Twin Peaks (2017): Season 1, Episode 9 - Twin Peaks - full transcript

More about Dougie Jones comes to light after an attempt on his life. Meanwhile, Gordon Cole discovers connections to Cooper concerning a Blue Rose case and Major Garland Briggs.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Thank you, Tammy.

You're welcome.

Patched in through the office,

it's a Colonel Davis for you
at the Pentagon.


Try to keep your voice down.




What have you got?

I don't appreciate your language
one bit, Colonel.

Oh, a place.


Buckhorn, South Dakota.

West South Dakota.

Well, by golly, we're over
east South Dakota right now.

Take this down.

Hold on.

Capital K,

small N,

small O,

small X,


Lieutenant Knox.

Buckhorn Police Department.

All right.

Thank you, Colonel.

Hey, partner.

We was expecting you last night.

Looks like you've been spilling.

Who owns this establishment?


Where are they?

Oh, they're sleeping out back.

What you need?

A couple clean phones.

And something for this.

Well, fuck that.

I'll get you some real nice
puppies and biscuits.

Hey, Chantal.

Boss man's here.

Grab the kit.

Is he hurt?


We was waiting for you
all night.

Where'd they get you?


Looks like you was lucky.

I'll get the kit.

Go on inside.

Rather than return directly
to Philadelphia,

would you mind
if we made a short trip

to Buckhorn, South Dakota?

It's quite important.

Fuck you, Gordon.
I want to go home.

This is important,

and it could be of interest
to you, Diane.

An old case involving a man

Agent Cooper once knew.

The Blue Rose case.


Coming up.

Got to talk to the pilot first.

There's been a change of plan.

We're going over
to Buckhorn, South Dakota.

I know.

I know.
"Fuck you, Albert."

Agent Preston.


Yes, I understand.
I'll get him.

It's Warden Murphy.

Warden Murphy?

Your man Cooper escaped.


How the hell did that happen?

Cooper flew the coop.

Did you do it?

Not yet.

Better be done next time I call.

Roger, come in here.

How's that, boss?

It's real good, Hutch.

All right.

I want you to kill a warden
within the next two days.

A warden?

All right.

You want Chantal to mess
with him before I kill him?

He'll sing for me.

Whatever you want.

Then I got a doubleheader
for you in Vegas.

Oh, let's play two.

I'll text you details
after you do the warden.

Remember this.

Warden Murphy,
Yankton Federal Prison.

Kill him at home, at work,

or on the way.


Hey, Chantal,

give the boss man a wet one.

I wish it was more.

I'll take a rain check.

You got it, sweetheart.

Kill that phone.

And clear out of this place.

The main road is that way.

He ever give any problems?

No, I never had any trouble
with Dougie at all.

He's a... solid citizen.

So you can't think of any reason

why someone would try
to kill him.

Not off the top of my head.

Of course,
in the insurance business,

folks have been known
to hold a grudge

if things don't go their way.

It's usually about money,

Pure and simple.

Nobody needs more reason
than that.

So what's his background?

How long has he been with you?

Twelve years now.

He's a good worker.

He's slow, steady.

Little more emphasis
on the "slow."

Dougie had a car accident,
as I recall,

not long before
he came to work for me.

Every once in a while,

he shows some lingering effects.

His wife can talk to that
better than I can.


we appreciate
you coming down, Bushnell.

Well, I really appreciate
your help.

Damn strange business.

First his car blows up,

and then somebody
tries to kill him.

We'll get back to you
as soon as we have something.

Dougie, you can take
the rest of the day off.

Well, that's great, because
I can take him to the doctor.

Starting tomorrow,

you and I are gonna
work together

and get some answers.


So get this.

There is nothing,
and I mean nothing,

on our Mr. Douglas Jones

prior to 1997.

You're shitting me.

No driver's license.

No passport.
No social.

Class records.
Tax records.

No birth certificate.

I'll be damned.

Witness protection?


You still got that guy
at Justice?

I'll run it by him.

Did you get
that taillight fixed?

To the tune of 239 bucks

for a fuckin' taillight.

Must be a beauty.

Remember the Australian guy
with the pliers?

Should we talk to him again?

It's like talking to a dog.

And she does all the barking.

I have an idea.

Brought you a fresh one,
Mr. Jones.

Can I get you one too, ma'am?

Oh, no, thanks,

- but thanks for bringing one for Dougie.
- Yeah.

Got ya.

Hey, Fuscos?



Just in time.

Prints and DNA, please.

Hey, I was just coming
to tell you

that those palm prints came back
off that gun.

Our old friend Ike the Spike...

and we just got a 20 on him

at an off-Strip motel.

Ike the Spike
finally fucked himself.

Hey, let's join the fun.

Sarge, let the Joneses go.

I got to log this first.

All right.

Hey, look.

