix that,
you know?

That movie is...

It's a slap in the face.

Uri, it's okay.

I thought she was flirting with me,
I misread the whole thing.

Why? What did she do?

-No, you know, the codes.
-What codes?

She talked about my pupils,
how they're like sand.

What do you mean? Sand?

She put her hand on my knee.

-On your knee?
-On my inner knee.

It'll all come crumbling down,
I'm telling you.

It'll all come crumbling down one day.

Of course it will.

It'll blow up in their face.
I mean, in all our faces.

It's just an empty shell,
with nothing inside. A void.

You know, it's... It's just pretending.

-What do they think it is?

There's no...

You're not saying anything
and I'm running my mouth like an idiot.

-No, you're not.
-Yes, I am.

You're not.

I've been running my mouth
the whole night, come on.

You're not running your mouth. Really.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

I heard a great song before.

-What was it?
-Which one?

How did it go?
Tiny Toon by Animaniacs?




What time is it?

2:43 a.m.

Okay. I should go.


Good night.

Good night.