Uri and Ella (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Shmulik - full transcript


Rolling, and three, two...


At an age where most children
are still learning to walk,

he already knew Yesterday by heart.

Instead of baby formula,
he was eating microphone cables.


And the song A Ray Of Light
was written by his father

as a present for his fifth birthday.

It took him 30 years to muster
the courage to take center stage

and today, seven years later,
he is releasing his third album.

Hello, Shmulik.

Wow. Hey.

So the apple didn't
fall far from the tree.

It's an interesting phenomenon,

children who follow
their parents' professions.

Yes, I guess.

Could you try to explain that?

I don't know,
maybe we should ask Freud's son.

As a musician,
home is naturally meaningful.

- Of course.
- Where do you feel that?

- Especially here.
- What do you mean?

During interviews.

When you're asked about your father?

Not really. Actually...

There's that feeling,
it's not very strong, but...

I think it's part of my basic DNA.

Your father is very meaningful
as far as your musical journey goes.

Yes, he raised me.

He didn't just raise me
to stay away from violence, but...

Also, you know,
walking bass, liking Jethro Tull.

But it still took you a long time
to take center stage.

About 30 years.
I think that's about average.

For someone who grew up
with a guitar in his hands.

Yes, I don't know. Yes.

Did that scare you?

I don't really remember, it's...

You know, it's been about seven years
since then, after all.

So what pushed you out after all?

It actually felt like
the right time, the right moment.

Could you take me to that moment?


Those are very hard questions
that are typical of a debut album,

but when you get to your third album,

you don't ask yourself these
questions, you just do it.

Do you know
what's elephant in the room

that every person who's watching us
is asking themselves?

Why is there a rotary phone here?

Did the fact it took you so long
to get this album out

had something to do
with the house you grew up in?

I don't know, it's...

It's pretty hard to see yourself
from the outside.

I know that with this album,
the one I've just made,

I was very... loose. I just did it.

You know, we...
don't really know each other.

I've listened to the album, and...

I kept thinking to myself
about how bleak it is.

There's a lot of sadness in it.

It's light years away
from your father's music,

the sounds you grew up on.

It is a bit...
I don't know if it's dark, or...

maybe more...

Do you think that in some place,
maybe even subconsciously,

you've chosen these areas purposely,
so you won't be in your father's area?

I actually really wanted to record
an album in my dad's areas, but...

my mom suddenly died, so...

it took a sadder turn.

Tammy, may she rest in peace,
passed away a year ago from cancer,

which brings us back to your home,
as the driving force behind your work.


Take me to that home.

Let's go.

I see it's not easy.

No, actually,
this situation is really...

Let's approach this
from another direction.


Did your father hear the songs
on the album before it was released?

Of course.

What did he say?

He was supportive.

Give me an example.

Track 3, it's...

If you buy the album,
track 3 was my dad's favorite.

Did he have any notes?

No, this...


What is it?

I get it, it's...

-That's the game, you have to play It.
-But you don't want to be part of it?

I do want to be
part of the game, actually.

Were there a lot of groupies
in your home life?

Yes, they...

Many of them were my babysitters.

They'd snort coke with me
before I went to bed, it was...

Don't you have a question?

I do, but I somehow feel like
it's antagonizing you.

Because I came here for an interview
about my new album, not about my father.

Imagine I started asking you questions
about your grandmother.

- So no talking about your father?
- I don't mind it,

but all you want to do is talk
about how he's screwed me up.

Alright, so he screwed me up,
he screwed me up big time.

Is there anyone who wasn't
screwed up by their dad?

Why focus on that?

Why focus only on that? Let's talk.

I really don't mind talking
about my dad, I...

I love him more than anything.
I mean, I...

I love him...

He... Not like someone...

Not like you love him, I love him...

like you love a person.

I knew it.

He is... Dad, Dad, Dad...


See why it takes 30 years
to release an album?

I find myself in these situations,
with all sorts of hosts with ponytails.

-You can't leave me hanging like this.
-Find someone else.

-Like who?
-I don't want to do this interview, bro.

-You want me to just air it like this?

You can't air it like this.
What's there to air?

You have five minutes,
what's there to air?

I'll take those five minutes,
add some of your dad's archive clips

and I'm good.
Is that what you want? Fine.

No, you can't air that.

-I can do whatever I want.
-You can't air that interview.

