Uri and Ella (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - I Swore to Come Back to You - full transcript

We're Tammy's friends,
we don't really care about Uri.

- Oh, that's nice.
- Yes.

- Lul! Honey.
- Hi.

- Is everyone here?
- Yes.

Hey! It's nice to meet you!

-I'm Kinneret.
-I know, I'm Galit.

-Nice to meet you.
-We were so surprised when we heard.

It was a huge surprise. You're young!

So? Do you smoke a lot?

Of course not, only sometimes.

-I smoke some.
-I mean, yeah...

- Enjoy.
- Thanks.

It's bad for you.

I actually quit
about four years ago, and...

Oh, well... I have a tendency
for addiction, I can't help it.

- Aren't we all?
- Why, what else is there?

I've never injected crack
into my toe, you know, but...

-Not yet.
-Not yet.

- What else? What else?
- What else?

Crack's the best, FYI.

- Listen carefully.
- Yes?

Abrahamson Institute.

He likes to show off
his Abrahamson course.

I've been off sugar for 11 months.


-Am I first?
-Go for it.


I could never stand her.

She's a very good friend of mine.

There's something
unpleasant about her.

How embarrassing!

Ella, is there any onion is this?

-Oh, okay.
-You're a bit loud.

It's the acoustics in this place.
I don't know what you've built here.

This is great. Mm.

Relax, what are you...?
Who wants more wine?

Whose glass is empty? Here, Manny.

With your lovely girlfriend.
There you go.

-Are you okay?
-Would you stop asking me if I'm okay!?

- Kinneret, you sure are spicy.
- Kinneret, are you okay?

Stop it! "You're alright, you're okay."
You're driving me crazy!

Good for you!

- Thank you.
- Let him have it!

Dad, how's the lasagna?

Is it good?

- Cheers.
- Yes, it's great.

-Uri, are you okay?
-Alright, guys, I'd like to...

Uri, are you okay?

-Are you okay, guys?
-Okay, okay, okay.

Well, first of all, I'd like
to thank you all for coming to...

to Mom's birthday, and...

Let's begin the entertainment
for the evening. Here's the genius.

Shmulik! Shmulik! Shmulik!

- You said we'll do it after dessert.
- During dessert.

We're serving dessert soon.
Come on, we're done eating.

Come on.

Well, you're not really used
to hearing me talk.

Yes, that's true.

I actually remembered this story.

It's a little stupid, but...

I can't get it out of my head
for a week now, for some reason.

Not the Ohad Weissman story.

When I was in the third grade,
they took me to a magician's class.

-That's great.

Coordination isn't my strong suit.

We know.

And I'm not a huge fan
of the limelight, either,

but I gave it a shot. Anyway...

They gave us this assignment once,
to prepare this little show.

It was my turn and I asked
a volunteer to pick a card.

Suddenly I started hearing giggles.

I lifted my head and saw
the kids were all cracking up.

I looked at my hand and realized
the deck was facing the wrong way...

- Oh, no.
- And the numbers were all...

Poor thing. How embarrassing.

I realized it's bad,

and that there's a good chance I'll be
kicked out of the guild for good.

So I realized I had to do something,

so I told the kids that I'm...

- The Upside Down Magician.
- Awesome.

There was this rabbit doll there,
so I took it,

I shoved it back into my sleeve.
The kids started laughing.

I took one of those ribbons
and shoved it into my mouth.

- Anyway, I was the hit of the class.
- That's nice.

You probably know
Mom and I were very close.

She'd always come to pick me up
at four o'clock sharp,

and she'd bring this meatball sandwich,
which I was crazy about.

She'd come and wait
while I was still inside,

busy getting compliments
and loving myself and...

I left at 4:15
and the teacher walked me out,

and he approached my mom and said,

"You should have been in there
and see him,

you would have been very proud."

So Mom laughed and said...

"Why should I be proud?
He should be proud, he did it."

It follows me around wherever I go
lately, how she said "he did it."

That was Mom.

