Uri and Ella (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Epilogue: Ella and Uri - full transcript





Who did you invite to the event?

The Andalusian Orchestra?
What is that?

We've invited everyone.

No, of course,
everyone is the coolest.

There'll be even more people here.

Do you know who we didn't invite?

- Who?
- Kinneret.

- Who?
- Kinneret.

What does Kinneret
have to do with anything?

-It's impolite, it'll hurt her feelings.
-As if!

Dad, you are so delusional
when it comes to your lame life.

Of course, she's sitting
in front of Facebook, crying.

-Yeah, right.
-I don't know, it's not...

So go ahead, invite her,
she adores you, after all.

But you don't...


- You're not...?
- Me?

♪ Only you ♪

♪ You're the only thing I'll see
Forever ♪

♪ In my eyes, in my words
and in everything I do ♪

♪ Nothing else but you
Ever ♪

♪ And there's nothing for me
but Maria ♪

♪ Every sight that I see is Maria ♪

♪ Tony, Tony ♪

Come on, let's go.

- Stand up straight.
- Alright.

Do you want eustomas or gerberas?

Eustomas are the ones with the petals.

Forget it. Do you want a red flower
or a yellow flower?

Okay, bye.

Hello, may I help you?

-is Kinneret working today?

She doesn't work here anymore.


Could you maybe give her a call?

She won't answer my call,
it didn't end well.

All I can offer you is giving you
her phone number

so you could call her yourself.

She won't answer her call,
it didn't end well.

- Right.
- Anything else?

An address.

She's screening your call, too.

She's probably busy.

I bet she saved your number
under "Total Loser, Don't Pick Up."

-Let's go see her.

Do you think there will be
a lot of people at the event?

Everyone will be there.

I can already feel a movement of life,
just leading up to it.


I don't know.

-What is it?
-I was just thinking out loud.

Right, it's called talking.

Coming to her house?
Wouldn't it bother her?

-She might be busy.
-Yeah, right.



-I don't know, suddenly...
-What is it?

Thank you, Shmick.
I don't know, I'm suddenly...

-I'll take care of it for you, Daddy.
-Thank you.



-What's up?
-What's going on?

-What are you doing here?

I called you before.

I know, I screened your call.

-How did you know where to find me?
-I went to the store,

- but they said you're not...
- I told her,

people need to sell the flowers,
instead of flowers selling the flowers.

What's up, Princess? Come on in.

- It's so great to see you.
- Come on.

- Come in.
- I'm cooking, come in.

What is it?
Did your heart drop to your pants,

or are you just happy to see me?

- What's up?
- He cracks me up, God!

What's up?

-I'm fine.

You should know that they keep
a record of these things upstairs.

What you guys did was a Mitzvah.

But I told Kinneret
it was wrong of us not to call you.

- Right, but...
- It's fine.

- To tell them we're together?
- That it was written.

-What's wrong with that?
-It's totally fine.

Look at her,
she's like a little souffle

-that you just need to bruise...

...and its sweet cream
spills all over you.

Be careful.

She keeps me on such a tight leash,
she keeps me in my place like a tack.

You're such an idiot,
it's unbelievable.

It's actually really...

I've never had anything like this.

-Even with Hagai...
-That's great.

We're thinking about
having a baby, I hope we won't...

That's amazing.

You really traumatized him
with all that's happened.

Yes, you devastated me
with all that's happened then.

- Sweetheart.
- Sorry.

It didn't just pass by me,
but forget about that now.

I'm sorry.

Wait, Ella, I didn't even
ask why you were here.

Is everything alright with Uri?
Is he dead?

-Of course not. Kinneret, are you crazy?
-Sorry, I suddenly had this feeling.

-She's so sensitive, always dreaming.
-I suddenly had this feeling.

-Ella, is everything okay?
-Yes, of course. Everything's great.

I just came by to invite you
to an event.

Well, now you're both invited.

Great. Let's go.

Did he send you here to bring me back?

I know what's going on.
Why are you laughing?

I told you she could
feel things, my little Bambi.

I can't believe this. My God.