Tommy, don't do it.

Yud, I just heard. This is so exciting.

What is?

That you've scheduled
our interview together, with Tommy.

-It'll be fun.

I was a little shocked at first,
you know, that I...

Yes, of course.

But then I thought, Fuck it,
me and my son, that's good.

It sounds really cute.

Right, cool.

It really is sweet.

You know, I was just going
to refuse automatically.


Right, right.

-I don't know, what do you think?
-It sounds fine.

Right, no,
I just don't really know what this...

-If this will do you any good.

I don't want it to make you look
like Daddy's Boy or anything.

You know I'm against
these things in general.

Yes, me too.

But I surprised myself.
I'm actually for it.



Alright, Daddy...

Shmul, do you think you could
talk to the munchkin?

I'm in a hurry, I'm on my way
to the radio station.

-Oh, great.
-Maybe later.

I'm just out of the picture now,
and I've cut up her credit card, too.

Maybe you could give her a call.


Just to make sure everything's fine.

-Bye, Dad.
-Thanks, honey.

I was just sending you a text!

-What's up, Sis?
-You'll never believe this,

I woke up with a cleaning lady
standing over me,

-telling me I had to get out.
-From where?

From the Boutique Hotel, where else?

Are you still there?
Didn't Dad cut you off?

He did, like the asshole he is,
but I found this trust fund

that he and Mom opened
when I was born so I used it,

but it's empty now.
So I was just going to ask you...

-Did you open...?

Did you open your trust fund?

What did you expect me to do?
He cut me off.

Listen, so I went to see Ronen
from the insurance company...


Yud, calm down, it's all good.
I just wanted to ask you,

because I remembered
we had another saving's account,

from a Bat Mitzvah or whatever,
but I never saved the papers,

so I wanted to know
which company it was with...

Sis, hold it. Just a minute.

What is it? Just answer my question.

-I'm on my way to this place, okay?

I'll be there soon
and work this out together.

Don't open any more
savings accounts. Okay?

Wait, what are you suggesting?
That I'll use my pension fund?

I'll pay a huge interest on that,
I already talked to the pension people.

-Hello. I need your code, please.
-I'll only be five minutes.

-I need your code.
-Star 2132.

- Ella Noiman?
- 406.

The room should have been
cleared out by now...

- Hold on, Alon!
- Ella, please pack and leave...

Stop following me!
Are you insane? Relax!

-My God! Get off the bed!
-You know me, I'm not some psycho.

Shmulik, what are you doing here?

You won't believe this.
It's been going on for an hour.

-Just a minute! Hello, Ronen? Well?

- Ella, this ends now.
- And when is the next exit point?

-I can't believe you. Shmulik!
-Put your shoes on.

-I've been negotiating for an hour now!
-Put your shoes on!

- Finally, just get out of here!
- We deeply apologize for this.

-You'll be compensated for this.
-You're insane.

- Get out of here.
- Wow. You guys are just...

- Just get the fuck out of here!
- She's leaving.

I'm leaving!
You see me wearing my shoes!

- Let's go. Here.
- Right now!

Congratulations, enjoy, you have
a great view of a great drug kiosk.

-Bye, Ziv.
-Bye, Ella.

-Bye, Avri. Thank you.
-Bye, thank you.

♪ Maybe ♪

♪ I dove in too deep ♪

♪ Into the music ♪

♪ Maybe ♪

♪ I dove in too deep ♪

♪ Into the music ♪

"Stop it! Why are you taking to me
about my dad? No! That's enough!"

- Isn't it great we've brought her here?
- Totally.

-So? What happened?
-He fell into the host's trap.

Why? How did it end up?

It ended up with me saying my dad
screwed me up big time.

And what was this genius' solution?

An interview with Dad.

- What a huge mistake.
- Come on, honey, it's okay.

No, it'll be amazing.

-Of course. It will be amazing.
-Yes, it's...

You just might look... pathetic.
The son of a famous father.

What happened to me today...

is a thought.

I'm serious.

After all that's happened to me,

with the banks and all,
I've been thinking about it...

Listen, you know those investment
advisors at the bank?

I've been thinking about it,

and it's pretty stupid
to get tips from them, because...

They look kind of poor. You can tell
they don't know how to dress and all.

