Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 20 - Unsealed: Alien Files - full transcript

For over sixty years authorities the world over have been inundated with highly credible reports of UFOs. But according to experts, many governments have gone to great lengths to cover-up the truth about extraterrestrial life.

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NARRATOR: Many governments,
including the United States,

have gone to great lengths
to cover up

the truth about

extraterrestrial life.

At the same time,
they claim the US

has conducted secret research into
recovered alien technology,

far from the public eye

and leaked tantalizing hints of its belief
in alien life to the public.

There is a small group of individuals
inside government

and outside government that are
controlling this phenomenon.

NARRATOR: But these contradictions

have left many both deeply suspicious
of the government

and fearful of

an alien invasion.

A single incident might tip
the balance of terror

and plunge the world into panic.

But do we really have
anything to be afraid of,

or is this fear
being carefully orchestrated?

Is the US government
hiding the truth about aliens

to prevent pandemonium,

or using it as a means to tighten
its grip on power?

Join us as the secrets of

UFO panic are unsealed.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades

detailing every UFO account
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth

behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest

secrets on planet Earth.

Centerville, Ohio.

In the early hours of March 6, 2004,

the city's 911 dispatch lights up

with frantic reports of a massive UFO.

The object is seen hovering
close to power lines,

creating an immense electrical arc.

The explosion causes a power outage

and spreads terror throughout

the neighborhood.

Yet, despite multiple eyewitness accounts,

authorities dismiss the incident

as a case of wires
arcing in high winds.

The conclusion leaves citizens confused

and suspicious of the institutions
meant to protect them.

Why would authorities blatantly disregard

the identical testimony
of so many eyewitnesses?

Were they really acting
in the public's best interest?

Governments have
always engaged in propaganda

and carefully directed misinformation to
control public opinion.

But the appearance of
UFOs in American skies

in the 1940s presented a new challenge.

Sightings left an indelible
impression on the witness,

and the resulting anxiety spread faster

than any government could control.

Unsealed Case File, Project Sign.

As early as 1948,
the United States recognized

the threat UFOs posed
to public order

and commissioned a classified study known as

Project Sign that concluded...

The task of UFO investigation is handed

to the elite 402nd
Air Intelligence Squadron.

But the unit's work
over the ensuing decades

will call its integrity

into serious question.

Oxnard, California, March 1957.

The wife of an officer stationed
at nearby Oxnard Air Force Base

spots a group of strange green
and red lights in the sky.

They pulse mysteriously,

speeding back and forth in a manner

unlike that of any known aircraft.

The eyewitness immediately
contacts the nearby base,

whose radar confirms her story.

The objects are UFOs.

Shortly after, a police officer,

who also saw the lights,
adds even more corroborating testimony.

The case is handed over to the
Air Intelligence Service Squadron.

But their conclusions will
leave many wondering

if it actually investigated anything at all.

Despite detailed accounts
from multiple witnesses

and supporting evidence from
the military's own radar,

the investigators dismiss the encounter
as an optical illusion

caused by an atmospheric anomaly.

And they don't stop there.

They cruelly undermine the credibility

of the original female witness,

painting her as unreliable,
even hysterical,

on account of her pregnancy.

It's a pattern that will play out in case
after case over the following decades.

And according to experts,

it's a carefully orchestrated procedure.

The first thing you do if
somebody's gonna start leaking information

is you marginalize them by making
them look ridiculous.

NARRATOR: But is it true?

Is the government deliberately
discrediting UFO witnesses?

According to many official
documents, it is.

And one particular memo reveals they
were not acting alone.

Unsealed Case File, The Low Memo.

In 1966, the US government commissions

the Condon Committee,

a gathering of some of America's best
scientific minds,

to investigate the credibility of UFO reports.

The committee's findings are inconclusive.

But in the years since,

a memo written by one of its
leading members, Robert J. Low,

reveals experts should focus on...

Is the government really using UFO fears

to control the American public?

If it is,

does it have a plan if aliens do
one day invade,

or is someone else

in control of our fears?

Mounting evidence suggests that
governments all over the world

have sought to carefully control
public opinion

on the existence of UFOs,

debunking eyewitness accounts
and discrediting witnesses

in the name of maintaining public order.

But is the government

really in control?

If aliens really wanted to wipe us out,

I think they could,

so with one fell swoop,

it'd be over for us.

So why haven't they done that?

NARRATOR: Are aliens friend or foe?

It's a question the United States government
has wrestled with for decades.

The public, however,

appears to have already
made up its mind.

A recent poll revealed
that 86% of Americans

believe that aliens are more likely
to be friendly than hostile.

But what informs this opinion?

Many experts believe America's UFO intelligence
is controlled by the Majestic 12,

an ultra-secret committee of high-ranking
science and intelligence officers

assembled by President Truman

in the days after America's first reported
recovery of an alien spacecraft,

the Roswell incident.

Some also believe the organization
quickly went rogue,

defying all government authorities,

including the presidency itself.

Today, the Majestic 12 is
rumored to regulate

everything the public knows about UFOs

and when they hear about it.

Has the Majestic 12 successfully lulled
the American public

into a false sense of security?

Many experts believe
that aliens know how

the world's governments would attempt
to maintain order

and are in fact pulling the strings

as part of a larger plan,

preparing the earth
for a hidden alien agenda,

and it's the result of covert
intervention in our daily lives.

Unsealed Case File, The Hill Case.

New Hampshire, September 19, 1961.