She let me succeed on my own
and fail on my own,

but she always waited for me outside.

I never heard that story.
This is the first time I've heard it.

I'm sorry, I just...

This is so touching.

I can't stop.

I love you guys, you're so cute.

Really, I know we don't
know each other very well,

but I really do love you guys,
you're so...

And how you were all part of her life...

Okay, okay, hold on...

Shmulik hasn't finished yet. Keep going.

I'm finished.

I didn't want to come,
I said I wouldn't,

and Uri and I had a huge fight.
But Ella said, "You must come,"

she pressured me,
and that made me nervous, too.

- He pressured you.
- And I'm so happy.

Ella, you were so right,
thank you so much for insisting.

-I love you, you weirdo.
-That girl is...

-I've never met anyone that weird.
-She's amazing.

- Everything you've done...
- Mom is proud of you.

- Lul, you're something, really.
- You too, Lul. I swear.

Alright, hold on, we're not done yet.

Oh! Oh!


Okay, so listen,
Shmulik crushed us all,

you were really amazing
and you really are a genius.

Just one last thing. Really.

But let's go to the TV room.


Okay, so...

- Oh!
- That's awesome!

- What? Is this the wedding?
- Tammy...

- How cute!
- How cute!

- Look at Tammy...
- A couple of kids.

- A good looking couple.
- She looks nervous.

She was so nervous that day,
she almost left Uri at the altar.

- That's right!
- No way!

- I can't believe it!
- Where are you taking her?

To the dog park?


Have some patience.
You only want to see yourself.

What did I do to her?

She suffered so much.
She suffered, she suffered.

She didn't suffer,
she just hated weddings.

-I didn't help her.
-Look how happy she is.

-What are you talking about?
-This is a nightmare.

She wants to die.

Where did they find this?
I guess that's from later.

She wanted to do it at home, in private,

but I had to please my stupid mother
like some idiot.

We sat down and opened presents
with my mother.

- She laughed at it later.
- Stop it.

-She laughed at it.
-Stop that, Meirav!

Can't you see she hates every minute?
What are you talking about?

But she laughed at it later.

"She laughed at it later..."
She never forgave me.

She adored him,
she couldn't stand her.

Look at her, poor thing.

That's not true, Uri,
she made it into a joke.

I'm sorry, my love.

Forgive me...

I've never heard that story.
Where did he come up with that story?

I don't know why I couldn't help you...

Come on, Dad. Daddy...

Come on, Dad.

- I'm sorry.
- Turn that off already.

Do you want me to take you upstairs?

I'm fine, I'm fine. Leave me alone.

- It's okay.
- Why couldn't I help her?

- It's okay, honey.
- Where's Doron? Doron!

- Uri!
- She can't carry it!

- It's too heavy! Move that thing!
- Uri, look at me.

She can't breathe!

I knew that would happen.

- How could you have known?
- Don't play innocent, Meirav.

He said he was done mourning
six months ago.

Oh, please!
Come on, you can't be done mourning.

-That's what he told me.
-So you weren't listening, as usual.

He needs to go back on Assival.

-No, my mom took that.
-He did, too.

She took the pills,
she had the nerve problem.

- Lul, you're not a child anymore.
- Lots of people here take them.

-What's the matter with you?
-What's so funny?

Should I bring him some tea?

- That's not necessary.
- No? To boost his blood sugar or...

I don't think it has
anything to do with it.

It does when there's alcohol involved.
Never mind.

I think we're okay.

It's okay. It's okay.

You drove us all crazy.

It's okay, honey,
we'll send you to a psych ward.

You can jog in the grounds.

There's a big lawn.

I think you don't even
have to pay rent.


You'll meet some friends
from the business over there.

Come on, it's okay.

I told Amir back home. didn't I, Amir?

- She told Amir at home...
- Why throw a birthday party now?

What's the big emergency?
Why did he arrange it anyway?

- Ella planned it.
- Lul, do you need any help?

The memorial service
was not so long ago.

- This party was a stupid idea.
- Are you stupid or something?