Alright, so I'll just go pack,
unless you already have everything...

The king sent her over to get me back!

By the king's decree.

No, but tell him that as a cook,

I'm willing to go every other week,
but only if he feels like it.

Stop it, you moron.

- Alright, honey, give me a minute.
- No, I was kidding.

-Give your dad my best regards.

-Hold on, give me a minute.
-Make it quick.

What's going on?

-What's up?


You don't look well.

-What is it?

There's no other way to say it,
you look like shit.

I'll look later.

-You know what I mean.

-Are you seeing anyone?
-No, nothing special.

And do you think that's right?

I don't know.
Just because I'm a woman,

all I'm supposed to care about
is being with men?

Is that all I'm supposed to care about?

Do you really think that's what I meant?

Ella, do you think it's right
that you're here?

I just came here
to invite you to an event,

it didn't seem like such a...

You don't have to come,
if it doesn't work out...


Well, I...

I'm not a doctor.


Well, take care of yourself.

-What's taking so long?

Talk to me, what is it?

What happened?

Tell me the truth, I don't care.

-Is she back with Hagai?

And she's happy.

Hello, nice to meet you.

They're not drying their hands,
there are puddles all over, madness.

They're touching the glass
on their way out.

That's what the wood is for.
Hello, it's nice to meet you.

Dad, what's going on?

-What's going on?

It's like the Titanic in here.

Once the door is open,
you can't know what's gonna walk in.

-You wanted to invite everyone.
-A defined "everyone," not everyone.

-I'm going crazy here, Ella.

-Who are all these people?
-They're fans, Dad.

-Is this what my fans look like?
-Yes, exactly.

There are fans you meet
at tech company gigs,

and those who,
when you post on your official page,

"I want to talk,
do you want to talk, too?

-So let's all talk..."

"I want to stop being afraid.
Are you afraid?

Let's talk. I'm not afraid..."

People love touching things.

I'm probably the only one who's coming
to Israel in the midst of the storm.

-Look, instruments.
-I was freezing all night.

-Yeah? Why didn't you turn the heat on?
-I couldn't find the remote.

-Are you kidding me?
-No, I couldn't find it.

I couldn't find
the extra blanket, either.

That's twisted, Nachi.
You're a billionaire, you're not...

It's 2:00 a.m.
Who cares if I'm a billionaire?

Can't you pick up a radiator
on your way home? Set up two.

It was the middle of the night.

Oh, come on.
Would you like me to get you one?

Nili knew how to do it,
she'd program the AC

so it'd start heating up
before we get home.

I don't know about that,
there's a way to do that.

I'm out of aftershave, too.

I can't believe you.

I don't remember what kind I was using.

So you're not wearing aftershave
for 18 months now?

I went to Bloomingdale's,
I asked to smell some fragrances,

and every kind the woman gave me
only made me cry.

Why didn't you get a different kind?

-I don't want a different kind.
-Oh, come on. That's nonsense.

Do you realize we're widowers?

We're widowers, Uri.

We should start a band, The Widowers.

It could be a hit.

I'm telling you, it's a great idea.
This party is just...

I'm telling you, this event is...

We can finally talk, you know?
We can...

I wanted to stop being afraid
my whole life, and now...

How many years
have we known each other?

And here, we can finally open up.

Did you know there were
meetings for widowers?

-So let's go.

-To the meetings?

Why would I go there?

You could spend time
with people like you.

-Why would I want to do that?
-They're widowers, you see?

Nachi, is this what you're into now?
Being a widower? Seriously?

Is this what you're going
to do with your life?

I'm widowed, we're widowed,
you're widowed? What is that?

-You've used every possible tense.
-I still love her.

Do you think you'll stop loving her?

She took off, they took off,
that's the way it is.

They didn't take off.

-They were sick, miserable.
-Right, but they still took off.

Nachi, get yourself
a radiator and a new blanket,

get yourself a different kind
of aftershave, and get out there.

One second. Excuse me!

Ma'am, please don't pass those out here.

-Please don't pass those out here.
-But it's free.

Right, but...