If they were really that good
at their jobs, they'd be rich, so...

why use their tips? I'd like
to get advice from someone who's rich,

so I'd do the same.
What can they teach me?

How to be poor? I mean...

What good will that do?

Doch. Why aren't you eating?

I'm only here for a few days.

The Duchess of Shenkin.

You should have been there.

I walked into the room
and saw her on the bed.

The entire hotel staff was standing
around her and she was yelling.

"I'm on the phone with Yaron from the
insurance company, I'm negotiating."

The bride and groom...
It was really something. Unbelievable.

She's out of her mind,
how did she end up in there anyway?

She did a Google search,
"hotel+expensive+not on my expense."


What's up, Sis?

I'm cool.

Did you need something?


Because you came to our room.

I just wanted another blanket,
but never mind.

It's freezing in here.

I'm sorry.

-That fucking Shenkin Hotel,

those pretentious greedy jerks
with their cherry shampoo.

They don't even have a spa.

- Lul.
- I prefer "The Duchess of Sheknin".

I'm sorry.

What happened with Dad?

- What?
- What happened there?

I don't know what his deal is.

He's losing it, too.

Lul, you're here with us now,

and you can stay
for as long as you want.

This is your home, okay?

But talk to your dad, figure out
what's going on with you two.

He's at a very fragile state, too...

I don't want to talk to him,
what's with the psych analysis?

-You're a kidney doctor!
-What's wrong with you?

-What do you want from me?
-She's just trying to help you!

- Right, great.
- Maybe he needs to see someone,

-a support group, or...
-Are you stupid?

Do you really think he'll do that?
Right! Our dad! "Hi, I'm Uri,

I'm the most successful
musician in the country,

my wife is dead," and then,
"Hello, I'm Avi Bachbach,

from Bachbach village, and my ugly
Bachbach wife is also dead."

I bet that'll make him
feel so much better!

Stop it!

-I want to go home.

-You'll go tomorrow, okay?
-No, I want to go home.

Lul, this is your home now, okay?

I want to go home. Please.

Come on, I'll take you home.

♪ My mother told me ♪

♪ Just before she passed away ♪

♪ She said, son, when I'm gone ♪

♪ Don't forget to pray ♪

♪ Cause there'll be hard times ♪

♪ Hard times ♪

♪ Who knows it better than I? ♪

♪ I soon found out
just what she meant ♪

I have such a wonderful brother.

You're an amazing brother, Yud,
thank you for taking me home.

You're the best, you're amazing.

You're an amazing dad, too,
and you're an amazing husband,

and you really are amazing,
and I'm so proud of you

for your amazing life you're running,
such a normal life...

and for the way
you take care of everybody,

and I could have had the same,
but I had an abortion.

Tzuki got me pregnant
and I had an abortion.

But I don't regret it.

Hey, Shmicki! Shmick, honey.


I'm sorry, honey. I'm sorry.

-Hey, Shmul.

- What's up?
- You are so pure, my sweet boy.

It's so beautiful.
Thank you, thank you...

-Are you on something, Dad?

Of course not.

- So what is it?
- I'm just moved, look at it,

so whole.

What are we looking at?

The dew, honey. Look.

Look at those little drops.

It's just... Wow.

Wow. It's so beautiful.


We need to be grateful,
this is such grace...

Let's be grateful inside. Come on.

-What's wrong?
-My leg's asleep.


We should be grateful
for our blessings.

Is everything okay?
Did something happen?

-No, not at all.



It's so beautiful.


I knew you'd come.

I hate her!

- What's wrong?
- She's a gross, disgusting woman,

-impatient and unbearable!
-Your daughter is terrible,

she's just a disgusting girl,
that's what she is.

What's wrong?

This is the last time
I'm taking you shopping!

- You're disgusting!
- You stupid girl.

- Shut up!
- Idiot!

- You're the idiot!
- Stop it!

- You stop! I hate her!
- Didn't you buy anything?

-So don't go shopping together.
-You bitch! Watch your language!

- What is this?
- Come on!

Stop it with your lame manipulations,
just stop it!

Come on, stop that.
You have to calm down.

No! She's driving me crazy!

Go to your room, shut up,
I don't want to see you.

-You disgusting girl. Stay away from me!
-Tammy, Come on.

Dad, Mom gave you a face! Look!

- I didn't give him any faces!
- You did!