His wife died. what did you expect?

For everything to be cool,
for him to be okay? I don't get you!

- Lul. Lul.
- What? What is it, Shmul?

And enough with that requiem, please!

Honey, it was just too much.

I don't think it was a good idea
to invite Kinneret, either.

Right. It was just added stress.

He's never introduced us to anyone yet,
so now, of all places...?

Where did he find her?

Well, you should be grateful,
she's the only one who did anything.

How is he?

- He's asleep.
- So what...?

-He'll be okay.
-What do we do with him now?


-What do you mean, nothing?
-We let go.

-Manny, stop it.

Just let go. Stop it. It's fine.
Let him be sad for a while.

-Alright, so we'll let him rest.

We'll let him rest.

- Right. Amir.
- Just a minute.

- Shmulik.
- Okay, bye.

Shmulik, honey, we're leaving.

-You were so moving.
-You're fine

But that's what
sparked the whole thing.

- No, it wasn't. It was lovely.
- That movie was a stupid idea.

- Bye, see you later.
- Bye, honey. Hang in there.

- Bye. Bye, Lul.
- Bye. Bye.

Me, too. Me, too.

Alright. Bye.

- Good night.
- Bye.

That went well, huh?

-Good night, stupid.
-Good night.

Don't go.

We just really want to go.

A producer is born, huh?
Your events are amazing.

My God.

See you.

See you.

Go to sleep.

Maybe we should hire her
to plan Dor's birthday party.

Here, come to the floor.

Give me your hand.

Here, bend it over a bit.

Do this with your feet.

- I'm slipping.
- It's okay. Go like this.

-Hey. Hi.

Good morning.

How are you, honey?

I slept.

-You did?

-Good. Do you want anything?
-No, no, I can't.

-Alright, a little later.

Listen, I think we should
calm down a bit.

-Let's take it easy today.
-Right. Relax.

Right. I need to drop by Nof's
and give her a change of clothes,

and then I'll come back
and we'll watch TV, order some food.

Right. I don't know, it's...

No. You can't start
running around now,

you need to rest.
We'll treat ourselves today.

I don't... I...

-What is it?
-I'm just...

I think we should...

Look, you're still confused
from last night.

I gave you a sedative,
you're still fuzzy.

Kinneret, I...

-Hold on, Kinneret.
-I can't handle this.

My regards to Tammy.
Call me if you need a babysitter.

Here! You're going to need it!

And her models?


-Oh, hello!
-Hey. What's up?

She draws fairies and stuff,
but they're super detailed.

Complex! Yeah, right.
Fairies and metal music.

Don't you want to take a shower?
Freshen up a bit?

You have to see her. You have to.

- I must meet her. Definitely.
- Of course.

Her and her parents.
What do you think?

And the whole family,
they sound like a family of vampires.

Ouch! Careful!

-What's up, Daddy?
-How are you doing, honey?

-What are you doing here?
-I was in the neighborhood.

-How are you?

I'm good.

-Are you in a hurry?
-No, I can stay.

Would you like some coffee?

- I'll make some coffee.
- Good, I'll play you something.

How is he?

Does Dad smoke joints?


Did you notice he's wearing
the same shirt from last night?

Maybe we should send him
to Ilan Buchris.

You don't send someone to see a shrink
because they didn't change their shirt.

So we'll ask him to come here,
he can talk to him,

-and give us a diagnosis.
-Come on.

Would you please help for one minute?

He went through something, okay?
During your event.

First of all, you should thank me
for planning that event,

because no one else was going
to get it done, alright?

Thank you very much.

- Where's Kinneret?
- Shmul, come here a minute.

It starts with an A.

♪ I swore I'd come back to you ♪

♪ How few are the simple ways ♪

♪ When the silence is exhausting... ♪

- Dad.
- What?

-What is it, honey?
-Something to eat?

No, later.

Breakfast, lunch?
What's your mood for?

No, I'm fine.
Shmul, are you hungry?

Breakfast sounds amazing.

Zoko, come here a minute.
Come here, come here.