Betty and Barney Hill are driving
through the New England countryside

when they find themselves
pursued by a mysterious craft.

What happens next will change
the course of history.

They see a light land
on the road ahead of them

with small creatures standing in front.

The next thing they realize

is that they are in their own driveway

and they cannot account
for the missing time.

The Hill Case is the first
recorded incident of alien abduction.

But the details of what happened
inside the alien craft

are only revealed years later

when the couple undergoes hypnosis.

They claim that onboard
they were subjected to

terrifying medical experiments,

only to have their memory of
the experience wiped clean.

But an elusive anxiety
about that night

would haunt them in the weeks

and months that followed.

40 years later, a 1991 poll

would estimate that some
4 million Americans

have experienced a similar close encounter.

Today, there's no telling
how many abductees

are walking America's streets,

what alterations their
minds have undergone,

and how they might be influencing

the rest of the population.

Have the aliens themselves created
this culture of complacency

through decades of abduction and
mind manipulation?

Is this their only means of
controlling the populous?

Decades of mounting evidence have
revealed a possible plot

by the United States

government to use the threat
of alien invasion,

as a means of controlling
the population.

But how would the government react
in the face of a large-scale alien invasion?

Would it really be able

to maintain order?

Stephenville, Texas,
January 8, 2008.

Multiple eyewitnesses
report strange lights

in the sky over the small town.

No one, however, could have predicted
the events that followed.

Steve Allen is flying a small plane

when he sees the same glowing orbs,

but they now appear to
be flying in formation

with a giant UFO.

Allen estimates the ship to be

a mile and a half long
and half a mile wide.

It's a huge craft,

experts have dubbed a mothership.

Allen is shocked by the sighting.

And he isn't alone.

Rick Sorrells is out hunting when
he witnesses the same mothership

just 300 feet above.

He describes it as being made of...

And he estimates its size to be

three football fields long.

Sorrells tells his story
to the press, stating,

"I hope it's our military.

"If it's not ours,

then we're in trouble."

Federal aviation
administration radar records

back up the eyewitness reports,

revealing tremendous activity
in the area that evening.

The US Military, however,
tells a very different story.

It claims to be...

But mounting evidence is casting
a shadow of doubt

on this sweeping denial.

Rick Sorrells has also claimed

he was intimidated and harassed by
several government agencies

after talking with the media.

And an independent Mutual UFO Network study
of the events revealed...

MUFON also claims that radar
records had been deleted

from military planes
in the area that night.

The motherships of the Stephenville
incident mysteriously disappeared.

But what would happen if they didn't?

How would the American people react

in the face of a
full-scale alien invasion?

And would the government really be able
to prevent mass panic?

Unsealed Case File,

The War of the Worlds.

October 30th, 1938. 6 million
listeners across America

tune into a broadcast of H.G. Wells'
classic science fiction novel,

The War of the Worlds,

adapted for radio by
23-year-old Orson Welles.

The play is a chilling dramatization
of an alien invasion of Earth

that features strikingly
realistic news reports

of apocalyptic destruction.

ORSON WELLES: (ON RADIO) It's the most
terrifying thing I've ever witnessed.

Peering out of that black hole,
two luminous discs.

Those strange beings who landed
in the Jersey farmlands tonight

are the vanguard of an invading army
from the planet Mars.

NARRATOR: The War of the Worlds scare

only underscores the power of
the media to incite panic.

So, is it possible the government might
manufacture its own UFO scares,

as a means of manipulating

the minds of the population?

Unsealed Case File,
Project Blue Beam.

Norway, December 9th, 2009.

Thousands witness a strange spiraling
anomaly winding its way across the northern sky.

The Ivory Coast, April 20th, 2011.

A diamond-shaped UFO is spotted in the
West African skies.

At first glance, the two incidents
appear unrelated,

but some experts believe they are
in fact test experiments

of a clandestine plot to incite
UFO panic across the planet

known as Project Blue Beam.

Reportedly conceived by a powerful
group of world elites,

Blue Beam allegedly employs the latest
in satellite and holographic technology

to generate artificial UFOs in the sky.

Some experts believe the shadowy
organization's ultimate goal

is to edify the establishment
of a totalitarian world state

in the name of protecting the earth
against an alien invasion.

The citizens of Earth appear to be
under attack from all sides...

Or are we?

Decades of UFO encounters and carefully
orchestrated government cover-ups

have left the public
in a state of high anxiety.

But is their goal
really to control us?

Recent evidence has surfaced telling
a very different story.

November 2011.

The Federal Emergency
Management Agency conducts

an unexpected test of the
emergency broadcast system,

affecting all television and
radio transmissions across the country

for three minutes.

It's the first time this kind of test

has been conducted on a national scale.

At the time, the world
had recently paid witness

to a series of catastrophic disasters.

But was this mounting anxiety

the real reason behind
FEMA's national broadcast,

or did the agency have another agenda?

MAN: This is a test of
the Emergency Alert System.

NARRATOR: In April 2013, FEMA held
an emergency response drill

in Moscow, Idaho.

But it wasn't testing the nation's
ability to react to an attack

or a natural disaster.

The exercise was intended to test

its response to the crash of a UFO

crewed by zombie-like aliens

capable of spreading a deadly virus
at frightening speed.

Was the Idaho drill scenario merely fiction,

or was the government acting on
gathered UFO intelligence?

Have decades of fear and manipulation

actually been conducted
in the public interest?

And if so, are we rapidly approaching
a terrifying end game?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.

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