This is a party, people came here
to have a good time, to talk,

not to find God. Please.

But this isn't about finding God.

It's just about turning us
into good, light,

to go to another dimension.

That's what the Archangel Michael
is talking about.

The archangel?

Being just a regular angel
isn't good enough for him?

And if someone doesn't join you to this
other dimension, what about them?

They remain at the level of this life.

Oh, so...

So this whole thing,
the people, family, friends...

That's not enough?
That's a punishment?

You can make a choice.

So in this house, we choose
not to punish people, okay?

No problem.

The whole essence of womanhood

is not the peak.

It's the way, it's a process.

When I realized that,
I had a very powerful experience.

When I went to Africa, to Zanzibar.

What, with negroes?

What do you mean by "with negroes"?

I fixed you a plate.


- You said "Zanzibar," so...
- Yes.

No. I had a very powerful revelation,

I was standing there
with my legs spread,

I looked at the horizon,

and I felt like the entire continent
is entering under my body,

into my body.

The trees, the sea,
the water was washing over me,

the air, the animals.

- All of the animals, Dad.
- All of them.

- It was amazing.
- A genuine Noah's Ark in the...

- Totally, exactly.
- That's nice.

- How exciting.
- It really is.

It was amazing, it was just...

- The whole continent.
- The jungle, got into my body.

- I wish it happened to me.
- An amazing experience.

We spent two years there for work,

myself, my husband
and our three children.

He started talking to the dead.

- Okay.
-In essence, he lost it.

Maybe I'll give him a call
and we'll set something up.

The thing is he won't go see you,
so we...

-He won't let you examine it,

so we have to pretend like
I'm coming for my mammogram,

and you're examining me,
but you'll be examining him.

Ella, wait a minute.

How are you doing?


Is everything alright with you?

I'm totally fine.
I'll be fine once he's fine.


I'm sure you know
what you're talking about.

I don't mind trying it,
I'm being honest here.

My life and all that...

Udi, home, home, Udi, Udi...


- It actually moved me.
- It's powerful. I agree.

- Very nice.
- Hello, you're back, that's great.

When you reach an orgasm, people say,
"There, that's the peak."

We've gotten used to it being the...

That you get there,
that's your reward, your gift.

You've reached your destination.

When you feel it coming,
what do you say? What do you shout?

"I'm coming," right?
Is that what you're...?

No, she... Come on, what is this?
Don't stress her out.

-She's not...
-We're having a conversation.

Hold on, Uri,
you brought us here to talk, right?

-She's not a little girl.
-What does she say?

- What do we all say? Who cares?
- She's asking.

-When you get to that part...
-I don't have specific lines I...

When you get to that part of the...

Of that peak, what do you say?

- What do you want from her?
- I want to know what she says.

We've gotten used to it
that when we get to that moment,

with all that physicality,
the grunting, the wetness...

- We got the idea.
- A reward.

I find those things touching.

and she's right when she says
it's a reward. When you get there...

- She's saying the opposite.
- That's not what I said.

She says it's not the reward.
You didn't get it.

Right, Vered, it's not the reward.

It's a reward, too.
So why are you trying to take...?

It's a reward.

No one's taking your reward,
but she's saying the opposite.

I'm saying the opposite, it's not...

- That it's not just about that?
- Right.

That's what I'm saying, too.

- Yeah? Okay.
- She's right.

-What is it like for you?

What is it like for you?

- Well, I'm just...
- Are you leaving, Uri?

No, I want to get her advice about...

There are people waiting...
Come here, I need to ask you something.

We're... You go ahead with the...

There's no plan,
they come here and they're stuck.

Well, you wanted to talk.

Alright, so we talked, okay.

Let's split.

I'm serious.

They'll be gone soon.

I can't be bothered with this.
Let's go now.

-Right now?
-Let's take off, what do you care?

-Come on!

Your birthday is coming up.

We didn't celebrate it last year.

Don't think I forgot.

-It's nothing.
-No, you deserve it.

Who cares about that now?

I don't know,
I want to celebrate it big time.

Whatever you want.

Let's go to Paris.

Let's go.