Pull up a chair. Have a seat.
Here, make yourself comfortable.


Try to sing this.
Don't over complicate it.

♪ I swore I'd come back to you ♪

♪ To leave and return ♪

♪ Without you noticing... ♪

-And now...

- Where's Kinneret?
- I don't know.

-Alright, let's do the chorus.
-Right, okay.


Hey, Guy.

♪ What for ♪

♪ What for ♪

♪ What for ♪

♪ What for ♪

♪ What for? ♪

Zohar, you have to install
little channels between the rooms.

Like water flowing from room to room.

Dad, stay out of it.

-With the shading?
-Yes, and then...

We can build plaster walls
and rent it out to students,

and we might finally
be able to go to Barcelona.

Have you heard the story about the guy
who searched for the meaning of life?

- Well?
- It's a well-known story.

An Israeli man was searching
for the meaning of life,

he's been searching for the meaning
his whole life,

but never found a good enough answer,
and someone told him,

"There's this guru in Nepal,
and once a year,

he gives audience for 40 minutes,
for people who really want to know

the meaning of life, and he gives
them the purest answer possible."

He took a charter flight there,
because he had money problems then.

He finally arrived in Nepal,
and they told him,

"Our guru sits on the mountaintop
and he'll see you on the full moon,

but you must shave your body
and remove your moles,

because they disturb
the guru's meditation."

And then he arrived
at the guru's dwelling,

after a seven day fast, of course,

and he said,
"Guru, what is the meaning of life?"

So the guru looked at him
with his blue eyes, and...

I ruined it.

Alright, Dad, let's...

-Come here, eat something.
-No, thanks. I'm not hungry.

-Eat something.
-No, I'm really not hungry.

- Shmulu, can you give me a hand here?
- I ruined the story. Never mind.

What's up?

Maybe it's good for him
to act weird for a bit.

Why are you laughing?

I don't know, Lul.
Could you go brush your teeth?

Can we talk?

It smells. You keep pulling me aside
for conversations, and you reek.

Fine. Thanks.

-Lul. Lul.
-What is it?

"I can't breathe.

-She can't breathe, Lul!"
-I hate you!

-Can't he respond to a text?

Where is he?


Do you think you can screen my calls?

Do you think I'm one of your moron
groupies that you can ignore me?

So what if you dumped me?
You think I've never dumped people?

Why are you ignoring me?
What's up with that shit?

Am I interrupting something here?

Why are you looking at me like that?

I didn't see my phone.

Oh, really?
You're not checking your phone now?

Let them hear me! I don't give a fuck!

Get out of here!
Are you that ashamed?

-I'm not ashamed.

So I'm ashamed, right?

How can you humiliate me
like that, you idiot?

I left you 20 messages, you idiot!

I texted you earlier, I went by
the old man's electronics store,

that's always closed
and has a "Be Right Back" sign.

It was open.
I went in and almost stepped on his dog.

He said it's always open.
Get it? It's always open.

He only closes the store
between 4:30 and 5:45 PM,

because he's going
to this prayer lunch.

And I realized that it was just
because we always passed by there

between 4:30 and 5:45 PM,
but the store's always open,

and it was just about timing,
because of when we passed by there.

And that it's like...

It might also be...

♪ I swore I'd return to you ♪

♪ So few are the paths ♪

♪ To your far away home ♪

♪ Where are you? ♪

♪ When the silence is exhausting ♪

♪ No one knows ♪

♪ When the night turns black ♪

♪ Every corner of my remote room ♪

♪ How can I explain once more ♪

♪ Why I left you ♪

♪ What for? ♪

♪ What for? ♪

♪ I promised I'd return to you ♪

♪ That's I'd leave and come back ♪

♪ Without you noticing ♪

♪ Daydreams ♪

♪ You are probably no longer there ♪

♪ And I am not myself ♪

♪ I am not myself ♪

♪ When the night excludes ♪

♪ Any trace of sleep
from my remote room ♪

♪ How can I console myself again? ♪

♪ Why did I leave you? ♪

♪ What for? ♪

♪ What for? ♪

♪ What for? ♪

♪ What for? ♪

♪ What for? ♪

♪ What for? ♪

♪ What for? ♪

♪ What for? ♪

♪ What for? ♪

♪ What for? ♪

♪ What for? ♪

You know, there's another one
of those cots like Zohar's.