The right one?

Yeah, right.

Look, there's a scratch
right there, buddy.

All right, let's go.

Message for JT.

Been trying your cell.

No luck, so trying this line.

Here's the message.

No cigar.

Taking medical leave.

Oh, please tell me
he's still here.

Is he in there?

All right, towards me.

He's coming your way.

Ike, you're under arrest

for attempted murder.

We have your palm print.

As a matter of fact, Ike,

we have your whole palm.

Andy, I really love
the beige chair.

And, Lucy, I really love
the red chair.

And I really love
the beige chair, Andy.

I'm sorry, pumpkin.

You can get the beige chair.

Mary, what are you doing?

Who let him out?

Where is he?


Johnny, where are you?





Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.



Hey, Bobby, what's up?

- You want some coffee?
- Oh, no, thanks.

I'm here with the fellas.

We need to talk to you.

I need to ask you
some questions.


Come on in, fellas.

Mrs. Briggs.



We're here to talk to you
about Agent Cooper's visit

with the Major the day...

The day before Garland died.


All right, listen to me.

Right after Agent Cooper
left that day,

Garland pulled me aside,

and he said that one day...

our son Bobby,

and Hawk,

and Sheriff Truman...

I didn't know it would be
this Sheriff Truman.

He said that they would
come and ask me

about Special Agent Dale Cooper.

He squeezed my shoulders

when he told me this.

I tried to ask him
what it was about, but he... he...

He wouldn't say any more.

He just said,

"When they come to ask you
about Agent Cooper,

you give them this."

And now you're here.

Would you fellas like
some coffee?

- No, no.
- No, ma'am.

Thank you.

All right.

Come with me.

This is the chair.

I can't believe
this day has come.

Watch right here.

Bobby, when your father
told me this,

you were a very long way

from where you are today.

Somehow, he knew

that it would all turn out well.

He saw this life for you.

Your father never
lost faith in you.

Well, fellas,
let's have that coffee.

- Yeah.
- Yes.

- Yeah?
- You bet.


- Yes.
- Okay.

The waiting room.

They're right behind us.


- Lieutenant Knox.
- Sir.



I'm not in the mood
to see a dead body this morning.

I'll just wait for you guys

I'm sorry, ma'am,
you can't smoke here.

It's a fucking morgue!

This way.

Fuckin' pansies.

Detective Macklay handled
the case when it came in.

He'll brief you on background.

William Hastings
was having an affair

with the local librarian,
Ruth Davenport.

Now, Davenport's head was found

atop the headless body
of your Major Briggs.

Once we took Hastings
into custody,

his wife was murdered
in their house,

apparently by their lawyer,

a man named George Bouncer,

who is now also in custody.

And the next day,

Hastings' secretary died
in a car explosion.

What happens in season two?

Apologies in advance for Albert.

Well, this is your Major Briggs.

It turns out
that William Hastings,

along with the help
of Ruth the librarian,

was researching and publishing

some strange little blog

about some alternate dimension.

This from the principal
of your local high school.

Not to mention, marble champion
of the sixth grade.

When did he lose his marbles?

When the dog got his cat's-eyes.

About one week ago,
Hastings ended his blog entry

with this cryptic sentence:

"Today we finally entered
what we call the Zone,

and we met the Major."

This is the body of a man
in his 40s.



Let's think out loud.

Major Briggs would have been 72.

As you know,
we thought he died in a fire

in that government facility
outside Twin Peaks...

25 years ago.

About the age this man is now.

Well, consider this.

Cooper knew Briggs.

Cooper was around Briggs
25 years ago,

and now, Cooper shows up
in this neck of the woods.

On the loose
in this neck of the woods.


And I found this in his stomach.

It... it's inscribed.

It says, "To Dougie",

love, Janey-E."

We need to speak
with this William Hastings.

Go away!

Hmm, hmm, hmm.

Hey, Lucy.

Sheriff Truman, I'm not here.

I'm on my lunch break.

Oh, Sheriff.

No lunch in the conference room,

I know, but...

you guys have donuts and coffee
in here all the time.

Chad, take your lunch
to the lunchroom.

Sure thing.

No problem, Sheriff.


Won't happen again.

Oh, jeez.

Oh, come on.

Could you get the door?

Little help here?

Bobby, open the window.


No seams.

No openings.

How the heck are you supposed
to open this thing?

Maybe there's a hidden button

I don't see any hidden button.

What are you smiling at?

I know how to open that.

My dad brought one home
one night.

You having fun with us, Bobby?

Yeah, sort of.

Go for it.

We got to go back outside.


Yeah, we got to go back outside.


What the...


"Two hundred fifty-three yards"

east of Jack Rabbit's Palace.

Before leaving
Jack Rabbit's Palace,

put some soil from that area
"in your pocket."

And two dates.