-Let's go, tonight.

Seriously. Let's pack our bags and go.

Come on, we can't do that.

Sure we can. I didn't come up
with it myself, people do these things.

No, I have this appointment tomorrow.

So cancel it.

No, I need to go.

I'd actually love it
if you could come with me.

Okay, gladly.

But we can go tomorrow night,
after my appointment.

I wish. We're totally doing it.

I'm telling you, we'll go shopping,
sit at cafes, eat a little.

The market! We'll do it all.

Clapton is playing at the Olympia.

So I didn't bring my insurance card,
big deal.

As if they don't know who I am.


That's amazing, what is it?
Is it the unplugged show?

Ella? You can go in now.

Gee, thanks.

-Go in with me.
-I'm right here.

So why did you come with me?

-How are you feeling?
-I'm fine.

So what's up, Uri?

With me? I'm great.

Is it too cold?
You can turn the AC off.

No, it's fine.

How's work?
Are you working hard?

No, of course not.

It looks hard from the outside.

What's hard?

Mining is hard. It's not hard.

Being afraid is hard,

that's what people work at
24 hours a day.

- Aren't you afraid?
- I try very hard not to be.


Forget about it, I don't think
I should talk about it anymore.

What do you mean?

Why? I'd love to hear it.

Forget about it.

So you're a vault now?

It feels a little personal.

You know, it's Arielli, he's...

He circumcised Shmulik.
Answer his question.

What is it?

It's just basic manners.

Uri, when was
the last time you were here?

A year ago, maybe.

Do you remember the last time?

Yes, I was here with Tammy.

So it's been longer.

You came to see me
about your cholesterol,

and I prescribed you those statins.

Are you taking them?

Let's save it for my check-up, okay?

Are you being difficult on purpose?

What's going on, Shmick? I don't get it.

- What's the big problem?
- What's with the third degree?

The man never asked me
an unnecessary question.

- Suddenly he's asking how's work?
- He wants to know how you are.

- Uri, we just want to talk.
- So talk, I'll be in the car.


I... I'm sorry.

No harm done.

I've just been reading online all night

about schizophrenia
and megalomania, and...

We're not there, Ella.

He's verbal, he's coherent,
his memory is fine.

He should take those pills.

Okay. Thank you. Sorry.

- Hold on, Ella.
- What is it?

I've noticed something I didn't like
during your examination.

Okay. What?
I mean, did you actually examine me?

Not well enough.

Take your clothes off.

What is it?

There's something here. Can you feel it?


And there's nothing here?

Put your clothes back on.

Maybe it's nothing.

Maybe, but...

We should check to make sure.

I want you to have an ultrasound.

Okay. That's normal.

I'd also like for you
to have a mammogram.

Maybe even an MRI scan.

Considering your family history,
there isn't much choice.

I'll give you a referral.


Listen, I'm asking you, take a day,
two days, a week, and move out.

If you want to visit
every now and then, fine.

- Why should I be the one?
- The one who what?

Why should I be the one to move out?
It's a nice house, I like it.

I know it's a nice house.

It's just as much mine as it is yours.
If you want, you move out.

-Me, move out?

Go ahead. You want to leave?
Get up and move out.

Come on.

Someone has to leave.

And I think it should be you.

-I'm not leaving!

-I'm not really having this discussion.
-Well, we are.

Let's play for it.

-How else will we know who's right?

I'm not moving out, you know that.

Okay, so you're not moving out,
and I'm not moving out,

and no one's moving out,
but someone has to move out,

so let's let the game decide.

-Ella, stop it. I'm too tired.
-So let's get it over with.

Fine, we'll play for it.

And then you'll move out.

Let the best man win.

Rock, paper, scissors,
one, two, three.


Okay, one-zero. Rock, paper, scissors...

-Don't cheat, we already played.
-Best out of three.

-But you didn't call that before.
-Because it's obvious.

-Rock, paper, scissors, one, two, three.
-One, two, three.

Start packing, honey.

- Rock, paper, scissors...
- Rock, paper...

One, two, three.

One, two, three.

One, two, three.