She's both a liar and a tattletale.

- Say you're sorry.
- I hate her.

Just apologize and let it go.
Just give her a hug and that's it.

Alright, fine.


Don't worry about me.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, positive.

Here. Drink this.

Everyone keeps giving me water.

Remember the Gulf War?

"Drink some water." You were kids then.

You don't remember, huh?

- Dad?
- Yes?

Are you sure you're okay?

I'm super.

What will be the end of this silence?

Can you hear that? It's unbearable.

Come on, let's have a party.

What party?

You heard the word "party"
and went all pale.

Oh, no... It'll be fun.

An event.

-An event?
-An event, a gathering, whatever, okay?

Something where we can all sit down,
play, talk openly.

Wherever you go these days,

everyone's always weighing their words,
always walking on eggshells.

You don't need
to weigh your words.

Yes, I do. With you kids, too.

But here, we're talking.


So who would you like to invite?

- Everyone.
- Manny, Meirav?

Everyone, no. I mean a party,
but everyone, I want it colorful.

- The family?
- The family, everyone.

-Dad, who's "everyone"?
-Something open, flowing, happy,

where people just come...
Something's happening.

People are hungry for it.
They're hungry for it!

They want so badly
to express themselves, to share...

Would anyone like some tea?

I'm making tea.

Alright, that's enough.

- Don't you want a schnitzel?
- Lul.

That's it, Dad ate it all.

Did you know that Dvori and Yoav
are getting a divorce?

No way!

He's been pounding on the side
for years. Everybody knew.


Everybody knew about it.

Who'd ever go with him?

All sorts of uptown women,
with drawn-in eyebrows.

-I thought he was...
-He's both.

You know I like it when you tell me.

- That I want some more?
- No, that the schnitzel is good.

Well, give me some more.

- You're fat.
- I'm fat.

-And you're bossing me around.

-And I let you do it.
-And you like it.

No, he doesn't take sugar.

Half a teaspoon, max.

Did you know he was like that?

No. Not like that.

Are you out of your mind?
What are you doing here?

I think something's
a little wrong with him.

You don't say.

Take your time with your cereal.

He started saying some weird shit.

-Well, duh!

It took me some time.

At least you didn't get pregnant
during that time.

Nothing's going on
between us anymore.

Really, we're just... buddies.

You guys kind of left him alone.

No, of course not.

We're very grateful for your caring

and unwavering care of our father,
and no one's left him alone, Zohar.

Our aunt was here.

I don't understand why you're here.
I don't get it. Why are you here?

My friend, I'm so...

-I'm so sorry, really.
-Whatever. I mean...

Alright, you got your...


Your 15 minutes of...

Of rich paradise, and...


Never mind.

I'm not fucking homeless.

Did Dad fuck Zohar?

That's why I moved out.

I can't believe you're angry with me.

Listen, first of all, please calm down,
I beg of you, just calm down...

Calm down for a minute, I beg of you.

I knew you'd react like some
fucking Mr. Loco. Listen...

What does this have to do with me?

I'll give you a timeline,
I'll lay it all out for you, listen.

I came home from the bar,
and I caught them...

- Dad and Zohar, I walked in on them...
- Are you an idiot?

No, listen, I swear.

We got into a huge fight,
we were brutal to each other.

He took it back,
obviously he didn't mean it so I...

-Don't you see Dad is falling apart?
-What? What did you say?

Don't I realize he's falling apart? Me?

-Ella, we need to do something.
-Oh, really?

Are you stupid, or what?

I've been saying that
for a thousand years now!

"Do something," wow.
There's a crazy idea.


What's up?

It's Shmulik.


About tomorrow, my dad is...


He's not feeling well, so...

He won't be able to do it.

Oh, okay.

So air it.
Fine, air whatever you want.

If that's what you've got, so be it.
What can I do?

Fine, thanks.

The highlighters
aren't here yet, are they?

No, they'll be here Tuesday.

- Okay.
- No, it'll be great.

Yes, I feel much better.

And you look great, too.

You'll find someone else
in two months.

Come on, don't start.

You'll forget all about my existence
in two months.


You and your stupid backup singers.

I want you to be with Edna.

She's a millionaire
and she'll take care of the kids.

The very thought of another woman
lying in this bed...

I'll burn the sheets the moment I die.