And a time.

Same time.

That's two days from now,
and the day after.

Jack Rabbit's Palace?

I never heard of such a place.

He did it again.



What is it, Bobby?

I know exactly where
Jack Rabbit's Palace is.

My dad, when I was a little kid,

he took me to this place.

It was near where our station
used to be.

It was our make-believe world,

you know,
where we made up stories.

I was the one who named it
Jack Rabbit's Palace.

He saw all this.

Whatever this is.

That's my dad.

We'll go up there
two days from now,

and you can lead the way,

just as your dad wanted.

Wait a minute.

There's something else.


Two Coopers.

We came out to join you, Diane,

while Albert's indisposed.



We used to smoke together,
way back when.

You remember?

Yeah, we sure did, Gordon.

We sure did.

Thanks, Diane.

You don't want to finish it off?


Hello, Mr. Hastings.

I'm Agent Tammy Preston
of the FBI.

Oh, God, the FBI.

Mr. Hastings,

I'm also recording
our conversation.


Would you state your name

and age for the record?

William Hastings.
I'm 43.

Mr. Hastings, are you the author
of an online journal or blog

The Search for the Zone?

Uh-huh. Yes.

What sort of things
do you write about?

Different things.

Approximately two weeks ago,

did you write an entry
about encountering

what you described
as an alternate reality?

A different dimension.

Yes, but it's real.

It's all real.

How long have you been interested
in this subject, Mr. Hastings?

Many years.

I do... I do a lot of reading.

But this time, you wrote
that you actually found

and entered such a place.
- Yes.

And that while in this place,
you wrote, and I quote,

"We met the Major."

Yeah. Yes.

You see,
Ruth was very good at...

uncovering hidden records.

And she had indications that
if we went to a certain place

at a certain time,

we would enter the dimension

and make contact
with a certain person.

And so we went there.

And that's where you found
the Major.

He was hiding there,

or "hibernating," as he said.

And other people may...

Were maybe gonna find him,

and he wanted to go
to a different place,

and so he asked us
to get him numbers.

Important numbers.


And we found them in the place
he told us to go,

a secure military database.

Do you still have
those coordinates?

No, Ruth had them.

She wrote 'em on her hand,

so that she wouldn't forget.


What happened then, William?

We brought him back the numbers
last Thursday.

And then something terrible

These others...

These others came in,

and they grabbed me by the neck,

and they pushed...
They pushed me down.

They said,
"What's your wife's name?

What's your wife's name?"

"Phyllis," I said.

I didn't kill Ruth.

I didn't kill her.

You... you have to believe me.

I loved her.

This is all my fault.

This is all my fault.

It never should have happened.

William, are any of these
six photographs I'm showing you

the man you call the Major?

That's the Major.

Draw a circle around the photo
of the man you call the Major.

Sign and date it.

Yes, ma'am.

Can you tell me what happened?

We gave him the numbers.

And he started to float up...

and he said some words.

"Cooper. Cooper."

Right before his head

It was something like no one
has ever seen before.

I've never seen anything
like it.

I... I've never... I've...

I've never read anything
like it.

You don't know.
You weren't there.

It was... he...


It was beautiful.

And then Ruth was dead.

It was so terrible,

and I had...
I had to hold her.

And then... and then I woke up,

and I was in...
I was in my home.

I was in my home.

Did the Major kill Ruth?

No, there were
so many people there.

You have to believe me.

Please, I didn't kill Ruth.

I loved her.
I loved her.

I don't know
what is happening to me.

Why can't you help me, please?


We were so happy together.

We were gonna go to the Bahamas.

We were gonna...

scuba dive and drink mixed drinks
on the beach.

And we were gonna
soak up the sun.

And look
at the beautiful sunsets.

She said to me...
She said, "Bill, let's just go."

Let's just do it.

Let's go to the Bahamas.

"Let's go scuba diving."

I want to go scuba diving.

Fruitcake, anyone?


Security couldn't find anything?


They checked everywhere.


It seems to be loudest here.

- Mm-hmm.
- Huh.

It's, um...

it's kind of a mesmerizing tone.


The ring out of a monastery bell

has the same quality.

Or the... hmm.



I can't do this.

I don't know why it is.

You're a good man, Ben.

You know that zebra's out again?


haven't seen you in a while.

I got another job.

Oh, yeah?

What happened?

I got fired.

That fucker fired me.

That's fucked.

How come?

I came in high a couple times,
I guess.

You guess?



I can't remember.

You know what I mean.
What's the big fucking deal?

I mean, I did the fucking work.

Like, how can you fuck up
serving burgers,

you know what I mean?


I got some kind of wicked rash.

So where are you working now?

Across the fucking street,
serving burgers.

Oh, shit.
- Yep.

Have you seen that penguin?

Have I... what?

You know, the penguin.