He's okay.

He's really okay.


- Lul.
- Cappuccino?

- Yes. How are you feeling?
- Fine, Shmicky.

-Look how many likes I got.

I'm a viral hit. I posted...

What is this?

I posted on Facebook
about singing with your dad.

People are loving it.

Look, I get another like
every two seconds.

It's crazy, isn't it?

-Don't you see what's going on?
-What do you mean?

Don't you see
that he's fucking losing it?

Let him smoke some more joints.

It looked like he needed it.

He looks much better now.

-I don't know about these things.
-What things? People?

I think what's happening to him
is a good thing.



-And wear a bra.

Walking around here
like some fucking Brigitte Bardot.

- Okay. Wow.
- Zoko, I cleaned your brushes.

- You're the best.
- Your work is beautiful.

Like Brigitte Bardot?

- What?
- Never mind.

Didn't you make me a cup of coffee?

Did you want one?

- Is my glue downstairs?
- Yes.

- Is that a mat?
- Totally.

It's really expensive,
but those fascists are making us buy it.

It's a really moving piece, really.

I don't know what's
going to happen with that thing.

The deadline is tomorrow,
what will be will be.

Do they hand out awards?

They hand out art professors
with ugly mugs who hate our work.

Is Hava Pinsker still there?

You mean Hava Shitsker.



She just got her hair cut like Hitler.

Oh. That's nice.


May I have a bite?

- No! Fuck!
- What did you do that for? Why?

What have you done?

- I'm sorry.
- Hold on.

- No, stay away!
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I thought it'd be softer,

I guess it hardened
when it was in the fridge,

I didn't think it'll do
this kind of damage.

Why? Why burn it?

Stay away from me.

- Hold on, hold on.
- Stop it, come on.

-Maybe it could be salvaged.
-Come on, Uri, you can't.


I'm sorry.

Why are you such a bitch?
What's the matter with you?

Sorry, Zoko, but aren't you cold?

Have you got my hoodie?

Lul, are you okay?

We'll fix it.

It looks like Hiroshima.

We'll turn it into something with value.

We'll fix it, Zohar.

Yes, we'll work on it all night
and we'll fix it.

We'll stay up all night, Zok.

We'll stay up our entire lives
if we have to, we'll fix it.

Don't worry, my friend,
it'll be as good as new.

I just remembered the end
of the meaning story.

The guy who was looking for meaning
finally got to the grand guru

and asked him,
"So what's the meaning of life?"

So the guru said,


And he said, "Oh, yeah?"

And the guru said, "Isn't it?"

What a stupid story.

You were worried about me
last night, huh?

What happened?

I can't explain it. I couldn't stop it.

I didn't want to stop it, either.

It was waiting to happen.

It was needed, I was...

I even enjoyed it.


The moment we realize
time doesn't limit us...

People always make such a big deal
about time, but what's time? It's...

Time is all the time.

Once we get rid of
that obsession with time,

we can get rid of that fear
that paralyzes us,

that keeps us stuck.

It's good.

It's good. It's amazing.

Now that I understand this,
I realize you can fix anything.

Everything can be fixed.

It didn't just happen.

Things happen for a reason.
This is a defining moment.

We'll be missing this moment,
we'll be celebrating it,

we'll have a moment of silence
every year,

to commemorate this defining moment,

of creation, of moving from
nothingness to growth.

Something happened here.
It happened for a reason.

Fate is actually something
I think about all the time lately.

I kind of have a mindfuck
over that thing.

It clashes with my atheism.

You won't die, either.

What do you mean?

We don't die, we're always here,
you won't, either.

That's it, death is just...

I'm not going to die.