-My Egyptian silk.
-Come on, stop that.

You didn't even notice me.

I'm out of your league big time.

You bunch of uglies, how could I
waste my life on you people?

-But you're my beloved.

Until the next skank comes along.

Dad, have some of your...

Dad, have you considered...

going to...

Get some help, I mean...

with all that
you've been through and all?

Professional help?

Yes, seeing someone. I don't know,
there are books, too, or...

No, I haven't considered that.

Maybe support groups,
you can talk to people.

Therapists. Psychologists.

No, I'm done with psychologists.

I know all about them,
my grandmother was depressed,

my dad was a classic type two,
I don't...


You said you wanted to talk.

So let's talk.

Tell us what's going on.

I met your mother.

What do you mean?

I met her, she came over.


- It sounds weird.
- When?

About a month ago.

You mean like in a dream?

It wasn't a dream,
it happened in reality,

she was right here.
Right in this room, in this bed.

Remember you did...?

Dad, what do you mean by
"you met Mom"?

- Remember that event you had?
- Well?

Right, but she wasn't there.
You didn't invite her, did you?

I didn't. Why, did you invite her?

She was dead,
so we just couldn't invite her.

She couldn't come that day.
She was dead.

I know.


Remember how I took it hard
and all the...?

We remember.

- I was up here in my room and...
- Well?

I felt this emptiness.

I thought that this is what
it's going to be like now. Empty.

And then I looked up and...

there she was.

You mean like a ghost?

No, no.

She was actually right there.

She was there.

Alright, I mean...

He actually felt her presence,
right here in this room.

I'm telling you she was there,
your mother was there.


She was sitting right there,
I could actually feel her.

I was scared at first
so I burst into tears.

And she was laughing.

She was so relaxed,
she was smiling and laughing...

And then she said two words.

"Get out."

Why? Was she angry with you?

No, "get out."

Sounds like she threw you out.

She said,
"You can get out, spread your wings."

She just released me.

Are you sure that's what she meant?

I'm sure, I could really feel her,
all over my body.

She released me.

- From what?
- From all of it.

The pain, the fear, the guilt.

You know, Dad...


I think it's...

It's beautiful,

the way you found a way to connect
with Mom and remember her,


I think the way you've been
handling yourself since isn't...

Your mother came here
to give me a gift.

-To release me from all of the...
-Mom is dead.

So I guess it goes on some way.

Jesus, Dad.

So let me get this straight.

Mom, who isn't dead,
because people don't die,

came back to tell you
that you need to get out of here,

and sever all ties with mundane things,
and forget all about her?

In a way, yes.

You finally found a way
to have a spiritual experience,

but you have to make that
upsetting, too?

Stop that,
don't get angry with him right now.

-Do you want to be committed?
-What are you talking about? Stop it!

Would you please help without
shitting all over the man?

Don't you realize he's nuts?

Would you please behave
like a human being?

- Me, behave like a human being?
- Yes.


The man sheds tears over cacti,
and you're about to sell a kidney

for another night at that Shenkin Hotel.

Because you're always great, right?

You're surrounded by nutcases,
but you're totally normal, right?

You're perfect and we're all crazy?

- Fine.
- You're the only normal one?

Alright, fine, so me, too.
Okay, good. Good.

- Good, good, good.
- Good.

Good, good, good.

- Good.
- He's allowed to struggle...

No, he's not allowed
and he can't talk to you like that!

Drop it, we're each...

No, there, just fuck
and be done with it.


Right now?

No, I mean it, Dad,
take your pants off and fuck her.

Why bother to fuck Zohar?
If you want to fuck Mom...

- Come on, Shmulik! You know what?
- That's the next best thing.

Why bother with Zohar,
teach her songs...?

Stop that! Yes! Dad!

- Yes, Dad, I love you! Dad!
- Dad, Dad!

- You're kind of embarrassing, Shmulik.
- Go fuck yourselves.

Close the door behind you,
so we could fuck in peace.

Say something.

You always have something good to say.

But that's what they say.

You know me, you know I'm strong,

that I might surprise everyone,
that I'm invincible.

I just don't know
who's going to take care of you.

Who's going to take care of you?

But you'll manage.

Because you're amazing.

So amazing.

♪ I miss you ♪

♪ I miss you ♪

♪ I miss you ♪

♪ I'm sorry but I do ♪